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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  July 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday july 5th. tam is awesome erin o'hearn joins us. >> we're following today's developing stories. septa commuters face what's being called a rough commute. one third of the regional rail trains have been taken out of service just as many people return to work after the holiday weekend. >> we have live crews spread out across the area this morning to give you a full picture of what to expect. reporters annie mccormick and katherine scott is talking to commuters at septa stations and matt pelman is in for karen rogers watch youin watchie
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routes. >> first let's get to meteorologist, david murphy. >> we've had some pockets of heavy rain overnight and there is the potential of flooding. there's also a line of thunderstorms right now dumping heavy rain down in south jersey and delaware. you can see all of this pushing over toward the east. but for now you're getting inundated with heavy rain. there have been pockets of heavy rainier philadelphia and other areas as well. it takes awhile for any roads that have taken on flooding conditions to drain so be careful driving around this morning as we could see a slow down because of some of the in backed up water. flash flood watch in effect until 10 o'clock across the region. possible that some areas to the north and west will get dropped before then but a reminder we have had those heavy pockets of rain and there could be flooding issues out there. as we take a look to the west we're going get rid of this main pockets of rain. we'll transition to a mix of clouds and sun later on but there's still the pocket of a pop-up afternoon thunderstorm.
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75 degrees your temperature is warm heading out this morning, 74 in wilmington, 70 in wilmington, 72 trenton, 72 in cape may and it is very muggy and this is something you're going to have to get used to for the next several days. the dewpoints are up over 70 and that's where we start talking about oppressive humidity and most of the region is dealing with that this morning. 73 degrees by 7 o'clock for your workout. of course it's going to be raining in some spots by 7 o'clock. by 10 o'clock we'll be drying out, 76 and the rest of the day looks like a mix of clouds and sun with a slight chance of a spotty thunderstorm. your high today is going to be a very warm 88 and we'll probably hit that later in the afternoon, say, around 4 o'clock. going to be a muggy night and then we get excessive heat on the way the next couple days. matt pelman. details on that in the seven day. now on to those big traffic stories. >> oh, yes, not to be a pessimist david because i would never i think the deck is stacked against us. we have wet conditions shore traffic and first and foremost we've got this major situation with septa. with all the silver liner v
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cars taken out of service that does mean 13,000 less seats on our regional rails so all the schedules, the weekday schedules change as of this morning and now we're running on saturday schedules. on these four lines, the airport, warminster, chestnut hill west and fox chase lines all on regular saturday and schedules. cynwyd line will not be running. you'll be on the buses instead. those buses making stops at cynwyd, bala, wynnefield and 30th street station. then all of the other regional rail lines are going to be on what they're calling enhanced saturday schedules, an extra early morning train, a few extra trains during the rush hours but otherwise it's a saturday schedule. trains will be overcrowded. they're going to have to bypass stops especially as you get closer to the city so you're going to want to think about using some of the other modes of transportation like the trolleys, buses, subways. we'll talk about all these options as the morning progresses. otherwise roads are wet. no construction, that's the good news but already we're seeing accidents like one here on 95 southbound by penn's
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landing. police on the scene. it's going to be a busy morning, matt and erin. >> indeed. let's get right into it matt. let's switch to "action news" reporter annie mccormick live at the city's fern rock transportation center. annie. >> reporter: matt, here at fern rock right now it's pretty quiet but we're expecting this to be one of the stops to sigh a lot of activity. that's because this is the northern stop for the broad street line but also there were several stops for reach hal in rail including lansdowne, doylestown warminster and west trenton and there are also four bus stops here. now, if people decide to take some alternate routes or if they decide to drive and park and then take some of those alternate routes we could see a lot of. >> reporter: let's give you some background as to what is all happening if you're enjoying your holiday weekend and didn't quite realize what your commute might be if you take septa this morning take a look at this video. it was on friday that a septa engineer spotted the malfunction on one car and officials made the decision to take the fleet of silver liner five cars all 120 of them off
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the street for repairs. now, the problem is a structural flaw where stress cracks developed in a critical portion of the wheel suspension system. again, they have now taken all of those cars out of service and there is no time line for how long that will take. these are the newest regional rail cars. they were assembled in 2010 and 2013. and like we said, so far back here at fern rock we haven't seen a lot of activity yet but we're expecting to see a number of people. i know throughout the morning we'll be giving you alternate routes but there's plenty of parking spots if people can somehow get a ride here and then they can some have alternate routes to head into the city. for now reporting live at the fern rock station, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thanks so much annie. now let's turn to "action news" reporter katherine spot live at the septa station in ardmore montgomery county. katherine. >> reporter: erin, commuters are bracing themselves for crowds on the platforms, crowds in the rail cars as
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this first rush gets under way since the holiday weekend but as you take a look right now here in ardmore, you can see it's quiet. that's expected to change soon. septa says there is not a short term fix for this. there are now 13,000 fewer seats than usual on the regional rail and with the remaining cars expected to be so packed, don't be surprised if you're standing there and the train bypasses your station especially as you get closer to the city. septa is encouraging riders to look at their whole network for other options to get to work. there's the trolley, the market frankford line or drive to south philadelphia and use one of the 1600 parking spots at the old navy hospital and walk to the broad street subway. outside septa, uber drivers are readying themselves for a rush in business. >> we're going to make out pretty good tomorrow. we'll be out here starting at 4:00 a.m. we're going to make sure everybody gets to their destination safely quickly and on glime i can always use more business. i hate to do it at other
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people's expense. >> reporter: and there could be car shortages through this month even into august, so septa is encouraging you get a contingency plan in place. this is not an issue that's going to be reoutfield overnight. we're live i-- resolved overnig. >> we want to hear from you. submit your photos and videos to join the action as and share them on social media using #6abcaction. >> 6:37. wilmington police cordoned off the scene of a shooting overnight. gunfire sent one person to the hospital. >> one july 4th celebration will get a do over today after rain postponed many festivities. david. >> drenching downpours down south of philadelphia in south jersey right now, active thunderstorms as well and even up closer to the city in some areas where it's not raining as much there could be leftover road flooding. excessive heat coming over the next couple days. details ahead in the
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accuweather 7-day. >> ♪
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>> the action cam caught fireworks lighting up the skies overdewey beach, one of the few july 4th festivities in delaware that went on scheduled despite the rain. newark scheduled its celebration and fireworks for today. wilmington rescheduled for august 20th. and then dover, the fireworks are now set for september 3rd. >> so basically every night of the year we're going to have fireworks. >> and the rain did not wash out the welcome america concert and fireworks on ben franklin parkway. many people planned ahead and had the umbrella to keep them dry. the rain did cancel the philly pops concert on independent hall. >> newark delaware and other that is rescheduled for tonight it's going to be good. >> yeah, it will be warm and muggy but it doesn't look like it's going to rain so yeah they'll be able to get them off.
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storm tracker6 live double scan shows a much different story this morning as we have lots of rain across the region. if we go in tighter on this the big focus right now is south jersey and parts of central delaware where you've had a series of thunderstorms coming through and obviously all of that stuff highlighted in the yellow, the orange, the red is really heavy inundating rain and we have flash flood watch in effect until 10 o'clock this morning across the entire region but the heaviest stuff coming down right now in south jersey. up in philadelphia and some of the northern suburbs where it isn't raining as heavily you may have had some pockets early that have produced ponding and puddling on the roadways and maybe high water on flashing creeks and streams. do be careful driving around. 10 o'clock is roughly when we expect the last of the flooding issues to be over. as we look outside we've got cloudy skies and a little bit foggy down there at the shore as we've got that rain pong through right through atlantic city and just not a real pleasant morning out there. temperature currently in philadelphia is 75 degrees and it's also very muggy this
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morning. the dewpoint up over 70. that's usually where we start talking about oppressive humidity and that is going to be the pattern for the next couple days. winds right now are out of the southwest at 13 miles per hour, continuing to draw in muggy air mass. future tracker6 shows that you between now and 8 o'clock we'll start to see this rain begin to fall apart, even farther out of the northern and western suburbs and very quickly by about 9 o'clock or so it should be done and then some of that flooding water just goes down over the next hour or so. rest of the afternoon mainly dry. there is the possibility of a little pop-up shower or thunderstorm but if there are fireworks plans for tonight in your community where they have been postponed, i think you're going to get them in okay. 73 degrees by 8 o'clock. 76 by 10 o'clock. we are going to transition from a lot of clouds in the morning to more of a clouds and sun mix through the day. 87 degrees by 3 o'clock and your high of 88 will probably hit around 4 o'clock and we may still be holding that by 5 o'clock this afternoon. again, just a spotty pop-up shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon, mainly dry today. 88 degrees in allentown, 88 is your high in philadelphia.
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pretty humid up here in the northern suburbs but very humid from philadelphia down to the shore where our beach temperatures are going to be in the 78 to 82-degree range. speech actuallbeach is going tot way to avoid the higher humidity today. early rain and a thunderstorm possible down the shore today. then we'll see sun, fairly low risk of rip currents but swim near the lifeguards. high in the low 70's in most spots and upper 70's in cape may. looks like rehoboth beach and bethany beach probable the in low to mid 80's. now, tonight at the phillies game cool drinks will be really important. it's going to be a warm and humid night and it's possible that even in the ninth inning we're still holding onto the low 80's. it's going to take awhile for us to get past this warmth that we've got building today. then future tracker six shows you the next story and i'm going to cover wednesday and thursday looking at the heat index. this is what it's going the feel like in the afternoon. how do you like 96 degrees heat index tomorrow? combination of heat and humidity and as we get into
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thursday, it gets worse. looks like a heat index of up around 100 degrees so excessive heat coming tomorrow and especially thursday. your seven-day from accuweather, warm and humid today, rain in the morning, after that mainly dry and a high of 88. tomorrow hot and sticky, a high of 94, feeling about four, 5 degrees worse than that and on thursday, excessive heat with a high of 95. feeling like it's around 191 many of our urban centers. then we get into friday, a high of nine would degrees. possibility of a thunderstorm thursday and friday in spots and saturday is the day where we're probably going start to transition to better weather. it does look like there will be a shower or maybe a strong thunderstorm around. this could actually be earlier in the day and then in the afternoon we're hoping to dry out, 92 degrees, humidity will start to go down a little bit and finally sunday warm but much less humid and more comfortable with a high of 88 and pretty much the same story on monday. remember, when we're not on the air, you can always get the latest weather information going to and this morning is one of
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those mornings where you might be checking it out before you head out the door. or you can just stay here and we'll keep showing you the radar. so, heavy rain in pockets this morning. things get better a little later this morning. >> thanks, david. >> wilmington police are investigating a late night shooting. someone opened fire on a man hitting him twice. the gunfire erupted on the 1000 block of clifford brown walk. the victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police are looking for the shooter and trying to piece together a motive. >> an investigation into a string of suspicious fires in camden continues this morning. camden firefighters were called into service again yesterday afternoon. they rescued a person from a burning building on the 1100 block of mount ephraim avenue. it was the 14th fire in camden in just days. most of the fires happened in vacant homes within a one-mile radius. all of them happened during the day so investigators are hoping someone may have seen something that can help their investigation. one of the victims, business
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owner earnest hall says he thought his new security system caught the suspects. >> we get here, we would be able to run the tape, look and see everything, they would be able to see everything going on. that's why i had it put on the outside and inside but nothing was turned on. >> seven firefighters have suffered minor injuries fighting the fires. >> police in delaware are investigating the attempted abductions of two women just hours apart. the first happened at each l20 11:20 sunday night. a delaware student was unloading her car. she tells police a man grabbed her from behind and tried to put a chemical soaked rag around her mouth. the second happened at 3:33 yesterday morning. a 61-year-old woman was attacked at main towers on the same block. both women were able to get away. >> up next we're going to check on traffic, see how the septa train trouble is affecting the rails and roads. >> and tonight's mega millions
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jackpot is nearing record territory. find out what your chances are of winning big when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> well, hopefully the planes
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work okay today but i know i'm a little -- i don't know about that, either, because of the wet conditions out there. we could see delays at philadelphia international airport. we do expect big delays on other portions of mass transit like those septa regional rails. as we get used to the new normal today, which involves new schedules and most of the schedules on the regional rails are saturday schedules or what they're calling enhanced saturday schedules. what that means is they're tacking on an extra early morning train and a couple extra rush hour trains on a lot of these lines making the schedule enhanced but overall a saturday schedule doesn't offer nearly as much service as a weekday schedule. this is why we expect the trains to be crowded. they'll bypass stations especially as they get close to the city. so, we are expecting some problems. you do need to think outside the box. say you're coming from coatesville or some part of chester county. can you get on one of the amtrak keystone line trains?
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they're offering extra service. maybe you're coming from trenton and you could use an njt train coming from delco like from the media area, could you get on one of the wie 101 or 102 trolleys and come in that way? the norristown high speedline is a good alternative to the manayunk norristown regional rail line. take that in. a lot of these other septa services other than the regional rails are offering exat a service for the foreseeable future as we deal with this rail car shortage and a lot of you are going to choose to drive and this morning you're driving on wet roads like here on 95. this is southbound by penn's landing. there's already an accident. police and penndot pulling up to the scene as well. we've got accidents elsewhere in east againville fifth street at jefferson street. a crash in hopewell township mercer county blocking the sobbed side of 29 river road at fiddler's creek road and we'll see extra traffic coming back from the beach this morning because a lot of people stayed there for the fireworks so erin it's going to be a very busy tuesday. >> lots going on. thanks so much, matt. new on "action news" a
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kentucky town is cleaning up the damage caused by a strong storm. a national weather service crew is heading to the down of louisa to see if this funnel cloud was a tornado. the wind heaved a tractor-trailer and caused property damage. a wal-mart was among the places hit the hardest. fortunate no serious injuries were reported. >> ♪ >> time for your first look at business on this tuesday. asian markets opened mixed today amid await and see mood for more signs of the effects of britain's future outside the european union and if it even will happen. trading volumes were thin due to the july 4th holiday that had u.s. markets closed. u.s. major indices closed up back on friday. premarket trading indicates we could see selling at the opening bell. blackberries are finally being phased out of capitol hill. congress has been issuing the devices to lawmakers for a decade and is finally making the switch to android or iphone. a memo sent out to staffers says production of all blackberry o s-10 devices is being discontinued and future
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fulfillment cannot be guaranteed so staffers can still use the remaining phones in stock or get an android or apple phone. you could be $449 million richer by the end of the day. the mega millions drawing is tonight. the $449 million jackpot is the seventh large of the in u.s. history. the odds of picking all the correct numbers in the mega millions are one in 259 million. >> 4:53 now. we're following more news stories. a chase between a couple ends with a crash in a philadelphia neighborhood overnight. details coming up at 5:00 a.m. >> up next, the search for two men whose actions led officials to postpone a country music concert in delaware over the weekend. >> ♪
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>> new on "action news," delaware state police are looking for these two men. police say they made threatening statements to a worker at the americana bayside welcome center in selbyville secessio sussex coun. as a precaution a country music concert by the band perry slated for that night at the welcome center was canceled. the band apologized to its delaware fans on twitter and said the show has been rescheduled for august 17th. >> bill cosby's lawyers go back to court in montgomery county on thursday. they will argue that andrea constand should be forced to testify. cosby is charged with sexually assaulting her in his montgomery county home in 2004.
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a state appeals court ruled last year that victims do in the have to testify at preliminary hearings. pennsylvania supreme court has agreed to review the issue. cosby is accused of sexual misconduct involving other women but not charged in any of those cases. >> 4:57 and coming up on "action news," likely presidential nominees donald trump and hillary clinton will both be getting an extra boost of political star power on the campaign trail today. >> septa rail riders should expect some big challenges today and in the days and weeks ahead. we're live with the latest. >> ♪
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala
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edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday july 5th. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us and developing right now. >> train troubles. septa riders could be in for a rough morning commute. the rail service has pulled a third of its regional rail cars out of service. >> the morning commute will also be a wet one plus accuweather is tracking our next heat wave of the summer. we have live team coverage on the septa train troubles. katherine scott and an thee mccormick are live at stations in the city and the suburbs. matt pelman will have the latest on the roads. >> let's get a check of the weather with dave murphy. >> unfortunately we have issues in the weather department as well as the commute. you can see thunderstorms working their way through south jersey and delaware and in a lot of cases these are dumping heavy rain highlighted in orange yellow and reds and we have a concern even in areas where the rain is beginning to slacken off that there could be some flooded road conditions and maybe some high water on some


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