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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 26, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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seems like every time the toilet someone's there to undo it. after a superior clean, apply the lysol click gel. to keep it fresh, flush, after flush, after flush. for a toilet that gets clean, then actually stays that way. lysol that. it is fleet week in new york city. the annual ritual got under way with a parade of ships sailing up the hudson river.
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they were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of well-wishers. as many as 4500 navy, coast guard, marine service members will descend on the city, free tours, military demonstrations are set to take place throughout the week. in annapolis, maryland, the navy's blue angels displayed their mastery in the sky and. ed various high speed aerobatic maneuvers, part of the naval academy's commissioning which can. >> over at the denver airport, a different kind of incident played out as a passenger jet taxied to the runway. >> so one passenger got so upset, she threw herself on the floor right outside the cockpit. abc's neal karlinksky with that story. >> reporter: the airbus a-319 was still on the runway in denver, as the woman, captured by a stunned passenger, is seen lying on the floor at the foot of the cockpit door, kicking and screaming, saying the flight is going to go down. >> she attempted to pull out the oxygen bag. she jumped out of her seat.
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>> reporter: the flight attendant, standing off to her side, remains calm. >> can we get the paramedics here? >> the flight crew's number one priority is to protect the passengers and the airplane and then communicate with the flight crew as to what's going on. >> reporter: it's a problem facing flight crews more than you might imagine. on this iceland air flight to jfk in 2013, passengers took matters into their own hands, duct-taping an unruly passenger to his seat. faa statistics show an average of 141 incidents a year. though, this year's numbers are much lower so far. police got the woman off the plane, but they didn't arrest her. she seemed to be dealing with some pretty serious issues and was taken to a hospital instead. neal karlinksky, abc news, seattle. got feel bad for her. clearly something wrong there. aviation consultants actually say the crew could have done a better job here. they should have called the paramedics before calling the police. >> that was one of the first things they do. that flight was heading to portland, oregon.
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i get sometimes over not having peanuts on a flight. that quite that sort of temper tantrum that took place there. it's getting increasingly hostile in the air for many people. by the time you get on the flight, you've gone through all the sa lines we've talked about. >> people's patience runs low. every now and then you find a passenger having a problem. sometimes it helps to catch the warning signs before it gets to that point. that's kind of what they're saying. either the crew could have handled it better or maybe the gate agents need to keep a better eye out. even passengers. if you see someone that seems like they're agitated maybe there's a way to circumvent it. >> if you're feeling agitated on a flight, order a vodka shot. >> coming up, young talent on display at the white house. >> why first lady michelle obama is hoping these kids could be the future of arts education in america's schools. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ turn the beat around love to hear percussion. ♪ turn it upside down >> your bff. >> turn it up, turn it up side down. >> we almost harmonized there. almost. hoping to turn the beat around in america's underperforming schools, first lady michelle obama welcomed student
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performers from around the country for the first ever white house turn around arts talent show. >> this wasn't just any talent show. abc's serena marshall checked it out for us. >> reporter: they were breaking it down and singing it up. ♪ kids from across the country showing off their talent at the white house all part of the administration's turn around arts program that aims to bring art classes back ing inlow performing schools. >> across the country, arts classes were being cut back or eliminated all together. over a million students weren't getting any music education and nearly 4 million students had no access to the visual arts at all. and these were serious losses for our young people. >> reporter: the program pairs up schools with famous mentors like bernie williams,little buck and paula abdul. >> having arts fully part of my school allowed me to first discover having alignment with
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passion. it only fueled me to do better in school. i had you know, the ability to see other kids who shared the same passion as i did. >> reporter: when you talk to these kids, you've been working with them for a while, what is the one thing you're really hearing from them. >> the fact that they're loving what they're doing. they're excited to be there. >> reporter: excitement not the only goal. the administration points to findings that found improvements in math and reading as well as higher attendance and reduced suspensions by a staggering 90%. >> me drawing and being like overwhelmed and one dancing. like it encouraged me. i can do this, i can do that. i can do all of this. i can just rise. >> reporter: rising in their dancing, singing and poetry. >> when i watch tv, i build materials out of cardboard, plarveg and twine. >> i know i'm meant to do this. if i could, i would build a plane to fly and see my mom at
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my other home. >> reporter: performing for the first lady for the last time. >> you all make me want to cry. i just want the nation to see this. you know? because these kids are possible in every corner of our nation and the world. these aren't, this isn't strange. this is who these kids are. this is what their potential is if we invest in them. >> reporter: when the obamas leave office, the first lady hopes this tradition will live on and announced a partner with the kennedy center to make sure those kids will continue dancing and singing. kendis, diane. >> dancing and singing, we don't like any of that here. none of that at all. >> the white house says a result of the program has been so successful in these difficult to serve communities nat program will be quadrupling in size by the way. >> 35 schools, 11 states. >> and apologies to vickie sue
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k-y touch. it is my first one. >> it is time for our old favorite here on "world news now" "this happened." >> we are starting our segment with this. ♪ >> so that is a talent show any charlotte, north carolina. >> epic. that senior, by the way, mike senator, whose bottle flip has become viral. >> he planned this for a year. for a year he practiced throwing water bottles. he says the secret is a specific kind of bottle and a specific kind of water. >> okay. we have no idea, by the way, if this is the right kind of bottle or the right kind of water. but we figured we can't let the
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segment go by without trying. >> absolutely. so. >> look at you. >> oh, it landed right though. >> it almost landed. it did not stick the landing throw. >> i didn't know you were going to get so fancy. let's see if i get it to land. >> see this one. >> three's the charm. no. >> no. >> clearly we won't be able to create. >> all right. >> we'll move on maybe. >> that sounds like a really sturdy desk here. next to the hazards of graduation ceremonies. >> they're not kidding when they say those tossed graduation caps can be dangerous. so check this out. twitter user megan carta as the university of texas got nailed. >> i hope that's just a camera. >> with that cap. >> it's not in her face. whoo. but the fire works are nice. >> nice till that happened. >> we hear she's going to be okay. >> ah. >> i think he's going to be all right. >> she's going to be all right.
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>> i bet she celebrated afterwards anyway. and finally, to a 6-month-old baby who has broken a world record. >> her name is zila. and this is what she did. she's the youngest water skier in the world. >> mind you, she can't walk. she can't even crawl yet. but she can water ski. >> that is really cool. so she skied an impressive 686 feet on lake rue in polk city, florida. and she is looking amazing. completely confident. >> and they said i think it's this clip, they said it was just her second try. do you know how long it takes to stand up on water skis? you usually don't get it on your second try. >> or just to stand up period. >> for those worried about safety, they had a whole line of people ready to catch her if she fell. >> i'm going to try this one more time. ready. >> all right. >> i mis d
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump facing more angry protesters. >> the presumptive republican nominee was confronted by demonstrators inside and outside of his rallies. meanwhile he's calling attention to hillary clinton and her latest trouble involving her e-mail scandal now at a tipping point. more twisters hitting the heartland causing damage and bringing baseball-sized hail. the powerful storms destroying homes and flipping cars. >> and see this dramatic sea rescue as hundreds of migrants and refugees cling to a small capsized boat desperate to escape violence back home. of this memorial day weekend, if you're afraid you'll miss an important work e-mail, you might be able to rid yourself of that anxiety for good by moving to a place where weekends work e-mails are now illegal. we'll tell you where on this
3:01 am
thursday, may 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." that kind of sounds like a good idea on a thursday as we're entering the weekend. >> no more weekend work e-mails. >> probably rack up a good hundred or so e plays. >> what about social media? >> facebook and all those sort of e-mails. >> do you truly unplug. >> let's not get too crazy. we'll delve into that later this morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. >> the race for the white house and more protesters getting riled up over donald trump. >> after a violent night in albuquerque, new mexico, trump confronted by another wave of demonstrators at a rally in anaheim, california. anti-trump protesters and supporters shouted at each other. at least five people were arrested. police managed to keep things under control. >> inside trump was heckled during his speech and he lashed out at several protesters as they were kicked out of the rally. >> see what i say? don't hurt them. i say that for the television cameras. do not hurt him.
3:02 am
even though he's a bad person, folks. bad person. >> trump also targeted hillary clinton over a scathing new report stemming from her e-mail controversy. trump saying clinton is as crooked as they come. that report by the state department inspector general found that clinton broke the rules with her use of a private e-mail server. overnight, hillary clinton can the responding saying the issue is not going to affect her campaign or for that matter her presidency. abc's cecilia vega with details. >> reporter: hillary clinton slammed by state department investigators who say she never requested or obtained permission to conduct government business on her private server, even though she had an obligation to do so. clinton has repeatedly promised to cooperate with the fbi investigation into those e-mails. >> i'm more than ready to talk to anybody, any time. i'm happy to answer any questions that anybody might have. any time you want to talk to me, here i am. >> reporter: but she refused to talk to state department investigators, and so did her close aide, huma abedin.
3:03 am
clinton has said that private server was never hacked, but the state department investigation did uncover an attempted hack. multiple clinton staffers sounding alarms about it. one instructing her team not to e-mail clinton anything sensitive, saying she would explain more in person. clinton's campaign points out the new report also shows another secretary of state used a private e-mail account, too. a spokesman tweeting, her personal e-mail use was not unique at state department. i tried to ask about it. secretary clinton, why didn't you cooperate with the i.g. investigation? she ignored all questions. her campaign moving on. while clinton appeared on "ellen" with her "snl" doppelganger. >> hi, ellen, i'm hillary rodham clinton. every day, we face hard choices, like which statement blazer to wear. >> and campaign sources tell me hillary clinton has not yet been interviewed by the fbi and that a date for that interview has
3:04 am
not been set. we do know her top aides have been interviewed by the fbi including huma abedin. that could be a sign there investigation is nearing completion. cecilia vega, abc news, anaheim, california. >> pressure is mounting on the head of the democratic party to step down as she faces criticism from bernie sanders. the sanders camp is questionsing when debbie wasserman-schultz is capable of unifying the party. several online petitions are now calling for her removal, as well. house minority lead area nancy pelosi and senator barbara boxer are just two of those coming to her defense. now to breaking news across the plains. another powerful weather system spawning tornadoes. a twister. the national weather service calls catastrophic roared through kansas. it was taking aim at the small town of chapman touching down in a rural area instead. it destroyed about 20 homes. there are no reports of any injuries or deaths.
3:05 am
plaintiff and this scene, a storm chaser spotting this tornado last night north of oklahoma city. in all more than 30 twisters have been reported across the plains in the last day stretching from texas to minnesota. and storm experts warn the threat of more severe weather will be in effect at least through friday. and breaking news right here in new york city, four people have been shot inside a concert venue where the rapper t.i. was scheduled to perform. one person died in the shooting at irving plaza. video showed a chaotic scene as concert goers tried to leave the area as a group of people tended to a person on the floor. witnesses say they heard an argument on a backstage balcony before shots were fired. the violence broke out before that rapper t.i. took the stage. 11 states are suing the boerm administration over its transgender bathroom directive. the lawsuit argues the administration is overstepping
3:06 am
its power, violating federal law and the u.s. constitution. south carolina is the latest state to ban abortions at or after 20 weeks of pregnancy. you the you new law does not inclues exemptions for rape or incest. another takes effect in south dakota on july 1st and three more blocked by court challenges. >> the lights back on in seattle after a major power outage in the downtown area. the blackout left people stranded in will bes, backed up traffic at intersections and disrupted the transit system. the cause was equipment failure at a substation. frisity was restored after about an hour. >> as millions of americans prepare to travel for memorial day, the head of the tsa was testifying about the long airport security lines. and it turns out, he had some good news and bad news. abc's elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: back before congress and back in the hot seat. >> this crisis didn't just come out of nowhere. airports and airlines have been
3:07 am
sounding the alarm for months. >> reporter: tsa peter nef fin jer acknowledges endless lines are unacceptable and promises the agency is taking action. those moves include removing tsa security director kelly mog gan and creating a command center to coordinate with airlines and deploy more sisters and canine units if a surge of travelers is expected. >> we are tracking projected volume, staffing and lane availability, actual wait times which will allow us to address critical concerns in realtime. >> reporter: already recent staffing changes seem to be making a difference in wait times in trouble spots like chicago. >> i arrived very early. it's not bad at all. >> reporter: more screeners were added here after passengers who missed flights slept on cots. in atlanta, new technology was also unveiled this week. >> here you can have five people doing that at the same time. >> larger bins with radio frequency tracking designed to provide more space and keep the
3:08 am
lines moving. these changes encouraging but for the millions flying this silver, security experts say don't expect a miracle. the tsa is getting $34 million to hire more officers and to pay for overtime but many are now calling on congress and the white house to do more with more people flying than ever before. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. and no american athletes have been named in a doping scandal that may keep dozens from competing in the olympic games according to a report in u.s. today. at least 31 olympians have been named for using banned substances in a reanalysis of drug tests from the 2008 beijing games. russian olympic games says 146 their athletes are suspected of cheating. a young massachusetts man thinks he would be a great addition to the new england patriots and he's making an unusual pitch for a tryout. >> his name is abby aborishad, a 23-year-old who has been standing for an average of seven
3:09 am
hours a day outside the patriots parking lot with a sign touting his talent and his commitment to the game. >> abi was star wide receiver during his three years at dartmouth and he hold the single season catch record, 4. because his school is division iii, he went largely unnoticed by scouts. he says he's willing to stand in that spot for as long as it takes for someone to give him a chance. >> i respect the husband. >> little does he know it's the offseason and nobody's driving by. no. >> someone is taking notice. i say give the man a chance. >> i appreciate the hustle. tom brady wasn't taken, i think was fourth round, right, jack. >> he was back yun quarterback for so long. it took drew bledsoe getting hurt for him to go in. >> abi, you don't have a shot. >> we have faith in. >> p in you. >> coming up "the mix" maybe. we'll show you how long it would take if you really read those terms and conditions. >> first, video doorbells.
3:10 am
they now are becoming cheaper to buy and install yourself. so we'll compare two of the top brands and see which works best and how they may make your home safer. >> dramatic images of refugees desperate to the escape a sinking boat. the latest rescue in what has become a daily occurrence in that region. >> check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram. abcwnn. you're watching abc "world news now." that detergent was like half the price!
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>> you're looking at some dramatic images of a rescue at sea. help arriving just in the nick of time. it happened off the coast of libya. a small boat that you see there packed with all the migrants rocking under the weight, then capsizing in the mediterranean. two italian neighbor ships approached at that moment and tossing them life rafts as well as life jackets. 562 people were rescued. but at least seven people died. and in syria, dramatic new video of children being rescued following a barrage of attacks there. the town north of aleppo was target inside a series of air strikes and bombings. the video shows at least two children pulled from the rubble by civil defense volunteers. activists on the scene one civilian was killed. >> now to the police officer charged with murder after shooting an unarmed father in a hotel. >> daniel shaver was killed as he begged for his life. clayton sandell has the latest.
3:15 am
>> clear this way. >> reporter: the video begins as police, rifles drawn, close in on a mesa, arizona, hotel room. a 911 caller says there's a man inside with a gun. >> somebody is pointing a rifle outside one of the windows in our building. >> reporter: tensions are high. >> listen to my instructions or it's going to become very uncomfortable for you. >> reporter: moments later, daniel shaver comes out of the room. he follows commands to crawl toward officers, begging them not to shoot. but then, officer philip brailsford rapidly pulls the trigger five times. he tells investigators he thought shaver was reaching for a gun. >> i perceived this as a threat. it was just a scary situation. >> reporter: shaver did have two pellet guns in his room that he used for his pest control job. but in that hallway, the married father of two is unarmed. officer brailsford is now charged with second degree murder. a judge blocked the release of the exact moment shaver is killed, saying it might prejudice potential jurors. >> i think we have one coming out. >> reporter: brailsford, who was
3:16 am
fired, has pleaded not guilty. a jury will see the entire video when the now former officer goes on trial. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. so what was he reaching for? >> apparently his shorts kept falling down as he was crawling across the hotel carpet. he was reaching to pull the shorts up. the officer thought he might have been grabbing for a gun. >> all right. it will play out in court. coming up in our next half hour, what the government spends to maintain its aging computers. some of that equipment, get this use floppy disks. even in the u.s. nuclear program. is that necessarily a bad thing. >> first, you know those hi-tech video doorbells that let you pretend you're home even when you're not? now they claim they can help catch thieves who steal packages left outside your house. we put some of them to the test to see how they did next on "world news now." >> announcer
3:17 am
3:18 am
♪ oh, my darling, knock three times on the skeeling if you want me ♪ >> oh my darling. okay. >> tony orlando and dawn. >> wow. >> of course. >> look at you with all the music knowledge. >> thelma hopkins. am i right? >> good guess. it's not that there's a producer in your ear telling you. but knocking not everybody does, right? nobody knocks especially if they're trying to steal a delivery outside your door which happens all the time. >> but there are those new video doorbells that claim to help catch those thieves. in some cases they appear to work even better than traditional surveillance cameras. linzie janis put two of them to the test. >> reporter: from knoxville to las vegas, doorbells equipped with video cameras are recording
3:19 am
suspected burglars at their owner's doors. one even capturing this curious bear. you've probably probably seen the ads. >> i invented so you can see and speak to whoever is at your home from your smartphone. >> reporter: so how well do video doorbells work? ring and its main competitor sky bell both work by an app on your phone. and both have motion detectors that trigger the camera to record movement. and send you an alert. even if someone doesn't actually ring the bell. >> all right. there's motion at my front door. >> reporter: first how well do they allow us to communicate? we arranged for two manage deliveries for each video doorbell. >> hi there. >> making a zpleefrl using ring i could talk to the person both times even though i was in my office far away. the same with sky bell. we used the hd version. no problem. >> have a nice day. >> reporter: but could these video doorbells really help identify a package thief?
3:20 am
we asked staffers to take the packages. we also installed traditional surveillance cameras to compare the video. first up ring. it notified us both times. but when our pretend thief moved quickly, we only got a side view of his face. for skybell, our first pretend thief as seen on our cameras is very fast. there was no alert and no video recording from skybell. our second pretend thief is slower. we do get an alert. but the recording only captures the sides of her face and her back. making it hard to identify her. we showed the video to criminal investigator glen barred. >> i would want to have it so they would catch her as she's walking up. >> reporter: but check it out. when it came to night vision, both doorbells outperformed our traditional security cameras. >> they both are pretty clear. >> reporter: i spoke with both companies about our findings. first ring. >> we have someone take a package off the stoop, we didn't
3:21 am
get a good look at their face. >> sometimes the wi-fi not having a great signal to the area can cause slight delays. we work with our customers so we capture great face shots of everyone coming up. >> reporter: then sky bell. >> so the software of the sky bell that you tested is set to trigger an alert for motion that happens for ten seconds or more. >> reporter: since our experiment sky bell tells us it's changed its alert system. and it now works immediately. are consumer security products like these doorbells worth having? >> they are. just this itself cannot be the end all be all solution. >> reporter: linzie janis had, abc news, new jersey. >> so it sounds like it's more of a supplement than an all in one security system. >> or i guess a bit of deterrent, as well. you never know who's looking. > they say the best option is to either arrange to have your packages delivered somewhere at work maybe where someone can sign for them or maybe ask the delivery man to put them
3:22 am
somewhere under a bench on the back porch, that kind of thing. >> we'll be right back. (sounds of birds whistling) ♪ music ♪ introducing new k-y touch gel crème. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch.
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seems like every time the toilet someone's there to undo it. after a superior clean, apply the lysol click gel. to keep it fresh, flush, after flush, after flush. for a toilet that gets clean, then actually stays that way. lysol that.
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into. and it is a mix on this national blueberry cheesecake day. >> yea. >> to help celebrate, did i plan to bring new some cheesecake but i might have gone to town or jack might have gone to town on it. >> meanest trick ever. do you have a favorite. >> yeah, some juniors. which you've never had. >> i've never had junior's cheesecake. you do the first story "the mix" while i celebrate national blueberry pie day. you don't get any. >> basically, all right. we get so many e-mails over the weekend. >> uh-huh. >> france has made it illegal, an actual amendment that says you are not allowed to get or send or receive work e-mails over the weekend. if you're a medium sized to large company, the french labor law is banning companies from having employees send or receive
3:26 am
e-mails after typical work hours. >> does that include companies that make cheesecake? what if you're in an emergency and you need more. >> because you're already halfway done with that slice and we're only 20 seconds into the segment. that's a great concept. it is very french. i lon the concept. >> it's good stuff. >> have you ever tried to read, do you read the terms and conditions for an app on your phone before you upload it if they say are you 18 and above i'm like. >> why don't you read it. >> nobody got time for that. >> right. well somebody did. listen to there, they did the study in norway and read through the average users amount of 30 apps per phone. how long it took to read through all the terms and conditions on that many apps, 31 hours, 49 minutes and 11 seconds. it came out to 900 pages. 250,000 words. that's longer than moby dick and longer than the new testament. >> probably combined.
3:27 am
who knew that about all those terms and conditions. >> apparently itunes 54 pages took 2 1/2 hours just to read that one app's terms and conditions. >> diane loves a selfie. apparently there's a new study that says people who take selfies actually feel as if they're more attractive than they actually are. >> oh. >> they studied 100 people who take selfies and 98 who did not take selfies routinely. they apparently think they're beautiful the people who take selfies. i don't think i look that. >> look at that. >> maybe i do. >> your selfie got photo bombed by mark. >> thanks, mark. >> so you and mark. >> yes. >> both overestimating your beauty there. >> looking good. >> you know who hasn't taken a selfie today? humble diane. >> the day is early. >> and we -- we've all wondered what we would do if you're stranded on an island. one kid got posed the question would you rather bep?p?o?gv
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this morning on "world news now," monster storms. another round of tornadoes ripping through the plains. damaging property and sending residents for cover. more storms are on the way today. the forecast just ahead. and the state department has issued a new report on hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. we'll tell you what's in the report and why clinton is refusing to talk about it. and new this half hour, a deadly shooting overnight at a popular concert venue. >> the chaos caused the crowd to run for their lives as multiple people were shot at a rap concert in new york city. we have details straight ahead. the latest celebrity split thatsd rocking hollywood. amber heard filing for divorce from johnny depp after just 15 months of marriage. but just wait until you hear what she's asking for. the full story ahead in "the
3:31 am
skinny" on this may 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> does she want the dogs? >> are the dogs here or in australia? >> i don't know. they might be in england now? >> maybe she's asking for a genuine apology. >> good morning, everyone. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. we're going to start with the story that's breaking right now at this hour. an outbreak of severe weather across the plains including a monster tornado that touched down and lingered over north central kansas. >> the national weather service described it as catastrophic, measuring nearly half a mile across at times. it was heading for the small town of smonl but missed by about a mile hitting a rural area nearby. emergency crews are still's assessing the damage. they know at least 20 homes were affected. some are destroyed. >> 2700 and fair road is completely destroyed. the family is all accounted for now. >> trooper out south of highway 1 with several houses that have been leveled. >> get all of those trucks out of that station and get them out
3:32 am
of there. >> storm chasers captured this tornado on camera last night north of oklahoma city. overall more than 30 twisters have been reported in the last day, stretching from texas to minnesota. and storm experts warn it's not over yet. the threat of more severe weather will last through at least friday. >> so let's get the forecast including a look ahead, of course, at the holiday weekend from accuweather's justin povick. good morning, justin. >> kendis. thanks and good morning to you, as well. we're tracking additional severe weather over the nation's heartland. all the way south into texas later on this afternoon. this has the potential to produce widespread swathes of destructive winds, large hale the size of baseballs and violent tornadoes. again, this is going to be running all the way from des moines, iowa south into southern portions of texas. the northeast not dealing with severe weather but it's definitely worth noting that it's going to be very warm. it's going to be very humid. and this type of air mass is going to continue the rest of this week and believe it or not, heading into the upcoming weekend, as well.
3:33 am
so it's going to be into the 80s but it's probably going to feel more like it's 90 degrees plus. >> breaking news in new york where a 33-year-old man was killed at a concert venue where t.i. was supposed to perform. three others were hurt in the shooting backstage. at irving plaza. video shows the chaotic scene as concert goers rushed for the exis. witnesses say they heard an argument going on on a balcony before shots rang out. investigators are trying to sort out what triggered that violence. >> republicans are pouncing on a new report that criticizes hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. the review by the inspector general concluded that clinton violated government policy on e-mail use and ignored clear directives. the report found hacking attempts that at one point forced clinton off e-mail. clinton insists the issue will not affect the campaign or her presidency. >> donald trump faces second day of protests as he held a rally slurg in anaheim, california.
3:34 am
anti-trump demonstrators squared off with his supporters as police rode in on horseback. there were arrests but nothing like the violence that erupted in albuquerque tuesday night. trump made an appearance on "jimmy kimmel live" where he was asked about his past relationship with the clintons. >> i speak well of everybody. if people ask me about politicians, i speak well. so when they ask me about hillary, she's wonderful. everybody's wonderful. that's the way it is. including contributions. they asked me for contributions. i give contributions. >> so you were full of [ bleeped ] when you said that? >> scheduled musical guest the weekend and rapper belly canceled their appearance on kimmel saying they didn't want to share a stage with trump. it looks like bernie sanders does. trump told jimmy kimmel he was willing to debate sanders for a price and to donate that money to charity. sanders tweeted game on. he went on to say he looks forward to debating trump in california. >> kimmel has a certain way of setting up things, doesn't he? >> yeah. house speaker paul ryan is
3:35 am
dismissing reports about a trump endorsement. trump campaign sources had said ryan was ready to back the presumptive republican nominee. ryan made it clear no such decision was made saying he will not be rushed into an endorsement. ryan added that the lines of communication are still open. he was scheduled to have a phone conversation with trump last night. they were expected to talk about unifying the party. >> turning our focus overseas now, and president obama is in japan this morning where he's attending the g7 summit. the leaders began the meeting by visiting a shrine considered the holiest place in all of japan. tomorrow the president will become the first american president to visit the site where the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb during world war ii. >> a suspected gunman is behind bars this morning after terrorizing motorists in phoenix for an hour. he allegedly shot at cars while driving the wrong way on the highway. abc's brandi hitt was the latest
3:36 am
developments. >> reporter: terrifying moments on this arizona highway as a gunman opens fire from a car targeting random vehicles passing by. >> we're getting several reports of a shooter on sr 87. there is a male who is shooting a machine gun. >> reporter: the shooter identified by police as 36-year-old james walker driving the wrong way at times near phoenix struck six vehicles late tuesday evening. officers say two people were hit. >> there's a male subject injured. it looks like a gunshot graze to the head. >> a second victim also shot in the leg. >> one of the vehicles actually caught fire from the rounds that were shot into his car. >> reporter: that car in flames on the side of the highway. and here's what it looks like now. with police in pursuit investigators say walker fled to a nearby casino where he carjacked another vehicle. officers coming under fire, as well during the chase until the gunman eventually crashed into a ditch. they say walker tried escaping on foot when arrested.
3:37 am
he now faces at least six charges including attempted homicide, armed robbery and aggravated assault. >> there was body armor that was found near the car. the weapons that were used as well as the ammunition. >> reporter: both victims injured in the shooting spree are expected to be okay. no officers were hurt as investigators now try to pinpoint a motive in this case. die >> brandi, thank you. a maryland uber driver with an extensive criminal record has been arrested for allegedly attempting to shoot and kill police officers with a homemade gun. the incident took place when police tried to arrest jonathan hemming on a bench warrant. he is now facing two counts each of attempted first degree murder and attempted second degree murder plus other additional charges. a new study links a spike in cancer deaths to the 2008 global recession. researchers found an extra 260,000 people died following the economic crisis. unemployment and cutbacks in public health spending were linked to an increase in cancer deaths. the study also found that
3:38 am
countries with universal health care fared much better in lowering the rate of cancer deaths than those without it. they studied 75 countries between 1990 and 2010. >> the actor best known for playing screech on "saved by the bell" has been arrested yet again. dustin diamond apparently violated his probation by traveling outside the state without permission. diamond was released from jail last month after serving three months for stabbing a man during a bar fight in wisconsin. >> a 7-year-old boy faced an armed robber head on while shopping with his parents at a game stop in maryland. video shows a suspect trying to grab the boy before the boy then punches the suspect in the stomach. the robbers told two clerks to lie on the ground while they took cash and personal property. police still have not made any arrests in the case. so this year's scripps national spelling bee is under way right now in washington, d.c. with 284 people started out at the start of this. the contest now pared down to the top 45. >> the youngest competitor is just 6 years old.
3:39 am
his name is akash vukoti from texas. he found the microphone set a bit high for him, but he powered through his words until this -- a-l-y-t-i-c. bacteriolytic. >> that bell means he got it wrong. >> yeah. even though he missed a word, he got a standing ovation. and there's always next year, kid. and plenty of years after that since he's the youngest competitor ever in the scripps spelling bee. >> wow. >> but impressive. >> yeah, i'd say he's got time to come back and maybe win the whole thing. >> a few times. >> i see a bright future. >> maybe they'll get an adjustable microphone by then. >> maybe a handheld wireless. >> coming up, nyle dimarco won the mirror ball trophy in a victory that he says will benefit deaf people worldwide. this morning we'll meet the little girl who knows exactly where nyle's coming from.
3:40 am
>> but first, if you think your computer equipment is old, just wait till you see what parts of the federal government they're still using. remember the floppy disk? was that a dance move? what was that? >> i think it's somewhere in the 8-track. >> what is that? you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by resolve pet. resolve pet. for dog hair and dirt i use resolve pet foam. spray it on evenly. rub it in. and then i vacuum. it's like i have a brand new carpet. and, rigby is enjoying it as well. when i have a pet stain, i use resolve pet expert carpet spray. it just takes a couple of sprays. and then you dab it up. smells nice, stains gone!
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introducing new k-y for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. so this was the result after a man lost control and drove his car into a backyard pool in massachusetts. the driver and his adult grandson managed to escape injury in this accident. police had to use a crane to get the car out of the pool. no word on what led to the crash. >> and president obama and the
3:44 am
first lady have found a new home for when they depart the white house. it's a swanky mansion in upscale d.c. in a neighborhood there that the obamas will rent the 8200 square foot nine-bedroom home valued at about $6 million with an estimated monthly rent of $22,000. the obamas plan to stay in washington while their youngest daughter sasha finishes high school. >> that will help the property values. >> not too bad. >> also out of washington, a new report detailing the staggering sums of money the government spends to maintain some aging computers. >> some of the computers are more than 50 years old. others still work off floppy disks. abc's mary bruce has the story. >> reporter: a lot's changed since the 1960s. >> the car of the year. corvair. >> reporter: this was the number one car. >> with my frigidaire -- >> reporter: this was the latest fridge. and this was how we watched tv. but we learned something hasn't changed. museum-like computers, even floppy discs, are being used for
3:45 am
vital programs from social security to nuclear weapons, like this old missile silo. a new report by the government accountability office estimates $60 billion was spent last year, just to maintain and repair these aging systems. >> why put up with a set that isn't really up to date? >> reporter: it's a question we took right to capitol hill. >> we're taking kids that are graduating with degrees in information technology and we're dumbing them down in order to learn what they were doing back in 1960. you kind of think that one good trip to best buy and you'd be better off than what you're doing now. >> reporter: and we did just that. this flash drive that i just bought could hold more than 3 million of these old floppy discs. and it costs about $7.5 million less than buying that many old discs. and at least one agency tells us they agree. it now costs them more to maintain all this than to update it. they are hoping to make major updates before the end of the next fiscal year. >> mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> the one benefit of the floppy
3:46 am
disks, no hacking. there's no contact with the internet. >> because the hackers would look at it and just go -- >> what could possibly be on there. >> you beat me. >> but the high ranking military officials say the military launch codes are still on floppy disks because they can't risk them being hacked. >> really. >> could be a good move. >> that's insane. so the little backpack or the little briefcase that the president carries that has all of the codes -- >> floppy dicks. >> floppy disks, 8-track in there when he wants to go running. >> he upgraded to a diskman now. >> did he? >> brand-new. it's the latest thing. >> can you imagine president obama in georgetown with -- >> with the boom box. >> boom box just running. all right. when we come back, the celebrity breakup that involves nearly half a billion dollars. >> and "breaking bad's" bryan cranston does a total 180 in his latest role. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny
3:49 am
>> time now for "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning, the celebrity split that's rocking hollywood. >> it seemed like just yesterday they were walking down the aisle. that's because -- >> it pretty much was. >> it was 15 months ago. amber heard has filed for divorce from actor and husband johnny depp citing irreconcilable differences. she did it, we should point out, just three days after the death of depp's mother. >> that's harsh. >> now, despite having married just last february, heard is asking for spousal support which depp reportedly is set to fight. sources say the couple had no pre-nup. depp is said to be worth around $400 million. >> wow. so the last time the couple was pictured together in public, you might remember last month when heard appeared in an australian court for smuggling her dogs into the country last year and in that subsequent awkward apology video that the two made and then they kind of took it back and made fun of it.
3:50 am
>> then they made another one in england and then now apparently, the australian minister came out a few days ago saying they're not above the law issuing like a new video about this whole thing. >> but he was 2009's sexiest man alive. >> yeah, apparently the australian foreign minister does not care. >> does not care. >> does not care. sad. i don't like to hear about breakups ever. >> even one that's 15 months? >> it's a little fresh. >> next, to a brand-new role for bryan cranston. >> he's about to do a complete 180 from his "breaking bad" character walter white. in his latest movie role as a federal drug agent in "the infiltrator." check it out. >> we need to find new undercover identities. >> look at there. look at the dates. do the math. i would be 77 years old. >> that's about right. leathery and craggy. >> there we go. bob bosella. welcome to a life of crime. let's do this. >> the infiltrator also stars
3:51 am
john leguizamo, benjamin bratt, and diane kruger. it premieres july 13th. and finally, speaking of new roles, shia labeouf is taking to the streets literally in his latest attempt to prove himself as an artist. >> as an artist. his new big art projec project #takemeanywhere has labeouf and his two collaborators hitchhiking across america as he randomly tweets his gps coordinates. >> the three started the project on monday and are currently in the mountains of colorado. and believe it or not, it has some actual backing, have been commissioned by the boulder museum of contemporary art as well as the finnish institute in london. >> i'm a little bit confused. are they posting any other footage besides their own selfies there? >> if we've seen any of his art projects in the past, this is actually more stimulating than all of those combined. >> all right.
3:52 am
so coming up, the young girl who is doing her own art one dance step at a time. >> this is no ordinary dancer. wait till you see her and what influenced her.
3:53 am
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megared. the difference is easy to absorb. >> nyle and peta. >> nyle and peta. >> that really was a moment for all of us. we all cheered nyle dimarco on tuesday flight as he scooped up the coveted mirror ball trophy as the first deaf champion of "dancing with the stars." >> nyle's story resonated with so many viewers. but one young dancer already knows exactly where nyle is coming from. tracy clemons from our houston station has this incredible story. 3. she is now 10. >> i think it is a confidence booster. >> reporter: just like nyle dimarco, she is hearing impaired and able to hear with implants. without them her mom tells me it is completely silent. >> even when she was young, even before she had implants or anything, anytime music would come on, she would dance around.
3:56 am
and so we decided to put her and her sisters in dance. she's always loved it. >> reporter: she's one of more than 200 students at starlight studio. starlight's owner d.j. green tells us they've had classes before just for students who are hearing impaired and that those students are no different than anyone else. >> they may have special need that you have to get their attention or explain things to them maybe a little different but other than that, they want to be treated just like normal students. >> reporter: callen caldwell is shyla's instructor. >> i wasn't sure what the complications would be. she is really good rhythmically. she has no problem picking up anything. she dances just like the rest of the kids. >> reporter: if you look at the rest of the kids who danced while we were there and you look at shyla dancing with her sister, you can see she really is just like everyone else. d.j. green believes nyle dimarco going so far on the international stage we call "dancing with the stars" will show young folks just like shyla
3:57 am
that they can do anything. >> to have a hearing impairment and to go as far as he's gone in the dance community and the dance world and to send that message that no matter what your impairment is, dance can be a vehicle that you can express yourself in is a very important message. >> tracy clemons, 13 eyewitness news. >> our thanks to my buddy tracy there in houston. beautiful. he's inspired so many people. 70 million deaf people in the world. saying that's why he won. >> right. for this little girl, she didn't even have him as an example. think how many more will come out now that they do. >> quite a champion. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> coming up, more news from abc. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing .
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a tornado emergency across a wide stretch of the middle of the country. one twister has been declared catastrophic leaving widespread damage and the tornado threat isn't over yet. also breaking this morning, concert chaos. a performance by rapper t.i. preempted by deadly gunfire. witnesses calling it a panic after those shots were fired. hillary clinton has her first response to a report about her use of a private e-mail server. donald trump is also wasting no time trying to use that report against her. we're live in washington with the details. and one high school erdem straighting quite a talent on stage in front of his classmates. just wait till you see what happens next.


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