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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  May 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday may tenth. tam is off and we are following breaking news. a driver strikes a bike ride interwest philadelphia and then takes off. we are live with the search for the motorist. three teen girls face criminal charges in the death of a delaware girl who was in a bathroom fight. and shades of gray. the clouds are back, the sun is coming up but accuweather is tracking a few showers.
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they're moving through the region right now so let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers much good morning. >> it's a little bit damp in isn't spots. dry on the terrace. take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. a lot of the rain is highligh highlighted in lighter shades of green. you see darker shades of green in parts of lancaster county a little bit of that in chester county and do you near dover delaware and parts of south jersey so in some spots you're getting a little light rain this morning. cloud cover is pretty much in place everywhere. i see a little bit of brightened skies over toward the east but that's that low sunrise coming in under the clouds. once it gets above the clouds we'll probably be fairly socked in today. it's also cool to start out. grab your jacket even if it isn't raining. 54 degrees in philadelphia. 55 millville and just 44 degrees currently in allentown. and it stays cool today. by 1 o'clock we'll be at 56 degrees. by 3 o'clock 58 and that's going to be your high today so cool, mainly cloudy and at times a little pop-up sprinkle or shower this morning and maybe a little bit more of that in some spots this
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afternoon. when i step inside though we'll talk about a big change in the forecast for tomorrow. it will still be kind of cloudy but we're going to get a lot milder in the afternoon. that story coming up in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. karen. >> all right dave we're starting with what was a big accident on the roosevelt boulevard. we saw crews leave the scene here. they were blocking the two right lanes. this on the boulevard northbound just north of the schuylkill. so we were really jammed and still some very heavy traffic coming off of the schuylkill onto the boulevard northbound. we had an accident blocking the two right lanes. crews just left the scene right now and we're seeing traffic move but you can see it's a little heavier than it would normally be so that accident just clearing. look how slow we're getting on the vine street expressway. you can see how slow you are starting to jam up approaching the schuylkill. the vine was closed overnight for construction obviously all opened just starting to slow down now with more volume building. crews will be back again tonight at 11 o'clock so you'll watch for a closure of the vine once again. let's go on outside to i-95. here we are approaching cottman. that southbound traffic already getting slow approaching cottman and
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approaching girard but an easy 14 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine so pretty much in the clear right here. but we have a new problem coming in to us in cherry hill new jersey. want to watch for this because it's an accident brought down a pole which brought down a tree. it's all happening on route 70 at coop are landing road. 70 is blocked at this point both ways 70 a major artery in cherry hill to be blocked both ways. fire and police crews all on the scene. stick to chapel avenue as your alternate matt. >> thanks karen. breaking overnight police are searching for the driver who struck a man who was riding his bicycle in west philadelphia and the driver didn't bother top hang around and see how that rider was doing. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at 52nd and spruce streets with the latest. katherine. >> reporter: matt, and the victim remains in the hospital. thankfully he doesn't have any major injuries. he is in stable condition at the hospital. fifty-second street here in west philadelphia is opened by spruce. it had been closed earlier for the accident investigation. but this all happened around 2:00 a.m. right around irving
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street. that's a block away from spruce. the victim was on his bicycle. he was on 52nd street when he was struck by a vehicle heading north. he was thrown over the top of his bike and then the vehicle took off. investigators were here at the scene and they loaded the bike into the police vehicle for evidence. at this point police don't have a detailed description of the striking vehicle. they believe it could be a light colored suv but this is a busy corridor. there is surveillance cameras nearby. so, what investigators are going to be doing is checking for footage to hopefully find out more about who was behind this but again, as for that victim we don't know his name but we do know he is 46 years old. he remains at penn presbyterian hospital this morning in stable condition. we're live in west philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks katherine. state prosecutors in delaware filed criminal charges against three high school students in connection with a death of their classmate. amy joyner-francis. the 16-year-old died after an assault inside a bathroom at
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howard high school on april 21st. the medical examiner determined joyner-francis died from a sudden cardiac incident caused by a preexisting heart condition but officials say the assault aggravated the cardiac problem. the 16-year-old faces criminal negligent homicide. she could be tried as an adult. two other girls are charged with criminal conspiracy. >> now their lives are completely destroyed. and for what? a bathroom fight. is it worth it? >> wilmington mayor dennis williams issued a statement saying this is the first step in providing closure. a man is charged with being an accomplice in the murder of his cousin outside a camden funeral home last week. bail for victor rodriguez is set at $1 million. police are still searching for the person who shot 22-year-old jonathan vasquez. he was heading to a viewing for his grandmother at the may funeral home when he was killed. back on thursday. the fbi and philadelphia police are joining forces to
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capture a bank bandit. he held up the pnc bank at fourth and market streets yesterday afternoon and was wearing a light gray hoodie and sweat pants. the detectives believe he's the same plan who held up a citizens bank branch just 11 blocks away on friday april 29th. there is a reward available for his capture and tipsters can remain anonymous. the company that makes those automatic coffeemakers just bought a whole big pile of doughnuts. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with our market watch report. good morning, maribel. >> reporter: good morning, matt. just a little bit of sugar. krispy kreme has been acquired by the parent of keurig green mountain. the deal with jabb is valued at $1.3 billion. it's a private investment company that owns stakes in pete's coffee and tea and einstein brothers bagels. they could open stores featuring breakfast items from all of its holdings. mixed day for the markets as a slide in oil drags energy
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shares lower. futures point to a higher open. report on whole sale inventories due out opened. airline group wants you to share photos of the long airport lines. simply snap a photo of the line at the checkpoint and post it to instagram or twitter and tag the t.s.a. the campaign is an effort to raise awareness of the chronically long lines as the summer travel seasons gets under way because matt we all know those lines very well. >> very frustrating and time consuming. thanks maribel. got some rain moving in from the west. >> little bit. storm tracker6 live double scan matt shows us that there are showers down to the south, out to the west if that we go in a little bit closer here you can see that most of this is moving toward the center of the region and kind of heading toward points south as well. as we take a look at philadelphia and points to the west it looks like the southern half of chester county is picking up some of this. not all of this all that heavy in some cases just a couple of drizzle drops on your windshield but there are a couple of darker shades of green there and so every now and then you get into a
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slightly steadier stuff that's making the roads slightly wet. if we go down a little bit farther south that's pretty decent rain in smyrna. enough to make roads wet i think. if we go out wider looks like cape play county in and out of some lighter stuff. we got some steadier stuff out to the west, too, that might still come through over the next hour or two. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies overhead so even where it isn't raining it is cloudy and it's also on the cool side this morning. 44 degrees in allentown. real chilly up there. 51 degrees in reading. philadelphia slipped to 54 degrees currently and 55 in wilmington, 56 in cape may. temperatures not going that far today either. for now we'll talk about the cloud cover and the rain. not a whole lot of rain around but we are going have cloud cover in place at noon. a couple of sprinkles and showers through the day and still fairly cloudy by 5 o'clock and on through the rest of the evening. maybe a little bit of a break up in the clouds later tonight. and then the other part of the story is that cool air that's in place today.
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59 is all you'll see up in the lehigh valley today. mostly cloudy, a spotty shower can't be ruled out. at the shore we'll stay in the 50's as well. 56 degrees, lots of clouds, some spotty showers as you just saw on future tracker and lots of clouds and spotty showers today in philadelphia with a high of 58 degrees. winds not all that strong overall. and then mostly cloudy overnight with another sprinkle or shower around, 52 degrees is the overnight low. heading into tomorrow, it still looks rather cloudy but we are going to get a surge of milder air in place. so we expect a high in the afternoon of about 70 but there still could be a spotty shower here or there. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows a cool high of 58 today under mainly cloudy skies and as i just showed you at times there will be a sprinkle or shower. we definitely have some of that around this morning and then tomorrow milder again, 70 is the high but it's still relatively cloudy day. and we can't rule out another pop-up shower here or there. if you're headed to the union at flight for that midweek contest with the l.a. galaxy you'll want to keep your eyes
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on radar just in case there's a sprinkle or shower. thursday looks great. clouds and sun and a high of 74. pretty good there. 72 on friday but on friday, a frontal boundary arrives and that brings us periods of rain and maybe even a pop-up thunderstorm in the afternoon so a little unsettled on friday. then saturday 72, mostly cloudy skies, a spotty shower or maybe a late thunderstorm can't be ruled out. something to keep in mind if you're headed to the dad vail regatta. on sunday we're dry but it's blustery and cooler with a high of 63 degrees and then sun comes back on monday. >> got you david. thank. 6:10 now. dating today. a woman is busted for leaving or lover just broke. a more frightening way to decorate the dashboard. karen. >> we've got a big accident here. 70 is blocked in cherry hill. new jersey got zooming around but police are blocking off route 70. this is a live look at haddonfield road. it's all about a downed pole, downed tree. details coming up.
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>> primary day in two statements presidential states. presidential
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>> ♪ >> sick:13. if you get a chance in the next 20 minutes or so, i'd open up a window and look out to the east 'cause we have a really nice sunrise coming up.
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that's the platt memorial bridge. it is 6:13 on this tuesday and it's time for traffic with karen rogers. >> seeing some sunshine in spots but another area of the road starting to get wet and we have a big accident in new jersey. live on the scene at route 70 at haddonfield road here in cherry hill. and we can see police blocking off route 70 in both directions. here you see a worker out here and the problem is because we have a downed wire and also a downed tree so a lot happening on route 70 in cherry hill. so, let's go to the maps and show you the location. it's at cooper landing road where we have the problem. the downed pole which brought down a tree. we've got fire and police crews all on the scene with this. stick to chapel avenue instead of route 70. busy roadway and you saw police there blocking it off so be careful. new castle county i-95 southbound here right near 896 we've got construction blocking the two left lanes. that's until 7 o'clock so construction lasting out there awhile. want to take you outside on the schuylkill expressway. we saw some heavy traffic westbound as you head towards the boulevard and that's
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because we had an accident on the boulevard northbound past the schuylkill. it was blocking the two lanes. that accident is cleared and the delay is starting to thin on the schuylkill expressway westbound. let's show you storm tracker6 live double scan right now. we've got some showers moving in from the west. we started off rather dry for your early morning commute. now you can see how the roads starting to get wet especially along 202, route one near coatesville and wilmington. the rain coming in from the west and philadelphia. it's just some very light showers that are pushing through the city. on the new jersey turnpike you're starting to get wet as well as in elmer along route 40 and medford lakes right along route 70 where we talked about that closure here in clerical, one of the spots that's getting a bit wet, matt. >> thanks karen. a smaller field of candidates are going into today's presidential primaries in west virginia and nebraska. bernie sanders leads democratic frontrunner hillary clinton in the polls in west virginia but a landslide victory would not do much to advance the vermont senator's path to the nomination because clinton leads sanders in the
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delegates race. donald trump is the presumptive republican nominee but he is still trying to garner support from the leaders of his own party. he is slated to meet with republican leaders on thursday including house speaker paul ryan. ryan said last week that he was just not ready to support trump. trump has tapped new jersey governor chris christie to lead his transition team should he win the election in november. this is new a california woman is under arrest accused of using online dating to steal people's identities and their money. police say maria johnson met her victims on dating sites and social media and once she was in their homes, she would locate personal identification information and would open up lines of credit. detectives say they found multiple i.d.'s and credit cards on johnson when she was arrested. police have identified 56 victims and are looking for more. wildlife officials stopped a florida man who was driving around with an illegally
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poached gator foot stuck in the dashboard. officers had stopped the truck to check the driver's credentials and found many gator parts scattered throughout the vehicle. at first the driver said the remains came from a gator he hunterd a few years ago. eventually he admitted to killing the gator without a permit a few days ago. the driver received a citation. 6:17. play of the day. a professional athlete suits up for a senior prom. david. >> that's cool. all right, we're dressing the kids in jackets because it is cool out there this morning in the 50's in most neighborhoods and staying there this afternoon. rain gear some might want it because there are some showers. i'll show you those again on storm tracker and we'll give you your day planner forecast let you know where those numbers are going coming up next. >> in today's tech bites another wireless company heading to cuba. >> t-mobile will provide suffer to the island. the agreement includes cheaper land lines and wireless numbers on state side international talking. both verizon and spunt made
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similar avenue range. s last year. periscope rolling out new features. >> the streaming app will allow you to connect your phone to the drone remote for a bird's eye view and periscope will automatically save broadcasts beyond 24 hours. and you'll soon be able to play two of the most popular video games ever at the same time. super mario is joining mind craft. >> super mario kart can kearse could be in the game. you can download the mine craft mashup a week from today and it's available next month. >> but we'll have the music. those are your tech bites. goodbye icky sunscreen.
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hello new coppertone sport. it's reformulated to feel lighter on your skin, but still protects and stays on strong. new coppertone sport. hello sunshine.
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>> on the case of the never end, contract signed by a customer with a disability. here's "action news" consumer reporter nydia han with a preview of tonight's special
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report. she was frustrated she done get a home alarm company to cancel her brother's contract after he moved. >> the next bill said you must pay immediately 261. the next bill said $314.84. it just kept going. >> reporter: whether you're dealing with a contract involving your cell phone or cable provider or home security company, beware. canceling can sometimes be difficult if not nearly impossible. the "action news" troubleshooters tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> that nydia han always going after them and helping you, too, right. let's take a look right now outside. i want to show you what's going on in cherry hill. this is route 70 at haddonfield road. we've now got police on the scene in both directions blocking off the road way and it looks like that's the downed wire right there as well. there's a downed pole that brought down a tree and they're shutting off route 70 in both directions at cooper landing road and you can see here at haddonfield still blocked. stick to chapel avenue or route 38.
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that one is going to cause big problems this morning. in bellmawr 295 southbound near 42 a disabled vehicle just now moved to the shoulder dave. >> storm tracker6 live double scan this morning karen shows us that there are some showers especially south and west of philadelphia. also some of them are coming into the areas of the city as well. southern chester county, southern delaware county, new castle county, tell wea delaward areas of south jersey down to cape may. there's a little bit more coming in from the west. the morning looks at time damp. it's also going to stay cool and fairly cloudy. today's high just 58 degrees at 3 o'clock and at times there will be some spotty shower popping up. not a washout today but occasionally damp. on the big board at the airport all green aircraft. we have developed some rain now in chicago so that's one area to watch. looks like it's a little cloudy down south in places like orlando and atlanta this morning. matt. >> thank you david. the phillies begin a three game series in atlanta today. adam morgan scheduled to get the start against the braves. the braves are the worst team in baseball and have lost four
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games in a row. the phillies are 18 and 14 and in third place in the nl east. teenager in ohio got a treat on prom night. a surprise date with a cleveland browns player. offensive lineman cam irving escorted 17-year-old elna wright. her parents contacted the team. elna as a rare progressive disorder called hereditary past particular paraplegia. slaw planning to go with her boyfriend but sadly he died in a fall. irving showed up with a limo bus. the two also posed for pictures before going to their party. 6:23 and we're following several breaking stories for you here on "action news" including a deadly attack at a train station overseas. police say they have a man in custody and offer information on what might have motivated him.
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>> the owners of the 7-eleven on chambers street in trenton received a $30,000 bonus for selling a winning powerball ticket. the person who bought the ticket has yet to come forward to claim their prize. the 60 matched all six powerball numbers in saturday night's drawing. lottery officials say the buyer selected the cash option which means they'll get $284 million before taxes. the winner has one year to claim the prize. happening today, the delaware state senate is set to vote on a bill that would ban the sale of a popular cough suppressants topline force. the legislation probes the sale of dextromethorphan or d xm to anyone under the age of 18.
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the only exception if they have a prescription. the measure is aimed at keeping children if using d xm to get high. aaa says several states including pennsylvania are using an end reliable method to test drivers under the influence of marijuana. the auto club safety foundation is urging several states where forms of pot are legal to change the testing. in pa the law sets a threshold for the amount of thc allowed in a driver's system but aaa claims there is no scientific basis to that blood test. aaa says specially trained police officers need to be hired to determine if a driver is impaired. 6:27. breaking right now, the hunt for a hit-and-run driver in philadelphia. incredible new video of a tornado touching down in the nation's heartland. more on the devastation and where that severe weather is heading next coming up.
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♪ >> now on "action news" three teen girls facing charges in delaware for their role in a bathroom fight that led to a girl's death. slasher goes on the attack at a train station in germany. one person killed. a yearbook mixup involving a student ends up with her name being listed as isis. >> tam is off. we have david and karen following this rainy weather moving in. good morning. >> a little bit of a light drizzle drop every now and then here on the terrace but that's it right now. storm tracker6 live double scan does slow that you there's rain around and the lightest shade of green that you see is probably nothing more than drizzle but every now and then there's a darker green that develops and that's something that might make roads a little wet. looks like there's some of that down south in cape may and cumberland county a little bit more out in chester county. your satellite imagery shows
6:31 am
you lots of clouds. looks like we'll be stuck beneath the clouds today with occasional sprinkles and showers. 54 degrees on the way out the torso jacket weather even if it isn't raining. just 44 in allentown and mid 50 down through the heart of southern new jersey. and as we go through the day it looks like it's mainly cloudy and cool. 56 degrees by 1 o'clock. your high today is 58. you can see there at 3 o'clock and again through the day while it's not a washout we have to allow for a couple of pop-up string sprinkles and spr. gets milder and stays that way through the rest of the work week. karen rogers what do you have out there. >> a big accident. police on the scene but no traffic because route 70 in cherry hill is blocked in both directions. looking live at haddonfield road. at cooper landing road a downed pole brought down a tree. we can see one of the wires just hanging low across route 70 at this point. watching a school bus come out past the scene right here but it is blocked at this point at
6:32 am
haddonfield and blocked until cooper road in both directions. lot of people in cherry hill hop on route 70 and come over the ben franklin bridge. can't do that right here as we look at that downed pole and tree. it happened initially at cooper landing road. take chapel avenue or route 38. we've got police, emergency workers fire crews everybody is on the scene right now in cherry hill, new jersey. in bellmawr we've got a problem with a disabled vehicle. they just just moved it to the shoulder on 295 southbound near route 42 so a little bit of slowing in that area right there. also heading outside live, this is route 42 right by the new jersey turnpike. a little building volume northbound on route 42 in this area. downed wires also a problem in springfield at that. arlingham road at sunny brook road. crews on the scene with this one matt. >> thanks karen. a plan on a bike was injured in a hit and run crash in west philadelphia. it happened at 2:00 a.m. the 46-year-old victim was thrown from the bicycle and the driver kept going.
6:33 am
police have a basic description of the vehicle saying it could be a light colored suv. and brand new here, bullets blasted through parked cars in philadelphia's kensington section. neighbors at york and fairhill streets heard several gun slots at 1:00 a.m. there is damage to at least two cars an motorcycle. authorities did not say whether they believe the vehicles were struck on purpose or if these were simply stray bullets and did not find any shooting victims. authorities in delaware say the death of a teenager following a school fight was caused by a preexisting condition. however, the attorney general's office is still going ahead with charges against three juveniles. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at howard high school of technology in wilmington. annie. >> reporter: and matt that's right, three of the classmates of amy joyner-francis are now charged in connection with her death. now, prosecutors want one of those young women, the one that faces the most serious charge, to be charged as an adult. now "action news" is not
6:34 am
identifying the young females because they are minors. according to police, only one of the three actually struck joyner-francis. she is charged with criminally negligent homicide and police say she repeatedly hit the teen victim with a closed fist in the head and torso. the other two girls are charged with criminal conspiracy. investigators say there was viewed video of the fight which happened on april 21st inside a bathroom at the howard high school of technology after the fight joyner-francis is seen struggling to get up from the floor disoriented when she collapsed. now investigators say she laid on the floor until someone called for help. she later died at the hospital. but according to the medical examiner, a preexisting medical condition may have contributed to her death. this is a quote from the medical examiner saying amy died from a cardiac incident that she was vulnerable to because of a preexisting heart condition but the cardiac incident would not have occurred if she had not been assaulted. councilwoman sherri dorsey walker spoke on behalf of the
6:35 am
young victim's family. >> reporter: at the end of at tf the day nothing brings amy back. whatever the charges are their issue is amy is never coming home. >> reporter: now, the delaware department of justice did meet with the young victim's family yesterday before announcing the charges. those three young women that have been charged have already been suspended from the high school. for now reporting live in wilmington delaware, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt. >> thanks annie. once escaped inmate arthur buckel is at a state prison in trenton "action news" was overhead during his capture along the garden state parkway in lacy township. a medical unit is evaluating buckel and investigators are talking to him to try to figure out how he escaped and what he will be doing. buckel disappeared from a minimum security facility in hammonton. he was weeks shy from being eligible for parole. now he could face an additional three to five years
6:36 am
behind bars for the escape. police are investigating the report of a sexual assault at sayre high school in west philadelphia. a female freshman told her parents that a male classmate attacked her in a classroom after dismissal on friday afternoon. the boy identified by the girl was seen on surveillance in the school hallway around the same time. the school has suspended him as it investigates. a wayward tire bounced through traffic on route 222 in spring township berks county yesterday afternoon and slammed right through the windshield of that bus carrying students from the conrad wiser school district. police say the tire came off a pickup truck which was having a mechanical problem with one of its axles. no one was hurt. happening today officials in south jersey plan to release mosquito eating fish in an effort to fight the zika virus. 10,000 gambusia affinis will be released. they eat the larvae of the mosquito at a that carry of
6:37 am
zika virus. the county distributes them. >> oh, no. it's hitting that farm. no. >> this is new storm chasing video from oklahoma. the crew was just a field away from the twister as it chewed up trees and a barn in its path. power lines were sparked as the poles went down like dominos. the tornadoes in the nation's heartland are responsible for at least two deaths. more severe weather is expected today in the ohio and tennessee valleys. luckily i've never been that close to a tornado. i don't know about you. >> i've been through the aftermath of tornadoes like that twice in oklahoma but no, i've never seen it live and frankly i don't think i want to. >> sure. >> storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows us that we are wet across about half the region if that we go in closer, a lot of this rain highlighted in lighter shades of green is really just a sprinkle but when you start to get beneath those areas highlighted in darker shades of green your roads are probably getting a little bit wet. i'm seeing some of that around media delaware county back in through chadds ford, chester
6:38 am
county has quite a bit of there from about coatesville down close to the delaware border and new castle county delaware and parts of gloucester and maybe camden county is also getting a little bit wet. the farther down the pike we go, the more you see and around fortescue tuckahoe down to cape may and in through companthroughcohansey. your view outside right now looks cloudy enough. there's center city. clouds high enough where we're not having any problems seeing the tops of the sky scrapers but overcast nonetheless and a little damp in spots. 54 degrees currently is your temperature. the winds out of the east-northeast at 7 miles per hour. cloud cover on future tracker six maintains itself pretty well up to the noon day hour and right in through the rest of the afternoon. and through the afternoon you can see that occasionally there will be a little off and on shower or sprinkle. not a washout today but
6:39 am
somewhat damp. later tonight it's possible we see some more holes in the clouds. it's also going to be cool beneath the clouds today. accuweather says we'll stay in the 50's in most neighborhoods. 53 by 8 o'clock, 55 by 10 o'clock. and your high 58 degrees. that's about it. winds won't be all that strong today but cloudy and occasionally that passing sprinkle or shower not raining all the time but damp at times. 58 is the high in philadelphia and wilmington and trenton. 59 in allentown. 60 in reading. 58 in millville and about the same in cape may this afternoon. tomorrow it looks like dry conditions to the north and east of us with high pressure. if you happen to be heading up toward new york you're probably looking pretty good but down here we'll still be mostly cloudy with an occasional sprinkle or shower. the one nice change for tomorrow, 70 is your high. in terms of rain overnight tonight into tomorrow morning it's possible that it's a little bit damp. there's 4:30 when we go on the air. rest of the day cloudy and maybe a couple sprinkles and showers right into evening. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high just 58 degrees, mainly cloudy
6:40 am
cooler and at times damp. not a washout but some showers around and then tomorrow, mostly cloudy and milder again with a high of 70. and again a passing sprinkle or shower can't be ruled out. if you're leaded down to the union match at talen energy stadium on wednesday night against the galaxy check out radar to make sure you're dry. on thursday 74 clouds and sun and then friday a front arrives and that brings us periods of rain perhaps an afternoon thunderstorm an mild high of 72. for the weekend it looks like a mostly cloudy day on saturday, 72. we can't rule out a pop-up late shower or thunderstorm. hopefully dry for most of the dads veil regular and then dad vail regatta. 63 for a high on sunday. >> a plan with a knife attacks european commuters leaving one man dead. how lottery tickets led police to the suspects now known as the bumbling burglars. karen. >> starting to get pretty heavy on 422 eastbound here from oaks to 23. we're going to check on that big accident in cherry hill
6:41 am
and have a jam on i-95 coming up. >> and a yearbook gets a student's name completely wrong. she is muslim and she wants to know if it was done on purpose. her story is next on "action news."
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>> ♪ >> 6:43. and we have a bit of a sunrise picture here but also some rain coming down at the commodore barry bridge. it is 54 degrees on city avenue. let's see how that rain is messing up the roads as it
6:44 am
always does with karen rogers. >> it sure does and we've got a big one right here in cherry hill, new jersey. chopper6 headed to the scene. this is route 70 at haddonfield road and as we look at this shot we can see we've got police on the scene right here. here's a downed wire. we have workers out here and another truck over here. it's blocking route 70 in both directions. and at cooper landing road they've got a downed tree, too, so it was a pole that brought down wires. they've closed it in both directions and this is a big artery in new jersey to look at this live and see nobody traveling through this area is a problem so it's route 70 at cooper landing road. watch for this in cherry hill. it's shut down in both directions. stick to chapel avenue or route 38 instead right now. so causing a problem right now. let's go on outside and see what it looks like on i-95. really jamming up here. this is your southbound traffic really heavy approaching academy to could the plan and again past the betsy ross bridge to girard. it's already a 27 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine so jamming up on i-95 southbound. no accidents. not wet here at cottman but as
6:45 am
you get closer to the city it's looking pretty wet here. adams avenue shut down, this is the lawncrest section of the city. it started yesterday. it's going to stay closed for four months and that's at crescentsville road. stick to tabor road or olney avenue instead. the problem is they're doing some bridge construction and it's just going to take a little while. i want to show you storm tracker6 live double scan. we started this morning fairly dry and we could see how those showers have moved in just during your morning commute. not so much north of the city but in philadelphia right now you're totally wet in media along the blue route in chadds ford in coatesville in wilmington. you see it coming in from the west and now headed through new jersey woodbury glassboro elmer even medford lakes getting wet right now matt. >> thanks karen. following breaking news here. one person was killed, and at least three others were injured in a stabbing at a train station in germany early this morning. it happened at about -- or 20 miles east of munich and near the end of one of the city's commuter rail way lines. police arrested the suspected assailant a 27-year-old german
6:46 am
national. investigators say the man expressed political motivations during the attack but did not give further details. also new, stolen lottery tickets lead to the arrest of two people police are calling the bumbling burglars. the video from upper pottsgrove or pittsgrove township salem county was released last month. a surveillance system alerted the homeownerrer to this burglary in progress and she yelled at the crooks through a remote device but they got away with jewelry and six dollars worth of winning lottery tickets. detectives now say they were able to identify joshua robinson and eric gilch because robinson tried to redeem the tickets. they're six dollars, though. police also recovered the jewelry returned it to the victim and charged both suspects. a high school student in california is demanding an investigation into a yearbook miss happen that is at the very latest an unfortunate coincidence. this is bayan zehlif a junior
6:47 am
from rancho cucamonga. she is muslim. this is how her name appeared in the yearbook. isis phillips. zehlif says she was hurt and embarrassed by the whole ordeal and decided to take her complaint to the council on american-islamic relations. >> i don't want it for my selfish needs i want to stand up for everybody for my race and religion, anybody who is not my religion there has to go through discrimination. >> the school district has launched a review but says it could have been just an awful mistake. you see, there was an actual student named isis phillips who transferred earlier this year and other students were misnamed in the yearbook. >> ♪ 6:47. up next how ordering a pizza on a regular basis helped save a man's life. and a lawyer who refuses to defend drunk drivers is accused of being one himself. david. >> all right, guys, we have rain gear with the kids as in some neighborhoods there are some light sprinkles and showers. jackets required even through the afternoon. i'll have your day planner forecast let you know where
6:48 am
those numbers are going coming up next. >> ♪ ♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products.
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>> ♪ >> 6:50. as promised chopper6 has arrived at a bad accident that is taken place in south jersey. wires are down near route 70 and it's jamming up traffic. let's go to karen rogers. >> thwart. route 70 as we look at that really blocked in both directions. looking live with chopper6 over the scene in cherry hill. it happened at cooper landing road and the accident -- the downed pole that brought down a tree. we see police and emergency
6:51 am
workers there blocking traffic in both directions of route 70. so, watch for this right now. looking live here haddonfield and route 70, both directions blocked. if you're trying to jump on 70 take the ben franklin bridge, can't get there because of this problem so you have to stick to chapel avenue or route 38 instead. i want to show you another accident. we've got a problem on the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill. westbound traffic right here an accident involving a school bus. you see it out here blocking the right lane. penndot's got the arrow board out here. we're slowing from broad street to approaching the schuylkill expressway on -- we're looking live on the vine approaching the schuylkill watch for that accident dave involving a school bus. >> all right. most of your roads in those traffic cameras looking dry but there's a fair amount of rain around the region. the stuff highlighted in the lighter shades of green is probably just drizzle and not impacting you all that much but every now and then we get a darker shade of green and a blip of yellow in chester county a britmore out to the west and down in cape may and cumberland county new jersey so a little damp out there
6:52 am
this morning t as we roll through the at any it stays cloudy for the most part and cool. we'll get a high of 58. we'll probably hit that at about 3 o'clock and still be sitting there by 4 o'clock. there is the chance of a pop-up sprinkle or shower through the afternoon once we get rid of the morning stuff. not a washout today. a little damp. mainly just cloudy and cool matt. >> thanks, david. new this morning one of the most recognizable attorneys in the mobile alabama area has his own truck with the law. deputies pulled over david malone flee for speeding in 35 miles per hour zone. the deputy suspected maloney was driving under the influence of alcohol and arrested him. maloney is a personal injury lawyer and presents himself as an attorney who refuses to defend those accused of drunk driving. hopefully for him he knows a lawyer who will. if i were limb, i'd better call saul. an oregon man owes his life to a pizza delivery driver and to the fact that the man is a well known regular. the general manager at a dominos in salem noticed 48-year-old kirk alexander will not ordered a pizza in
6:53 am
more than a week. one of the delivery drivers went to his house on sunday to check on him. he wasn't answering his door or the phone so 33 called nine -- they called 911. police found alexander in need of medical attention. he's in the hospital in fair condition and workers from dominos have been visiting alexander wishing him a speedy recovery. >> than
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> top story at 6:56. a plan on a bicycle was injured in a hit and run crash in west philadelphia. it happened at 52nd street near irving at 2:00 a.m. the 36-year-old victim was thrown from the bicycle and the driver kept on going. three delaware high school students face criminal charges in connection with the death of their classmate amy joyner-francis. even though authorities say the 16-year-old died from a preexisting heart condition after the assault inside a bathroom at howard high school. >> busy highway shut down and chopper6 was overhead showing the scene. it was a downed pole that brought down a tree and route 70 closed in both directions in cherry hill camden county at cooper landing road. stick to chapel avenue or route 38 instead and i want to show you this accident involving a school bus, vine street expressway. this is westbound approaching the schuylkill. you see that right lane being blocked, dave. >> cloudy and cool out there this morning with temperature in the 50's and staying in the 50's this afternoon. by 3 o'clock, 58 degrees. that is your high. we got some rain out there
6:57 am
this morning. most of it light. this will taper off later this morning and then later today and this evening there could be a can couple more spotty sprinkles and showers. >> i tell you what i think that pow covers it. >> yes, that's it. >> that's the end of the show, too. for karen rogers dave murphy tamala edwards i'm matt o'donnell. "good morning america" is next.
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, deadly tornado emergency. >> that's a violent tornado. oh, my god. >> 21 reported twisters tearing through the heartland destroying towns. at least two people dead. the incredible scene as 80-mile-an-hour winds rip through homes, igniting power line, throwing trees hundreds of feet in the air. now more severe weather threatening millions. a deadly stabbing spree at a train station. a 27-year-old attacks four people in germany. fears it may be terror reeled. what the suspect shouted as he attacked. terrifying air scare. a refrigerator door exploding as a flight full of passengers hits severe turbulence. at least eight people injured. firefighters rushing to the scene. >> he makes his move.


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