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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  June 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning it is 4:30 a.m., thursday, june 2. >> we're following breaking news, a bar security guard gets into a shootout with an armed man. both men are injured and the police are on the scene. a dramatic sit in is underway with democrats for gun control. david murphy is off, let's head over to meteorologist karen rogers and matt pellman has the traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, starting the day off, we're dry through the region,
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but i want to show you storm tracker 6 live double scan, we can see the run moving in to the west, the morning commute is dry, during the morning hours we can see the precipitation on storm tracker 6 live 3d. you can see the nature of this, we have strong storms, the flow will move to the south and east, it is clipping southern new jersey and delaware, i think in philadelphia, you could get rain out of this. the strongest storms will be well to the south and east. 63 in quakertown, 69 in warrington. it's warm and muggy. 63 in kennett square, 71 in center city. dry through the i-95 corridor, 68 in browns mills, 66 in dover, delaware. we are anticipating storms and satellite and radar, showing the progression of the motion, you can see how the trajectory has it coming south and east of philadelphia for the most part. let's take a look at what to
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expect today. today will be a mostly cloudy day, we'll see sunshine this afternoon, cloudy to start you off. we're watching for a period of rain and thunderstorms south and east, high of 81. we'll show you on future tracker where the storms hit. matt. >> reporter: we're expecting a ride full of construction, there's roadwork everywhere, karen rogers. as we look live at the schuylkill expressway, it's okay by spring garden. nice and dry, as you said, but off to the left side of the screen it's okay. west river drive it's closed for a half-hour, between eakens oval and kelly drive. if you're proceeding east you can't get on the vine street expressway, westbound is open overnight. ben franklin bridge there's roadwork. construction on i-95 the ramps
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connecting it to cottman avenue. watch for resurfacing work along 43. restrictions there for the neck half-hour. a downed pole in burlington county, blocking route 9 stay on the parkway this thursday morning. >> breaking right now a shootout between a bar security guard and suspect ends with both men injured. philadelphia police say 25 shell casings were found at the scene in the city's feltonville section. annie mccormick is live right now with the latest details. good morning, annie. >> reporter: gorm tamala -- good morning, tamala, they know one person was injured, because the other person involved got away. police are holding the scene looking at the vehicle. the windows are shot out. police believe one of the shooters jumped into the car with other people inside and did
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not get far and ditched it around the corner on rising sun. police are looking for the people who used the car, including the shooter. just around the corner this all started in the 100 block of wyoming. you can see video here, numerous 911 calls around 2:00 a.m., a 22-year-old armed security guard opened fire and appears to have engaged in a shootout with the armed man on wyoming avenue. appears he was across the street from the bar, there were many shots fired, estimated 27. you can see the shell casings around the roadway. the man got into a shootout and jumped into the vehicle with two other men and continued to shoot and rounded the corner rising sun and wyoming and ditched the car on rising sun. >> that security guard was working at the corner bar at
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front and wyoming. when he exited the bar, he observed someone firing shots from the unit block of west wyoming street. this individual was firing multiple shots, so the security guard returned fire and fired several shots at this male explts when the security -- and that's when the security guard was shot in his leg. >> reporter: the security guard shot in the leg was taken to temple and is in stable condition. back to the car that appears to be the getaway car, it is not listed as stolen, police in the 35th district are at a home talking to possibly the owners of the vehicle or who it is registered to figure out if that person is related to the shooter. it doesn't appear if there was
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any blood around the vehicle, police are not sure if anyone was injured in the shootout, they are looking at area hospitals for the person, the other suspect. reporting in feltonville, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> democratic lawmakers continue demonstrating on the floor of congress right now. this is a live look at the house floor. they began a sit-in yesterday morning, to protest inaction on gun violence. as you can see democrats will not leave. abc's elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: determined democrats have an unprecedented sit-in on capitol hill. >> we are calling on the leaders of the house to bring common sense legislation to the house floor. >> reporter: civil rights icon
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leading the protest on the house floor. >> the madness must stop. >> reporter: the stand job offer continued into the early morning. >> there's something wrong with the company when a suspected terrorist can't get on an airplane, but can by a gun. >> reporter: the senate voted down similar measures with mounting pressure following the florida rampage. >> no fly no buy. >> reporter: republican leaders ordered the house to recess and turned over the cameras calling it a breach of the rules. to try to end the sit-in. the speaker of the house announced republicans will start their recess early denying
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democrats any vote on guns for now. >> speaker ryan called the protest a publicity stunt, but democrats said this is a way to get action and will keep fighting. >> convicted philadelphia congressman chaka fattah has offered a resignation to the house however the date is october 3. he can no longer vote in congress, but he doesn't have to resign until he is sentenced. house speaker ryan called 0 on fattah to resign immediately. a fire is burning on mcguire-dix-lakehurst, dieing winds are helping them fight the fire, if they get rain it will help more. authorities are urging people nearby to stay ray letter.
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a volunteer evacuation was issued to some residents. crews have the blaze contained at 215 acres last night. a final vote in pennsylvania could come as late as today. the state house backed a plan to authorize slot machines at airport and online gambling and fantasy sports betting, there's no indication it will be signed in by tom wolf. ben simmons worked out by teeno. they lost the first 17 games
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into the last two seasons and led to the regulation of sam hinkey the architect of what was dubbed, the process. simmons said to be the best player available in the draft in many, many years. >> what do they need from the team. >> they might have the pieces already. >> wildwood life officials believe they have caught the alligator that killed a boy at disney world. >> reporter: we have no rain just yet, it's on the way, we could see strong storms in participates of the region, details on that coming up. >> more storms are expected
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today possibly in the area of the jersey shore that was hit on tuesday. homeowners and workers spent the
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day cleaning up from the violent storms. the wildwoods stained damage as well as lower and middle township. this was this home which was under crux, the storm reduced it from three stories to one. >> wow. >> we're looking at more wild weather coming in, some of this has been evolving, what can you tell us. >> reporter: for the past few days, the trends are farther and farther south. you're right when you say it's the same area like cape may county that was hit yesterday that could get hit today. storm tracker 6 live double scan, nothing happening just yet. we're starting to see the showers that are pushing into western pennsylvania and moving toward the region, but not just yet. let's look at the current numbers -- we go outside, let's take a live look down the shore, that's an area we are watching closely, the trajectory is areas
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south and east, we have that slight risk category. 71 degrees, it's warm and muggy. dewpoint, 62. it will feel humid today. the pressure is holding steady. the wind are out of the southwest light pumping up the warm and humid air mass. here's a look at satellite and radar, you see this cluster of storms, you can see how the motion of this is moving south and east, we'll get clipped by the rain from this in philadelphia. maybe showers and periods of rain. the heavier storms highlighted by reds and yellows even blues in there, that will hit south of the city. there's a severe risk, a slight risk of severe weather. the storm prediction center normman, oklahoma said the issue with this is damaging winds. we're looking for dover, mill,
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atlantic city and cape may county included in the slight risk event. let's show you what to expect as we look toward future tracker 6 and advance this. i think we could see storms at 10:00 a.m. we see the stronger cells south of wilmington seems to be the worst of it. we'll watch this progress to 11:00 a.m., some of the stronger storms form in south jersey and delaware, by 1:30, they are exiting the coastline, maybe a couple of showers around, it stays unstable, but the risk of strong storms will be well south and east of the city, especially cape may county and southern delaware. cloudy skies, high of 71. watching for a bit ever rain. let's show you region by region what to expect. northwest suburbs a few showers, less than a quarter inch of
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rain. the i-95 corridor, showers or thunderstorm nothing severe, a morning or late morning showers that's about it. central delaware to southern new jersey from the morning to the afternoon we expect the strong storms to develop that's where you could get more significant precipitation. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, humid and strong storms today, 81 for the high, mostly sunny skies and 85. the weekend is great and warming up. not very humid, 87 on saturday, 90 on sunday, feeling the summer heat. monday, sunny, 88. got a sunny stretch coming our way. tuesday, chance of a showers and thunderstorms. there's a lot happening with the weather at, we have weather discussions right there, it's a great way to find out what's happening. keep your app ready for storm tracker 6 live, it's tricky, many people have plans to be
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outside today, philadelphia north and west, it's going to be dry. >> two f-16 fighter jets escorted a delta flight to l.a. international airport. federal authorities escorted the man over the plane and other passengers were rescreened before going on to there destination. louisiana sheriff's deputy was shot and killed while trying to search a man. detective david michael pulled over yesterday after noticing a 19-year-old walking behind somebody who was nervous. he slipped around as he was trying to search him, pulled out a gun an shot him three times in the back. he was later captured and is charged with first degree murder and assault. florida wildlife officials believe that they caught the
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alligator that killed the little boy in disney world. lane graves was wading in the lagoon when the gator grabbed him and his body was found the next day. since his death, warning signs have gone up. >> michael jackson made a phrase, the kid is not mine, it's belongs to the critical case, the deny said he is not the son of prince. williams filed documents after his death seeking part of his $300 million fortune. since then, no will has surfaced, and had a no children. his syllablings and half siblings stand to inherit the estate. should they stay or go, great britain is voting whether
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philadelphia, first morning the kids in the philadelphia school district get to sleep in this
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summer, i hope they enjoy it. less school buses on the roads, we're excited about that, ah, the joys of summers. with summer comes construction. northbound on 42, they block one lane at 8:00. two lanes at 9 and 3 lanes at 10:00 a.m. admiral wilson boulevard approaching the old airport circle, you'll see delays today and tomorrow. they are scheduled to wrap this up tomorrow night. folsom, work going on 73 southbound you might want to use 322. downed pole in burlington county blocking route 9 and burlington road. stay on the parkway. off ramp on the northbound side of i-95 to cottman just
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reopened. >> taking a look at business at the big board, will brix be yes or no. leaders of the movement which is a mashup of britain and exit it's time fob britain to be break away from a dysfunction eu system. the remain say the european economy is recovering. the results of the referendum are due tomorrow. >> investors watching for the outcome of the vote. analysts say an exit may send global shares tumbling. stocks are down, but futures are pointing the a higher open. happening today cash strapped atlantic city will be auctioning off 120 parcels surplus lands including the baird fairpt and -- baird
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airport and parcels on route 30. >> a rescuef two workers in antarctic is almost complete.
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5:00 a.m., thursday, june 23. we're following breaking news. >> a shootout outside a local bar sends a security guard to the hospital and leaves several cars riddled with bullets. >> a dramatic sit-in spurs an early morning congressional clash on the house floor in the nation's


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