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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara
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bloomquist is off. in the news they are still cleaning up at the jersey shore following yesterday's powerful storm and a fight on a school football field ends with a car collision and gun fire on a local street. but the big story on "action news" at noon is a return attack on the campaign trail. donald trump just fired back against hillary clinton during a speech in new york. lana zach joins us live with more. >> reporter: hi rick, yes they are getting really tense out there today. there are attacks focused on the economy, that is particular interest to the swing state voters in florida, ohio and right there in pennsylvania. >> we can't let him bankrupt america like we are one of his failed casinos. >> arriving on capitol hill hillary clinton continues to try to turn donald trump's business brand against him. she argues that that is why he won't release his tax returns.
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you have to ask yourself what is he afraid of? maybe we'll learn he has not paid taxes on his income or maybe he is not as rich as he claims. >> she gets rich making you poor. >> and in an interview with david muir. >> i heard what she said. i built a great, great company, it's worth tens of -- but it's a valuable company. >> there are questions about that valuable company. a full one in six campaign dollars spent went back into the business or to a family member and some payments to donald trump himself. and he has disappointing fundraising numbers, last month clinton raised $25 million and trump just $3 million. and trump is letting all the allegations fly off of him arguing he is just playing the game better than anyone else.
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>> i made a fortune with this debt and debt for this country say disaster, obama has piled it on and she is there watching. >> and trump hitting clinton hard he actually alleged that she made millions of dollars after supporting oppressive regimes as secretary of state. >> we are less than five week as way from the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. today dnc staff moved into the wells fargo center that are house most of the action. the dnc took control of the arena to begin construction, the convenience begins on july 25th. folks in cape may county are cleaning up after storms blew through yesterday and they had 80 miles per hour wind gusts. here on the 100 block of west 38th street, crews are
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rebuilding to do for this home under construction and the blew the roof off the wildwood public works building and trees came down on evergreen avenue, power crews out in force trying to restore power to thousands of customers. looking live outside a much nicer d er day, sky 6 hd lookin the ben franklin bridge, a nice wednesday afternoon. there are changes coming david? >> reporter: there could be more problems coming but not today we are in between systems, take a look at satellite, the lack of cloud cover around and some thicker stuff in pittsburgh but a fairly amount of sunshine and the temperature is on the rise, 84 in philadelphia and 82 in wilmington and 83 in trenton and 82 in allentown and cape may 77. one nice change is a drop in humidity. we are looking at dew points
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well above 60 at dawn and it felt muggy but that number is well below the 60 degree threshold for what we consider slightly humid air in philadelphia. feeling more comfortable in the city, the more south you get the more sticky it is but the humidity will die down there over the next several hours. at the pool sunscreen is recommended, you'll have lowering humidity, you get out of the pool and you can dry off easily in the less humid air. 88 by 4:00 and if you are out of the pool and running around maybe at the playground or whatever else is located near the pool make sure you keep the cool drinks going and hydrate. today's high is 88, a few degrees above average and the overnight low around average. rick, tomorrow we have another system come that will cloud us up and get us wet at times and perhaps produce a couple more thunderstorms especially through
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the afternoon. i'm talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. in other news a young girl is praised in delaware county for helping to save her family from an early morning house fire. annie mccormick is live with the details. >> reporter: there are a dozen people inside of this building behind me, all of them got out safely, one firefighter did suffer minor injuries and one family suffered smoke inhalation but they were released from the hospital and they spoke to us and crediting their 7-year-old daughter for waking up just in time. >> it was smokey, and it's like dark and stuff. it was like we had to get out really fast. >> this image taken by an "action news" viewer showed the intense fire that woke 7-year-old serenity out of bed. >> my daughter woke up and said daddy and mommy there is smoke
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in the house. >> they broke a side window and got all three kids ages 7 to 2 on the fire escape. and medics took the family of five to crozier medical center and the blaze broke out at 12:30 this morning at the home converted in apartments. firefighters estimate there is at least a dozen occupants in the apartments. and the fire grew to two alarms and firefighters believe the cause is accidental and began in a second floor kitchen. >> i heard the apartment is on fire get out. >> i came to the basement window and looked out and the apartment next door was pretty much fully engulfed. >> they pulled the kids out and it was a blessing they were here. we just thank god that the kidded have their life, including mine. >> and the fellers were the last
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to get out. >> the graze of god, i feel relieved that not only my family is okay but the family on the second floor is okay. >> overnight some residents were suspicious of the fire because they say they have had some resencar fires here that were set intentionally. and again the investigators say this is not related and this was an accident, now, the red cross is helping several families out with food, shelter and clothing. reporting live in chester, annie mccormicking channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have breaking news now from southwest philadelphia, the passyunk bridge over the schuylkill river is closed at this hour due to a truck accident. chopper 6 hd was over the scene a few moments ago. emergency crews are on the scene trying to clean up a fuel spill from the trucks, some fuel is leaking into the river below. state with and "action news" for updates on this traffic situation. detectives are sorting out
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the details of a school yard argument with teenage girls that ended with a chase and gun fire. police found two vehicles involved in a collision in the may fair section last night. officials learn that a 19-year-old man was chasing three girls and one of their dads in a white pickup truck. the victims managed to dodge the bullets but the truck slammed into a parked car. >> miraculously there was no injury from the shooting, there was no bullet holes in the vehicle, there were some minor injuries to the occupants of the white pickup truck. >> police are now looking for the gunman and two accomplices, investigators have learned that the incident was sparked by a fight yesterday afternoon on the football field at abraham lincoln high school. involving students.
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a fake parking ticket scam is targeting residents in south jersey. the voorhees police department released a picture of a bogus ticket. it calls for a $75 fine, but the correct number for the police is printed on the tickets, they warn they are not real. they are asking to call the department and verify the ticket before sending money. >> and more concern about a dangerous jelly fish that appeared on the east coast. efforts to track the spcays in new jersey waters. and a top golfer drops out of the games in brazil because of the zika virus. his decision and more when "action news" comes right back.
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the passyunk area bridge is closed because of an accident that happened this morning. the crews are on the scene trying to clean up the spill from the truck and that is leaking into the schuylkill river below. police are on the scene and emergency officialed as well. stick with and "action news" for updates on the traffic situation concerning the passyunk avenue bridge. they believe that an employee of the homeland security. prosecutors say that jonathan wh wh whenky was arrested for planning an act of workplace violence. he is now facing a weapons charge but more charges are also possible. former house speaker dennis hastert must report to prison by 3:00 this afternoon. he begins a 15 month sentence in
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minnesota. hastert plead guilty to violating a banking law. prosecutors say he was trying to pay people off to cover up sex abuse claims. boys said he molested them enhe was a high school wrestling coach in illinois. the search is on for a father and his three children on a sailing trip in the gulf of mexico. the family left sarasota, florida, and were headed to ft. myers for boat repairs. he called hi brother and said they were in six foot seas, the coast guard is now joining the search for the missing vessel. clinging jelly fish carry a painful and sometimes dangerous sting and in some cases it can lead to kidney failure. a researcher from montclair university has captured them at
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the beach. >> we want to know where they are and are this shot spots within this region? >> the spcays are native to the pacific ocean and a ship may have carried them to the east coast, they were first spotted in new jersey this year and they prefer calm bay water over the rough ocean. one of the world's top golfers has dropped out of the olympics in brazil because of concerns over the zika virus, in a statement today, rory mcllroy says his health and the health of his family comes before anything else. he will not take the risk of being infected by the virus, so far mcllroy is one of the most high-profile athletes to skip the competition. and a massive competition is on the way in ohio. the cavaliers are celebrating the first every nba
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championship. >> the parade kicked off more than a half hour late this morning because so many fans were showing up. more than a million people could swarm the mile long parade route and the crowds are caused major problems for traffic around the city. the star of the show today of course, there he is, mvp lebron james. james will also be honored in his home town of akron, ohio, tomorrow. still to come on "action news" at noon, refunds were on the way for electronic book users, and the ritz carlton of philadelphia has a new look after a multimillion-dollar renovation. we have an exclusive sneak peek before it's revealed to the public. if you have medicare
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a new report shows the u.s. housing market had one of its strongest months in a decade. the association of realtors released their stats for the day. that fueled the strongest sales rate since 2007. sales of existing homes increased nearly 2% and experts believes that the high demand stems from a better job market and low mortgage rates. people that use electronic readers will get money back. after an anti-trust lawsuit, amazon, barnes and noble and
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apple are accused of participating in a price fixing scheme. if you purchased books from april of 2010 and may of 2012, you are eligible for a refund. buyers could receive $7 per book. a total of $400 million will be distributed in all. well, the "action news" team is work on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom with a preview. >> hey rick, coming up today at 4:00, you'll love this one, talk about a mom entrepreneur, we'll introduce you to a woman making cool comfy clothes for kids while having a busy career and life as a mom. she has discounted for our viewers only. details at 4:00. and a dad decides to play match maker for his adult son.
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he is not just looking for a date but dad is willing to interview people for tying the knot. he will not interview just anyone, coming up ahead in big talkers. talk about parents meddling. and take us with you on the go download our 6 abc news app. >> we'll see you in the next half hour right? she said yes. we'll take a quick break.
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meteorologist, david murphy is here now with a closer look at a summer like forecast today. >> and changes again tomorrow. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry and as we look outside the action cam was out earlier and you see the choo choo going across the bridge
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there at girard avenue and the zoo. we started out cloudy and things are brightening up. winds have popped up from the west at 20 miles per hour. look at the dew point down to 52, anything below 60 is considered not humid. we were well above 60 this morning and as expected we see the dew points drop. 82 in trenton and 82 in the lehigh valley, where it has not been humid all day. and the farther south you go the stickier it is. cape may is probably still a little humid. you are on the beach and 72 degrees and not shabby. satellite 6 shows you the lack of cloud cover right now, we could pick up more of this stuff later in the afternoon but i think we'll maintain bright conditions, mostly sunny season
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less humid than yesterday, down the beach not bad, getting up to 80 and less humid than yesterday. the ocean temperature off a.c. has dipped down to 60. 88 is your high in philadelphia and in the process of getting lower and lower and points south where the dew points are higher, they will drop. there is the wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. if you head to the union tonight as i am, i will be there with you at 7:00 p.m. a few clouds and warm and 83 for the start of the game and 77 for the finish, it may be bright enough or if you are on the sunny side of the stadium bring the cool drinks or buy some and put the sunscreen on as well. 77 with more clouds building in overnight and 67 and a little muggier too by morning. late thunderstorm cannot be ruled out, i think through the day tomorrow there say chance of showers building in as the next frontal boundary comes in and during the afternoon there could be pocketses of herrier weather
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like we had yesterday with strong thunderstorms. the best chance of this if you look at the wide view, is halfway between philadelphia and allentown so maybe central bucks and montgomery county and down south through philadelphia, dover, delaware and all of south jersey and the slight risk continuing down to washington and charlottesville. we are on the upper edge like we were yesterday but can't rule out thunderstorms with damaging winds and perhaps hail. 88 is today's high lowering humidity and a nice night for soccer down in chester. humid tomorrow and strong storms are possible and drenching showers as well. it won't be happening all day long but there is that chance. then we recover again, friday 85 degrees and lower humidity and 87 on saturday but no humidity. and monday looks dry and the next chance of thunderstorms appears to be tuesday. >> thank you david.
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they are state championships and they were the guest of honor at a special council meeting at delaware county. springfield heights lacrosse team were greeted with a job well done. the fourth time the team has won the state championship, but the last one was 24 years ago. the team was introduced folling a special resolution, each team member was presented with special certificates. congratulations.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again, sara is off and here are the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:30, donald trump on the attack. the presumptive republican nominee is setting his sights on rival, hillary clinton, and members of the democratic national convention are setting up shop at the wells fargo center, we are live. and a crash in wilmington sending the driver to the hospital. now the details, donald trump is taking aim at rival, hillary clinton, calling her a world class liar. trump smoke this morning at his hotel in the soho neighborhood. he says he is the only candidate that can fix the nation's problems and blasted clinton on other issues saying she lac


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