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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  February 27, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. this campaign goes national. >> in her first key size i have victory in the presidential campaign the primary campaign, hillary clinton routed bernie sanders in south carolina a win gives her big momentum heading in to super tuesday when 11 states will cast their ballot next week. the saturday night i'm walter perez. big story is hillary clinton's first landslide victory of the presidential campaign. with 9 percent of the vote in, the former secretary of state won 74 percent to 26 percent for bernie sanders. abc's marci gonzales is in south carolina and joins us now with more. >> reporter: tonight, celebrating a crucial victory. >> thank you so much, south
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carolina a. >> hillary, hillary. >> reporter: in south carolina hillary clinton, gained delegates and momentum. >> a big win here in south carolina likely means a big win in the southern states on super tuesday. >> bernie sanders can continue to win some states but if he doesn't windy size i havely it will be impossible to catch up. >> reporter: bernie sanders conceding here but insisting his campaign is far from over. >> tuesday, over 800 delegates are at stake and we intend to win many, many of them. >> reporter: those democrats out, looking at super tuesday and beyond, and going after g.o.p. front runner donald trump. >> leading candidate for president spent half his time insulting them. >> we will defeat trump, because the american people do not want a president who insults mexicans, muslims. >> trump also target of now
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relentless attacks from marco rubio. >> conn artist, conn artist, conn artist, friend. the don't let friend vote for conn artists. >> reporter: insults thrown right back tonight by trump. >> i watched this light weight wait rubio, total light weight wait, little mouth on him,. >> reporter: and his hard hitting supporter chris christie who is right by his side on the campaign trail. intensity only building with the count down now on to super tuesday, all of the candidates will be out on the trail, tomorrow with him, campaigning in several of those key states. marci gonzales for abc news, columbia south carolina. back here in our area it was a close call for a home inside grace fur think morning when the entire home crumbled around him. amazingly he survived with relative liz minor injuries. "action news" reporter trish hartman has more. >> around 7:30 i heard a loud crack. it was almost the sound as if a tree was up rooting. >> reporter: then gregory
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cooper looked out in his grays ferry apartment window to see the house at 1401 south patton street collapse. >> i ran to the front of the building and asked if anybody was in there and i heard a voice from the back of the house, hollering help. >> reporter: police say that 39 year-old man on the third floor was the only person there, and he was taken to the hospital, in stable condition, and then treated for back pain. specially trained fire fighters rescued him from the pile of debris. >> squad seven is a special rescue april rat with us special tools and equipment, and because they were equipped, they were able to excavate one person from the telling. >> reporter: according to the department of the licenses and inspections, the stand alone building had no violations. the cause of the collapse is still under investigation. but. >> we had a lot of wind. a lot of severe weather. that is, it makes the building, more vulnerable, can't say certainly if that was the cause but it doesn't help. >> reporter: neighbor raymond white said he spoke to the man who lives here a few weeks ago about the the deteriorating condition of the building.
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>> all of the wall fell off, so you could see cobblestone, meaning that water could now seep in and that would cause structural damage. >> reporter: first floor was a barber shop, the sign still visible in the ruble but neighbors say it has been closed for years. folks who saw damage were shocked, thankful that the man living there was not killed to know he is in stable condition, to know he is in medical care, and it looks like he will survive, that brings some joy to my heart. >> reporter: demolition crews will spend several days clearing the property. city engineers have been investigating but they may never necessity exactly what caused the house to collapse. the as for how unusual this is, city officials say a full house collapse like this one, once everyone or two years. reporting from grays ferry, trish hartman for channel six "action news". from our delaware news room police are investigating a deadly shooting inside an apartment complex in newark. it happened 7:30 this evening in the the pride's court apartments. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at the scene with the details, jeff?
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report report well, walter police are here processing the crime scene. if you take a look behind me you can see some of the more than two dozen evidence markers that police have placed throughout this parking lot here on chadham lane. here's what we know happened, just after 7:30 this evening a man was shot the multiple times in his torso and legs. witnesses tell "action news" that they heard gunfire, and screaming, and one woman, ran for help. she told the off camera that she administered cpr to the victim until paramedics arrived. the victim was taken to the hospital, christiana hospital, we're told where he was pronounced dead. police are not releasing the name of the man, until his next of kin are notified. we are told he is in his 30's. now police are asking anyone with any information, or any possible surveillance video to contact the police, with that information. at this point police here in new castle county are not releasing any information
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about any motive or any possible suspects. we're live from newark, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news". >> walter. >> thanks, jeff. septa a officials are looking for a man they say stabbed a woman in the elevator of the septa a station. it happened a 1:00 at huntington station of the market frankford el in kensington. investigators say the suspect tried to rob would the man and then stabbed her in the shoulder and the knee. she was hospitalized but we're told she's expected to be okay. if you have any information about this case, please call the police. a police sergeant in philadelphia a got banged up during an overnight crash in the cities wynfield section. officer was responding to a call for backup at 3:00 a.m. when he lost control of his cruiser on park side and bryn mawr avenues and struck a pole. the officer was taken to penn presbyterian hospital where he was treated and released. a huge fire, in lehigh county destroyed several apartment buildings, but amazingly everyone escaped okay. the it happened at 3:00 o'clock this morning on front street in catasauqua. there are retail spaces in
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that building but they were vacant no word on how the whole thing started. the the philadelphia fire department, teamed up with the american red cross today with the goal, of preventing fire-related deaths in the the city. they went door to door in the logan section handing out and installing smoke alarms free of charge. officials say that this ongoing campaign, played a role in reducing, fire related deaths the by 63 percent last year. and a mother from philadelphia and three of her children were rushed to the hospital today, after being exposed to carbon monoxide from a heater inside their home. investigators say family was awakened by a co2 detector shortly before 4:00. when crews got the there they found elevated levels of the dangerous gas inside the home. we spoke with the grandmother who had been feeling ill before the alarm sounded but she didn't know why. >> a little baby, saying this was trouble so they gave him oxygen. >> pgw crews determined a faulty heater toys blame. the family was treated and
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released from the hospital. all are expect to be okay. moving on to the accu weather forecast. it was a lovely day, considering it is the last saturday in february. and starting tomorrow it will feel a lot like early springtime around here for a few days. meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather forecast, melissa. >> yeah walter, it was not a bad start to the weekend. as you mentioned ample sunshine with highs today across the region in the 40's. as lou at the numbers outside tonight across mid-atlantic region it is 38 in philadelphia. thirty-nine in new york city. down in richmond, 34. out to pittsburgh coming in at 37. here's satellite six with action radar. we've got a mostly clear sky overhead. a couple of storms to the north will drift down to the the south and east as we go throughout the rest of the nighttime and overnight hours but we will check out the high temperatures today. 44 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-two in cincinnati. sixty-seven for st. louis. sixty-six in memphis. tomorrow, we will be tapping into a southeasterly wind so a
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nice surge of milder air coming in as we close our weekend out. quiet and chilly for rest of tonight as we look at weather headlines. a stretch of 60's on the way starting as early as tomorrow with the hint of spring and rain arrives as we get into wednesday. we will talk about the details with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. >> thank you, melissa. twentieth annual human rights gala took place tonight in philadelphia a folks gathered at philadelphia downtown marriott the in center city. mayor jim kenney was feature supremers in the supreme court same sex marriage plaintiff jim was there as well. the it is the largest national lgbt civil right organization, in the country. much more to come on "action news" tonight, new charges for a man who posed as a high school student in harrisburg. what he did with one of his classmates that has him in even more hot water. plus a kkk rally in california, turns violent, at the kkk man's used a black hole as a weapon.
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we will tell what you happened coming up. plus flyers playing well these days and it could playoff soon in the playoff spot. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back. a 23 year-old man who
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posed as a teenager to attend high school in harrisburg is facing new charges. arthur samron is charged with sexual assault. that is because he allegedly, had a romantic relationship with a 15 year-old girl.
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according to police baby faced samron used alias as asher pots to enroll as a freshman four years ago. was supposed to graduate in june but his loose was unveiled and he was arrested. he is actually a ukrainian international, living in the u.s. on a expired visa. three people stabbed one critically during a kkk rally in california. it happened when kkk members clashed with a larger gathering of the counter protesters in anaheim, california. the violence erupted just afternoon time in the park about 3 miles away from disney land. police say a klansman impaled a counter protester with the end of the flagpole and that set off a huge brawl covering an entire city block. university of california/berkley says a hacker broke in the computer system containing financial data from 80,000 students, alumni and employees. but officials from the university say that there is no evidence that any of that information has been stolen, despite the breach. but still, potential victims have been notified, and told
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to keep an eye out for suspicious activity under accounts. the university was in the middle of patching a security flaw when the breach occurred this past december. well, count down is on to hollywood's biggest night, eighty-eighth annual academy awards ceremony is tomorrow and the crews are busy getting readied for every detail. several hundred million people all across the globe will be watching, and in fact, oscars will be broadcast, in 225 countries. the biggest stars will be there, of course, and this year, vice-president, joe biden, will make a special appearance. plus we're told format will be different this year so expect a few surprises. and as you watched the show we're enhancing your oscars experience on six, and six abc "action news" facebook page. we will have have live streaming video from the red carpet and show itself, meanwhile, be sure to check out our facebook chat with alycia vitarelli, she will be chatting live on line throughout the entire show tomorrow night. leukemia and lymphoma
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society eastern pennsylvania chapter wrapped up student of the year campaign tonight right there in center city. this event at the lowes hotel marked end of the seven week fund raising competition, by local high school students. the students who raised the most money earned the title student of the year along with the scholarship, to the college or university of their choice. at the helm tonight "action news" reporter erin o'hearn who served as mc. it was a night of good
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eating and grooving to the music in camden county at lawnside educational foundation as it the hosted its sixth annual dinner dance this event raises money for programs that will better benefit students and community living in the lawnside school district. "action news" anchor sharrie williams mced this event. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. you walk outside, you just can't believe it is february. >> temperatures are mild. we have southeasterly wind doing its work right now, walter. we will get much milder in the second half of our weekend here. here is storm tracker six live double scan radar. it is dry. no issues with precipitation. so outside we will go, action campaign sky six live in hd, looking at the commodore barry bridge, on this saturday night. we have a mostly clear to partly cloudy sky and a full moon as well. we're really seeing calm conditions across the region. the it stays calm overnight tonight. we have a high in philadelphia today of 44. so we're slightly below average but when you look at
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the month of february, still so far, temperatures have been average to second .2 degrees above normal and that trend continues as we get in the second half of the weekend tomorrow. currently 30 in philadelphia we have that southeasterly wind that will be tapping into overnight tonight. and 32 degrees in the poconos. thirty-six in trenton a long the coast in wildwood, 35. the out in the west in lancaster also in the middle 30's at this hour. here's satellite six with action radar, mostly clear to partly cloudy across the region. a couple of clouds across the eastern great lakes and upstate new york, drifting to the south and east. expect that activity to continue but we will stay dry, for the rest of tonight. in fact, over the the next 12 hours it the stays mainly clear and chilly, but these are not bad overnight lows. typically we are around 30 in the city. we will bottom out the at 34. thirty in the suburbs but that southeasterly wind will kick our numbers well above average by tomorrow. so here's the setup for us for our sunday. we are tracking a frontal boundary that is still to our north and that arctic air is
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cut off and stays up in canada for now. trailing cold front out to the west. so we are what we are calling the warm sector as we tap into those warm southeasterly wind. high temperature tomorrow, in philadelphia, up to 63. after a cool start in the morning. future tracker six showing you at 6:00 o'clock in the morning 32 in the city. thirty-one allentown. thirty-three in the poconos. thirty-seven in wildwood. the as i advance this we will get in the afternoon hours and that surge of milder air moves northward. 2:00 o'clock most locations will be in the middle. now upper 50's the exception. the poconos they are at 48. that is still not bad for february. and 47 in wildwood. so here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, sunny, beautiful tomorrow, high up to 63. and average for us this time of the year is 47, so get out and enjoy the outdoors. on monday a weak frontal boundary moves on through. so a morning shower is likely. otherwise still mild, by the afternoon at 63. and then, march comes in like a lamb on tuesday, the warmth continues, in at 61.
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the late tuesday into wednesday, we will be tracking a stronger storm that moves through, cuts up to our west as the rain continues, high up to 63. gusty thunderstorm possible as well, and on thursday, we will see behind that cooler, mostly cloudy in the at 45. rain or snow, it is possible, on friday, we will to have track that closely, and otherwise high of 39. next saturday, walt inner at 44. enjoy 63 tomorrow, and nice spring-like treat on the way. >> hard not to enjoy it. >> true. >> thanks, melissa a. remember, check out the seven day forecast and check out storm tracker six double scan radar anytime at six sports is next on channel six. villanova battles marquette as they try to bounce back after lose to go xavier last wednesday. jeff skversky has highlights when "action news" comes right back. low, building african-style musc
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the flyers are our only hope right now for pro teams. even without the injured jay voracek today flyers inched closer to that coveted final playoff spot, at least for a few hours. the flyers are as close as one point back and until the penguins won their game, the flyers will get them, right. flyers captain claude giroux returns today against arizona after missing the last three. what an entrance, first period on the power play, g with the goal, flyers take a two-one lead. it is giroux's 500th career point. forty seconds later sam gagne scores, and flyers put up three in the first for the first time all season. in the third they put it a away, pierre edward bellmawr, flyers win four-two. they have won four of their last six. they are currently three back in the wild card. >> we're playing the right way. again, everybody is playing. the so, when the whole team is on the same page it just makes everybody's job a a lot easier and right now we're playing some good hockey because we're
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playing hard. we're playing the right way. we need to keep playing like this. >> yes, they do. number one ranked villanova has one of the number one ranked defenses in college basketball. just not lately. it will likely cost them that top spot too. nova gave up hundred points in the loss to xavier and they struggled on d today. good thing for the offense. villanova a comes together after losing for the first time as a number one. they show heart, first half begins marquette josh hart two of his 19, nova up ten. second half they put it away, danielle ochefu, one handed. eighteen for chef. villanova back on track. they win 89-79. they are tabernacle 25-four, that is a president to big east. does temple have the force? happy birthday, hooters. and temple does the a same begins central florida, despite this play by paul, the 7-foot six guy from central florida puts temple down
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2789 final seconds, tied up, fran dunphy tells quinton decoast toy win the game. he does just that with three seconds left. temple wins 63-61. they are 18-ten about two games to go in the regular season. lasalle, finally flexes their muscles today against george mason, tony washington with some muscle of his own. wow. look at that. lah sell wins 76-68. yeah, lasalle wins. only seventh time all season we have said this. drexel trying to win three straight for the first time all season hosting northeastern today. despite 27-point from tevan allen, drexel comes up short losing by two. delaware also lose toes elon. over to the palestra penn gets pounded by columbia. three players in double figures penn loses by 28 points. they a allow 93 tonight. wow. we will be right back with more sports.
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catch me if you can, that
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is the message philly native ape former roman catholic high school star, willfuller, left on potential nfl teams like the eagles today at nfl draft combine. check out willfuller, notre dame junior wide out, he runs fastest 40 time among receivers, at the combine, a 4.32. quarterback also center of attention, penn state's christian hackenberg on display, so doug pederson what are you looking for the at a quarterback. >> how can they command the huddle and tell the guys in the huddle and how can one come to philadelphia and get jason pied tours believe in what they are selling. i want to see that look in their eyes and say hey, that is the guy i can hang my hat on. >> and doug pederson told me a few weeks ago he believes is there a franchise caliber quarterback in this draft. we will see if they pick one at 13. >> you never know what you will get. we said that before. >> thanks, jeff. "action news" at 11:30 is next. something they have not seen
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in syria for years: peace. day one of the cease-fire there and it appears to be holding. the the latest coming up. plus pilot shows his skills landing a plane in kuam, how it looks from the tarmac. those stories and more coming up on "action news".
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saturday night i'm walter perez. the here's what is happening on "action news" at 1:30. for the first time in years there was silence in syria. cease-fire in the syrian civil war is holding a at least for right now. health scare for yoko ono who spent the night inside a hospital in manhattan. we will tell you how she's doing tonight. she's likely the oldest voter taking part in today's primary in south carolina what she did today is something that she thought she would never do. it is truly a rarity, a silent night tonight in syria. cease-fire brokered by u.s. and russia is holding at least for right now. a development that defying everybody expectations. here's alex marcord. >> children playing tonight the in the empty lot in the edge of dam cuss, all forced from their homes in the war that has lasted as long as they can remember. today this boy told me they didn't bomb. across syria, the sound of war


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