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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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john. >> reporter: hi, rick, well a tough one for a grieving family, tough one for investigators. they know the victim a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle last night but they don't have a witness at this point nor do they have a make or model of that vehicle. whoever killed jerry mccarthy did not stop. they were moving with great force a shoe and hat were found more than 140 feet from where the body was left on the paved shoulder of delaware 41 in hockessin. his family says mccarthy a carpenter enjoyed rehabbing homes. >> he was kind and good and -- and just and honest. >> reporter: mccarthy had just turned 34. his long time partner said he loved being with their two kids. >> he was a really great father. he loved to play like a -- with his son, loved to, you know, cuddle in bed all of us and watch movies at night. >> reporter: mccarthy's body was discovered along this busy highway about 9:30 last night. a short time before, he had
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been at this nearby v.f.w. hall. his father says the staff told him his son did not have enough money to buy a drink he told the bartender he would be back in 20 minutes. as to what occurred next, police say they have very little to go on. >> right now we just have no witnesses and like i said there was no physical evidence left -- there was some but not enough to piece together a possible type of vehicle struck the individual. >> reporter: mccarthy's grieving loved ones hope whoever is responsible will come forward. >> contact the delaware state police and turn themselves in. >> reporter: because? >> because it's a bad thing. >> reporter: again police saying they don't have a lot to go on at this point. they're hoping for the public's help in all of this. if you know something about what occurred here sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 last night you're urged to contact the delaware state police. they have a crime stoppers number.
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800-tip-3333. live in hockessin, john rawlins channel6 "action news." rick. >> john, thank you for that report. in about 90 minutes philadelphia mayor jim kenney will hold a town meeting on youth violence. surveillance video shows teens getting hit with several shots near the corner of 31st and tasker. philadelphia's grace ferries section has been subjected to violence for weeks now. so now mayor can kenny says he has an ambitious plan to improve the situation. vernon odom spoke to the mayor before tonight's meeting and hear he what he has to say coming up a little bit later on "action news" at 6:00. >> prosecutors in easton announce new charges today against a man who gave a woman a deadly dose of heroin. 26-year-old jason laduca of easton was already facing serious charges linked to the death of a 27-year-old woman from bethlehem township. he's accused of providing injecting the very
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methamphetamines that resulted in the death of rachel dannucci in november. john morganelli upgraded the charges to include "drug delivery resulting in death." >> we're going to continue to be tough on these cases. we have to put an end to the fact that the drug deliveries are resulting in people dying in our streets. >> the new charges against laduca carries a maximum 40 year prison sentence. >> a bensalem high school student behind bars for his role in the sale of marijuana laced brownies. according to police those brownies ended up in the hands of middle schoolers for more on this story we turn to chad pradelli live in bensalem. chad. >> reporter: yeah, rick, when you deal drugs and they end up in the hands of seventh graders who take the drugs while in school, well, police are going to be on your tail and that's exactly what happened here in bensalem last week. police say 18-year-old jacob francisco a senior at bensalem
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high school manufactured and sold pot brownies. when upwards of a dozen shafer middle schoolers ate the brownies during school last week other students went to teachers who contacted police. >> he's been selling drugs by his own admission since he was 13 years old. he's got about a dozen and a half customers that he regularly sells to and he was selling them to kids in the middle school. >> reporter: director of public safety fred herron says marijuana laced brownies are bad as if but too often materials rails the brownies with synthetic marijuana and other chemicals that can can lead to hallucinations and other serious side effects. >> they could be ingesting something that could seriously harm them when they think they're taking pot. >> reporter: francisco is charged with possession with intender to deliver corruption of minors and other related charges. >> there's no doubt that if he had customers in the elementary school he would have told elementary school kids. this is the type of individual we don't need on our streets here in bensalem.
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>> reporter: and investigators say another juvenile will likely be charged in this case. his name is not being released because of his agbecause of his. >> more information on the philadelphia man whose house collapsed on him officer the weekend. it happened saturday on the 1400 block of patton street in grays ferry. we know the man trapped inside is 39 years old. he was taken to presbyterian hospital after crews puddles him out of the rubble. cause of the collapse is still under investigation. >> protestors gather in wilmington delaware today calling for the state to fix alleged racism in state government. >> i'm fed up can't take no more. >> about two dozen members of the naacp and the interdenomination in ministers action council protested outside the carvel state building. the groups say after spending nearly a year looking at the issue of discrimination the state has done very little to
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change its policies specifically they want the govern to enforce the state's zero tolerance antidiscrimination policy. >> zero tolerance means zero to man's and we want these employees to be dealt with. >> since the group released its findings last year the state has also hired a new human resources expert who says they are working on creating an internal complaint process for department employees. >> temple university has set a new record for freshmen applicants this year. university officials say they received 32,000 applications so far this year and that's up from 15 percent from last year. as many as 34,000 applications are expected by the deadline. temple's admission department attributes the increase to the school's rising academic reputation and success of the football team. >> a new program launched in trenton to give area seniors more support. members of city council church leaders business owners and concerned citizens were in to put their support bind the
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math program which means make a senior your sweetheart a group will select supplies for seniors in area care facilities. >> monday night let's get a check of our "action news" traffic report for you. >> all right, swing it over to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. how was your weekend matt. >> it was nice. how about you guys. >> very nice. >> now we're enjoying leap day. we only get to do this once every few years. the last thing you want to do on your leap day is waste it sitting in a traffic jam but lots of people are doing that unfortunately here on the schuylkill expressway eastbound side jammed from 202 into this point just past the blue route, accident just got pushed offer to the left shoulder but it's still extra slow as you come eastbound and westbound on the schuylkill approaching the roosevelt boulevard we're just getting word of a broken down vehicle taking out a lane and slowing things there. 95 southbound entering the work zone at cottman an accident pushed off to the side but it is jammed solid. check out the travel time coming down from woodhaven. that travel time is double what it ideally should be. our crash on the northbound
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side near 420 in delco has cleared out but there's a crash in prospect park along chester pike and one along upland avenue at kerwin street. westbound delays this afternoon on the market frankford line and route 10 trolley shuttle busing because of power issues. we'll check it again rick and monica, in the next half hour. >> all right we'll see you then. thanks matt. much more still to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. new information about the spread of the zika virus. health reporter ali gorman breaks down the first case found in philadelphia and why there's not cause for panic. >> new testimony in the erin andrews stalking case less than 30 minutes ago the sportscaster herself took stand. >> temperatures made a leap back into the mid 60's today, lots of sunshine. i am tracking a lamb like start to march but then cold air makes the return along with the chance for snow. i'll have all the details in the accuweather forecast when "action news" returns.
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>> turning to health check tonight philadelphia has registered its first case of the zika virus. the patient, a 60-year-old woman. >> new jersey's also reporting its seconds case, both in north jersey and like the philadelphia case the people were infected during travel. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman at the big board with more details from the philadelphia health department. hi, ali.
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>> hi guys. this is an expected development with so many people traveling nowadays the cdc does expect to see more travel-related cases of zika virus. we know the woman in philadelphia was not hospitalized and is recovering without problems. 80 percent of cases come with no symptoms or mild symptoms. one in five will get a fever, rash, reds eyes and joint pain that typically last about a week. but the main concern with the zika virus is for pregnant women. the virus is possibly linked to a serious birth defect. pregnant women a urged not to travel to zika affected areas. and in other news today, today is rare disease day. it's a day when thousands of families battling rare diseases that many people have never heard of come together to raise awareness. the idea is that there is power in numbers: playing with his older brother three-year-old luke appears to be just like any other child
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but his parents say as soon as he was born, something seemed wrong. >> next thing we knew he was being intubated and then he was being extubated because he was overventilated and that really started this whole rollercoaster ride. >> reporter: that ride led to a diagnosis of congenital hypo celebrity laying syndrome or cchs a very rare disease. the part of the brain that controls breathing while you sleep malfunctions. >> the body either stops breathing or doesn't breathe deep enough to maintain oxygen levels and blow off enough co2. >> reporter: so most like luke have a tube in the trachea and are looked up to a ventilator. >> you can do it yourself, wow. >> reporter: and it's not just at flight time because kids tend to fall asleep at various places. the martinis started a foundation to help raise money for research. because so few are affected with cchs, it doesn't get a lot of attention. neither do other rare diseases. that's why rare disease day is
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so important. >> if we come together and actually have a day dedicated to it, it gets more focus. >> ♪ >> reporter: this video features dozens of kids battling different rare diseases. it was created by 19-year-old taylor miran of king of prussia. she has mass cell activation disorder another poorly understood disruptive disease. many want a cure or at the very least some improvement. >> the hope is that they are able to more easily live a normal life. >> reporter: and if you would like to learn more about these or other rare diseases or if you would like to see all of taylor's video, go to we've got it posted there. rick and monica, back over to you. >> okay. >> thank you ali. sportscaster and tv host erin andrews on the stand testifying against marriott hotel. andrews filed a $75 million
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lawsuit against a nashville marriott. she blames the hotel for making it easy for michael barrett to record her changing clothes in her hotel room. during the beginning of andrews testimony she talked about some of the obstacles she faced in her career. >> work even harder so that people know that i really know sports and i'm not here because i am five-10 and i dye my roots blond. >> today lawyers also played a deposition from michael barrett where he admitted recording her to make money. barrett would reserve hotel rooms next to andrews' rooms so he could record her through peep holes. the hotel is arguing that barrett is solely to blame. >> well, stocks took a tumble to start off the week on wall street leading to a third straight month in the red for markets. sales late in the day erased any gains made this month. nine of the market sectors finished down by the closing bell. the nasdaq ending down 32 points and change, and the s &
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p 500 lost nearly 16 points on the day. well a-navy s.e.a.l. who helped rescue an american hostage in afghanistan received the nation's highest military honor today. president barack obama presented the medal of honor to senior chief special warfare operator edward byers jr. byers is the first living active duty member of the navy to receive the medal in four decades. the husband and father has completed 11 overseas deployments, nine combat tours and has received a purple heart twice. president obama hailed him as a special breed of warrior. >> tonight on "action news" at 11:00 if you say loose change and later hope to cash it in we have a special report for you. investigative reporter wendy saltzman has a preview right now. it's supposed to make countering change easy but are you getting back all the money you're putting in. >> it's not like it was a dollar off, or a couple dollars, $44 is pretty substantial. >> reporter: we tested out several machines to see how
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often we get shortchanged plus we tag along with inspectors to check out the accuracy of some coin counting kiosks. see the results of our investigation only on "action news" tonight at 11:00.
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>> a little four-year-old boy is recovering after an unfortunate run in with a vending machine. leo lives near melbourne australia. he was on vacation when he saw his first ever vending machine. he was curious and reached his hand into it. unfortunately it got caught in an anti theft mechanism and it took crews six hours to free that scared little boy. he is expected to be okay. astronaut scott kelly is getting ready to come home much he's if the final hours of a mission that's been part of a year long study about the effects of space travel on the human body. he'll return to texas this wednesday. kelly's health will be compared to that of his earthbound twin mark to make sure that astronauts can handle a manned trip to mars. once kelly returns to earth he'll have spent the most cumulative days in time in space of any american astronaut. >> a montgomery county family will never forget their son's birthday. stephanie and keith have one of the area's first leap day babies. luke keller arrived at 12:11
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this morning at abington jefferson hospital. luke was due on saturday but when mom went into labor yesterday, well, dad started rooting for a february 29th birth. >> i wanted it to be a leap year. i think it's interesting. it's different and we can have a big party every four years. >> alall right, we will keith says he had a host of texts from friends and family also hoping for a leap day arrival. stephanie a teacher says she still working out thousand explain it all to luke once he gets older. philadelphia mayor jim kenney showed the harlem globetrotter some of this basketball moves today . >> [laughter] >> here you go. >> got to whip it around. >> all right, nice job mayor. globetrotters players el gato and hawk gave the mayor a jersey as well. the globetrotters take the court at temple's lee core vis center on friday and they play the wells fargo on sunday ansunday.
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>> looking live from sky6 hd showing you ben franklin bridge on a monday night. meteorologist cecily tynan has that exclusive accuweather five day forecast when we come right back. look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist cecily tynan has a check of the end of the month forecast and march looking pretty good so far. >> yeah. >> in like a lamb tomorrow and
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then colder air will be moving in later in the week, perhaps with a few snow showers. so, enjoy this weather while you can. this is a live camera on top of the ocean city boardwalk at schreiber's candy. you can see the sunshine reflecting off the music pier. temperatures like today and yesterday almost get you thinking about summer. yesterday and today 6564 degree64 degreesboth days. six of the last days temperatures have been in the 60 and this will go down as record breaking. when you add up all the days of temperatures in the 60's during december, january and february that's known as meteorological winter we have had 22 days of temperatures in the 60's. that's a record and this meteorological winter will go down as the third warmest in history. so, it's pretty mild out there. currently in philadelphia 56 degrees.
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allentown 53. wilmington 56. trenton 54. and cape may currently 51 degrees. pretty gusty, though, with winds out of the west generally gusting up about 30 miles per hour but winds will be diminishing tonight as high pressure builds over us and satellite6 along with action radar showing a very broad area of high pressure over the midwest. that's what settles in tonight but then there's low pressure across the northern plains and we have what's known as a zonal flow. that low pressure will bring us a soaking rain tomorrow night into the predawn hours of wednesday. so, tonight clear skies for the most part, a few clouds late tonight, temperatures running a tad above normal, not that cold, 39 in philadelphia, 40 in atlantic city, 32 in allentown and 37 in wilmington. for tomorrow with winds out of the southeast it will be a little bit cooler along the shore. atlantic city and cape may only 50. philadelphia touching 60 degrees for the first dave march. northwest suburbs slightly cooler.
5:27 pm
reading 54 and wilmington 58 degrees. so, the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow 60 degrees, loads of sunshine, a beautiful start to march. late tomorrow night into the predawn hours of wednesday, some heavy rain perhaps a rum and then the rest of wednesday just very windy, 49 degrees. look at these temperatures. don't put away the winter coat just yet. thursday 39 degrees. it clouds up. late thursday night into friday morning a possibility of some snow showers especially southeast of philadelphia, 39 and then saturday temperatures rebound back. it's in the mid 40's, 45 degrees and adam will let you know if that warmup continues for the seconds half of the weekend coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast guys. >> okay. >> sounds good. thanks. much more ahead in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00 clarence thomas stuns his colleagues during arguments in washington. what he did that made everyone pause. >> the bruised and battled anthem of the seas royal caribbean cruise ship is forced to bail on yet another
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voyage. we'll explain why this time. those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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>> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass.
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>> ♪ >> hello again here's what's happening on "action news" monday night. they don't call it super tuesday for nothing. tonight the presidential candidates are putting in overtime to show up support before voting begins. we're live with a preview. thieves armed with guns storm into a local cal deli and the incident was caught on tape. the nfl deadline has come come -- nhl deadline has come and gone. >> the race for the white house, this is the eve six super tuesday when voters in 12 states decide who they'll back as the next president of the united states. >> more delegates will be awarded tomorrow than any other single day during an election which could make or break a campaign. >> these numbers are an average of several different polls compiled by real clear they show donald trump continues to lead nationally with more than 35 percent of the vote. in second ted cruz with
5:31 pm
19.8 percent, marco rubio third at 17.4 and on the democratic side hillary clinton dominating the contest with 49 percent of the national vote, bernie sanders with 41.5. again these numbers an average of several different polls. they were compiled though by real clear >> republicans and democrats in alabama arkansas georgia massachusetts minnesota oklahoma tennessee texas vermont and virginia will all hold contests tomorrow. republicans in alaska will caulk can can you say there. democrats in colorado will also have a caucus and democrats in american samoa will also hold its contest. 595 republican delegates and 12015 democratic delegates 865 pledged, 150 super delegates are all up for grabs. quite a day tomorrow. lot at steak tort candidates. >> marci gonzalez live in austin with more tonight. hi, march see. >> reporter: hi monica and
5:32 pm
rick. it will be a defining day, the front runners trying to solidify their leads. everyone else hoping the messages they're sharing today will help to turn things around. today the jabs flying. >> in florida, where he comes from, this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher. >> reporter: in the last minute push before super tuesday. >> we are not going to allow a con artist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> reporter: candidates covering as much ground as they can. >> been the only campaign that can beat donald trump is us. >> reporter: to reach voters before the biggest day of the primary with voting in 12 states with 1610 delegates at stake. >> i don't think america has ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole. >> reporter: hillary clinton hoping to maintain her lead over bernie sanders. >> we can win the democratic nomination. >> reporter: while on the gop side trump looks to surge ahead even further with the latest national polls showing
5:33 pm
49 percent of republican voters support him. >> get him out. get him out. >> reporter: the frontrunner today brushing off protestors and the controversy sparked by these comments on cnn about his endorsement from former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke. >> would you say you condemn them and you don't want their support. >> reporter: well i-have to look at the group. i mean, i don't know what group you're talking about. >> reporter: yeah, and trump today claimed that he just didn't hear the question and said that he hasisavowed david duke. we're live in austin texas, marci gonzalez channel6 "action news." >> thank you. abc news will have complete coverage of the super tuesday results as they come in tomorrow night. turn to 6abc and for the latest.
5:34 pm
new jersey governor chris christie announced his nominee for the state supreme court today in trenton. but a defiant christie made it very clear he was not going answer questions about the trump endorsement or anything else unrelated to today's news conference. >> no. no, no, i won't permit you to. i told you that there's going to be only on top pick questions today so permission denied. >> what abou[inaudible] >> it's off topic charlie. i'm answering on top pick questions. not off topic questions. >> [inaudible] >> because i don't want to. anything else on topic? >> [inaudible] >> anything else on topic? >> all right. well, last week governor christie said mr. trump is the only candidate who can bring real change to washington d.c. >> a surprising move during arguments in front of the supreme court of the united
5:35 pm
states today is capturing a lot of attention. justice clarence thomas asked a question from the bench for the first time in a decade. last time he did it was on february 22nd 2006. today justice thomas asked nearly a dozen questions about a case. it chat henchs if you can still own a gun after being convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault and world news tonight with david muir will have more on justice thomas' broken silence on the bench as well as a preview of super tuesday. you can watch that following "action news" at 6:00. >> new castle county police have taken a third person into custody in connection with the murder of a couple there. it's a story our delaware news room has been following since september 2013. 32-year-old erin thompson is charged with two counts of first degree murder and is being held without bail. detectives say he christopher rivers and joshua bay shot a couple outside the paladin
5:36 pm
club condos. rivers was a business partner. the motive for the killing still under investigation. >> in south philadelphia detectives are hoping surveillance video will drum up leads in an armed robbery there. it happened inside the el oasis deli on south sixth street on january 27. two suspects walked in pulled out guns and demand money from the cashier. they took the cash and two iphones and ran off. no one was hurt. >> police in northeast philadelphia are looking for a driver who hit two parked cars and just drove off. it happened saturday morning in the 3,000 block of comly road. the crash was caught on the homeowners 's security system coming up. you can see a work truck driving on the wrong side of the street, then it swiped a car that was parked right there. if you have any information about the driver, please contact police. college students took some time today to learn more about the challenges that veterans face when they return home. there was a special screening of the documentary our way
5:37 pm
home transitioning from the front lines to the home front part of the 17th annual law and society week taking place at the community college of philadelphia. after the movie there was a panel discussion about the psychological effects of war specifically posttraumatic stress syndrome. >> time now for an update on the highways and by ways monday night. >> let's see what's going on and hopefully no trouble spots for us matt. >> it's become quite the obstacle course as we wrap up february on this monday afternoon rick and monica. first problems here on 95 southbound as you enter the work zone at cottman avenue. jammed solid coming south of street road through this point at cottman. northbound by allegheny there's a broken down vehicle so that's why the northbound travel time is so heavy. on the schuylkill westbound by the vine there's a broken down vehicle. then you have this broken down bus westbound here by the ramp for montgomery drive. eastbound a crash on the shoulder attracting attention. it remains heavy as you head towards center city and towards that flyers game
5:38 pm
tonight. now that those two are out of the way on 295 there was a vehicle fire southbound approaching 561. that's clear but still jammed solid coming south of 38. in lindenwold by the walgreens watch out for a crash along laurel road at chews landing road and in pennsville salem county by the caribbean dine in and takeout watch out for a crash along broadway near kles7. l avenue. sounds like good eating. >> makes me hungry. >> thanks for that tasty report. february 29th is leap day and it only comes around every four years. for a lucky chester county family today was the day they welcomed a new member of the family. "action news" was at paoli hospital this afternoon. bernadette gave birth to a leap day baby girl. she and her husband michael have three other children who will help choose the name of their baby sister. they say the baby was due to arrive today but they didn't think it was going to actually happen. >> we definitely talked about the fact that we'll celebrate it in february. we won't do it in march.
5:39 pm
and i guess we'll always celebrate her birthday every year but we'll have big parties every four years. >> all right. paoli hospital is helping the family's mark the leap day celebration with cup cakes an copy of today's newspaper. i thini think rick center city e is a nice name. >> that cruise ship had to cut another trip shot. what the cruise line is saying tonight. >> "spotlight" wouldn't the top prize. what the vatican is saying about the film that brought priest sexual abuse to light. adam. >> rick, these numbers do not look like the end of february. 64 in philadelphia and 70's across most of the lower part of the united states. we'll chat about a much cooler seven-day forecast maybe a little snow coming up. >> all right. little snow. okay. those stories --
5:40 pm
>> we don't want that. >> no. those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back. >> like it or not. >> ♪
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♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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for those who've served and the families who supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> the active duty army staff sergeant accused of killing
5:43 pm
his wife an rookie virginia police officer will remain in jail. court documents show ronald hamilton admitted shooting his wife 13 others saturday night. authorities say he shot the officers after they responded to a call about domestic violence. officer ashley guindon was killed. she had just been sworn in and was literally working her first shift. >> couldn't be any worse case than this in my opinion for a police officer. i always call this an officer's worst nightmare to go to a routine call and wind up dead. >> the two other officers are expected to survive. the prosecutor says he will likely seek the death penalty against hamilton. >> royal caribbean's anthem of the seas cruise ship is cutting short another voyage and heading back to north jersey. royal caribbean says the ship wants to stay a safe distance from a severe storm. three weeks ago anthem of the seas was damaged by a nasty storm. this time around royal caribbean says 10 passengers are experiencing are
5:44 pm
norovirus. royal caribbean says that illness did not affect their decision to cut short the trip. the ship is scheduled to arrive home on wednesday. >> time for sports. jaime apody here. no big lat minute changes at deadline for the flyers. >> deal or no deal. no deal. >> okay. >> and we'll be right back. oh you have more. >> little bit more. flyers trade line has come and gone. the flyers stand pat. no deadline deals for the team that's only three points out of a wild card spotter which is a big relief to a group who i can tell you is pretty on edge this morning. the flyers host johnny hockey and calgary tonight. coach hakstol happy to make a run with the guys he's got. >> i think i've said it all along. we like our group it's a group that we've worked hard together all year long and obviously have to keep pushing to get better so we like our group in the locker room and we're going to keep working. >> how tense was it this morning? the guys were
5:45 pm
watching the trade deadline coverage in the locker room on tv when sam gagne's face popped up on the screen. gagne has been traded a couple times in his career. eats used to it. >> i see my face up there every year so it just kind of is what it is. i actually don't like my head shot this year but just kind of something you got to deal with as a hockey player and you just get used to it. >> good sport and he's sticking around. not like expectations were lie for the phillies to begin with but the online sports book bravado today released their win total projections. phillies dead last. over-under for wins 65 and a half. i don't even want to think about how many losses that is mean. how do they improve those odds? they need a big year from their power hitter but which ryan howard hit lefties and can can michael franco be the big bat everyone thinks he can be. jeff skversky caught up with larry bowa. >> how much power do you think those two can provide.
5:46 pm
>> i'm not going to say they have to hit home runs but we would like them to hit home runs. if you look at our lineup there's lots of single and double also you need a hit a walk and a home run. those two guys are capable of hitting 60 home runs, 30 and 30. if they can do that we can generate some runs. >> it was fun while it lasted. villanova's stay at number one atop the national polls is over. the wildcats dropped to thirty one be in three. nova lost to xavier on wednesday. now 25 and four they'll host depaul tomorrow. the final home game of the season and jay wright sales the short stay at number one was a good learning experience for everyone. >> the experience of being number one is a -- is a challenge and we didn't know anything about it until we got there. you get there and you learning the whole time how you handle it day to days, how you handle it after each game, how you handle it when you lose it so it's all new to us. i like the way we handled it but we still learned a lot. >> look i like them heading
5:47 pm
into the tournament without the pressure of being number one. not that means anything but i think it's good. gets the pressure off their back. >> march madness always the best. >> from our delaware news room tonight tummy tempting fundraiser is helping the special olympics. boxes of pizza were stacked high at new castle. inmates at baylor could buy the pies. governor jack markell was on lanhand to lend support. t of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds.
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for just $5 bucks. grab a friend today and pick your faves! ♪ lemme get a mcpick 2 ♪ bada ba ba ba >> topsyturvy week weather-wise. let's get the latest. >> it's going to be all over the place here, winter-like, maybe some snow showers. >> oh, boy. >> typical. >> oh, boy. >> how about some sunshine. >> got it out there today and again tomorrow. as we take a look at double scan live radar we had some showers early this morning that dampened the ground but they moved on pretty quickly. that sunshine took control this afternoon along with some very strong winds. in fact this february 29th the last day of the month in fact it is a leap day and a leap year and the reason why we have to add a day every four years is because the earth's orbit around the sun it takes 365 and a quarter days to make that orbit so every four years, we have to tag on a day
5:51 pm
to the calendar to keep everything in sync. otherwise, if we didn't, after manyinmany, many years the seasn would go out of whack. today is your birthday happy birthday we'll see you in four years. 53 right now allentown, 56 in wilmington. still near 60 in dover as well as the atlantic city airport. even the poconos busted into the 50's today and right now sitting at 46 degrees. weak front passed through early this morning. that was that little ribbon of showers but you can see how the clouds quickly collapsed that sunshine, took control with that strong westerly wind. any of the rain or snow showers to the north of buffalo will fall apart as they sink to the south and east. tonight it's clear with just a few clouds and temperatures will remain a tad above normal for tonight, 32 in the suburbs, 39 degrees for center city with that westerly-southwesterly wind easing some to around seven to 14 miles an hour. in center city tomorrow, lots of sunshine for the first day of march.
5:52 pm
60 again so temperatures running 12 degrees above average in the heart of the delaware valley. in inn you're going to be up in the lehigh valley we'll be battling a cold front coming from the north and west. it is mostly sunny there with a light wind but temperature degrees cooler to the north with temperatures around 53 but that's still a little bit above average for the beginning of march and at the shore not as warm as inland because of a cool southeasterly wind coming in off the atlantic. sunshine, a few clouds with your high temperature coming in at 50 degrees. then going into tuesday night, early wednesday morning, that's our next front that will arrive. this is mid neither on wednesday when some showers enter from the north and west and very early in the morning, this is 5:30 a.m. on wednesday there will be a small little line of some downpours or showers with some gusty winds that will pass through bringing about a quarter to a half an inch of rain so a wet start for the rush on wednesday but the rain doesn't last long. it exits and most of wednesday is sunny and dry but windy and much cooler.
5:53 pm
cooler. s exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 60 degrees tomorrow and that predawn rain with gusty winds wednesday with returning sun. winds near 40 miles an hour with a high of just 49 and then quickly clouding up here on thursday of 39 degrees so a winter feeling at the end of the week and then on friday morning, there could be a little round of some snow showers or period of light snow. it's a southern slider and at at this point anything over 3-inches is very almost nonexistent with this storm. the majority of the models are showing anywhere from a nuisance to then a coating to an inch, maybe some southern areas one to 3 inches of snow but we'll watch that for you and over the weekend sun giving way to clouds saturday 45 degrees. could be another round of some snow showers early sunday morning before temperatures sunday afternoon go back up to normal around 46 and then much milder to end that seven-day forecast at 53 degrees. so, we start very springlike and we end a little winter-like this particular week. >> all right. rollercoaster thank you.
5:54 pm has you covered as light rain moved through earlier and then sunshine later. that's where you can always find the latest along with the power of storm tracker6 live radar. >> coming up tonight on 6abc it's an all new castle. beckett and the 12 precinct look into the murder avenue foreign student but when the victim's class won't talk to police castle goes undercover as a french canadian immigrant. here's a preview. >> hi. your name now. >> okay. hello i am gianluca. >> later while in class, beckett learns the victim was more than he seemed. see how the mystery unfolds tonight at 10:00. and here's the entire lineup for tonight. two hours of the bachelor starts at 8 o'clock. then it's castle and be sure to watch "action news" at 11:00 with jim gardner
5:55 pm
i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
5:56 pm
or visit >> the vatican newspaper is praising the movie "spotlight"
5:57 pm
this year's best picture winner at the oscars. the movie focuses on the boston globe newspaper's 2002 reporting of catholic clergy sexual abuse in boston dating back decades. the newspaper says the movie gives "a voice to the profound pain of the church's faithful." the page rejected claims the movie is anti-catholic. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and much more coming up next at 6 o'clock. a philadelphia community is gathering to address a recent rash of crime including the shooting of two teenagers last night. >> katherine marshall is having her 100th birthday but she was born on leap day so that really means she's only 25 right. >> 25 birthdays, there you go. >> 25 birthdays. i'm nora muchanic in atco. we'll tell you katherine's story coming up next on "action news." >> she looks great. >> that's it for now. for adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody rick williams the
5:58 pm
entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a great night. she could be your daughter. [laughter]
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> monday night, health officials confirm the first case of zika virus in philadelphia and police arrest a bucks county high schooler for allegedly selling marijuana laced brownies. the billing story on "action news" tonight is the search for suspects in a drive by shooting in the grays ferry section of philadelphia. it happened last night at the corner of 31st and tasker. two teenagers were standing
6:00 pm
outside a restaurant when gun shots came from a white or silver car. both teenagers were hit. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at the vare recreation center tonight where ironically the community will hold a meeting on gun violence. vernon. >> reporter: good evening, jim. and the guest of honor tonight is his honor mayor jim can kenny. he'll be coming here with encouraging words to pass out to this community which many say is in crisis. this is surveillance video from last night's drive-by ambush of two grays ferry teens standing outside a takeout restaurant around 5:45. you see them frantically scrambling for cover. the barrage of gunfire came from this car. >> two of the guys come out of the chinese restaurant then was standing on the corner just talking and then next think you know a white car shot by and i heard gun slots so i went back in the house. when i came back out it was mayhem out


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