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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 26, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EST

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th is all over. tho were the words tonight of a county sheriff in south central kansas. that is where at least four people we killed, ather work place shooting, that law nre stl yg wn ralph at th hour. iis thursday night and the big ory on "action news" tonight is yet oer mass shooting in e ited states. this one happened in hston kansas. that is a a community of about 3700 people. 35 miles north of wichita. poce say that e are a number of different ime scenes but we know aone of them was inside the excel building, thexcel iustries building, where the gun n worked. the n man is now a fourteen other pple were injured. an employee excel described what happened inside. >> we heard a pop pop. we tught it w metal falling on the od. then doors opened. people started screaming coming out yg gtohe front, go to the front. >> reporter: authorities say the gun manas killed in the
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shoot-out with police. they haven eof the motive but ty say it is not connected to terrorism. the "action news" morning team will at 4:30 with theery latest ornight developments as we learn more from kansas. this unusual scene has just wrapped up with the past hour. avily aed police were going in and out ofhe neshaminy high ho. authorities locked down the building after a man rricaded himself in a nearby house. a at 10:00 o'clock they took himnto ctody wiout a injuries. it appears that the sp has uncovered a major dog fighting oration, in e germantown section of philadelphia. an oration at has claimed e ves of a lge numb of k-9 a' "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at e sp in huntingark. dann, what a the gr details he. >> reporter: well, jim, they thought you the they had this documented everything after finding seven dead dogs in what is suspected to be a vacant hoe used for dog breeding and
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dog fhting but en authority stumbled on other horrific scene tonight which appears to be connect. pennsylvania spca enforcement officers combed through a vacant lot in the 400 o of east rittenhouse. there they foundry mas other pit l inside of black trash bags. initialndications are that theogs mayave been victims of dog fhting. >> it is a horrendous ac e e dogs suffer mightily. >> reporter: the lot is right across the street from the vacant home whe authorities discovered seven dead and two living pit bls what is suspect to be dog fighting operation. >> one ofhe walls inne part of the downstairs of the prerty, it appears to be blood all ov a rr e >> reporter: authorities say there is no evidence of anyone living in the property. there is no furniture. just dogs being pt inside. it is believed that the three dogs found tonight were md in the vacantrush filled lot afterhey met eir demise in the house across the street. neighbors seemed sprised by
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discovery. >> did you knowhat there was some kind of dog fighting ing on od here. >> no, you jtear em rking le late night ray nights, i ver saw nothing. >> very cool to animals. do you believe it. >> i can't believe it. i ha amals myself. >> reporter: presently authorities do not have any suspects, they are asking for public's help in trying to identify the culprits. anyone with y information is asked to call e sa's cruelty h line. we're live from hting park, mann cuellar for channel six a "action news now comes the task of asssing the dage, caning upnd rebuilding. that is the situation tonight the in the wake of last night's f2 tornado that pummeled a 5-mile long part of land in lancaster county. "action news" rorterhad pradelli is li in the township tonight. chad, we have seen images of eroperty destruction. they are art baking.
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thehat is the suation there tonight. >> reporter: well, jim, clean up rebuild is well uerway. the it the isause for the evening but y c s behind me thiss a local business. you can e some of the cinder block has rdy been replaced. mof the framing is up. the amish and other residents in this ea are wasting no time trying to get their lives back to normal again. a mid e pitch black halls the township four pick up headlights put spotlight on the work ethic ofhe amish whore rebuilding after yesterday's tornado. paul miller, watched wh his lights as the men finished up some cinder block. >> it is ang. e it is really aming. wch these guys wk, hle. at one time there was probably o i don't know, i could not count how ma guys were here rking. >> reporter: tornado ripped a path of destruction 5 l long. roofsere ripped offarms leveled and a schoolhouse destroyed. a command center has been set upt the local fe company affected residents a arrived
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in drovesor a warm meal, or mply someelp in the clean up. around 7:00 p.m. it was sh down for t night but cases of ter remains outside. >> there was hundreds of are and neds of nactors guys that have their own businesses, that had their guys here today. >> reporter: amish don't typically obtain traditional insurance, they are self insured, relying on e fellow man. todayhe ca was answered d it appears that it will be that w for the days ahead. >> they help ea otr out. their families will be assessed certain amountf need be toelpay for the cost and then ty just dot work eelves. reporter: fortunately, no one was injured in at tornado. ficials estimate that the cost of the damage right now at more than eight million-dollar. i'm li fr solebury township, chad pradellior channel six "action news". >> thanks, chad. flood waters are reding tonight along the brandywine crkut not before, it
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surrounded jtin i's we chester home le a motehis ternoon. hisog was ploring the pth of the oing off of route 842. the brandywine is running rough rapids as well in wilmington but is forecast to fall below flood stage by 1:00 a.m. things are lmer tonight in eaction news" aer department, but please stay with us, because meteorologist cecily tynan has a roller coaster cu weather forecast rough the weekend cing up in just few mts. federalnvestigators say that pilot err is the probable cau for is runway emergency a at philadelphia international airport. the u. airways fght avoided take off in march of 2014 leading to a wreck. the s determined that t plane was aeady in the air when the pilot aborted. e jet hit the ground, unced 15 feet il struck the runway and then no gear hitnd lpsed. theirplane sliding
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2,000 feet, two people were hurt, the aline says that the iident has led to several changes, and tining programs. tonight, the o. had it the last debate bore super tuesday which is just five ys a it came as no surprise that the ndate w wore the biggestargetonight was donald trump. monica lpass, ted u marco bio set thr sights on trump. we wi fi out if they scored any knock o punches. >> absolutely, it was ve hotebate tonight. a lot of decision make going on for pple wl vote in those 12 ates. didhey reallyo y me? we don't kw. we won't kw uil tuesday but certainly they definitely g under donald trump's sk. >> lying over illegal immigration. >> if you claiming you are only one that sd this in the campaign u acknowledge for exple you are oy person on thetage th has ever been findor hiring people to work on yo projects illegally.
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>> i'm the only one on the stage that has red ople. >> if they have in the committed a crime nce they have been here would i make them pay a fe, bked taxes maybe some community rce but at t end would i give them th to legal ssut not path the to s send ship. >> reporter: other issues included healthnsurance a abortion and nominees to the u.s. sreme court to fill the late antonin aa's se. he is onlyne to grantee he would be a true conservative. >> i give y my wo every justice i nomate wl defend billf rights f my cldren and for yourself. >> reporter: creating and attracting jobs with another soce of contention. >> real compassion is providing people with a lder of opportunity to climb up from a state of dependence and beme part of the fabricf ami. whether he we emphasize that, i think weill attract everybody. >> reporter: now five remaining republicans also battled about the mdle et, howo handle north korea and whether apple should give access to the fbi toombat terrorism.
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it was a fascinating debate that coul r as who is in andho is t on super tuesday, jim. >> thanks, monica. on the democratic si hillary clinton was in florence, south carolina, five days before that state's democratic primary. shelayed up her allegiance to president amandowed to ep fhting f tougher gun ls. clinton has a b ad in south carolina so bernie sanders hasoved on to chigan and ohio. more than 200 pple may have been eosed to hiv hetitis, because of dr tampering at a sth jersey hospital. the patientt shore medical center in ms point are beingrged to get tested. ey may haveome into contact with a oodf a former prmacist who sle rphine out of vials and replaced witt saline. owner of the coffee shop in the germantown section of philadelphia has come up wh a different way to confront the nt who was stealing fm hi "action news" reporter christie lleto has that story.
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>> if someone really wants to get in, they are going get in. >> reporter: luke smith surrendered to that reality ter discovering for a second time thieves madeff th all of the vuables, in at he hopes will be a fe sh. butight w it under cstruction. >> you can ell of these rings, these were ceiling copper pipes. >> whoever is doug this is extremely desperate. >> reporter: desperate enough to break in by stealing into a second story window. >> thisedroom was boarded shut once. >> reporter: even climbing away wood boarding up the ba or. ar trying to make sense of the an tftmhend a net to the would be thief. >> my only option is to pl to their tronscious and lethem know that e is a re person on the other side of what they're doing. >> reporter: he even made an unlikely f a j saying if you are ong for work, drop by. and he attached money to the letter. >> why the 0? >> because, you you know, it is jt sort of a token i
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mean they have taken everything that is here. if they are tt express cebrate enough to me back for what other coop th they can fd i want them to know, that t person that they are doing th to it is someone that was to help them. >> reporter: smith admits this was notis initial reaction but hopg i and e these thieves do ce ck he wi read his note a think twice n germantown, rtie e for channel six "action w. coming up on "action news" toght aew room for a woman in ed. we have t details of t first erterus aplant, in the united stes. > well, strong wind will deliver taef wier tomorrow but then i'm's tracking big changes as we head to the weekend. we willave details in the accu weather seven day forecast. health reporternd registered nurse aie gorman joinss nht. >> reporter: jim, we're talking nter weht again. its common to packn a few extraound in t colder months. some of it is due to our habits but tre could be a
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biological reason t i'll pln that and some things you can do to lo the weight. ducis drs with the wild game for flyers tonit, as itos down to the last seconds, when "action news" continuesonight.
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welshing we've goto tell but a medical bak through tonight for infertility treatment. surgeons at the eland clinic ha scessfully performed the nion's first uterus transplant. the hospital says th t 26 year-old patient is in stable condition tight, after a nine hour operation yesterday. the transplanted uterus came from a deceased donor. e crs are not releasing ymo tls until a ne conference next week. ey have rorted success th mb transplants, five healthy babies born since 2014
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in sden. on health check tonight winter weight a. many pack on extra pound during the colder mths. the so is it just our bad habits or is e a biological reason, as l health reporter and registered nurse allie rman joins us tonight with so answers d tips to stay ji >> we found in shortage of people who want to talk about this. >> i want to talk about this. >> reporter: winter weight agains common, anywhere from one to 7 pounds. buthe problem is many people neverose . so those era pnds, add up. butnowing what you are up a against canelp ep your weight w if you e oes are fitting a bit tighterately you y are t alone. >> it is two 4-pound difference. >> i gain weit in winter. lack of activity. >> my pants e just definitely a te bit mo snug in the winter time. >> reporter: registered die tellings althea san cow ski seestll the ti and says there e several cprits when itos to winr weight
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gain. rst, we have a he start during the hidays. food li ckies cakes candice, was seemingly every where. and n it is co outside. it takes mo mivation, to movend exercise. >> weendo me home, om school or work a once we'ren wee in. when it is co it the is very dfult to get ou >> reporter: she also says thasome research pnts to a ological reason. the hibernationheory. >> when the daylight beces shorter, or less intensend our bodies are programmed to say, i don't knowhere the food is going to be, i better starto eat mores a way to build up fat reserves. >> reporter: this may have work for the cave man but most americans today don't have to hu r food. usess dlight c also l to fling do which can lead to craving comfort foods. certain foods ilate parts of our bin that ma us el better. buthose foods typically
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don't cde broccoli or brussels sprouts. >> generally they are foods high in sugar and rb >> this is the stuff at people findhey eat. >> reporter: things like check latea and cheesend pizza. she sa you can still dge but suggest making substitutions. forack and ee she ss go for low fat cheese and add vegetables. >> this wa you'reowering the calories, lowering the fat, and pumping up the volume in terms of the nrition. >> reporter: same for other sta ss, dg ges will helpou eat less of the d sff addg protein li chicken or fish will ke y feeling fuller, longer. as r these chocolate cravings, sheays that key up chocolate milk, add cinnamon and instead of marshmallows, topitthipped cream. >> you are getting at check lateix but i'm adding some calcium, pteinnd lering the amount of sugar and fat.
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>> reporter: another healthy substitution for comfort food is sp but look for ones that areroth based and in the cream andor in sodium. therere also so stud that is sh a link between md depression and low vitamin d so you can ask your health care provider to check your vitamin d level and splement as needed. always learn when i'm lting to y human hirnation leads to snickers bars. >> reporter: that is righ >> all g. >> that is in the good thing. >> in. apple has asked a judge to reverse her decision ordering that the company hped the fbi ha in the lock i phone. lawyersor ale says its software to crack that phonies created, criminals rrist d crs will go to great lengths to steel it. the hearing is scheduled for next month. from our lareews room tonight, state police a now testing by cameras. twty-five troopers d started the lot program to
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evaluate different options including thetylesf devices, where to wearhem and how to store all of the video that gets recorded. > let's get to the ac weather forecasti meteorologist ci tynan. >> talking about hy nation you may wa to hibernate tomorrow because we have cold wind on thea they won't last long though. storm tracker six le double sc showing that we have a few showers even a few sn showers lingering over parts of the nthern bks county, lehigh valley d poconos. thehese are all sking to theouth and ea and even a fewnow squall as cross the poconos earlier is evening. this is all with me winds that are beginning toove in and puingn some or air. philadelphia currently 41 degrees. allentown 37. wildwood is 41. wilmington . poconos 31 degrees. factor in the wind, wind chills are beginning to drop. feels like 32 in philadelphia. feels le 27 in allentown. feels like 13 in e pon.
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buthe wind chills will be dropping as we head through the overnight u. satellite six with tn radar is swing tnks part of t sa system th brought us severe weather last night. ef2 tornado in lancaster county. the that is pulling up t northeast. high pressure is building in. at happened is weill get a wind nl effect. orm morning you ok outside e window, sunshine is back, finally with you its co and its breezy. the bustop forecast, bundle up the ki the at 6:00 o'clock 32 degrees. by 00 o'clock 34. but the wind i around 20 degrees in pladelphia. the northwesterly suburbs wind chills in the t en throughout the day, we ll keephe gusty wind. so the afternoon hhs a little bit on the chilly side, generally uer 30 to lower 40's but you ha factor in theind gusting to 35 miles an hour. wind clls willn climb into the upper 20's. so fitely dress for nr tomorrow but wind dinishn saturday and then we wi get the wind of change on sunday, olingff some warmer r. so the elusive ac weather seven day
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forecast, finally after three days in the clouds we will see the sunshine tomorrow 41 degrees but nd chills, only climbing in the upper0's, and then saturday, still a little tn the cool side 4degrees but not as windy, pnty of sunshine, a nice da and temperatures will sky rocket, on sunday, as a rm front moves north. a hi up to 62 degrees, feeling like spring again. monday we will keep that 6 we will add cud with the t possibility of the sprinkle as a cdront mes through and then behind it slight ely cooler ai but stl a pretty mild start to mch on tuesday, partly sunny 54 degrees. our next rainy d will be wednesday, with a high of 55, andh thursday, turning cooler 48 degrees, so no big orms on theorizon. definitely co win tomorrow but lone day and then things moderate ethe weekend. >> thanks, cecily. topic sssion happened tonight at temple university. philadelphia siation of black journalist, in collaboration with me a's chapter, ced the lack
2:00 am
of representation in lwood. the issue has be frt and center as ovulate all of t actors nominated for oscars in the jor cegories e white. oscars are this sd and tonight we have learned that vice-president joe biden will make an appearance on the broadcast. he wl introduce lady ga before her rrmance at oscar nominated original song until it hpens to you. theong appears in the documentary aboutex slt on college campuses. mr. biden has lg be a voc aocate for victims of domestic and sexual vlence. eighty-eighth annual oscars air this isunday only channelix. live coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. and tomorrow morning e "action news" morning te wi reveal their c for thisears oscars, we will ask youo join matt, tamala, david and car ne join them
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welllyers, he's ducis rodgers. >> it comes down to the very en jim. it has be an uphilllb for flys all sson long.
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llowing tight's game with e minnesota wi a playoff ot is oh so close. cd piod, game ti at one. the fers on the power play. mark street, wi a quick shot two-one flyers. moving to the third rd, now tied at two pierre edward bellmawr, he dives to ore that goal. it is tee-two flyers. michael nvirth, not pfect but he isxcellent whent counts. look at th save, with three seconds to go. that would have tied it. the fers win three-two. they are three points out of the wild card sp. >> you know, i saw before t game. we st nd start go good and it is goodwin for r confidence, and we have to makeureh we i the the same eort on tday. >> saturday against azona. the phillies trying up to grade their outfield this off season. part of tt with e addition of peter borges who came over from the cardinals. he is a star defensive pyer butat has a hole in it.
2:05 am
career .241 hitter. he baed just .200 lt season. >> playing time haseen frustrating an tt. that goesand hand. there have beenears i have gothree ofour srts a then dn'tlay rest of the year and never been able to digy way out of e hole. i understand y i s hitting earlier in the year. i know if i have tee or four or 500 atats the numbers will behere athe df the year. still ahead drexel basketball teamoes sething it has inhe do all season. the plus chase you the thely's hard ne style will have a
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call ithe chase uty rule. major ag baseballs cracking down on how base runnersrk up double plays following this utley a's slide from last years playoffs, mlb announce rolling slides are banned. runners must make a bona fide attempt to reach mn on the base, and ruben suffered a broken g on th a drexel hosting delaware first half marvin kg davi three names, three points. delaware up by seven. later in the half allen bringing dragons back. drexel winsack to back games all season. finally tonight, sp curry of the goldentate waiors is yd ridiculous. tonight against ldo g he doesis mac. curry hits e routine lf court shot. he dthree pointer in 128 straight games. that breaks the nba's ltar
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recordnd by the way had 51oints tonht. >> how about by the y. >> sound of the jamaica alive and well tight. students fromest philadelphia crter hl, performed a tribute to bob marley. overbrook utional center tonight as part of the black history month students have been studying marley's life d lacy. jim he will ml live next on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest are lly ripa, billy brown music from tenashi and snake i featuring chance the rapper. "actione"ontinues at 4:30 withamala wd, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david rphy and ken rgs with traffic. forhe entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner go night.
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