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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 1, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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dating, but i buried both of my parents last year, and none of you came. anyway, with good-byes come new beginnings. everyone, say hello to big carl. (ellie and laurie) ohh. rest in peace, big joe. (sniffles) we'll always remember the good times. ♪
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ylysol with hydrogen peroxide. bleach. for a tough clean with zero percent bleach. lysol that.
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e switched to tide turbo clean and now we get way cleaner clothes way faster make a mess make a mess, make a mess that's a big mess your first words save time with tide he turbo clean. it's quick collapsing suds reduce rinse time and don't overwhelm your machine so you get 6x cleaning power in 1/2 the time tide america's #1 detergent a house in the phoenix area suffered minor damage after a plane's emergency slide hit it. the homeowner said she heard a
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bang. and felt the whole house shake. officials later determined the slide came from al atlas air boeing 767. >> wow. >> what? >> interesting. >> how in the world? shoe designer christian louis vuitton is adding more colors to his red seouled empire. he debuted seven diverse shades ranging from porcelain to deep chocolate. >> oh. the company says "the expansive collection ensures that every woman can find a nude perfectly suited to her complexion. the new line is available for preorder and will hit the pavement this spring. prices start at $595. >> uh-huh. >> what? >> yeah. >> is that what those things go for. >> a pretty penny, yeah. >> and that's -- this is not an april fools' joke. >> no, it is not. they look very nice. nude colors for different skin colors blend in. so this is a good move i think.
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>> but it's not a good price. >> no. wait for a christmas sale. >> you're looking at your sneaks? >> noel has fluorescent green shoe laces on today. >> at least one famous rapper's complexion may soon be colored why. iggy azalea is responding to comments caught on tape made by her fiance. >> it has social media buzzing. >> she's used to being in the fast lane. ♪ >> but iggy azalea might be contemplating. >> i'll be better off without you. >> after her l.a. lake areas fiance nick young caught on tape and discussing intimate relations with many women none of them named igy. >> deangel local russell shot the video of young mid conversation in a hotel room. it wound up on a celebrity
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gossip site apparently without young's knowledge. it quickly went viral. d'angelo russell is facing the heat. both on and off the court. his charge, violating the universal guy code. outraged fans greeted russell with a cavalcade of boos. his lakers teammates have reportedly shunned the number two pick in last year's draft. after the game, he apologized for taking the video saying he cherished young's friendship. >> he's one of the guys that i've always talked to about anything. >> reporter: but offered no explanations how the tape got out there. >> this just got in the wrong hands. it wasn't a prank, it wasn't something for everybody else to see. it was for my and his eyes only. >> iggy responded on twitter. i actually liked d'angelo's film. thanks, bro. just a few weeks ago, iggy spoke to gma about her upcoming
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nuptials with young. >> anybody who's been married i empathize with you. we're trying to make our wedding cool and young and hip. >> so what was a big mistake, russell's mistake in recording this? getting it somehow out there or nick young's mistake in. >> you know, russ, they said violated the guy code there. >> completely bro code. >> yeah. >> completely bro code. >> where do you stand? >> he violated the code. nick young tweeted and deleted he's so done with 2016. but ouch, it's a tough one. >> they were friends at one point. the coach actually said that he thought that russell was young and kind of getting into his own. maybe this help him mature a little. >> yeah. part of the reason the lakers aren't playing good. all right. coming up, what's opening at the box office this weekend. >> we'll check out two films involving political and international intrigue as well as a look at being young and
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free in 1980. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ it is time for "insomniac theater" checking out two movies opening this weekend starting with a timely political thriller. >> helen mirren stars as colonel catherine powell in command of a top secret drone operation to capture terrorists in kenya. she sees her mission escalate when a girl enters a kill zone triggering a dispute over the implication of modern warfare. >> this is the closest i've ever got. so we need to expand our rules of engagement right now to protect the civilian population. >> we have to know that we're legally in the clear. >> "eye in the sky" starring alan rickman scoring a solid 92%. the critics apparently love it. molly of the "philadelphia inquirer" calls the movie
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disturbing but also balanced and ambivalent about what is right and detroit news adam graham chimes in saying it offers no easy answers only difficult questions about following orders and cost of war. i would be interested in seeing this. >> intriguing. great. next up significantly lighter fare to talk about. everybody wants some. director richard link letter takes us on a semi biographical trip back to his college days in the 1980s. blake jenner stars in the film which fearings a group of baseball players navigating their way through the freedoms and shall we say responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood in the post disco era. >> and my friends are going to try to move your feet. see i am -- and i'd like to say hello. back to the white, the red and the brown the purple and yellow. bang, bang, boogie to the boogie to the bang-bang boogie let's
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rock. you don't stop. rock the rhythm that will make your body rock. >> can you finish rap? >> everybody wants some is getting top billing. everybody wants a piece of this. 96% on rotten toe pay the toes and it's hard to find anything but critical raves here. richard roeper of the "chicago sun-times" writes, the nonsequel of a sequel to dazed and confused has pitch perfect tone. chris knight of the national post says it captures a specific time with its goof ball mustache and two tight tees. clearly but without any dripping nostalgia. >> very interesting. >> of course, dazed and confused launched a lot of careers. >> ben affleck, matt damon. >> matthew mcconaughey and a who the of other folks. coming up, some super snack fozzy movie time this weekend. >> stay with us. "insomniac theater" for some
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gourmet goodies coming up. you're watching "world news now." >> "insomniac kitchen." can't put it in like that... ... you have to rinse it first. that's baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? trust your dishwasher with cascade platinum. it powers... ...through... your toughestuck-on food. better than finish. cascade. moisture so i can get into it ao enhance mbit quicker. ral and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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♪ from the candy stand makes it all seem twice as good, saturday night at the movies ♪ >> oh, welcome back to "insomniac theater." now that you've got a taste of the new movies out this weekend, it's time for another taste. >> we're lucky enough to have trendy new snacks you can bring to the theater or enjoy at home. let's start with a new twist on a movie staple. popcorn. >> okay. >> this popcorn, by the way, was made special for us by our insomniac friends at afd super snacks. so shall we dig in and try it? >> yeah. >> do have notes on these popcorns here. >> it's a special type of popcorn? >> uh-huh. this is real popcorn we should point out. it's custom flavored called insomniac.
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>> it's good. >> it is great. it's fantastic. >> very good. i like hab -- it has a cumin taste to it or something. >> yes, something like that. >> what's in it. >> whatever cumin is. >> it's very good. i like it. >> is that an indian thing? i don't know. >> yeah. >> it's great. >> next a food you wouldn't think of as a movie snack. sourdough bread. >> you know those dine-in theaters? i've been to those. >> you've been to -- wow. >> sliced. >> you've been to theaters where they serve just sourdough bread? >> yeah, the one out west where you know, you have the lounge chair and they serve you right there? >> i never go to fancy movie theaters. >> it's great. >> very good. sourdough bread. you can never go wrong with sourdough. i never thought of putting it in my purse when i go out to the theater. >> it's a great idea. >> see how you like them apples. a childhood classic seeing a resurgence right now, the
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caramel apple. all right. let's go in. try this. >> wait. >> how do you get it out? there you go. >> kind of tough. it's great. >> i can't taste the apple. >> can't taste it? >> huh-uh. >> no? >> it's an onion. >> you can't taste it? >> it's a caramel onion. oh, my gosh. >> no. my apple tastes great. >> it's actually pretty good. >> we do have a making of video. >> you do? >> show you. >> it's really good. >> is it? >> it's great. it is an onion. >> uh-huh. it's brought to you by the afd snacks, april fools' day snacks. >> oh! >> you are munching on that
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this morning on "world news now," the murder of a state trooper. >> a training exercise at a bus station turns deadly as a gunman opens fire, the search for answers in this apparently random attack on police. breaking overflight, the storm season continues. damaging tornadoes ripping up the south as massive ands of rain wash away roads. the system continuing its march east. >> the donald facing a barrage of attacks on two key subjects. what he's now saying about his backtracking on abortion, plus fears of nuclear proliferation should he make it to the white house. >> just in time for opening day, baseball's secret weapon. the 105-year-old super fan getting to throw out the first pitch at the texas rangers game. why she says she's not nervous
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in the slightest. batters up on this friday, april 1st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good friday morning, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. >> let's get started with the sad news we learned about from that bus terminal in virginia. it was a shoot-out. the trooper badly wounded by gunfire has now passed away. >> chad dermyer was a member of the state police counter-terrorism unit, a married father of two and a marine corps veteran. just 37 years old. he and other troopers were taking part in an exercise when a man suddenly opened fire sending frightened passengers scrambling to safety. abc's david kerley has more on how the deadly attack unfolded. >> reporter: officers moving innocent bystanders away moments after the chaotic shooting. > this man was like get down, get down. threw me to the ground. crawl, crawl. >> reporter: virginia state police in the midst of an exercise at the richmond greyhound bus station when is a trooper encounters the suspect
3:02 am
right inside the door. >> while he was talking to this individual, he pulled out a gun and shot the trooper. >> all units be advised active shooting. >> passengers fleeing the terminal as ambulance crews arrived at the still chaotic scene. >> a mass casualty. >> reporter: the trooper who approached the gunman was shot at close range. two civilians suffered gunshot wounds. the suspect was killed. >> the shooter is down. >> reporter: as the s.w.a.t. team stood down, police officials would not be spec about what kind of exercise account officers were conducting at that bus station before the shooting. police are still in the middle of the investigation here at the bus station. there's no indication this was anything more than a crime, no link to terrorism. but sad news we learned that the trooper shot has passed away. david kerley, abc news, richmond, virginia. dozens of students in texas
3:03 am
have been hospitalized after their bus rolled over. it was carrying members of a high school track team in jasper counties. investigators say the right tires of the bus went off the pavement and the driver overcorrected sending the bus into a ditch. it rolled over several times before stopping. it was not equipped with seat belts. >> a long flight for many people. more tornados are possible overnight and into the morning in the deep south. at least three twisters touched down last night in mississippi and alabama in an area straddling the border. one caused extensive damage to homes and businesses near columbus, mississippi. trees and power lines were flocked down but there are no reports of injuries or deaths. one falling trapped passengers in their car. >> eastern oklahoma residents yesterday cleaned up from a tornado that touched down several times. homes and businesses there, as well in about a square mile of a mostly residential area had damage. a large tree fell on a popular wedding venue. the owner says it's probably a total loss.
3:04 am
there were only minor injuries in that area. >> turning to the race for the white house and donald trump huddling with republican leaders. the meeting came after trump sat down with foreign policy advisors following a day sparked by his comments on abortion, comments he now says were taken out of context. with more, here's abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: donald trump off the campaign trail and meeting privately with gop leaders. telling fox news -- >> it was a very good meeting, very good people. very actually a terrific meeting i think. it's really a -- >> reporter: this coming a day after trump started taking heat from the left and the right for his controversy comments about abortion. >> just yesterday, donald trump said women should be punished for having an abortion. >> donald trump is clearly not prepared to be president of the united states. >> but you have to ban it. >> reporter: the criticism coming after this exchange during an msnbc forum when asked
3:05 am
about punishment if abortion were to be banned. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman. >> yeah. >> reporter: hours later, reversing course stating the woman is a victim and doctors would be held legally responsible. beyond abortion on nuclear policy, the white house thursday slamming trump's suggestion that south korea and japan might have to develop their own nuclear arsenals to deter north korea. >> frankly, it would be catastrophic were the united states to shift its position and indicate that we support somehow the proliferation of nuclear weapons to additional countries. >> reporter: as for the rnc meeting, a republican party official telling abc news it was set up in response to a standing invitation. trump taking the gop up on it several days ago before the abortion comments. >> thank you, lauren. we should point out the wisconsin primary is just days away. but the democrats already looking ahead and campaigning in new york. more than 15,000 people gathered
3:06 am
at a park in the south bronx last night to the rally for bernie sanders. the sanders campaign is clashing with hillary clinton over allegations she's accepted contribution frtsz fossil fuel companies. clinton was visibly angry when confronted at a campaign event by a greenpeace activist. >> fuel money in your campaign? >> i have money from people that work for fossil fuel companies -- i am so if i can of the standard campaign lying about that. i'm sick of it. >> wow. >> the sanders campaign fired back saying clinton has taken money from lobbyists for the industry. meanwhile, sanders just had another record-breaking month$4 >> police in upper marion say a suspect is in custody. they say tips came in once the surveillance video was
3:07 am
broadcast. the child was taken from a food court in the king of prussia mall. police say that the suspect started talking to the mother and offered to hold the baby while the mother took a phone call. then walked away with him. the baby is safe. and has been collected out by doctors. >> a new study finds there's been no change in the percentage of children diagnosed with autism. but researchers caution it's too soon to say whether the number is stabilizing. about one in 68 school age children have autism or related disorders. that's the same as it was when health officials checked two years earlier. the slicer at your local delhi may not be as clean as you'd like to think. the fda requires the machines to be cleaned once every four hours. but according to a new study, only about half of the delhis met that that requirement. chain delhis were more likely to meet the standard than independently operated ones. >> i never thought about that about having the sloo slicer
3:08 am
cleaned. i just assumed they cleaned. could you do your own swab test and send it into a lab? >> i don't think i'd want to see it. >> probably right on that one. one of the greatest thrills ever for a baseball superfan is getting to throw out the first pitch. the texas rangers have chosen someone very special to take the mound next wednesday. >> 105-year-old elizabeth sullivan, a retired teacher and now hard-core fan. she's been practicing for her big day. it turns out she has a pretty good arm still. it would be understandable if she had some jitters. >> if you paypass 100, you don't get nervous. you either go go to a rest home or behave yourself. i hope i can get it overhand. >> perhaps it's fate, but the starting time of that game is 1:05. >> oh. and if you're wondering where she gets all that energy, forget the health shakes. elizabeth's been drinking three bottles of ice code dr. pepper every day for more than 50
3:09 am
years. what's in a dr. pepper? >> so that is the key. >> apparently she's seen every one of the games the rangers have hadded for the past 15 years. that is a super fan. >> very nice. >> super fan. >> she's also one that hasn't seen them win in awhile. >> maybe this will be her day. >> this will be the year. coming up, a widening political scandal in alabama. why a growing number of constituents are calling for the state's governor to resign. the newly released audio recordings that are raising new questions. >> t minus one day away from the national peanut butter and jelly day. we'll have innovative ideas for enjoying one of the nation's most classic of favorite combinations. >> remember to find us on facebook at on twitter @abcwnn. you're watching abc "world news now." for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit
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it was a case of sudden acceleration on the water. a whale watching ship crashed into the dock in san diego here, damaging the ship and the dock and injuring some passengers as you can see. three people taken to the hospital. other passengers were unable to disembark because the dock's walkway was also damaged. the crew blames a mechanical malfunction. a rape victim is suing baylor university for title 9 violations and negligence. the suit claims that school officials were intentionally indifferent to complaints about a former football player tempb
3:14 am
elliott was convicted two years ago of raping the woman. the suit alleges that school officials told her there was nothing they could do and that she was not the first woman to complain about elliott. mr. a growing number of complaints out of alabama this morning amidst a widening chorus of calls for the governor to resign. >> he denies having had an affair with a top aide. new recordings are raising new questions. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: alabama's governor refusing to step down. >> i just want the people of alabama to know there is nothing illegal. >> reporter: the conservative governor and former baptist deacon under fire after admitting to sexually charged conversation with an aide. ha woman resigning a week after recorded conversations publicly surfaced. >> we did what we did the other night. >> reporter: those chats allegedly between mason and the then married governor.
3:15 am
>> it just pull you real close. >> reporter: governor bentley insisting the relationship wasn't physical. >> i have never had a physical affair with mrs. mason. >> reporter: and now growing calls for governor to call it quits. >> he should resign. it's going to get worse and worse. >> reporter: the state is conduct agethics investigation and a stay lawmaker says he plans to propose a resolution calling for the governor's impeachment next week. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. apparently he was elected into office in 2011 for his squeaky clean church going image. >> yes, and he was one that came out against gay marriage very sternly. and voila. old owed time. >> coming up in our next half hour, u.s. women's soccer takes a giant legal step forward. five of its top players have filed a criminal complaint charging a huge pay disparity between the mens and women's team. how much less are they getting paid than the guys?
3:16 am
>> but first, the nation's -- the nation pays homage to an american culinary classic. a gastronomic marriage made in heaven. we're going to have some peanut butter and jelly ideas unlike any you have seen before or tasted. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news "
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♪ early in the morning ♪ i like peanut butter creamy peanut butter chunky peanut butter too ♪ >> one of the greatest combinations in modern history. and one we all hold dear with childhood nostalgia. it's peept butter and jelly. since saturday in national peanut butter and jelly -- marla meredith is here with creative
3:18 am
ways to celebrate. >> today we're going to go from sort of breakfast into snacks and stuff like that. we have a baked peanut butter and jelly oatmeal. this you can either hack and do on the fly with instant oatmeal and mix it with peanut butter and almond milk and all na yummy stuff and jelly and top it with all kinds of fresh fruits and peanuts, of course. and you can choose in there whether or not you want your smooth or creamy in any of these recipes, you can decide. >> it's good. >> it's up to you. and then we have also for breakfast or if you have like midnight munchies and stuff like that, we have peanut butter inchy la da french toast. okay? if you want to help me make this, this is super fun. all we need is our tortilla. i like whole wheat. it makes me feel i'm being a little bit more health conscious. so you just spread your peanut butter onto the tortilla.
3:19 am
i like huge heaps of it. and thenen what we're going to do is spread our jelly on. >> okay. >> and then. >> look at yours. i like it. you went slim and like. i'm like heaping it on. >> i've got the dieter's version. >> and i have the i'm starving version. then you roll it. >> you roll, okay. >> just roll. and then what we're going to do is we would have a hot saute pan ready. >> you're from colorado, right? >> i am. >> you're a much better roller than i am. >> i wonder why. we just roll on the go. uh-huh. uh-huh. yeah, we know how to roll and go. so okay. so what we do -- yeah, we do. so we would roll it and then we would dip it in an egg wash and then we have our hot saw the tate pan with butter. we pop those in, saute them for a little bit. so good, buttery yummy and the perfect roll into that's great. >> it's so good. >> sounds fantastic. >> and then so you're craving
3:20 am
more of a snack. you want a little more of a sugar hit. you could do a homemade peanut butter cookie and if you're in a real pinch like no time for homemade cookies go to the store and buy a pack of homemade. >> we have those days. >> we're getting home from work. all we want to do is buy a box of cookies. why not make a pb and j cookie sandwich. here's your cookie. again, peanut butter and jelly is the best. all you need to do is spread it here and there and you're good to go. put your peanut butter on the other half. put your jelly and then you smush them all together and you have the most delicious cookie sandwiches. you can use any kind of cookie for this. go for it. so good. >> mm. >> you can use any kind of cookie for this. we like peanut butter cookies because it adds to the fun. >> did you make these cookies? >> totally. i brought them from colorado. i baked last night before i got
3:21 am
here. >> they're clearly not store bought. >> they're so good. one of our favorite res peeps all of them are on the website so they're ready for you. >> just before you dig in, i came with a big enough spoon. >> i don't think that's big enough. an ice creep scoop never big enough. >> here. >> kendis always comes in for the best -- >> you do. >> like flies in just in time for ice cream. >> you do do a good job at rolling. >> yeah, well, you know, it's our motto these days. that's what we do. >> what is this? >> we have, uh-oh, it's getting everywhere. >> make a mess. i'm a bad guest. >> so that's a bb and j ice cream into thank uh-oh so much as kendis finishes off the rest of your delicious cooking, we want to note your amazing recipes and lifestyle information can be found on her website, meredith marla you're watching "world news now." dig in. >> i guess i have to finish it. >> you got to do it.
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all right. now it's time for the mix. big news from trader joe's, such a great place to get healthy food, packaged food. the price is right. they're shutting down almost 500 stores across the country closing. >> bankruptcy. >> april fools'. apparently they put out this joke and it was supposed to be an april fools' joke and they sent out a notice saying guess what, the shocking news may hit you hard but fear not, it's april fools' time. >> what really got my heart pumping there when you said that, that i wouldn't be able to get my two buck chucking. > two buck chuck wine. >> i enjoyed that in college but then i graduated. >> today is april if you. and the guys pulled an early april fools' joke on me. this is brian, our producer. they decided to go to my office
3:26 am
there and set up hundreds of cups with water in it. >> how do they do that? >> while we were shooting "america this morning." can you believe that? i found one this morning behind the plant. even super man and batman got in on the act. then my reaction. >> oh, my god. >> special polka for david who is retiring. our director. ♪ ♪ ♪
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this m this morning on "world news now," breaking overnight. twisters touch down. the spring storm system punishing the south with tornadoes terrorizing the region. heavy rains leaded for the midwest and the east coast. the latest just ahead. >> machete attack, people confronted by a suspect with a giant knife at a south florida restaurant. what police are saying about the encounter. and new this half hour it, electric car revolution. >> the new more affordable tesla unveiled overnight. thousands lined up all across the country to plunk down their first payment before even getting a glimpse of vehicle. and fit for a queen b, beyonce slowing off her brand-new athletic clothing line. women lining up for a chance to work out like a superstar on
3:31 am
this friday, april 1st. ♪ i thought we were blasting off to space, but this new music is actually original music. >> the original "world news now" music on this -- this was one by yanni. >> i didn't know he did a version. things you learn. "world news now" history. >> great being with you on this sunday, april 1st, everyone. >> right to our top story. the severe weather in the south especially along the mississippi, alabama boarder >> at least three tornadoes touched down last night. more are possible through this morning. damage is reported to homes and byes. it's part of a storm system working its way across the south. we get more from abc's steve osunsami in arkansas. >> reporter: it's getting dark on millions of families in the southeast who will need to watch out for possibly deadly storms. hail in arkansas is mother nature's warning. the rain trapped drivers in what
3:32 am
looked like raging rivers nearly rock. this is the moment when firefighters rescued three people holding on to a tree for dear life. a number of families north of tulsa are homeless. the weather service is now blaming at least two tornados in northeastern oklahoma that smashed homes and knocked down power poles. i hope people are taking cover. phillip mena is at a church where during the storm they were praying for salvation. >> well, it's amazing that the lord delivered us from this. >> reporter: passengers on an american airlines flight from dallas to memphis thought they were going to meet their maker when the plane ran into severe weather. >> we had to divert. >> reporter: a drink cart went flying and hurt two flight attendants. >> this guy behind me is saying are we going down, are we going down? and he goes, i got kids. i said sir, i said i promise you, this aircraft is 100% safe
3:33 am
and everything is fine. >> reporter: here's something else we're seeing. roads like this one that have been washed away. you could fit a truck in here. with more rain on the way, all of this such more likely. steve osunsami, abc news is, jonesboro, arkansas. >> that virginia state trooper wounded by gunfire at a greyhound station ins in richmond has died. chad dermyer and other troopers from the state police counter-terrorism unit were at the terminal for an exercise when a man approached him and opened fire at close range. the gunman was killed instantly when troopers returned fire. investigators don't yet know why the gunman started shooting. > we do not know. we don't know if he was here visiting and happened to be at the station or if he had come here and just gotten off a bus. >> reporter: two civilians were hurt in the shoot-out but expected to recover. trooper dermyer was a marine corps veteran and married father of two. he was 37 years old.
3:34 am
>> some new details in in the brussels tear attack. the new york police department warned dutch authorities about the brothers lo blew themselves up. that was passed to the dutch a week before the attacks but was obviously ignored. police say a fistfight over a woman outside a florida bar escalated. one of the combatants allegedly went to his car and got a machete and attacked two other bar patrons. police say the machete wielder and two other men fled into miami. if he was caught after allegedly attacking a police dog. >> to politics now and a massive show of support for bernie sanders. some estimated 15,000 people crammed into a park in the south bronx last night. sanders talked about wall street, greed and taking on the donald. meanwhile, his campaign just announced another record-breaking month of fund-raising. $44 million in march alone. mostly from small money donors. and ted cruz has cleared a legal hurdle in pennsylvania.
3:35 am
the state supreme court agreed that cruz is indeed eligible to appear on the primary ballot later in month. a republican voter had challenged cruz because he was born in canada but cruz's eligible to become president because his mother was born in the united states. one more note. just days after threatening to sue the rnc, donald trump sat down privately with the party chairman, trump described the meeting as electric. saying they talked about unity. the meeting was planned before trump was slammed for comments on punishing women for having abortions if it were illegal. after backtracking from those remarks, he's now suggesting they were taken out of context. a high profile officer from miami is now the new chief of the ferguson police department. the hiring of del risch moss puts a black man in charge of a mostly white department. ferguson has a majority african-american population. the ferguson police and the municipal court system came under heavy criticismfuling the shooting of michael brown. and a new development in the
3:36 am
case of an oklahoma reserve deputy who shot and killed a suspect during a drug operation. he said he thought his gun was his taser. he now faces trial. new video sheds light on the incident. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: a raid on a suspected drug house. >> what do i do? >> everything. >> reporter: in police body camera video obtained by the frontier news, you can see former reserve deputy robert bates as he talks to the handcuffed suspect he is sured by a fellow deputy. >> what are you plooning about? what's hurting? what's hurting? >> reporter: at this point, bates appears to have drawn both his taser and his handgun significant because just three weeks later. >> stop right here. stop right here. >> reporter: bates would shoot and kill 44-year-old eric harris during an undercover sting. >> i'm sorry. oh, god! oh, he shot me. >> reporter: bates says he confused his gun and his taser. >> first and foremost, let me
3:37 am
apologize to the family of eric harris. >> reporter: attorneys for the harris family say bates, a wealthy local businessman, was too cozy with the former sheriff stanley glance, lacked required training and that this latest video problems he should never have been serving alongside sworn officers. >> it's completely unnecessary for mr. bates to be willing to taser let alone a handgun. >> reporter: the former sheriff could not be reached for comment. next month bates goes on trial for manslaughter. he's pleaded not guilty. an alarming discovery on a school bus in virginia. explosive material was found in the engine block of the bus. it was left behind after government training exercises conducted while students were on spring break. the bus was used to transport children from two days before anyone noticed. the cia says the training material was in a benign state and did not pose a threat. california is set for the highest minimum wage state in the nation with a record $15 an
3:38 am
hour. the state legislature has approved the increase that would be phased in until it hits the $15 mark in 2022. the raise will be a boon for more than a million californians working for minimum wages. governor jerry brown plans to sign the new bill on monday. well, you can now make a are ration for a new tesla 3 online. until last night, the only way was to visit a dealer. now thousands of people across the country did yesterday. some waiting. there were hours of it to put down $1,000 key post on a car they haven't even seen. >> yeah. tesla founder elon musk only unveiled the car last night. the all electric vehicle is expected to cost a relatively modest $35,000. but it won't be available until late next year. >> man, i thought this was like an iphone release. people camped out overnight. there were there at 5:00 a.m. so they could get in line first. is this car worth it?
3:39 am
>> it's the black friday of cars i guess is what you might call it. >> all right. >> they won't know if it's worth it till after the fact. >> till after. but it seems like a good deal. $35,000? >> you need a long plug. it can only go 200 miles. coming up in "the skinny," beyonce's latest business venture. >> what queen bay is promoting in her newly released video that will hit stores worldwide in just two weeks. and why some of america's top soccer players have filed a criminal complaint. what they say the male soccer players are getting they're not. >> and breaking news, george washington university. >> my alma matter. >> champions of the n.i.t. >> n.i.t., baby. it's been a long time. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. essage for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now.
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custom porsche 911 turbo caught fire at custom porsche caught fire at a new york auto show. it happened in an area not open to the public. a special exhibition of custom cars ta opened this morning. workers put out the blaze with fire extinguishers. the man who took the video says he was kicked out of the show for recording it. >> okay. good to know. hot wheels it is. tennessee sports operators draftkings and fanduel are suspending contests on college sports in all states as part of a deal with the ncaa. the college contest will end after monday night's championship basketball game, of course. the websites probably won't take much of a financial hit since college football and basketball
3:44 am
account for only a small portion of their revenue so far. >> you know i love my women's u.s. soccer team. in the real world of sports, u.s. women's soccer team has lobbed a spot kick over what they're calling a penalty over pay disparity. >> nice. >> you like that? >> yes. and five of the team's top players have filed a criminal complaint. they're claiming the male players are getting paid nearly five times as much as the women. wow. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> u.s. wins. >> reporter: they're the 2015 fefa women's world cup chams. now carl i lloyd, hope solo and three other high profile teammates feel they should it be compensated fairly filing a federal complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission. lloyd tweeting hick moment, proud of the strength of this team. >> we continue to be told we should be grateful just of to have the opportunity to play professional soccer. >> reporter: appearing on abc's "today" show their lawyer cited the women's 2015 contribution to
3:45 am
u.s. soccer revenue. >> made over $16 million from this team. the men's team caused a $2 million loss. >> reporter: in the complaint, the u.s. women's players claim when their salary is broken down with potential game bonuses they make $3600 to nearly $5,000 a game. the men make $6,000 to more than $17,000 a game. >> women have to fight for their equality. i think the sports world is taking notice of that but still there's a ways to go. >> reporter: a similar firestorm exploded recently in the tennis world with this statement from a major tournament director about women players. >> they ride on the coat tails of the men men. >> reporter: the u.s. soccer federation says our efforts to be advocates for women's soccer are unwavering adding we are negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement. it's unclear how long it may take to resolve this complaint but it comes just before the summer olympic games in brazil where the u.s. women's team is competing for its fourth
3:46 am
straight gold medal. reena and kendis? >> it's such egregious like alarming difference between the two. if the men make it to the world cup, they get a $2.5 million bonus. the women don't get anything. that's remarkable was the ratings during the world cup, the women had the best ratings, through the roof ratings. do you remember that during the world cup? they did very well. >> opposed to the plen's world cup. >> the ratings were the best ever of any ever. so. >> all right. >> says something. >> that's equality. >> when we come back, what rihanna is showing off in her just released video. >> and beyonce launches a brand new business venture. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now"
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3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny skinny, so skinny. time now for the skinny. topping our headlines this friday morning, rihanna kissing it better. >> barely 24 hours ago, her kiss it better single from her eighth studio album has already racked up about 2.5 million views. but we can't show you here is the sensual bump and grind of the song and the star's various states of undress. this is the cleaned up version. >> this is the pc version. >> yeah. ♪ can't do it like that going to get it like that ♪
3:49 am
♪ so i argue you yell but you sting me back ♪ ♪ who cares about you >> well, as one critic puts it, "kiss it better" is a historion i can prince like ballad focused on rihanna alone. it's always quite explicit not safe for viewing at work or mixed company. >> if we watch this will people in i.t. get flagged for watching a sensual video. >> perhaps. i suggest skip netflix andcally and just watch that and chill. >> another female pop star making a splash in fashion. >> beyonce has jumped into the ath leisure market launching a women's sportswear line called ivy park named in part for her 4-year-old daughter now, blue iby. she made the announcement yesterday in in a new video in which she dances, swims and works out in some of those
3:50 am
clothes. >> the collection is a joint venture with sir phillip green who owns a top stop fashion chain and will feature leggings, crop tops and jackets. i bet it does well. >> beyonce needs the money so please support that venture. next another video going viral about apparently nothing in particular. >> kylie jenner, the youngest of the jenner clan released the video yesterday. it involves sir rolls royce, what appears to be a drug deal going bad. plenty of pistol whipping and someone getting thrown out of a window in throw motion, of course. >> apparently it's all to promote jenner's new line of lip gloss. >> oh. not workout stuff. lip gloss. >> because nothing says lip gloss more than sex and violence. my lip gloss, please. >> i can't even see the lip gloss in this one here. is it nude colors? i'm not sure. >> there's not much lip gloss there.
3:51 am
>> jenner is also out with her latest ad for pumas, new fierce sneakers. she showed off her incredible abs. >> she does look good. >> and finally, rounding out this special girl power edition of the "skinny," we give you victoria beckham like you've never seen her before. wow. >> whoa. >> could that be considered bending it like -- beckham? >> no. nice job there, sandy. in her latest instagram snap, the former spice girl shows off her incredible flexibility, raising her right leg up to an incredible angle while nonchalantly filing her nails on a sofa. shoo she credits the outfit saying it's amazing what you can do in culottes. these are culottes? thought this was a dress. and ballet classes are paying off. >> so earlier this year, however, beckham famously announced she can no longer do
3:52 am
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downy fabric conditioner. wash in the wow. ♪ well, we close out another week chock full of breaking news headlines from gunshots and airplane drama to outrage on the campaign trail. >> and a surprise on the dance floor. here now is our weekly "friday rewind." >> gunshots reported in the capitol visitors center. >> all of a sudden, it was like hell broke loose. police everywhere with guns drawn. people running and screaming. >> i thought i would end up in the sea or he was going to bomb it because with these people you never know when or how. >> we believe that the officer acted in a way that demonstrated to us that it was unintentional but we also realize there's legal ramifications for his actions.
3:56 am
>> i do not think that we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in georgia of which i and my family have been a part of for all of our lives. >> there's really no precedent for this to be the state of the court for a year or a year and a half, the court doesn't function very well with only eight members. >> i know it would be very easy for me to discard people. i don't discard people. i stay with people. >> this is the consequence of the culture of the trump campaign, the abusive culture. >> i think that every candidate has to be responsible for what happens in their campaign. ultimately the responsibility is mr. trump's. >> what has concerned me very much about donald trump is the edginess of calls for violence around his campaign. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no as a principle? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah.
3:57 am
there has to be some form. >> he practically wrote a campaign ad for hillary clinton and for the democrats and more broadly raising questions on the eve of the wisconsin primary about his readiness for office. >> did you have a romantic relationship with general petraeus? >> no. >> did you ever have an affair with -- >> never had an affair with anybody in my life. >> geraldo and edyta. >> if i didn't get eliminated tonight i would have demanded a recount. >> we miss him. >> i know. >> a lot of us were rooting for him. we thought he was -- >> yeah, look at those moves. >> we love running this video. >> this is just like classic dance moves here. >> it is. >> i learn so much. well, the competition does continue on monday. coming up in the week, we have national caramel popcorn day. >> okay, peanut butter and jelly day tomorrow. >> a big announcement here on monday. watch this space. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, more tornadoes touching down in the south. the videos just coming this and where the severe weather is heading right now. show of unity. donald trump meeting with republican leaders as a controversy surrounding the billionaire pile on. plus, hillary clinton lashing out during a rally after a question. collision course. a large passenger boat out of control. smashing into a pier. and be on alert. april 1st is just getting started and companies are already trying to fool us. we say good sunday morning on this april 1st. we'll start -- >> you had me for a second.


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