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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  June 24, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning it is 4:30 a.m., friday, june 24, tam is off, erin o'hern joins us. >> we're following a developing story the latest results shows britain is leaving the eu forcing the prime minister to resign and send global markets tumbling. the sixers plan to introduce their number one overall draft pick this afternoon. >> move over ben franklin, there's another ben in town. let's go over to david murphy and karen, good morning.
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>> reporter: we have showers in south jersey, not super big deal, as we go through the day, mainly dry, spotty shower can't be ruled out. 68 in reading, 69 in wilmington, 68 in trenton. 69 in cape may. dewpoints still up there, outside the northern suburbs, 69 in philadelphia. remember anything over 60 is considered humid. feeling sticky from trenton, philadelphia down to the shore. not so much in allentown. as we roll through the day, partly sunny skies, 71 degrees for the workout early. 79 by 10:00, noon, 82. 3:00 p.m., that's the high 85 degrees today. it will be on the toasty side. hopefully that humidity drops off later in the day, it will be comfortable tonight and through the weekend. we have the weekend call coming in accuweather that's in just a couple of minutes. >> reporter: let's look outside
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live on the vine street expressway, westbound and eastbound no overnight construction, no delays and no issues on the vine. don't worry you'll get issues later on in the morning rush. we have a problem with the downed tree 322 at pottstown road, the down tree is blocking it in both directions. if you're in the area use west chester pike instead of 322. admiral wilson boulevard this is supposed to be the last day of construction, fingers crossed that they were able to finish their job. admiral wilson boulevard, the left lane is blocked due to construction. 3 lanes are blocked between 130 and route 70. should be finished by tonight. we'll see if they finish their work and reopen that. 38 eastbound here we've got the construction with three lanes blocked. this is part of the big problem in south jersey, matt. >> developing this morning,
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great britain wants out of the european union, therexit vote caused the pound to fall sharply to the low et cetera level since the -- lowest level since the 1980s. david cameron announced his resignation about an hour ago. scotland voted to stay in the eu which are raises a referendum on scottish independence. wall street opens with numerous losses this morning. >> reporter: the emotional decision for britain to leave the european union comes with the resignation of prime
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minister david cameron. >> i think the country requires fresh leadership to take it in this direction. >> reporter: with the passing of the british exit from the eu comes with more control at britain's borders. >> if i can get into turkey there's no reason i can get across europe and get into england. >> people with no papers they will be more controlled. >> reporter: this morning world markets are in panic mode, the british pound dropping to the lowest level since the 1980s. the dow expected to open down 700 points. financial shock waves that it would ever pass. facing this new reality, some center stage -- strategists remain optimistic. >> i think it's going to be
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containable and i'm not going to be throwing myself out a window. >> britain's economy is strong. >> reporter: prime minister cameron said he will stay? office until october. >> happening today, the youngest victim in the orlando massacre will be laid to rest in philadelphia. the viewing for 18-year-old akerya murray will takes place today, murray graduated from west catholic prep a few weeks ago. she was a standout scholar and basketball star. a man was shot in a pick up truck in east mount airy before 1:00 a.m. the 29-year-old is in serious,
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but stable condition. philadelphia police say evidence points toward drugs as the motive. a stray bullet went through a screen door of a house where a 67-year-old woman was asleep on the second floor. she was not hurt. >> happening today, the sixers plan to introduce their number one overall draft pick during a news conference in philadelphia. fans hope ben simmons will lead the team back to respect ability and beyond, annie mccormick is outside the wells fargo center. >> reporter: hi, matt, another year for the 76ers, the ben simmons is not a surprise, he met before the draft with the gm and the coach. even though it wasn't a surprise it didn't keep fans from being excited. sixers fans went wild, ben simmons is coming to
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philadelphia. >> it's a great pick i think it will be a good season. >> he has a lot of talent. >> best ben in the nba. i know they are passionate with sports in philly. one on one with jeff skeverski is coming from louisiana state university where he played a single season his freshman year. simmon's skills have garnered national attention since his high school games in florida. simmons dad played 13 seasons in the australia national league, his coach was brett brown. >> for ben's versatility and if iysicality, combined and his shooting. >> reporter: this afternoon, the
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sixers will make a formal announcement and introduce him to philadelphia. reporting live in south philadelphia, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf has ten days to call for a special election to replace chaka fattah. the convicted democrat has stepped down from his seat in congress. he said he moved up his planned resignation in the fall out of respect for house leadership and to avoid of being a distraction. the 59-year-old was convicted on all counts in a federal racketeering trial this past week. he was going to step down in the fall, but speaker of the house, paul ryan urged him to leave immediately. a short-handed supreme court deadlock on the president's immigration plan yesterday 4-4 tie said obama competed --d his powers.
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paul ryan called it a victory for the constitution. mayor jim kenny said it send a chilly effect on the city and other cities that are sanctuary city. >> people who were brought to this county as children and didn't have any idea of their documented status. >> the white house said the people who benefited from the plan, said congress has spent a small percent of money for undocumented immigrants. another ruling upheld the policy at the university of texas that takes race into consideration in deciding who to admit. >> dramatic video shows crowds
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running for their lives when gunfire breaks out at a block party. >> officials show how drones can be used in nationalis disaster. it's warm today, what about the weekend call? coming up.
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>> a storm system dumped heavy rain on parts of the area. with nothing to severe to contend with, we saw one youngster pulling a gene kelly, dancing in the rain. he may have been singing, too. >> reporter: maybe, a couple of sprinkles and showers around and even one thunderstorm in play, storm tracker 6 live showing
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there's a southern focus to the rain. as i go in tighter you can see a cluster of heavy rain moving away from dover across the delaware bay toward sea isle and cape may is producing lightning, be careful of that, it will be another 15, 20 minutes before it crosses the bay and pushes into cape may county. there's a moderate sprinkle there. light to moored rate showers -- moderate showers in millville. as we look outside, we have sky6 live hd, there's center city a fair amount of the cloud cover right across the region, but getting better as we go later into the morning. temperature right is 72 muggy degrees in philadelphia, dewpoint up. it's muhammad out there, so keep that in mind. future tracker, showers and thunderstorms to the south. after 9:00, 10:00 a.m., this will be out of here.
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noon, we're transitioning to a clouds and sun mix. in the afternoon, there's another chance of a pop-up shower west of philadelphia. we'll allow for that popping up anywhere, obviously most of the afternoon looks dry, as we get into dinnertime most of the action is getting out of here, the evening looks like it is likely dry tonight. temperatures are going to be warm, 73 degrees by 8:00. 79 by 10:00. we're hoping the humidity drops off a little bit later in the day. 83 degrees by noon, 3:00 p.m., 85 that will be the high still holding on to the low 80s by 5:00 p.m. pgh high temperature, warm in allentown, 82 in lancaster. 38 in trenton and 82 in millville. down the shore, looks like a range of 77 up to 80 depending on where you are along the coast. we'll go in tighter for that, 76 in surf city, 77 in beach haven. moderate risk of rip currents it's a good idea to swim next to
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the lifeguards. 77 in cape may, moving up to 80 between rehoboth beach, and bethany beach. for saturday and sunday we're looking at a weekend warmup. high pressure will be in control bringing us lots of sunshine. probably not 90 degrees, but close to it on saturday and sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll go for a high of 85 under partly sunny skies are the for the weekend, warm and sunny, high of 87 tomorrow. sunday, mostly sunny warm, 88 degrees, nice weather saturday night for the union. 87 on monday, clouds and sun there's a chance of spotty thunderstorms late. tuesday a better chance of spotty shower or thunderstorm, 87 degrees, looks like mid 80s, wednesday and thursday, again a pop-up storm is possible. remember when we're not on the air you can get the latest on and storm tracker 6 live smart phone app.
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i was at a neighborhood block party who said goodbye to our mailman who is retiring. good guy. i had the storm tracker 6 live app on the whole time. sandusky was supposed to be reported back in 2001. he said he advised gary shultz about a complaint that sandusky showered with a boy on campus and no one from penn state ever followed up about it. shultz is awaiting trial that he failed to properly report sandusky. police are released surveillance video hoping to generate leads in a father's day's shooting.
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investigators caught three men on camera firing their guns. a police officer discharged her weapon, it is not clear if her bullet hit win. one man was shot and killed and a woman was wounded. new video shows a raging wildfire that destroyed dozens of homes in california. 60 homes east of bakersfield burned as many other fires were calming. some homes are nothing more than embers on the ground. however, residents are refusing to leave. an independent drone delivery service flew between cape may and test facility on a vessel stationed on the delaware bay wednesday afternoon delivering medical samples. they are hoping to use drones safely particularly after a
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natural disaster.
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everybody, looking live on sky6 live hd at talen energy stadium. you see lots of clouds up above, we have storms that came through currently in south jersey and delaware. although we're looking dry on i-95. no problems here past cottman. southbound traffic moving fine,
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at this point all overnight construction has cleared on i-95. no major problems there. we have a downed tree causing a problem in west goshen township when the storms move through 322 closing it down in pottstown pike in both directions. stick to west chester pike route 3, instead of 322. there will be a big deal if it stays closed for the morning rush. we'll be watching that. norristown we have construction between the turnpike and lansdale, it's blocking the right lane, it's early yet. not causing too many problems. atlantic county, 73 southbound near 322 they have two lanes blocked. they should clear at 6:00 a.m. they have another hour or so left with that one. let's look outside, route 42. a quiet scene northbound traffic, you're dodging showers on 42. >> time for a look at business at the big board. britain's unprecedented vote to leave the european union rocked
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the financial world overnight. stocks rallied yesterday thinking that britain would vote to stay in the eu. the dow is down 450 premarket, it was down 700 earlier. atlantic city raised cash by auctioning off 100 properties yesterday. they sold $1.7 million homes and development sites and the former bader field airport is the sealed bid and will be revealed next month. ticket master has announced plans to a free ticket give away. it settled a class action lawsuit claiming it used deceptive practices. they have to give way 5 million
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tickets. many claim they are tickets to concert they don't want to see. >> gas prices raised in new jersey. a homeowner pokes around and discovers a window into american history. that story is coming up next.
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>> a man riding a stolen mope
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is in critical condition. the car remain on the scene, the victim was rushed to the hospital. yuengling brewery will pay a $3 million to settle claims it put the schuylkill river at possible environmental contamination. the pottsville brewery is installing an 8 million-dollar waste water pretreatment system. a delaware county house could be sitting on the underground railroad. there was a hidden room. local historians think this was a secret stop in the underground railroad. it's where runaway slaves were
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hidden. >> i think there's a basement under your basement. >> a little bit in shock we loved here so many years and never knew this existed. >> she has no plans of covering up the hole and wants to see what else is down there. >> 4:57. coming up on "action news," the ghost busters reboot comes with a rebooted theme song. some residents in burlington county are on high alert after a rabid fox attacked a man. "action news" continues.
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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., friday, june 24. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us we're following a developing story. >> british bombshell, david cameron resign after britain votes to leave the european union. a 4-year-old girl was shot in the eye in a philadelphia home. police believe they know who pulled the trigger. >> the sixers have their number one pick. they will introduce ben simmons today we're live with the details. >> we have showers, let's turn to david and karen. >> reporter: we have a thunderstorm out over the delaware bay into cape may county. that's something to keep your eye on over the next 60 minutes. there's another one that might produce lightning this morning. most of this will be an issue during the morning rush hour. after that it will taper off


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