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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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look at the killer and learning about what might have made him do it. kill him with kindness, a local businessman comes up with a way to confront the thief who stole from him already. good morning, 5:30, february 26. david murphy has the cold start and karen rogers has the commute. >> reporter: we have a fair amount of cloud cover, but we have breaks in the clouds down to the southwest, we think we'll transition to mainly sunny skies. starting out beneath the clouds and chilly. 37 degrees in philadelphia. 35 degrees in wilmington. 34 in trenton. 35 in millville. with winds in the teens and low 20s, it feels like 26 degrees, basically you take the temperature and subtract ten or so degrees from it you get the windchill and how it feels. 22 in reading, and mid 20s in
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trenton and wilmington and millville. bundle up on the bus stop this morning we'll be sitting close to the freezing mark with the breeze making it feel chillier. early clouds over the bus stop. we expect the clouds to break up through the morning and in the afternoon we should transition to mostly sunny skies. chilly high of 42 degrees. with the winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour it will feel like 30 degrees at 3:00 p.m. and in the 20s most of the day. karen, things get better over the weekend, especially on sunday, i'll have that call coming up. >> reporter: good timing for the improvement. let's look outside live in bucks county, all lanes open on i-95. southbound approaching business route 1. we have construction blocking the right lane. traffic moving better right here in bucks county. we're getting reports of a water main break lower providence, trooper road at clark hill road. and crews coming to the scene of circle drive.
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we have an overturned vehicle with injuries on the scene, route 9 is blocked at masses town road. stick to the garden state parkway. we have a downed tree, in some cases they have not cleared them all, a downed tree he will -- he will -- el myra avenue. >> we continue to follow breaking news in the city's germantown neighborhood firefighters spent hours battling a raging restaurant fire. annie mccormick is live at the house of jin restaurant with more on the fire fight. >> reporter: matt, fire crews are out here behind me using the laureled trucks they are dousing
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the hot spots in the building of the restaurant. take a look at the video. this is how intense the flames were. the popular chinese and japanese restaurant at cheltenham and pulaski was consumed in the flames and the flames spread to the roof. it broke out at 1:00 a.m. and took an hour to get the blaze under control. it appears other businesses near the restaurant are not heavily damaged. the other than said he was too shaken to speak on camera, but has been in the business for 18 years. after seeing the flames in the video, it's surprising there were no injuries reported. the fire marshal is on the scene. he said it's too early to discuss a cause they are still investigating. reporting live in germantown. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." thanks, annie. new this morning, a mother called police on one of her own sons with when a family dispute
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led to gunfire. it happened on woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia late last night. one man is in critical condition from a gunshot wounds to the chest, his brother is under arrest. police are questioning a third family member. we are learning more about the man who brought blood and carnage to his co-workers. his shooting ambush was deadly edge when the police got the drop on him killing the shooter. katherine scott is live in our satellite center. she has the latest on what we know, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, police say this gunman shot several people in town before storming that factory. three co-workers were killed, of the 14 people injured ten had critical injuries. >> reporter: the gun was strapped to him he was ready to go. this co-worker was outside the company when he saw the shooter pull up to the lawnmower
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equipment company. past arrests include burglary and battery. he turned around with an ak-47 and fired a few shots outside before he went in and ducked down and went into the buildings. ford drove through town firing shots at people armed with a pistol and assault rival. he killed three people and wounded 14 before being shot dead by an officer. co-workers didn't see it coming. he talked to me, as we were walking in to clock in afternoon. he was a nice guy when i worked with him on second shift. we hung out. everything was honky dory. >> reporter: they have not discussed a motive, but they said there were several things that triggeredded -- triggered this. more than 200 people may have been exposed to hiv or help
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title because of drug tampering. the patients at shore hospital at somers points playoff come in contact with the blood of a former pharmacist who stole morphine and replaced it with saline. two philadelphia police officers are being hailed for what they did when they encountered a man who threatened to kill them. a man knocked on the window of michael edwards patrol car on wednesday. the man threatened to blow the officer's head off and gestured as if he was pulling a weapon out of his pants. officer eric tyler airvelgd on the -- arrived on the scene and decided not to use deadly force. i said take your handles out of your pants, he didn't. as he took another step i used
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the phaser. he was arrested an charged with making terroristic threats. twitter hit the heart of allic country leveling barns and destroying schoolhouse. community is pulling together to help each other to build. a command center has been set up providing warm meals and waters and assistance. odd that we see a tornado around here in the month of february. i believe that was the first e tv 2 in february recorded history. it's rare to have that one that strong. we usually only get five or six of them a career in -- a year. and in spring. >> reporter: in spring. storm tracker 6 live double scan as we look outside we're looking at the airport. now the camera is doing a little
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bit of a dance because the winds are picking up. it's cold and the windchill a factor this morning. 37 degrees in philadelphia right now, but that wind running at 21 miles per hour that's knocking the windchill down to 26. in most neighborhoods it feels like the 20s this morning. definitely a morning for coats and scarves and hats all that extra gear. i'll have my gloves on on terrace, i'm pretty sure. we have cloud cover early on it will break up. the lake-effect snowshowers are falling apart and not an issue for us. information we think we'll ditch the clouds and winds up with sunshine most of the -- wind up with sunshine most of the day. we're in the 30s most of the time and high of 42 at 3:00 p.m., of course, with the winds blowing and bluster, the windchills will make it feel worst than that. 42 in wilmington, 42 in millville and better this cape may and dover. as you factor in the windchill
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from now until noon feeling like the 20s. not much change between now and midday. by 3:00 p.m., feeling like it's below freezing in most spots. that's what the model says certainly. if you have plans to head out by 7:30 it will be raw with the winds running fairly strongly and giving you the 20-degree range windchills. if you're out on the town and movie. 33 degrees by 7:00 p.m., 32 by 8:00 p.m., in the 20s by 11:00 p.m. the winds will relax as we go through the evening, but you'll want the extra gear. saturday, we improve the high to 46 degrees, the breezes are not as bad, but the big reward is going to be after a warm front comes in saturday night and sunday, major warmth on the way. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 42, windchills in the 20s most of the day, tomorrow less wind, mostly sunny, 46, not a bad saturday, sunday afternoon
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we assume up to 63 degrees for the high, it will be breezy, but nice and still very sunny. monday morning showers are possible, but then sun re-emerges in the afternoon and we'll get another high of 63. march arrives tuesday, another nice day, 57. wednesday and thursday there's rain possible, wednesday we could see a late day or evening thunderstorm, that's okay, that's march it makes more sense. thursday, rainy and cooler, 46 degrees. still ahead, embattled comedian bill cosby backs down on a lawsuit that he brought against a form are super model. the other than of a local coffee shop is trying to reverse psychology to stop a bandit from stealing from him. >> reporter: it's bright out -- there's a light out on the boulevard at fox street. >> reporter: the yoga trend that's bound to make a splash.
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the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct. book now at around on the sky6 live hd camera looking at the traffic going through philadelphia. 5:43, it is dry, but it is windy. yes it is. let's go over to karen rogers for a look at the commute.
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>> reporter: it's trash day in our neighborhood, i don't know about yours, we have wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. if you're coming in from philadelphia or broomall, this is live, the blue route mcdade boulevard, traffic moving nicely. night volume since it's early out there, no big problems on the blue route. let's take you to the maps. we have a couple of issues with flooding north brook road is shut down at brandywine drive stick to wawa set road. street road is closed near papa. balligomingo road is shut down at trinlt -- trinity road. 320 will get you around that. 32 in allentown. 35 in millville. you compare that to yesterday morning, it's 20 degrees colder than yesterday morning. it's cold out there, bundle up
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as you head out the door, we are dry through the ran, matt and tam. new this morning, the united states is spending a special lean to rescue 30 australian researchers trapped in antarctica. this is an icebreaker that ran aground during a blizzard. the u.s. aircraft is equipped with skis for ice landings it will swoop in once the blizzard-like conditions subside. a passenger who was on the embattled royal caribbean crews ship is suing the lines. people spent hours while the waves tossed the ship back and forth. royal caribbean issued them refunds and half off for future
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crews. bill cosby dropped the defamation lawsuit gains beverly johnn. lawyer said he plans to refile the case against johnson before the statue of limitations expires. the owner of a coffee shop in germantown section has come up with a different way to confront the bandit who is stealing from. they are stealing copper from the site, he wrote a note and attached a 20-dollar bill to the letter. my only option is to appeal to them and let them there's a real person on the other side of what they are doing. he hopes when the person comes back, they will read the note
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and think twice about stealing from him. erin o'hern has a preview of a an activity on a standup paddle board. on the campus of drexel university stand up paddle board yoga is being brought 0 you to philadelphia. it's a practice that will take you to a different level and on balance level. if yoga wasn't hard enough,. on the water you have to use your own body to support your own practice. the experts will keep you balanced with the steady approach. we start off with to get you grounded. >> reporter: the classes are a hit and now they are offering the practice year round. they will engage secondary
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muscles you don't need on land, because the ground is supporting you. i can't do a head stand like in a regular yoga class. the fact that she can do than a paddle board i'm very impressed. much more on "fyi philly." a man spa of sorts that promises to keep your public full and sudsy. . making me think about warmer weather with pools that's nice. extra gear on the kids going to school and on the way home, same for you. i'll show you why when we check the day planner forecast next.
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new this morning, if you think a spa day doesn't sound man enough. a woman opened a beer spa. some claiming bathing in a brew is the cure for pains and aches and insomnia, unless you drink it, it's not going to make you tipsy. and then you smell like beer. i have beer soap and wash with it i am as fresh as can be. this is southwest philadelphia, i-95 endear -- near enterprise avenue we had a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. no delays at the airport. we're looking good. we have a downed tree lower gwynedd township. pen lynn pike is blocked at old
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penn lynn pike. downed trees, we have a lot of them. >> reporter: we had them from the storm yesterday. we have decent winds, when you consider the wind and look at the numbers, keep in mind that wind is going to stay blustery all day long. the windchills will make it feel worse than the temperatures. 36 by 11:00. 41 by 2:00 p.m. we'll get a high of 42 at 3:00 p.m. even at that moment we'll be looking at windchills making it feel like 0, witch most of -- 30s. windchills making it feel like 20. you can find the seven-day forecast and live look at storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at our website go to happy birthday to you ♪ grade schoolers in ohio gave a grandmother a great
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yourbut the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. chopper 6 is live above our breaking news story, to give us
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our first look aerial wise of the house of jin restaurant or what was the house of jin restaurant in the germantown section of philadelphia. the fire broke out at 1:00 a.m., it is unclear if anybody was inside, but at the very least it was not open at the time and burned for several hours. looks like it devastated this restaurant located on west cheltenham avenue and pulaski avenue. police in gloucster county new jersey released surveillance video hoping to track down the robbery suspect. the suspect walked into a 7-eleven armed with a hand bun, he demanded money from the clerk and ran off. call gloucester township police funk you can identify the man. police are looking for an armed man who broke through a philadelphia fast food place by
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throwing a rock through the window. the suspect smashed the window and breaks the rest of the glass so he can crawl through. two employees were inside cleaning up at the time this happened. they managed to get somewhere safe while the would be thief scoured the store before choosing to leave empty handed. the philadelphia museum of art has inherited 50 works of art from the estate of daniel dietrich who died last year. he was the heir to luden's cough drops. authorities uncover a horror hobble case of animal cruelty in a philadelphia
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good morning, everyone, 6:00 a.m., friday, february ear we're following a breaking story. a raging inferno destroys a restaurant in the germantown section of philadelphia. we're live with details. gop presidential candidates take aim at donald trump the billionaire abdomin soshedz the attack -- abdomin sore -- absorbs the attacks. we're looking at cold windchills. let's go over


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