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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 16, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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big and decisive victories tonight. they're calling it super tuesday number three and hillary clinton and donald trump win big in delega delegate-hitch states. and john kasich may is won big in ohio. and the big story on "action news" tonight is a riveting night on the campaign front. donald trump went before the cameras an hour ago after registering a landslide winner-take-all victory in florida. trump also won illinois and north carolina. this is what he said at his head quarters in palm beach a short time ago. >> the people that voting are democrats are coming in, independents are coming in, and very very importantly people that never voted before. it's an incredible thing. >> the primary in missouri is a
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virtual tie with trump and ted cruz going neck-and-neck, look at that. one of the biggest stories of the night, john kasich wins as a favorite son in ohio. >> and i want to remind you again tonight that i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> here's why he says that. the kasich victory makes it tough for trump to collect the needed delegates for the nomination before the rnc, the convention in cleveland. and that could mean a contested convention. trump's victory in florida tonight meant the end of the line for senator marco rubio. he said america should not give in to fear. on the democratic side, it has been a hugely successful night for hillary clinton. she wins florida, north carolina, and ohio. she is leading in illinois. and in her speech she seemed to be turning her attention to the
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fall. >> when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. >> the only primary that clinton is in danger of losing is missouri, where she is behind bernie sanders by a small margin. john kasich by the way will visit villanova university tomorrow. the republican candidate will take part in a town hall meeting at 12:00 noon. voters in the tri-state area have a while to wait. the primary areas in pennsylvania and delaware are tuesday april 26. new jersey voters go to the polls on june 7. other news at this hour, a
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school community in philadelphia has been shaken to its core with word that a student died from bacterial meningitis. john rawlins is live at school district headquarters with the tragic news from george washington carver high school. >> unfortunately bacterial meningitis is relatively rare. most people who get it survive. about one in eight do not. the city health department alerted the school district about this morning's death. as part of the standard procedure the school is looking at those closest to the victim who may be subject to possible infection. the onset of the case, it was very swift. >> he was in school yesterday. and, you know, he unfortunately passed away early this morning. so it is very sudden. >> the ninth grader from george washington carver high school a magnet school in north philadelphia. students learned of his death
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today. >> a young man who seemed to be very liked and well known. he was part of the basketball team, also. students were sad and shocked by his passing. we spent a lot of time with students and staff at the school today. >> counselors return to the school tomorrow. two letters have gone out to parents, one advising him it is possible their kids would exhibit signs of emotional stress in the wake of the fellow student's fellow death. and the other sharing information from the death department about the disease. sharing a classroom, bus or lunch table with the victim are not considered a risk much those with close contact such as kissing or living in the staple house are potentially at risk of infection. >> it talks about something that is not as con tamgous or the flu, you have to come in contact with a bodily fluid to get this particular meningitis. >> that said, the district understand it is an unsettling time for everyone involved city school, so a special meeting tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. at
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the school to answer questions that the parent the or students might have. >> thank you, john. traffic tragedy in cape may county. a pedestrian struck and killed along route 9 in middle township. it happened an hour and a half ago. no information has been released about the victim. the driver did stop at the scene. dramatic video captures the moments that two armed bandits stormed two philadelphia businesses. the most recent crime happened yesterday in west oak lane. the masked men carried rifles as they robbed reyes grocery on chelten avenue. the police say the robbers hit an employee on the head and stole cash. investigators say the same duo is wanted for holding up customers at the silver star kitchen and that incident happened on march 2. police are investigating the attempted fire bombing of a south philadelphia home. authorities say somebody threw a
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cocktail on south beachwood street at 5:30 this morning. it broke a window but did not make it inside. a woman and two children inside were not hurt. and a bomb squad found a second cocktail nearby and the motive unclear. two philadelphia families experiencing a case of renter's remorse. the problem is a landlord who disappeared with their money. and chad pradelli is live at the 12th police district. what are the details here? >> jim, these are young mothers who wanted a house for their children. instead out of pocket and home. nancy jennings put more than $2,000 to move into this home in early january. move-in was february 1. >> the first came and i am here, she is not here. she calls me and says oh, i can't make it, i will see you on
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the third. i came on the third, oh, i can't make it, come down on saturday. >> you get the idea. the "she" in all this is landlord sheri gordan johnson. and jennings rented the house a decade from her and never had a problem but now a big one. >> i moved out of my house to move into this hours and i have four children and we now live in my daughter's apartment, a one-bedroom. >> and having a similar story, saying giving johnson $850 deposit for the same house in 2011 and never heard back. >> i feel betrayed. it was a woman i trusted since i was 13 years. >> and both women have signed receipts and text messages allegedly from johnson and they largely back what the women allege. >> she can't say i didn't give her this money. >> both went to police, but more
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than anything they want their money back. >> i don't appreciate what you had done to me and my family, or the hardship that you put me through. >> and i finally reached johnson by phone a short time ago. she denies the allegations. she says she will reimburse jennings this friday evening. and denies taking money in 2011. live in southwest philadelphia, chad pradelli channel 6 news." >> thank you. the pennsylvania supreme court justice is resigning over a scandal involving pornographic email. now the second member of the high court to quit over the scandal in the half 18 months. attorney general kathleen kane releasing hundreds of emails sent by aiken and others serving on the supreme court since 2002. the philadelphia streets develop close add portion of hunt street. the stretch between chestnut and
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walnut streets needs repairs after sinkholes opened up. no word yet on when the street will reopen. much-needed federal aid coming to new jersey. president obama signed a disaster fund for the state. and the storm hit the beach hard with beach erosion and flooding. and cape may county suffered millions in damage. coming up on "action news," subway shutdown. d.c.'s metro system will be closed tomorrow. we are in the low 50s today, but tapping into warmer air to the south in the next two days. just in time for spring, a taste of winter. i plain -- explain in the forecast. and a lightening story about schizophrenia. >> and characterized as
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hallucinations and it is commonly misunderstood. and a man sharing his personal journey with the disease and how he is getting back on track. and listening in on a training program, what it is like to live while hearing voices. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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commuters in washington are making alternate travel plans tonight. the entire metro subway system will shutdown in 45 minutes. and it will remain closed until at least 5:00 thursday morning while crews inspect electrical components on the tracks. a fire on the track today led to major delays. federal workers are allowed to work from home tomorrow. it is official, pope francis today announced the canonization date for mother teresa,
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officially becomes a saint. and the first of mayoral debates in wilmington. and at the grand opera house. and williams did not attend preparing his state of the city address. and the swearing in of the fire chief in front of colleagues and family, they watched as the captain took his oath. he says that he is humbled and honored to serve his gloucester county community. "healthcheck" tonight, schizophrenia is one of the most misunderstood mental eth -- health illnesses. and the more they know about it the better people are who suffer from the disease. and ali gorman with one man's personal story. >> when was that? >> 27-year-old daryl hardgrove
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getting help from the horizon help with his resume. earlier he was working two jobs and everything going smoothly. >> did you enjoy it? >> absolutely. it was part-time. and out of nowhere he started to feel what he calls "bad energy" and hearing voices. at times the voices were cruel. >> i would walk past the bridge and they were telling me to jump. commit suicide. and no one loves you. nobody wants to be with you. >> he was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 24 and had to quit working and get help. >> it's a shame because i have a lot of potential, and me having my diagnosis, it stops me from growing and excelling in life. >> dr. arthur evans of philadelphia's department of behavior health says
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schizophrenia is a collection of disorders that can lead to hallucinations and delusions. and like darrell, it typically strikes when people are in the prime of their lives between 16 and 30. to give me an idea of what it's like i did a training exercise created by clinical psychologist who compiled a variety of voices based on real patients' experiences. while hearing the voices, i am asked to complete different tasks. >> i am going to tell you five words. you don't have to -- >> and the most difficult was having a conversation and answering questions. >> say it again. >> as distressing as it can be. evans says there is hope. saying 2/3 of people with schizophrenia improve with treatment, medication and therapy and can live meaningful lives. he also wants to clear up misconceptions such that people with schizophrenia are
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dangerous. >> generally speaking people with schizophrenia, no more likely to be violent than the rest of the population. >> and the voices and psychosis typically are not always there. for darrell, they come and go in cycles. right now he is not hearing any. when he does, medication helps him cope but it doesn't eliminate the voices. nationwide there's a lot that needs to be done to improve mental health care. but evans says in our area there aren't enough resources to help. still he stresses people in the community also need to get involved. >> it's not just how great our treatments are. people have to then interact in a community context. and if that community context is one in which there is it stigma, discrimination, it really can undermine the great work that happens in treatment. >> be respectful. everyone deserves respect in life. >> to give people a better understanding of mental health
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problems and how to help, the city runs a free mental health first aid course. information about it on and darrell is working to get back on his feet and we thank him for sharing his personal story. thinking it helps lessen the stigma. >> it is important and poignant both to hear him say be respectful, everybody deserves respect. >> so well spoken and really gives you empathy. a three-day fundraiser kicked off to help pay a girl's medical bills. in horsham for the start of the just fight hoagie bowl for alison turner found in a bathtub after a fall. her parents did c.p.r. and saved her life but she has significant brain damage. the next few days both locations of the hoagie houses donating a portion of their proceeds to her.
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and the weather and cecily tynan. >> the sky is finally bright this afternoon. and tomorrow kind of the reverse. seeing sunshine early and the clouds roll in in the afternoon. stormtracker live double scan showing it's dry out there. and the action cam on the banks of the schuylkill, looking at the art museum and the waterworks. and it is a pretty quiet and comfortable night. it's not that cold. it's not that damp. temperatures generally in the 40's. 46 degrees in philadelphia. down from the high of 53. allentown the same. wilmington 48. trenton 48. cape may 67 degrees. the ground is wet and the temperature is very close to the dewpoint. that means we will see some patchy fog developing, primarily in low-lying areas. river valleys. and millville holding at four miles visibility and the airport five miles. and patchy fog in the overnight, not widespread. the morning rush forecast, use caution if you have areas of
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fog, use low beams and slow things down. and "action news" tracking any fog beginning at 4:30 in the morning. all in all tomorrow we will see some sunshine. satellite 6 and action radar showing we are in between systems now. the low pressure that brought us the mid-day showers moved on. we have clearing skies now, but another system waiting in the wings and this caused violent weather. pretty good squall line moving through parts of illinois. seven tornadoes reported. the actual low with this will lift up to the north. what that will do is track a frontal boundary through our region in the afternoon. that can bring some showers, but futuretracker showing 9:00 in the morning, good amount of sunshine, some clouds in the far northwest suburbs. as we head through the day we will see some spotty showers. the latest run showing they will probably be few and far between at 6:30 tomorrow evening. so you may want to take an umbrella, but the flavor of the day will be dry and mild. 2:00, 67 degrees. we will cloud up by 5:00. and by 8:00, still pretty mild with a temperature of 60.
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behind the system for thursday, st. patrick's day, luck of the irish looking pretty nice. partly sunny, 66 degrees. not completely dry. possibility of a pop-up shower and then we have another front, a cold front that will move through on friday. could bring a few more showers. really what this does, it opens the door for a weekend chill. temperatures mainly in the 40's over the weekend with the possibility of a coastal storm. with that cold air in place, some of our northwest suburbs it could fall in the form of wet snow on sunday night. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, wednesday peeks of sunshine with a late shower. 69 degrees. thursday, spotty shower for st. patrick's day, 66. friday, breezy and showers, 56 degrees. finally, a full day of sunshine on saturday. 50 degrees. and sunday, first day of spring and the philadelphia union home opener. possibility of a coastal storm with rain or perhaps some wet snow in the far northwest suburbs. 49 degrees. and then we climb out of that
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early next week with temperatures in the low 50s on monday and tuesday. and again if there is any fog in the morning, "action news" will have details on that and the effect on the morning commute beginning at 4:30. >> thank you, cecily. students at a gloucester county school but their imaginations and creativity on display. a science exhibit for grades 4-8. close to 100 students set up try-fold boards and demonstrations of the projects. and kindergarten through third grade also showed off projects done by each lab. a concerned group ever mount laurel residents gathered to learn about their water supply from mount laurel mua, the water company. the evening inexcluded a showing of the documentary "tapped" and it explores the inner workings of the bottled water industry. those were uncouraged to take part in a taste test between tapped and bottled water. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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>> in a season of must-win games, tonight was a must-win game. >> must winist is that a word? at stake only a 4-point swing in the standings. flyers came to play. hosting the red wings and giving them the 1-goal lead. and coming up big again and gostisbehere there unassisted and the 16th goal of the year the game-winner. and the flyers beat detroit 4-3. >> a pretty important game for us, a playoff game sort of thing. the fans really helped us. the building was electric and we were up to the task at hand. the eagles busy getting the draft board ready and taking care of their own. signing carroll to a one-year
2:04 am
deal the cornerback started 11 games before last month with a broken leg. and the eagles need corners trading maxwell last week. the short-handed sixers with one short-coming, bojan bogdanovic. and bojan bogdanovic and the nets beat the sixers 131-114. and bogdanovic averaged of 9 points for his career. >> not tonight. hello the hottest game in baseball. the phillies refuse to lose. and nola rebounded and hunter homered in the third and they beat the rays and
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>> friday can't get here soon enough. three teams from one city all in the big dance playing on the same day. starting with villanova. and the team that should advance the farthest base the on the record and body of work. and preparing for the game against unc-asheville. not looking past them this year. >> we have to come out and play harder then them. we have to play more together. if we don't we can lose to anyone. it is the ncaa tournament and it is unpredictable and anything can happen. we want to make sure we come out and are focused giving ourselves the best chance to advance. and the wildcats if they win two face a second-round match-up with these guys, wouldn't that be special?
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temple needs no upset 7th seeded iowa who dropped five of the last six down the stretch. >> we know they are a great team. like you said they struggle add little bit, but we can't pay attention to that. they are in the tournament for a reason. >> they are struggling a little bit but a top 25 team all year. we know how good of a team they can be. we are watching a lot of film getting ready. looking at the hottest team in town, st. joe's only coming off the championship, but a test with cincinnati, whose big men they say are a big problem. >> i don't know to clubs, but i would never sneak into clubs where these guys are going to the bouncers much and they treat the basket like it's a club. unless you have the proper i.d. and the cover charge, you ain't getting in. >> i love him. we don't have to wait until we get our football fix.
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high expectations for the season. >> 15-3 last year, our big speech and that's not good enough. one play away from being in the arena bowl again. our goal in our organization is expect a championship. >> a lot to be excited about. sports this time of year. >> it's friday. "jimmy kimmel live" live next on channel followed lie "nightline." his guests kirsten dunst and music from jake bugg. and "action news" starts at 4:30. cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, jamie apody and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. ♪
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