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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 10, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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all day and all night. >> the individuals responsible for amy joyner-francis' death are minors but must be held
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accountable for their actions. that statement today from the delaware department of justice at the same time the attorney general filed charges against three girls. it is monday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the wheels of justice now starting to turn in the death of 16-year-old amy joyner-francis from howard technical high school in wilmington. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at wilmington police and, dann, you've got the full story. >> reporter: that's right, jim. speak on behalf of amy's family, sherry dorsey walker gave us this reaction. >> at the end of the day nothing brings amy back. so whatever the charges are, their issue is amy is never coming home. >> reporter: investigators say 16-year-old amy joyner-francis was assaulted by three teenage girls on april 21st. court documents say the assault captured on video shows one of the girls, a 16-year-old, repeatedly striking
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joyner-francis in the head and torso with what appears to be a closed fist. the medical examiner determined the girl died from a preexisting heart condition with contributing factors. the examiner says amy died from a cardiac incident that she was vulnerable to because of a preexisting heart condition. but the cardiac incident would not have occurred if she had not been assaulted. councilwoman dorsey walker could not say if the family was aware of the condition. >> this proves she does have this cardiac issue. here's the concern. it would not have been triggered had she not been hit in the manner in which she was. >> reporter: there was nobody answering the door at the home of one of the accused. "action news" is not identifying the girls because they are minors. police say only one of the girls struck joyner-francis. she has been charged with criminally homicide and may be tried as an adult. the other two are charged only with criminal conspiracy. >> now their lives are completely destroyed.
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and for what? a bathroom fight. is it worth it? >> reporter: if convicted, the 16-year-old faces up to eight years in prison. the other two face up to a year in jail. live at wilmington police headquarters, i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> dann, thank you. philadelphia police are now investigating the reported sexual assault of a student inside william sayre high school. authorities say both the female victim and her alleged attacker are freshmen. the school is located at 58t 58th and walnut in west philadelphia. school officials say they have surveillance video of the suspect walking the hall at the time of the assault last friday at 3:10 after school was dismissed. he is now under suspension. at least two people were killed and five injured when strong tornadoes touched down this afternoon in a rural area of oklahoma. storm chasers tracked this quarter-mile-wide tornado as it tore through the area for more than eight miles.
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it flattened homes, flipped trailers and tangled power lines. as we head into the overnight hours, meteorologists say portions of the plains now face a substantial risk of more tornadoes. from our delaware newsroom tonight, a nasty crash in hoch esinsent -- hockessin sent three people i to the hospital tonigh. this is the end result. police say the collision sent one car off the road into a fence trapping two victims. investigators have not determined who or what is to blame. a bicyclist was struck by a van earlier tonight in east windsor township, mercer county. it happened on route 130 northbound which had to be shut down for a period of time. police say 49-year-old roberto mendez is being treated at capital health regional medical center in trenton. the minivan driver is not facing charges. a wayward tire bounced through
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traffic on route 222 in spring township, berks county, this afternoon. before slamming through the windshield of a school bus. fortunately, the driver and two conrad wiser students on board escaped injury. police say the tire came off a pickup truck because of the mechanical problem with one of its axles. this was the scene this morning from chopper 6. exclusive video of the apprehension of runaway convict arthur buckel. he was captured alongside the garden state parkway in lacey township. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live in the satellite center. chad, how did the arrest go down? in this video, you can see arthur buckel handcuffed and sitting quietly on a guardrail on the garden state parkway. moments earlier officers captured him after a motorist reported seeing a man in the woods. a corrections officer and
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detective responded. >> at gunpoint gave him very firm directions. arthur buckel complied, and the state corrections officer was able to place him in handcuffs. >> reporter: buckel has been the subject of a manhunt since he escaped from a minimum security facility in hammonton last week. buckel was serving time for assault, drug possession, and burglary. he previously spent 14 years behind bars for the manslaughter death of a 10-month-old child. he was spotted yesterday in surveillance video at the forked river parkway rest area near where he was picked up today. apparently, he had signaled a desire via a family member that he wanted to turn himself in yesterday but failed to show. that triggered an overnight ground and air search of this nearby neighborhood. >> the cops were here last night looking under the houses that are under construction in case he had tried to get in there, which he might have done. >> helicopters were directly over this development and searching their lights into the
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wooded area. >> today after being taken into custody, buckel was driven in this white van to the state prison in trenton. he was medically evaluated and theninterrogated by investigators. >> and it's unclear where buckel stayed during his one-week on the run. investigators were hoping to learn more after interviewing him. i'm live in the satellite center. chad pradelli, for "action news ." >> the fbi say they have a serial bank bandit on their hands. this suspect held up the pnc bank on fourth and market at 1:47 this afternoon. he was wearing a light gray hoodie and sweat pants. detectives say that he is the same man suspected had a holdup of the citizens bank 11 blocks away. at 15th and market on friday, april 29th. there is a reward available for his capture and tipsters can remain anonymous. a swarm of bees took over the center of town today in merchantville, camden county, causing businesses to close up
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shop. thousands of honey bees gathered in a tree near center street and park avenue to protect a queen. a nearby beekeeper captured most of them and an exterminator used bug spray to kill or scatter those that remained. fortunately, no one, not one single person, reported being stung. in philadelphia, the franklin institute is in trouble. accused of violating the rights of severely disabled visitors. a federal judge ruled that requiring them to essentially pay twice, once for themselves and once for their care-takers violates the americans with disability act. the decision says the care-takers were only there in their role as assistants. the museum disagrees with the court ruling and has a large history of searching the disabled community with respect. in florence township, burlington county, it is an initiative to save lives and, in this case,
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we're talking about the lives of pets. it comes had the wake of a deadly fire this past february, a fire that chamed the life of buddy. "action news" reporter confident christie ileto has the story. -- >> reporter: marie still gets emotional thinking about buddy's final moments. the service dog to a combat vet was rescued from this february inferno in burlington county only to die two days later from burns to his body and severe smoke inhalation. >> he was on the balcony. and i guess he was trying to crouch down and get air into him and everything. and they didn't know he had so much in him. >> reporter: north star vet is donating their first round of oxygen pet masks and first aid items to the fire department. part of a new initiative in buddy's name. >> i do think these will save a lot of the lives in the future. >> had he had this mask when the firefighters rescued him, do you think he would have survived? >> i -- unfortunately, due to the extent of his injuries, i'm
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not sure. >> reporter: the department says an average of 2 out of 5 calls they receive include pets. >> the masks we will be receiving fit the snout of a dog or a cat and have a better sell -- seal and we can give them more oxygen much easier. >> reporter: hoping what happened to buddy doesn't happen again. >> he was a great dog. everybody loved him in this town. >> reporter: north star vet plans to donate four more oxygen mask kits to the fire department in the next month. reporting live, christie ileto, "channel 6 action news." >> still to come on "action news" tonight, swaddling is a common method for helping -- to help babies get to sleep. but a report tonight says it poses a serious danger. and the report offers a very specific recommendation for parents. sam bradford is back taking snaps. ducis rodgers tells us whether bradford's had a change of heart about a trade. cecily? >> we've now had two days in a
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row of temperatures in the '70s. but i'm tracking cloudy, cooler weather tomorrow along with showers. i'll tell you what to expect in the forecast. >> and are you paying more than you should at the checkout counter? wendy saltzman is here with an "action news" investigation. >> jim, we're looking at whether or not shoppers are being overcharged. this man says it happened to him. more than half the items in his cart rang up as higher prices than what was advertised. you'll want to see the result of our undercover investigation next. >> and we will hear from one new jerseyan who we know benefited from the winning powerball ticket. that and more when "action news" continues.
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>> the owners of the 7-eleven on chambers street in trenton got a $30,000 bonus today for selling a winning powerball ticket. the person who bought the
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winning ticket still hasn't come forward to claim their prize. the ticket matched all six powerball numbers in saturday night's drawing. lottery officials say the buyer selected the cash option, which means that they will have $284 million before taxes. >> it's such life-changing experience. i'm just excited to bring something positive to trenton. >> the winner has one year to claim his or her prize. this jackpot win is the sixth largest in the game's history. a grain silo fire in berks county is out tonight. that after burning for hours in pike township near oley. it started at 2:30 this afternoon on the 200 block of mine road. firefighter needed additional tanker-trucks. fortunately nobody was hurt. cooler temperatures and light rain are helping firefighters in canada battle that massive wildfire in for the macmurray
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in alberta. it has been burning since last tuesday. 88,000 people have fled. earlier today, officials inspected some of the damage. they say at least two neighborhoods have been destroyed including about 2400 homes and businesses. look at that. firefighters managed to save 25,000 other structures. the federal government has sued north carolina over its so-called bathroom bill. the law requires people to use only bathrooms of their gender that they were born with. the justice department filed a lawsuit just hours after north carolina's governor filed his own lawsuit against the government for misinterpreting the law. "action news" tonight is looking after your money. your dollars and cents uncovering how you might be spending more of them than you should at the register. investigative reporter wendy saltzman is here with another special investigation. >> reporter: jim imagine going to the checkout and realizing that you're being overcharged
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for more than half the items in your cart from power tools to t-shirts and grocery items. that's one what "action news" viewer said happened to him so he decided to investigate. >> 20 cents here and there adds up. >> reporter: terry boyle is a retired machinist on social security who says he can't afford not to watch his every cent. >> when when i get to the cash register, i know how much it's going to be. >> reporter: he shops with a pad of paper and pen. every penny is recorded on this list. and boyle says he's noticed time after time for more than a year his favorite drink mixes advertised at one price on the store rack but when he goes to check out -- >> it's charging more than i -- than it was marked on the shelf. >> reporter: in fact, on a recent trip to this target on cottman -- >> out of seven items i bought that day w four of them, they were overcharging me. >> reporter: boyle contacted "action news" because he says each time he's alerted store managers and each time he says their response wasn't good enough. >> he just said, well, there's nothing i can do. we already straightened out the price for you. so that's it. >> reporter: in philadelphia, there are no government
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inspections of store scanners. so we checked with an investigator to get to the bottom of the scanning scandal. >> hour fines can range up to $100 for items overpriced. >> reporter: at four different stops, he scanned prices of the three 300 items. at home depot, he was overcharged for two items, 1 for $1 and one for $5. right aid, similar items 20 cents over the advertised price. finally at wal-mart, he was over-wharched tour eight items ranging from 20 cents to $5.02 above what was listed on the shelf. >> stores are aware that we are looking, we are monitoring. and that there are severe penalties. >> reporter: she says her inspectors are tasked with protecting the interests of consumers. >> this will definitely cost you thousands of dollars and that's what we're trying to prevent. >> reporter: we reached out for schools for comment.
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right-aid said it's an isolated incident and 93 take price scanning seriously. home depot called it rare and say they generally honor the lower price. wal-mart said if customers find a different price on the shelf, the lower price is the price the customer receives. kohl's did not respond to our request for comment. >> many people trust canners and should not. >> reporter: back in philadelphia, the lack of enforcement in pennsylvania may give retailers little incentive to comply. >> the law is very clear. whatever the price is marked, it's supposed to scan at that price or there are consequences. the law is not being enforced, unfortunately. >> reporter: in fact, when we took boyle back to target to go shopping -- >> five items out of six, they were charging more. >> reporter: target tells us they have a process in place to adjust the item's shelf pricing and if there is an error, they will make right for the guest at the time of purchase. even though boyle said he notified them several times, the price for the drink mix was still wrong. >> i don't think it's fair to other people.
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>> reporter: our experts say you should always get your receipt and check the prices when you check out. if something seems wrong, you should contact a store manager and the attorney general's office says, as a courtesy, they should honor the lower price. >> problem is most people aren't aware that they're being charged more, because they're not that meticulous comparing the prices and they're losing money. >> reporter: absolutely. without knowing it. >> right. thank you, wendy. "healthcheck" at 11:00 tonight, there is a baby in your house, if there is, then listen to this. swaddling may actually pose a serious health risk. an analysis push lisched today by the journal "pediatrics" finds swaddled babies placed on their sides or stomachs were twice as likely to die through sudden infant death syndrome, or sids. researchers say overheating may be a factor or hindering breathing from being wrapped up while face down. they tell parents to continue paying particular attention to position. and put the baby down to sleep
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on his or her back, especially if swaddled. it is a sight we haven't seen in a decade. mercury passing directly between the earth and the sun. this was an eclipse of sorts. yet in this case, the solar system's innermost planet is absolutely dwarfed by the sun, even though it looks slow, it was absolutely zooming past at 106,000 miles an hour. the next mercurial transit is in 2019 and then it won't happen again until 2032. >> that's amazing. >> of course, we'll both be here to report that. >> sure. >> 2032, sure. [ laughter ] absolutely. >> we're not going to see much sunshine tomorrow. a little bit of it today. a good amount yesterday. >> uh-hmm. >> clouds are rolling back in with a few shouse on the way. i know. i know. we've kind of got out of it just for like a day and a half. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that there's no rain out there now. lot of clouds upstairs, though. but the action cam taking a look
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at the ben franklin which is illuminating turquoise. this is women's lung force week and we're all urged to wear tour quois tomorrow to bring awareness of lung cancer. a lot of people don't know lung cancer is actually the number one cancer killer of women. may so far has been a little bit depressing. temperatures running more than five degrees below normal and rainfall more than an inch and a half above normal. we've had more than 2 1/2 inches of rain this month. we've got a few more spotty showers on the way tomorrow. i don't think we'll see a lot of the rain. right now temperatures generally in the 50s. 59 degrees in philadelphia. down from our high of 71, which is one degree below normal. we have not had one day this entire month of above-normal temperatures. allentown, 54. trenton, 58. cape may, 57. and wilmington, 56 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing there's a frontal boundary that's just draped to our south. this is the same front from sunday morning. it's coming back to haunt us. and it's going to trigger
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moisture to move in from the midwest. fortunately we're not looking at severe weather. the tornado threat has now shifted to arkansas and louisiana, and that whole system actually will be moving through on friday. that could bring us some more organized rain, perhaps some thunderstorms. tomorrow, though, it's just going to be cloudy and damp. morning rush hour, a few scattered showers are possible. i really don't think we'll see much action. temperatures will be on the cool side at 6:00, 52 by 8:00, 53 trees. and -- degrees. and future tracker showing spotty showers developing around lunchtime into early afternoon and then everything should settle down. you can see not organized, just spotty. mainly south of philadelphia. the temperature, though, is going to be about ten degrees cooler than today. 60 degrees with a lot of clouds and then heading into wednesday, high pressure flexes its muscle moves in and that will bring us some sunny breaks, especially north of philadelphia, and it will be milder with a high of 73 degrees. but that whole complex out to the west will bring us a wet day
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on friday. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're looking at cloudy and cool conditions once we got to the seven-day forecast. there we did. tomorrow, the afternoon high, only billion 60 degrees. a couple of scat eared showers. mainly south. wednesday, breaks sunshine, warms up to 73. thursday, looking good during the day. partly sunny. it will be milder. 74 degrees. some rain arriving at night. and friday, looking pretty wet for the regatta. periods of rain especially for the afternoon. a high of 70. could have a leftover shower. saturday afternoon, 69 degrees. we dry out on sunday, 63. and monday, mostly sunny, also cool, with a high of 63. and of course. we do have any showers moving in tomorrow, david murphy will be tracking it on "action news" beginning at 4:30. >> "jimmy kimmel" coming up right after "action news." here is jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> hello, philadelphia. here's something from us to you. >> i have to admit something. >> yeah, okay. >> i didn't try this suit on
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before i came out. [ laughter ] and i realize that it's so
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>> sam bradford is back. s here ducis rodgers. >> we hope all is forgiven between all parties. the stalemate between sam bradford and the eagles came to an end today when bradford showed up for work. bradford's walkout is over and after being quiet nor so long, he's now saying all the right things. he worked out with his teammates this morning. these are voluntary workouts. once they drafted wentz, he requested a trade. he just signed a $35 million contract in march. he has now rescinded that trade request. he issued this statement today. "i'm excited to be back on the field today with my teammate coaches. the business side of football is sometimes a necessary consideration. my attention and efforts are focused on the participation in and preparation for a championship season. i am committed to my teammates and the eagles organization for nothing less." what did bradford accomplish with this holdout?
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not a whole lot. what he did do, according to espn nfl analyst roger worseski is put more pressure on himself. >> he will have to play terrific every single game. because, you know, the fans, number one, it's a tough town anyway. number two, your quarterback has to play well eke in and week out to give you the best chance to win. about number three, you draft the guy with the second pick in the draft with carson wentz, people are going to want to see you out on the field. >> the sixers are prepping for both the nba draft and the draft lottery. the lottery is a beak from tomorrow. there really isn't much preparing for that. you just kind of show up and pray for the best. the sixers have announced that they are sending head coach bud brown to manhattan to be here representative. the sixers have the best odds to land the top pick. it may be sill bombic but it's night to have brown at the draft lottery. >> he's done so much for the organization and the city. i think it was a nice decision on the part of ownership to put him up there representing the team and the organization. but more importantly, i think he
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feels such connection with the city of philadelphia. it's also a testament to just how much we believe in him as our head coach and we're looking forward to the results. >> the nba's reigning mvp had been out with a knee. the warriors currently lead the series with portland 2-1. game four still
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>> the phillies have the night off. they'll visit atlanta tomorrow. the braves are the worst team in baseball. they've also lost four games in a row. the soul home to tampa bay. second quarter. he picked off pass and that's just the beginning. watch the moves. they ought to put this guy on offense. makes the entire storm team miss. he takes it back for the touchdown. the soul wins 47-17. they've now won four games in a row. that's sports. >> nice uniforms. okay. finally tonight, don't call them buffalo. the north american bison is now the official mammal of the united states. president obama signed the law today two weeks after it passed congress. bisons are the largest mammal in the u.s. weighing up to 2,000 pounds. "jimmy kimmel live" next. his guest tonight ryan gosling, and musical mash-up flo rida, georgia line.
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"action news" continue koirchts at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night.


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