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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 9, 2016 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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, and we're gonna watch her break her hip over and over again. ooh, i love it when she screams and cries. (telephone rings) (ring, beep) oh. hey, laurie. nezzie's getting us a free limo tonight. (chuckles) i don't think i can go out tonight. it's done, girl. but saturday night's the best night for going out. (gasps) she says saturday's the best night. no! you're staying in. come on. we'll soak our hands and feet in baby pee. this is your 20s weekend. would you look? you're an invalid. slaggy ho. do you know what people think when they see you out with those kids? don't say it if it's too mean. i mean, you're too old for this crap. you look pathetic. give me the phone. give it to me. give me! give me! (laurie) jules, are you in a fight? what's happening? laurie, i'm in. come get me. ellie, go home.
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what are you doing? what are you doing? i came out to get the mail, and i got thirsty. i'm a little hungover. hey, but thanks for checking on me, paper buddy. no, not your paper buddy, just an annoyed neighbor. don't send tiny bald men to my house. is ellie watching us right now? we got into a huge fight. you see, i feel like you don't listen to what i say. you just move on-- turn around and catch her on three. one, two-- just do me a favor and stop trying to drag me into your little "where did all the years go?" little nervous breakdown thing you seem to be going through, okay? three! ha! ha! oh, i g! i wasn't looking at you, you stupid head! does anybody on this block like you? ooh! catch you later, p.b.! hey! that stands for... (singsong voice) "paper buddy"! (cell phone alert chimes) i just got a text. who's it from?
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someone named bitch-slap harris. huh. good guy. he's a college professor. of course he is. apparently, he saw a bouncer being mean to mom last night. what? why would anyone want to be mean to mom? whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. dad, dad, i know those girls. turn around. no detours. we're running low on juice, buddy. fine. ah, ha ha! aah! sarah, tina... don't know you... what's the haps? (giggling) just drive. (moaning) (telephone rings) (ring) (ring) andy? hey, jules. you--you okay? so ellie had you call.
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(chuckles) oh, please, girlfriend. i'm my own man. i'm assuming she's so close, you can't speak freely. (chuckles) yes. i know she wrote you a script, so say something wrong so i can catch her. uh, "when--when did this whole 20s thing start being about proobing something" proving something! provi! hang up the phone. go. ellie, i know you can hear me. i-i don't know when this thing became about proving something. it just did. i hate the feeling that i missed out on everything. you--you have your stories. i've heard all of them-- the night you were in new york, miami, the--the month you didn't see the sun, the time you kissed a girl. (falsetto singsong voice) awesome! i know that i'm being crazy. but when i'm being like that, it is your job to support me! i mean, remember when you didn't smile at your baby because you thought it would give you mouth wrinkles? i was there for you, ellie! it's hard for me to be out there doing things that i know are stupid,
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and people are probably talking about me. but the last person i thought who would ever say mean things is my best friend! ellie, are you still there? all right, i'm going out. you didn't smile at stan? only for three weeks. they want another round. i feel like i'm 100. you look like you're 800. you know, i've seen the endless parade of girls you've brought home, tagged and released. no matter how young they are, you don't ever seem the slightest bit self-conscious about your age. i'm not. show me how to do that. i can't. you see, when women get older, it's icky. when men get older, it's adorable. it's actually my favorite double standard. yeah, i'm not a huge fan. mm. (grunts) my, my. i hurt myself hiking. no, you didn't. darling, if you're going to attempt
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a move like that, you gotta hit the yoga class hard. ♪ hi. i'm barb. wow. uh... wait. where's your drink? i don't even want it. i'm just gonna borrow some ice from this one. ah. ohh. that's it. you're done. but saturday night is the best night for going out. sweetie, it's time to go home. i don't want you to have to leave because of me. you're going hom. it's saturday night. i'm going out. (cell phone rings) hey, mom. what's up? why are you calling? i just wanted to hear your voice before i went to sleep in case i never wake up. t-minus five, goose. okay, gotta go, mom. love you. bye. (tires screech) (falsetto voice) this is for my mom! aah! (grunting) whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
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oh, my god! that was incredible! oh, my god! oh, my god! floor it! floor it! hey. i saw that limo driver help you in. did you come over here to make fun of me? no, i came over to check on you. so how are you? younger people just don't get tired like we do. i know. but one day they will. and if we're not dead, i say we rub it in their faces. i'm sorry i was mean. that's okay. i'm never gonna have my 20s again, am i? of course you are, but just not two nights in a row. but you had a great first night, right? yeah. you never told me about it. i bet you have great stories. i do. laurie sent some pictures on my cell phone here. look at this. okay, this is me dancing. oh. um, that's a-a mean bouncer-- oh, so mean. that's, uh, that was my first fistfight.
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i won. cute. this is me dancing on a pole. i was just-- that looks great. thank you. yeah. and this is me eating the world's largest pancake- so dadgum good. oh, could we go get some? yeah. all right.
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(chuckles) hi! oh, good. you're chipper again. i wanted to thank you for the $6 of business that you personally gave me last night in an effort to show that you could still hang with the youngsters. why do you always have to-- hey, wait a second. you're out here with your paper waiting for me! to make fun of you. it still counts. you're my paper buddy! nuh-unh. i was--i had to-- i was reading-- sorry, p.b. i gotta go. you save that for tomorrow. damn it. (starts engine, seat belt alert chimes) (both) monsters! (screams) (tires screec)
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we made up.
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too. and britain despite the weather is a brighter place with the greatest outpouring of patriotism since the queen's coronation. so for tonight from london, good evening. was that chroma-key. >> i love seeing the flash back
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lysol that. it started out as a routine traffic stop for one military mom in georgia. >> cops pulled her over told her there was a problem with her car. little did she know she was about to get a big surprise outside of her car. >> reporter: fresh off the plane from iraq with balloons and roses in hand, army staff sergeant solomon robinson loads up for an early morning stake out. west point police chief tony bailey waited for robinson's mother to leave her apartment, then gave the cue to other
2:56 am
officers standing by. >> good morning, ma'am. >> good morning, sir. >> you guys are just leaving, right. >> yes, sir. >> the pd, your call wasn't involved in a hit or run or anything, was it. >> cameron mitchell walks back to his car and hands robinson his mother's id. >> i found a little scratch on the car. and i said you see that right there? they reported there was a little bit of damage. she said that's been there for a while. >> my partner's going to bring back your license. hold on for me [ screaming ] >> robinson has just two weeks before he must return to iraq for another year. that is if he makes it back. >> i'm going to kill him. i'm glad to see him though. >> this young man coming home after serving three deployments protecting us and our freedoms,
2:57 am
i don't think there's a single request this young man had that we shouldn't shouldn't make happen. >> it was a great experiment to see her reaction and happiness and joy and tears. >> i'm glad he didn't give his mom a heart attack. >> i know. can't beat that reaction though. >> it's just like gutteral. it's great. >> i loved it. especially since wasn't even looking back, going back to her car to get her license. the cop was wait, no, turn around. >> if it was me, i would have driven off. >> can you imagine mom just went off roading? that didn't go as planned. great surprise for her and thank you to her son of course for his service. >> thank you for watching us this half hour. >> follow us on facebook at see you in a bit. e 50 to 85:
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this morning on "world news now," citizens randomly targeted in a deadly terror rampage. >> two gunmen opening fire in a popular outdoor marketplace. now israel's prime minister is vowing revenge. we'll have the very latest just ahead. done deal with hillary clinton basking in her historic victory, bernie sanders says he's not backing down. but will his meeting today with president obama change thatting? we'll have a preview of where the race for the white house goes from here. breaking developments in the case of the twin murder mystery in maui. the judge says there's not evidence to prosecute after one sister was accused of driving off a cliff to kill the other. can the case still move forward? >> the cabs crushing the warriors. game three of the nba finals seeing golden state struggling hard to get anything going.
3:01 am
why the cleveland crowd may have had a major role to play in the victory. a full report from the arena on then thursday. it is june 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> jack likes to say it was close until tipoff there at the game. another blowout. >> the cabs turning it around. >> yeah, they did. steph curry sat on the bench a lot during the game. >> you were a doubter. i had faith. i just want to say. >> it will go seven games. of course, we're going to start on a serious note on the tensions making place right now overseas. >> so the top of this half hour, the lead story, the israeli prime minister is promising to attack the attackers after palestinian gunmen opened fire in tel aviv. >> four israelis were killed and five others were injured in the attack near a popular open air market. the gunmen reportedly had posed as restaurant patrons before standing up and shooting at customers. more now from abc's adrienne
3:02 am
banke bankert. >> reporter: sirens blaring as police and ambulances rush to the center of tel aviv after two men opened fire on innocent people in a deadly attack at a popular mall. cameras capturing the chaos as shots rang out at the sarona market. people running to escape. cell phone footage shows the aftermath including what appears to be police cuffing a man on the ground. >> ambulances were rushed to the scene. medics and doctors were still at the scene looking for additional casualties. >> reporter: police calling this an act of terror at the hands of two palestinians. both in custody. one being treated for gunshot wounds. >> this is a savage crime of murder and terrorism in the heart of tel aviv. >> reporter: the shooting happening directly across from the israeli defense force head quaers and within minutes of prime minister benjamin
3:03 am
netanyahu's return from russia. he immediately convened a meeting with his top security officials. the u.s. state department calling the violence cowardly. there are reports that the attackers may have been disguised as orthodox jews. in the past eight months, palestinian attacks have increased resulting in the deaths of 31 israelis and two americans. this latest attack adding to those numbers. diane and kendis. >> adrienne bankert with the latest there. back here in the u.s., a 17-year-old boy is dead and three others injured after a shooting near a boston area high school. students were heading back inside jeremiah e. burke high school after a fire alarm when they heard the gunfire. two teenage boys and a 67-year-old woman were also wounded. those injuries are not serious. police say the fire alarm doesn't appear to be connected to the shooting. in the nation's capital, four people were shot and a police officer injured during a shooting there. police say a single gunman opened fire in front of a liquor
3:04 am
store. the first victim was hit multiple times. the police officer was responding to the scene when he was struck by a vehicle. police are searching for the suspect still. authorities say the shooting does not player to be random. >> now to the latest in the presidential race. we'll see some moves today from democrats in an attempt to unify the party after a pretty bruising primary campaign. >> chief among those moves a potential endorsement by president obama of the presumptive nominee hillary clinton. that could come this afternoon after the president meets with bernie sanders. >> last night, the president told jimmy fallon sanders brought "enormous energy and new ideas to the campaign." he said having a contested primary was a healthy thing for the party. now with the president meeting sanders today, it's all about bringing the party together as abc's cecilia vega reports. >> reporter: we know that this meeting that takes place between the president and senator sanders comes at the senator's request. as far as we know, the two have not met face to face since their last neating in january.
3:05 am
there have been phone calls in recent months. the white house, the president wants senator sanders to know that this decision to stay in this race or drop out is the senator's to make on his own terms. certainly the clinton campaign is hoping he comes around along with his millions of supporters to endorse her to support her. we also though know some top sanders backers in congress are publicly urging others to unite around hillary clinton. cecilia vega, abc news, new york. >> on the republican side, donald trump is meeting today with a large group of campaign donors right here in new york city. it's a first of its kind get together as trump starts building up his political operation for the general election. speaker paul ryan has told his house colleagues that he'll continue criticizing trump when needed. ryan reacted harshly to trump's comments about a federal judge of mexican descent calling his statements racist. despite that, rain says he's still supporting trump.
3:06 am
>> a tuning turn in the case of a woman accuses of killing her twin sister by driving them both off a cliff. a judge ordered her released after determining there was no probable cause for a murder charge. axdryia duval appeared in court last night. her lawyer says he's grateful to be going free and anxious to attend her sister's funeral in new york state. prosecutors plan to continue their investigation. stephanie ramos has more on what led to the charges in the first place. >> police charged axdryia with killing her twin sister anastasia saying she first drove the suv into a wall before plunging it 200 feet off this cliff. alexandria pulled to safety suffering only minor injury buzz her sister found dead. witnesses saw the two in a dragout fight moments before the crash. both of them stopped in the vehicle in the middle of the road. >> i could see a pair of hands yanking on the driver's head. >> reporter: abc's legal analyst sunny hostin says a murder
3:07 am
charge will be hard to prove. >> the juror might have reasonable doubt about what the victim was doing when the car went over cliff. >> reporter: the twin sisters described as extremely close can be seen here in this video promoting their yoga business. >> reach your arms up. >> reporter: they managed two faced yoga studios one in west palm beach fittingly named twin power yoga. >> our tag line is power the body, power the soul. >> reporter: investigates are trying to figure out what led to the death of one sister and left the other facing murder charges. >> siblings argue all the time. that doesn't mean that it ends in murder. >> reporter: stephanie ramos, abc news, los angeles. prosecutors do not plan to appeal the lenient sentence given a former stanford university swimmer who sexually assaulted a woman. brock turner was sentenced to six months in a county jail as well as probation and spec to the be released early on september 2nd due to good behavior. the district attorney's office says the judge followed the law
3:08 am
when he determined turner's sentence. changing gears now, eminem's candy apparently can't be sold in sweden till it gets a new logo. here's the deal. a court says the lower case logo is too similar to a chocolate-covered candy that is made in sweden. but capital letters would be fine. so the company that makes m & m's says it's thinking about it and in fact, the candy wasn't even sold in sweden till six years ago just to avoid conflict with the swedish brand. >> caps lock key for them. the barbecue season is getting well under way. there's nothing quite like meat cooked over an open flame. >> or seafood. >> or vegetables cooked over an open flame. >> thank you. of course, it's always better to pay for what you're going to cook. >> unlike this guy. the guy in the red jersey and hat, he was confronted by a supermarket employee and quickly started turning over the meat
3:09 am
products that he was apparently trying to steal. >> by our count, there were three rack afc ribs and three steaks, as well. >> there's more. just, excuse me, while i whip this out. >> wow. >> how do you. >> he must be really thin. not a lot of the leg in those pants. >> oh, my god. >> how big are those sweat pants? >> i would have -- i want to hear what he's saying right now. i wish we had the audio of this explanation. >> oh, no, i was going to pay for that. >> seriously. >> he didn't want to pay the bag fee. >> that's what it was. i mean, meat's expensive. >> yeah. >> maybe he should switch to seafood like you. >> exactly. that's quite a cookout he was going to have down there. i'm not sure that i would take his meat. >> not from someone's pants. coming up, more food. this time fried twinkies coming to a store near you. >> sounds all right.
3:10 am
also ahead, the ground opening up beneath this massive sinkhole swallowing up cars as if it's lunch. >> also just after the break, the nba finals are going back and forth. the cavaliers taking it to the defending champs. so what went wrong for the warriors. >> everything. >> t.j. holmes has the complete roundup from cleveland. >> they came out on court. that's their first mistake. >> but check out our behind the skeens pics on instagram abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." [ man ] look how beautiful it is. ♪ honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses.
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check out this scene in downtown ottawa as a giant sinkhole opened up in the middle of a city street. a van parked on that street was swallowed up by the hole. a nearby area was completely evacuated and the whole thing caused a huge traffic headache. luckily though, no one seriously hurt. and there apparently is some truth to the phrase "home court advantage," as the cleveland cavaliers trounced the golden state warriors 120-90 in game three of the nba finals. >> it was lebron james who was king leading the charge with a surge out of the third quarter. abc's t.j. holmes was right there. you can see him. good morning. >> reporter: kendis, diane, man, i guess they clicked their heels and there is no place like home because the cabs looked like a completely different team.
3:15 am
we've seen three games in the nba finals and seen three blowouts. the first two the cabs were crushed in oakland but they come in here and put on a show in front of their home crowd and blowout the golden state warriors. would the real cleveland cavaliers please stand up? we shall see maybe in game four. kyrie irving who's had a tough time for the cavaliers the past two games had a big game. lebron james put it on, as well. had a huge monster game. and the warriors could not get it going here. all of the, of course, the bench players for the cavaliers showed up, as well. but you know, the person or the persons who may be should get the most credit? the 20,000 in the queue. the home arena. this place was raucous and alive and loud and the cavs have not lost a game here in the postseason and we can certainly now understand why. but guys, this thing is not over yet. the cabs now down two games to one. game again coming up on friday.
3:16 am
game four. we could have a series that is tied up by friday night. kendis, diane, back to you. >> might go seven games. >> keeping things exciting. > my favorite part of the entire evening was what started the whole thing. take a listen. the national anthem. you don't hear this happening. ♪ by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed ♪ >> the whole crowd sang the national anthem together. >> that is fantastic. >> gives you goose buffs. >> it does. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
3:17 am
almost everything. you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. ♪ hit the road jack >> as kee we close in on the summer travel season, you might want to keep in mind that a distracted child is a happy one. and joining us there morning
3:18 am
with the hottest travel toys laurie schacht is here with a few miracle toys for us. for people who have to travel in the car. >> i know it's all about the destination. that doesn't mean we can't make it tons of fun. one of kids' favorite games is sky landers. now here's something new called sky landers battlecam. what we are doing now is we are bringing our cards to life. >> so you put the card in front of the lens. >> you put the card in front of the lens. it's a free app game the kids are playing. they add it to the collection and now they can play all of their favorite ki landers. >> kind of a neat introduction to augmented reality. >> it's really, really cool. >> can i try it. >> you can. while the kids are playing video games or listening to movies or music, you might not want to listen. so headphones. an essential when you're on the road. >> good for parents and the kids. >> "zootopia" headphones by e kids.
3:19 am
really, really cute. they're comfortable on your ears and vom control so kids don't blast their ears out. >> i like that. >> you ready for cool story time? >> always. >> i love these. these are finger puppets from folk manis. >> this is pretty. >> right, the butterfly. >> the chick makes noise. >> cute. >> when pigs fly. pigs have wings. >> i really love these. kids will get so creative. parents will play. the little kids will play. i'm taking you back in time. >> this is giving me a flash back. i had this when i was a kid. >> fashion plates. we have our plates we picked underneath. you know what to do. we have our rubbing tool. >> this is like kind of a stencil that sticks up. when you rub the crayon over it, it gives au outline. >> you color it in. here's the best part. look at the case it comes in. we have a great little travel case now. everything stores right inside. >> that's nice and neat.
3:20 am
tiny little pencils, easy to carry. >> isn't that fun. >> this is your final product. your kids create this little work of art. i loved those when i was a kid. >> i love there had stuff. there are places we love when our kids are active or maybe in the restaurant you need them to stay calm. >> subdued. >> here's a great card game to take along. jukem, football will, soccer, basketball, it's all about offense, defense, a lot of strategy. they're easy to take. that's what you want to look for when you're traveling. > embrace the energy on the field. >> they're going to learn about the rules of the game, too. >> and finally everyone knows scrabble. now finally, scrabble to go. so look at the board. go ahead and put a piece in. it all fits right in and stays there. >> don't judge my spelling here because i'm not actually creating a word. i'm demonstrating. > let's say you stop somewhere, you need to take a break. kuck close this up. open it up. >> that's handy. >> and look at the tiles. we have covers on it.
3:21 am
>> if you're in the car it stops short or turbulence, you're not going to worry about it. >> everything snaps into the back. zips up. it's perfect to take anywhere and great for whole family to play. >> i love that. this would be fun for the beach. scrabble is a game for kids and adults. the whole family can play at the same time. this is really great. any tips for when the kids they kind of want to be a little bit more active in a place where you're trying to keep them quiet. >> >> i know we sometimes like to get away from the screens. let's face it. there are plenty of free apps. card games are great. there's so many great ways for kids to play with the puppets. >> you don't always have to have a battle over it. >> right. and one of most important things you always should have in your bag is a pencil and a piece of paper. kids can spend hours coloring and playing just that way. >> that's a great tip. you can buy the toys for mom and dad, too. for more information on these and other great toys visit the
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. all right. time now for "the mix" and just in time for that summer swimsuit season, we have new healthy snacks hitting the shelves at walmart. check it out. >> oh, wait. >> that's right, ladies and gentlemen. deep friday twinkies available on store shelves now. >> what kind of swimsuit? like a tent? >> here's the thing though. when you think of twinkies you think of something you pull out of the package and shovel into your mouth. these, however, come frozen. and then you're supposed to cook them thoroughly when you take them home. you know what probably takes less time than that, actually deep frying the twinkies. >> it sounds like a winning process. >> yeah. >> and delicious. >> coming to a store near you. >> great. shocking they would have it at walmart though with all those healthy snacks there. >> so speaking of walmart, texas
3:26 am
has a few and also in texas, segue, is this horse. its name is pinto. pinto. >> is he okay. >> he's actually, he's alive. he's actually moving. >> what's wrong with pinto. >> this is a trick that kelly's horse has done for years. and the first time she had it, she actually took the bait and thought, wow, pinto is dead but it was something pinto likes to do. >> pinto has learned to play dead. >> you have a horse that knows how to play dead. >> eventually she goes get up, pinto and that happens. >> when pinto of eventually croaks, they'll have no idea. all right. on to a woman in louisiana who looked at her surveillance footage and found an intruder but the cutest intruder you ever did see. >> david beckham. >> that is a neighborhood boy who just sneaks onto the property, gives her dog a great big hug. and then runs away.
3:27 am
>> is this occasional or what? >> so what happened was she knew that this boy every time he passed would kind of throw the dog a ball and bring toys. but in this case, he starred coming on the property. she didn't know who he was. she put the video up on facebook in hopes of identifying him. turns out he's a boy from the neighborhood. the mother came forward and said she had mixed feelings. he knows he's not supposed to be on other people's property. but she loves he found a companion since the family lost their own dog two years ago. they've been oh active and busy they weren't gotten a new family dog. she loves these two are best friends. the neighbor says she loves it, too. glad they can keep each other company. >> now to maine and this high school basketball player who did something incredible. take a look. you've seen michael jordan and julius erving do it. he dunked from beyond the free-throw line. >> he didn't even touch the
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the anticipation is building as president obama prepares to meet with bernie sanders today. hear what he says is on and off the table. meanwhile, the president's getting in some late night jabs at donald trump explaining why he's worried for the republican party. terror in tel aviv. two gunmen opening fire in a crowded restaurant. the ongoing search for answers and questions this morning if a terror group is responsible. and new this half hour, wild encounter caught on camera. a family stops to take pictures and gets a close-up they didn't expect when a bear manages to open the car door. >> way too close. and it was a big night for country music in nashville. so who broke carrie underwood's four-year winning streak for top prize and who turned heads on the red carpet?
3:31 am
we're going to have the full story ahead in "the skinny." it is thursday, june 9 there. from abc news, this is "world news now." the bear. >> the bear. >> i can't stop thinking about the bear. >> no thank you. why would you expose yourself to get that close? >> lock the doors, buddy. lock the doors. >> when that bear comes knocking -- >> good morning, everyone. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. of course, we're going to get started with the presidential campaign starting specifically with the democrats. president obama welcoming bernie sanders to the white house this morning. >> now, it's believed to be their first face to face meeting since january. now the president has signaled that he won't be telling sanders to formally end his candidacy. insiders say that's a decision sanders has to make on his own terms. >> however, it is believed that if president obama is going to formally endorse hillary clinton, he would only do so after today's meeting with sanders. the president has called clinton whip smart and tough and says
3:32 am
that she cares deeply about working people and about growing the economy. >> at a fund raiser in new york last night, the president said politics has been a little screwed up lately largely because of the republican primary and on the tonight show, he talked to jimmy fallon about the general election race. >> do you think the republicans are happy with their choice? >> we are. but i don't know how they -- that was too easy. but the truth is, actually, i am worried about the republican party. at the end of the day, what you want is a healthy two-party system. and you know, you want the republican nominee to be somebody who could do the job if they win. >> the president said it was a healthy thing to have a contested democratic primary. he also said his role in the campaign will be to remind people that being president is serious, not like reality tv. that, of course, was a swipe at the presumptive republican nominee donald trump who will meet with a big group of
3:33 am
campaign donors here in new york today. that meeting comes as some republicans continue to have problems with trump's comments about a federal judge of mexican descent. tom llamas has more on trump's attempt to put that controversy to rest. ♪ we are the champions >> reporter: top republicans hoping this is the donald trump who leads them into the general election. >> i understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle, and i will never, ever let you down. >> reporter: with two teleprompters, his family in perfect formation, and little room for error, trump focused on substance rather than schtick. >> we're going to rebuild our inner cities, which are absolutely a shame and so sad. >> reporter: trump trying to defuse the firestorm he created by attacking federal judge gonzalo curiel because of his mexican heritage, even though the judge was born in indiana. >> claiming a person can't do the job because of their race is sort of like the textbook definition of a racist comment. >> reporter: but speaker paul ryan telling house republicans he is confident
3:34 am
trump would support their agenda. not everyone is convinced. scott walker, the governor of wisconsin, a battleground state, hinting he may not be able to support trump. >> i want to make sure he renounces what he says, at least in regards to this judge. >> reporter: now with trump trying to play nice with republicans, a promise he'll take it to bill and hillary clinton. >> i am going to give a major speech on probably monday of next week, and we're going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the clintons. i think you're going to find it very informative, and very, very interesting. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: just a few weeks ago, donald trump said he'd probably have to raise a billion s in the general election. now he's saying he wouldn't even have to raise half that. the reason, he's getting so much free publicity. that said he has a meeting with top donors right here at trump tower.
3:35 am
tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> this morning we're learning there are new arrests after the attacks on trump supporters outside a rally in california last week. the san jose police department has arrested three teenage boys allegedly involved in those attacks. one of the suspects was recorded striking a man with a blunt object. these latest arrests are in addition to four men who were arrested the night of the rally. >> an apparent terror attack has left four dead after palestinians opened fire in tel aviv. the gunmen posed as the customers. israeli israel's prime minister calls it a cowardly attack. abc's terry moran has more. >> reporter: panic in the streets of tel aviv. in the heart of the city, a summer evening shattered by at least two gunmen opening fire on a popular, open-air market lined with restaurants. here's the moment the shooting started. you see diners leaping from their seats, some hiding, some running for their lives. and this, a police officer cooley taking down one of the
3:36 am
gunmen firing steadily at the suspect. both shooters were "neutralized," authorities said, and are in custody, one wounded. the toll, at least four dead, several others injured. >> paramedics treated around ten casualties, amongst them at least one in critical condition. we are still at the scene surveying and looking for additional casualties. >> reporter: authorities sifting through the scene with flashlights, looking for clues. now saying the attackers were palestinians. this shooting, the latest in a wave of escalating attacks in israel since last fall. leaving the city on edge, and united in grief. terry moran, abc news, london. the release of prisoners from guantanamo bay may have had deadly consequences. the "washington post" reports at least 12 released detainees have launched attacks against u.s. or allied forces in afghanistan. about half a dozen americans were killed including female civilian aid worker. president obama has pledged to
3:37 am
close the u.s. prison in cuba before he leaves office. >> we're learning more about the victims of that deadly hit and run in michigan. the five cyclists killed belong to a group of enthusiasts called the chain gang. among those who died were a former nurse, a researcher and two grand fathers very active in the catholic church. the driver remains in custody in the hospital. he's not yet been identified. maria sharapova says she will appeal the two-year suspension from professional tennis for using a banned substance. the tennis superstar says she was not aware that the world anti-doping agency barred athletes from using meldonium. the drug increases blood flow which improves exercise capacity by carrying more oxygen to the muscles. and the trust company overseeing prince's estate can go ahead and hire entertainment industry experts. a colorado prison inmate who claims he is prince's son wanted the legal heirs to the musician's estate established first. that could take several months. the trust company warns much of prince's multimillion dollar estate could be seized for taxes
3:38 am
without expert advice. so apparently men hate going to the doctor's office but love coming up with excuses for why they can't go. a new survey is now revealing some of those top excuses. the number one, they're just too busy. >> that's true. that happens. >> just behind that, a fear of discovering something is wrong. >> uh-huh. >> many men are uncomfortable with certain examinations or questions. and other studies have found that men are a third less likely to see a doctor than women. i do like the i don't want to go and find out something's wrong. >> my theory behind is that you can't fail a test that you don't take. so i just don't get any tests. >> it doesn't work that way. you'll still be sick whether you get the test or not. you'll know about it and be able to treat it. >> it doesn't work that way. >> you look great. i guess whatever's working for you. >> walking viral though right here. just going to move over a little bit. >> no wonder you got stick. we're getting the sense that
3:39 am
this might turn out to be a summer vacation season of human and animals interactions. so recently we've had an elk knock over a tourist in a national park. >> there's also that moose that ran through the suburbs of boston. now a bear very up close. >> oh, my goodness! [ screaming ] > stop screaming. >> ow. >> my god. worst parents ever. >> keep that door locked. he's surprisingly calm in that scenario by the way. the kids not so much. but dad kept his cool. >> just when he thought he potty trained the kids. not anymore. >> i wonder how many times that bear has done this. it kind of reminds us of this one from a couple years ago. do you remember lion in south africa that opened the door? the lion walks up to the car. >> wow. >> the woman in the back seat, she just says oh, my gosh, i didn't know they could do that. kudos to her. she immediately grabs the door and shuts it.
3:40 am
i think i would have backed up and that would have been the end of me. >> there were so many different lines right there. >> keep your doors locked when on safari. >> coming up, the hero mom caught on camera. what she did that ultimately stopped this man from kidnapping her 13-year-old daughter. see who happened to be nearby and kept that guy from getting away. >> and snoop dogg throws out a ceremonial first pitch. was it the worst celebrity first pitch ever? close to it. that's ahead in "the skinny." >> first here's a look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. colonial penn life insurance. since i was a kid, it empty my pocket change into this old jar. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance
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i'm my bargain detergent, ithift couldn't keep up.ter. so i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated... so i get a better clean. voted 2016 product of the year. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. moisture so i can get into it ao enhance mbit quicker. ral and when i know she's into it, i get into it and... feel the difference with k-y ultragel. a fast growing fire in yarnell, arizona, is prompting evacuations.
3:44 am
the tender foot fire has burned around 700 acres. 250 homes have been evacuated. fire officials say hundreds are without power. due to the blaze. the red cross is opening an evacuation center. the brush fire taking place about 90 miles northwest of phoenix comes nearly three years since a fierce wildfire in that same we're took the lives of 19 firefighters. we turn now to a dramatic rescue that played out inside a store north of tampa, florida. >> a mother beat back a man who tried to kidnap her 13-year-old daughter. the whole thing was caught on camera. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: the harrowing kidnapping attempt begins with the suspect checking his surroundings. just seconds later he grabs the 13-year-old girl, dragging her away. >> you can tell he searched out his victim. he went after that child with terrible, terrible motives. >> reporter: the teen's mother leaps into action, chasing the kidnapper, refusing to let go. >> he was getting his butt kicked by mom and that was one
3:45 am
of the refreshing things that you saw in that video. >> reporter: that mother manages to pry her daughter back. the suspect flees just as an off-duty sheriff's deputy happens to pull up. >> i could hear her screaming as i backed up my patrol car, "he tried to take my child." >> reporter: that officer forced to draw his gun on 30-year-old craig bonello, eventually taking him into custody. the child rescued thanks to a heroic mom and an off-duty cop. >> who knows wha bonello is behind bars facing kidnapping charges. he has yet to enter a plea. eva pilgrim, abc news, hernando, florida. >> miraculous there. >> such a crazy story. >> insane. >> we're going to switch gears. when we come back, carrie underwood kills it on nashville's big night. >> move over floyd mayweather and tiger woods. there's a new guy topping the list of the world's highest paid athletes. "the skinny" is next.
3:46 am
>> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny >> skinny song has a little bit of a country vibe to it. >> it does have a little bit of twang to it. >> nashville's big night. >> yes, all of country music's biggest stars turned out for
3:48 am
this year's cmt awards. tim mcgraw ended carrie underwood's four-year winning streak for the top prize with his music video "humble and kind." underwood yet again proved last night why she's such a superstar. ♪ it was all roses dripping in diamonds sipping on champagne ♪ ♪ she was all uptown wearing that white gown taking his last name ♪ ♪ >> yeah, get it girl. not only does she sound great, she looks fantastic, as well. love her. of course, no, awards show would be complete without a quick look at the red carpet. in this category, underwood again outshined them all in this multicolored floral wrap with a dramatic thigh high slit. hello, everybody. >> angelina-esque with that. nicole kidman in the meantime with husband keith urban looked very new york,
3:49 am
according to producer matt, rocking a glittering michael cores dress with plunging neckline, skinny scarf and giuseppe zanotti crisscross heels. >> one of our favorite highlights of the show is when kendis has to read matt's copy on fashion, by the way. can you guess who that is? >> johnny depp? >> that, my friends, is billy ray cyrus before he performed with cheap trick. and apparently all the pharmacies in the area were sold out of hair dye. not sure what happened there. >> he looks great though. wish he had belted out a little "achy breaky heart." >> i did want to see the full mullet on display. i miss it. >> next to the west coast and a first pitch. >> in san diego before a padres game. rapper snoop dogg wound up, threw the ball with quite a bit of force. but not quite over home plate. >> so the wild pitch reportedly did connect. however -- >> he was trying so hard.
3:50 am
>> he was. i was going to do a pitch but then i got high. however, it hit a camera man's leg. that camera man is reportedly just fine and now has bragging rights that he did a hit with snoop dogg. >> luckily snoop avoided the distinction of the worst pitch ever. that, my friends, belongs to 50 cent. >> oh, my word. >> i think snoop coaches his kids' baseball team though. >> he coaches sports. >> i don't think practice is going to be so good for him tomorrow. >> not so much. speaking of athletes, forbes is out with its list of the word's highest paid sports stars. >> topping the list for 2016 is -- >> cristiano ronaldo raking in a staggering $88 million last year. >> my people. >> coming in second at only $81 million, only $81 million is argentina's lyle messier. >> and coming in a distant third was this slacker, lebron james, $77 million. >> that's all? what about the women here?
3:51 am
the top paid female athlete ranked number 40 on the list at just under $20 million. that's serena williams. >> that is sad that it takes you -- you have to get to 40 in order to find the first female. >> so next, he's no athlete but he's doing his best to play one in the movies. >> the oscar-winning actor has been spending a lot of time at the gym. it appears to be paying off. in fact, you might have to keep reminding yourself that he is 61 years old. >> talking about j.k. simmons. he's getting buff for his role as gothdtham city police commissioner in the justice league films. >> he's training with aaron williamson who trained sly stallone, jamie foxx and the rock. and speaking of the rock, how's this for a social media mystery. >> dwayne "the rock" johnson instagrammed this photo of carrying what has to be the largest weekender bag ever.
3:52 am
>> he joked that the bag contains his central intelligence co-star kevin hart. that's not been confirmed. that's not been confirmed.
3:53 am
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lasts up to two times longer. put those on, dad! it's got to be tide. ♪ ♪ to the latest viral sensation sweeping is across instagram. has nothing do with beyonce or the kardashians or any other major celebrity. >> this time it celebrates book worms. dudes reading books. but there's a catch. you have to be hot and reading a book. so here is abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: hot dudes reading, a blazing an insta graham account gone viral dedicated to capturing what some say is a rarely seen phenomenon. did it ever occur to you that guys reading was a thing? >> no. not at all. >> reporter: the instagram sensation was started by a group of 13 new yorkers shamelessly snapping at good looking guys in public. now, after amassing almost a
3:56 am
million followers they're putting all of those good looking guys with books into a book. >> this is how you stand and read a book on the subway. just look ridiculously hot. >> and with the official start of almost here, who better to help with your summer reading list than these scholarly studs. first up, michael who says books are his favorite travel companion. >> what are you reading now? it's called "the last mile," and it's basically this convicted murderer that's on death row. >> reporter: next steven whose photos racked up the most likes. on the hautd dude's reading account. >> right now i'm reading "the city of mirrors." a trilogy. >> meet julius. he says a good book helps him relax. >> i'm reading "a different kind of daughter." my mom's a single mother. i gravitate towards women who are strong. >> reporter: and rami often chooses books that relate to his experiences.
3:57 am
>> one i recently started reading is "grit." you have to persevere through things. >> reporter: teddy, an aspiring musician prefers reading about his idols. >> this one on angie martinez. she's like a force. >> reporter: while reading is undoubtedly great for the mind, it could also be helping these hot dudes out in another department. >> you're off the market. >> i'm off the market now, thanks to this book. >> mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> if it's that simple, i'll break one open. tell you, let's see. i've been on a new york subway reading some really crappy books. >> if this doesn't make the, site, if it doesn't make instagram, are you going to get upset? >> i'll try to flex. see if that works. hold on. >> that's a good one. oh, yeah. instagram gold. >> yeah. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two decades.
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on this thursday here's what's making news, bernie sanders is making a trip to the white house for a face-to-face meeting with president obama, plus, the president is getting in late night jabs on trump. gunmen opening fire on a trendy market in tel aviv. where the investigation stands right now. developing overnight a woman accused driving off a cliff accused of killing her twin sister. why charges are dropped. steph curry and the warriors, pretty cold in cleveland. the cavs taking game three with a dominating performance. a good thursday morning t


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