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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 6, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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i can't believe they all have the same daddy. life-changing decisions are made. we have to tell ellie and jules. if i hold this secret in any longer, i'll go-- shh. 3-time oscar nominee michelle williams joins the cast as laurie's foster sister. cupcakes? what, what? what, what? no, slut. what, what. you really get me. secrets are revealed. i've got to go to work, and my car is broken. (cawing) and we say good-bye to a regular character. back in a jif! (engine starts) yay! yeah! come on. cheers. or not. we haven't decided, but please still watch.
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two, one, zero, liftoff. >> breaking overnight, another successful launch for spacex rocket, this one lifting off from cape canaveral and the first stage as the rocket appears to have landed on the drone ship, neat. the rocket is delivering a japanese satellite some 22,000 miles above the earth. >> the drone ship just sounds like something out of star wars. >> it does. this was the frightening scene in suburban st. louis as a suspected robber drove his van the wrong way on the interstate for miles. you can see the massive police presence. officers tried to track the driver down. they did eventually block in the van and arrested him. he's now facing serious charges. >> it's very fortunate nobody else got injured in that. i imagine he was going at quite a clip there. new developments this morning in the murder case of a fitness instructor at a church in texas. >> the suspect was caught on
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surveillance video and now police are releasing a list of persons of interest. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: texas police releasing new search warrants in the gruesome murder of fitness instructor missy beavers. investigators say multiple puncture wounds found on her head and chest are consistent with the weapon being carried by this person caught on surveillance camera wearing full police gear just before the murder. the mother of three was setting up for her early morning class at this church in midlothian nearly three weeks ago. her students arrived for class and found her body. police zeroing in on the suspect's unusual walk. beavers' husband appealing to the public for help. >> i can't tell if the person is a man for a woman but if you look at the mannerisms, how they walk, there's something very distinctive there. >> reporter: police say the murderer may have been tracking her movements on social media and may have even used a cell phone to photograph or record the victim and the murderous
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act. and those warrants also suggest that mrs. beavers and her husband may have had financial and marital problems. linzie janis, abc news, new york. and they say the victim actually -- information coming out of a search warrant, she had received messages on linkedin three days before that she and her friend called creepy and strange. >> it's quite a mystery they have right now. less than three days earlier beavers had shown a friend those messages they considered creepy and strange. >> they say she had been communicating with somebody else on linkedin that seemed familiar so they're paying attention to her social media and hoping that helps uncover more in this investigation. >> the good news, if it's good news, they do have some persons of interest right now lined up. an amazing story of inspiration that you have to see to believe. >> a first grade girl who will inspire you. you don't want to miss this one. you're watching "world news now."
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i love this next story. it's about a 7-year-old girl who won a penmanship contest. you might be thinking, big deal. right? >> but what if we told you that she doesn't -- she was born without any hands? christi christi christina jako has her story. >> reporter: one letter, one word at a time. 7-year-old ania elek always
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strives to get it right. concentrated and determined no task is too big for this first grader. even tafbs some would have thought she couldn't tackle. >> out of this world. people always say, my gosh, she's beyond her years and her way of thinking, how she speaks, everything she does. >> reporter: aniha was born without her hands but bianca middleton says her daughter works hard every day to overcome the obstacle. >> it may be different, it may be hard, the road may be long. but she will persevere. >> first time i've ever had something like this. i'm very shocked at all she can do. from cutting, to gluing -- >> reporter: most importantly, writing. >> when you look at this little girl who was born without hands, who has the best handwriting if her class, can do so much on her own independently, that just removes excuses from our lives of what -- of things that we think we can't do. >> reporter: because aniah can
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do it all, even beat out 300,000 other grade schoolers in a penmanship competition. her extraordinary efforts proving to all around her that even against all odds, with some determination, you can always get it right. >> she helped teach me things i take for granted every day. and i look at her like, wow. she's not complaining. never, never complains. >> reporter: as if all that isn't impressive enough, the competition that penmanship competition she was in is open from students from kindergarten all the way through eighth grade. so think about how many other kids of different ages she was competing against to win that. >> the fascinating thing is she doesn't use any prosthetics at all for any of this. she's still been able to achieve great success doing so. >> the school superintendent says that all other peers, all the other students, don't treat her any differently and that she keeps up with everyone else just fine. good motivation story on a friday.
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♪ time for our favorite segment of the week, "insomniac theater." checking out two movies that open this weekend. >> this morning we're going to start with "captain america: civil war." we tried to keep ate secret. the third installment of the franchise finds the all-star cast of superheroes, they've put on the purview of the united nations. and do they refuse? now suddenly they're forced to take sides. >> what do we do? >> we're in position. ♪
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>> such a love story. the film by our parent company disney has scored a certified 93% on rotten tomatoes and it's hard to find any bad reviews. what's tasha robinson saying? she says it tackles real-world problems will while managing to entertain. tony hicks, in the race with dc comics, marvel still comes out on top when it comes to fun why. >> captain america helped my friend with her bag in real life. >> chris harris? >> true story. >> she should have gotten his number. next up the family thing. adult siblings baxter and annie played by jason bateman and nicole kidman return to their family home to investigate the mysterious disappearance of their parents who are two world-famous performance artists known for their elaborate hoaxes. but this time is it the real deal? >> this is sheriff hale. we have a serious situation
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here. the car that is registered to your parents was found at a rest stop. there were signs of a struggle and quite a bit of blood. >> it's a performance. >> you think they're dead. >> we have to suspect foul play. >> my parents are probably hiding somewhere laughing themselves silly. as soon as you say they're dead they're going to pop up resurrected. >> the family fang is scoring a 76% on rotten tomatoes and getting mostly good reviews of the trittics. peter travers of "the rolling stone" calls it a provooken voktive film that questions the limbs of art in a world that forgets to be human. kyle smith said, it feels like an extended therapy session. some people need an extended therapy session. i don't know if i'd mind that so much. >> we're thinking "family fang" will be number one at the box office this weekend? >> maybe a family favorite. happy mother's day. >> "captain america." e 50 to 85:
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this morning on "world news now," in the race for president republican party disunity. high-profile members of the gop not quite falling into line behind donald trump, at least not yet. trump sparking new controversy with a cinco de mayo tweet. and things get a little rowdy at a hillary clinton event in california. full details ahead. a warehouse fire burning for hours in houston is raising fears about toxic chemicals. hundreds of students have been forced from their schools and there are now worries about what seeped into creeks nearby. spark in the subway. more metro problems in the nation's capital. a fireball and headaches for thousands of riders trying to get where they're going this morning. also ahead, check this out. justin bieber hits the court before he hits the stage. and he's no slouch when it comes to draining it. it's friday, may 6th.
3:01 am
>> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> the biebs has skills on the court? >> he does. steph curry is hoping he can sign up for the warriors. >> give a few players a few points. >> exactly. maybe we can get some tips from bieber, who knew. i think that's carefully edited video. >> we'll see more in a little bit. we begin with the race for the white house where democratic front-runner hillary clinton faced some of her most vocal protesters yet. >> it was in east los angeles and bernie sanders supporters loudly heckled clinton on her way into a speaking engagement. one particular particularly aggressive demonstrator confronted her on the rope line until police took him away. >> on the gop side donald trump may be the last man standing but he seems to have a new republican to spar with. abc's karen travers has the latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning, diane and kendis. hillary clinton is saving her toughest lines these days for
3:02 am
donald trump. yesterday she called him a loose cannon. the republican though is firing back and he insists he can reshape the electoral map and win the white house. as the dust settles in the republican primary, party leaders are weighing in. house speaker paul ryan telling cnn he can't currently support donald trump. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. >> reporter: in an unusual move, the last two gop presidents -- george h.w. and george w. bush -- say they'll sit out this election and will not endorse trump. and the last republican nominee, mitt romney, says he'll skip the convention this summer. hillary clinton shoring up support in california and slamming trump. >> trump turns around and says, i don't care if other countries get nuclear weapons. that is the kind of risk this country cannot afford to take. >> reporter: clinton leads trump in head-to-head polls. in the likely republican nominees facing challenges with the electoral college map. the states in blue are those democrats won in the past six
3:03 am
presidential elections. if clinton can hold on to those she just needs to win florida to win the white house. >> you have to be able to expand to the map to places like michigan and pennsylvania. the problem for donald trump is before he gets to geography, he has to deal with demography. and donald trump, before he even starts picking states, has to fix his problem with latino voters and his problem with women voters. >> reporter: and on cinco de mayo, trump tweeting this message. and clinton pouncing. meanwhile, bernie sanders keeps up his push for the democratic nomination saying he is going to stay in this race until the last primary. but yesterday, diane and kendis, some pretty strong words from hillary clinton. not so subtle hints that she thinks sanders should bow out. >> never a dull moment, karen, thank you. former republican presidential candidate ben carson says that he won't be donald trump's running mate but he is hopie in helping with the for one. carson tells "wall street journal" a democrat could be in the mix saying trump is
3:04 am
considering anyone who puts america first. the fbi has interviewed hillary clinton's top aides as part of its investigation into her use of a private e-mail server. sources tell abc news that includes human may abba dine, considered clinton's closest adviser. that means clinton is likely next to be questioned, probably in the next few weeks. clinton says she's ready to answer questions and is confident that "nothing inappropriate took place." president obama has commuted the sentences of 58 convicted criminals, including 18 who were serving life sentences. that boosts his total to 306 granted petitions, more than the previous six presidents combined. the president also urged congress to overall sentencing guidelines, particularly when it comes to nonviolent drug convictions. to canada where the raging wildfire is driving one of the largest evacuations in north american history. more than 80,000 people have been forced to leave their homes in the heart of canada's oil fields and thousands more are expected to be evacuated later
3:05 am
today if conditions are safe enough. the fires have burned an area larger than new york city. at this point officials say the only thing that will stop this fire is rain. air tankers just aren't doing the job. >> dramatic scenes there in alberta, canada. dramatic scenes south of the border. to another huge fire at a houston warehouse this morning. it is finally out. the video shot by drones shows the thick black smoke and flames shooting dozens of feet into the air. but now officials say pesticides and other hazardous chemicals got into the water supply nearby and they're warning residents to stay away. here's abc's matt gutman. >> holy moly. >> reporter: that towering firestorm at this warehouse complex near houston -- >> there's another one. >> reporter: starting as a house fire. 20 minutes later the four-alarm fire exploding setting off this chain reaction explosion. one warehouse after another. >> another explosion right there. >> reporter: 3,000 residents bordering the complex were told to shutter all windows and
3:06 am
doors. >> parts of that warehouse wound up in that lady's backyard. >> reporter: a nearby elementary school with over 600 students evacuated. nearly 200 firefighters racing to the scene. that column of thick black smoke visible for miles. towering over the city. >> beautiful by day, then black smoke started coming up. it was massive. it was just a fireball. >> reporter: witnesses say it sounded like a war zone. >> those bullets started popping. it's scary. that's when the police came and said get out of here. >> reporter: barrels detonating like coweder pegs. officials person the fire blasted pesticides and solvents into the air. >> they have 55-gallon drums and liquid pallets of chemicals. they started to heat up and explo explode, popping, going 200 feet in the air, raring down liquid fire. it was spreading like crazy. >> reporter: firefighters battling flames for six hours. all that's left, a moonscape of charred cars and melted barrels. firefighters have put out all the hot spots and the all-clear
3:07 am
has been issued after that shelter in place. but the concern now is that pesticides have leached into the soil here and could run off into local waterways. matt gutman, abc news, houston. we have a verdict in a notorious grim sleeper case in los angeles. former trash collector lonny franklin jr. was found guilty of murdering 10 women over the course of more than 20 years. prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty when that phase of the trial starts next week. the killer was called the grim sleeper because of an apparent 14-year gap between two of those shootings. the federal government is taking a major step to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of young people. the food and drug administration is banning the sale of electronic smokes to anyone under 18. and if you're under 26, you'll need to show photo i.d. to buy them. the change also means e-cigarettes will be regulated by the feds. the new rules take effect in august. if all goes as planned there will be 20 horses starting tomorrow's kentucky derby and
3:08 am
this year did you know the 142nd running of the race? >> at this point the early favorite is a horse named nyquist. he's at 3-1 orders right now. he'll be wearing number 13 tomorrow. he's undefeated 7-0 so far in his career. >> jackie victor espinoza who rode american pharoah to triple crown glory will be riding number 10, whitmore, tomorrow. right now he's at 20-1. nyquist sounds slow, sounds like nyquil, he'll be sleeping. >> our favorite is the number 2 horse. >> sudden breaking news. >> that's who we're going with. >> it's going to be like when "sopranos" ended when everyone thought there was something wrong with their cable? everyone will think there's something wrong with the banner when we report he won. that's who we're rooting for. >> next year's running will be the 143rd. >> oh, wow, look at you. justin bieber put on a show last night at the home of the brooklyn nets and thousands of
3:09 am
fans screamed, cheered and i'm sure even cried as the biebs performed. >> might have thrown some things onstage as well. earlier in the day bieber head the to the place where the nets practice and he proceededed to put on a show as well of a different sort. look at him draining long-distance shots from all over the place. >> wow, look at him go. needless to say bieber's hung out at nba facilities before. he's taking some heat for his tomorrow but you can't argue with results. >> nothing but bottom of the net in this carefully edited video. >> i wonder how long he was there for. we want to see the outtakes, justy. >> this was a 20-second video -- shot over the course of nine hours. how to turn $2 into $8,000 ahead in "the mix." more problems on washington's subway system. sparks flying then the questions about why those problems are happening in the first. >> a rough ride force a flight to land early so the injured can
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for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. impact video capturing florida's marco island -- then oh no. what happened was it crashed right into the balcony of a condo unit 20 stories up.
3:14 am
police say the drone was registered but the owner says it lost signal prompting it -- >> oh no! >> to -- to automatically return home but it didn't have a feature on it to detect the building that was in its way on the way home. >> seems like a crucial detail. >> yeah. the pilot of that drone has not been charged with anything. there's new concern for the washington, d.c. metro system after this fireball was seen in a station yesterday. it happened in the morning, later in the day more smoke was reported in the federal center station forcing it and another busy station to close for the day. you might remember in march the entire metro system was shut down for more than a day for emergency safety inspections. two frightening emergencies unfolding in the skies leaving hundreds of airline passengers a bit shaken up. >> that's right. several people were injured yesterday after severe turbulence rocked a flight heading to pittsburgh. but this happened less than a day after turbulence injured dozens of passengers overseas. abc's david kerley has more. >> reporter: safely on the
3:15 am
ground after seven people were hurt on this allegiant airlines jet, a flight from the dominican republic to pittsburgh which diverted to ft. lauderdale after hitting what the airline called unreported clear air turbulence. first responders saying four flight attendants and three passengers were taken to the hospital. some with head injuries. that incident on the heels of this dramatic turbulence which had passengers praying. the woman who took this video says there was no warning of the severe turbulence. >> everything just shock. the plane went up and down. a lot of people on the plane, they didn't wear seat belts, you know. so they're like flying. >> reporter: pictures of the aftermath showing a cracked ceiling, aisles littered with debris. 31 people were hurt, nine taken to the hospital from the flight to jakarta. turbulence injuries are relatively rare in the u.s., just 21 last year. but these incidents can be frightening and dangerous.
3:16 am
david kerley, abc news, washington. coming up in our next half hour, there were laughs all around at joint base andrews as president and mr. obama kicked off the 75th anniversary of the uso. what jon stewart said about donald trump and who was that guy in the beard? that's ahead in "the skinny." "shark tank's" corcoran explains her controversial tweet about yanking up skirts to get ahead. what she says moms should be telling daughters about how to get ahead in business.
3:17 am
she's one of the most famous business women in the country but barbara corcoran's latest piece of advice isn't sitting well with feminists. it's an interesting tweet.
3:18 am
she said that to succeed in a man's world, she wears bright colors and yanks up her skirt to get attention. >> now she's getting plenty of attention. and refusing to back down. abc's amy row back sat down yesterday on gma. >> i happen to have great legs. i didn't have the best face or the best body but i had great legs. if i wanted to get attention i'd make sure i'd wear my skirts really high, yank up my skirt at the midriff, and walk into a room and everybody notices me because i've got great legs. i think it's a great gimmick if you are smart enough to get attention. i don't think that's sexual in any way. but that's what makes a horse race, right? >> i think a lot of people are upset about that yanking up your skirt because it seems to imply that you're using your sexuality to get ahead in business. you say you don't apologize for that and flirting is a technique for you sometimes? >> it certainly is. and think about it, amy. what do men do? smoke cigars together, get
3:19 am
flashy in the ferrari, wearing the rolodex watch, playing golf with their bosses. they've got all the gimmicks going that make them belong and be a little different and a little bit part of the boys' club. women don't do those things. if you're attractive, it's one thing to build up your numbers in business and get a tremendous balance sheet and in the end you're judged by that in business. it has nothing to do with male or female, you're judged by your numbers. but to get to those numbers you've got to stand apart from the pack. you will never succeed being exactly like the next guy or gal because nobody will notice you and you'll never get to that juicy balance sheet that every woman out there building a business is hoping to get to. >> barbara, this is not a new message for you. you've written books. i love this title. "if you don't have big breasts, put ribbons on your pig tails and other lessons i learned from my mom." why wouldn't you tell women to use their brains instead of their breasts? >> let me tell you something. if you're not using your brains you're not going to succeed in business. it is not an easy game to build a business. you have to be thinking all the time and using every bit of
3:20 am
common sense and great intelligence to build your business. that's a given. but assuming you have five people with equal intelligence working equally hard, the person who knows to grab attention is going to be the one that gets noticed and gets put ahead. look at our phenomenal donald trump. could you even imagine, if he was saying these sound bites that he's throwing out there, if he were a woman? he'd be thrown out of the country. he's using the male macho gene all way. but no criticism on that, no. >> do you think women using sexuality is comparable to cigars and male prowess and talking about a woman's physical appearance and body parts with so many women trying to say, my looks don't define me, what do you tell your young daughter as a lot of us moms with daughters are trying to tell our daughters the exact opposite message? >> i'm sorry, i wish i would agree with you. you know how i love you so much a . i've lived in the business world my whole life.
3:21 am
i'll tell you if you can grab attention and be different from the pack, and it doesn't have to be in any sexual way. men will go out and buy a $5,000 tom ford suit to impress their friends, okay? they know they're looking good. they know they're strutting their stuff. i think it's the wrong message to tell young women they should look leek the guys. i don't think it works in business. if you're beautiful, let yourself be beautiful. i just feel like you should use whatever you've got to your own advantage. i see it as the only way to get ahead in business. >> advice from barbara corcoran. she by the way worth personally $45 million. >> you kind of have to listen to a little bit at least. >> you might not agree with it all but i think she kind of summarized it at the end. she's not saying to be sexual necessarily, just to use whatever you have to kind of grab people's attention and engage. >> it's an interesting message, especially as amy was pointing out to young girls. good on her, she's 67 years old, she has legs she is proud of,
3:22 am
working everything she can. >> working it to a $45 million net worth. why just shave, when you can choose to smooth? choose suprises over dull. choose design, over in a lull. choose for women. choose leader. choose bars. choose movement. choose delight. choose to love your knees and treat your underarms like queens. choose skin you adore. choose venus. choose more. choose to take a stand. choose to smooth. venus
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time now for "the mix." kind of a nice touch for the gamers. a man in texas goes to a yard sale and buys a box of old video games, paid $80 for roughly 40 games. >> okay. >> one of those games, however, it turns out, was a 1987 track and field game called "stadium events." he went on google. come to find out he sold it for nearly $8,000, a collector's item. sold to it a private buyer in denton for $7,500. only 200 known copies of that video game in the world. >> very cool. >> two bucks in, nearly $8,000 out. >> you can't necessarily afford this next item. take a look at this. the most expensive airline seats you might say in the world.
3:26 am
it's now a suite. it's a one-way ticket from mumbai to new york city with a stop in abu dhabi, $38,000. >> what do you get for $38,000? >> 125 square feet suite, bigger than the average new york city apartment. it can seat three people. that's three beds. >> three beds? >> yep. flat-screen tv. >> take it one way. >> and personal polka. ♪ ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ if you're an insomniac and a good night's sleep you lack ♪ ♪ do the world news polka ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ on the town you and me there's a lot for us to see ♪ ♪ here's a few examples
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♪ hot dog and fa lawful stands ♪ everywhere there's plenty ♪ lots of tourists lots of stops ♪ ♪ please make mine a venti ♪ everyone is helpful here and always so polite ♪ ♪ like bicyclists who stop at every single traffic light ♪ ♪ naked cowboy lots of fun ♪ naked guy on subway run ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ if your neighbors call the cops here's all you have to do utah note ♪ tell them hey it's news to me ♪ ♪ that's the world news pole la ♪ ♪ do the world news polka >> have a great weekend on the town, we'll see you monday!
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," trump's trouble. the presumptive republican nominee having some difficulty getting his party's heavyweights to come out and show support. plus the cinco de mayo tweet raising some eyebrows. all that while hillary clinton faces protesters while courting latinos. a wildfire emergency in canada has forced the evacuation of more than 80,000 people. we have new estimates about the staggering price tag of the fire and a new look at what could be the future of aerial firefighting. new this half hour, a traffic nightmare near los angeles. a suspect leads police on an hours-long slow-speed chase that snarls traffic for miles. some pieces of tv history are now up for sale. does the phrase "you get a chair and you get a chair and you get a chair" mean anything?
3:31 am
well, they all have a price on this friday, may 6th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you don't want a chair? >> you know, when oprah used to have the show, back in the days they'd have gifts under the chairs. the chair comes with this amazing gift. then yeah. >> you gave away the big reveal. it's oprah's chair. >> oh. sorry. i'm the worst at teases. >> stay with us, though. we have lots of other news for you starting with the white house. >> we're going to start with the race for the white house. another day, another bit of craziness there. republican donald trump and speaker of the house paul ryan, they're locking horns. >> and democrat hillary clinton is jumping into the fray, taking aim at trump over his cinco de mayo taco bell tweet that said, i love hispanics. your voice, your vote. abc's jonathan karl has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump is finally locked in the republican nomination. but the most powerful republican
3:32 am
in the land says he's not ready to endorse him. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> reporter: speaker paul ryan has expressed concerns about trump's controversial statements on muslims and on immigrants. his announcement came just after this trump tweet hit with a thud. happy cinco de mayo. the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill. i love hispanics. according to our abc news/"washington post" poll, 81% of hispanics disapprove of trump. and within minutes of trump's taco bowl tweet, hillary clinton tweeted his own words back at him. i love hispanics! trump, 52 minutes ago. and then this video. >> we're going to have a deportation force, they have to go. >> reporter: trump is struggling to unite his own party. the last two republican presidents and the last two republican nominees are all skipping the convention. speaker ryan says it's trump's responsibility to bring republicans together. >> i think the bulk of the
3:33 am
burden on unifying the party will have to come from our presumptive nominee. >> reporter: trump is trying to heal the wounds left from the bitter primary. while he once said this about marco rubio -- >> i've never seen a human being sweat like he sweats. little marco rubio. a total, total featherweight -- >> reporter: a different tune. >> marco's a good guy, a really nice guy, i like him. >> reporter: trump is promising his convention will have real pizzazz. hiring img, the same company that helped with the olympics in beijing. to help run the show for him in cleveland. meanwhile, hillary clinton is aiming more and more of her fire at trump. >> i think that anybody running for office should spend as much or more time listening than talking. and i know i'll be way ahead in that category against donald trump, there's no doubt about that. >> reporter: the response to paul ryan, donald trump issued a statement saying, "i'm not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda.
3:34 am
perhaps in the future we can work together to come to an agreement about what is best for the american people. they have been treated so badly for so long, it's about time for the politicians to put them first." so the bottom line, we now have the two most high-profile republicans in america saying they aren't ready to support each other. jonathan karl, abc news, charleston, west virginia. fbi has questioned hillary clinton's top aides as part of its investigation into her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. sources tell abc news that includes huma abedin, considered clinton's closest adviser. clinton has maintained her home-based e-mail was a mistake but she insists she did nothing wrong, and she now says she's ready to answer fbi questions. to texas now, a huge warehouse fire in houston. drone video capturing the towering plumes of black smoke pouring into the sky there. the concern now is that the run-off from the firefighting efforts carried pesticides and
3:35 am
petroleum additives into nearby creeks. residents are being told to stay away until the mess is cleaned up. in canada an out-of-control wildfire there has forced the evacuation of more than 80,000 people and has grown to the size of new york city. an air tanker heading to the fire slid off the runway yesterday afternoon. two people went to the hospital as a precaution. this happened when the plane tried to make an emergency landing. ctv is in the fire zone with more. >> reporter: new video shows the destruction in ft. mcmurray, in some places rows of houses completely gone. a wildfire that's grown to be the size of the city of calgary. >> fire conditions remain extreme in the province. >> reporter: yet more incredible images show the harrowing escape as tens of thousands fled from the flames on tuesday. some forced to drive right past them under a shower of embers. as for the weather, it's not exactly cooperating. temperatures have cooled off but the winds remain a problem.
3:36 am
the military's deploying more helicopters to the scene and the province of quebec sent water bombers. though officials say even with all that help, it will be a tough fire to fight. >> let me be clear. air tankers are not going to stop this fire. this fire is an extreme fire event. >> reporter: in good news, the fire was expected to expand away from ft. mcmurray, though several areas to the south had to be evacuated. residents had been waiting in the shadow of towers of black smoke, hoping they wouldn't be pushed further from their homes. >> we don't want to go too far away from home. ft. mcmurray is our home. >> reporter: this man planned to drive back to ft. mcmurray wanting to rescue his cat. >> i want to go get my pets and some fuel and head out of here. >> reporter: with 25,000 people stranded north of the fire zone, efforts are getting under way to airlift some of them out. meanwhile, one bank estimates this could become the biggest insurance event in canadian history, causing up to $9 billion in damage.
3:37 am
janet dirks, ctv news, ft. mcmurray. >> all that said we're actually getting our first look at what could be the future of aerial firefighting here in the u.s., at least. this boeing 747 tanker is capable of hitting a fire with nearly 20,000 gallons of fire retardant or water in about 12 seconds, impressive. that's about twice the amount of the next-largest tanker currently out there. while the company says it hopes to be able to fly by this summer the forest service says it has no plans to use the aircraft this season. a development in the penn state sex abuse scandal about legendary football coach joe paterno. a child reportedly told paterno of abuse at the hands of jerry sandusky in 1976. according to, the information came out in court documents in an insurance case involving the university. paterno died in 2012 but he claimed before that he didn't learn of any allegations until 2001. sandusky is serving a minimum of 30 years in prison.
3:38 am
quite a bit of defiance from north carolina as the state faces pressure from the federal government over its bathroom law. the feds sent a letter saying the law violates the civil rights act and asks for the law to be remedied by monday. the house speaker says the state will take no action by monday, "we're not going to be bullied by the obama administration." many in southern california had a nightmare ride home last night as police cornered an attempted murder suspect on a major highway. it started as a slow-speed chase down the 91 freeway. that's the suspect's black mercedes weaving through traffic. he was trying to get away from a half dozen patrol cars. the chase became a standoff after the car ran over spike strips. police used tear gas and a police dog to get the suspect into custody. the search continues for the homeland security employee wanted for allegedly killing his estranged wife in a maryland high school parking lot. police say eulalio tordil shot his estranged wife gladys outside high point high school.
3:39 am
mrs. tordil was picking up her children at the time. a man who tried to intervene was also shot but survived. two men out for a day of fishing ended badly when they ran into rough waters about five miles off the coast of jupiter when a giant wave slammed into them and capsized their boat. they held on until first responders arrived and pulled them to safety. one of the men taken to the hospital just to get checked out. here in new york, billboards especially in places like times square seem to be replaced as often as the fence sets. what happens to them when they come down? >> just in the last 10 seconds one of them has changed. one designer asked the same question and came up with, fashion. she's using the material used for the ads to create purses, clutches, artwork, even furniture. julianne brown is cofounder of remember me green. >> she says vinyl from one billboard can be used to create 75 tote bags. the repurposing keeps all that material out of landfills and is keeping her customers satisfied as well. >> brilliant idea.
3:40 am
>> clever. coming up in "the skinny," a star-studded event to mark a special anniversary for uso. plenty laugh of laughs and even some new looks. stick around. first, an escalating manhunt for an escaped prisoner. the extraordinary steps being taken by authorities to keep frightened communities safe. first, let's take a look at today's forecast. it's warm in the middle. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like...
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...that, you have to rinse it first that's baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade. and there's moving with thermove free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike glucosamine chondroitin, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on.
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a fed ex driver has been issued a fatigue citation after nashville police say he triggered this crash involving at least eight vehicles. they say the truck hit at least one car and that caused a chain reaction.
3:44 am
they say one vehicle was pushed under the semi and another caught fire. it made a mess out of the morning commute but luckily no serious injuries. also in tennessee, a police officer's body camera captured the terrifying moment when he was shot during a traffic stop. the officer is heard questioning the driver of a pickup truck. then the driver is seen raising a black handgun and firing at the officer at least ten times. the officer was thankfully wearing his bullet-proof vest. he's going to be physically okay. police in new jersey are expanding their search for an escaped prisoner who slipped away from the prison wing of a psychiatric hospital. >> he's managed to elude police for three days and forcing area schools to step up security including state police escorts for school buses. abc's linsey davis with the latest. >> reporter: intense manhunt under way in new jersey for this man, a convicted killer caught on camera walking into a cvs wednesday morning just one day after police say he broke out of jail. this stolen truck was abandoned in the drugstore parking lot. police say they tracked it 55 miles away through onstar.
3:45 am
>> any escapee in law enforcement eyes is a danger to society. >> reporter: police say when guards did a head count in the psychiatric hospital prison unit tuesday morning arthur buckholt was missing. schools placed on lockdown. residents told to stay indoors. >> i want the public to remain vigilant, i want them to remain situationally aware. be mindful of their surroundings and security. >> reporter: the 38-year-old was serving a two-year sentence for assault and burglary but was up for parole in a few weeks. he served 14 years for aggravated manslaughter in the death of a 10-month-old child. it's the second escape from the minimum security prison in six months. police are now telling us they are expanding the search area, saying they have new reason to believe he's no longer in this jersey shore town. linsey davis, abc news, varnegut, new jersey. when we come back, jon stewart jokes about a potential president trump. >> how you can buy a piece of oprah history. "the skinny" is next.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny so skinny time for "the skinny." starting with president obama kicking off what was a very special celebration at joint base andrews in maryland. >> the obamas and the bidens
3:48 am
turned out with a couple of high-powered comics and the other celebrities to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the uso, the private nonprofit supporting the u.s. military's 1.3 million active duty service members with among other things live entertainment. yesterday there was plenty of that. >> trump's going to keep you busy when he's the commander in chief. you're going to have to repaint all the planes with "trump" in big gold letters. you're going to be busy. >> there was even a special appearance by santa claus -- wait, no, no. that's actually david letterman. apparently that's what retirement looks like. holy cow. after more than three decades at cbs and nbc. >> i think stewart and letterman have been hanging out together. because he also -- you're like, i don't work anymore, i don't have to shave. >> like the oatmeal guy from years ago, i forget his name. >> the quaker oatmeal man? just needs the black hat? okay, moving on.
3:49 am
next, you get a chair, you get a chair, and you get a chair. everybody gets a chair! >> that is of course because it's for sale. >> that is my oprah impression. >> that is very good. >> you like that? >> fans of the old "oprah winfrey show" can buy their own piece of oprah history, chairs that were used for the show's live audience are now up for auction. >> fans can buy single chairs or you can get two chairs or you can buy a max of three chairs. >> wow. >> each seat has a commemorative plaque. proceeds go to oprah's leadership academy foundation and that auction is live right now through next thursday on >> might have to go there. >> buying chairs. >> those chairs are more affordable than you might think. single-chair bids starting at as low as $25. >> not so bad at all. >> next up, south of the border, kim kardashian and kanye west and family kicking up their heels in cuba. >> fresh off their exhausting
3:50 am
evening at the met gala, kimye have been painting the town red in havana on their family trip with kourtney and khloe kardashian as well. one fan caught kim and north riding in the back seat of an amazingly preserved '50s-era fuchsia cadillac. >> looks very nice. despite their millions, in a bit of a deja vu, that's kanye wearing the same raggedy jeans he wore on the met's red carpet monday night. >> good for him. save the planet, wear the same jeans. >> really? >> why not? >> i guess they still have an embargo in cuba, it's not like he can shop for new clothing. >> back here at home, a whole new level of awkwardness from donald trump's already awkward cinco de mayo tweet. >> of course we saw this. the donald tweeted out how the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill and that he loves hispanics. sharing this p
3:51 am
>> that is a picture of trump's ex-wife marla maples in a bikini from 1985 after she won first place in the miss hawaiian tropic international beauty pageant. >> i don't understand that. >> yeah, i think a lot of other people don't either. >> so there are a lot of people who were on the internets last night and yesterday looking at the photo. then they kind of zoomed in and saw that photo and thought, what an awkward thing. >> on the one hand it's kind of sweet that he's apparently still fond of his ex-wife. on the other hand, smack in the center of his desk, does he glance at it every day? did he put it there for the sake of the picture? a lot of questions. a lot of eyebrows being raised over this one. >> we know how he has his lunch. with marla all around, all his exes. luckily there are enough out there. >> he loves them too. coming up, checking out this week's top stories. it was an eventful week in politics. >> talking more about donald trump, one step closer to that
3:52 am
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there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike glucosamine chondroitin, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. no problem. that's a lot of dishes& i'll use a lot of detergent. dish issues? get cascade platinum.
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one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. we close out this week proving that truth can be indeed stranger than fiction. having no idea when this week started that we would be here right now. >> a presumptive republican presidential nominee, a wildfire bigger than new york city and a record shattered on broadway. here is your "friday rewind." >> we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. we are suspending our campaign. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward. >> we're going after hillary clinton.
3:56 am
she will not -- she will not be a great president. she will not be a good president. she will be a poor president. >> i think he is a loose cannon and loose cannons tend to misfire. >> i understand secretary clinton thinks this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. >> using a filter, installing it, then flint water at this point is drinkable. >> take a look this window, that's where the front door used to be. the tornado literally picking this house up and moving it over 12 feet. >> this is nothing short of something that comes out of the movies. the flames, you couldn't look up high enough, they were so dark. >> what are they doing? they're taking money from us that we've already earned. they're treating the front-line people like garbage. what did you expect? ♪ i have nothing nothing nothing ♪ >> it was powerful, it was elegant, it was -- it was -- it was perfection!
3:57 am
>> your best dance so far. >> i fell in love right then. awesome. >> what do you think it is about "hamilton" that has so many people standing out here in the rain wanting to be a part of it? >> hip-hop as an art form. >> a big weekend ahead too. kentucky derby coming up. happy mother's day to all moms. >> and also on a personal note, brian our producer's birthday on saturday. >> happy birthday, brian. >> he took the day off. >> he wanted to celebrate without us, that's how much we mean to brian. >> there's really, really important days coming up next week as well. it's national liver and onions day on tuesday. >> no, thank you. >> wednesday it's eat what you want day. >> i like that one better. >> national nutty fudge day thursday. >> that one's okay. are you going to eat liver and onions on national eat what you want day? >> who doesn't? any day with a "y." p?p?o?gv
3:58 am
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, war of words. the two leading members of the republican party not seeing eye to eye. donald trump and paul ryan trading jabs. donald trump's latest tweet is causing controversy. we're live. more evacuations in canada as the massive wildfire grows with no signs of slowing down. and a firefighting plane slides off the runway. the latest issue for the second largest transit system. a washington, d.c. metro station explosion after a train pull as way. some fishermen got a surprise when they saw this circling their boat. a great white shark. more on how this ended coming up.


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