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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 8, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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new pantene expert gives you the most beautiful hair ever, you wanna see something intense? with our strongest pro-v formula ever. strong is beautiful. >> okay. what you're looking at here is an innovation saving big money for taxpayers of hattiesburg, mississippi. >> engineer manager jason mccollum of the coal company is field testeding his companies on
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the lawn moor on the lawn of the airport and he says it's a win-win situation for everyone. he gets a place to test moors and the airport gets its lawn manicured for free and the world gets another viable video. nasa may be taking one step forward toward hotels in space when spacex launches a supply mission today. it will also be carrying the bigelow expandible activity module once attached to the international space station. the soft sided beam will inflate to the size of a small room. the technology could one day be used to house scientists even tourists. >> i look forward to that day. >> good. back here on earth, technology continues to redefine the ways we interact. facebook, twitter, facetime, of course, tinder all that stuff the kids are into. >> whether we like it or not, all that stuff is ruining relationships. abc's juju chang with an example. >> reporter: jenny day is still reeling from the day she says she found out her boyfriend was
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cheating on her. >> i questioned the whole relationship and it was very heart breaking. >> reporter: the cheating she says can be traced back not to a specific person but to a dating app. tinder. >> i found so many messages between him and other girls and even though there wasn't any sexual intercourse involved, i do feel like that is a sign of cheating just because you're looking for something better. >> reporter: in jenny's case she learned of her boyfriend's wandering eyes and tinder fingers from a girlfriend who spotted his profile. but now, there's a newer, faster way. swipe buster. a website launched just this week for $5, users can learn about a significant other's tinder habits. >> all you need is someone's first name, age and general location and what will come up is when the person last logged on to tinder, who they're interested in meeting and a collection of photographs that they have used on the app. >> reporter: "vanity fair" writer emily jane fox was among
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the first to try out swipe buster. she and her colleagues found the site to be 99% accurate. >> we searches a number of people we knew were active tinder users in a variety of cities with the exception of one very common name in new york city, every single person you're looking for turned up. >> reporter: according to some reports, a large number of tinder users are already in relationship buzz tinder disputes this saying just 2% of its users are married. as for its response to swipe buster, tinder says the new wen website is simply tapping into and consolidating public information that tinder's own website makes clear is already available to fellow tinder users. adding no private user information is being made public. jenny says she thinks swipe buster is a good idea. she's taking a break from love right now and when she does date again, she says she's going to make sure any new boyfriends put their swiping days behind them.
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>> if they still have tinder on their phone, then you're still looking. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. >> are you into tinder? >> what an awful idea that is. i'm not untinner but if i were, i would think that's an awful idea. come up, reena's final "insomniac theater." she's got a winner i've film to tell you about. >> and some demolition when we come back.
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♪ are you really trying to eat that. >> you want some popcorn. >> no, the props department did redo the popcorn. i'm not going to eat it, but thank you. >> just one last time. >> no, enjoy it, my friend. >> time for reena's last "insomniac theater." god, that is awful still. we start with the "boss." this time we're not talking about bruce springsteen. >> about a titan of industry played by melissa mccarthy. when she's not making a mess in the bathroom, she's trying to rebrand herself after a stipulate in prison. suffice it to say, you can't keep a good executive down. >> what's with all the long faces? did somebody die. >> yes. died lafferty night. >> spaghetti. >> the cat.
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>> oh, can i be honest? that cat probably killed himself because his name was spaghetti, right. >> all right. okay, why don't you take off, sandy. >> she's always so funny. i love her. suddenly not really one of her strong pursues and unfortunately only getting 18% on rotten toe mate phones dan callahan from the rap says it is isn't drama or comedy. and brian truity of "usa today" claims "the boss" is a free-for-all of inappropriate language unsuitable for even the most crass boys room of boardrooms. >> another calling it catastrophic which brings us to my film "demolition" staring jake gyllenhaal and nay oexmy was the. he plays an investment banker who is given to strange behavior after losing his wife in a car crash. eventually he forms an unlikely connection with watt's character and he gets some help doing some, well, you guessed it
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demolition. >> what are we doing again? >> we're taking apart my marriage. >> and yeah. so it's about 88 minutes of that. there's one reason why the film is called "demolition." they're making the property brothers proud. right there. as for the reviews, well slightly better than "the boss." 56% on rotten tomatoes randy myers of the "san jose mercury news" says it demands a lot to make a character who is complicated like davis sympathetic but jake is up to the task. the reviewers in the new york daily news saying it doesn't add up to much. demolition is a wreck. i kind of agree with stleempb. >> yeah, i think "the boss" might be the winner >> yeah. okay, let's do it. just for old time's sake.
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tide america's #1 detergent ♪ and i say good-bye to you good-bye to every thing that i knew ♪ >> oh, listen on the michelle branch, it is time to say good-bye. reena's final show here on "world news now." regular viewers of course, have seen plenty of photoshopped graphics that we call high jichks of reena. they're still upstairs working on these. >> i had forgotten these, actually. oh, my goodness. >> you were on the rid carpet. >> funny. all about reena ninan. >> i present to you -- >> is this the book. >> this is the book of all of the high jinks of all the graphics. it didn't open. >> maybe they haven't finished putting it all together yet.
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this is awesome. >> open this up, please. so that's a book of our high jinks. so you'll have that as a memento to keep. >> i love that. >> beautiful. >> this is incredible. this is lady gaga i think, right, singing the national anthem. but they put my face which is the hijinx on the show. >> as hallowed as the grounds at augusta and at wimbledon, so is tv 3. we have a long tradition here, as well of anchors throughout the past. you can see them all over the years. >> the original, of course. >> lisa mccree. >> lisa mccree. >> blake. >> look at juju chang. >> anderson cooper. >> yes. and allison stewart. >> liz cho. la liz. david. >> david was here and, of course, now at our powerhouse affiliate in dallas and so many others have made it through here. >> bonita. >> now at cbs.
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>> paula of the view". >> diana, john. t.j. who is the last one. >> who is the last person? >> oh! [ applause ] oh. that is remarkable. >> are you tearing up? >> yeah. this is remarkable. i didn't know i was retiring today. nobody told me. i want to thank the viewers. you guys have been so remarkable. i especially want to thank the viewer who wrote in for goodness sakes, reena, it's not albany, it's all banny. i have loved every single response and every comment and to the folks here, some folks have been on the show for more than two decades working behind the scenes. you're the heart and the soul. the neighbory seals may have the -- but the green berets work just as hard and tough. >> i know you say you love tito's vodka au allp?p?o?gv
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this morning on "world news now," political power plays. >> the tone on the campaign trail taking a turn in an ugly direction. clinton and sanders go at it on familiar home turf while ted cruz hopes to up the a florida te on donald trump's hopes of a nomination. campus on edge. overnight, a community mourns at the university of texas as we learn the identity of a student found murdered. and the new video of a suspect police are searching for. proposal blunder. the dramatic cliffside rescue after a man asked his girlfriend to marry him and the huge bill that's adding insult to injury. and say it ain't so insomniacs. >> no way. >> it's reena's last show. we've been looking back on all the good times before sending her off in style. and we've got some special surprises you will not want to
3:01 am
miss on this friday, april 8th. that's awesome. >> announcer: frum abc news, this is "world news now." >> that may be one of my favorite movies ever when we dressed up for halloween because star wheres" was big and we went throughout the news room and people did not expect it. they will no idea because disney is our parent company, they didn't know if it was somebody from corporate offices or who it was. >> we'll be looking back at all of those wonderful moments. >> before you started when t.j. was on the show, do you see deb, are you going to wave right there? right there in the corner used to give us a quote every day so we could start the day off. as a parting gift, it's a box it says hope inspired dream and inside all of the quotes. >> all the inspirational messages. you're going to pick one out. set the night off. little inspiration for the night. >> okay. from deb, when you do more than
3:02 am
you're paid for, you do "world news now." no, sorry. when you do more than you're paid for, eventually you'll be paid for more than you do. that's trippy at this hour. >> i like that. can you read that one more time because it didn't register. >> est right there. very est. >> it is very tolstoy. >> what the bottom line is get a pay raise? is that what you're telling me i'm getting a raise. >> absolutely. of course, we're going to remember all of her antics here throughout the morning but let's get to the race. >> all right. >> to the white house. >> we've got politics. >> absolutely. donald trump of course, bracing for a contested convention. >> a lot of people are, huh. trump now has a convention managering to completely focus specifically on the delegate process and a possible fight on the convention floor as he steps up attacks on ted cruz, the democrats still locked in a game of he says, she says. it's your voice, your vote. abc's megan hughes has the
3:03 am
latest. >> reporter: bernie sanders on the attack. >> i'm not going to get beaten up or lied about. >> reporter: at a news conference in philadelphia pointing to media ars claiming hillary clinton called him unqualified a statement she never actually made. now he's directing that critique at her. >> are you qualified to be president of the united states when you're raising millions of dollars from wall street? >> i don't know why he's saying that, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. >> clinton trying to take the high jinks road and calling an the comment silly before getting on the new york sub ware at yankee stadium. on the gop side, donald trump had family on hand at a tuesday rally in long island, hoping to deliver him a victory at home. >> my father will make america great again. >> reporter: trump hammering ted cruz for statements about new york values he made back in january. >> i've got this guy standing over there looking at me talking about new york values with scorn on his face, with hatred of new
3:04 am
york. >> reporter: cruz says his comments were referring to liberals. he's hitting new york hard, even touring and tasting at a matzo bakery in brooklyn. >> fresh baked is better than the box. >> reporter: the a flork town hall he says he's speccing to do better in the empire state than most predict. >> an interesting thing has happened in the last couple of weeks. we have seen this race nationally turn. >> reporter: a recent poll shows donald trump up more than 30 points in new york. he's even taking time off the campaign trail and has no scheduled events until sunday. reena, kendis. >> our thanks to megan there. the current president is now turning up the heat on republicans as he fights to get his supreme court nominee a confirmation vote. speaking at the university of chicago law school, president obama took aim on republican attempts to block his nominee merrick garland until the 45th president is sworn in in january. now, at stake, he says, is the erosion of the integrity of the nation's crucial judicial branch.
3:05 am
>> it's not just a matter of who's occupying that ninth seat in the supreme court. it has to do with how we as a democracy operate. >> that said, republican senator lindsey graham a member of the senate an judiciary committee is now reversing course saying he will meet with garland. a spokesman said it would be out of courtesy as graham is still opposed to the nomination. >> vladimir putin is denying any links to the panama papers. millions of leaked documents tying word leaders and many others to offshore accounts. he dismissed the scandal as part of a u.s.-led plot to weaken russia and defended his friends. he was not named in the papers but some of his associates were accused of owning the offshore accounts to evade taxes. >> indiana is facing a legal challenge to its new abortion law. the bill bans abortion if sought for genetic abnormalities. the aclu filed aid federal lawsuit on behalf planned parenthood of indiana and kentucky. attorneys for the aclu called
3:06 am
the law unconstitutional and a violation of privacy. supporters say it ensures that expectant mothers have additional information. and federal authorities are ordering amtrak to reeducate track maintenance workers about basic safety procedures. that order comes after a passenger train struck and killed two employees near philadelphia last sunday. those workers may not have been told the track was reopening to train track which is a direct violation of federal safety rules, as well. hundreds gathered at the university of terms to remember the student who was murdered. they held a moment of silence and several people spoke about the victim who police have now identified. the brutal murder was is stunned the campus. police released surveillance video of an alleged suspect. abc's kayna whitworth has more on what's being called every parent's worst nightmare. >> reporter: we learn the name of the beautiful young woman murdered at the university
3:07 am
of texas campus in austin. haruka weiser, 18 years old, a first-year theater and dance major from portland, oregon. police also releasing this video of a man, the focus of their investigation in the hopes that someone may recognize him. >> we believe the individual is a black male, approximately six foot. >> reporter: at 9:30 p.m. sunday night, police say weiser was leaving the fine arts building. >> she never made it to her dormitory that night. >> reporter: the video, showing the suspect wearing a backpack and walking with a bicycle on campus later that night. at 11:30 a.m. monday, weiser's roommates report her missing. and the following morning, her body was found in this creek on campus. police say weiser had been assaulted. the campus on high alert, as the suspect remains on the loose. the parents putting out a statement about their daughter saying the pain of their sudden and tragic loss is unfathomable. kayna whitworth, abc news, austin. >> the senate has benched legislation that would have helped airline passengers squeeze by shrinking seats. an amendment by new york senator chuck schumer would have blocked
3:08 am
airlines from any further width and length reductions. but it was rejected, 54-42. schumer complained that as a six-footer he feels cramped when flying and he adds it shouldn't cost you an ample and leg just to have room for your arms and your legs. here's something that you probably never thought you'd hear. postal stamps are going to be cheaper starting sunday. a stamp for a standard letter will drop from 49 cents to 47 cents, a temporary price hike granted to the postal service in 20141 now expiring. it's the first time the postage rate has been lowered in nearly 100 years. incredible. >> if you have a stamp that's more, do you get money back? can you get 12 cents back? >> that's a good question. >> i would be the person at the post office. >> you would be. i want a refund. >> defending champ george spieth picked up where he left off at the masters in first place going into today's second round. >> for ernie els, things didn't
3:09 am
get off to a good start. ouch. missed it by a lot. check out els on the first hole there in the green. missing short putt after short putt after short putt. >> short putts are hard. they're undervalued i think. he kept going till he finally put it. originally it was scored a 10. either way, he set the dubious record of having the high jinksest ever score on the first hole of the tournament. >> it's insane. >> he finished the day plus 8 and tied for 81st place. >> he'll no doubt make the cut. we'll see. coming up, an epic and i do mean epic conclusion to reena's tenure here at "world news now." >> all right. it ain't over till it's over. >> wise words. >> i don't want people to think i came up with that. at least it was supposed to be a cliffside proposal gone wrong. the girlfriend wasn't even there. >> and remember you can always weigh in on facebook and twitter @abcwnn.
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and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. you're looking at the dramatic rescue of 27-year-old michael banks who scaled a 600 foot rock on the central california coast and got stuck 80 feet up. fire crews had to rescue him with a helicopter. so why did he do it? apparently to propose to his girlfriend live on facetime.
3:14 am
worse, the city of morrow bay is billing banks for the cost of the rescue but wait it gets better. police arrested banks after they found he was under the influence and in possession of meth amphetamine. there is good news though. his girlfriend said yes. >> oh, boy. >> we're not going to comment on it. he went through enough. right? >> exactly. >> check out this adorable little guy nicknamed sj for smoky junior. firings north of orlando, florida rescued him from a brush fire. he's so adorable. the brush fire damaged several homes. his hair was singed just a touch. florida fish and wildlife are checking him out to make sure he'll be okay. even better, they likely will not bill him for the rescue. >> new york city is moving to crack down on those cos tunled characters roam is times square who hustle for tips. new rules will severely restrict where those characters can do business. limiting them to a few taped off
3:15 am
areas. they do argue that's a violation of their right to free speech. already, this year, 16 have been arrested for crimes like assault and grand larceny. now to an extraordinary measure that be two parents are taking in an attempt to reconnect with their children. those parents that they used to be members of the church of scientology. >> but not anymore. their children are still in the church and haven't been in touch in several years. abc's matt gutman with the story. >> reporter: it's a desperate plea. three stories high jinks and 50 feet across. >> why the billboard? >> well, we tried everything. we tried phoning. we didn't know what else to do. we figured we'd better make some statement. >> reporter: but phil and willy jones say they don't expect their two adult children emily and michael to actually call. >> it has been hard. i can't tell you how many times we've cried about it. >> reporter: they say they're out of the church of scientology after four decades but their children are still in it. >> our daughters got married
3:16 am
last year and we weren't told. >> reporter: they say both of their children work within the church. their son at scientology's celebrity center which has hosted some of hollywood's biggest stars. >> whether he i did finally get a phone call from michael, he didn't want to have anything to do with us. he said i never want to talk to you again. >> reporter: the couple says they tried to track him down at the center. >> the security people come up and say you're not welcome here. >> reporter: they claim the church disconnected them. disconnection is say scientology determine for ending communication with those who are antagonistic to the church which says that the choice to disconnect is entirely voluntary. >> your daughter's 38 and your son is 42. >> right. >> they're adults and have free will and could reach out to their parents if they chose. >> you would think that. that's not necessarily the case in scientology. >> reporter: in a statement, the church says it is despicable that these individuals would use a private family matter to promote anti-religious hate and
3:17 am
bigotry. >> reporter: they say you're promoting anti-religious hate and bigotry. >> our whole message is not about their beliefs. it's just about reconnectsing families. >> right. >> and sending the disconnection which is an buse of families we believe. >> reporter: they say they have little to hold on to and fear retribution from the church but add what they fear more is losing their children forever. >> i don't know if the billboard is going to do anything. but it's another step. these are our kids. we want them in our lives. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> the church of scientology also said in their statement that the joness are teaming up with a reality show producer to shamelessly exploit their children. >> the joness say they are working on a documentary following their journey. abc news spoke with the producer but he actually wouldn't disclose the exact nature of the project right now. >> coming up in our next half hour, doughnuts on the freeway. even hugs from strangers and a
3:18 am
wild police chase. but of course, an end be an era here on "world news now." time to share some of our favorite moments. >> why? >> i forgot these. >> with our friend reena ninan. >> oh, my. >> that is next. >> announcer: rl
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>> good morning. i'm reena ninan in for paula ferris. >> welcome, reena. >> thank you. >> you said you watch the show two because have you two young ones at home. >> i do. this is usually feeding time right about now. i hope my husband's awake. >> exactly. >> that was your first time. >> that was the first time i've ever been in the anchor chair ever. i was so lucky rob nelson was here. he went through like 1 women. >> it's been a wild and sometimes weird ride since that first moment right here on the
3:20 am
show, october 2012. let's take a look back at the many men you've anchored with and all the laughs that we've shared. >> oh, boy. >> good morning to you on this monday. i'm reena ninan. >> hello, i'm tj. homes. >> devin dwyer. >> kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. >> this halloween weekend, what a romantic comedy. watch a romantic comedy we must. >> and you wave your hand like that. >> pretty good psi right here i think. go ahead. >> take it forward. >> la, la, la, la, la. >> okay. let's move on, people. >> things you have to do to deal with me at this hour. >> whoa. >> ladies and gentlemen, i give you sports with reena ninan. >> here we go. >> this was the first one. >> johnny football. >> t.j. didn't know what he was in for. >> relateded to idina menzel
3:21 am
from the song "frozen." >> kind of like a spanish tale novella. >> i never go anywhere without my rack. >> you've got a good rack? >> oh! >> that made you unkrvetable. >> thigh master and leg warmers and i do two minutes and go back to eing a pop tart. >> ohm. >> what do you think? >> i remember that. >> it's good. >> just took a bite. sometimes it's part of the job. down it. down it, kendis. >> wow. >> i gave people the food. >> that's what happened. >> wu tang songs. >> do you know cream? it's a song by the wu tang clan? >> what did you call it? >> go to commercial break, please. >> that's awesome. some wonderful moments. >> to all the anchors i've loved
3:22 am
before. >> there are many. >> who have come in and out my door. it keems coming. a very special polka next. approaching medicare eligibility? keems coming. a very special polka next. ekeem. a very special polka next. ekeem. a very special polka next. pkeem. a very special polka next. skeem. a very special polka next. comi. a very special polka next. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could help pay some of what medicare doesn't, saving you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you've learned that taking informed steps along the way really makes a difference later. that's what it means to go long™. call now and request this free decision guide. it's full of information on medicare and the range of
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go long™. ♪ can this much love be cleanedrlin' by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power
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of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. ♪ ♪ dance the night away >> that shows up. he's a serious journalist. >> matt gutman, he went to google something with miss his name in it to pull up a story. he says the first thing that comes up is that youtube video of us. do you know how many wars he has covered, how many hurricanes and now the dancing people. >> that's what we do to people. this is a time we usually do the polka. and so since it's your last day. >> yeah. >> why not have a special. >> enrique iglesias. >> live polka.
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>> this is better. >> go. ♪ >> start again. two, three, four. ♪ she's electric not just good so hooray for bollywood, it's the reena polka ♪ ♪ viewers yell when she is spares dancing like britney spears do the reena polka ♪ ♪ i like saying reena ninan reena ninan why you leaving us ♪ ♪ her career will get a bump it's the reena polka ♪ ♪ all together ba that's the reena polka ♪ >> make up and hair. everyone ♪ ♪ that's the reena polka ♪ you're in glamour magazine that's what your bio says and you're a pescetarian ♪ ♪ that's right she just it's
3:27 am
pez ♪ ♪ you and kendis click rel we will now you can just go to -- folks, if you're up this late you're probably heading for the john ♪ ♪ so hold it one more minute while we get your polka on ♪ ♪ when reena speaks we don't sleep night those aren't teeth it's a nightlight ♪ ♪ that's the reena polka, it's the reena polka ♪ one more time ♪ ♪ it's the reena polka >> yeah. >> oh, that was the best polka ever. >> hit it again. what do you have to say? >> that was the best polka ever. i have to thank you. oh, my gosh. that was really remarkable. thank you so much. this is the best polka ever. this has been the best show. i can't thank you guys enough. oh. >> you want to sing us out. >> you're speechless. >> this never happens on this show ♪ ♪ that's the reena polka >> we'll see you monday. >> we'll see you monday. see you
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now," subway series. presidential hopefuls invade the big apple. their tough talk and even tougher time getting around the city. as the big push for delegates is on. >> desperate manhunt. the search for a second mentally ill man who escaped from a psychiatric hospital. police calling him dangerous and asking for the public's help. the latest just ahead. and new this half hour, fast and furious, eat your heart out. >> a wild car chase through the streets of l.a. the suspects doing doughnuts and taking selfies with newly found fans. the dangerously crazy scene straight out of a movie. >> wow. and "idol" out. the end of an era for a tv institution. "american idol's" star studded finale seeing the return of so many success stories. j. lo as well as those other performers in one last grasp at
3:31 am
infamy on this friday, april 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> just doing the math there. it's been a rough year for tv icons. david letterman said good-bye. jon stewart said good-bye. you had "american idol" that said good-bye. now you have the legend that is reena ninan right up there with them. >> right up there. in fact, we're all going to have lunch together on sunday. letterman and stewart and i. come join the afternoon brunch. >> you and seacrest. >> seacrest turned down. >> from "american idol." >> exactly. so all the legends will be saying good-bye. >> look forward to that. >> but we're going to say hello and begin with the campaign trail of course, with the underdogs bent on forcing the front-runners to fight to the finish. >> bernie sanders campaign says a contested democratic convention is possible if hillary clinton fails to reach a
3:32 am
3:33 am
i'm going to trust the voters of new york who know me must win. david wright, abc news, new york. >> well, on the republican side, donald trump is trying to reboot his campaign in new york but he's taking a hit in a new poll.
3:34 am
the latest figures show people across the country overwhelmingly see him as unfavorable. close to half of republican voters. the negative view was reflected in nearly every race, gender, political persuasion and location. house speaker paul ryan posted a video on twitter that looked a lot like a campaign ad. in the video, he talks about what bothers him about politics these days, the idea of dividing people but his office insists he will not accept the republican nomination at a possible contested convention. >> police in brussells are hoping for new clues with new images of the third suspect in last month's terror attack known as the man in the hat. he was first seen with two suicide bombers at the airport. while new video shows him frantically running from the bomb scene just like everyone else. then he's seen calmly walking away from the airport. later on, he appears in brussels
3:35 am
without his tan jacket and his sleeves rolled up. and in syria, state tv reporting the kidnapping of 300 workers from a cement factory just 30 miles from the government headquarters in damascus. in the meantime, the battle rages in the northern part of the war torn country with opposition fighters advancing on isis strongholds ahead of a new round of peace talks set for next week in geneva. >> and here at home, police in washington state say one of two dangerous patient who's escaped from a psychiatric hospital is now back in custody. 59-year-old mark adams was apprehended about 30 miles from the hospital after being spotted on a public bus. but 28-year-old anthony garver remains at large arrested for first degree murder two years ago but found not competent to stand trial. police believe garver took a bus to spoke cane. >> turning now to a deadly danger in millions of automobiles. a teenager from texas killed by flying shrapnel from an exploding takata air bag, the tenth death in the u.s. from the japanese brand.
3:36 am
abc's adrian bankert has the latest. >> reporter: the young woman behind the wheel of this 2002 honda died after rear ending a vehicle outside of houston last thursday. witnesses describe it as a minor crash. >> she should have walked away from it. she had a deep laceration on the side of her throat. it looked like debris from the air bag. >> reporter: the sheriff's office confirms 17-year-old huma hanif was killed from material from the takata manufactured air bag. >> even the most minor crash could take the life of the driver of the vehicle and or any occupant in the vehicle. >> reporter: in nine other similar cases in the u.s., the metal inflater inside the air bag exploded. a piece of that metal struck her in the neck. she was dead in seconds. honda says her car was among the 24 million air bags recalled in the u.s. and that notices were sent to the registered owner of that vehicle. but repairs were never made. hanif's family says they were not aware of the recall.
3:37 am
>> if you have a car that has the defective air bag, get it fixed before you lose a loved one on it. i wish we had received a notice from honda so we could have avoided the tragedy. >> the national highway traffic safety administration says more needs to be done to reach out to drivers with the faulty air bags. tens of millions of u.s. vehicles still need to have the parts replaced. reena and kendis. >> thank you, adrian. >> some hopeful news for parts of the south reeling from tornados that left a wild trail of destruction. today's forecast, dry, sunny, and warm. still, facing the aftermath of those 13 confirmed tornados is heartbreaking and life-changing for many. they tore through florida, georgia and alabama, crushing homes, uprooting trees and ripping rooftops apart. creating a lengthy and expensive clean-up job. police in arlington, texas, on the hunt for multiple suspects in a gun store burglary. police released this surveillance video of the suspects inside the store.
3:38 am
they allegedly stole more than 50 guns including handguns and rifles before escaping. police say the burglars forced their way inside the store through the front window early thursday morning. a search is under way for a dog named sam who is lost in space. >> so sam, not a real dog but a favorite stuffed animal of some elementary school students in england. and instead interested in space exploration, these guys are. on tuesday, they rigged sam with a gopro and tracking device and attached him to helium balloons and then launched him into space. >> the problem is, sam's equipment fell back to earth without sam. and he hasn't been seen since. >> my gosh. >> what do you call this? it's not a kidnapping. > by space aliens? no. >> that could be an option. >> this is just one of those -- >> unfortunate incidents in life. >> i hope sam is still with us. >> somebody will find him. we put the word out now. this is a show of international reach. so maybe someone will see him.
3:39 am
>> we need the state department to get on this and get all state departments to try to find sam. >> he's a british citizen. so that won't work. >> the uk state department. coming up, more of reena's insomniac highlights here on her final show. >> really? >> we're also saying good-bye to an "american idol," the show, the massive finale with everyone you hoped for. they were all there. >> but first, an absolutely insane car chase in l.a. the suspects' wild maneuvers and why eyewitnesss didn't seem as worried as they probably should have been. the people of great falls bid you adieu. >> i had a feeling that would happen. >> their mornings are not going to be the same. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. about oh my goodness! happy birthday! oh, you. (laughing) this was a wonderful surprise. you know, at our age, not all surprises can be this good.
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♪ well, los angeles is known for well, los angeles is known for lots of things, the entertainment industry, mostly pleasant weather and, of course, access to the beach. >> and also freeways and police pursuits, of course. the one that happened yesterday got plenty of attention. abc's diane macedo is here with the details to tell us exactly what happened. >> a lot happeneded with this one. it all started as a reported home burglary. the police arrived on the scene and then set off to catch the suspect. all pretty standard, right? what happened next was anything about you. >> it's hardly the first police chase captured on live television but might be the most bizarre. a convertible race through the streets of l.a. in the rain with the top down for more than an hour with police in hot pursuit, sort of. it all began around 2:00 p.m. as the burgry call came in and the
3:44 am
cops started following the mustang and the twouts burglary suspects. but while most people running from cops try to disappear, they seem to want attention or to get wet. kicking things off by putting the top down. with the rain pouring the car then picks up speed and drives so dangerously, the police cars back off. with no cops behind them, they start doing doughnuts across all lanes of traffic as spectators cheer them on. it's just one of many areas where the passenger stands and even waves to onlookers as though on parade, a parade nearly stopped by a tmz bus. eventually the car pulls over on a south l.a. side street. here's where things really get weird. the driver gets out and sits on it the hood of the car as both men exchange hugs, high jinks fives and even selfies with a group standing on the sidewalk. >> he shook my hand. i told him the police are going to be here pretty soon. don't resist. don't cause any problems. i said because they're really
3:45 am
mad at you guys. >> when sheriff's deputies arrive a few minutes later, the two calmly surrender because you know, you don't want to make a scene. >> didn't want to make a scene. just go quietly. tmz says the bus driver that nearly brought this chase to an end didn't know it was happening. he happened to be changing lanes. now the tour bus was empty. >> good. >> but i do -- not to jeopardize anyone's safety, but i love the idea of it being full of tourists. here's an "a" list celebrity's house, there's a car chase. welcome to l.a. >> makes me miss l.a. so much more. they did clip a car during all of this. luckily no one got hurt. you don't want to laugh at these things. this one was very bizarre. >> can't make this stuff up. >> no. >> i want to see those selfies. >> thank you so much, diane. when we come back, my final "skinny." you are getting emotional. i did notice a little tear in your eye. that's so sweet. >> yes. no, actually, i just have a contact lens problem.
3:46 am
and the end of another era to tell you about, "american idol" is all over. the highlights next. >> you okay? >> i'll be okay. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny >> okay. "skinny" time. we'll start with the swan song of "american idol."
3:48 am
the fox show's big finale took place last night from the dolby theater in hollywood had, the same venue as the oscars. >> this was the end of the 15th season "american idol." the producers promised a celebration of the show's remarkable history and some of the show's most famous alum did not disappoint. ♪ ♪ let me love you ♪ ♪ stop dragging my, stop dragging my heart ♪ >> awesome night. it was a great, great night. in addition to all those live performances, idle season one winner kelly clarkson appeared in a pretaped segment. she's expecting her second child soon. wit host ryan seacrest. >> you may recall he chose to
3:49 am
leave "idol" after his first season, after season. you could say his career and seacrest's went in opposite directions. >> i liked him. >> he tells "people" magazine last night was his first contact with seacrest since leaving the show. >> it's good he got a bro hug in there. >> yeah, he did. >> simon cowell was back joining the show's other original judges, paula abdul, randy jackson on stage. cowell teased abdul why she was so mean to the contestants while he was trying to be helpful. cowell had said he wasn't going to attend the show and obviously he did. and so did this guy. ♪ she bangs, she moves an she stings like a bee like every girl in history ♪ >> she bangs. >> you guys have similar singing voices. >> hey. we sound good. twitter blew up when william hung made it to the stage. >> he proved that he can still
3:50 am
bust out a stirring rendition of "she bangs." >> yes. enrique -- not enrique but ricky is jealous. it was kind of like free bird only bad. it was awful. but it's what we would expect from william hung. >> totally right. >> before we wrap up american idol coverage, there's actually a new "american idol." he's 24-year-old trent harmon who calls himself just a dude from mississippi. he won a recording contract in addition to being named the show's final idol. it will be interesting to see what happens. people have done so well. not just the winners but even the people who came in number two or three. >> yeah, like taylor hicks. his career really shot up. whatever happened to him? >> i don't know. they're good. it was a fun show to watch. >> i think -- >> little known fact. >> okay. >> so yesterday we showed you a brief and very brief in fact snippet from the new star wars movie trailer. >> before anything else, here's some more. >> on your own from the age of
3:51 am
15, reckless, aggressive and undisciplined. >> this is a rebellion, isn't it? i rebel. >> that tells us a bit about a rebel character named jyn erso dy get that right? played by felicity jones. >> the trailer has been watched by many millions by now. plenty of reaction stems from there being another female lead character in a "star wars" franchise movie. jyn follows rey from "the force awakens." >> one online commentator says any fan anger over a female lead is rooted in sexism. by the way, we should mention the film premieres in december. >> coming up, another star. reena's top moments on "world news now." we're going to look back. i got the tissue box all here. >> something tells me we might be laughing. >> yeah, probably.
3:52 am
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downy fabric conditioner. wash in the wow. >> do you think that they need a crossover journalist like myself? here we go. it's coming. ♪ all my friends say i started doing doubles when you walked in ♪ ♪ all my friends say i went a little crazy seeing you with him ♪ >> you just went a little crazy. ♪ and all my friends. >> the look on bruno's face, our special music critic bruno from miami who flew in. >> he looked horrified. >> i didn't know that's what you were singing. ♪ >> oh, man, that was a beautiful clip. time now though for us to take a special look at some of the other reasons that we're going to miss miss ninan. >> he's got a petition out to ban people from eating popcorn
3:56 am
in -- >> that's a prop. i didn't know that. oh, god, i just ate styrofoam. you have better hair than me, kendis gibson. >> that is true. look at that. >> that's not allowed. >> oh, yeah. that's me and my harley. >> cool. >> what? ♪ >> on screen, marriage. >> yeah. >> i didn't know we moved to marriage i thought it was called courting. yodel-lay-he-who. >> i've got lots of deals for you. >> how many lumps of coal can you put in three boxes? >> that must have been heavy. >> i got to say you've got to listen to that rihanna song and you might want to say to the folks at the patriots -- ♪ better have my money >> just going to have grab a big box of real popcorn and sit back and eat.
3:57 am
>> you know i don't eat popcorn anymore after a certain incident on the show. >> and how fast is ten miles an hour? how many miles would that be? >> wait. >> and back street's back, oh, yeah. ♪ back street's back all right >> oh, it's all right. >> there it is. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's awesome. >> we had many crazy moments. >> the commercial break. there was one yesterday that was what is 20 plus 15. and i just internalize myself and just like pretend as if i didn't hear it. >> math and singing not my strong suits clearly. >> ah. >> the ladies. >> this is my final tribute, a thank you to the crew, the people who have done such a remarkable job making this the number one early morning news number one early morning news show.
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning, tensions flaring on the campaign trail. now it's the democrats' feud heeding up. bernie sanders and hillary clinton stepping up the attacks and bill clinton in a feisty exchange with protesters. >> you are defending the people who cause young people to go out and -- >> exactly what set the former president off. we're live in washington. brussels's bombing and the man in the hat running from the scene when he is seen doing after the explosion. top down and running from the cops. a wild chase through hollywood but this is no movie. the bizarre pursuit all on camera. and shark scare. a surfer knocked off his board when a shark jumps out of the water. >> uh-oh.


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