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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  May 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday may 17. >> we're following some breaking news. a philadelphia police officer crashes into a truck while responding to a call on south street. >> two bucks county parents are charged with abusing their twin baby girls leaving them with broken bones. >> today federal investigators are set to release the probable cause of last year's deadly train derailment but some of the details have already leaked out. >> we're also tracking some rain. what else is new? meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. it has been a cool rainy couple weeks around the region. right now it's cloudy outside. you can see the clouds really
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filling in after yesterday's gorgeous blight blue somewhat windy and cool day and we have some sprinkles and showers over by washington on their way over to us probably by about late morning or mid day. we'll start to see some of that. 55 degrees on the bus stop right now. 47 degrees as you head outside in allentown. 51 in reading. 53 in wilmington. still 49 in millville and 56 degrees in cape may. as we take a look at the bus stop, between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock we'll be in the low 50's. 52 degrees by 6 o'clock, 53 by 8 o'clock. some of the suburbs a little cooler. look for cloudy skies probably staying dry through that morning commute but as we rolled through the day we're looking at some sprinkles and light showers popping in. 59 degrees by 11 o'clock. some of you may see some of that as soon as 11:00. by 1 o'clock 61. and by 3 o'clock, 60. it looks like today's high is going to be 62 and we'll probably hit that fairly early in the afternoon around 1:30 or 2 o'clock before we slowly slide back to the mid-50's by 6 o'clock and even by 6:00 there will be some light
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showers. most of this stuff in the i-95 corridor and south if you're up in the lehigh valley you probably don't see as much rain today. things do eventually improve in the accuweather 7-day, karen. i'll have those details coming up. you've got flashing lights. >> we do. we have construction blocking the right lane on the schuylkill expressway so watch for this eastbound as you head towards the conshohocken curve. we can see the cones set up but it should be clear within the next half hour watching one car move through slowing down a little bit with the cones out there and construction and flashing lights. schuylkill expressway eastbound near conshohocken. vine street expressway still closed. westbound seeing just one car move at this point. eastbound still shut down. nine overnight construction scheduled to clear within a half hour and you know that always does usually clear on time so we'll be watching for that. crews return again tonight at 11 o'clock and shut the vine down in both directions and the ramps leading to it so that always causes problems overnight. burlington bristol bridge overnight construction is clear. all lanes reroped.
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still moving a little slow at 14 miles an hour. also i-95 southbound construction here as well. this one lasts until 7 o'clock and blocking the two right lanes so look for it on i-95 southbound want to the newark tolls and route 896, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. happening today, the ntsb will release the probable cause of last year's deadly amtrak derailment in port richmond and already this morning some details of the findings are starting to emerge. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at 30th street station with more on that. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and from what we're hearing, human error was a factor here. we're also hearing there could have been a problem with some of the train's emergency windows but we'll hear more about it today when the ntsb meets in washington, d.c. may 12th, 2015, eight people were killed, more than 200 injured after amtrak train 188 derailed in port richmond. about 10 minutes after leaving 30th street station. one year and five days later, the national transportation
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safety board is meeting in washington, d.c. to vote on the probable cause of the crash. the ntsb won't comment before today's hearing but an official briefed on the investigation said that engineer brandon bostian was distracted by radio transmissions from a septa train operator who said a rock shattered their windshield. bostian was going more than double the speed limit when the train rounded the sharp curve at frankford junction. an official also told the associated press that investigators believe there were issues with the train's emergency windows and several people were killed because they were ejected through them. the investigation also found that police transported many of the injured to the hospital and the ntsb is expected to recommend that they steady wait for ambulances at mass casualty incidents. so, today the ntsb will outline the probable cause. they'll also make recommendations. of course "action news" will bring you more updates as we get them. we're live if 30th street
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station, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." tam. >> okay, thank you, katherine. and speaking of that "action news" will be there today as the ntsb officially releases the results of its year long investigation. so, follow reports throughout the day from our reporter john rawlins who will be in washington, d.c. >> a bucks county couple is behind bars accused of abusing their infant twin girls. tullytown police say michael and melissa shales caused significant injuries to their two children who are less than four months old. mrs. shales reportedly called 911 in march to rat that her child was choking. the baby was rushed to the hospital. upon further examination police say the baby had multiple broken bones and a spinal injury that was in the process of healing. the baby's sibling had similar injuries. neighbors say they often heard the twins two-year-old brother crying. court records reveal all three children were malnourished be and the home was deplorable. >> i'm just glad that they're finally locked up and i hope
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that they spend a very long time behind bars. >> the children are now in the care of child protective services. >> the family of a delaware teenaged girl who died during a fight in a school bathroom wants a seconds opinion on autopsy results. the first autopsy determined that amy joyner-francis died of a longstanding heart condition that was triggered by the april 21st assault. the family members say they've spoken to doctors who don't believe the heart condition should have caused sudden death. three of joyner francis' classmates from howard high school in wilmington have been charged in connection with her death. joyner francis' family thinks those charges should be more serious. and we also have new information about a story we've been following since august. a west philadelphia funeral director charged with abuse of a corpse has now had his license revoked. blare hawkins faces three counts of abuse of a corporation. police found 3-d composing bodies at hawkins funeral services on the 5300 block of vine street last august. they also found a bag full of
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human organs. hawkins had been operating -- with an expired license. he now faces a $100,000 fine. >> breaking this morning, philadelphia police officer was injured when a truck t-boned her cruiser. officials say it happened while the officer was responding to an assault call. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at the scene along south street where it happened. annie. >> reporter: and, matt n-fact you can still see that police cruiser that was involved in that accident early this morning. you can see the debris right next to it, a 45-year-old female police officer was at the wheel. she was alone in the cruiser. we are told that she is now at jefferson hospital and is expected to be okay. she was in her cruiser with lights and sirens activated when she was responding to a call. well, take a look at this video. this all unfolded around 2:00 a.m. that officer was responding to a call in the 300 block of south street near randolph where two people reported that they were assaulted.
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then there was a foot purchase after a man suspected of the assault fled, he was later arrested nearby. now, when that call came out the female officer reporting from the third district did head over to that assault call in her cruiser with lights and sirens activated, responding to that foot pursuit at third and south. that is when she collide we had a bread truck. >> two civilians that were assaulted by another person and when police responded to that scene, they saw someone fit the description then got into a foot pursuit and when they were chasing this suspect on foot, that's when this officer who got involved in the auto accident at 11th and south. >> reporter: now, back out here live the accident investigation division is going to be investigating this right here. we actually just saw that bread truck that was involved in this towed away. there's also realtime cameras all over this area and also area near the assault, so
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they're hoping to rely on that. now, the officer we are told did have a bloody mouth but she is expected to be okay. she's also walking and talking to fellow officers. for now reporting live from south street, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> good to hear about that. thank you annie. happening today, the school district of philadelphia will present its 2016-17 budget to city council. superintendent william hite mentioned the possibility of closing up to three schools at a meeting last month. the public will have a chance to weigh in on the school budget plan and on mayor can kenny's proposed tax on sugary drinks tomorrow. kenny is calling for a three-cent per ounce tax to help fund programs including universal pre-k. >> and going on to -- we have an important reminder for voters in the garden state. today is the last day to get registered to vote in new jersey's primary. a republican and democratic primary will be on june 7th, that is the the last day of the primary season.
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it's a closed primary. that means you can only vote for candidates representing the political party that you are registered for. kentucky and oregon are holding their primaries today. presumptive republican nominee donald trump is still trying to fend off attacks over his treatment of women as reported by the new york times. the billionaire unleashed a barrage of tweets against the paper while an ex-girlfriend mentioned in the article has come to trump's defense. john kasich gave his first major interview since leaving the gop contest. he says he hasn't decided whether or not he's going to bactrim but he has ruled out running as a third party candidate. on the democratic side hillary clinton and bernie sanders are still battling for every last vote. clinton focused her last minute campaigning on kentucky mocking donald trump in a hypothetical debate and clashing with a member of the crowd over the current republican governor's record on healthcare reform. polls show clinton looking good in kentucky but sanders has a better shot in oregon. >> 4:40 and up next on "action news," a texas pastor who
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claimed whole foods wrote a gay slur on his cake now says the story was made up. david. >> all right, guys, we have jackets on the kids this morning. it is cool out there and this afternoon they might want to arm themselves with an umbrella as we do have some light rain on the way. we'll have details on that, the rest of your work week. things do eventually get better. it's coming up. >> ♪
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>> new on "action news" a classic way to kill time at the beach turned into a close call for a group of surfers in san diego. high tide started filling in the hole with water and that locked lopez in place. lifeguards raced against time shoveling lopez out against a wall of surf boards put there to keep the ocean at bay. lopez was finally able to pull himself free. the surfers say they have learned their lesson. i've never heard about anything like this but it reminds you something everybody does maybe you shouldn't to it isn't they warn kids at the beach to o not do it. you can cave in, get stuck in there. the pressure from the tide and
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stuff it's crazy. >> i used to like build a castle. >> you don't put yourself in the castle. >> no, i don't generally not. plus there's little sand crabs crawling around in there. who wants that. storm tracker6 live double scan, we have no rain just yet. a lot of clouds out there, though. let's take look as we head outside this morning, we have penn's landing and trust me, it is cloudy above. love all those lights they have in the park there next to the columbus memorial these days. and cloudy skies but eventually it will be damp around the region. as we take a look at the current number profile, we're at 55 degrees in philadelphia. some suburbs are in the upper 40's so it's another cool start this morning. winds out of the southwest at 8 miles per hour. as we take a look at future tracker6, we start out fairly cloudy. the clouds get thicker and by late morning or lunchtime, we start to see some very light showers begin to build in from the west. and as we go through the afternoon some of this light rain maybe gets a little bit
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more pronounced. you see darker shades of green showing up here and there. notice how allentown and reading aren't going to pick up as much of this today and later by 6 o'clock it looks like it's centered mainly over south jersey and delaware and after that continuing to push away by 10:00 or 11 o'clock tonight. sealings and adam may have something to still show you on radar late tonight but it does look like it's going to be getting better. also cloudy and cool today. 53 degrees by 8 o'clock. by 10 o'clock, 58. by noon, 60 and by 3 o'clock, 60 degrees. your high today is going to be 62. we'll probably hit that rather early in the day around one or 2 o'clock and then we'll continue to slide back into the 50's by 5 o'clock. again, that light rain moving in late in the morning or around lunchtime and then kind of staying with us in the southern half of the region for most of the day. definitely a day for jackets once again. high temperatures not much difference. little bit milder up north where we're not going to see as much rain. 64 in allentown, 65 in reading and there you see 62 in philadelphia. 60 in wilmington. 62 in millville and on or about 60 down by that cool
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ocean water at our shore points. if you're headed to the phillies tonight we're hoping those showers will be gone by the time the game starts but it will be cloudy and cool. first pitch temperature probably around 56 and then 52 in the ninth inning so jackets and sweatshirts and all that good stuff again tonight at the ballpark. tomorrow we're going to have some showers potentially early in the morning but we are expecting some drying and we might even see some sun returning in the afternoon. tomorrow's high is a little bit better, too, 66 degrees. after that toward the end of the week we are going to reintroduce high pressure into the area and that's going to help us raise those temperatures and bring back a lot of sunshine for thursday and friday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, mainly cloudy with showers today, a high of 62. clouds with some sun on wednesday, 66 degrees. that sun later in the day. and then sunny and milder on thursday. there it is. 72 degrees. and on friday mostly sunny and nice, 74. it should be a really nights evening for both union soccer and phillies baseball. on saturday cloudy with rain likely the way things are looking now. a storm system cutting --
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coming at us from the southwest, 65 degrees. then we'll have another one of those cutoff lows kind of hanging around. i'm expecting clouds and sun on sunday and monday. highs in the upper 60's to about 70 but there could be a spotty shower both days. remember when we're not on the air you can always get the latest weather information by logging onto if you want to top that in on the top line right away and that will get you all the latest. does look like better times are coming towards the end of the week. >> thank you david. >> yes. >> new round of evacuations ordered in the canadian town devastate bide that massive wildfire. 4,000 workers from royal camp north of fort mcmurray are being asked to leave as a precaution. the wildfire ignited two weeks ago forcing 80,000 residents out of their homes and destroying more than 2400 structures. >> this is now. a coast guard crew from new jersey saved a french sailor from his sinking sailboat. officials say olivier's
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sailboat hit a submerged object. the sailor deployed his emergency raft and radioed for help. a coast guard chopper crew pulled him to safety. officials say the sailor was not hurt. gel had been attempting to travel solo he from new york to the united kingdom. >> new on "action news" a gay pastor who had accused a whole foods in texas of writing a gay slur on his cake now admits he was lying about the whole thing. jordan brown's picture and story went viral last month. officials at the whole foods in austin fought back and say there they can prove that their employees did not tamper with the cake. they released surveillance footage can which they say shows that the cake had been tampered with after brown purchased it. whole foods has dropped a counter suit against brown since he has apologized. >> visitors to a new jersey shore town may soon be able to drink booze on the boardwalk. >> firefighters go above and beyond rescue four legged residents from an apartment blaze in texas. more on that when "action
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news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. we're looking live at philadelphia international airport. looking pretty good out there. currently dry through the area. expect some showers through your end of your morning hours into the afternoon. let's take a look at the vine street expressway. we can see westbound traffic
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is reopened and it looks like eastbound in the process of reopening as well. seeing some cars moving through in both directions but the crews are going to return again tonight at 11 o'clock. they're going to shut the vine down in both directions and you know what kind of headaches that will cause n bella vista 11th street blocked at south street. we have this police activity out here that annie mccormick has been talking about. use ninth streets or 13th street as your alternate. i want to take you to bristol township bucks county. durham road closed between new falls road and route 413. stick to 413 as construction is causing closes. 422 overnight construction is clear. both lanes reopened matt. >> sounds good. thank you karen. time for your first look at business. atlantic city will consider allowing open containers of alcohol on the boardwalk in the hopes of increasing pedestrian traffic. city council could vote on the matter on wednesday. the law would require that the alcohol be bought from a licensed business along the boardwalk and they still have the corresponding cup.
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prices at the gas pumps show no signs of dropping after hitting lows not seen in years. a price of a barrel of oil hit a six month high yesterday. it seems concerns over too much supply have now throwed a deficit. experts say look for gas prices to continue to rise. news on a continued oil recovery helped gains on wall street. the dow went up 175 this morning futures point to a higher open. twitter users will soon have more space to work with in their tweets. bloomberg is reporting the social media site will no longer count pictures or links as part of the 140 character limit. the change could happen in the next few weeks. >> firefighters saved the day for a rescue dog in need of help once again. fire broke out in jessica winky's houston apartment complex yesterday when she feared her pets were dead firefighters went right back into the burning building. the woman's dog needed the help of an oxygen mask once it made it out. the cats are doing just fine.
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>> a television actor who was arifd in atlanta over the weekend has canceled his planned commencement address at rutgers university newark tomorrow. wendell pierce says he did not want to create a distraction. police report says a heated political discussion got physical between pierce a woman and two of her friends at a hotel. pierce is known for his role as detective william bunk moreland in the hbo's the wire. news anchor soledad o'brien will fill in to speak to graduates at rutgers.
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a custodian at worcester polytechnic institute in massachusetts is now one of its graduates. 54-year-old michael boudreau received his mechanical engineering degree from the school this past weekend. he took the custodian job at the school eight years ago shortly after losing everything when his plastering business failed. the school offers tuition free classes for employees so boudreau worked double time and reached his goal. >> it is 4:57 and we have all new stories coming up that you did not see last night. a man out west takes social media to publicly shame people he finds texting and driving. >> and residents in delaware county need to be on the lookout for a bear. we have video of it when we come back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday may 17th. we're following some breaking news. >> a mad dash to a crime scene leaves a philadelphia police officer injured. we're live with the details on this nasty cruiser crash. >> police in delaware county are on the lookout for a man caught taping inappropriate cell phone video and pictures of women. >> after several delays names of people said to be involved in the bridgegate scandal respect scheduled to be released today but then again, we could see another delay. >> all right. well, we're not going to see any delays it sounds like on more rain coming our way. dave murphy has got more on that and karen rogers is taking a look at your traffic. good morning to you. >> there is more rain on the way but it's not here yet tam. we have cloud cover i


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