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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 8, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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call now, request your free [decision guide] and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ morning, breaking news from dallas, texas where gunfire erupted during a protest march through the downtown area. the police chief there says snipers targeted officers stationed at the march calling it an ambush and saying the killers were trying to get as many officers as possible. >> 11 officers shot. four of them dead. 7 seriously injured. at least one bystander was also hurt. three people are in custody this morning, and a fourth suspect has been exchanging gunfire with police. the police chief says that suspect is not cooperating, clearly, and the telling negotiators he intends to harm more officers. it's going to be a long night
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and long morning there in the dallas area. we want to get to some other stories that we're following for a moment. we'll get back to the big story. the state department is resuming the investigation in hillary clinton's e-mails. now that it's been decided she won't face criminal charges. the internal review was put on hold could lead to people losing security clearances. they want the fbi to look into whether clinton lied to congress and they want to deny her access to classified information normally shared with presidential nominees. >> donald trump is making it clear he's not changing his message or tone. he held closed door meetings and blamed the media for showing him in a bad light. trump called for unity but exchanges were tense at times as some raised questions about his controversial statements and tweets. lawmakers, some of them saying they're encouraged by what trump said. others said they were unimpressed. one described the upcoming
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election as a dumper the fire. >> disturbing new numbers on the mental health crisis facing so many of our veterans. the va says roughly 20 vets kill themselves each day. in 2014 more than 74 00 veterans took their own lives. that's 18% of all suicides in america even though they make up less than 9% 069 american population. >> an arrest. anthony pageant was expected to be charged with two counts and murder and several counts of assault. he's believed to be man the near where the first victim was found. back in 2010 he was sent no prison for setting a homeless man on fire as he was sleeping. new numbers from the cdc on the zika virus in this country. most of the pregnancies have not gone to term. seven infants have been born
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with birth defects after their mothers were infected. the mothers were infected outside of the united states. >> the final nato summit for president obama. the president will meet with the eu leaders this morning to discuss how they plan to negotiate the exit. his meetings with include discussions on nato initiatives to deal with threats from russia and the crisis with the refugee, but undoubtedly, we will hear the president talk about what took place in dallas overnight. he spoke about the black lives matter situation yesterday, and we're told that the white house is aware, obviously, with the situation in dallas and they've spoken with the mayor of dallas, and no doubt, the president will address the situation. >> coming up, we'll have more on that top story. again, four officers killed in dallas. 11 total officers wounded. along with a civilian injured as well. we will hear from an eyewitness to the scene coming up next. stay with us.
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welcome back to "world news now." we are following breaking news for you out of dallas, texas where 11 officers were shot during a protest there. four of those officers are now dead. a civilian was also injured. at least one bystander there,
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and police are under a large investigation trying to piece together what happened. >> and those sad numbers might change as the morning goes on. we're hearing incredible stories from people in the crowd. you're about to hear from the sister of a woman, a civilian, who was shot. >> after the first shot she said another shot went off and then it became a barrage of shots fired. they all begin to run. as she started to run, she caught a bullet in the back of her right calf. she immediately jumped on top of one of her sons and covered him, and the other three ran different directions. >> a chilling scene there. police now have several suspects in custody. questioning one and also looking into threats of possible bombs in the area as well. still a fluid story and active investigation. >> we'll continue to stay on top of this. we'll have full coverage on good
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this is a scene outside the dallas police head quarters this early morning. the flag at half staff after they've lost so many of their fellow brothers in blue. 11 officers, at least 11 officers were shot. and at least four are dead. i want to give you also a scene of how dallas is reacting to this. this is the dallas morning news headline this morning. it simply says ambush. those were the words of the police chief when he addressed the situation early on, and this photo right here, it is one that is touching hearts all across this country. it is of a very burly police officer there in blue reduced to tears. >> the daily news, also releasing its cover. it just says madness, and talking about a sniper shooting 11 cops, killing four, and
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actually shows an officer on the ground there, possibly one of the fallen officers, and, of course, an outpouring of people reacting to this this morning as well. >> i should give you one sense. we're being told the president who is traveling right now in poland for the nato summit, he's been briefed on the situation. saying he's been updated on the shooting and asked the team that despite all the stuff he's dealing with in europe that he wants to be update on the this situation as often as possible. >> we also heard from the texas governor calling for unity in all of this, offering his thoughts and prayers to the dallas police department. also offering whatever assistance the state can offer to the city of dallas in order to help in this time of need, and we're also hearing from several celebrities on social media. john legend commenting these dallas shootings horrific. killing these officers is counterproductive to keeping us
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safe. >> that's good to see. there were so many people giving their opinions and reacting to the shootings in minnesota as well as the one in louisiana, and it's good to know that there are people out there also who are reacting just as painfully this morning to the blue lives that were lost overnight. >> and the president commented last night on those shootings and was saying that to speak out against excessive use against the force is not speaking on the police in general. he said the values in those speaking out is portraying the values of the majority of police officers that go out to protect us and keep our cities safe every day. >> a live picture of dallas right now in the overnight hours and it is still a tense situation there. this is far from over.
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breaking news this morning. police officers shot and killed at a protest in dallas. >> others are fighting for their lives after a shootout with at least two suspected snipers. the moments on the streets. bystanders rush to safety as fellow officers are trying to hunt down the suspects. and breaking news out of dallas, ending what had been a difficult day for the nation. two police involved shootings of black men, once again shining a light on the excessive force. >> we'll have one black female officer expressing her frustration. there's full coverage ahead on this friday, july 8th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm noiddiane macedo.
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>> we begin in dallas where possibly two snipers shot fires. at least 11 officers shot. four of those officers are dead. the others seriously injured and at least one civilian was also injured. >> and you see the chaotic moments there from the dallas area. the gunfire sent marchers running for cover as police scoured downtown hotels, restaurants, office buildings, parking lots, even residential structures looking for those responsible. the police chief says at least one is in custody, and a person of interest has surrendered. we are on the scene. >> reporter: right now we're at the corner of lamar and ross. this is a nice neighborhood in dallas, texas. close by landmarks that tourists enjoy. right behind me you can see a lot of police activity. several streets remain blocked
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off. in fact, several roamps remain blocked off into the community. and a lot of bystanders sitting and standing along the sidewalk. some want to know what's going on. others work on the other side of this police line and they're waiting for a ride because buses and trains stopped. we know there's still an active police presence. they have not told us as far as how many more or an additional suspect is involved in the shooting. we know two people are in custody. surrounding the shootings that you can easily call assassinations of dallas police officers as snipers shot from a second story onto a crowd of police who are here protecting what's being called a peaceful protest in the street of dallas. we have seen s.w.a.t. teams and helicopters above us. it's a busy scene. you can't get through this particular section of dallas unless you're using a detour. the community rocked by the
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terror and the horror of people even having the audacity to do this. this was just before 9:00 p.m. in a safe community. we've talked to so many people. we've never seen anything like this, not here in dallas. >> and there's mixed reports about the shooters or suspects, at least. some saying at least two suspects from elevated positions. there were reports of shots from the ground. is there any clarity on who exactly police are looking for and what exactly happened? >> reporter: we know this. we do know that they have two men in custody. we also know that, for sure, based on recordings from 9-1-1, that there were shootings from a second story. now, i have some video, my photographer shot video of a 7/11 store with the windows shot out. we don't know if it was from police responding.
3:04 am
we don't know if it was from the snipers, but we know gunfire was exchanged. based on the video we've been able to see on social media from eyewitnesss, people in the crowd, people at home, people who just happen to be in the neighborhood and who heard the gunfire, the rapid succession of gunfire, this was -- this was somebody who, again, police are saying, planned this as an attack. it was calculated. we know that one of the suspects is wearing camo shorts, african american, we know that. there was word of masks. again, that's all being confirmed by what we're seeing as we get the information in from the 9-1-1 calls. >> and give us a little bit of a lay of the land. you lived in the dallas area for several years and you have friends and family members there in that area. the area that this took place, it's not necessarily somewhere that you would expect this sort of violence to break out. >> reporter: never. no, never. in fact, i was in fort worth. i had come out. i happened to be in the area on
3:05 am
vacation. and i had friends in the area say, you know, there's some bad news that just happened out of dallas. police officers shot. at the time it was only two officers shot. we didn't know that there were any fatalities. we knew two officers were injured. and then my friend started texting me and telling me what was going on. interestingly, the peaceful protest that was happening in dallas, there was a smaller similar protest on the streets of downtown fort worth. very calm. uneventful, but when word came out that officers were shot, and then possibly three to six were shot, and then the number climbed to 11, and then we found out two had been killed, no, now four have been killed, you can just feel the anxiety in the air here. and the question mark as to how something like this happened. how police were caught off guard. there are about $100 officers protecting these peaceful demonstrators. this is what they do. when there's an event here, the police come out and do their
3:06 am
job. but because of the tension that has happened, because of recent shootings, and we all know about those stories. you've been reporting on it. we've all been reporting on it. black lives matter, the whole demonstration culture, there's still no word yet as to whether we know there was somebody on the ground firing shots and somebody in the air if those folks were at all associated with the demonstrators. we don't know yet. but this is a very tragic situation. and our thoughts and prayers go out to those family members of these dallas police officers who have fallen. >> absolutely. thank you for that. >> thank you, and we have some police scanner sound from a 9-1-1 call that we want to play as the shots were being fired. >> officer down. we need you to go to channel 12. >> shooter is at a high location. el centro downtown. that's where you want to stay away from.
3:07 am
>> verbal contact with him. taking fire and returning fire. we have on 42. >> suspect reloaded rifle. >> the black male, black skin, camouflage shorts. black shorts. don't know the kind of shoes. we believe that was the shooter. he got out of a red suburban that's in the parking lot. >> you listen there and you hear the chaos that was taking place and the moments after all the shooting started in dallas. >> the police trying to piece together what was going on as they're communicating with each other. >> and who to look for. let's bring in someone who knows more about this. steve gomez, a former lapd officer joining us. steve, gorng. >> good morning. >> you listen to that and see the pictures and think what? >> i think this is a very sophisticated attack on police. it's very clear that they were targeting police officers that were covering the protest.
3:08 am
11 officers shot. four dead. only one civilian. i'd be curious to know where the civilian was positioned when the shooting started. it's a travesty. it's a very sad day in the law enforcement community. and it appears that two are in custody at the minimum. very big questions as to how many more were involved, if it was a big conspiracy, whether these two individuals were working in conjunction with certain individuals that maybe were part of the protest. if this was just they took the opportunity to take position, these are the types of questions that need to be answered in the coming investigation. >> to target officers protecting protesters seems like an unusual target. what did you think when you heard that? >> i was just -- i was floored by this. i mean, sick to my stomach. i mean, officers -- we have
3:09 am
situations where officers are shot and sometimes they're killed, and it just breaks all of our hearts, and we pray that that never happens, but here we have 11 officers shot and four dead. this is a tragedy for us, and it's something that we have to look at as far as what occurred and is this something that's going to occur in other cities? we have other protests occurring in oakland, new york city, washington d.c., l.a., seattle and others, and the information needs to get out to those cities and those law enforcement agencies right away to make sure they take precaution in the event that this is something even more coordinated than dallas. >> and you would think it's not a hot headed things. if you have at least two suspects who were there, sniper style, attacking. it wasn't somebody who got angry at all of the recent shootings. this is a couple of people who came out and said we're going to attack the police, right? >> absolutely. i mean, and this is going to be
3:10 am
part of the investigation. they're going to look at where the shots were fired from. so where were those sniper positions at the time of the shooting, and, of course, they're going to look at the protest, and where did the protest start and move and get to the point where there was a clear shot from the sniper positions and where were the law enforcement officers at the time of the protests as it was moving? this is part of the analysis that's going to take place with the investigation to determine were those snipers waiting for them to take the position? was the protest moving the officers into that position? is this a situation that is that sophisticated? or were they just in the right place and able to take those shots? this is something that has to be looked at in the investigation. >> and steve, what goes into play in dallas where i'm sure many areas are in lock down and the other cities where you were saying there are protests and you need to take precautions. what do you do? >> well, the investigation is massive.
3:11 am
and i was just speaking earlier on radio how this is a situation where every local state, federal law enforcement officer is reporting to work right now. this is a massive investigation in dallas. and so there's going to be a lot of information, a lot of intelligence gathering going on right now, and that information is going to be fed to all the different intelligence fusion centers that are all over the country, feeding that into the law enforcement agency. so they are aware of what dallas as dealt with and what they're coming up with with regard to this investigation, and it's going to help them plan for potential sniper attacks or potential protests that can result in violence, targeting law enforcement officers, these are the types of briefings that will take place before the officers go out to protect the community. >> steve, we appreciate your insight on this. we hope we'll get to talk with you the rest of the morning. this is still a developing story. we want to give you what we're learning from dallas pd in the meantime. they say they have a person in
3:12 am
custody, a female right now who was found in a garage there downtown. two other suspects who were in a mercedes bins and wearing camo. also in custody, three the total, right now, three dallas police department officers as well as a dallas rapid transit officer are the ones dead. >> and the police have said there are worries there may be bombs planted. apparently the person in the standoff staid there are bombs. another thing they'll have to investigate. >> yeah. we'll be right back. (sounds of birds whistling)
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welcome back to "world news now." we're covering breaking news out of dallas this morning where last night just after 9:00 p.m. during what was otherwise a peaceful protest, sniper fire on police officers there in dallas. 11 officers were shot. four of those officers are dead in addition to a civilian injured as well. >> i have a friend there on scene who mentioned that you can just hear the bullets whizzing by. he was a photographer, whizzing by his camera and ear. it was a dramatic scene. and the police officers there with him had no idea where the bullets were coming from. they were completely ambushed in dallas. >> police now have two people in custody, but the investigation
3:17 am
continues, and they're also investigating the possibility that bombs have been planted in the area. a developing story we're continue to monitor throughout the morning. this was all part of a black lives matter campaign. protesters hit the streets all across the country including in new york and other major cities after police arrested several demonstrators in times square and union square areas in new york. large crowds also marched through philadelphia gathering at convention center and city hall. none of those protests erupting to what happened in dallas. >> even the arrests made, relatively calm. protesters in los angeles late into the night. and in st. paul, minnesota, hundreds gathered gathered to remember the man killed by a police officer in his car. the aftermath of the shooting streaming live on facebook. a vigil was held for castile at
3:18 am
the school where he was a cafeteria supervisor. would castile have been shot if he was a white man? >> and calls for justice ringing out in baton rouge where alton sterling after a scuffle, officers shoot and killed him. his friends and family asking why it all happened. >> that was a father that died. a brother that died. that was a human life that was taken. and what most people aren't looking at is it never should have escalated to that point. >> the louisiana justice department says its conducting a full investigation along with federal investigators and representatives saying depending on the results the officers could face criminal charges. sterling was armed, and officers said they were responding to reports of a man yielding a gun.
3:19 am
>> after dallas the narrative has changed quite a bit. we'll have much more after this.
3:20 am
breaking news out of dallas. they say they have three suspects in custody and are negotiating with the fourth. 11 police officers shot during a protest. four of the officers are dead. and a civilian was also injured in the cross fire. we'll continue to follow that breaking news for you. but those protests in dallas came as demonstrations were being held in cities across the u.s. over two fatal police shootings of black men. one in minnesota and one in louisiana. >> with tensions high, byron pits brings us an emotional response from one mother who is also a police officer. >> if you are white and you work in a black community and you are racist, you need to be ashamed
3:21 am
of yourself. >> in a kia jones, a veteran police taking to facebook attacking fellow police officers. >> i want to make a difference but how dare you stand next to me in the same uniform and murder somebody? how dare you. you ought to be ashamed of yourself. >> reporter: in the post that's now gotten more than 4 million views. she reminded her community they need to do more as well. >> martin luther king stood together. we got to stand together. a house divided will not stand. >> and i know so many black women who had similar conversations and rants with their children after this. they've had the conversations before, and even black men who have young sons and worry that their sons won't make it home at night. like i said, the narrative has changed quite a bit because of dallas. >> no doubt, and a tough issue to deal with, but one it sounds like we're going to have to,
3:22 am
like it or not. we'll be right back after this break.
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just for sleep. we are looking at the omnihotel in dallas, texas where you see four stripes lit up around that hotel. the four stripes representing four fallen officers who died last night in what was intended to be a peaceful protest turned deadly after sniper fire came down. 11 officers shot in total. four of those officers now deceased. one civilian also injured. we're continuing to follow this breaking story for you this morning. >> that is one of the iconic hotels in dallas. it's lit up, as you know, many of the skyscrapers in dallas are hit up. immediately we get to reaction to that. and we're getting reaction from all over to the dallas police shooting. many police forces are given reaction including the
3:26 am
birmingham police department saying thinking and praying for dallas. ted cruz a senator and former republican presidential candidate saying men and women of law enforcement selflessly run into harm's way to save the lives of others. may god protect them and bring peace upon dallas. >> the texas governor also released a statement saying he had spoken to the public safety director there in dallas. he also later met with the mayor. he said he's directed them to offer whatever assistance the city of dallas needs. and at times like this we must emphasize the importance of uniting as americans. >> this is the dallas morning news. simply said ambush. that's what the police chief called it. and you see this photo. i'm not sure if you can really tell. but it is of a man in blue and just in absolute tears hugging someone else. it appears it might be inside of a hospital or some sort of a
3:27 am
venue. absolute tears. >> the police chief in dallas said whoever did this was trying to kill as many officers as possible. we're also seeing a lot of celebrity reaction on social media. john legend among them saying the dallas shootings are horrific. killing these officers is counterproductive to keeping us safe. that's the interesting thing about this. the officers targeted were protecting protesters that were there on the streets of dallas to speak out against these recent police-involved shootings, to speak out against police violence. they were prelotecting the protesters. >> this comes after black lives matter protests. you have reaction from celebrities following the minnesota shooting and the shooting in louisiana among them, serena williams who has other things on her mind right now, saying in london i wake up to this news, he was black and shot four times. now this is what s p?p?o?gv
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breaking news this morning on "world news now." police officers shot dead in dallas. snipers ambushing police on duty at a protest march in downtown. ground. >> it played out with people running for cover as fellow officers searched for the source of the sniper fire. we have a reporter live on the ground. we'll get you the latest right now on this friday, july 8th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everybody. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. we're going to the breaking news in dallas where the downtown area is in chaos as snipers targeted officers. >> 11 shot, 4 dead, 7 seriously injured and at least one bystander was seriously hurt.
3:31 am
police taking part from the -- people taking part in the protest said they could hear and feel bullets buzzing by their heads. it sent the crowd going for cover. >> let's get the latest from jim ryan. jim, what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: all we know is it's not over. there are police officers scattered throughout downtown dallas. some of them negotiate or at least try to negotiate with the man who is thought to be one of the two snipers on the second floor of a parking garage at the downtown community college campus. elsewhere civilians are moving around. a couple of the streets have reopened. many of the demonstrators taking part in the protest are around and watching what's happening here tonight as police try to bring this to some sort of a resolution. four police officers killed. 11 officers, some of them dallas area rapid transit, others dallas city police officers were wounded.
3:32 am
>> the dallas morning news calls this an ambush. about 100 officers there protecting protesters. the way this played out, did it seem like they were targeted? >> reporter: absolutely. if you consider these people, the shooters were up in high positions up in perches within parking garages and other high buildings shooting down into a crowd, able to pick off precisely the targets that they wanted to, and those being targets in police uniforms. they could have been shooting at civilians. instead they seemed precisely to be trying to pick off police officers and having success at it. >> that's jim ryan for us in dallas. jim, thank you so much. we understand the dallas police department are holding a press conference. we're going to check in on that. >> reporter: we have some of those notes for you. right on corner of lamar and ross. this is in the west end of dallas, a wonderful community, a
3:33 am
mix of new and old. and now the scene of terror. the dallas morning news calling this an ambush. police saying that these suspects wanted to target police officers and they did. four officers killed. you've heard us reporting this all evening long. what we've heard from the latest news conference is there are now three people in custody. there was a woman found around the area of el centro college's garage. this is where all the violence really went down, that garage was where at least one, maybe two of the snipers began firing down at officers. we have two men in custody. and there is one person currently in negotiations with police. but we're told he's been uncooperative. we're told there's still an exchange of gunfire and there have been shouts from that suspect that the end is coming, and that there are bombs planted all throughout downtown dallas. though police are saying there is no confirmation there is any truth to that.
3:34 am
this is still an active scene. >> and adriennne is reporting to us live eastern time on the latest that is taking place there in dallas, and so it is an active thing. it has been busy throughout the night, police are saying that he's saying that he has bombs, but so far, have they been going building to building trying to figure out if that's the case? >> you know, they have been sending s.w.a.t. teams throughout. in fact our photographer on the scene was able to actually see and record video of s.w.a.t. teams going door to door at el centro, seeing if there was any type of connection between the folks who were inside and the shooters. obviously they're looking for bombs. obviously they're looking for any other evidence to build a case, because this is not only something that looks like a police targeted violence. but with some of these other clues, we're trying to find out if there's any other motivation involved for the bomb scare and for the shooting that has terrorized this community.
3:35 am
>> adrienne, it seems such a short period of time to have planned such an elaborate attack. i wonder what police are saying about that aspect of things, and also what's the general sense there? are people on lock down? are they bracing right now? are people walking around and trying to figure out what's going on? >> reporter: this happened approximately 10 p.m. eastern. on the east coast, an hour earlier for central time. it was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration to support those who have been questioning the motives of police throughout the country, specifically two cases that have received a lot of high profile media attention this week. but we do know this. that this is a normally safe community, a quiet community. so many police officers streaming in with word that four of their own have fallen.
3:36 am
and a number are still critically fighting for their lives. this is something that is bringing this community together, though the streets have become much quieter now as we are entering about the fourth hour since all of this happened. a lot of folks weren't able to get back to their jobs on the other side of the police line. they had to be given rides home because trains and buses stopped in the area. a lot of bystanders have decided to call it a night, though there are still questions remaining as to why it had to happen in the first place. >> adrienne, as we mentioned before, you lived in the dallas area. and you still get back there once in a while. what's the relationship usually like between police and residents there? has it been contentious over the years? >> reporter: you know, that's a very good question. and there are different sides to the story. on the one hand, you know, men in uniform here are honored in texas. i mean, from firefighters to police officers, deputies, they're all revered.
3:37 am
but there have been some contentions, especially in light of recent years where we've seen questions about excessive use of force as we've seen in many large cities all across the country, but something like this where you have men who have essentially assassinated police officers, this is something that is unheard of in the dallas fort worth area, and it hits the heart of so many people who know someone, who have a loved one who works on the force. our hearts going out to those families tonight. >> our thank you to adrienne in dallas for us. we appreciate that, and our station in dallas has been on the scene throughout the night. here's an emotional moment from one of their reporters. >> reporter: when i got here, i can tell you what i witnessed, and there were officers swarming the hotel. there are people that were screaming. the shooter is nearby. people were told to get on the
3:38 am
ground, get on the ground. officers in s.w.a.t. gear and the ar-15s came swarming into the hotel. i was crouched behind a pillar. they told me to get down, get down. an officer pointed a weapon. because not sure if i was the suspect, and so they told us to get on the ground. we got on the ground and obeyed their orders. a tense situation out here. i've never seen anything like this. >> unbelievable to see the reaction of people who were there, the terrifying moments, especially from someone like a reporter who is used to being in these chaotic scenes. that's what we're hearing from people we know and were on the ground. >> it was frightening. i spoke to a photographer in dallas. he was covering the protests. he said they're in their live truck and they hear the gunshots and he immediately impulsively grabbed his camera and ran to the scenes. he could hear the bullets buzzing by. he was there with police officers and they were too busy
3:39 am
trying to figure out where the shots were coming from to be bothered with the fact that there's a photographer here in the danger zone with them. a dramatic scene. even after they heard the initial gunshots, there were still 20 or 30 shots he heard once he got to the scene. >> we heard from adrienne before. there are windows of store fronts blown out, it looks like by gunfire. unclear if it was from the same snipers police are talking about or if there were additional shooters on the ground as well. still an active investigation. several suspects in custody and being spoken to and police are investigating several leads including whether or not there's bombs in the downtown area which was a threat that came from one of the suspects. >> but the bottom line, at least four police officers are dead this morning. 11 in all were shot. >> and a civilian injured as well. >> in an ambush in dallas. a morning like it's never had before. we'll be right back.
3:40 am
before. we'll be right back.
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go long. you're looking at the flag outside the dallas police department head quarters. this morning the flag flying at half staff. mourn ing four officers shot when sniper fire rang out at what was otherwise a peaceful protest. 11 officers in total shot as well as a civilian who was also injured and police are now investigating what happened there, including suspicion of bombs in the area. >> 3 officers are dallas officers and one is an officer
3:44 am
for the transit system. we want to get you other headlines. including a typhoon in taiwan. it's slamming taiwan with rain and ferocious winds. at least two people have been killed and dozens of others injured. the island is at a standstill with fishing boats, commercial vessels and planes grounded. hundreds of thousands are without power. more than 15,000 people were evacuated from the island. the typhoon seems to be weakening. officials are concerned about floods as well as landslides. >> in los angeles, a high profile racial attack. 7 members of a latino street gang have been charged with fire bombing the homes of black families to drive them out of a housing project. prosecutors say the attack in 2014 was meant to maximize damage in homes where the families including children were livering. if convicted they could face life in prison. the state department is reopening the internal review
3:45 am
into any mishandling of classified information by hillary clinton and her aids. the review stemming from the use of a private e-mail server was suspended in april so it wouldn't interfere with the fbi investigation. some people could lose their security clearances as a result. jim comey vigorously defended the decision not to prosecute hillary clinton in more than four hours of testimony. republicans accuse the fbi of showing a double standard for powerful people. comey insisted clinton was not given special treatment and he denied that the announcement was orchestrated. >> look me in the eye and listen to what i'm about to say. i did not coordinate that with anyone. the white house, the department of justice, nobody outside the fbi family had any idea what i was about to say. i say that under oath. i stand by that. >> republicans want the fbi to investigate whether clinton lied to congress and they want to deny her access to classified information that's normally
3:46 am
shared with presidential nominees. >> donald trump is making it clear he's not changing his message or tone. he held closed door meetings with republican lawmakers on capitol hill, and he blamed the media for showing him in a bad light. he called for unity, but exchanges were tense as questions were raised about his controversial statements and tweets. some lawmakers say they were encouraged by what he said. others were unimpressed. one describing the upcoming election as a dumpster fire. >> we'll continue to cover the breaking news at this hour. you have at least 11 area dallas police officers gunned down at a black lives matter protest. the emergency rooms are busy in dallas overnight with all those victims. >> investigators have their hands full as they try to piece together exactly what happened here. four officers dead. 7 more injured and a civilian injured as well. we'll have more reactions to that story just ahead.
3:47 am
3:48 am
welcome back. we're continuing to following the developments out of dallas. happening overnight, 11 police officers gunned down at what was a peaceful protest. four of them, sadly have died. and seven others are seriously
3:49 am
injured as well as you mentioned before, there was one civilian who was injured as well. >> that's right. police say they have several suspects in custody they're talking to. they're also investigating possible threats of bombs in the area. again an active and fluid story. we are continuing to monitor that for you throughout the morning. >> it was really a chaotic scene with dozens of shots fired. we're continuing to monitor that. the president is flying right now or is traveling right now. he's in poland for a nato summit. his last nato summit of his administration, and we are told that the white house has reached out to the dallas mayor, but we're not exactly sure what the president might have said or we haven't received a statement from the president at this early hour, but that said, the president was emotional when he was reacting to minnesota and louisiana. the shootings. by saying it was not just a black problem.
3:50 am
the president said all americans should be troubled by the deaths in minnesota and louisiana. once again, this is before the developments in dallas. the president said to be concerned about this issue is not political correctness but just being an american. >> when people say black lives matter, that doesn't mean blue lives don't matter. it means all lives matter, but right now the big concern is the fact that the data shows black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of incidents. >> when i've said that this really changes the narrative, you listen to that sound bite and you hear it completely change right there. the president talking about black lives matter and it doesn't mean that blue lives don't matter, but 12 hours later after he was saying that, a lot of people are saying yes, we need to pay attention to blue lives. >> they all matter, and the president said that the shootings, they're not isolated
3:51 am
incidents, but he also went on, again, before dallas, he did address that aspect of things saying that to attack what arguably is excessive force used by law enforcement is not to attack law enforcement itself. and he says that to voice those objections is reflective of the values of the mass majority of law enforcement and what they bring to the job. so, again, people still waiting to hear what the president will have to say once he knows about this. >> you have some of the more powerful black people in this country speaking out. beyonce in scotland she called for a moment of silence as she projected the names of dozens of victims who have been brutalized by police violence at home. it comes after she published an emotional statement on her website and called action to the minority community saying it is up to us to take a stand and demand that they stop killing us. so much has changed.
3:52 am
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forever. let's be clear. clearasil works fast. it's been a night of breaking news capping off what was already a busy week for news headlines. >> here's our weekly friday rewind. >> i don't understand why the world has to be that way. why do innocents have to pay for the hatred of others? >> they're looking to kill as many people as possible, and they're prepared to die for their cause. >> we don't know what happened. there was a small explosion, and then -- >> dust. >> beyond the caliber of fireworks based on what we heard. >> the individual involved in his murder took away a man with children who depended upon their
3:56 am
daddy on a daily basis. >> this incident the is going to be investigated impartially and thoroughly. >> officer down. >> verbal contact with him. taking fire and returning fire. the suspect just reloaded rifle. >> the black male, black skin, camouflaged shirt. black shorts. don't know the kind of shoes. he was armed with an ar-15. we believe that was the shooter. >> our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> today is the best evidence ever that we've seen that our system is absolutely, totally rigged. it's rigged. >> there has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than hillary clinton. ever.
3:57 am
>> this year patriotism should not be about pride of country. it should be be about love beyond race, religion and any other labels because the second any of us judge people based on those labels, we're not being patriotic, are we? >> what a resounding message given the breaking news that we have this morning. >> absolutely. it seems like so long ago all the developments. so much as changed within the last 48, 24, and 12 hours. we'll continue to follow the developments in dallas. 11 officers gunned down at a protest in a downtown area in the city of dallas. four of them have died. >> don't miss the updates on facebook. we'll continue to monitor the story here on abc news following our news updates as well as later on good morning america. following our news
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
breaking news in america. several police officers are dead after snipers opened fire. protesters running for their lives at a demonstration against police involved killings. officers taking cover and hunting for the gunman. suspect is now in custody. >> the suspect that we are negotiating with has told our negotiators that the end is coming and he's going to hurt and kill more of us. >> college students and staff locked down and stranded for hours, a major american city in shock this morning. this is a special edition of "america this morning."


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