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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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4:30, friday, february 26. we're following breaks news this morning, a fast-moving fire sent a philadelphia restaurant up in flames overnight. new this morning, a northeast philadelphia man is accused of shooting his own brother who called police. a south jersey hospital is warning patients of a possible hiv or hepatitis exposure. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: right now we have clouds early on, we expect those to break up later this morning.
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we should wind up with mostly sunny skies through most of the day, it is chilly as you step outside, 37 degrees currently. around the freezing mark in allentown and reading, 35 in trenton, 36 in wilmington, 36 in millville. and there's a bit of a breeze blowing in the 20s in some cases. the windchills are making it feel like the 20s. feels like 26 in philadelphia. we have a 19-degree windchill in reading. bundle up as you head out the door. on the bus stop it will be on the breezy side with early clouds. 32 degrees more or less the temperature through 6 and 8:00 a.m. it might dip below that in some suburbs. as we roll through the day, we see re-emergence of sunshine. 36 degrees by 11:00 a.m., 39 degrees at 1:00 p.m., 42 is the high, it will feel like 30 degrees because of the strong winds. karen we are looking at
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improvement over the weekend, in some cases a lot of improvement. >> reporter: you keep working on improvement. we're looking live at the roads in bucks county, i-95 approaching business route 1. as we scan around we see construction of the right lane of the off ramp. it is in the process of clearing out. we see the flashing lights in bucks county on i-95. gusty winds, debris on the roadway, that's what's happening here, balligomingo road is blocked between trinity and french street. we have an issue of flooding in west bradford township. north brook drive is blocked near camp linden drive. street road, 926 is blocked near creek road because of flooding. there's a couple of issues with flooding, be careful of that. breaking overnight, flames consumed a restaurant in philadelphia's germantown
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neighborhood, there's not much of what's left of the house of jin restaurant. annie mccormick has more to tell us what is happening now. >> reporter: the fire destroyed the popular restaurant. i want to take you to the video because you can see how intense the flames were. that's what the firefighters arrived to, this is the house of jin restaurant that serves japanese and chinese cuisine. there were multiple fire agencies that responded. it took more than an hour to get this fire under control. it's in a shopping complex. it is unclear if other businesses were affected. fire crews say this broke out around 1:00 a.m., like we said it looks like the fire was completely so destroyed this business. there are ladder trucks there
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and they are still dousing the business from above with water. right now they are telling us it took more than an hour to get it under control. we are waiting to hear from fire officials to see how many alarms it it it was and see if there was any other damage. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." a man is in custody charged with shooting his own brother in the chest in northeast philadelphia. their mother called 911 it happened on woodhaven road. medics rushed him to hospital in critical condition. police took the brother into custody without a struggle. a new information on the man who opened shooting on his co-work are in kansas, he is dead. >> reporter: the shooting spree started in the street it ended in the factory, the gunman was armed with an pistol and assault
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rifle. he killed three co-workers and according to police of the 14 people wounded ten have critical injuries. the gun was trapped to him he was ready to go. >> reporter: this co-worker was taking a break outside excel industries in hesston, kansas when he saw the gunman pull up. turned around hopped out with an ak-47 and fired a few shots before he we know in and ducked down and went into the buildings. once he got into xl industries, he shot a person in the parking lot and entered the buildings itself. he drove through the south kansas town taking shots at people. authorities say he killed three people and wounded 14 before being shot down by an officer. around 150 people were inside the plant at the time of the
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shooting. four previously lived in miami florida. fellow employees saw no signs it was coming. we hung out. i never would have thought in a million years this guy would have done it. >> reporter: authorities say the gunman was killed as he was firing on officers, as for what the motive would have been, law enforcement said there could have been several things that triggered this individual. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." new on "action news," frightening moments inside a south jersey 7-eleven caught on camera. this is video released from gloucester township police, you can see the masked man burst into the 7-eleven in glendora armed with a gun. he fled on foot. the holdup happened february 7. police are looking for an
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armed man who used a crude method to get into a closed checker's restaurants in southwest philadelphia. he used a brick to get in the restaurant. two employees were inside, they managed to get somewhere safe while the thief scoured the store, he didn't end up taking a thing. a hospital near the jersey shore notified 200 people they may have exposed to hiv or drug tempering. they may have come into contact with the blood of a former pharmacist who stole morphine out of vials and replaced it with saline. residents are rebuilding after an ef tornado. headlights from four pickups
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trucks put the spotlight on the amish in the salisbury township. they are self insured relying on their fellow man. it's amazing. to watch these guys work, hustle, the one time there was probably i don't know i couldn't count them, how many guys were here working. a command center was set up at the local fire company providing warm meals water and assistance in the cleanup. the other than of a coffee shop in southwest section of philadelphia has come up with a different way to confront theft. he has a message before they transcribing a third time. he wrote a note all of these a job to help at the construction site and attached a 20-dollar bill to the letter. it is my only option is to appeal to their betterconsciencw
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there's another person on the other side of the note. he hopes they will think about stealing from him again and take the job. being an officer can be incredibly dangerous, but the philadelphia police department is sharing a story of a a man who threatened to kill them. 30 u.s. sailors are trapped in antarctica and the united states is planning to help. we have temperatures in the 30s and women's in the 20s and it this afternoon it stays on the chilly side. we'll have the weekend call coming up from accuweather.
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new this morning, the united states is sending a special plane to rescue 30 australian researchers trapped in antarctica. 60 others are on board an doing
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fine. the u.s. aircraft is equipped with skis for ice landing. it will scoop in once the blizzard-like conditions subside. let's check on accuweather, today is dry, but today we are dealing with the cold. >> reporter: yesterday we were worried about roads, now you look at the wide view and there's nothing going on there, and double scan live shows you that. looking outside, we have the airport, it's dry, it's cool and you have to bundle up. even though the winds don't look too bad there's a wind sock, blowing sideways there. we have winds at 20 miles per hour. you'll feel the breeze.
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the current windchill in philadelphia, 26 in allentown and reading, the windchill are in in the upper teens or close to that. we have cloud cover, we expect that to break apart a little bit, the snow shower activity off the great lakes doesn't make it here. we'll wind up with sunny skies, 32 degrees by 8:00. 34 by 10:00. we get into the afternoon. it's bright, but chilly. the high today is 42 degrees at 3:00 p.m. with winds gusting at 30 miles per hour at times it will feel colder than that the entire day. 38 degrees in allentown 39 in reading, 42 in philadelphia. up in trenton cruel get to 40. 42 in millville. as we take a look at the windchill side of the story, this is future tracker 6, between now and noon you're feeling like you're in the 20s. it is possible that some of you will get up to 30 for a windchill this afternoon in the i-95 corridor, but it's going to feel raw. if you have plans to head out
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this evening, the windchills are dipping back into the teens and mid 20s in philadelphia. out on the town for a dinner and movie. 32 by 7:00. 32 by 8:00. probably in the 20s by 11:00. the winds will have a tendency to die down in the evening hours, but it will be cold. breezy and chill 46 on saturday. it stays bright. it will feel better in the afternoon with winds not as strong. sunday a warm front gets past us, we zoom all the way back into the 70s. here's -- 60s excuse me. here's the details, windy and chilly today, 4 the -- 42 degrees, morning clouds give way to sun. high of 46. sunday, we'll see sunshine, 63. monday a morning shower in the
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afternoon make your plans, 63 degrees is the high there. tuesday, partly sunny, 57 as march arrives, tuesday, 57 degrees, wednesday, rain, 5. thursday, 46. when you want the weather go to the weekend look --, the weekend is looking good, but no rain. officer michael edwards was sitting in his patrol car wednesday night when a man approached and knocked on his window. the officer asked the man if he needed help. the man said he was going to blow his head off, and gestures as if he was pulling a weapon out of pants. edwards pulled his gun and used
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back up. officer eric tyler arrived on the scene and decided not to use deadly force. i said take your hands out of your hands, he didn't. he took another stepped and i used taser. comedian bill cosby has temporarily dropped his defamation lawsuit against beverly johnson. cosby's attorney said he made the move so he could focus on his defense in a criminal case in montgomery county. he faces charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted a former temple employee at his home in 2004. cosby's lawyer said he plans to refile the case against johnson before the statue of limitations expires. the first lawsuit against the nightmare crews 3 weeks ago a lawsuit has been filed. crews officials should have
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known about the hurricane in the atlantic before the ship set sail. the ship was tossed back and forth like a tub toy. royal caribbean has issued passengers refunds and half or coupons for a future crews, many say they will not be using those coupons. more news you didn't see last night. the bucks county based company that makes the popular arcade game ski ball has been bought out by an rival. 50 years of american art, details on this incredible gift.
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welcome back taking a live look there, where 95 and vine meet up, looking at all the early-morning traffic there, clear out there, but it is a little bit cold out there, 4:50, 37 degrees. good morning, karen. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, as you head out the doors this is what it looks like live and in person, this is traffic heading toward center city. it's dry and clear on this friday. we have debris on the roadways,
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we had such strong winds, we had flooding down trees and this is balligomingo road. it's blocked, stick to 320 in upper merion. north brook road is closed add brandy wood drive. instead of street road take lenape road. we have flooding over here on airport road they blocked that and mcarthur drive, new castle, so commons boulevard will get you around that. we are dealing with the results of the storm from a couple of days ago as you head out. the philadelphia museum of art has inherited 50 works of american art. the artworks are from the estate of daniel detrick2.
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hair --ch hs the air to l luden's cough drops. ski ball was developed back in 1909. tax season is here and hackers will attempt to steal your information on your computer and file false returns to get your money. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 were up slightly. futures point to more gains at the opening bell. mcdonald's is awferg
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breakfast -- offering breakfast bowls on the west coast. police in midwest are looking for the man who the family said climbed up to a girl appear bedroom and tried to kidnap her. grandmother who waits everyday at a school bus stop even though they are grandchildren are no longer on that bus gets a special surprise on her birthday. that's next. new this morning, if you
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think a spa day sounds girly, this might change your mind. a oregon business woman opened a beer spa, this is catching on in europe. bathing in brew is a cure for pains and aches and insomnia. it will not make you tipsy. 20-year-old ukrainian national is in trouble for posing as a high schooler in harrisburg. he enrolled four years ago as a freshman and four months shy of graduating. parents were horrified to discover pots was not pots. you have beautiful girls
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underage and basically a grown man in here misrepresenting himself. he made up his phone identity by acquiring a social security card and drivers license, investigators have not determined why he went through all that trouble. a bus full of elementary school children gave an ohio woman the surprise fore88th birthday. very sweet. doris arrived hello everyday at 3:00 p.m. she is been doing this for the past five years. the tradition first started when her granddaughter rode the bus. the kids say they love seeing her and call her grandma. coming up a live report with our top story. a multi-alarm fire leaves a germantown restaurant in ruins. the republican showdown in
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texas, the remaining gop presidential candidates traded scrabs over several -- jabs over several topics, more when "action news" comes right back.
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good morning, everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., friday, february 26 we're following a breaking story. a raging inferno destroys a restaurant in the germantown section of philadelphia. we're live with the details. >> gop presidential candidates took aim at frontrunner donald trump. the billi


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