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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., monday, february 29, leap day. here's what's happening. police in new castle county delaware are looking for the driver involved in a hit-and-run crash that left a man dead. we're live at the scene. accuweather is tracking showers that could come during the end of the morning commute. oscars host tackled diversity head on. we're looking at the big winners. let's go over to david with accuweather and karen rogers has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: we have a passing
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shower, sun early here on the east side of the region. and then passing a shower that takes an hour or two to come through. this afternoon we'll get mild again, the sun comes back, but it will be breezy. 47 degrees, down to 31 in allentown. down the road in reading, 45 degrees, milder. 43 in in trenton. 48 in wilmington, 43 in millville. 43 in wildwood, new jersey. heading out the door down the driveway to the bus stop between 6 and 8:00, ranging 45 to 50 degrees, a mild start. we have a passing shower somewhere around 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., by noon we're drying out in most of the region and more sun returns later on with a nice high of 61 degrees, it will be bluster later today, but you can't argue with 61 for this time of the career. following up yesterday's beautiful afternoon. we're looking at another good
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one tomorrow and rain in the forecast. >> reporter: enjoy the mild weather while you can. we have a good looking commute so far. i-95 heading toward bridge street no delays just yet. vine street expressway, no construction here, westbound traffic, eastbound moving okay, roads clear arena dry, and hitting the pennsylvania turnpike flying westbound starting near bensalem seeing speeds of 65 miles per hour. looking good at this point. no delays heading toward willow grove and fort washington. one more live look hop on the ben franklin bridge, a couple of cars westbound coming into the city, looking good so far as you head out early. a vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in new castle county delaware and kept going, the search is on for the driver behind the wheel. let's make that annie mccormick live near the crime scene in hockessin.
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matt, authorities say a man was killed here last night. take a look at the video. delaware state police pronounced a man dead around 9:30 near the intersection of lancaster pike and ace memorial drive. police believe a vehicle hit the pedestrian and took off. the delaware state police collision reconstruction unit spent hours processing the scene, this stretch of roadway is dark. there is a shopping complex on one side and the vfw post and apartments on the other. police are hoping that anyone who was out last night might have seen something. police will be looking around the area, also for surveillance video gathering anything they can. , of course, if you have any information you should call them. reporting live in hockessin, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." a hit-and-run driver hit an
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off duty officer on the new jersey turnpike. he changed lanes anticipate collided with a car. the accident happened in list beth. after exiting the car the off-duty officer was hit by an infinity. the infinity and the driver were located. charges for the driver could come as as soon as today. philadelphia police are searching for the gunman who left two teens wounded in the city's grays ferry section. surveillance cameras captured the drive drive-by shooting at r avenue at 6:00 p.m. a 15-year-old is in critical condition. a 17-year-old is in stable condition. we'll have moo more in a live report coming up in the next half-hour. royal carribean cut a cruise short that involves the same ship that had problems on
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board last month. royal carribean announced on saturday it was returning to bay one new jersey, this is the same ship that headed into a major storm in the atlantic and had to turn around during the first week of february. now to hollywood's biggest night celebrities dressed in their sunday's best gathered at the dolby theater in hollywood. brie larson won best actress for room. it was based on on him -- based on a novel about a mother arena son held prisoner in a shed for year. leonardo decaprio won for revenant. he was won 40 awards and nominated 6 times for an oscars.
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newspaper spotlight beat the revenant about the boston's globe's investigation into sexual abuse by roman catholic priests. we'll have more of the moment at 5:25. police are taking about lady gaga's performance during the sexual assault survivors, go to our facebook and let us know what you thought about that and the chris rock's performance. i thought was fair, i thought reserve napt was -- revenant was a great direct tor.
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spotlight was great impactful film. for now kind of tranquil out there and no major issues. 47 degrees in philadelphia. not a lot of wind out there, up in allentown we have a pocket of cold air we're trying to get out in the valleys. 48 in trenton. 48 in wilmington, we have 50s down south in places like millville and dover. here come the showers, looks like we'll start out with early sunshine and clouds streak in after that, by 9:00 we'll see the showers come through the northern and western suburbs. obviously it doesn't look like they will be around real long, it's a nuisance deal that comes through. we'll return sunshine into play.
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a little bit of a nuisance this morning, but the afternoon looks good. in the afternoon, it will be mild. in the lehigh valley, 57 degrees not bad. down the shore, the morning shower sweeps through. it's breezy later on, 56 degrees. in philadelphia. we'll go for a high of 61 this afternoon. just a tad cooler than yesterday, obviously well above average and a nice afternoon ahead. breezy conditions, winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour, so it will be breezy. partly cloudy and cooler overnight, ditching to 39 by tomorrow morning. not too bad for this this time f year, march arrives and arrives as a lamb. warm front, partly sunny skies. the next issue is cold front and clouds increase and we'll wind up with showers on wednesday. today's high today 61.
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tomorrow, partly sunny, high of 59. wednesday, rain, but not a washout. brisk and colder, 43, feeling like the 30s. friday we're watching a southern storm that could be a miss, if it comes high enough we'll get a brush of snow on friday. saturday, sunny and chilly. 43. friday more clouds, 44 degrees, looking at showers at times on sunday, a little wet snow could mix in at times. okay, a so we are looking at nice numbers overall in the seven seven-day forecast, obviously a little cooler and a couple of rounds of precip as we head toward the weekend. still ahead, a congregation in ohio is in shock their pastor was killed at the church. we're seeing e-mails at governor's rick snyder's office
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a year before the water crisis in flint came to light. >> reporter: we're live in bucks county, and we're taking you to delaware county, checking out the blue route coming up. later in the morning buzz we'll talk about some of the most talked about looks.
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oscars and you were up late and now you've got to get up and school we are already at work and we're here with you. 48 degrees on city avenue. let's head over to karen rogers with the latest on the commute, good morning. >> reporter: things are looking good for you, we know you have to wake up early in the suburbs
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to get up and get going. let's take you outside and see what's going on in delaware county. this is the blue route mcdade boulevard, saint david, upper darby, we're clear and dry, no weather-related problems impacting us this morning. we have an accident in media, 352, new middletown road high meadow drive, fire crews and police crews on the scene. we're hearing there might be injuries with the accident. one more issue, construction williston township, paoli pike, one lane will get through 9:00 a.m. to 3, through wednesday, march 9. you have to stick to king road when they are doing the construction. let's check the commuter report. banana antler is telling us about a pothole in east
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landsdown. 47 degrees in philadelphia. feeling good, mild yesterday and we're continuing the mild trend. overall today will be a mild day high of 61 degrees, sunshine, mild conditions don't last, get out there and enjoy it, tam. thank you, karen. new on "action news," police found a 4-year-old girl who disappeared in montana. maci lily was abducted from a housing project in wolf point. police say lily is undergoing a medical evaluation as a precautionary measure. a man accused of gunning down his brother who was a pastor in dayton, ohio. 70-year-old william shoaler, -- schooler, the pastor was in his office when he was killed.
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police took his brother into custody. michigan governor rick snyder's aids knew something was wrong with flint's water dating back to 2014. that's according to released e-mails from from his top aids. they discussed switching the water splay from the river to the lake herrion. researchers found elevated levels of lead that can cause neurological problems in children. 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. no go, space x aborted the launch before takeoff. it was the third time they have tried to launch a communication satellite out of cape canaveral. a boat was found in ari stricting waterway nearby. that launch was canceled, no new date lab set. eagles have until tomorrow to decide whether to put a
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franchise tag on bradford to secures rights. he is due to become a free agent on march 9th. if the birds don't get a deal done by then, the qb becomes a free agent. the sixers lost their 8th straight game to the orlando magic. they trailed by 29 points and cut it to 8 points and ran out of time losing 130-116. the sixers host the wizards tonight. the phillies beat the university of tampa 8-3. catching prospect andrew knapp hit a two-run single. symbolic move for starbucks, the coffee giant is ready to take its americanized version of italian coffee back to italy.
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this is leap day, retailers are encouraging you to shop. >> reporter: it's weird to have a birthday today, you don't age you only have a birthday every four years. it's cold out there right now, showers move in after the kids are in school and this afternoon it's mild and breezy. i'll have the day planner and get you on the airport next. did you know there's a cough liquid
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that lasts for twelve hours? try delsym® twelve hour cough liquid. its advanced formula releases powerful medicine that acts fast while its extended release medicine lasts for 12 hours. try delsym®. your monday getting this week started, maybe you're tired from staying up last night looking live in morrisville, bucks county. route 1 pennsylvania avenue. no problem between the trenton morrisville bridge and the turnpike. looking good so far. we have an accident in whitpain township. this is skippack pike in north wales. this is a serious accident blocking run lane. watch for restrictions there. >> reporter: all right, karen on the big board we have mild air
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in place. between 10 and noon there's a chance of a passing shower. it's mild after that, and breezy, 61 degrees. if you enjoyed yesterday you'll enjoy today. at the airport, all green aircraft. no sign of delays at our big travel destinations. a new study comes along with other concerns about being overweight. researches in cambridge in england had participants 10 to 35 complete memory tests. the higher the body mass index, they had harder time performing on the tests. it's supposed to make counting change convenient and easy, are you getting back all
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the money you're getting in. it was not like it was a dollar off. it was $44. we test out several machines to see how often we get shortchanged. we check out the accuracy of some coin counting kiosks. see the results of our investigation tonight at 11:00. up next in the morning buzz, the oscar appearance that fell flat with the audience social media. first up, america's money. >> reporter: starbucks in italy. it will open its first cafe in some of the pickiest coffee drinkers in the world. a major flop at the weekend box office cost $140 to make,
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philadelphia international airport to all the people who were born on this day, february 29. happy birthday. it's been a while, about three years. happy birthday, aunt jennette. it's her birthday today. we're talking oscars this morning, host chris rock jumped in with a scathing monologue. he had some barbs for black celebrities who boycotted the big show. he killed getting big play from celebrities on social meade i wouldn't and praise from the comedy community. stacy dash made a confusing
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cameo at the oscars. academy has taken steps to fix this problem, it's my honor to introduce the director of the minority outreach program. please welcome, miss stacy dash. i cannot wait to help my people out, happy black history month, thank you. okay, if you know the back story, she is the last person who would ever take that job. the controversy was ludicrous she called for an end to black history month and end to tv networks, like bet and other things. that's the look on my face when they did that. it's the oscars, so we've got to talk about fashion, here's some of the looks everybody will talk about today,
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lady gaga was the only person on the dress wearing pants. jennifer lawrence no stranger to the oscars red carpet. that's what she wore feather gown. and that look good mixed reviewers. kerry washington channeled her inter gladiator look. she looked tough and beautiful, there was some gorgeous look throughout the night. of course head over to, of course you'll be able to see things as they get posted there. still to come on "action news," a violent clash put several ku klux klan members in police custody. find out why officers released them without filing charges. the search is on for a
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sneaky crook caught invading a new jersey home. "action news" will be right back. convey alludes alludes
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two teens are shot in a philadelphia neighborhood where the mayor will address the growing gun problem tonight. super tuesday, presidential candidates hit the campaign trail to pick up last minute votes. surprised and snubbed, the oscars had it all. we'll tell you about the local winners as well. today is the 29th of monday, it comes once every four years. let's go over to david and karen for weather and traffic. we'll have a nuisance shower in any given neighborhood from 9 to noon. and then we get sun returning in the afternoon. it stays mild. 47 degrees. a continuation of the mild pattern we had yesterday afternoon. 44 in trenton. 45 in reading. we have cooler air in


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