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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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student dies after willing electrocuted on the roof of a home. and the family of a teenager gunned down speaks out next. completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. a 14-year-old shot and killed on the streets of chester.
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and tonight his family is sharing their pain. police say zenas powell was not the gunman's target. he was on his way to his grandmother's house after buying food at the story. sunday night, the big story on "action news," the search for the gunman who shot the teenager. he was one of three people caught in the hail of gunfire. >> tonight we spoke with one of the victims surviving the hail of gunfire. sharing her fear and anger about the events that unfolded last night. and jeff chirico joins us live from police headquarters with more. jeff? >> walter and sarah, zenas powell was just an innocent bystander. his family says he was respectful and dreamed of becoming a doctor. however, last night his dream was cut short in what chester's mayor calls a senseless act of violence that will not be follow rated. >> they shot, shot, shot, shots. it sounded like they even loaded back up or something. >> just after leaving the hospital, jeanine described the moments she nearly lost her life
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in the hail of gunfire on pine lane. >> and i am alive today. >> a passenger in a stopped car talking to two teens on the sidewalk when two gunmen emerged from the alley starting shooting. >> why would you shoot some kids and a mom for no reason? >> 16-year-old powell was shot in the chest and zenas powell was hit in the neck and back killing him. >> he through there were kids out there. were were kids out there. no remorse, nothing. they didn't care. >> and just at the wrong time went to the store, and both of them to get shot up like they did. no, they did not deserve that. >> his aunt said that zenas powell, known as nas, was a good skill who excelled in school. going with cousins to buy food and about to return to his grandmother's moment and never made it.
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>> and they ran inside says nas is in the alleyway shot and not responding. >> they were not targets but would not say who was. and shipley with the bullet in her shoulder refuses to sit back and wait. >> 16-year-old powell is in the icu in critical condition. chester's mayor asking anyone with information about the shooting to please contact police. live in chester, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> all right jeff, thank you. a school community came together today to remember another teenager whose life was cut short by violence. nativity prep in wilmington held a prayer service to remember brandon wingo. just 15 years old he was shot and killed on thursday afternoon after he was walking moment from school. he was a ninth grader at howard high school of technology and
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just graduated from nativity last year. >> this is, i guess, a safe place to feel all of the things and be with each other. especially in the face of a city that isn't safe or doesn't feel safety moment. >> no arrests in in case. sources tell "action news" they do know the name of the alleged gunman. shooting weeks after another howard student, 16-year-old amy joyner-francis died after a fight inside one of the school's bathrooms. a suspected drunk driver behind bars accused of hitting and killing a senior at burlington senior high school. 42-year-old ricardo patterson accused of driving drunk when he hit antwan timbers. walking off the roadway with a friend when hit near midnight in burlington city. patterson now charged with dui and reckless driving. grief counselors will be at the school tomorrow. police are asking anyone with information to please contact them. a coroner found a penn state
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student, who fell off the roof of a home, died of electrocuted. 21-year-old shannon mathers grabbed a high-voltage wire and then felt down to the sidewalk. the death is called accidental. police on the scene of a deadly shooting in montgomery county. investigators tell "action news," a man shot by his wife. at a home near 6th street in montgomery avenue in north wales. and christie ileto joins us with the very latest. christie? >> walter, neighbors tell "action news" they could hear the couple fighting over the last week. flash forward to today, police responding to a domestic dispute at the home taking a deadly turn. >> a shooting happened on 6th street between montgomery avenue and north wales borough. >> the call after 4:00 sunday
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evening. >> hearing three loud bangs and i came to the door to check. >> and what he heard was his 67-year-old neighbor being shot to death across the street. >> quite surprising, they seem pretty quiet people basically. >> and telling "action news," police responding to the north wales home for a domestic dispute, only to find a man dead in the garage with an apparent gunshot to his torso. >> it was crazy. i came out here and came out to put the trash out and saw the police tape and stuff. shoots too close to home. way too close. >> did you know the couple that lived there? >> no, they just stay by themselves. >> now police were able to recover the weapon at the home. and the shooter is in custody. reporting live in north wales, christie ileto channel 6 news." >> thank you. a pick up truck and new jersey transit bus collided in south jersey tonight. they say the 17-year-old driver of the truck was turning on to
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broad street when he collided with the bus. the impact pinned his truck between the bus and the tree. and the young driver was trapped. he was rescued and rushed to the hospital. two on the bus suffered minor injuries. moving on to the accuweather forecast, no shortage of clouds this weekend and the beginning of the workweek looks like more of the same. and melissa magee at the big board with the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> walter, we have a stubborn system throw to move out of the delaware and lehigh valleys. and tracking showers there in south jersey. and stormtracker 6 live radar, and in cape may and pressing into dover at this hour. what we are tracking on the big picture, stormtracker live double tracker, area of low pressure to the east of the region off the coast of the virginias and north carolina. and we have got the winds around that that are counterclockwise and tapping into the residual
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moisture in the area. and temperatures are responding to the clouds and moisture. low spots in the 50s. 59 in philadelphia, 58 reading. 55 allentown. same thing in cape may. 57 degrees up the 95 corridor in trenton. talking about what we can expect tore the -- for the week ahead. it is not a washout but we have scatter showers, limited sunshine, especially throughout the afternoon hours. but the pattern breaks as we get into wednesday. a light at the end of the tunnel. a taste of summer on the way and the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> power has been restored tonight following an underground fire in the society hill area. peker -- peco says an underground fire, following what they thought was a man hole explosion. >> i heard this big kaboom. >> it went in and damaged the front in front of my house. all our windows shattered here.
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>> no one hurt. the cable that caught fire controlled traffic lights, not the power to homes. due to the necessary repairs, peco crews had to turn off power to some residence in the area. a woman injured in a fire in the overbrook section around 7:00 in the 1600 block of north 55th street. and the firefighters arrived to heavy fire from the upper floors. one woman rescued and taken to presbyterian hospital. no word on her condition or cause of the fire. the police arrested a man who they say was taking pictures up a woman's skirt. the man is 33-year-old bobby hayden of chester township. this was taken in the pretzel facto factory. and he ran off but facing charges. and recovering after hit by a car at philadelphia international airport. the officer directing traffic,
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and the driver did stop. no word on whether she will be charged. the officer taken to penn presbyterian hospital. and dying during a shoot-out as authorities enclosed on him. after the officer was fatally shot at a traffic stop around 12:30 this morning of the suspect identified as 35-year-old jorge zambrano. fellow officers lined the highway as the officer's body was taken to the medical examiner's office in boston. all day residents left flours outside of the police station in his honorer. and donald trump's attacks on hillary clinton seem to be working. according to two new roles, clinton's early read over trump erat erated. and it also shows nearly half of
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voters have an unfavorable view of trump and clinton. and bernie sanders says test a long-shot but numbers against trump better than clinton's. and more to come on "action news." a difficult climbing season on mount everett. two are missing and two more died. and this year especially dangerous. a song in her heart despite the atrocities that she has seen. the holocaust survivor fulfilling a life-long dream of singing for her baseball team. and carson wentz, what he thinks of his own abilities. if he is right, the next few years can be pretty amazing. "action news" will come right back. a
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>> now to the latest on the search for answers about the crash of egyptair flight 804. egypt sending a submarine to search for the recorder that plunged into the mediterranean.
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they continue to pull debris from the ocean. some of the victim's families are already holding funerals. the plane in route from paris to cairo. the question? mechanical failure or terrorism. and air force one landed in vietnam tonight. the president spending three days in vietnam and then heads to japan. he is on a mission to build stronger economic policies and security ties with specific allies, worried about china's increasing economic influence. vietnam, in particular, prying to protectity middle class. in japan attending the g8 summit. and the plan to take iran from fallujah. and they are urging them to evacuate the city. under isis control, the scene
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and bloodiest battle of the iraq war. two indian climbers missing on mount everett, one day after two deaths from altitude sickness. and a woman died, and arnold, who survived avalanche also died. and others are sick and suffering from frostbite. and more people than ever are attempting to climb mount everett, but many don't from the proper trailing. the solar impulse landed in the home of the wright brothers. trying to fly around the globe without using a drop of fuel, only the power of the sun. starting in march of last year from the united arab emirates. a day to remember for a very special couple from south philadelphia. >> that's right. exchanging vows today, but their devotion in sickness and health
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far predates their wedding. trish explains. >> lonnie and karen brown just beginning their lives as husband and wife. [applause] but this south philadelphia couple has already been through a lot together. >> as soon as the doctor said it, it was bam, i was hit by a truck and couldn't hear anything. >> dealing with colon cancer. and he has had surgeries and karen at his side. >> she is my rock. >> he sometimes gets frazzled but that's what i am here for. >> us and of ban organization, wish upon a wedding, saying vows in front of family and friends from the top of the city, free of charge. >> and from the flowers to the
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wedding planner. >> lonnie diagnosed about a year after he and karen got engaged. without wish upon a wedding they never would have had a wedding like this. >> without them coming through for us, it would have been much smaller and a lot less going on. >> maybe the most excited is karen's son, cameron. >> and i haven't seen her this happy, today is the day. >> and whatever is in store, lonnie and karen will handle it together. >> side-by-side. >> no other way. >> reporting in center city, trish hartman for channel 6 "action news." >> we wish them all the best. >> good for them. more to come tonight. a food-lover's paradise and one of the best destinations. the italian market for one of
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best festivals around. and melissa magee with the seven-day forecast. summer-like temperatures ahead when "action news" comes right back.
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[accordion music] >> persistent gray skies did not stop hundreds of people from hitting the ninth street italian market today. the second day of the festival, a celebration of the nation's oldest continually operating market. of course this is the italian market. food and drink, craft, humusic d shopping. and you know, showers bring may flowers, something like that. >> it is raining more a long time. some improvement coming. and the radar you see we have a couple of showers, light to moderate in cape may. and also south and east of dover tracking this upper-level low that will slowly move on out as
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we get into the middle half of our workweek. the near term, the picture outside. the action cam outside earlier tonight in fairmount park and valley green inn. and in wissahickon, mostly cloudy sky but still some folks stolling around, enjoying temperatures currently in the 50s. the high today in philadelphia 66. 10 degrees below average. right now, 57 in trenton, 55 allentown. 56 out to the west in lancaster. along the coast in cape may 55. and 56 degrees in beach haven. here is satellite 6, along with action radar, the upper-level low we were tracking yesterday where we had a good, steady rain late yesterday night. now tracking just a few re-sid call -- residual showers. and the counterclockwise rotation we have to allow for them not just tonight, but monday into tuesday, nothing will kick the area of low pressure out of our region.
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futuretracker showing you 6:00 in the morning, mostly cloudy. and wouldn't be surprised during the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning with the low-level moisture some areas of patchy fog to contend with. getting into the afternoon hours, getting some heating of the day with with solar radiation. enough sun adding to the instability in the atmosphere and a couple of pop-up showers. not a wash-out. the showers of hit and miss. make sure you have the wet-weather gear with you. the same at 6:30 in the evening for the evening commute. and the set-up for us monday, still tracking this area of low pressure. morning fog and sun. high temperature at 72 degrees. and the drizzle around with high pressure to our west. you notice what happens tuesday. the area of low pressure tries to make some progress to the east. and depending on the timing of this area of low pressure departing, we could find a few more sunny breaks moving in as we get into tuesday afternoon. nonetheless, the high temperature of 74, and a couple of showers can't be ruled out. the ridge of high pressure
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slides to the south and east, and the temperatures will be responding and soaring into the 80s. the morning rush looks like this -- morning fog otherwise mostly cloudy. 6:00, 55. and 8:00 in the morning temperatures in the upper 50s. and the exclusive forecast, sun, and spotty shower in the afternoon. high temperature of 72. pop-up thunder shower in the forecast by tuesday and 74. and wednesday, calling for a high of 84. if we hit that, this will be the first 80-degree day in the month of may. we have yet to see that. and thursday, warmer and humid with a taste of summer, up to 87. on friday, warmer and a thunderstorm possible and 86 degrees. the start of the memorial day weekend, saturday, mostly cloudy and a thunder shower around, 84. mostly cloudy sunday and high temperature of 83. and a threat of a thunder shower. it seems every memorial day we dodge showers, but the better story is temperatures in the 80s and sun making its comeback.
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>> the beach days are coming. >> and the showers write june flew -- flower flowers, a new . and up next on "action news," the fill list finally pull out a win against the braves and jeff skversky with the highlights in sports. and a nazi holocaust survivor, her heart-warming national anthem when "action news" comes right back.
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♪ >> jeff here with sports. the phillies looking better today. >> you weren't happy with the way they played on friday and saturday? that 1 run the two games you didn't enjoy? the phillies on the verge of getting swept by the worst team in the league, but jerad eickhoff with the eye of the tiger today. and he is not the only big hit against the braves. the big piece, a big disappoint the. ryan howard, the worst average in the league on the bench against atlanta. the second inning the bats come arrive. the career high, and the solo homers and the 1-0 lead. and later, the r.b.i. single, 2-0 phills. and sixth inning, a great sign. franco has been struggling and
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two outs, 2-run single. and phills today high the season high with 13, up 5-0. and how about some high fives all around. everything goes their way. eickhoff goes seven innings, doesn't allow a run. the phills pitchers combine for seventh shut out winning avoiding the sweep. >> we needed to win the game today the way i look at it. we will be facing tough teams. >> and lost two tough teams against the braves. to get back on the track is a great feeling. we're just, you know, happy to get it going here and rolling into detroit. tough road trip coming up starting tomorrow with the tigers. we will talk phillies and what to do with ryan howard. and much more with the sixers overall pick on "action news" sports sunday coming up in


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