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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  March 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning, it is tuesday march 22nd. matt o'donnell is off. nydia han is joining us. we have breaking news this morning. >> that's right. there has been an explosion at the airport there in brussels. we know right now that one person has been killed. that is all we know right now. details right now are very sketchy. again, explosions heard at the brussels airport. we are gathering details just can coming in. >> city hall in atlantic city could close down due to the financial crisis that is plaguing that gambling town. we'll have more on that. >> and charges are filed in
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that bunny there was north jersey. >> get to go all that in just a moment. first up let's check in with dave murphy and karen rogers who have the latest in traffic and weather. >> you can see on satellite we'll have plenty of sunshine early with a few clouds filtering through. later in clouds from the west. 35 degrees in philadelphia, 30 in allentown. some spots below freezing, some just below. wall want a jacket as you head outside this morning. mostly clear and cold, 33 degrees by 6 o'clock. probably still close to the freezing mark we'll go 34 at 8 o'clock this morning. not a lot of early wind but definitely coat weather. rolling into the afternoon though we are expecting some improvement. 38 degrees by 9 o'clock. by 11 o'clock, 45 and then we spend the afternoon in the 50's with a temperature of 56 by 3 o'clock and i expect a high today of 57 degrees and we'll probably hit that rather late in the afternoon, say, 57. breezes noticeable but not as much as yesterday. we are really shooting up with numbers tomorrow and then
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again on thursday, karen. nice temperatures on the seven day coming up and i'll have that for you in a couple minutes. >> all right day. we are dry this morning. we have clear conditions. no overnight construction here on the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill in both directions. really looking fine right now. we have construction blocking the left and center lane here on the pennsylvania turnpike. watch for it eastbound near bensalem. that's exit 351, crews on the scene blocking two lanes. we also have some roving crews out there causing restrictions on the northeast extension and this is both ways between mid-county toll plaza and lance day. in bridgeport we have a disabled tractor-trailer causing a problem. it's blocking a lane in montgomery county on union avenue and coat street. looking outside live this is what it looks like this morning on 422 at trooper. eastbound traffic very light volume. construction was blocking the in the process of clearing and things looking pretty good on the roads at this early hour. tam and nydia. >> we'll get right to our
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breaking news that is the explosion that is rocked the brussels airport. annie mccormick is live in the sat center with details. bits and pieces, video just coming in to us now. what do you know? >> and at this point, tam, this of course is all just coming in. we know there were two explosions at brussels airport. that is confirmed by abc news just moments ago. they confirm there was a third explosion possibly at a subway station also in brussels. that information just coming in. they also can confirm at least one person is dead but they did not have the total number of people injured yet at this time. well, take a look at these jarring um matches from the brussels airport that are just coming in to us. according to abc news there were two blasts around 8:00 a.m. in the departures area of the airport. we have learned that one person is dead and more injured. brussels is about five hours ahead of eastern standard time. now, in connection with philadelphia, we always want to check and see what flights are coming in and out. what we do know is that
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american airlines flight 750 left philadelphia last night and landed in brussels just before 7:00 a.m. this morning. flight 751 was scheduled to leave brussels at 9:40 their time bound for philadelphia this afternoon. now, all departures from brussels airport have been canceled and all incoming flights have since been diverted. we are still working to get information from the philadelphia international airport and american airlines as for the safety of those people that were on board those planes coming in and out of philadelphia. well, back out here live these explosions come own two days after the prime suspect in the paris attacks was arrested. authorities also launched a manhunt for another terror suspect in brussels. however, there is no confirmation at this time that this is a terrorist attack. of course we'll bring you the very latest as it becomes available within the next half hour. for now reporting live from the satellite center annie mccormick channel6 "action news." tam and nydia. >> annie thank you. here at the big wall atlantic city's if this crisis
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could force a shutdown of city government next month. city hall will be closed starting april 8th if state aid doesn't come through. all nonessential services are expected to be cut off for at least three weeks. atlantic city doesn't expect to have enough money to open for business again until may second at the earliest when it gets its quarterly tax revenue. during the shutdown police officers, firefighters and sanitation workers are expected to work without pay until the city gets up and running again. atlantic city mayor released this statement tonight. "we are greatly aware of the potential impact this will have on all of our employees. we are making every effort to find solutions prior to the april 8th deadline ." a plane going from followed ireland had to make an emergency landing. the american airlines flight diverted to logan international airport in boston on its way to dublin last night. massachusetts state police say a woman on board may have had a medical issue and her
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husband to restrain her. she was taken off that of flight. >> voters in several western states head to the polls today. arizona and utah feature contests for both parties while idaho democrats also hold presidential caucuses. ted cruz looking to prevent frontrunner donald trump from getting votes '82 utah. bernie sanders delivering a foreign policy address in salt lake steve. other candidates courted the jewish vote. donald trump spoke at the american israel public affairs convention last night. he confirmed his commitment to the country. earlier in the day hillary clinton took direct aim at trump criticizing some of his past comments on middle east issues. and president obama is stillly in cuba this morning on his historic strip continuing to try to mend relations. at 5:00 a.m. we'll tell you what's on today's agenda for the president and how baseball is right in the middle of the international drama.
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now, "good morning america" will have team coverage of the presidential race of course what is happening in brussels and the u.s.-cuba meeting. "gma" starts at 7 o'clock. >> there will not be a showdown today in federal court between apple and the u.s. justice department. this comes after a new twist. the fbi says an unnamed what they are calling outside party is trying to unlock the iphone of syed farook one of those accused san bernadino mass killers. the government believes the phone could hold more clues to the tragedy. apple refused the fbi's request to write a new software to access the phone. the tech company argued it's a privacy violation. that dispute was to be the focus of the hearing today. the federal judge has given the fbi until april 5th to determine if indeed this outside party can provide the help that they need. >> vet flarians at the delaware county spca are treating a puppy that had been left to die. this six month old mohammed clover was rescued last week from an upper darby home. officials say she had been tied to a banister and
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deserted. they believe she may have spent three to four weeks in that condition. she nearly decapitated herself while chewing through the cable. >> the dog chewed itself off of this table cable. that might have took awhile but when they got it out we still had the remaining of the collar out of his neck. it was bad. i couldn't see having a kid and having a dog in that hous house. >> changeover has a handful of more surgeries left and weeks of recovery. the spca is asking for donations to cover her medical costs. officials say charges are pending. >> charges are now filed in easter bunny brawl in a north jersey mall. we showed you the video from the mall yesterday morning. police say jiminez guerrero attacked charles after his toddler slipped from a chair during a photo op. both men are charged. >> it is 4:38. march madness is buzzing right
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here in philadelphia. the wells fargo center is preparing to host games this weekend. we'll tell you what's up at the arena this morning and have an update on villanova's travel plans. >> and people who use their kindle could run into a problem in just a matter of hours. we'll tell you what you need to do. that's coming up in your business headlines. david. >> looks like it's going to be a sunny start but starting out cold so we're dressing can kids in the warm gear. this afternoon they can ease it back a little bit. we'll have your afternoon call and some potential near record warmth a little later in the work week. that's all ahead from accuweather. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> our breaking news coming to us out of belgium. overnight explosions rocked part of the airport there. it's a tiny airport but we've heard that there were two explosions, one after the other. they have shut down all flights out of this airport. they diverted anything that was supposed to arrive there. very hard to get to the
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airport. of course they're trying to get to the bottom of what may be going on here. a short while ago we heard there were also -- there was smoke can coming out of a subway there in brussels and that has caused them to close all of the station's and if you want to -- we don't talk about brussels a will the in the news but it's a very important small country. the eu is headquartered there. nato is headquartered there. it is at the part beat of the european government there and also it has a neighborhood called molenbeek. that was where a lot of attacksers had can come from. two days ago they arrested last person they were looking for there in molenbeek. this morning a lot of questions about what are the can connections with this event. >> and of course the airport completely shut down now. plains that were headed to the brussels airport are being diverted. no flights are going out. we know that at least one person has been killed but certainly that death toll
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could rise. our annie mccormick is following this story and she will have a live update in just a little bit. >> you're taking a look at all of the people milling about there on the tarmac. we're being told the terror level there in brussels is now at the maximum level as they try to put together all the pieces. of course abc news, 6abc keeping an eye on all of this as we get in information, we're sharing it with you. >> abc news last night had reportd that they thought it could go either way with additional attacks and even though we don't have a necessarily link between this and the guy that was arrested but that he said in the wake of that arrest it could be that something else is imminent or that all of the terrorists will go underground because of that arrest. >> it is a sad reality we live in now. >> it sure is. >> waiting for the next one to take place. >> we'll see how that unfolds. of course these guys will have the latest as we roll through the next couple hours. let's get you to the weather, storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you that there is nothing going on out there precipitation-wise and in fact won't be for the next several days. as we take a look outside we are looking at sky6 and tranquil morning with winds on the light side.
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it is on the cold side as well so you'll want to grab the coat on the way out the door. currently in philadelphia, 35 degrees. your winds are out of the west at 10. not all that strong but definitely chilly out there. temperatures across the region, 30 in allentown, 32 in reading, 34 in trenton, 32 in wilmington and 41 degrees in cape may. a little bit better down south. satellite shows you how we have knocked the clouds out overnight and we are going to wind up with sunshine to start out and then a few more clouds will have a tendency to filter in as the day goes on. overall we'll call it a partly sunny afternoon ahead. we're looking at a high of 57 degrees, though, so it is going to get milder than yesterday. 42 by 10 o'clock. by noon 48 but the majority of the afternoon in the 50's and i think that 57-degree high probably hits rather late around 3:30 or 4:00 this afternoon. taking a look at high temperatures north to south, everybody is looking pretty good. 57 up in allentown, 58 in reading, 56 in trenton and in millville, 54 in cape may. a bit milder today and not as windy. the winds only running around eight to 16 miles per hour
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this afternoon. so, not quite as blustery many i was out there trimming some hedges in that wind yesterday it wasn't something else. later tonight we are expecting partly cloudy skies and if you happen to catch a look at the moon, let me z-it would be in the southeast, it's what's called a full worm moon tonight but to the upper left of it you might catch a real bright star and that's going to be the planet jupiter which will be visible tonight. then tomorrow things are looking good. we got a warm front that's going to park itself off to the north of us and that's going to allow for temperatures to soar. we'll get up to 70 degrees tomorrow which is 15 degrees above average. and by thursday, we may be getting very close to a record high in philadelphia. it will be nice. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, we have partly sunny and nice conditions today with a high of 57 degrees. not as windy as yesterday. and then tomorrow all the way up to 70 turning warmer in the afternoon with partly sunny skies. on thursday, frontal boundary gets real close to us and we wind up ahead of that front with a high of 75 degrees
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which is 1 degree off the record high for thursday's date. there could be a late day or night time shower on thursday and some of that probably spills into friday morning with at least a few showers around and then a little cooler in the afternoon but still comfortable, 64 degrees and good friday should feature the return of some sunshine in the afternoon. then for the coming weekend mostly sunny on saturday, a high of 57 degrees, a nice start to the weekend on though it's a little cooler and on easter sunday we're looking at clouds mixing with some sun, 63 the high and we're now allowing for a late day or night time shower but it looks like most of the day is dry and on one model in particular it's completely dry even at night. and then on monday, mostly cloudy skies, 63 and we may see some showers and perhaps a thunderstorm. remember, when we're not on the air here on 6abc, you can always get the late of the "action news" weather update by going to we will keep our eyes on that rain for sunday. hopefully easter is dry, though. >> fingers crossed. >> thank you, david. march madness is running wild in philadelphia. the wells fargo center will
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host two sweet 16 games starting friday night. the banner already rolled out and this morning the logos for those games will be installed into the basketball court. villanova occasionally plays home games at the wells fargo center but the wildcats are on a new road trip today to kentucky. we'll have more on the cat's journey coming up. >> time to talk about morning business. taking a look at the cards on the table. the words world's largest internet poker site has officially set up shop in atlantic city. poker stars is now operating out of a lounge at the resorts casino. gamblers have to physically be located inside of new jersey within the state borders to play even though all the play is doneline. more than 40 new york millionaires want to pay more in taxes. the group wants governor andrew cuomo and state lawmakers to raise taxes on the top 1 percent of own earners. the group includes members of the disney nd rockefeller families. major stock indies will
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gains yesterday. the dow was up 22 points. this morning though futures are pointing to a lower open but hopefully things will come up as the day goes on. starting wednesday, some of you might have some problems with your kindle. amazon says if you don't update your older e-reader before march 22nd it will not be able to download books from the cloud or the kindle storm. it also won't be able to connect to the internet. the update affects kindle models made in 2012 and earlier. >> ♪ on this cushion for generations.
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>> ♪ >> isn't that a beautiful shot of the moon? i'm going to be doing some star gadessing tonight t it will be a full moon and potentially you might see jupiter a little bit better as well. let's take a look at the roads. bucks county this is i-95 at business route one. traffic here moving very nicely, no problems northbound approaching this point. the overnight construction is clear, so traffic is in good shape there. how about the roosevelt boulevard. southbound traffic moving just fine as you head towards the schuylkill. no problem at this point on the boulevard as we look live at ridge avenue. we do have this disabled tractor-trailer that's still out here blocking a lane in bridgeport montgomery county. so watch for it on union avenue at coach street. you'll see at least one lane blocked there. hopping into new jersey this is what it looks like on 42 northbound traffic very light
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volume coming up from turnersville blackwood or deptford. no big problem there. we do have construction that began last week near salem county on 48. that's harding highway. they've shut it down between lakeside lane and leighton's lake drive until march 31st of next year. got to deal with this one for quite a long time. course's landing road is your fault for that one. alternate for that one. >> breaking news out of brussels, two explosions ripped through the departure hall at brussels airport. we are learning that a number of people have died. we are waiting to get confirmation on exactly how many we know of so far. we have received confirmation just a little bit ago that at least one person has died but now we are hearing reports that that death toll has gone up and we are also learning about an explosion in brussels metro station near european union headquarters. the metro was leaving molenbeek station. we're hearing all of the metro stations are shut down in brussels. of course the airport is shut
4:53 am
down as well. all planes that had been heading toward the brussels airport are being diverted. again, a number of casualties that we know of so far. >> and as you're taking a look at this video people milling around the tarmac there obviously a lot of people have been there, they're six hours ahead of us getting trod get their day started trying to get on their flights in and out of brussels now being led back away from those planes. and again, we know one person hurt, several more reports of people having blood on their face, reports of injuries. still waiting to find out what's going on with that. two days ago they arrest edsall la abdeslam there in the molenbeek neighborhood and there had been questions about whether or not there would be any connected events. >> that's right. he was a prime suspect in the paris attacks. he was just arrested in brussels just two days ago. and so we have been telling you about that. >> and we will continue to -- as soon as that information comes into to us also a we try to understand what's going on we will share that with you but of course that's the big
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story this morning. we'll take a short break and come right back.
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>> two. >> samaritans saved a driver trapped in this fiery crash near houston texas. the car hit a tree and then just went into flames. 26-year-old man driving then fainted. thankfully two men saw this going on and helped him. they bent back part of the door and pulled that man out. the victim suffered severe burns to his legs.
4:57 am
he's hospitalized but he's expected to recover. an 11-year-old boy stole that cement truck leading police on quite the chase in minnesota. cell phone video captured part of it. the boy swiped that truck from a contractor then sped off going up to 70 miles an hour. he surrendered when he ended up on a dead end steed. the officers are okay but that boy is facing a day in juvenile court. >> still ahead on "action news," comedian bill cosby takes another hit in court. we'll have the details. >> and breaking international news. brussels airport is rocked by several explosions as are subway stations in the city. a live report is coming up. >> ♪ at wegmans we believe the best way to help you
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday march 22nd. i'm tamala edwards here with nydia han. matt o'donnell is off. we're working on breaking stories this morning. >> including a deadly explosion that's rocked a airport and subway stations in belgium. we're live with the details. >> a new jersey resort town may be forced to shut down if weeks if state officials don't step in. >> president obama will try to take u.s.-cuban relations another step forward today and end his trip with baseball. >> first let's check in with dave murphy and karen rogers. they've got accuweather and traffic. good morning. >> all right, we're starting out rather chilly this morning but we are going to be bright in a little while. you can see the lack of any significant cloud cover. out to the west there are a few additional clouds by pittsburgh and they'll start to filter in as the day goes on. 35 d


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