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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, 6:00 a.m. on this monday, march 21, i'm tamala edwards, along with nydia han, matt o'donnell is off today, we're working on several developing stories. first, a deadly crash, police are working to find out what caused a fatal pileup on i-95. changes in the air in cuba as president obama gets ready to spend his first full day in the island nation. spring has sprung according to the calendar, but the snow might have left slick spots for
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drivers you have to be careful of. annie mccormick is on the ground in south jersey, but first up. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: we have rain at the coast getting close to clearing the garden state parkway. not a lot of fell in philadelphia. i've got nothing on the terrace or the grassy surfaces. if you do it's melting as temperatures are above freezing. down shore there's more on the grass and mainly wet roads, be careful in areas where you see snow on the side where the temperature is close to freezing on the thermometer. the wide view shows you cloud cover to the west is breaking up. we are expecting the return of sunshine quickly today from west to east. 35 degrees in philadelphia. down to the freezing mark in millville, and the airport, atlantic city, 33 in cape may, 32 in trenton, down in the 20s in allentown. as we roll through the day we'll see improvement, though, it will
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come quickly, 9:00 a.m., sun re-emerging west to east, 36 degrees there. 42 by 11:00. upper 40s by 1:00 him we'll see a high of 50 around 4:00 p.m. the afternoon is sunnier than it is right now a lot less clouds around than currently. it will be breezy, but that's okay, 50 and sun we'll take it. karen rogers we've got better numbers coming in the accuweather act seven -- accuweather seven day. i will run that down coming up. i-95 a vehicle spun out facing sideways, penndot on the scene, i-95 southbound the off ramp to broad street, the accident where traffic is getting by going ornld the emergency -- going around the emergency vehicles. looks like fire trucks are coming on the scene. i would not be surprised if they block the ramp altogether.
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there's an ambulance here, as well. another fire truck giving you the idea of the severity of this accident. i-95 southbound vehicle facing sideways at broad street. on the northbound side we had a multi-vehicle fatal accident. a terrible spot i-95 at broad street we have fire crews and ambulance on the scene, the vehicle facing sideways, i-95 southbound at broad street. there was another fatal accident route 55 southbound at garden road. police investigating an accident two vehicles one hit a salt truck. in delaware, a terrible accident that's happening right now due to icy conditions on the bridge. route 13 northbound at saint george's bridge. they shut down the northbound bridge. just an idea of what can happen with the icy conditions overpasses ramps and bridges.
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most of the roads are damp. breaking right now we have new video in of the terrible crash karen was telling us about. one person was killed when a car slammed into the back of a salt truck on route 55 near new garden road in new jersey. it's unclear if slick conditions were behind the wreck. one person was killed and several others hurt in a nasty crash on i-95. it shut the road down for hours. vernon odem is live at the broad street ramp with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, nydia and tamala, i-95 is up and running and it's been for sometime after a 4 1/2 hour shut down overnight police are not saying whether it was weather related or not. one person was killed, five others injured. they have been taken to jefferson hospital. it all occurred here near the
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broad street entrance in south philadelphia. this was the scene just after 11:00 p.m. northbound i-95 near the broad street entrance. there were four vehicles involved. it took all the time for the investigation and the cleanup, no word on whether this was weather-related. those are all the details we have so far. the deceased is a male. nydia, at this hour, still no word on identification on the male who was killed. others at jefferson hospital for treatment still at this hour. live in south philadelphia, vernon odem channel 6 "action news." vern, thank you. the snow was not an issue for people in manayunk. the action cam found flurries falling early this morning, the roads are just wet. let's switch over to annie mccormick live in hamilton
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township, new jersey. we saw quite a bit of snow in new jersey, but she has the latest on what it looks like now. good morning annie. >> reporter: it came through and then it was gone in about an hour. skews the noise there are tractor-trailer coming off the atlantic city expressway near the area where we are standing. if you can see on the ground, if you're just waking up and see snow on grassy surfaces, it accumulated almost to an inch in areas in new jersey. you're probably looking around the sky saying what's all the fuss about, what are they saying about the snow? two hours it looked and felt like a january or february event. you can see the white stuff on the grassy areas and on the trees. the temperatures are not falling too far below freezing or at
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freezing. it's not having the effect of having freezing or slick conditions on the roads. you'll be fine. like we said the visibility is clear unlike it was two hours ago, because the snow has stopped falling in this area. we caught up with a number of people especially people who are ready to look at the calendar and say it's spring, it was supposed to be spring starting yesterday. take a listen. annoying. i want it to be over already. i'm looking forward to spring, can we spring already? right can we have spring? >> reporter: back out here live, what you're going to see is snow on trees and grassy areas, overall take a check before you head out this morning, overall you shouldn't have too much of a problem on your morning commute. reporting live from hamilton township, new jersey, channel 6 "action news." happening today president obama will continue his historic
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trip spending his first full day in cuba. elgin the day by laying the wreath at a memorial. afterwards president obama will sit down for a bilateral meeting with raul castro, he will end the day with a state dinner at the palace of the revolution. they arrived yesterday. he is the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba in nearly 90 years. 6:08. it's been good times at the gas pumps with low prices, but like all good things they must come to an end. maribel aber has more. i become aware of that when i filled up this week. it's a little higher than it used. gas prices have jumped 17 cents. the higher prices are coming as demand for gas increase and oil prices rise that's driven gas up
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27 cents a gallon. stocks rallied friday, futures pointing to a lower open. latest on home sales and durable goods do out. apple is expected to introduce a smaller iphone and smaller version of the ipad pre. the screen size has grown by two inches over the last 9 years, it will have a four inch display research is demanding smaller phones, as long as as it fits in my purse it's good for me. i like the plus. >> reporter: i got a little wallet i like, i can't get you a bigger phone, because i'll have to get a new wallet. we'll get you a new one. >> reporter: i like this thing. you can see the snow moving off the coast. i'll give you the bird's eye
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view. the garden state parkway is out of it at this point. we'll go into atlantic city. you can see how it's continuing to move off the coast. looks like it's along the shore you have the last little wet snowflakes. we have coverage on the grassy surfaces in through here, but probably only about an inch or so. annie mccormick has been on the ground in this area checking that out for us. i would be careful on roads where there's snow on the grass just in case there's slushiness or slipperiness on the roads. in philadelphia we only got a trace of snow out of this, and it's already melted in most cases. as we look outside we have sky6 live hd roads a little shiny a little bit. it could be smfort moisture from the overnight -- some of the moisture from the overnight rain and snow on the wet surfaces will be off there quickly. we never did get to the freezing mark. we might drop there in the next hour or two.
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but roads are in the process of drying. winds light 7 miles per hour. it will be breezier later today. 35 degrees in philadelphia. closer to the freezing mark in places like allentown and reading and millville and the airport in atlantic city. take it slow, be cautious most of us you should be able to get around okay. only a trace of snow at the latest readings in philadelphia and new castle county. .2 in mount holly. half inch in atlantic city. it will be closures to an inch or so -- i think it will be closer to an inch or so he. snow is going and so do the clouds. in the early afternoon we'll wind up with sunshine coming back. 10:00 a.m., 39. 45 at noon. 49 degrees by 3:00 p.m. with a high of 50 slotting in there around 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. it will be breezy, the sun comes back today and it gets mild. as we look at high temperatures across the region.
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49 in allentown. 48 in trenton. 50 in reading, millville. down the shore in cape may, the mid 40s. not bad, mostly sunny and breezy. tomorrow we'll start out cold, temperatures around the freezing mark. in the afternoon we'll add a few degrees probably getting into the low to mid 50s tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 50 degrees today, bright and breezy this afternoon. 56 tomorrow, perhaps on the brisk side not bad, a mix of clouds and sun. we zoom to 68 on wednesday and warmer on thursday, high of 71. clouds increasing during the day. looks like there could morning showers around on friday. good friday overall dries out in the afternoon we probably see sunny breaks, high of 64. for easter weekend saturday partly sunny and cool, 59. easter sunday high of 63 mix of clouds and sun. if you're getting up for sun rise services we'll be around 40
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in the suburbs. there's a chance of rain easter night, but sunday itself is dry. here comes peter cotton tail he wasn't need an umbrella. donald trump polarizing affect is taking its toll on family members. there's a team in the hunt for the ncaa tournament. >> reporter: we have an accident on i-95 at broad street. we'll have more when "action news" comes right back.
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welcome back looking live at mobile 6, i-95 northbound just past the airport, there have been a number of deadly crashes this morning including two crashes on i-95 one of them we know was deadly. you really need to be careful out there. looks like mobile 6 is moving along smoothly. the roads are wet, we don't know if the crashes are related to the wet weather, but you have to take it slowly. speaking of crashes let's go over to karen rogers you were watching the scene on i-95 at broad. >> reporter: this is a live look near broad street, southbound accident that currently has traffic stopped.
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i've been watching some vehicles go around and get on the ramps. we have ambulance and fire department they have left the scene. the problem is this vehicle spun out and hit the guardrail. it is facing sideways an i-95 southbound at broad street. there was another vehicle stopped off to the side. looks like that left. i-95 southbound at broad street you're jammed from front to broad street on i-95. watching live we've got another penndot truck coming to the scene to help with the accident. it happened ten minutes ago causing problems. it's still facing sideways on i-95 southbound. in this area, the roads are just a little bit damp. you need to be careful this is 42 we're starting to see heavier volume. we have police activity a minute ago, northbound traffic slowing down just a touch at creek road. watch for the ramps and the overpasses and the bridges. this is i-95 southbound at cottman. a 16 minute ride northbound 17
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minute southbound no big delay just yet from woodhaven to the vine. one look on the boulevard, southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. is if you're worried about the snow showers he this came and left, most cases the roads are damp. it had gotten worse in south jersey, we can see how the snow is pushed off the coastline. things are looking better for us there. watch the ramps and the bridges and the overpasses as you travel for a slick spot or two. fbi is investigating a threaten letter sent to donald trump's sister who is a federal judge in philadelphia. the 78-year-old sits on the third circuit court of appeals in philadelphia. it arrived one day after his trun eric got -- his eric got a letter with white powder inside. speaking of trump, he said he will submit a list of five or
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ten judges that he would pick to the supreme court. he said he will pick judges that everybody respects and likes and totally admires. bernie sanders has been campaigning in washington state in hopes of making up ground on frontrunner, hillary clinton. 8,000 people turned out to a high school in vancouver washington. over ten thousand more showed up in seattle where sanders rallied. clinton has a lead of 300 delegates over sanders from primaries and caucuses. she managed to raise $30 million in the last months alone. saints josie gave the top seed oregon ducks a scare before losing to the ducks. they had a 7 points lead with five minutes left. foul trouble and oregon defense shut down the hawks. they lose 69-64.
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there's no finger pointing they came into the building as champions, they will leave as champions, i've been honored to work with each of them since august. the hawks 28 wins are the second most victories in school historical. the wildcats advance to the dance for the first time since 2009. nova beat the hawkeyes 87-68. the wildcats face miami in louisville, kentucky on thursday. allergies with nasal congestion?
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pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. accident on i-95. it's getting busy here. you can see the delay, look how quickly this formed. this is i-95 at cottman, we have two right lanes blocked i-95
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northbound. normally it would be southbound that's jammed. it's northbound you have an accident on i-95. two lanes blocked. check out the backup on i-95 northbound. we have one southbound at broad street. mass transit is looking good, dave. >> reporter: karen, the snow is officially off the coast, it was light and wet snow, grassy surface accumulation down in south jersey. i've got 1.2 inches in toms river. that's about the high water mark, though. everybody else reporting less than an inch for the most part. cold behind the snow we're in the 30s, bundle the kids up a bit. this afternoon we'll improve. we'll get sunshine back and temperatures climb we wind up with 50 at 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. breezy conditions and lots of sun altogether not a bad day out there. at the airport, no major delays at philadelphia international. we are looking at snow falling
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in boston a little bit of wet snow in new york city. tam and nydia. those are the only two guesses there, david. [laughter]. thank you, david. 6:24, annie mccormick is in south jersey where most of the snow fell overnight. >> reporter: it might say spring on the calendar, it doesn't mean we'll get snow, it's a happy medium for those who want snow and these who don't, we'll have details in south jersey.
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the eye popping 115 million-dollar reward for former pro wrestle hulk hogan not the final round in the lawsuit gains gawker media. the jury will go back to award punitive damages. hogan sued gawker $100 million for posting a video of him having sex with his former best friend's wife. he said it violated his privacy. singer adele has fallen victim to a hacker who posted the pictures online. the leak occurred after the hacker gained access to the images to her partner. the singer has yet to publicly comment on the hack. it's now 6:27. a snowy start, but meteorologist david murphy said by the end of the day we'll be talking about
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warmups. brand new at 6:30, an easter bunny behaving badly. it all went down inside a new jersey mall. we'll be right back. katie vo: she works as many hours as the guys do.
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tracker 6 live double scan radar shows you the morning snow is moving out to sea. drivers should be wary out there looking for slick spots left behind. developing right now, one person is dead and several others injured in a crash on i-95. we're following another crash on i-95. bunny brawl, there's a person in a bunny suit. the symbol of easter spirit loses it with a customer waiting in line. bunnies in real life. they will by the you. i guess even the human variation. 6:30, monday, march 21.
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matt is off, nydia han is joining us. we have team coverage of the spring snow, annie mccormick is in south jersey. david murphy and karen have weather and traffic. >> reporter: we have the snow inching away and changing over to rain over the relatively warm ocean water. back over land you did pick up accumulations on grassy surfaces in south jersey and delaware. we got a trace in philadelphia. nothing on the grass, in a lot of cases where you got a coating it's melting, because in some cases around philadelphia temperatures are above freezing. 35 degrees in philadelphia. we are around the freezing mark in trenton, allentown and reading and wilmington. and millville and cape may. careful on the roads, in most cases they are wet and in the process of drying. by 8:00 a.m., 42 degrees,
6:32 am
1:00 p.m., lots of sun. the high today will be 50 about 3:00 p.m., 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. 49 by 3:00 p.m. a little breezy later on, but quick recovery from our overnight light wet snow. karen rogers you've had your eyes on the roads all this morning, wet roads, but you've got problems. >> reporter: we've got problems, more of them pop up. this is i-95 look at the backup northbound because of an accident blocking the two right lanes, you can see police and penndot blocking the two right lanes pushing everybody off to the left. that's why we're backed up i-95 northbound at cottman. as we switch the scene we had an accident i-95 southbound at broad street. it was here a car spun out smashed into the guardrail facing sideways blocking the ramp from i-95 southbound to broad street. the accident cleared it was in the same spot on the other side of the hey we had a
6:33 am
multi-vehicle fatal accident overnight. lots of problems here or there right now. here's one due to icy conditions, new castle county route 13 somebody shut down at saint george's bridge use the route 1 roth bridge. we had an accident northbound due to icy conditions and we had a southbound accident. you want to watch the bridges and overpasses, but mostly the roads are damp. we had a fatal accident route 55 southbound new garden road a vehicle smashed into a salt truck, a terrible dissent scene here. police have left the scene and now we see the speeds jump up to 62 miles per hour. the area bridges no problems here, a few accidents here an there, but it was busy overnight. we're following the develop story karen has been telling you about, one person was killed in a car that slammed into the back of a salt truck it happened on
6:34 am
route 55 near new garden road. it's not clear if the slick conditions were part of the wreck. wet weather may have played a role in a traffic tragedy on i-95. that's what investigators are trying to determine right now. vernon odem is live with the latest update. george, vern. >> reporter: good morning, nydia, i-95 northbound has reopened it's moving along at a normal morning rush hour pace. five people were hospitalized it was shut down 4 1/2 hours overnight. one person was killed in the mishap. five others in the hospital, they remain there at this hour. it happened right here in south philadelphia. right near the broad street entrance on i-95 here in south philly. this was the scene just after 11:00 p.m., northbound i-95 near the broad street entrance. there were four vehicles involved. it took all that time for the investigation and the cleanup, no word yet on whether this was
6:35 am
weather related. those are all the details we have so far. the deceased is a male. nydia at this hour, state police have not proif -- prorovided an i.d. of the person who was killed, vernon odem channel 6 "action news." the action cam found flurries flying along lancaster overnight it was barely a enough to leave a coating on the sidewalks. let's go over to annie mccormick checking on conditions in hamilton township, new jersey. annie, how are things looking where you are? things are great, because the snow that was falling so hard two hours ago has completely stopped. this is what's left behind. since it is spring i didn't
6:36 am
bring my 6abc snow ruler. take a look behind me, the sun is coming up, the grassy areas that are affected, how much snow that are left on them, also trees, this is video from earlier this morning when the snow was falling. like we said it was heavy wet snow when it began to fall overnight. it dissipated about an hour and half or so changing to flurries. south jersey transportation authority they had trucks out to treat the roads, looks like they don't need to worry about it, so the temperatures are not getting cold enough, the pavement and what you're driving on the blacktop it's not going to be slick except for puddles. yesterday it was the first day of spring, what do we think about in the philadelphia area free ritas, people enjoyed the water ice even though it's cold
6:37 am
outside. if you're going to be cold, let it be good. >> reporter: and back out here live, so nice to have rita's water ice right now. you can see the traffic moving along the atlantic city expressway as the morning commute begins to pick up. no signs of any problems in this area right now. of course if you see the snow on the off-ramps take caution on those areas, but for now looking good. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." that just -- annie thank you for that. you can find the seven day forecast and double scan radar at talk a case of the monday as, -- mondays, hawks led top seeded oregon, but the ducks closed the game making up the deficit and then some.
6:38 am
oregon inched out st. joe's with a score of 69-64. they gave it a great fight, but the hawks tournament run is over. it happens. we're all getting behind villanova. >> reporter: sweet 16 good job by those guys. storm tracker 6 live double scan, good job by the snow and the rain getting toward the east and out of here. i'll give you that bird's eye view. it cleared the coast, we have snow on the ground as annie mccormick has been showing us closer to the shore. the farther north ran west you move toward philadelphia the less and less you see of that. in philadelphia only a trace, i live down the road in delaware county. didn't have a stitch of snow on the lawn this morning. as we look outside we're looking at improving conditions the clouds are beginning to break up a little bit. we'll see the fast return of sunshine today. temperatures are around the freezing mark in some suburbs, 32 in trenton. 29 in allentown. 33 in wilmington.
6:39 am
32 in millville. as annie just reported, the high temperatures yesterday and the day before and the day before above freezing for a while it's tough for the snow to stick on asphalt that's above the freezing mark as much as our area has been recently. you're probably looking at mainly wet roads. take it slow on the ramps an overpasses things liemghts -- like that where you might have a problem. we'll wind up a trace. mount holly .3. half inch at the atlantic city airport. that will wind up to be closer to an inch or so by the time the final numbers come in. to himself rivers 1 1/2 in ocean -- toms river 1 1/2. it's going fob milder as we go into the afternoon. in the lehigh valley, 49 degrees mostly sunny and breeze. defendant improvement. down the shore sunshine coming
6:40 am
later on, breezy, 48 degrees. in philadelphia we'll go for a high of 50 this afternoon with sun returning during the morning and staying bright during the afternoon. there will be a cool breeze out of the northwest at 12 to 25 miles per hour. you'll want a jacket as you head outside. tonight the winds ease back, but the temperatures dip we'll get down to 31 in philadelphia. some suburbs in the mid 20s. tomorrow morning we wind up cold to start out, but in the afternoon we tack on a few extra degrees getting into the mid 50s in most neighborhoods tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 50 degrees is the high. bright and breezy out there. tomorrow a bit milder with a mix of clouds and sun, high of 56. speaking of mild how about 68 partly sunny and nice on wednesday, all the way up to 71 on an thursday, so a nice climb in temperatures over the next four days. on good friday we start out with showers with a front coming through. behind the front, the sun comes out, we get back up to 64.
6:41 am
cooler air for saturday, 59. sunday, clouds and sun for easter sunday, nice sunrise serve visits around 40 which is milder than it often is looking at low 60s in the afternoon. late easter sunday night showers hopefully that doesn't move up in time. we'll be watching abc, the. a celebrity surprises a bartender with a 1,000-dollar tip. >> reporter: looking live at the 30 bypass, business route 30. no signs of any snow, even the sides of road looking good. we'll check on the accident on i-95 when "action news" comes right back.
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welcome back taking a live look here, the view from sky6 live hd looking out over penns landing. traffic is moving along nicely, but karen has a number of instances where people have spun out. it could have to do with slick spots on it is roads. a major backup behind you. >> reporter: we had an accident that cleared a second ago, but the delay not so clear. i-95 northbound at cottman. two right lanes were blocked,
6:45 am
normally the delay is southbound. if you're driving northbound you're not expecting to see traffic like this. it's a 29 minute ride northbound from vine to the woodhaven normally it would be 16 minutes. that accident has cleared at least. we had an accident at i-95 southbound at broad street that cleared where a vehicle spun out. even though the roads look wet you have to be careful. route 113 northbound near lionville station road we have an accident involving an overturned vehicle we're seeing vee instructions in -- restrictions in both ways, be careful about that. king of prussia, south gulph road at bill smith boulevard look for an accident coming there. one at gilbertsville at swamp pike that's causing an issue as well. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing if you're worried about the snow it's long gone out of here off the coastline. most of the highways it's damp.
6:46 am
i would be careful on the ramps and bridge also and overpasses for a slick spot or two. we're seeing temperatures below freezing, quakertown, 27. warrington, 29. 35 degrees in center city. and still cold enough to be slick in a few spots in new jersey. you're below freezing just about everywhere. 31 in hammonton an cinnaminson and 36 in glassboro. new this morning, some of the biggest names in tennis are firing back at a tournament director's comments on women. he said female tennis players were lucky he suggested some of the up ken comers were getting more attention for their looks. serena williams have condemned the statements. williams noting that her grands slam bid last year caused tickets to the u.s. open final to sell out before the men's for the first time in history. new this morning, video shows a man dressed as an easter
6:47 am
bunny getting into a brawl at newport mall in jersey city. take a look in the middle the guy is covered in a white bunny suit. he is throwing punch also outside a seasonal display. there's no word on what started the brawl, somebody was not happy with what's getting in the easter basket. a little hard to see him in the middle of all that. are a live preview of "g.m.a." is next. bruce springsteen helps a fan who can't get to the school on time after his show. >> reporter: temperatures around freezing in some spots. we're dressing the kids in the winter gear this morning, after school they may change to lighter stuff. i'll have the day planner forecast next.
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le. >> reporter: welcome back for the most part roads are wet, but we've seen a bunch of accidents. i want to show you the schuylkill expressway, westbound traffic near belmont moving just fine. no sign of any snow looking at this highway here david. >> reporter: on the big board we have temperatures in the low to mid 30s across the region. we had wet snow that's off the coast. but it was very light and southeastern pennsylvania a lot of you have nothing on the lawn. in south jersey where you got it the roads are wet. we are looking at improvement, winds conditions this afternoon lots of sunshine coming back and
6:51 am
improvement in temperatures. we'll get up to a high of 50 degrees, probably at 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. thank you david. time to check in with "g.m.a." and see what they've got coming up. amy robach has a look at what's coming up after "action news." good morning, amy. >> reporter: great to be with you on this monday morning. president obama's historic trip to cuba, the first u.s. president to step foot on cuban soil in 90 years. david muir joins us live from cuba with a look at the exclusive interview with the president. trump rallies arguing that demonstrators deserve some of the blame. trump plans to add security to the event. cell phone danger and investigation under way after a passenger's iphone burst into flames on a flight to hawaii,
6:52 am
we'll tell you how it make sure it doesn't happen to you. "dancing with the stars" taking you behind the scenes with the final rehearsal as our ginger zee anne all the stars get ready to kick off the battle to the ballroom. robin and i will be jumping on a plane we'll be there in the audience cheering ginger on. a 9-year-old got an excuse note signed by the boss himself. he went to the bruce springsteen show, he held up a sign saying i'll be late to school tomorrow. sign my note. he invited the pair back stage and scribbled a note for the his teacher. he said he is has been out rocking and rolling please excuse him if he is tardy. amy schumer shocked a bartender in new york with a very generous tip. she ordered a round of drinks
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investigatorser trying to determine -- investigators are
6:56 am
trying to determine if the wet weather played a role in a crash overnight. one person was killed and five others injured. i-95 was closed over several hours during the investigation. one person was killed when a car slammed into the back of a salt truck in south jersey on route 55 near new garden road in vineland. it's unclear if the slick conditions were behind the wreck. >> reporter: i have to say most of the roads seem wet, but we have seen a number of accidents, the latest one on i-95 northbound, slow from the betsy ross bridge to cottman. an accident inkland township. >> reporter: the roads outside the station are drying out. we are looking at improvement if you're down the shore where's snow on the grass, take it slow for the next couple of hours, we'll be in the 40s and high
6:57 am
around 50 at 4:00 p.m. lots of sun coming back a little breezy. i'm looking to wednesday or thursday. >> reporter: it gets better. for karen rogers, nydia han, matt o'donnell, david murphy, i'm tamala edwards. we'll see you back here in 30 minutes with updates. ♪ i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms®. we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms®. no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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good morning, america. spring snowstorm. as much as half a foot in the east. schools closed in boston. severe weather causing this massive waterspout. abc news exclusive. david muir goes one-on-one with president obama. his historymaking trip to cuba this morning. the first u.s. president on the island in nearly 09 years. >> change is going to happen and i think raul castro understands that. >> preparing for a meeting with the cuban leader. donald trump announces he'll beef up security at more violent incidents at his rallies over the weekend. one supporter slugging a protester, stomping him on


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