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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  June 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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an apology. and a folcroft police officer shot in the sign of duty gets a call from a country star. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night, we begin with breaking news from northeast philadelphia. a woman has been shot and killed
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with a cross bow. police say her boyfriend is in custody. this happened just about a half-hour ago, an hour and a half go on willis road. the woman was shot in the upper torso again with a cross bow. she was taken to aria torresdale hospital. and new details about the morning that the folcroft police officer christopher dorman was shot. we now know that his desperate calls to dispatchers at first went unanswered. the reason at that key moment the system was down. there is concerning news emer emerging from delaware county about the day that folcroft officer christopher dorman was shot seven times. they say the system failed momentarily as officer dorman's colleagues were trying to get him help. "action news" reporter jeff chirico has been looking into what happened and life with the
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details. jeff? >> sarah, the time could go n not -- the timing could not have been worse. looking into what cause add computer at the communication center to malfunction leaving dispatchers in the dark about what was going on on the ground in folcroft. >> i turned down the street and he was running across the street towards my car. >> we heard the recording of officer christopher dorman's frantic radio calls for help followed by the sergeant. but "action news" learned these radio calls, and others from shortly after the shooting, never made it to dispatchers at the delaware county communications center who apparently had no idea an officer had been shot for several minutes. >> every time we call, we call our call number and call into the radio room and we're getting no response. >> county officials say a computer inexplicitly rebooted
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and they say the outage lasted six minutes, leaving officers without their lifeline and no one to facilitate an appropriate response to shooting. fortunately, the police heard each other. >> we had experienced officers on the street, thank god, and communicated information back and forth of description, where we are, blocking intercessions off to get him to the hospital. >> and they are investing the communication systems used during the incident. luckily the computer crash did not affect the outcome of the shooting but doesn't want to take another chance. >> this is our lifeline and what we are trying to rely on. it is not the dispatchers, there is no control over it thes system shuts down. >> we learned another malfunction last night affected the darby police. the county councilmembers declined to speak on camera
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about either incidents. and the police representative says he is aware of the periodic outages and plans to work with county leaders to address it. jeff chirico channel 6 news." >> thank you. good news to pass along. officer dorman will be going home, expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow. no word on when he will leave, told he will be given a police and fire escort to his folcroft home. a memorable weekend for officer dorman, one involving a country superstar. receiving an apology from chesney after he mistakenly told the crowd at his concert that dorman died. today he made things right and actions reporter trish hartman with the story. >> it was a mistake and he made good on it. >> it was made in front of thousands of country fans. at the request of officer dorman
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and supportsers on social media. >> hey, don't forget me. >> kenny chesney giving a shout out to the police officer shot seven times on friday. but he mistakenly said that the officer died. >> he passed away, but before he passed away he did a video. >> 25-year-old dorman is alive and recovering at penn presbyterian medical center. several folcroft officers were at the concert and they quickly tweeted that officer dorman passed away, that is false. he is alive and well. make this right. and chesney made a call to dorman at the hospital apolog e apologizing and offering to take him out to beers and an eagles game. >> we knew as applied he didn't do this on purpose. it wasn't done with malice. >> and chesney issued a statement saying he found automatic about dorman just before he hit the stage. and i was so caught up in the
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moment i think emotions got the best of me and i wasn't as clear as i could have been. >> and some folks at the kenny chesney concert said they count believe what they said but glad he tried to make it right. >> i was videoing it and when he said he passed it away i turned it off, and the fact he said it was a philly cop. >> and something should have told him what was going on beforehand. the philadelphia police say a man fighting for his life this hour after being stabbed in the kingsessing session just before 6:30 on 52nd street and kingsessing avenue. the man in his 50s was stabbed in his some, now at penn presbyterian in critical condition. a man is in custody but no charges so far filed. southern california seven were stabbed outside of the state capital at a rally held by
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a right wring extremist group. they clashed with protesters. a fire department spokesperson said some stabbed were critically wounded and many others had cuts, stays and bruise. fire official i can't say in california say homes have been destroyed in a wildfire. an elderly couple dead after overcome by smoke. the death toll may rise. the firefighters have only contained about 10% of the flames. >> this is a house -- it is hard. >> wildfires in seven other states burned more than 150,000 acres. firefighters say a dry air mass will continue to bring high temperatures and low humidity. more heavy rain expected in areas already hit hard by flooding in west virginia. flash flood watches this place for 22 counties tomorrow. the national weather service
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says heavy rain can cause some streams to breach their banks. at least 25 people killed in the floods since thursday. turning to our weather now, it was a great weekend. but the humidity returns tomorrow and storms are in your forecast. meteorologist melissa magee is over at the "action news" big board with our first check on the accuweather forecast. melissa? >> sarah, we certainly have changes up ahead for the start of the workweek. the first weekend of summer is certainly not too bad. highs today in philadelphia were in the upper 80s. right now across the mid-atlantic region, 70 in philadelphia, warm off to the west in pittsburgh at 78. and 74 degrees in charleston, west virginia. the dewpoints, it's been pretty comfortable. the dewpoint numbers for our area right now are in the upper 50s. we have a comfortable air mass overhead. you look to the west and the dewpoint numbers from buffalo down to pittsburgh and charleston are in the 60s. we have an increase in humidity thanks to the southwest or
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southwest eerly wind that will have an impact how it feels. and the moisture ahead. cold front off to the west. the cold front will work its way from the west-east direction as we go throughout the day tomorrow. it will kick the high pressure out and then we have the threat of a shower or thunderstorm by day's end. warm and mucky monday, and thunderstorms are likely. and temperatures in the most part in the 80s and a closer look in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you. pope francis said today that gays deserve an apology from the catholic church. on his way home from spending the weekend in are -- armenia. and asked if he agreed with the advisor making a comment, and the pope said that he there should be an afollow guy
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and returning from a meeting with the pope in armenia, the seniors also did work in the community during the visit. and wendy spoke with them tonight and has the story. >> the students return to malvern this evening with cheers from family and friends, a warm welcome back home. andrew, a cancer survivor diagnosed with leukemia when he was 3 had the surprise of his life when he was invited to kiss the pope's ring. >> it was amazing to get face-to-face with him and to be able to look at him in the eye and be able to kiss his ring. i was speechless after that. >> and his director didn't get to see the pope in philadelphia because of the crowd. >> i was as close to him as i am to you. it was just moving. so moving for all of us. i mean to have boys walk away in tears. >> the trip part of the malvern
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christian services program serving those in need across the globe. taking them to armenia volunteering for a summer camp for orphans and underprivileged kids. >> meeting the kids and what they have been through it is a humbling experience for all of us. >> and saying the work with the kids is the most memorable moment, he also had the opportunity to hold hands with the pope. >> it felt like jesus, like touching him. honestly, it was like something that you never would think would happen. >> the students were working with under-privileged children ages 7-15. >> it was really eye-opening for me. these kids really don't have much, but they always had a smile on their face. always so happy. >> they count their smiles, and later the tears as what was truly unforgettable. >> sobbing on our part, to have to leave these children. >> these mission trips are
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requirements for juniors going into their senior year at malvern prep, and span from the philippines to costa rica serving disadvantaged children in third-world countries. and much more to come tonight on "action news." a roller coaster in scotland slides off the rails falling nearly 20 feet to the ground. most of the wounded are children. and hillary clinton celebrating the lgbt pride in new york today. and may have a reason to smile. and what the poll shows the view of donald trump. and the phillies trying to do something they have not done in awhile, getting two wins in a row. jeff skversky tells us when they were able to pull it off when we come back.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood...
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...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. today was a celebration of lgbt pride around the country.
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those who took part saw increased security in the aftermath of the orlando massacre. the new york city marchers made tribute. and lining the straight route including hillary clinton. and the mayor said about what happened in orlando, the answer is not to run and hide. >> i think it is an act of defiance on one level to come out and say we stand by our values, inclusion, and love and tolerance and standing up saying we embrace all people. >> and pride celebrations in other cities including chicago and san francisco. to the race for president now. a new poll shows support for hillary clinton is surging, while donald trump support dwindling. new numbers and how the candidates spent their day today. >> hillary clinton all smiles this sunday at the pride parade in new york. her appearance at the mayor's conference, along with other
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speakers like the dalai lama and lady gaga after good news in the polls. >> you can't respond with a tweet, bombastic comments in turbulent times. and leading donald trump 51-39 the 12-point gap the biggest so far. and trump in scotland for his golf course >> we will see what happens. it is early in the game. >> trump's ban on muslim immigrants appears to eastbound involving, but the latest numbers suck that damage from that poly proposal and others have been done. 66 percent of americans say he is biased against women, minorities and muslims and stunning 64% say he is not
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qualified to be president, the highest number yet. the billionaire supporters admit that he has work to do, but say he can bridge the divide. as for the question of who will help him do that as vice-president, one man thought to be a contender said he is in the dark, like everyone else. >> nobody has called me, nobody has said would you like to be, nobody said would you be willing to be. and probably thinking about it two days before cleveland. >> that less than a month away. abc news washington. the fallout from britain's exit from the european union continues tonight. the pound falling even further in asia where monday morning trading already has begun down 2% from friday's close. and tomorrow stocks positioned for another sell-off in the united states. and friday's sell-off wiped out $2 trillion in global markets, $830 billion here in the u.s. alone. tonight the dow futures are indicating that stocks will open
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more than 100 points lower in the morning. in london, they are asking for a do-over. a petition calling for a second e.u. referendum has now been signed by more than 3 million people. parliament members say they will discuss it on tuesday. three children are in serious condition after a roller coaster crashed to the theme park in scotland. witnesses said the ride derailed, hitting the support beam and crashed to the ground. eight children and two adults were injured. the tsunami ride, an inverted roller coaster meaning that the train runs under the track. the ride can reach up to 40 miles per hour as it goes through the twists. investigators are still trying to determine what caused the derailment. the family of samuel noel, jr. received the congressional gold medal in memory of the late marine. and taking place in the baptist church, and the family presented with certificate and gold medal. he was part of the first group of black marines breaking the
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color carrier. it is the highest civilian honor destowed by congress. and a moment of kindness that changed a hard-working teenager's life. the work in the grocery store and what gave this man a new beginning. and the humidity returns and melissa magee with the seven-day when "action news" comes right back. ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, payment, withdrawal or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee.
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and there's no minimum balance. you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪
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a juicy competition in south philadelphia is helping local kids expand their education. hundreds of people came out to enjoy the sixth annual burger brawl. people could sample 40 different burgers as they walked around, and the first time a taco takedown. money from the event funds literacy programs in the city's schools. a great weekend to get out and do things. a little bit warm, and tomorrow a little humid. >> more like summer will be on
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the way as we track the increase in humidity, and that could fuel some showers and storms later on, sarah. showing you what is going on, stormtracker live double scan radar showing it is dry. it's been dry all weekend, no issues with precipitation. and outside we go from the temperature university camera looking at the center city skyline where southbound on broad street, looking at city hall. a mosty clear sky. nice and comfortable. the humidity is low but that is changing as we go throughout the day. a high today in philadelphia up to 87. not bad in the city at 71. 72 in reading. 68 in lancaster. up in the poconos 71. cooler at the coast, 67 in cape may. but the pine barons in new jersey coming in at 59. 68 in wilmington and 64 in dover. here is satellite 6, along with action radar, we have clear skies from new england down across the mid-atlantic region. the cold front we are tracking to the north and west.
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we had a ridge of high pressure firmly in control over the weekend. and the ridge of high pressure moves to the east and we are tracking the cold front that moves through. actually two cold fronts we are tracking this week. one monday and then a more active cold front that moves through tuesday. and here's something you will notice as we go throughout the day on monday, and also into tuesday. the dewpoints, the level of moisture in the air will be on the rise. 65 degrees, 65-degree dewpoint. and you will notice the level of moisture in the atmosphere come tomorrow. and then we peak to 70 by tuesday. in the wake of the could cold fronts by wednesday down into a 50-degree dewpoint range, which means we have a nice, comfortable air mass on the way by the middle half of the workweek. and futuretracker you see 6:00 in the morning we have a few more clouds around, otherwise mostly clear dry start to the day. as we get into the afternoon hours, this model wants to printout a little precipitation to our north and west. i think a shower and thunderstorm is likely by day's end, especially with an increase
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in humidity. tuesday, 6:00 a.m. a couple of showers around, but turning more active getting into tuesday afternoon with the pop-up shower or thunderstorm from the poconos south and eastward across our region. and warm and muggy, thunderstorm late in the day. high of 86. feeling warmer when you factor in the humidity come tomorrow. if you are traveling down the shore, at least in atlantic city along the coast partly sunny and the afternoon sea breeze kicks in to the high temperature cooler in comparison to inland location with the wind at 68. and the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, turning humid tomorrow. high temperature up to 86 degrees. even shower and thunderstorm likely. the day doesn't start out humid, but you notice an increase as we wear on here. tuesday muggy and high of 85. showers and thunderstorms likely. 85 and humidity lowering. nice thursday, 87. and friday sun and a thunderstorm around and 89.
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warm saturday with a spotty storm and at 89. and getting into next sunday, 88 degrees and partly sunny. that is the start of our 4th of july weekend next weekend. can you believe it? it is here already. >> so hard to believe. going too fast. >> yes, it is. >> thank you. and find the seven-day forecast and a live look at stormtracker double scan radar any time of day on our website. visit up next here on "action news" tonight, the philadelphia sports community lost a legend. and jeff skversky looks back at the life and legacy of hal lear when "action news" comes right back.
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and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. jeff here now with sports. the phillies are trying to stop this downward slide. >> it is a tough start and definitely tough for nola. even the manager is concerned about his future ace. what is up with him? he is in a giant slump. the first phillies starter in 34 years to seldom pitch past the fourth in his


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