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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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many consider it a crisis situation. this is surveillance video from 31st and tasker yesterday evening. two teens standing outside a takeout restaurant are suddenly hit with a barrage of gunfire from this car. at this hour both remain hospitalized. the 15-year-old remains in critical condition. the 17-year-old in stable condition. this second of philadelphia has been racked with gun violence for weeks. turf violence has been a staple. a long time neighbor has this explanation. >> most of the kids drop out of school at 17. they don't have no future. they resort to violence. they don't have no programs for the kids. the kids is only doing what they know. they only know violence 'cause this is all they know. >> reporter: against this backdrop tonight mayor kenney is coming to the rec center for a town meeting on youth violence. he has ambitious hopes and plans to better the situation. >> change coming and neighbors are going to see some attention because if you look at hunting park $5 million
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invested in hunting park reduced crime. this is not just feel good stuff, this is real stuff in the community that gives people the opportunity to recreate children in a positive way and keep them away from trouble. >> reporter: sharrie this town meeting is set to begin at 6:30 here at vare rec center in grays ferry. vernon odom reporting live from grays ferry. >> vernon thank you. we've got breaking news route now. the philadelphia department of public health has identified the first case of zika virus in a city resident. ali gorman is live following this story. she joins us live from the big board with the details. >> reporter: sharrie it was expected that we would see more travel related cases of zikn united states. in this case it is woman over 60 years old who recently traveled to the caribbean. now, 80 percent of cases of the mosquito borne illness come with no symptoms or mild symptoms.
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this local case seems to follow that. we're told the woman was not hospitalized and is recovering without complications. the main concern with zika is for pregnant women the virus is probably linked to a serious birt birth defect now because of that it's recommended pregnant women do the in visit aers where zika is spreading. the health commissioner was reiterating that message. and telling other philadelphia if you plan on traveling to areas affected by zika take precautions to avoid being bitten. that includes using wear long sleeves and insect repellant. the mosquitos that carry psych virus bite during the day. you can call the philadelphia health department if you have any other questions about zika virus. sharrie, back over to you. >> okay, i know it's a
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situation we'll keep our eyes on. ali thank you. from our delaware news room now police have identified the father killed by a hit and run driver in hockessin last night. est gators say 34-year-old jeremiah mccarthy known as jerry to his family was struck by a vehicle as he tried to walk across lancaster pike. police say so far they do not have enough evidence to determine the make or model of the striking vehicle. they along with mccarthy's loved ones are pleading for information. >> would just want them to tell the truth and be honest for jerry, for us and for themselves. >> an autopsy will determine exactly how mccarthy died and if he was possibly hit by more than one vehicle. >> a new jersey mother has admitted to killing her newborn daughter. 23-year-old hyphernkemberly
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pleaded guilty. she doused her on fire. she was originally charged with murder but agreed to plead to lesser charge in a deal with prosecutors. they will recommend a 30 year sentence at a hearing in april. prosecutors in easton announce new charges today against a man who gave a woman a deadly dose of heroin. they say they're charging that man in her death as a way to crack down on the heroin problem that's been getting worse in that area. "action news"'s walter perez live in easton with the details on this case today. walter. >> reporter: hi, brian, northampton county d.a. john morganelli announced details about the pending case he hopes to ensure one local drug dealer goes back to the streets. jason laduca was already facing serious charges linked
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to the death of a 27-year-old woman from bethlehem township much he's accused of providing injecting the methamphetamine that resulted in the death of rachel neducu. he had been charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment butt the da upgraded the charges to include drug delivery resulting in. did this. that charge carries a maximum 40 year prison term. he says there's been a local spike in heroin and meth cases in his county and his decision to amend the charges against laduka will hopefully send a message to the dealers and drug abusers in this region. >> we'll continue to be tough on these cases. we have to put an end to the fact that the drug deliveries are resulting in people driving in our streets near northampton county and across pennsylvania. >> reporter: morganelli announced the formation of a task force to hopefully better educate young people about the physical and legal
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consequences of taking illicit drugs. laduka remains behind bars on $1 million bail. reporting live from easton, walter perez channel6 "action news." >> walter chang you. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> mix of sun, clouds and occasional showers out there today. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with sunshine now adam. >> yeah, that sunshine in control this afternoon. after that ribbon of rain that passed through early in the morning and those temperatures have skyrocketed this afternoon. in fact our high today so far 64 degrees in philadelphia for those leap day, the last day of february. 60 in new york city, 64 in washington. even to the north not bad, buffalo 55 degrees and binghamton on the verge of 50. so, another 60 plus degree day in philadelphia. we've had a record amount of 60 or better days in the city of philadelphia for what we call the meteorological winter, those are the months of december, january and february. we've had 22 days of 60 or above this year and that
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smashes the old record of 16 back in 2001-2002 and in fact, 10 of those 22 days came within the last 10 days. as we look at satellite and radar, we're looking at that brief area of rain that passed through early this morning. that front is now off the coast. we've dried out, the sunshine has returned and that accuweather forecast will talk about march entering in like a lamb tomorrow, midweek rain rights after it and maybe some late week snow showers. we'll talk about the big changes all this week coming up sharrie in that full accuweather forecast. >> we'll see you when you come back inside adam. temple university says it's seeing a huge spike in the number of applications this year. the school says 32,600 students are applied to come to temple this fall. that's up 15 percent from last year and the deadline hasn't even arrived yet. last year temple had 30,000 applicants which set a record. some university officials are
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crediting the success of temple's football team for the increased interest in the school. >> makes sense. >> makes a lot of sense. >> good for them. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report today. >> all right, let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. happy monday matt. >> a lot of people want to get in the owl's nest and who can't blame them. proud owl right here. we're live along 422 this afternoon where we start this leap day afternoon with some big problems. the eastbound lanes are shut down approaching keim street because of an accident. here in the pottstown area. all traffic detoured off. stick with 724 or local through pottstown along high street. 422 eastbound blocked approaching keim street because of a crash this afternoon. outside live in northeast philadelphia this is i-95, the typical afternoon backup just starting to form here in the northbound lanes headed toward the work zone at cottman avenue. not awful but already about a 10 minute delay on that northbound travel time. in mercer county on 195 eastbound past hamilton square
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road watch out for a crash slowing us down a bit there. in pemberton township burlington county a wreck along lakehurst road at firehouse today. all day today we've seen delays on septa's lansdale doylestown and thorndale paoli regional rail lines. lansdale doylestown 20 minutes behind. septa trolleys because of a combination of track work and an earlier disabled trolley. let's grab the ipad to the commuter report on this monday afternoon. lombard street in philadelphia close to the schuylkill expressway has an object on the road. watch out for that and we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> soming for everybody. >> yup. >> generous guy. thank you. still ahead donald trump is playing defense today. how he's responding to the criticism after he failed to reject an endorsement from the ku klux klan. >> and an american soldier comes out of the shadows to receive the ultimate honor, the member of the seal team six recognized for his heroism today at the white house. >> and wrapping up a year on
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the space station. we've got details on one american's voyage home after 365 days in space. >> and we want to tell you about a special web chat that we're hosting right now. a doctor from coop are university hospital is taking questions about cardiovascular disease nd how it affects men and women differently. head to our web site, to join the conversation. >> ♪
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>> donald trump continues to draw sharp criticism following an interview in which he refused to rebuke the ku klux klan. mitt romney tweeted this today calling trump's remarks "disqualifying and disgusting." he went on to say trump's codling of repugnant bigotry is not character of america. trump was asked weather when he would rebuke his endorsement by the kkk. he declined to do that.
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today he suggested he didn't hear the question. rival marco rubio called that absurd. >> i don't care how bad the earpiece is ku klux klan comes pretty clearly and refuses to criticize it. >> campaign spokesman noted that trump had previously disavenue vowed the kkk and its former leader david duke. trump repeatd that today. >> it is the nation's highest military honor and today president barack obama awarded it to a navy s.e.a.l. from ohio. the president hailed edward byers as special breed of warrior as he presented him with the medal of honor. he participated in a daring 2012 raid that rescued an american hostage in afghanistan. dr. dillard joseph was abducted along with his driver and afghan interpreter. byers and fellow members of the navy s.e.a.l. team six went in for the rescue. byers protected the doctor from bullets and even exposed himself to enemy fire to help get him out safely. now the president describes
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byers as a true hero a humble consummate quiet professional who was born brave. >> whenever americans are taken hostage in the world we move heaven and earth to bring them home safe. we send some thunder and some lightning, our special operator forces, folks liked byers. >> byers, a husband and a father has completed 11 overseas deployments nine combat tours and he has received the purple heart twice. he is the the first living active duty member of the navy to receive the medal of honor in four decades and as president obama described him today, the thunder and the lightning. congratulations to imhad. well earned. >> yeah, well deserved absolutely. meantime after 365 days, astronaut scott kelly is spending his final day in space right now. kelly and russian cosmonaut
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have been test subjects. when they get back scientists will study them to find out how living in space affects the human body. nasa is trying to make sure astronauts can handle a trip to mars. kelly has now spent the most cumulative time in space of any american living in history. >> all right. now a look at today's closing numbers as the dow is down 123 points. nasdaq falling 32 and a half points, the s & p 500 off just about 16 points on the day so a rough start to the work week. tonight at 11 o'clock if you save your loose change to cash in later, we've got a special report you need to watch. investigative gave reporter wendy saltzman has a preview. >> reporter: it's supposed to make counting change convenient and easy but are you getting back all the money you're putting in? >> it's not like it was a dollar off or a couple dollars off, $44 is pretty substantial. >> reporter: armed with rolled coin we test out
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several machines to see how often we get shortchanged plus we tag along with inspectors to check out the accuracy of some coin counting kiosks. see the results of our investigation only on "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> time now for a check of the accuweather forecast as we look to stretch out what was a beautiful weekend. >> yes, it was. we want more of it. let's head to meteorologist adam joseph. >> you want more. >> deliver. >> you give someone a more sell and they want something gigantic. as we take a look at sky6 live in chester the camera still bouncing quite a bit over the commodore barry bridge. you can see the delaware river it is a little bit of a chop to it as well as those winds have been pretty fierce and they have been since yesterday and will ease a lib as we go into the overnight hours but overall a crystal clear sky after starting with a few showers early this morning and this is leap day february 29th and as you take a look at why we have leap day every four years, it in fact takes 365
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and a quarter days for earth to circle do the orbit around the sun so every four years you have to add an extra day to the calendar in order to keep everything in sync. otherwise if you didn't all the season would start to jumble and you would be way off say 100 to 200, 300 years so this is one of those leap days if today is your birthday happy birthday. we'll see you in four years with your next one. as we look at the temperature, 59 degrees currently in philadelphia, down from a high of 64. dewpoint 32 degrees. there's that westerly wind sustained at 26, gusting over 30 miles an hour. wind chill right now is pretty much the same because once you're over 50 degrees you don't calculate a wind chill and the from esche shoe your 29.80 and that is on the rise. as we look at some of the numbers 54 in allentown, 52 in reading with that bright sunshine. 58 in wilmington. 62 millville and dover and right around 60 degrees across many of the shore towns. but that wind definitely still
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driving out of the westerly direction. 37 miles an hour in the last hour in wilmington, 30 miles an hour in millville clocking in over 30 allentown, reading and pretty close to that in trenton. as we look at satellite and radar, little front came through early this morning. that was some of those showers that is way to the east now and if you take a look at the lower 48, it is pretty quiet at this time and the northern plains there's some rain and snow showers and that's our next system. we'll be tracking it late tuesday night early on wednesday morning but for tonight it's clear, just a few clouds and a tad above normal. 39 philadelphia, 32 allentown and near 40 down to the south. as we look at those temperatures for tomorrow, pretty similar as we head into the month of march, bright and mild, 60 tomorrow in philadelphia, 57 millville near 60 in wilmington. mid-50's to the north and west with that wind out of the southeast much lighter six to 12 miles an hour. then on wednesday we'll be track something gusty showers in the morning with temperatures with a high of the day near 50 plus degrees.
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this is 7:30 and then as you get into the afternoon on wednesday as the the front continues to push to the east we drain colder winds in. by wednesday afternoon only 40 in allentown, 44 philadelphia, so wednesday's one of those upside down days with a morning high turns into more of the afternoon and evening low for the day. as we look at that four day at 4:00 forecast for tomorrow, it comes in like a lamb for the new month with a temperature of 60 degrees and just a few high clouds. predawn we'll see some rain here wednesday. most of it could be out of here by seven or 8 o'clock in the morning. very windy early in the day and then those temperatures falling in the afternoon and then we quickly cloud it up here on thursday, a high of just 39 degrees. and there will be a weak system passing by to our south that could bring a couple of morning snow showers on friday with your high temperature coming in at 39 so not a lot of sun the rest of the week once you get past tomorrow and then that snow on friday is not a big deal but we may see a few snowflakes for the first week of march. go figure after these 60's. >> that's right. >> i'm saying, such a tease.
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>> all right. adam thanks very much. and still ahead here on a monday afternoon a new food truck is coming to philadelphia but this one is unlike anything you've seen before. why archbishop charles chaput is on hand to give it his blessing. >> mayor jim kenney has a plan to tax soda in the city of philadelphia. we'll have a live report on the proposal that he'll lay out later this week. >> ibs infer tilt thyroid or hormonal issues fatigue even unexplained weight gain. sound familiar? coming up i'll explore a new trend in medicine where doctors are playing detective and getting to the core of your health and we want to tell you about a special facebook chat going on right now. speaking of health we're hosting a discussion at this very moment about hidden food allergies especially related to ibs. you can get involved at as well as at 6abc "action news" facebook page. the doctor is in the house. the chat is running through 5:30. >> ♪ to stay on a diet.
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>> ♪ >> police in south philadelphia are looking for the people who robbed a deli at gunpoint. they gave us video today of the crime that happened back on january 27th. police say two men in masks walked into the el oasis deli on south sixth street just before 7:00 p.m. one man pointed a gun at the women behind the counter and then demanded money. the suspects took the cash as well as a pair of iphones and ran offer. no one was injured. police want to hear from anyone with any information about this crime. >> a good one here. a philadelphia charity is getting help to better serve the homeless in the community. saint john's hospice now has a new truck to help pick up donated food. children from saint mary's choir performed and arch business charles sap pew dedicated that truck. saint john's hospice provides hundreds of hot meals to the homeless each and every day. today the mrs. see home
4:26 pm
health system delivered 500 boxes of cereal for the families served by the eastwick mission house in philadelphia. that equals more than 3,000 healthy breakfast. all boxes came with nutrition tips. they collected the cereal throughout january and february to honor dr. martin luther king jr. and black history month. >> a special group of high school students took an oath to learn more about government and how it works in philadelphia. today was the kickoff ceremony for the police athletic league's annual pal day at city hall. it's all part of a leadership program in which high ranking public officials mentor 25 outstanding students. mayor jim can kenny along with philadelphia's police commissioner richard ross and fire commissioner derek sawyer all took part. also there today, 6abc general manager and pal board member bernierazenica.
4:27 pm
>> jim kenney took a break the shoot hoops in his office. he was joined by the world famous harlem globetrotters almost there mayor. forward del got tow and hawk taught the mayor some impressive tricks usin use nerf balls. the globetrotter byes will be in the philadelphia area march 2nd through the 12th. >> he wasn't bad. >> not bad. >> can you do that thing? >> no, i'd have to work at it. >> now i can shoot. >> there you go. still ahead philadelphia mayor jim kenney a busy guy. now he want to add a tax to soda sold in city limits. we're live with details with what it could potentially pay for next. >> a new medical trend proving popular and very successful in our army we'll explain what doctors are doing to get to a bottom of a number of undiagnosed health issues.
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>> "action news" continues with a questionable delivery that has the bomb squad call to the beach in atlantic city. >> surveillance video leads philadelphia police straight to three suspects accused in a violent armed robbery. >> plus, a tweet about the oscars turns out to be a big mixup. a company mistakenly thought whoopi goldberg was oprah. we'll have reaction from both
4:30 pm
of the stars ahead in big talkers. >> but first at 4:30 a proposed soda tax is generating a lot of feedback in philadelphia today. the idea is part of mayor jim kenney's budget plan and would generate hundreds of millions of dollars its a plan he once opposed. "action news" reporter sarah bloomquist joins us live outside city hall with the details on this one. sarah. >> reporter: brian, that's right, the kenny administration confirmed the mayor will pitch a three-cent per ounce soda tax. he believes it will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to be used for education and other initiatives. unions on the beverage industry are vowing to fight it again. philadelphia's mayor is proposing a soda tax for the city. mayor jim kenney is hoping to succeed where mayor michael nutter failed a few years ago. he's seeking a three-cent tax on sugary drinks to be levied on beverage distributors.
4:31 pm
some consumers believe they'll see that cost sooner or later and they don't like it. >> soda is extremely high right now. paying a buck 50, buck 75 for a little bottle of sewed today. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: city hall says the tax would raise 400 million over the next five years. and fund the expansion of universal prek, pay off debts needed to invest in parks and recreation centers approximate he have have i had millions for community schools and the pension fund, plus money for a green jobs initiative. >> it keeps the kids off the streets and thing like that. anything to help a child. >> you're trying to compete against india and china and you want these kids to be well educated. it starts from one through 12 so that they can get into college and get better jobs. >> reporter: as a councilman kenney opposed nutter's soda tax because it was going to be used to fill a budget gap and an obesity program. there was vocal opposition from resident. today many said they don't mind taxing sugary drinks. they're no longer drinking them anyway.
4:32 pm
>> i don't drink anything with sugar in it. it does lead to obesity and all those issues that cause us money in the long run. >> who needs sugary soda? everybody got diabetes and everything, you know. maybe it will help some people. >> reporter: now, the beverage industry successfully lobbied against a soda tax the last time around. they're expected to try to do so again this time. also, the teamsters issued a statement against the plan arguing it's going to cost jobs and that it's flat out illegal. they, too, vow to put up a fight. live at city hall, i'm sarah bloomquist, channel6 "action news. >> sarah thanks very much. new jersey governor chris christie is trying again to fill a vacancy on the state supreme court. this afternoon he nominated superior court judge david bow plan to fill that seat. this is the second time christie has nominated baumann. he did not get a confirmation hearing the first time back in 2012. christie says baumann would
4:33 pm
bring the makeup of the court to four republicans two democrats and one independent. bowman would be the first asian-american on the state's high court if he is confirmed. >> three people are under arrest in connection to a shooting that injured a cab driver. philadelphia police have charged kiersten carol sayyad wilson and michael jones for the incident that happened earlier this month. investigators say surveillance video shows the three of them leaving a septa station. they allegedly flagged down a cab in point breeze pulled a gun and then demand money. the driver was slot in the arm but kept driving until he eventually crashed. the three are accused of happening 58d assault and robbery among other charges. police in northeast philadelphia are looking for the driver who hit two parked cars and then drove off. the incident happened saturday morning on the 3,000 block of comly road. the crash was caught on the homeowner's security system. you can see the work truck driving on the wrong side of the street and then sideswipe
4:34 pm
the car parked along the street as well. if you have any information about the driver, give police a call. >> a questionable delivery caused a bomb squad to respond to an atlantic city construction site this morning. the action cam was there as police arrived. construction workers building a new section of boardwalk along the inlet found wires coming out of rocks that had been delivered to that site. investigators later determined it was not a bomb or any type of explosive. they say the wires were simply left over from the quarry. >> meteorologist adam joseph joining us now and many people reflecting on the great weather we had as part of the weekend. >> good thing is it spilled into this afternoon. >> we'll take it. >> you don't have to think too far back as to what it felt like yesterday because it was exactly the same temperature-wise today. as we look at the currents right now in philadelphia on sky6 live over the ben franklin bridge brilliant sunshine out there. the temperature right now 59 after topping off at 64 this afternoon. the winds still strong out of the west like yesterday,
4:35 pm
sustained 26, gusts higher than that and if we take a look at most of the country as we end the month of february, no signs of winter anywhere. it was 55 in cincinnati today, 72 in raleigh, 71 in atlanta, 71 in wichita and 70 in memphis, tennessee. so, after today we completely end meteorological winter and in fact this will go down as the third warmest winter in philadelphia's history with the average temperature of 41.4. we just missed that 42.3 which is the average back in the late 1800s and the number one warmest winter in philadelphia's history was back in the 30's where it was 43.4 and what an opposite it was this winter compared to last winter when you take a look at the temperatures. we'll chat about that and we'll look ahead because there is some signs of a little bit of snow showers in the seven-day coming up in just a little bit. >> winter is holding on. >> it's try. >> adam, thank you. dozens of people gathered today at the community college of philadelphia to learn more
4:36 pm
about the challenges veterans face when they return home. there was a special screening of the documentary our way home transitioning from the front lines to the home front. after the movie, a panel discussed the psychological effects war and posttraumatic stress have on veterans and their loved ones. >> a special partnership is allowing delaware inmates to contribute to an important cause. the collaboration involves the state department of corrections. inmates and staff can use their own money to buy prepared meals from local restaurants with proceeds supporting the special olympics delaware. governor jack markell visited the baylor women's correctional institution in new castle today to thank them for their donations. >> a local high school student is now behind bars for his role in selling marijuana laced products. "action news" anchor monica malpass lie in the news room now with more on this story t hi, monica. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. it has to do with pot laced brownies. where police say those
4:37 pm
brownies ended up being sold in the school and the student here who is facing a $100,000 bail tonight. plus today isn't just leap day. it's also a day to recognize and raise awareness for rare diseases across the world. tonight in health check we'll introduce you to the families who say there is power in numbers and that's why they come together on this special day looking for help and research. we'll have those stories and much more coming your way on "action news" at 5 5 o'clock. brian we'll see you then. >> sixth graders from providence creek academy charter school took a trip to camden's adventure aquarium to learn about frogs. they learned about there different sounds local frogs make and took part in a jumping contest. once their frog watch training was wrapped up for the day the students officially became young citizen scientists. >> very cool there. >> next on "action news," we have the latest on the case against a man accused of gunning down a rookie virginia police officer. >> and the story of a 90-year-old determined to live
4:38 pm
life to its fullest is going viral today. coming up next find out why her sunny outlook is also slightly controversial. >> plus, from sudden weight gain to infertility. a new trend in medicine is proving to be life changing for people in our area. we'll explain how it focuses on finding the root cause of symptoms ahead in what's the deal. >> and meteorologist adam joseph mentioned flurries in the forecast. he's coming backly we demand answers. >> that's right. >> "action news" continues right after this.
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>> a 14-year-old student is accused of pulling out a gun and opening fire inside a school in ohio. the butler county sheriff says two students were shot in the cafeteria. they're being treated at the hospital but are believed to have nonlife-threatening injuries. two other students were hurt either by shrapnel or as they tried to get away. the suspect is being charged
4:41 pm
as a juvenile with two counts of attempted murder. so far no word on any possible motive. court documents so a u.s. army veteran has admitted to killing his wife an rookie police officer in virginia. investigators say staff sergeant ronald hamilton shot his wife saturday when she called 911 to report him for domestic abuse. authorities say he also shot three police officers who responded to his home. two of the officers are expected to survive. but ashley guindon was killed. she was working her very first shift the night of the shooting. >> couldn't be any worse case than that in my opinion for a police officer. i always call this an officer's worst nightmare to go to a routine call and wind up dead. >> hamilton was arraigned twice today on two murder charges. he's being held without bond. >> meanwhile the 14-year-old girl who survived a mass shooting in camas sao michigan
4:42 pm
is improving today. abigail cop's mother says her daughter is no longer on a ventilator. and is breathing on her own. jason dalton is charged with murder and attempted murder. police have called eight random act. >> here at the big board with the big talkers now. it is the oscars snafu that still has everyone talking today. it start wade pretty embarrassing red carpet mixup a tweet confusing whoopi goldberg with oprah wintry mix a web site pictured this picture wit -- gayleking postedf the real oprah watching the oscars we all love loopy but we don't all look alike geez. the real whoopi responded this morning on the view. >> i feel pretty good if you
4:43 pm
comparing no, sir oprah saying i look like oprah. that's not a bad thing. >> no, it's not. >> it could have been a lot worse you know what i mean. >> aim men to that. some saying the gaffe could not have come at a worse time, though, with this year's diversity controversy front and center at the oscars so total beauty today responding offering an apology to oprah, whoopi and anyone else offended as mea culpa it's donating $10,000 to the charity of choice for both goldberg and winfrey. now, this, the story of life and living that's sweeping social media. this is norma right here, you see her in the back seat she's 90 years old. even though she's been diagnosed with cancer she's skipping her treatment and treating herself to a road trip. the michigan woman says she is for going surgery radiation and chemotherapy telling the doctor i'm 90 years old. i'm hitting the road. norma, her son and daughter-in-law are going across country, see them there, seeing all the sights on a trip in an rv. the family hoping her decision
4:44 pm
will inspire more people to talk about life and death so a cross country road trip. apparently she's feeling great and not wasting a second of whatever time she has left on the clock and something tells me that norma is going to be around awhile. >> do the to love no many ma. >> a personal decision. she's going for it. >> alicia thanks very much. >> let's get another check on the roads right now. >> matt pelman standing by with the upday. hi, matt. >> we wish norma nothing but smooth sailing that is for sure and things have been mostly normal as we have headed so far this afternoon. now we're not sailing smoothly any longer. northbound side a crash by 420. luckily the vehicle involved is on the back of the flatbed tow truck so hopefully it's out of here z at this point police remain on the scene blocking off that right lane. as you come north of the blue route 476 through this point and head up toward the airport you are are catching extra delays on 95, speeds in the 20's. then you hit another wall of
4:45 pm
traffic. there was an earlier broken down vehicle northbound by girard. that's gone but left us with some of those single digit speeds on 95 northbound. we're in the teens a little better on the schuylkill but still not great. our crash on 422 eastbound in the pottstown area has cleared out so unlike last half hour everything's reopened there as you head in toward limerick linfield this afternoon. in lower southampton bucks county watch out for a wreck along the t did the bank at street road. also one along tookany creek park and a color on mercer county on 195 eastbound has cleared out. in pemberton township burlington county still have the one along lakehurst road at firehouse road by the firehouse car wash. we'll check it again brian and sharrie coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> see you in a little bit matt. thank you. meteorologist adam joseph standing by with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast next.
4:46 pm
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>> meteorologist adam joseph adm joseph joseph. >> we're running 6 degrees above normal, last year we were below normal. kind of a flip-flop from last winter to this winter. that's the way it goes from year to year. as we take a look live on sky6 over philadelphia international airport. lots of sunshine on this last day of february as a bird goes flying by along with the planes. but the camera as you can still see bouncing quite a bit, so a bumpy ride coming in and out of philadelphia international airport today. but those winds will start to ease as we get into your tuesday. as we look at double scan live radar around the area, nothing whatsoever at the present time. early this morning we had that brief area of showers that passed through and we're not going to see another area of showers until after midnight tomorrow night but for today we were at 5 degrees shy of the record which was set back in 1962 of 69 degrees.
4:49 pm
that record of 10 nowhere near it. we were 15 degrees above normal this morning at 45 degrees which came in around 4:36 a.m. the numbers have fallen back from the 60's across much of the area into the middle and upper 50's with the exception millville, dover as well as atlantic city all numbers there still staying at or above that 60-degree threshold. as we look at that quick area of rain that passed through early this morning, just barely dampening the ground in some spots that is off to the east, the sunshine took control with those strong westerly winds this afternoon and any of these showers you see north of buffalo will fall apart as they push to our north overnight. so for tonight it's clear, just a few clouds and a tad above normal, 32 in the suburbs, 39 degrees for center city and those winds that gusted 30 to 35 will ease some out of the west-southwest between seven and 14 miles an hour. as we get into tuesday, another day, lots of sunshine with that front just to our north. 12 degrees above average as we
4:50 pm
begin the month of march with a high temperature of 60 degrees. but this low will spin through here early on wednesday morning with a cold front so we will be tracking some showers on future tracker. this is midnight tomorrow night into wednesday morning. you start to see the approaching showers to the north and west and then in the wee hours of the morning, we're talking 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. on wednesday there will be a line of brief downpours or gusty winds as that cold front passes through, about a quarter to a half inch of rain expected. so, a little damp for the morning rush on wednesday, 7:30 a.m. lingering showers with the front progressing off the coast and then into wednesday afternoon itself, we quickly turn sunny after the morning but the winds move back up to near 40 miles an hour as that funnels in colder air with the temperatures dropping into the 40's during the day. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 60 tomorrow. in like a lamb but that quickly changes. those predawn showers or brief downpours with some gusty winds and then returning sun
4:51 pm
on wednesday, dropping into the 40's and then we drop into the 30's on thursday as the clouds quickly increase after a little sun in the morning. and then a weak system to the south could bring morning snow showers, does not look like a big snow but we'll see it with 39 degrees. sun to clouds saturday 45 and there could be another round of a brief snow shower early on sunday morning returning sun sunday afternoon before those temperatures turn milder on monday of 53 degrees. so, kind of an up and down seven-day forecast. starting warm ending warm with a couple snow showers in between. >> okay, adam thank you. >> many uh-huh. >> up next today in what's the deal we look at a new medical trend making waves in philadelphia. hear patient success stories straight ahead. >> and abc has a big prime time lineup on tap for tonight. the bachelor gets things started at 8 o'clock. then in the ben and the final three women travel to jamaica where he invites each of them to spend the night with him. >> uh-oh. >> then at 10 o'clock it's castle and of course at
4:52 pm
11 o'clock like you always do, join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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t-i-a-a. >> ibs infertility insomnia thyroid or hormonal issues, fatigue unexplained weight gain, any of this sounds familiar? there's a new trend in medicine where doctors are now playing detectives getting to the core of your health helping you feel better from the cellular level. >> i'd wake up and still be tired. >> reporter: for 30 years tanya says she had her thyroid tested and every year it came up normal. >> and i gained about 25 pounds and it was just -- it was -- it didn't make any sense. >> reporter: she turns to dr. health they are moday and functional medicine. >> i would forget why i walked in the room. >> reporter: she was diagnosed with kashi moto's
4:55 pm
disease but her treatment was less than conventional. >> i didn't have to get any surgery. i didn't have to take any synthetic hormone. >> reporter: the center for fucks in medicine is the first of its kind in center city. healther is a traditional md who is now dedicated to getting to the bottom of your personal biochemistry. >> i really love about it is that it's so based. >> reporter: blood stool saliva urine functional medicine labs take a deeper look at unlocking the route of your individual issues. >> we get down to people's individual needs. it's not a blanket. >> reporter: it involves specific nutritional supplements and other lifestyle adjustments from food to stress to sleep. >> i feel my body is healing from the inside out. >> reporter: functional medicine isn't new. it's been around for about two decades but it's starting to trend. >> we as americans are frustrated with our own healthcare because when we go he to doctor now we only get five or 10 minutes. we usually get a prescription
4:56 pm
and we don't feel much better. >> reporter: and this isn't meant to replace your doctor or specialist. dr. moday can and does still write prescriptions but she says these personalized labs give her a new set of biomedical tools. >> we're really more interested in finding out why people get sick. >> reporter: as for the cost, some insurance companies are just starting to pick up some of the tab but a lot of patients are paying out of pocket. she says she's feeling great and that's worth every penny. >> if you're good about taking your car in every 3,000 miles and this is the one body you get. >> reporter: and tomorrow we're going to find out how functional medicine and those unique tests that they're running are helping people unlock the secret to weight loss. some very interesting stuff going on here guys and it's an increasing trend in the healthcare industry. >> good stuff alicia. thank you. that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me along with sharrie adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at
4:57 pm
10:00 on phl17. >> here are rick williams and monica malpass. >> coming up next on "action news" at 5 o'clock, police in delaware are trying to piece together what led up to last night's deadly hit and run just yards from the state line. also philadelphia health officials have discovered their first case of the zika virus in the city. >> and aspiring temple students will have more competition this year. the school has shattered an application record and they're not finished counting. those stories and more coming next your way at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> police in delaware still trying to figure out what led up to this deadly incident on a busy road. a father of two was killed after he was struck by a car. tonight police are trying to track down whomever was behind that wheel. monday night the big story on "action news is that hit and run investigation in hockessin it. >> happened last night near ace memorial drive just feet from the state line. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live at the scene in hockessin with the details tonight.
5:00 pm
john. >> reporter: hi, rick, well a tough one for a grieving family, tough one for investigators. they know the victim a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle last night but they don't have a witness at this point nor do they have a make or model of that vehicle. whoever killed jerry mccarthy did not stop. they were moving with great force a shoe and hat were found more than 140 feet from where the body was left on the paved shoulder of delaware 41 in hockessin. his family says mccarthy a carpenter enjoyed rehabbing homes. >> he was kind and good and -- and just and honest. >> reporter: mccarthy had just turned 34. his long time partner said he loved being with their two kids. >> he was a really great father. he loved to play like a -- with his son, loved to, you know, cuddle in bed all of us and watch movies at night. >> reporter: mccarthy's body was discovered along this busy highway about 9:30 last night.


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