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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  June 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning it is 4:30 a.m., june 9. we're following breaking news, philadelphia fire marshal is on the scene of a deadly fire. we'll have a live report and details on the victims. city council will be the first council of a major u.s. city to pass a sugary drink tax. who can beat the phillie phanatic. let's turn to karen rogers
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in for david and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: you got to love the philly if phillie phanatic. it's cool out there, 48 degrees in slatington, 49 in quaker torn. 48 in coatsville, 47 in kennett square. i think these numbers will dip a little bit more this morning. 54 degrees currently in center city. on the cool side this morning you need the sweater or sweatshirt before you head out. 53 in south jersey and hammonton. 53 in vineland. 54 in cinnaminson and 56 in dover, delaware. we have a beautiful day ahead. severe storms tore through yesterday. if you're dealing with cleanup, they are long gone. we have a quiet weather pattern for the next couple of days. we're talking bright sunshine, although temperatures are below average, it will feel good under a sunny skies. wind relaxed, but we have the potential for severe weather in
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the seven-day forecast. i'll tell you when it can hit in a couple of minutes. >> reporter: we could use quiet, it was a nightmare getting home with downed trees around the region. we have pleasant of overnight construction. as we look live at i-95 this is the scene at street road. the camera is frozen at the moment. they are working on the ramps, doing resurfacing. some of the rambles are blocked for the next half-hour. center city, vine street express way. opened westbound, eastbound blocked. we have a downed tree in east falls at queen lane stay on ridge through east falls instead. traveling city avenue by money month road. the traffic lights are on flash, flashing yellow proceed with
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caution, red you street like a stop sign. we have debris and wires on the road shutting down 926. we'll be running down the different storm-related closures as the morning progresses. thanks, matt. crews rush to a fire scene this morning and once inside the home they found an elderly man dead. annie mccormick is live at the scene. >> reporter: matt, even though the fire is under control, it's an active scene with fire crews out here along with the police and fire marshal. in the doorway of the home where the fire did break out. you can see several firemen going in and out, the investigation is still underway. a short time ago we spoke with the fire commissioner here's what he had to say. the arriving companies wee fast, aggressive and attack and search and rescue.
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unfortunately they did find an elderly man who expired inside the dwelling. despite their efforts. >> reporter: this was a fast-moving fire that broke out around 2:00 a.m. crews arrived to heavy smoke on the first and second floor of the middle of the house. the victim was in his on thes. we are told he was trapped inside and later discovered in a front second floor bedroom. they did their best to try to save him. fire crews say right now they do not have a cause. it is still under investigation or begin. that's why the fire marshal is still on the scene. back out here live there are people covered in blankets there are several neighbors out here, the people affected by the fire are the homes on either side. they are the ones that will be
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displaced for sometime. we are told they will be receiving assistance from the red cross. fire crews are expected to be out here for sometime. they are pulling apparatus out of the home where the fire did takes place. so investigation is underway. reporting live in grays ferry, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." there's still scattered power outages in parts of the area after the severe storms. a topple tree brought down utility line new albany road in cinnaminson and nearby an oak tree kneel cut a car in half. by the time i got the front door shut walked in the living room got to the basement, went down there, the windows were flopping shut, the winds were so intense. ? camden strong winds sent a tree crashing on the a poem's car, she was not hurt. many cruiser covered the storm
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damage using #6abc on social media. this tree blocked a 7100 block of when it at her lane in northeast philadelphia. danielle sent in that picture. kevin captured sparking wires in tacony. witnesses say several people were playing outside hamilton distance school one boy was hit in the head when it collapsed. he was taken to the hospital and expected to be survived. the playground is in the process of getting a makeover, it is unclear if that's why the scaffold sg -- scaffolding is there. security council will take up the tax on sugary drinks. katherine scott is live with the
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latest details. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, the measure was voted through council committee. today the amended bill will be brought through the full security council. if the bill becomes law, philadelphia would become the first big city in the country to impose a soda tax, critics said it will hit small businesses and those who can least afford it. 1 1/2 cents per ounce. here's another change, the 1 1/2 cent tax would be on soda, and diet beverages, it would bring in $91 million and extend pre-k and other things. in an 11th hour surprise, the kenny admission administration
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said it would go to the fund balance. now we're being told that the need for the additional revenue was spot support the fund balance. all along it was about pre-k and the kids, it's not about that, paying off debt service, he ought to be ashamed of himself. >> reporter: the bill is going to the full city council today. the final bill is next thursday. thank you, katherine. a new state law against pennsylvania shoppers many options about where they can buy wine. governor wolf signed a reform bill yesterday afternoon that allows wine to be sold in supermarkets and bars and delis. it allows gas station convenience stores to sell 6 packs of beer. it does not affect the sales of hard liquor, those will be done
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in state stores. bernie sanders will meet with president obama at the white house ahead of a rally in washington, d.c. which is the final primary on the calendar. the president was on the tonight show and talked about the upcoming election. he reminded viewers this is not reality tv they have an important decision to make in number of. i -- in november. i have a lot of confidence that the american are reminded what's at stake they will make a good choice that's what they usually do. when asked if sanders will concede to hillary clinton now that she is the party presumptive nominee, he said i'm sure we'll have a conversation. some of the wealthest donors expected to meet with donald trump in new york today while three female supporters will announce a super pac, women
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vote trump aims to raise $30 million. a new poll of pennsylvania voters shows a tight race between trump and clinton. they tie at 44% in a head to head matchup. when asked who was more qualified to be trenton trenton, trump for -- trump or the phillie phanatic, the mascot won 46 to 41%. they did not pose the same question about the fanatic an hillary clinton. a moment of silence will replace a student led prayer at a high school graduation they're. a parent objected after last year's ceremony when a student went off script from a none denominational prayer. new england high school teacher who was accused of handing out wedgies during tutoring sessions. a boy not even a teenager
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is charged with an armed carjacking and this is not his first arrest. >> reporter: we're waking up in the 40s in spots. 75 degrees is the high today. a little bit below average for this time of the year. we'll check the whole seven-day forecast coming up. to grow up.
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but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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look at what's become one of our favorite shots here, the commodor barry bridge, absolutely gorgeous odds thursday morning, if you thought to take a look at it in person, bundle up. it's cold out there this morning. chillier than yesterday morning. >> reporter: temperatures lower this morning, even though it's going to be warmer in the afternoon. a flip flop. double scan live around the area, looking good and looking clear.
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we have clear skies that will allow the beautiful sunrise we'll see in about an hour. looking live in atlantic city, showing things looking good as you head out the door. the current temperature, 54, but in a lot of suburbs it's in the 40s. the dewpoint is 40 degrees, way low for this time of the year. the pressure is rising. the winds 9 miles per hour they may be gusty later on. a breezy day. the ocean temperature dipped to 58 degrees. satellite and radar showing the storms moved out of here. we had severe weather in collegeville, mothball sized al. lumberton, trees and signs down, a lot of people dealing with cleanup as the storms tore through with gusty winds. the one thing behind we noticed a change in the air mass. you noticed as they moved through yesterday the temperature dropped, as well as humidity continues to be way down the next couple of days.
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we talked about the dewpoints in the 40s i was showing you a second ago. that's unusual for june. wall-to-wall sunshine today, it will be breezy, a nice day, 75 degrees for the high, cool for this time of the year, but a nice one. tomorrow, staying nice, staying comfortable, the winds relax a little, 78 degrees for the high, bumbling up the temperature just a little bit. the trouble comes on the weekend. i meant to show you future tracker 6 as we advance this until 9:00. late in the evening until 9:00. the chance for severe weather rolling through, looks like the best chance would be near philadelphia and north and west, not so much the jersey shore. we'll talk about that through the morning, that's on saturday. we've got a couple of days before them, it's nice and quiet. cool start, sunny high of 735. breezy and sunny, 78. saturday, warm and humid and then we get late afternoon and
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evening thunderstorms that could gusty. the storm prediction center says we're at a slight risk for severe weather and saturday afternoon into saturday evening. the areas around philadelphia and north and west, and more of a risk and areas south and east. that's what we're watching on saturday, 84. maybe a shower last sunday morning, otherwise it's a nice day, partly sunny and breezy, warm high of 85. monday, windy, not as warm. temperatures drop to 79. tuesday and wednesday, staying nice with partly sunny skies, don't forget you can go to at any point and check our weather discussions to give you the latest on the weather and the forecast it's always changing ennew just in as the -- and new just in, the storm prediction center has severe weather on saturday afternoon. dramatic car rescue played out on live television in mississippi. the car smashed into a guardrail in biloxi and flipped over and
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landed inches from an embankment. they had to rescue the driver who was pinned inside. a 12-year-old wisconsin boy is facing charges in an armed carjacking. it is not his first brush with the law. police arrested the boy 8 times since last fall. he is currently in a juvenile detention facility. his record caught the attention of the milwaukee police chief who blasted the county's poor supervision of known child offenders. police say the teacher would wrestle with boys inside their homes after telling their parents he was there to tutor them. he is accused of slamming one boy to the ground and tieing his hands behind his back. police arrested him after he tried to pay off one of the boys
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to change his story. he is charged with tampering with a witness and bribery. next on "action news," video of a massive sinkhole that swallowed a van on a canadian street. a woman stands charged with killing her twin sister. we'll give you the latest twist and turns ever this case when "action news" comes right back. >> reporter: what a beautiful
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shot over the ben franklin bridge in center city. not so beautiful here as we look outside in exton, still the overnight construction going on along 202 northbound side by the 30 bypass, you can see they still have the left lane blocked. traffic is getting by in the right lane without too much of a delay at this point. still dealing with storm damage from yesterday afternoon, but in westtown township, they are in the process of opening 936. which is good news. lennonb. he -- lennonburg road is closed. queen lane is blocked use ridge
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avenue. expect company as you do that. construction is wrapping up, we had an overnight scrash on the new jersey -- crash on the new jersey turnpike south of robinsville, but that has cleared out of the way. this is more than a traffic problem in ottawa, canada. a giant sinkhole collapsed and swallows up a van. oh,! there it goes it happened yesterday at a construction site next to a major shopping mall. it led to a gas leak and water main break and nobody was hurt. time for a look at business at the big board. apple will begin showing ads when people search for apps. the company is encouraging app makers to sell description based
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apps. apple expects to make more money by doing so. new cars continue to come with more safety features like automatic breaking and lane departure warnings and blind spot alert. the associated press found 9 of the biggest auto insures are not giving discounts to customers despite the improvements. insurers saying they are compiling information to see if they lead to fewer crashes. dow was up, and s&p 500 and futures are pointing to slight lower open. people made 51 their purchases online. that means people had to buy two things online in a 3 month period. police are investigating a fight good side inside a fast food restaurant that led some
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customers with hot oil burns. police stops a mother and and her vehicle and she gets a joyous surprise instead of a traffic ticket. you'll see it next. p?p?o?gv
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a judge in hawaii ordered the release of a woman accused in the death of a twin sister saying there's no proak of a murder -- probable cause of a
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murder charge. they are arguing, and anastasia and driving and accelerated and made no effort to brake. officers in georgia teamed up with a soldier as a surprise for his mother. dash cam video shows how the plan went. the soldier sneaks up behind here with flowers and a balloon. you might need ear plugs to hear her reaction. the staff sergeant has two weeks before he has to go back to iraq before he serves another year he will continue to hear happy squeals and whatever he wants for dinner and no chores. you can't fake that
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reaction. we have more proof that bristol palin can be- indecisive when it comes to romantic partners. good morning everyone, it
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is 5:00 a.m., thursday, june 9. we're working on breaking news. an elderly man is dead after fire tears through his out in philadelphia.


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