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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 4, 2016 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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(vomiting) you have the spanish background? yeah. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. what are you sorry about? i thought i was late. no, no, no. as a matter of fact, you're early. we didn't expect you for another half an hour. oh, well, so, is it okay now? yeah, it's okay now. yeah. hi. hi.
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victor, uh, miss vale is here. would you put up her reels now, please? victor: good. wasn't that simple? yeah. (chuckles) oh, excuse me. uh, suzanne, this is our editor, phil hartley. hi. how are you? our sound editor, elliot morse. victor: ready, lowell. thank you. shall we begin? yeah. could i have some coke... cola, please? phil, could you get suzanne a coke, please? yeah, sure. you're much better in the film than you deserve to be. (laughs) good. i mean, thank you. i'm sorry i was such a nightmare. well, you seem better now. really? no, i don't. yeah. better because you're sober and... worse because i'm sober. yes, but worse in a good way. (chuckling) here you go. thank you. suzanne on film: because we have more spirit and more resources than you. all it'll cost us is money. there isn't enough mommy in the world to further a cause like yours.
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(sighs) shoot. that's as good as it got all day. we never got a full take after that. i know. i'm sorry. no, don't be sorry. just fix it. what? okay, let's try one. could i get a level from you, please? there isn't enough money in the world to further a cause like yours. victor: bring it down a little. all right. okay, can you try again, please? there isn't enough money in the world to further a cause like yours. good. okay, let's do it. (beeping) there isn't enough money in the world to further a cause like yours. (laughs) can i do another one? (beeping) yeah. there isn't enough money in the world to further a cause like... (laughing) i have to do it one more time.
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(beeping) i'll get it right. there isn't enough money in the world to further a cause like yours. let's look at that. there isn't enough money in the world to further a cause like yours. phil: perfect. will you guys take... (clears throat) take five minutes, will you, please? (suzanne sniffling) (sighs) thank you. what could possibly be the matter? you've gone back and corrected the past, at least in your work. yeah. what could be a better metaphor? it couldn't be something i said. (chuckles) nothing you say to me is as horrible as what i say to myself. and at least it's happening outside my head where i can deal with it easier. trouble with you, you've had it too easy and you don't even know it.
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(laughs) no, no. i do know it. you're not gonna get a lot of sympathy from anybody. that's the trouble. you know how many people would give their right arm to be in show business, to lead the kind of life that you lead? i know, but the trouble is, i can't feel my life. i can't feel it. i see it all around me and i know that so much of it is good, but i just take it the wrong way. it's like this thing with my... my mother. i know that she does all of this stuff because she loves me, but i just can't believe it. and other stuff. i don't know what's happening with your mother. maybe she'll stop mothering you when you grow up. (chuckles) you don't know my mother. i don't know your mother, but i know you, and i know you could make a mother out of anybody. look. your mother did it to you, and her mother did it to her, and back and back and back all the way to eve.
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at some point you stop it and you just say, "screw it. i start with me." did you just make that up? (chuckles) well, i was working on it before you came in. if you'd come a half an hour later when you were supposed to, it would have been better. (laughs) it's pretty good as it is. you just like it 'cause it sounds a little like movie dialogue. yeah, that's me. i don't want life to imitate art. i want life to be art. (sighs) look. look at that. see what you can do? and you weren't even conscious then, for god's sake. imagine what you could do now. maybe i should just go back to the clinic. hey, growing up is not like in the movies where you have a realization and your life changes, you know. in life, you have a realization,
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and your life changes a month or so later. (chuckles) so i just have to wait a month. well, it depends on the realization. some of them you only have to wait a couple of weeks, maybe. ooh. look, you're much better out here coping than you are in a clinic giving up. because you're gonna be out here eventually coping anyway. so why don't you start now? anyway, you can't go back in the hospital. i've got a job for you. you wouldn't be ashamed to work with me again? well, it doesn't start for a couple of months, so you have plenty of time for your realization, to grow up, leave your mother. thank you, god.
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(indistinct chatter) what happened? lady plowed her car into a tree. where's the lady? is she all right? who are you? i'm her daughter. uh, she hit her head. ambulance took her to canyon medical center. look, i'm afraid we had to book her for driving under the influence. i'm afraid some members of the press have been alerted to your mother's presence here, and her arrest. oh, great. doctor, this is miss mann's daughter. hi. hey, how you doin'? your mom's gonna be fine. she's got a slight contusion, a superficial head wound. okay. yeah. can i see her? yeah. sure, sure. she's more frightened than anything else. oh, there she is, my other monster. i can't seem to keep you two out of the hospital lately. you okay?
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yeah, she's fine. she just bumped her head is all. she was worried about you, and fathead that she is, she got into her car and backed up a tree. oh. i don't know what i'm doin' in this family. i got a wino daughter and a doped-up granddaughter. oh, please, mother. oh, sure. cry all you want. you'll pee less, as my grandma used to say. i swear, i don't know where you get it from, but you... now you're just spoiled. all your advantages, you just throw 'em away. i told you not to bring her up that way. but would you listen to me? no, sirree, bob. so don't come runnin' to me now, neither one of ya. i got my hands full with grandpa. oh, shut up, grandma. i beg your pardon? suzanne: i should think you would. you see there? now if you'd washed her mouth out with soap when she was little, maybe she'd have some respect now. i'm simply suggesting that we all try to enjoy each other without having to assign blame. ooh, listen to miss snooty britches. "assign blame." (cackles) come on. just what do you think you're doin', young lady?
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i'm moving you out to the waiting room. well, there's no need to shove! i'm goin'! you know what you need? a good pop on the butt like i used to give your mother! yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap, yap. if i thought i made you feel like that, i would kill myself. don't say that even in jest, ma, particularly when you're in a hospital. people might take it the wrong way. (chuckles) i suppose she means well. yeah. she sounds like that voice in your head that tells you you can't do anything. yeah. it's true, isn't it? where did you go to? looping. but i shouldn't have left like that. i'm sorry. you don't really think i don't want you to do well, do you, dear? hmm? no, ma. you were right about that guy.
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i'm right about your doing that music video, too. (snoring) just wait and see. that's where your big success will come from. oh. it's blood. blood on my wig, on my clothes. all my makeup's come off. do i have any eyebrows left? well, some, i think. they're not all rubbed off. i hate not having eyebrows. i know. ever since the studio shaved them off, and they never grew back. come on. let's put some makeup on you now. makeup? you less mad at me now? i've always been less mad at you, mama. do you remember when i was a little girl and you always used to write notes to the school saying, "please excuse suzanne from her morning classes "as she has insomnia and needs to get some sleep?"
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(chuckles) when you were sick, i'd sing you that little song too. both: ♪ little drops of water ♪ little grains of sand ♪ make the mighty ocean ♪ and the pleasant land you know, dear? hmm? (sighs) i think i'm, um... i think i'm sort of jealous of you. and that is because... well, it being your turn and all.
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and i think i find it tough to face that mine is almost up. it's real important to enjoy your turn. and it would help me a lot if i knew that one of us enjoyed our youth. let me see my mirror. (groans) (sniffles) oh, dear. (clicking tongue) look at this. you know, i don't mind getting old. i never thought i'd live this long, anyway. what i do mind is looking old. (laughs) my eyebrow pencil, okay? mmm-hmm. here. you know, it's in my will
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that they don't bury me without my eyebrows. i do not go in the ground without them. "ground without them." i know. think i should have liposuction, like under here? there's press out there, mama. oh. i figured. the enquirer, the star, variety. "doris mann in drunken brawl with tree." (laughs) "doris mann, "still distraught over divorce from tony vale 25 years ago, "attempts suicide with lethal oak." (laughing) huh. how do i look? (chuckles) not bad for an old-timer, huh? i'll say. hand your old mother her coat.
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(sighs) "never let 'em see you ache." that's what mr. mayer used to say. or was it "ass"? "never let 'em see your ass." ♪ and the farmer hauled another load away ♪ oh, well. compared to the end of the world. let's go get 'em, baby. (chuckles) seems like it takes a crisis to bring us together lately, doesn't it? like war buddies.
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sid speaks! (laughs) no, no. don't laugh, dear. the man is also a dynamo in bed. still waters, you know. yeah. my scarf, where's my... oh, i'm wearing it. we should get a family rate at this place. at least. okay. (breathes deeply) well. she seems to be feeling a lot better. we're designed more for public than for private. did you, uh... you ever get my flowers? (sighs) doris: i'm all right. you're the guy. i pumped your stomach. oh, god. (chuckles) oh, god, i'm really... well, thanks for the flowers and everything. how you doin' with the drugs?
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oh, i want to do them all the time. (both chuckling) that's not unusual. it sometimes never goes away. mmm, how you talk. but have you done any? um... (laughing) um... almost. sometimes i want to do them so bad, i have to put my head down till it passes. but i just go to an aa meeting or... in fact, i should. how'd you like to go to a movie with me sometime? okay. we could go see valley of the dolls. (laughs) we could say fate brought us together. yeah, fate and too many painkillers. here. always my favorite combination. thanks. but it can't be a date date. why not? 'cause...
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because i'm not ready. oh. okay. i understand that. i'll wait. man: ma'am, what are your plans for the future? uh, to go on drinking. (laughter) woman: what's your next project? man: this way, folks. lowell: okay, people, we're gonna try one. please don't go over your marks. it's very crucial for camera. let's go to number one, please. yes, sir. man: quiet on the bell, please. (buzzer buzzing) can we watch from here? no. no, no. they're gonna be working here. oh, i want you to see. ha! i'll see it. man 1: roll it! man 2: speed. marker.
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(piano playing) ♪ pull back them dark and dusty drapes ♪ and let in some light ♪ tell the bellboy come and get my trunk ♪ 'cause i'm leavin' here tonight ♪ well, i've packed my bags ♪ and i paid my bill ♪ and i'm turnin' in my key ♪ and if those sad souls down in the lobby ♪ ask for me ♪ just tell 'em ♪ i'm checkin' out
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♪ of this heartbreak hotel ♪ i ain't gonna live on ♪ lonely street no more no more (imitates trumpet) ♪ for i've found a new love ♪ and a new place to dwell ♪ where teardrops ain't ♪ soakin' the floor ♪ so take down my suitcase ♪ and hand me my hat ♪ i'm goin' ♪ from sleazy to swell ♪ give that desk clerk a dime ♪ and you can just tell him that i'm
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♪ checkin' out ♪ of this heartbreak hotel ♪ well, you can give that sad bellhop ♪ my be-boppin' blues guitar ♪ 'cause i'm only gonna sing them sweet songs from now on ♪ yeah ♪ and you can tell that old bartender ♪ he might as well close down the bar ♪ 'cause chugaluggin' sally's packed and gone ♪ through that gray windowpane ♪ it always looked like rain ♪ but there's sunshine outside ♪ i can tell ♪ open up that door
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♪ i'm leavin' and i won't be back no more ♪ i'm checkin' out ♪ of this heartbreak hotel ♪ checkin' out ♪ of this heartbreak ♪ ho ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa ♪ tel (all cheering) cut. print. end mark. (band playing)
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(people whistling) ♪ i'm checkin' out of this heartbreak hotel ♪ i ain't gonna live on lonely street no more ♪ i've found a new love ♪ and a new place to dwell ♪ where teardrops ain't soakin' the floor ♪ take down my suitcase ♪ and hand me my hat ♪ i'm goin' from sleazy to swell ♪ open up that door ♪ i'm leavin' and i won't be back no more ♪ i'm checkin' out of this heartbreak hotel
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♪ through that gray windowpane ♪ it always looked like rain ♪ but there's sunshine outside i can tell ♪ open up that door ♪ i'm leavin' and i won't be back no more ♪ i'm checkin' out of this heartbreak hotel (audience cheering)
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♪ take down my suitcase and hand me my hat ♪ i'm goin' from sleazy to swell ♪ open up that door ♪ i'm leavin' and i won't be back no more ♪ i'm checkin' out of this heartbreak hotel ♪ i'm checkin' out of this heartbreak hotel ♪ (all cheering)
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whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm reena ninan. here are some of our top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." federal investigators are already analyzing data recorder and video evidence from a deadly amtrak train derailment south of philadelphia. two people were killed in the accident. bowing of them amtrak employees details trait ahead. donald trump is call ong john kasich to drop out of the race saying kasich is taking his votes. so far, kasich has only won his home state of ohio but he's not backing down with a contested convention, his only path to victory. and debating over the debate. the democrats finally agree to debate in new york but they're still battling it out over the details. hillary clinton wants to face off on "good morning america." and bernie sanders is demanding a primetime showdown.
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and two-time olympic medalist soccer star abby wambach has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and issued a heartfelt apology to fans saying she takes full responsibility for her actions. those are some of our top stories on this monday, april 4th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> top of the morning, everybody. happy monday. >> happy monday. we're going to kick it off with the deadly amtrak incident south of philadelphia about 20 miles from last may's deadly accident where a speeding amtrak train jumped the tracks killing eight people. >> this weekend's accident involved a train heading from new york city to savannah, georgia. amtrak says it will run regularly scheduled trains on those tracks this morning but there could be some delays. more from abc's chuck receiverson. >> amtrak corridor, accident involving a train. >> reporter: a train derailing just outside philadelphia. >> i woke up to being thrown
2:32 am
into the seat in front of me and the window got blown out right behide me. >> there was a explosion, loud bang. >> woke up to a boom. >> it was scary. >> reporter: passengers jolted from sleep feeling the impact as the train slammed into something. to many, it was clear right away this was a big deal. >> it was crazy. nothing liking this ever happened. >> reporter: 15-year-old linton holmes was ledded from new jersey to north carolina so see his father. >> there was a fire then a window bursted out. some people were cut out. >> i have a small fire on the tracks. we got a lot of fuel. >> thus far, we have one doa. >> sheriff, be advised, train 89 hit a backhoe. there's multiple injuries reported. >> reporter: emergency crews found the train hit a huge piece of construction equipment. the crash crumbling the front of the train and shattering the windshield. crews discovered of injured passengers and two people dead. >> we now have our second doa.
2:33 am
>> as of now, we have recovered the event data recorder. the forward-facing video and the inward facing video from the locomotive. >> reporter: survivors walked to a nearby church wrapped in blankets, some carrying their kids. others rolling their luggage behind them. amtrak will get them back to philadelphia so they can finish their trips. holmes mother couldn't wait. she drove straight down to get her son. >> my heart dropped. i'm thanking god he's okay. >> chuck sivertsen, abc news, new york. now to what millions of americans are dealing with or reeling after unseasonable blast of high winds and blinding snow that turned deadly. >> and it's not over yet. with more snow and bone-chilling temperatures on the way, abc's diane macedo is here with details. >> lots of areas dealing with this april snow kind of unexpected. and the combination with the snow and the wind is making many roadways extremely dangerous. whiteout conditions in upstate
2:34 am
new york caused a snowy pile-up of more than a dozen vehicles. three tractor-trailers, 16 cars and tour bus crashed on i-88 injuring 30 to 40 people. near boston, a falling tree crush this had bmw killing two people inside. the winds also tore down power lines across the country. in new jersey, gusts hit more than 50 miles per hour leaving more than 90,000 homes without power and the storm system is not over yet. despite accumulating snow though, kids in boston are out of luck. schools will be open today. >> they haven't had a lot of weather delays, right? or days off. >> they had it pretty easy. >> last year was crazy. >> welcome to "world news now." >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> so great to see you. you're still awake at this hour. >> have you found the coffee machine. >> that's what must have happened. >> i must be the only person working early mornings and late night that doesn't drink coffee. >> i'm curious to know if that changes. >> don't worry. we'll fix that.
2:35 am
>> david meres has the best coffee. >> well, for many regions, the rough wintry weather is far from over. >> let's go to paul williams at accuweather with the forecast. paul, good morning. >> thanks, kendis, reena. good morning to you, as well. we have one heck of a clipper system, alberta clipper with very cold air to the north and a front that stalls to the south. here's the movement for monday. the low swings through the ohio valley region monday night into tuesday morning bringing a chance of snow along with that uninvited amount of cold air. snowfall potential will ride across portions of buffalo throughout pourings of new york up towards the boston area. reena, kendis. >> our thanks to paul. there's a fair bit of intrigue this morning about a published report detailing offshore accounts used to avoid taxes and maintained by current and former world leaders based on documents from a law firm based in panama. the firm is among the world's biggest creators of shell companies according to the report. political figures named the
2:36 am
reporting are from russia, saudi arabia, and pakistan among other businessmen. businessmen, criminals, celebrities and sports stars are also among those named. >> syrian forces and allies are claiming to have seized another town held by isis. officials say retaking that area is critical to securing oil and gas pipelines and also the push into the towns that took place under the cover of russian air strikes. the town is west of pupil myra which syrian forces retook last week. the deportation ofmy grans from greece to turkey is under way. the eu is trying to stem the influx of refugees into europe. turkey officials are prepared to receive 500 people today. the policy has come under fire from human rights activists. there are a in your riff last minute applications for asylum. >> a small plane trying to make an emergency landing on a freeway crashed into the back of a vehicle, crushing a woman to death. witnesses smashed the plane's windows.
2:37 am
rescuing the pilot and his passenger after they touched on interstate 15. this is near san diego. they were hospitalized among three people had been in the car, the woman who died had no chance. she was sitting in the back seat and took the brunt of the impact. now to a frightening crash that left a car dangling on the side of a rocky hill. the driver was thrown from the vehicle after she drove flu a parking lot gate in newfoundland, canada, then shot over the edge of the cliff. the car came to a stop about 300 feet down. the driver was rescued with serious sxwroirpz police are trying to figure out what triggered that crash. >> tomorrow night's women's college basketball championship is all set. the top ranked uconn huskies will be there. they destroyed oregon state last night in indianapolis winning 80-51, the largest margin ever in a national women's semifinal. it was it the huskies' 74th straight victory. if they make it 75 straight,
2:38 am
they'll become the first team to ever win four straight women's basketball national titles. it is only the syracuse orange standing in the huckie's way because taking care of washington in last night's second women's final four games, they won it, 80-59 to claim their program's first ever championship game. the orange have their work cut out for them. uconn has won the last 23 meetings dating back to 0 years. uh-oh. >> they don't stand a shot. >> they don't. >> talk about orange crushed. >> you know what? i do love my uconn. >> you know what, guys, it ain't over till it's over. >> right at tipoff. >> uconn is good but you never know. let's see who is laughing tomorrow night. >> abc will be calling that one right at tipoff. by the way, in our bracket, i should point out that camera one, my bracket is now number three. >> so you're down? >> and then there's some guy who might be ahead of me.
2:39 am
>> who vacationed in aruba. >> some dude. who's number one? >> george in the back. >> george in the back. >> he's got villanova and i have the tar heels. >> good luck, george. coming up, why some people's idea of relaxation doesn't involve sand or palm trees but instead puts them right in the frontline of fire. what's driving the new and droing trend of danger tourism. >> the shocking moments that put one judge in maryland on the wrong side of the law. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by or b. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean.
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prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. how canlike springtime?washed 12 weeks ago and still smell unstopables in-wash scent boosters. the more you pour, the more scent you'll savor. toss it in before your clothes for luxurious scent up to 12 weeks. unstopables by downy. the ultimate in long lasting scent. jill and kate use the same dishwasher. same detergent. but only jill ends up with wet, spotty glasses. kate adds finish jet-dry with five power actions that dry dishes and prevent spots and film, so all that's left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry. boy, this was a horrific accident in thailand. a train slam flood a double decker bus packed with tourists. at least athlete people were killed and dozens injured at a railroad crossing east of bang cook. as the train approached there were no gates down and no flashing signals. >> the high demand for tesla
2:43 am
model 3 is giving a major boost to the company's financial outlook. nearly 276,000 orders have flooded in since the electric cars unveiling on friday taking the company's estimated profits over the $10 billion mark for the model 3. tesla's ceo elon musk who needs the money promises another update on the sales figures later this week. >> i make fun of these cars. i wouldn't mind one of these. >> yeah, that the price point, as well, might not be that bad. >> i'd like to test drive one. a new study finds airbnb is costing american cities millions in revenue. in los angeles, a large portion of facilities are illegal. if hosts had to pay the same room tax tourism fees and other charges that hotels do, airbnb would owe the city of los angeles alone $41 million. a judge in maryland landed himself on the wrong side of the law for a shocking moment. literally in his courtroom. >> he ordered his bailiff to
2:44 am
deliver an electric shock to the defendant. now, he's facings a sentence of his own. ears abc's eva pilgrim. >> a shocking moment in court. [ screaming ] >> reporter: ending with the judge taking a plea deal. >> i regret that it ended this way. maryland had circuit judge robert beally a sentenced to one year probation for ordering a deputy to order a stun gun on del von king who was in his court representing himself on a gun charge he later took a deal on. >> it felt like fire went through my back. >> reporter: you can see in this courtroom video from july, 2014, judge naily is running short on patience. >> i didn't ask what your name was. i asked how you wished to be addressed. >> reporter: king says he was trying to make a legal argument. the judge eventually ordered him to quit talking. when he refused, the judge takes action. >> mr. sheriff, use it. >> reporter: it being a stun
2:45 am
cup, an electronic ankle bracelet na adminsters a 50,000 volt shock. >> we're going to take five. >> the judge now taking a permanent break, banned from the bench, fined $5,000 and ordered to take anger management classes. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> that's just crazy. >> that's crazy. sheriff should be in a little bit of trouble for that deputy. >> coming up, taking tourism to a whole new dangerous extreme. >> it's called danger tourism. rather than peaceful beaches or mountain retreat, it involves jumping into war zones. yeah, that's a thing next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now
2:46 am
2:47 am
♪ >> as you know, spring break often does trigger that wanderlust in everybody. first the travel around the world. >> and usually it involves peaceful beaches or mountain resorts. but a growing number ofvationers are looking not just for excitement but danger. we're all up nightline with abc's lama hasan. >> this is what most people think a nice vacation looks like, taking it easy on sun-soaked beaches with friends or family. but for andrew drury -- this is his idea of a good vacation.
2:48 am
>> here we could be targets. snipers anytime. >> reporter: over the years, drury says he has spent his holidays in hot spots all over the world. afghanistan, chechnya, even mogadishu. >> i went to the first time to moogdy shoo around. kris time. i can remember saying good-bye to my children and thinking i could be saying for the last time. >> reporter: he wanted to find the wreckage from the black hawk downed helicopter. >> that is the black hawk. >> was it worth it. >> i've seen it. yeah, because it's history. yeah, it was. >> reporter: drury is on the extreme edge of a new trend. vacationers looking for a more hands-on travel experience dubbed danger tourism. >> you do realize you're risking your life by doing something like that. >> yeah, of course. i don't sit down and think -- i mean i think my life will end when it ends. i'm totally rational as you can see. >> reporter: i don't know. that's questionable.
2:49 am
>> perhaps you might question it. >> reporter: when he goes on these trips, he leaves a family behind. >> hey, ruby. >> reporter: he has a wife and kids in suri, england. >> he is a great guy. he's got great personality. he makes me laugh. he's a fantastic father. bobby and ruby absolutely think he's brilliant. >> reporter: the successful construction company owner keeps a collection of unique suv nears from his travels in his family home. >> this is from chechnya. it's got the records, terrorist records. human remains from saddam. from somalia. >> reporter: i would prefer him to stop but i think i would be changing him completely if i made him stop you? but even she was at a loss after this last trip. >> she didn't speak to me for two days. >> reporter: this is his video diary from his iraq get away on frontlines of the war against isis. >> i hate to say it, i really did enjoy it. the adrenaline, since i've been
2:50 am
back i haven't slept for three days. >> reporter: the cost of this trip about $2800 including airfare. possible funeral expenses not included. are you scared of dieing? do you actually think about death? >> i don't think about death when i do these trips i'll die. >> reporter: that's amazing. if someone's listening to you and probably think you're bonking mad. for those less mad, there are somewhat tamer options. so-called adventure tourism has become big business. according to one study, accounting for $253 billion a year worldwide. but there are others like drury who try to push the envelope even further and it doesn't always end well. high bob the and december mountains of bow libya, she is adrenaline seeking tourists signed up to ride their bikes down el camino which translates to the death road. >> he assures me it's safe.
2:51 am
>> reporter: these crosses lining the roadway are in memory of the thousands who have died here cascading off the cliffsides. for many thrill seekers it's an alluring flirtation with danger that drives them. perhaps it's what the drove britt and ben to pose with an alleged hijacker on an egyptair flight earlier this week. andrew drury is already planning his next trip. >> reporter: do you think you'll ever stop? >> i can't. no, i don't want to stop. >> reporter: in hopes of bringing as long as. people as possible on his future trips, yeah, you guessed it. a reality show is in the works. for "nightline," i'm lama hasan in london. >> you're a big traveler. would you do it. >> i do something similar where when there's a disaster or there's danger like first time i went to israel was after the war with lebanon. >> which nobody was traveling then because you were anxious. >> i'm going to brazil in two weeks. i booked after the zika virus.
2:52 am
but i got a good deal. >> you're all about your deals. >> yes, but shots in a war zone? huh-uh. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
2:53 am
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>> you know the oldest line in america, senator? that power can be. >> batman versus superman dawn of justice" had a rough second week and still number one at the box office but its earning fell by more than two-thirds, down to only $52 million. >> rounding out the top three, zoou "zootopia" and my big fat greek wedding 2". sflo. >> so it's not millions of dollars but tens of thousands of pennies that one 8-year-old boy is trying to collect. >> he desperately wanted a diabetes service dog to look out for him. as he's finding out, they don't come cheap. here's abc's gloria riviera >> reporter: aiden heath has been saving his pennies since he
2:56 am
was 4, just after he was diagnosed with type i diabetes. >> then i realized that there's these dogs that help you with your diabetes, and i was like, "i really want to get one of these." >> reporter: diabetes dogs are specially trained to monitor glucose levels, a job aiden, now 8, and his mom must do constantly using a blood meter. >> they can sense it 20 minutes to 30 minutes before the blood meter actually tells you that you're low. >> reporter: that can be life-saving. this dog, jedi, sensed that 7-year-old luke's levels were dangerously low and woke his mom in time to give him a shot. for aiden, a diabetes dog would mean his mom wouldn't have to check on him through the night. but the dogs cost $15,000. aiden's mom encouraged him to save. and save he has, one penny at a time, in jars. >> it's been amazing to come in here and grab them and aiden comes with a friend and they haul the red wagon into the bank. >> reporter: yes, so many pennies, that he's nicknamed the little red wagon, "brinks."
2:57 am
his neighbors help, donating online, even putting aiden's penny jars in their businesses. >> as they say, every penny counts, and i want to thank everyone for it. >> reporter: aiden is now $9,000 away from bringing home a new best friend with four paws. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. what a good cause. it could make such a difference in this little boy's life. >> i love he's taking on the effort himself. there are others helping him out including for the love of dogs vermont dog rescue also stepped in to try to help him out. >> we should note there are a lot of dogs for soldiers who return home with post traumatic stress. it's a very good cause. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook, >> happy monday. hi, anne.
2:58 am
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this morning on "world news now," turning point in the race for the white house. >> ted cruz riding high with a double digit lead in wisconsin. as trump puts pressure on kasich to drop out. while bernie sanders hopes a big win tomorrow will finally swing those superdelegates. >> deadly train derailment. an amtrak train slams into a backhoe on the tracks. dozens injured. the two workers on the tracks killed. but what were they doing there in the first place? the latest on the investigation. frightening moments at at nhl game when an escalator speeds up sending flyer fans flying. a pile of people crushed as the crowd scrambles to get out of the way. what went wrong? and batter up or should we say belly up? the baseball season has just begun and with it all the excitement at the ba


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