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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  May 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning oven, it is 4:30 a.m., thursday, may 19. we're following breaking developments an egypt air jet has vanished flying from paris to cry -- cairo. two delaware teens are due in court to face charge involving their classmate's death. we're on the look out for rain, let's turn to david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: all right, storm tracker 6 live double scan guys, shows you there's a little bit of a lingering shower leftover
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from last night, just some stuff that came through, mostly through pennsylvania, although if you're getting up in southeastern pennsylvania you might see rain drop on the car, these showers are pushing toward the east and should be off the coast later on this morning. we're starting out with a bit of cloud cover, that will have a tendency to break up as the day goes on, we should transition to mainly partly sunny skies later. temperature, 55 degrees in philadelphia. 53 in allentown. 54 in wilmington, 57 in millville. 54 in cape may. on the bus stop this morning look for clouds and breaks, 5535 degrees by 6:00 a.m., a spotty shower in south jersey. 61 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 67 by 11:00 a.m., you can see how we transition to partly sunny skies and at times it may break out into mainly sunshine. we'll get a high this afternoon of 74 degrees, isn't that going to feel nice?
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just a slight chance of a spotty sprinkle, most of you are dry. tomorrow, things are better, and it's gray for saturday. wetter and cooler for seattle, of course it will turn grayer and cooler. let's look outside, we have construction i-95 at the vine street expressway, they opinion continue to block the two right lanes, they are in the process of clearing this out, i-95 northbound near the vine. no overnight construction because the crews have completed their work during the previously nights work. maybe they got to sleep in a little bit. other problems around the area. we have a downed tree actor
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street is blocked at marshall street. tick to 202. egyptian say a plane that took off from paris crashed near cairo cairo, egypt. there's many questions about what caused the jet to go down. katherine scott is live in the satellite center with the latest developments. >> reporter: an egyptian official quirbled that -- confid that the plane crashed over the mediterranean sea. arms forces from grease and egypt -- greece and egypt are involved in the search. the plane took off after 11:00 a.m. local time. the a-bus 320 disappeared after
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entering egyptian aerospace. family members are arriving hoping to hear word. there was no distress call from the pilot, but a signal picked up from the plane after it vanished from radar. the plane had 56 passengers and ten cabin crew members. egypt air released the passengers nationalities, 30 egyptian, 15, french and none were american. greek air traffic controller spoke to the pilot and he never mentioned any problem. what caused the plane to crash remains under investigation, the focus is find the debris in the mediterranean you can't. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." back to you. a philadelphia housing
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cruiser and another car collided in kensington. officials say the officers were shaken up. they were checked out at the scene. we are learning about a crash in south jersey that closed a busy highway in five hours. the three-car pile jupped happened in meadow owe pillup happened in medford, burlington county. three had life threatening injuries. medford township police are investigating whether any of the drivers will face any charges. happening today, two of the three girls charged in connection with the death of a student inside a wilmington high school are scheduled to be arraigned. annie mccormick is live outside family court in wilmington with the latest on what's expected today. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam, two of the three girls charged
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in connection with the amy joyner-francis' death are going to be in court today. we are not naming them because they are juveniles. they are going to be charged of third degree criminalconspiracy. amy joyner-francis died of a long-standing heart condition triggered by the assault. the victim's family said several cardiologists said the defect should not cause sudden death. a spokesperson for amy joyner-francis said the family is calling for a second autopsy and they want severe charges. now we're going to blame her death on a heart condition
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not the school fight. the family wants to make sure that the people have collarty about this. now, both girls appearing in court today are currently out on bail. based on on the medical examiner's court one girl was the charged with criminally negligent homicide, she is reportedly the only one to directly hit amy joyner-francis she is not in court today. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." matt back to you. a mechanic in the philadelphia school district has died four months after he was critically injured in a school boiler explosion it happened on january 13. authorities confirmed christopher trakimas died yesterday. he suffered serious injuries in the blast. republican donald trump
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will be joining new jersey governor chris christie tonight for a fundraising event at the national armory in lawrence township. trump released 11 potential picks for the supreme court. the federal election commission has released his financial explorers forms they showed he made $515 million in earned income in the last 11 months. these are not his tax returns, he refuses to make them public. bernie sanders spoke at a san francisco labor rally yesterday and gave no hint of preparing his supporters to unify around hillary clinton. supporters erupted with rage at the nevada state convention when they felt that the rules were set up to favor clinton. california senator feinstein
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said she is worried about the gel gas station here in philadelphia. more than 100 cyclists took part in the ride of silence in center city. they gathered on the steps of the philadelphia art museum to raise awareness of the deaths and injuries of accidents with cars while biking in the city. they took to the streets in memory of bike himmists who lost their lives. the mother of a man who was struck by a car while riding in west philadelphia last night. police are looking for the driver. we need to take action and take steps to make a change to protect all citizens. ten siek -- ten cycleists have been killed in the delaware valley in the last 9 months. a police officer was give a
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ticket after this crash even though he was responding to an emergency with his lights and sirens on. it's cool enough below mainly cloudy skies with shorts and ts, we'll a call for you today and on friday, and changes ahead in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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new on "action news" a home damaged by super-storm sandy is destroyed again. the long island home owner was waiting on fudged to finish up up -- funding to finish up construction, the home collapsed, and efforts to save it were unsuccessful. dave a little bit of rain.
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>> reporter: a little bit of rain in south jersey, we have a dip on your windshield, closer in south jersey and delaware, there's where the showers are. they will be pushing off the coast you can see them sliding east/northwest. we look outside, we have cloudy skies and we'll look at sunny breaks coming back into place in center city and elsewhere across the region. 55 degrees as you head out the door. winds are calm currently. comfortable enough, maybe a light jacket that does you pretty well, i think. future tracker 6 shows you how we are starting out clothed and through the afternoon we are going for a mix of sun and clouds. there's a slight possibility of an instability shower popping up in a couple of places today. 64 degrees by 10:00. 69 by noon, nice this afternoon, 74 degrees is the high, we'll hit that around 4:00 p.m. we'll be sitting on that by 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, high temperatures everywhere, looking good, 70 in in allentown.
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70 in trenton. 74 in philadelphia. 66 in millville. a little cooler down the shore, but not bad along the boardwalk. and then tomorrow, the pick of the week, bright and beautiful as high pressure rolls through the region, we get lots of sun, 76 degrees, unfortunately for the weekend especially saturday there's an area of low pressure that's going fob passing us by to the south, it looks like it is close enough most motels are suggesting it will be wet on saturday, with at least an inch of rain, maybe more than that. we're 11 days away from memorial day by the middle of the next week we'll be crewing toward the holiday -- cruising toward the holiday with 08. 46 degrees away from the 4th of the july. it's not all that long we have to wait for it. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, partly sunny and warm, high of 74 degrees. tomorrow, partly sunny overall,
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there will be a few clouds around, pretty bright, but a nice high of 76 degrees. saturday, cloudy and rain, 64. cloudy on sunday, 70. afternoon thunderstorm. the low pressure system that brings the saturday and sunday instability is hanging around. it's pushing away, monday or tuesday there could be a pop-up shower here or there. finally the return of sun on wednesday, lots of sun, getting up to 76. the 80s not far behind that. remember when we're not on the air, get weather information from a little bit of messiness to gets through over the weekend. after that, things look nice. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf will sign a measure to the drunk and drive law. under the bill, someone be convicted of dui for the first time and had a blood alcohol of
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.10 or higher, that goes the option of driving with an ignition interlock for one year instead of getting a suspended license. take a look at the scene over my shoulder. a florida police officer has been ticketed for the crash you're about to see, surveillance video shows the cruiser smash running through the car while speeding through the intersection. this is another angle. the officer had the lights and sirens on when he was chasing armed robbery suspects. officials say he blew through a red light and going 09 miles per hour. the driver of the car, broke her arms and wrist, the lawyer said she intends to sue the city. closing arguments in the trial of a police officer charged in the death of freddie gray, officer edward nero is the second of 6 officers to stand
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trial for the death. this is a bernlg trial and the -- bench trial and the judge is expected to issue a verdict on sunday. george simmer man said the gun he used to kill trayvon martin with was sold. details of who bought it has not been released. critics called the auction an insensitive move. zimmerman said he was defending himself when he killed the unarmed teenager. newly released dash cam video shows a woman's cars swerving around. she struck poles and flipped over and car caught fire. a state trooper ran to the vehicle and found the driver's baby upside still restrained in his car seat. the officer rescued the child who was tbhot hurt. 4:47. karen rogers has a check of traffic next on "action news." plus a warning from a granola
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bar maker about what could be in your pantry. one airline is shelling out big bucks to make sure you get to your flight on time. more on that when "action news" comes right back. >> reporter: welcome back that's
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a pretty good looking shot of
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the commodor barry bridge. this is not bad either, we've got the schuylkill expressway in king of prussia, eastbound traffic heading toward gulph mills moving just fine. no problems and no construction here. eastbound at the blue route we have construction that just cleared. we had a down tree that cleared in norristown after street at marshall street. the burlington bristol bridge up now, stick to the connector bridge instead. tacony-palmyra opening at 5:30 or so. commodor barry bridge, construction blocked up to two lanes heading eastbound. you want to watch for construction. thatslow you down this morning,. officials in arizona are trying to control dust storms by using gorilla snot. until now, crews have been
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spending thousands of dollars a day and lots of time hosing down the dirt with water trucks. growing security lines at airports across the condition has one carrier boosting the staff to make sure passengers make their flights. american airlines is spending $4 million to higher contract workers to manage checkpoints so they get passengers through more quickly. tsa needs to higher more security staff. the company that owns tj max and marshalls and home goods plans to add thousands of stores. they plan to have 5600 stores, right now there are 3700. mixed day on wall street leaving the major indices slightly up or down. futures point to a lower open this morning. quaker is recalling
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and nut variety bars, they are concerned that sun flower cernlings are contaminated -- concerns contam contaminated. a real life message about crime. it involves taking middle school students to the morgue.
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new on "action news" a new program is giving students a serious reality check when it comes to gun violence. it's called it starts here. middle and high school students in noks are taken to a -- new york city are taken to a morgue. organizers hope the shocking sights will guide students away from gun violence. a five-year-old colorado girl was suspended for bringing a plastic princess bubble gun from school. students can be suspended for fake firearms. the girl's mother said the suspension is too much. an aclu official said most of the punishment in these cases are a national embarrassment. it will hurt her to miss out on class.
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>> reporter: the brighten school district is less than an hour away from littleton, colorado where the columbine massacre took place. puppies on demand. adorable little pets will be hitting the ride with uber today. the fallout continues with the enlighten water crisis. those stories and more when "action news" is right back.
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good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, may 19. breaking on "action news." the disappearance of an egypt air flight. officials believe it crashed in the mediterranean sea while traveling from paris to cairo. gunshots leaves a man fighting for his life. now police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger. a reading police officer is expected to turn himself in in connection with the confrontation over a woman who was recording him on her cell phone. let's go over to david murphy and find out what accuweather is like today, and karen rogers has the commute. >> reporter: overall it's going to be a nice one. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you over south jersey and delaware there are lingering showers from overnight. they are trying to get off the coast. i would give this another 60 minutes or so, and that should be done. cloudy cover early, we are expecting the clearing to roll on in. overall we'll call it a


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