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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. twisters tear through minnesota overnight. >> dispatch, we've got a lot of houses damaged. >> neighborhoods ripped apart. hopes turned inside out and a flash flood emergency shuts down highways. now more severe weather moving in as the threat moves east. also right now the dallas shooter's father speaking out for the first time restreaming how his son was different after serving overseas. >> i love my son with all my heart. i hate what he did. >> the new video of that attack and the surgeon on the front lines trying to save lives as president obama heads to dallas. hillary clinton and bernie sanders now teaming up to take on donald trump. the big endorsement coming this morning as trump says a new sheriff is in town. >> i am the law and order candidate. >> plus, speculation swirling about who he'll pick as his
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running mate. pokemon mania. the new game that's taking over millions of smartphones launching a nationwide treasure hunt. how the virtual creatures are raising big questions about safety and privacy this morning. ♪ okay, good morning, america. which one of us is most likely to be playing pokemon? >> the book ends right here. book ends right here. >> i mean, i can't help it that my daughter already downloaded it on my phone. >> downloaded at least 7 1/2 million times since thursday. >> which is insane. a number of people using it daily closing in on big apps like twitter and more people gownloaded it on the android than the dating app tinder so people are searching for pokemon, they're not searching for love anymore. >> $9 billion for nintendo. that wild weather in the midwest. tornadoes hit minnesota overnight, flash floods moving
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in too and abc's eva pilgrim is on the scene in watkins, minnesota. good morning, eva. >> reporter: george, i want to show you some of the damages. these huge storage containers twisted like little toys in a pile. this boat flipped over. this truck over here sitting in what used to be the family's garage. the garage pushed away from the house and now forward you can see it scattered there and the stuff that was in the garage scattered throughout the yard. things like this child's toy sitting right here. this morning as the sun is coming up, people are getting a look at what's left behind. overnight, twisters tearing across minnesota. seven reported tornadoes touching down. >> oh, god. >> reporter: this funnel cloud uprooting everything in its path in watkins, minnesota. the force of the funnel turning houses inside out, decimating homes, reducing them to twisted piles of wood and scraps. these men capturing video of the massive tornado on their phones.
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[ sirens ] >> reporter: sirens blaring in litchfield where it wreaked havoc. >> we got a lot of houses damaged. >> reporter: the twister picking up one neighbor's garage and dropping it in the front yard of this home. the inside of this home completely exposed after its roof was peeled right off. watch as a smaller but still powerful tornado obliterates this barn. and another giant funnel cloud looming near this neighborhood. while this tornado touched down dangerously close to one family's backyard. and this morning we know they are planning to go out and survey the damage to see just how bad the storms were here in this area. robin. >> all right, eva, thank you. now to the race for the white house. the republican national convention less than a week away the party trying to come together behind donald trump as comments he made years ago supporting hillary clinton emerge. abc's tom llamas is on the campaign trail. he's in indianapolis this
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morning. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. if the clinton campaign doesn't have their hands yet on these audio recordings, they likely will soon. so far the trump campaign has yet to comment on the content of the recordings which some may find surprising. this morning, donald trump's past coming back to haunt him. >> there's one other really good reason men, that you might want to drag out the vacuum cleaner. psychologists have found that the payoff for doing more chores seems to be more sex. >> reporter: "the wall street journal" posting audio clips from trump's syndicated radio segment called trumped which ran from 2004 to 2008. from the boardroom to the bedroom trump covered it all. >> men in saudi arabia have the authority to divorce their wives without going to the courts. i guess that would also mean they don't need prenuptial agreements. the fact is, no courts, no judges, saudi arabia sounds like a very good place to get a divorce.
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>> reporter: and in one commentary trump showered praise on a certain politician. hillary clinton. just listen. >> well, i know her and she'd make a good president or a good vice president. >> reporter: but that was before trump was running for president and before the investigation into clinton's private e-mail server. >> if elected hillary clinton would become the first president of the united states who wouldn't be able to pass a background check. >> reporter: trump back to putting the pressure on clinton and moving closer to selecting a running mate. trump telling the ap the list is down to four. campaign sources say the candidates at the top of the list include former house speaker newt gingrich, new jersey governor chris christie, retired general michael flynn and indiana governor mike pence who initially endorsed senator ted cruz but now says he's committed to making trump the next president. >> i'm prepared to make that case anywhere across indiana and anywhere across this country that donald trump would want me to.
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>> reporter: now governor pence and trump will be campaigning and fund-raising here in indiana today and over in new hampshire, a big day for hillary clinton. she's expected to receive the endorsement from one-time rival senator bernie sanders at a joint appearance later today. george. >> that is coming up. we'll have more on the democrats now. my interview with vice president joe biden, he weighed on the veepstakes and hillary clinton's honesty problem and can't hide what he really thinks of donald trump. >> i am the law and order candidate. >> donald trump was out saying he is the law and order candidate. he's going to make america safe again. is that your response, a laugh? >> well, i'd rather not make this story about donald trump, so i'm going to restrain myself, but the truth of the matter is that one of the problems we've this is getting funding for law enforcement from his party, and
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maybe he'll come forward and be supportive of more support for community policing. >> we're just a week from the republican convention and latest polls show most americans actually think donald trump is more honest than hillary clinton. how big a problem is that and how does she fix it? >> she fixes it just by the campaign and for people to listen more closely to what donald trump is saying. and that wl happen. this as you know, george, is early in the campaign season. my grandpop used to say people didn't focus until after the world series. he's wrong. you no i think they begin to focus after labor day but i don't think there's even a remote comparison between the competence, the question is, are the proposals that hillary clinton's put forward honest and real and going to fundamentally possley impact on the lives of the vast majority of the american people and is donald trump -- is he putting forward honest and straightforward and being able to do anything
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constructive for dealing with the problems america faces? on that score, i think it's going to be clear before the election day. >> would you reup for vp if hillary clinton asked? >> no, no, i'm not interested in reupping for vp. i'll do anything i can to help her win and i think she's going to win but i have been proud to serve for eight years as vice president and i think that's enough. >> mr. vice president, thanks for your time today. >> thank you, george. let's get more on this from our political analyst matthew dowd and so, matthew, we know on the democratic side joe biden won't be the vice presidential pick but the republican, that one appears imminent, donald trump said to be announcing this week and so much speculation especially about that indiana governor mike pence. what does he bring to the ticket? >> well, i think mike pence is well respected by many of the conservatives. i think mike pence pick would really seek and really do unite the party. i think the problem with a mike pence pick, it does nothing abt geography, indiana is
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supposed to be a state republicans win and it really doesn't do anything about demoghaddam gras if i, the groups donald trump is having trouble with by h background in the course of this. >> it doesn't appear that anybody on the list would do that for donald trump. >> i think donald trump is in a difficult position because i think the list is short, one, because -- it's also short because others made it short. also, george i was strucky one of the things donald trump said -- i mean donald trump in the interview with joe biden, he sounds like eddie murphy from "48 hours" which there's a new sheriff in town and his fame is reggie hammond. an interesting way donald trump is approaching this. >> bernie sanders today joining hillary clinton. a big step for her. >> yeah, i think it's a huge step for her. as we've seen in the polls especially the polls out recently, hillary clinton has huge problems with younger voters in the course of this and she needs something that's going to turn them out. if she can't turn out the younger voters in this election it's very difficult for her to win it. >> amazing that a 74-year-old
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would help turn out younger voters. okay, matthew dowd, thanks very much. this amp we'll carry president obama and former president george w. bush's address in the memorial service in dallas later this afternoon. >> they will be together. to the latest on a deadly shooting spree at a michigan courthouse. an inmate breaking free attempting to take hostages and killing two bailiffs before he was killed. abc's linzie janis has the latest. >> he has a gun with a hostage. >> reporter: this morning, more tragedy for law enforcement. this time in a michigan courthouse. >> shots fired. officer down, officer down. >> reporter: around 2:30 monday afternoon, larry gordon, an inmate being escorted from a holding cell to a courtroom allegedly wrestles a gun away from sheriff's deputy james atterberry jr. shooting him and wounding him and then killing two bailiff, identified as 61-year-old joe zangaro and 63-year-old ron kienzle.
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a civilian also hit and injured in the gunfire. >> it all indications that he was trying to break out of jail. >> reporter: the courthouse going into lockdown. the gunman briefly attempting to hold a group of people hostage before trying to flee. after several terrifying minutes two additional bailiffs exchanging gunfire with the 45-year-old inmate killing him. >> shooter is down. shooter is down. >> our prayers are with the families of joe zangaro and ron kienzle. they were just loving guys and their life was tragically ended today. >> reporter: this morning that deputy sheriff and civilian who were shot are in stable condition. the sheriff just coming out this morning and saying that inmate was in handcuffs. that inmate by the way was being held on charges of sexual assault, obstruction of police and kidnapping. george. >> okay, thanks very much. the latest in dallas. president obama heading there today for memorial services as we learn new details about the
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shooter and hear from his family for the first time. matt gutman is on the scene in texas. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. that family saying that the images that we saw of that merciless killer was not the son they know. that as investigators are working to stitch together hundreds of hours of police, body cam and dash cam video in a crime scene that still spans over a dozen city blocks. this morning, investigators working to piece together how the man you see in this chilling exclusive video managed to kill five officers. watch as he moves and fires, sparks flying as bullets ricochet off the pavement. we won't show you that officer gunned down. >> our plans are to date and timestamp the entire incident with all video footage available. >> reporter: downtown dallas, still a crime scene. dozens of yellow evidence tents surrounding the el centro college where the gunman micah johnson was finally cornered. >> we rescued eight people from
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a janitorial closet on the first floor. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team sending in this robot bearing a bomb blowing out this second floor window. >> i didn't see it coming. >> reporter: micah johnson's parents speaking out for the first time since their son's deadly rampage. >> i love my son with all my heart. i hate what he did. >> reporter: telling the blaze their son came back from afghanistan a changed man. >> it may be that the ideal that he thought of our government, of what he thought the military represented. it just didn't live up to his expectation. >> reporter: and this morning dallas police officers an their chief saying they still feel they're in the crosshairs. yesterday i noticed that your bodyguard was guarding you very, very carefully. there have been threats against the department. have you received personal death threats against you? >> yes, me and my family have received death threats almost immediately after the shootings. we're all on edge and being careful. >> reporter: for the surgeons who worked round the clock to treat the victims their emotions
7:14 am
still raw. >> that i was unable to save those cops when they came here that night, it weighs on my mind constant constantly. this killing, it has to stop. ♪ >> reporter: and a city struggling to heal coming together overnight in this vigil. >> i challenge anyone who comes here who thinks they're going to tear us apart. family, we're here. >> reporter: that healing process set to continue later today. president obama and former president george w. bush will be at that service. afterwards president obama will meet with some of the victims' families and some of the wounded police officers that ran right into that hail of bullets. george. >> okay, matt, thanks. we'll cover that around 2:15 eastern. now to amy with today's other top stories starting with breaking news overseas. >> that's correct. at least 12 people are dead after two trains collided head on today. it happened in southern italy near the city of bari.
7:15 am
witnesses describe the train as being completely smashed. you can see in the photo dozens of others injured. no word if any americans were on board. there are new tensions with china this morning. an international tribunal ruled there is no legal basis for china's territorial claims in part of the south china sea. the philippines brought the case. beijing has refused to accept the verdict calling it nonbinding and null and void. for only the second time a so-called superbug that cannot be killed with antibiotics has been found right here in the u.s. doctors found the train of e. coli bacteria in a patient in a new york hospital. one expert says it is just a matter of time before we run out of ammunition to fight certain infections. and a record at the home run derby. giancarlo stanton of the marlins hit 61 homers, that is 20 more than the previous record. the marlins had promised fans they would lower ticket prices by 1% every time stanton hit a
7:16 am
home run. the problem is he hit 61 home runs and a 61% discount not so good for business so they're compromising and dropping prices by 25%. >> boo. >> that has been the reaction of fans everywhere. they say they'll do one game at 61%. >> that's breaking a promise. >> thank you very much. >> you would imagine how good he is you don't make that bet in the first place. >> they did. 25%, take what you can get fans, i guess. now turning to a new warning out this morning for small suv owners about their headlights. abc's david kerley is in mclean, virginia, with the details. good morning, david. >> reporter: these are some of the first tests about how well our headlights actually perform in realtime on the roads and the news is not good. this is a first look at tests for small suv headlights and the results are shining a light on what researchers say are deficiencies. watch this. two suvs driving down the same
7:17 am
road. the mazda cx-3 with l.e.d. head"the light that never fai " fails"ing up the road searching an acceptable rating from the insurance institute for highway safety. the honda hrv earning a rating of poor. they tested 21 vehicles but not one small suv got the institute's highest rating of good. in fact, nearly two-thirds tested rated poor and just four got the acceptable rating and the difference in headlight performance can vary even among suvs made by the same manufacturer. >> they're both made by honda but the crv on the left and hrv on the right are giving drastically different visibility. >> reporter: researchers say low beeps should reach 330 feet on a straight road. the worst performers reached a little more than half that distance. and it's not just the small suvs, back in march, the institute showed us its first ever tests of midsize cars
7:18 am
calling those results decision mall. this morning's results, they say, are even more deficient. now, this is the mazda cx-3. it did the best but it was only an acceptable rating. honda which did one of the worst tests in this says that its lightbulbs meet federal standards but what honda and the other manufacturers are realizing maybe these bulbs are not aimed correctly. the angle 70s right so they're all changing as the insurance institute continues to test these vehicles. michael. >> wow. i mean that's a surprising study. now we turn to you, rob. about the storms we heard and major flash flooding. >> the storms not only brought damage but serious flooding >> we had a emergency, flash flood emergency for both wisconsin and minnesota. there you see the line extending down to kansas where they're getting rough stuff now. flood warnings posted as the water continues to rise. six to 9-inches of rain falling from kansas to springfield. that our severe weather outlook.
7:19 am
expect this into chicago tomorrow. your local forecast 30 seconds away. but first your tuesday trivia brought to you by swiffer wet jet. >> all right, everybody, we are off to a dry start. you can see he there on storm tracker6 live double scan. heading out on sky6 you can see a fair amount of sunshine digging through some high clouds sweeping through. temperatures are in the 60's heading into the 70's shortly. and your exclusive accuweather 7-day does slow you a bit of a change today. we are going to get warm with a high of 88. it's going to be a bit more humid than yesterday and tomorrow very warm and sticky, 87.
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part of this good breakfast. >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:23 on this tuesday july 12th. let's get a look at your traffic with karen rogers. good morning. >> tam, i've been checking the latest with septa regional rail. we told you to expect major delays. what we're seeing already is overcrowding on some of the trains so here's some of the specific ones we've got a train number 411 the airport line wilmington newark line both overcrowding so in this one not servicing chester today. paoli thorndale overcrowding on train 3511 as well as lansdale doylestown. other trains where you're seeing running about 10, 12 minutes late but the problem is some of the trains with the overcrowding just bypassing certain stations and this is causing problems. problem yesterday. that continues. we're still about 11,000 seats short even though new schedules and a few more trains went into effect yesterday. now on the roads we have other problems here. i-95 approaching 320 this is in chester delaware county. i know it's hard to see but
7:24 am
we've got an accident blocking the left lane. so expect these delays south of ridley park on i-95. watch for this accident southbound in delaware county, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. we'll take a short break and can come back to accuweather. >> ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, payment, withdrawal or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... ...which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> we have sunshine up over the horizon mixing with a few high clouds. we're at 69 degrees, almost 70 in philadelphia and we have crossed the 70-degree mark in wilmington. your accuweather call for this afternoon, 88 degrees is your high. sunshine mixing with some clouds and it is going to feel a bit more humid today than the last couple days. tomorrow very warm and sticky with a high of 87. and thursday oppressive heat and humidity. it will feel like 100 degrees even though the high is only 92. there's the chance of strong thursday thunderstorms and friday also looks pretty sticky, tam. >> looking forward to the other side of that.
7:27 am
thank you david. we'll send you back to "gma" and see you near 30.
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at the growing memorial outside dallas' police department. president obama and former president george w. bush set to deliver remarks in dallas today. >> we will bring those live to you on abc. also right now the midwest is facing severe weather. twisters tearing through minnesota overnight and a flash flood emergency shutting down highways. now storms moving east this morning and did you hear this, probably not because it's a quiet guy. tim duncan is retired. no big sendoff. nothing like that. he announced his retirement after 19 seasons and 5 titles that is so tim duncan. >> just how he played. unassuming and won five titles. one of the greatest to ever play the game. >> do you know what today is? it's amazon prime day, aka christmas in july trending on
7:31 am
facebook and sales could double from last year. we'll have your insider's guide to saving big in your next hour because it's not about how much money you spend, it's about how much money you save. >> which makes you spend more. >> i was on there early this morning. already started this morning. but right now we'll start with that think gaming craze of pokemon go. it's only a week old but the numbers every day could soon rival twitter. it brings the online world into the real world and t.j. is all over it. you're out in the world as part of the fun, t.j. you reported yesterday it brings dangers. >> i don't know what the world is coming to because one day after this app launched it already had more users than tinder. look, what you swipe for on your phone is your business, whether that's a pikachu or a pretty lady but people love this thing right now but it turns out you need to be looking out for more than just critters. one week after its launch, pokemon go is already a
7:32 am
phenomenon and has legions of fans wandering around face down in their smartphones. >> i'm 100% hooked. >> this is crazy. ♪ pokemon >> reporter: the wildly popular gaming app blends the real world with a virtual world using smartphones, gps info to send players on a scavenger hunt of sorts for pokemon, little animated critters that you have to walk around to collect. >> it says i got a pokemon in central park. i come to the spot and, hit a button and i acquire it but what seems like just fun and games is now in some cases creating real-life dangers. in missouri this week three teenagers were charged with armed robbery after allegedly staking out specific game locations then waiting for distracted players, their potential victims to show up. the companies behind the app tell abc news they encourage all people playing pokemon go to be aware of their surroundings and to play with friends when going to new or unfamiliar places. please remember to be safe and alert at all times. >> part of the app is to lure
7:33 am
you to these places that are in your local community so you can hopefully catch a pokemon. and bringing all these people together in one place could have safety concerns of its own. people who are really distracted on their phones and kind of easily -- easy targets to swipe things from. >> reporter: in washington state police say players have been coming to their police department seemingly snooping around outside the building looking for pikachus. >> if you feel the need to run around playing pokemon go, that's cool, just be smart about it. >> reporter: lori is an officer with the devalue police department. >> one way of not playing smart is to go creeping around behind the police department in the early morning hours. this is high on our list of things which are not cool right now. >> reporter: the other potential danger, walking into something or someone. safety issues. this is worse than texting. >> it's a lot worse but worth the risks. >> reporter: this man lives in this church which the game
7:34 am
labeled a gym where they can train their pokemon. >> we have meme coming to hang out in front of our house. people will walk by. they'll spend five, ten minutes on the sidewalk this front of our house. >> reporter: it seems pokemon fanatics just can't get enough. >> super nerdy but nerdy is the new cool. >> pikachu! >> reporter: this app added $7.5 billion in value to nintendo the maker not too long ago, part of the problem you end up floating around like that, seriously looking for pokemon. now, this is my avatar. i know you see the resemblance, right but you walk around and you try to find it so i know you are about to talk to sunny about legal issues, i'll walk around and find one and come back to you in a second and show you how this works. >> good luck to you. sunny hostin our legal correspondent, let's talk about this. you got the game. >> i saw my son playing with it in the yard and downloaded it. it is highly addictive but when i went into the yard i tripped
7:35 am
over my dogs, fell and then i trespassed onto my neighbor's property so it's a lawsuit waiting to happen. that's what i saw when i played. i saw personal injury issues, right, because you could be crossing the street get hit by a car because you're looking for something. >> do you think you could sue the gamemaker over that. >> i think it's possible. it's a lawsuit waiting to happen. any lawyer that's looking for, you know, a little bit of work may take a case like this on. >> i think the bigger problem i would have if i were that guy boon who has a converted church as a house and had all these people in my yard i would think about suing for that. >> think about criminal activity because the bottom line is criminals are looking for opportunity and so if you have a gps and you're letting criminals know where you are and if cias want to rob you it's sort of encouraging that kind of communal activity. it could be problematic. >> can they make any private home part of their app. >> they should not be able to make any private home part of
7:36 am
it. mistakes do not. >> should not. >> i want to say there are some pros to this as well. it gets you -- >> about to knock over a desk. >> it is encouraging children to get out and explore and exercise and -- >> better than sitting in a dark basement. >> most of these people we're seeing are adults. >> i am an adult and i was playing with it, t.j. actually has a unicorn and i don't understand how that happens. >> did you find anything yet. >> you all take this shot and see where the pokemon is sitting. you see that, it's sitting on the desk in front of you. >> i don't see it. >> how do you get it. >> you throw this pokeball at him and knock his head off. but to the point that are making, i was actually doing this honestly. you had to say, t.j., watch out, you're about to knock my computer out. you are zoned in trying to figure this out. people walking down the treat doing this, reports of injuries and all kinds of issues. >> lawsuits waiting to happen. >> sunny was touching on too we're hearing from a lot of people saying at least they're not sitting at home.
7:37 am
this he's getting out and getting some activity. >> my son was out in the yard and i liked seeing that. >> we already say don't walk in the street and look at your phone. this is just adding another layer. it's not available this canada. our friends up there, some guy up there who decided since it's not available in canada, he's going to create his own and he's throwing his pokeballs at his pets. he's just waiting for the game to get there. he's behind the times so created his own pokemon game. >> he needs help. >> how about a tennis ball across the yard. >> all right, then, well now that we've got that all settled coming up on our big board, north carolina's new police body and dash cam. have you heard about this, sunny? the law is getting major backlash. what it could mean for everyone. then why you may be at risk for prediabetes and not even know it. binge-watchers, beware, sharing your netflix password could be a crime. i kid you not. find out. i know what.
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everybody is out playing pokemon but on the big board our team of insiders standing by with more on this morning's top stories and up first, new north carolina law on police cams, the governor there signed a law that will keep body and dash cam recordings from being considered public records. joining us is sara azari. the timing could be a little bit better. so how is this going to change if it does go into effect? >> well, the change is going to be drastic come october 1st because the body cam and dash cam we've been seeing almost on a weekly basis with police officers committing violent brutalities on people of color, we're not going to see that anymore because it is not public record. and, in fact, the law establishes in great detail who
7:41 am
can obtain or even view this type of footage and the procedure by which they may do so which is, you know, very burdensome because you first have to make a request to the law enforcement agency that is involved in the case so it's rather self-serving in my humble opinion and then when not if that request gets denied you then have to go to court and seek a court order which again is also extremely burdensome and challenging because you have to be able to prove that there is a compelling public interest in that footage that trumps any type of privacy interest of the vic, the suspect and the police officers that are involved and are on that footage so essentially we're not going to see this type of body cam and dash cam footage like we've been seeing lately almost regularly. >> well, sara, that sets me up to ask you in the context of what's going on every time we stop by the police you should start filming yourself does that mean. >> absolutely we must because given what we know about these
7:42 am
laws that are popping up in different states that might be the only way that we can protect ourselves and archive this footage. >> yeah, we saw that with diamond reynolds, she doing that and there are five states but you're scratching your head and saying what is the upside on this because you're hearing from so many citizens saying and police departments say they want the body cam to be able to prove one way or the other what really happened. all right, sara, we'll see what happens. thank you. >> seems like there's something to hide when you do things like that. now on to an important medical warning. new research out of the university of florida finds a growy number of healthy weight dulls may have prediabetes and not even know it. dr. richard besser joins us to talk about that and dr. besser, how are you doing, my friend? >> i'm doing all right. >> now, does this go against everything we knew or thought we knew about prediabetes and what did they find? >> this is interesting so prediabetes is a situation where your blood sugar is up but it's not high enough to be called diabetes but you're at risk of eventually going on to develop diabetes. and we used to think about this
7:43 am
in people who were just overweight. but in the new study they looked at adults that weren't overweight and over time the number with prediabetes is going up. in the late '80s it was about 10% of cuts then in 2012 it was 20% of adults. and while we want everyone to eat right and exercise, if you know you have prediabetes, you're more likely to make those changes to cut down -- >> how do you know? >> you could go to your doctor and ask for a blood test but the cdc has a simple test you can show -- that can show if you're at increased risk. everyone in the big board and you all are home give it a try. if you're a man hold up 1 finger, 0 if you're a woman. if you're over 60 hold up three finger, over 50, hold up two fingers, over 40 hold up one finger. if you're inactive hold up one finger. if type 2 diabetes runs in your family hold up a fick. if you have high blood pressure hold up a finger. okay, now here's the hard one now look at this chart and hold up the number of fingers under the picture that looks most like
7:44 am
your shape. okay. now if you're holding -- it's a hard one. holding up five or more fingers you're at increased risk for prediabetes so you want to ask your doctor for a blood test and what things you can do to lower your risk because it doesn't mean you're necessarily going to go on to develop diabetes. >> she just had one finger up. that's it. i had four. how many did you have -- i didn't see. how many did you have, dan? >> hey, i had two. >> wow. >> i was at three. >> one of the keys -- >> i was looking for one of those stick -- >> yeah, i was going to say what dan is trying to say. you have to be honest with yourself look at those stick figures because i was confused with myself. >> with being on that, inactive -- >> i was looking more like -- more like michael's body is the stick figure i was looking for myself and thinking where is that one? >> the reason we have you, dan, is to talk about password problems, how about that.
7:45 am
there is a new court ruling that could mean sharing your netflix password is a federal crime? come on here, dan. i mean there are going to be a lot of people charged with this if this is true? >> yeah, this is a lot of people vastly overstating this ruling. basically this is a case where a guy works at a company, goes to start his own company, which will be a competitor and continues to access the computer system of his old company. and what the appeals court said here is that is accessing a computer system, quote, without authorization. so now you've got one judge who didn't agree with the opinion and many others saying, oh, my goodness, you know what this is going to meany it will mean that anyone who shares their password on netflix or hbo go or somewhere else could be charged for accessing a computer system, quote, without authorization. except that's exactly what the court said this opinion does not do, and i think that that's a
7:46 am
vast overstatement. i think people are going to be perfectly safe continuing to share their passwords. >> you know we had dan on -- david on our social square who tweeted he shares his password and even posts it on facebook for everybody to use it -- is that extreme or is he okay? >> i mean, look, look, that's a little -- i'm not saying he's going to get charged with a crime. he won't get charged with a crime but if i were them i'd revoke his access. if he's sharing it on facebook, the point is supposed to be you can certainly share it with family members and netflix has come out and said they encourage that, that they're happy for people to be sharing it with family members, et cetera. once you start sharing -- once you start posting it on facebook it seems to me you're crossing another line and keep in mind most of these services limit the number of people who can access it anyway. >> i don't want to go to jail and trying to watch "orange is the new black." i'm joining them in jail. we got to say thank you to dan, thank you to dr. besser and sara, thank you, as well.
7:47 am
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youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. we are back now with this morning's hot shot and we showed you nba star steph curry schooling a young basketball camper. yeah, and then james harden showing up another kid with a flip of the ball over his head invisible dribble move but guess what, the tables have turned. check out this seventh grader kyle. he went one-on-one with russell westbrook. the nba baller dunked on him twice but with the game tied 2-2. kyle stunned the crowd. take a look. boom. an amazing three-pointer on westbrook leaving the star in the dust. kyle's basketball coach posted
7:50 am
that video of the game-winning shot online trending ever since and look at 10-year-old luke pipa facing off against kyrie irving with 24 seconds left on the clock, oh. yeah. with the sudden death matchup, a crossover and stepback. >> stepback. >> looks like kyrie when he hit his points in the final. >> kind of nice to see the takes turned on the nba stars. he's got some stuff. >> a lot of talented kids out there. when we come back at the top of the hour it's christmas in july, guys. it's amazon prime day and we have your insider guy to the best deals right now. coming up "gma's" build it forward brought to you by lowe's. caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra... can be a sign of existing joint damage... that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help
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and now with house-made vanilla sweet cream. smooth meets sweet. in stores now. only at starbucks. welcome back to "gma." amazon prime, christmas in july. big sky, a little dusting there at the base. certainly more at the higher he will vagus to give you a taste and cooling you off. pacific northwest, temperatures around 70 degrees and this kind of troughiness has instigated the fire systems out here in the intermountain west and critical fire danger from wyoming down to new mexico. more local news and weather is coming
7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:56 now on this tuesday july 12th. let's head to karen rogers and see where things are on public transport. good morning. >> we've been on top of all delays with septa regional rails. delays with trains and a handful of overcrowding issues where trains are bypassing station. airport line wilmington newark line west trenton and lansdale doylestown line where they're so crowded they need to bypass station. trenton line one train is 25 minutes late. one train on the thorndale line running 20 minutes late. big problems in delaware county right on i-95. we have two accidents. so there's an accident right here it's hard to see because of a tree but it's northbound this accident at the blue route and it's causing heavy delays northbound from the delaware state line to the blue route and then also southbound you see how jammed you are here from 420 to past
7:57 am
320. that's because of an accident there with injuries so both directions of i-95 tam. >> okay, thank you karen. let's go over to sky6 taking a live look down to shore into cape may. beautiful day. it will be a little cooler there than here, tased. >> yeahere... david. >> yeah arc little cooler. 72 degrees sun over the horizon it is a bit muggier this morning than the last several days. this afternoon accuweather says a warm high of 88 degrees and it will stay a bit more humid today. sun mixing with occasional clouds. tomorrow very warm and sticky a high of 87. humidity levels probably up a bit with a thunderstorm north and west. oppressive heat and humidity on thursday. it will feel like 100 perhaps strong thunderstorms and then friday probably pretty sticky again then, tam. >> thank you david. police say a 15-year-old boy died overnight in connection to a triple shooting in southwest philadelphia. he was one of three teens shot after they left a basketball tournament last night. police say the incident started last week after an
7:58 am
argument on the basketball court. they think the shootings were a result of that fight. we'll send you back to "gma." we'll see you back here in 30. >> ♪ roll all summer with a classic -- dunkin's savory pork roll breakfast sandwich is back. crave it while you can. america runs on dunkin'.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. christmas in july. could this be the biggest shopping day of the year? amazon prime day kicks off. 24 hours of discounts, more than 100,000 products. it's like black friday in july. we've got the secrets to scoring big as competitors race to rev up their deals. kristin cavallari fights back against online shamers attacking her for this picture of her kids. are her children too skinny or just fine? dr. ashton weighs in live with a reality check for all parents. ♪ something magical party crasher. whose big celebration did justin timberlake roll into overnight? why the superstar can't stop the feeling this morning. ♪ time to get the chains out get ready to dance. >> look at us.
8:01 am
eat your hears out. maks and val are bringing the heat with a sizzling performance right here and what maks is saying about being a dad as we say -- >> good morning, america! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ good morning, america. indeed, on this tuesday morning, and it is great to have our favorite "project runway" judges here. our "gma" runway rumble challenge. hey, heidi. >> dance, dance, dance. >> our favorite judges, also three former contestants are here and they'll create, robin, a day to night look for you. >> ah. >> i know they got started earlier this morning and just have over two hours to get it done. see the countdown clock right there in they're good. the clock is ticking. the question is will they finish the dresses in time? you can watch them hard at work on our facebook page and had he had to twitter to pick your favorite look so you at home
8:02 am
have a little help with this. >> you got your own line, fashion line, you could help out. >> i'll be helping in the judging. >> can't wait to see what they come up with. also this morning, we're going behind the scenes, my man, garth brooks, he rocked yankees stadium this weekend. and we were with him just moments before his big show. that's a big deal to play yankee stadium. >> sure is. a lot coming up. first to amy with the morning rundown. we have more on the breaking news out of southern italy. two commuter trains collided on the tracks happening outside of the city of bari killing at least 12 people and injuring dozens of others. rescuers are pulling victims from the rubble including a small child. no word yet why those trains were on the same track. well, president obama is heading to dallas as that city mourns the loss of five police officers. hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil last night. the president will be joined by former president george w. bush at today's memorial service before meeting privately with
8:03 am
the grieving families. meanwhile, as investigators sort through the evidence, new video shows micah johnson as he opened fire on police. johnson's parents say their son came back from afghanistan a different man but they never saw this coming. new details about the shooting spree inside a michigan courthouse on monday. police say a prisoner being transferred in handcuffs grabbed a deputy's gun and shot and killed two bailiffs. a deputy and another woman were wounded. they are expected to survive and the inmate who was killed by police had been facing kidnapping and assault charges. well, parts of minnesota are cleaning up after a series of violent storms there. a twister ripped apart this barn. seven reported tornadoes tore across that state leaving homes in ruins and nearly ten inches of rain triggered flash flooding that swamped roads and shut down a paige highway. after a bruising primary, bernie sanders is finally ready to endorse hillary clinton. in fact they're making a joint appearance today in new hampshire after democrats agreed
8:04 am
to adopt some of sanders' policies. donald trump is holding a rally in indiana today where governor mike pence is on his short list for a potential running mate. the event comes a day after trump declared himself the law and order candidate. meanwhile, a radio clip of trump has emerged from 2008 in which he said hillary clinton would make a good president. well, news anchor gretchen carlson is thanking her supporters after filing a sexual harassment suit against fox news ceo roger ailes. carlson says she was fired because she refused ailes' sexual advances and posted this video online. >> i want to thank you so much for all the support you've given me over the last few days. i've been truly blessed to have so many supporters and, of course, blessed to have my family and all of my friends, so i just want to say thank you so much. >> several other women have since come forward claiming they were also harassed by ailes. he denies the allegations saying carlson sued in retaliation after her contract was not renewed. well, a health alert.
8:05 am
two new recalls are being linked to concerns over an e. coli outbreak. general mills recalling two types of betty crocker cake miss, the super moist carrot cake and rainbow chip makes are among those affected and continental mills recalling blueberry pancake mix. a stunning sight in northern california. kayakers in san francisco bay spotted humpback whales, wow, right there at the surface. they were most likely feeding on herring in the area. finally, who's the real king of the jungle? we're left wondering after 150eing these pictures from tanzania, africa, where i went on assignment at the crater. they were approaching a group of lions and then the lions taking off scampering up the trees nearby. guess they're all just a bunch of scaredy cats or cowardly lion. you can pick. >> easier for you to say now that you're in new york than in africa.
8:06 am
>> i was thinking the same thing. thank you, amy. how about news that goes pop. >> "pop news," guys. we'll start with peyton manning's party crasher. who better than to start the party than the man who can't stop the feeling. that's right. justin timberlake and y.t. spotted at peyton's retirement party with chance the rapper and this should provide him with material for when he honors peyton at the espys tomorrow night. timberlake will present the icon award to peyton manning and kobe bryant and abby wambach. how about that trio? he hosted back in 2008 and can't wait to see him return to the stage for sports' biggest night 8:00 p.m. eastern on abc. >> a special night. i know you guys have been there. it is so much fun and, of course, john cena going to be hosting tomorrow night. >> can't wait for that. >> my scouting report, he's going to kill it. i've heard great things, of course. >> i'll be there, red carpet. i'm working the red carpet. very excited. next up when life gives you
8:07 am
lemons make like sofia vergara vergara and throw a lemon themed birthday party. aha. the "modern family" actress was joined by friends and familiar economy with her husband and son manolo who also spilled the beans on her age via instagram. i can't believe you're turning 40 -- happy birthday mom i can't believe you're turning 40 -- >> you do not under any circumstance mention her age or she'll drop you like third grade french. third period, french. everybody dropped that back in school. >> a canadian thing. >> you guys weren't taking, french. [ speaking french ] a simple selfie gone wrong. this girl took a huge risk and attempted something extraordinary. a selfie slow motion video and then she saw a giant wasp that scared the bejeezus out of her.
8:08 am
you know, i hate wasps too but by looking at these girls' reaction it was like prehistoric jaws wasp. could this video be any funnier. >> we leave the puns to amy. we leave them to you, right? you always nail it. >> you and lara spencer. >> nice. >> i saw heidi klum blowing you kisses from afar. coming up on the "gma morning menu" tore roy johnson has the scoop on amazon prime's day deals. it's christmas in july. >> you got it. >> i get excited for christmas in july. okay, and kristin cavallari is under fire for this photo critics saying her kids are too skinny. we have her response this morning. plus our runway rumble is in full swing, the designers are here, hard at work. i have project project's hidely
8:09 am
klum, zac posen and nina garcia. don't blow me a kiss, give me a kiss. >> mwah. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by new nexium 24-hour tablets. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ♪
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8:13 am
♪ ♪ take me down into your paradise ♪ ♪ don't take care because i'm your body type ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to "gma." there are are our favorite "dancing with the stars" brothers maks and val on tour but they'll take some time away from that stopping in times square. their big performance is coming
8:14 am
up but first before we get those guys here, it's time for a savings showdown. amazon prime day, could be one of the biggest shopping days of the year and rebecca jarvis has more on this christmas in july. >> this amazon prime day -- >> reporter: this morning it's the pose wonderful time of the year, five months ahead of schedule. amazon rolling out what many analysts expect will be its biggest day of sales ever. prime day. >> the deals are everywhere. >> reporter: 24 hours of discounts on more than 100,000 products, new deals every five minutes, available only to prime subscribers who pay $99 a year plus customers who sign up for a month's free trial membership. >> the deals can be found high and low. >> reporter: it's a discount day so successful in its inaugural run last year a shopping extravaganza that blew past even black friday sales records racking up 34.4 million items,
8:15 am
398 products sold every second. and now this year, amazon's competition creeping in. walmart, target, best buy and macy's among the major retailers introducing black friday in july deals. toys "r" us with 15% off regular priced items and a sale on 50,000 toys and baby products. limited and gap and j. crew have counts of 40%, 50% and 60% already reduced items. >> all right, our "gma" contributor tory johnson is here to break down all the savings and, tory, this is the second prime day. what's different this year than last. >> so the biggest thing is i like to call this a digital showdown. everyone is going after your deals so amazon says they have made it easier for you to sort of get through the maze of 100,000 deals and they have deepened inventory on the things they expect to be the best-sellers. so when you think about, you know, 100,000, what is it you want to buy.
8:16 am
think first about stocking up on staples so this is the kind of stuff that you need every day. i know this is a soap you love. there's toilet paper, diapers, i mean sort of all the kind of stuff, mac and cheese. think about 20% to 30% savings off the already low prices making these deals some of the lowest prices of the year. that's significant. make sure you also check competitors' pricing. so this mac and cheese, this playset we saw on both walmart and amazon at the same price, walmart has really ramped up their efforts this week, free shipping across the board. every order, no minimum, no membership required so make sure you're checking what competitors have to offer. toys is expected to be one of the biggest categories, amazon says 30% to 50% hundreds of toys they're offering. hot category. >> the great thing this has made other companies step up and now that the consumer is a winner, we have a lot of electronics
8:17 am
too. >> some of the best deals from amazon on their own products so a tablet cute little tablet their fire $33. amazon echo, $133, significant savings. these products are at the lowest in a year so today is the day if these are the kind of things you want to buy. the other thing to think about today, televisions, amazon, here's a giant one from samsung. >> i could use that. >> 55-inch curved tv. $649. an unbeatable price, amazon says it has doubled the amount of inventory today, over black friday and cyber monday combined so that we know tvs are going to be a big one. >> all right. there you go, those are the tips from tory. you can get more pro tips on our website, go to on yahoo! and tory, thank you. i mean this is amazing. i'm getting online. i know george already started this morning, he said. coming up, the clock is ticking. our "gma" runway rumble. they're hard at work. up next kristin cavallari
8:18 am
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and we are back now with kristin cavallari's fight
8:22 am
against mom shaming. the former reality tar was attacked online after posting this photo there. the critics said her sons looked too skinny. she fired back hard. kristin cavallari speaking out after an instagram photo of her children sparked an online firestorm. this picture of jaxon and camden racked up over 1,000 comments. some followers accuse her of starving her children. the poor child's bones are popping out wrote one. >> i'm honored to bring awareness to this cause. >> reporter: long outspoken about health topics made sure to have the last word. yep, i starve my children, she mocked. just block the most people i've ever blocked in my entire life and other posters jumped to her defense arguing her kids look perfectly healthy. and we're joined now by our senior medical contributor dr. jen ashton. you're the doctor here. let's put the photo back up again. i cannot see what's wrong with those boys. >> correct. and this is where, george, a
8:23 am
picture is not worth a thousand words. we have to remember that in medicine, part of what we use to assess wellness or december is a physical exam and we do that both with our eyes and with touch and then we go on a lot of other factors here. this is not the whole piece of the puzzle and specifically with kids, babies, toddlers the only thing that's important about their body weight is you remember those growth curves when we used to take our kids to the pediatrician, you get -- >> still doing it. >> you get a percentile and the pediatrician looks to see if that child growing along his or her curve and you see everything from those who stay along the 5th percentile for 95%. you don't want to see them go from bottom to top or top to bottom. >> their caloric intake is all over -- >> and some picky eaters. >> can you believe the mom bashing? >> of course, i've been subject to some of it at times but i think there are two issues in terms of mom bashing.
8:24 am
i can tell you that as a woman and as a mom i think there's a very easy predisposition to be like global mother. once you're a mother you want to be everyone's 340er on the planet an so i think that a lot of women and a lot of moms are well meaning when they try to jump in and say like you should put a hat on that baby. it's cold but the other side is that i have yet to meet a perfect mom. if there is anyone out there, please tweet me -- >> or dad. >> exactly so i really think we have to give every mother the benefit of the doubt. every parent the benefit of the doubt and say that, you know, stay in your lane. this isn't like running with scissors, these kids are at the beachment they were supervised. i wonder if anyone was bashing the dad bod here but really. nutritionally all you can tell by someone's appearance is how many calories they're getting. >> thanks very much. >> check it out. what a beautiful day. great day to be on television for the first time. what's your name. >> emma. >> emma, happy birthday. gorgeous day here in the east.
8:25 am
flooding issues across parts of the midwest. out of school, you go tubing behind the four-wheeler. flood warnings out for kansas city. that rain is pushing east. might see heavy rain across parts of southern indiana. that's a quick check of what's going on. >> might get some of those storms later in the week around here. high and dry around here. as we take a look, a fair amount of sunshine mixing with a few gathering clouds and overall we are expecting today to be fairly bright and warm. in the 70's across most of the region right now. this afternoon 88. it will feel a bit more humid today than yesterday. then tomorrow very warm and probably more sticky and oppressive heat and humidity return in time for thursday it will feel like 100 in the afternoon. here. robin and george, back inside to you. >> anticipate to have them here. the big reveal. we are just moments away from seeing what our runway rumble
8:26 am
contest ans created. make sure you go on twitter for your favorite. behind the scenes with garth brooks. ahead of his big show in yankee stadium. we'll be right back with all of that. ♪
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> gong, i'm tamala edwards. 8:27 on this tuesday july 12thly we'll head to karen rogers starting on the northeast extension. good morning, karen. >> tam, look at the delay on the northeast extension right here. this line of cars. it's been awful here because of a disabled tractor-trailer which was blocking a lane. it's been pushed to the shoulder but you can see the delay. this is all northeast extension here southbound between lansdale and mid-county where we had that disabled tractor-trailer but you're really jammed past quakertown to the scene here on the northeast extension. you can see it just extends for miles with this backup. let's go to the cameras and check out another situation. i was telling you about delaware county, i-95 was jammed in both directions because of accidents on both directions. the accidents themselves have cleared. we're looking at i-95 and this is your southbound traffic particularly heavy towards the blue route. you're jammed approaching 420
8:28 am
to 320. northbound is heavy from the delaware state line to the blue route and of course we're keeping on top of all of the delays with septa regional rails. they continue. right now we're seeing more problems with delays and overcrowding, that's the change within the past 20 minutes. we've been watching this around the clock and i've been tweeting all these trains. watch for some overcrowding and certainly delays with the regional rails tam. >> thank you karen. let's head out to meteorologist, david murphy. what does it feel like outside right now david? >> pretty warm under the sun right now tam. if you start moving around you can feel that it's a little bit more humid this morning. take a look as we're up to 72 degrees in philadelphia, 76 in cape may and 70 in allentown. this afternoon 88 is your high in philadelphia. it will feel a bit hour humid threw the day. sunshine mixing with a few occasional clouds. tomorrow very warm and probably a bit citier, a high of 87 and then thursday oppressive heat and humidity are back. it will feel like 100. there could be a couple spotty strong storms. probably uncomfortable on
8:29 am
friday, too, tam. >> that's it for us. we'll send you back for more "gma" and we'll wrap things up here in 30 minutes. >> ♪ when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:30 am
♪ all right, welcome back, everybody. it is decision time for our "gma" runway rumble. our contestants -- i like that name. our contestants christopher, dom and michael are tanning by for the big reveal. i've got to say it's big. this is for you. >> but before that let's talk season 15 of "project runway" with the show's judges extraordinaire, heidi, zac, nina. >> yes. >> come on. [ cheers and applause ] >> i got to say, heidi, this is season 15 already. >> season 15. >> are you surprised at how this show has taken off? >> i am surprised yes but on the other i'm not because these designers are so good and i think the audience just really admires what these people can do in a day and today in only two hours so i think that's why it's
8:31 am
still working because they're creative and make these amazing things from $100 and make it look like it's $5,000. >> you all have been wonderful mentors. you're hard when you need to be but you're so nurturing and bring out the best in them. nina, you know, you have the pulse at "marie claire". >> thank you. >> can you kind of tell right away who's got it and maybe who not so much? >> yes, i think that from the first episode you kind of get a sense of who has it. and sometimes i come off as being too hard on -- >> no! >> but here's the thing, robin, i'm being honest and i'm judging them with how i see the industry. so it's really how i see the industry and i'm judging them on par with the industry. >> and, zac, for you we saw your incredible gown when you were here with the light technology for claire danes, do you get inspiration for your designs when judging this contest. >> no, you about i get inspired
8:32 am
by these designers, enthusiasm. their drive. i mean it's exciting. >> yeah. >> this has been the greatest five years of my life. >> really? >> yeah. >> you do have fun. >> we have a lot of fun. it's not like going to work, oh, i have to go to work. we have fun when we do the show. >> behind-the-scenes, you have a lot of fan, a lot of followers and this one on twitter, caroline says, i love projects with lots of constraints and oddball materials. has there been one that was rejected as too weird? >> that a challenge was too weird? >> yes. >> no, i mean i think -- especially when we do the unconventional materials challenge and i feel like our very first episode ever they had to go to a grocery store and pick everything and someone made a dress out of corn husbandi hu set the tone and showed the creativity of what these diabetesers had. >> fashion is weird. >> nothing is too weird. >> we need to be able to be expressive in different
8:33 am
materials. sometimes their most creative work comes out when they're forced with alternative materials. >> well, when they're under pressure like this morning. >> you put them under pressure today. they had a few hours to put together these looks we're about to see and time to see the runway rumble creations and meet the designers behind these creations. >> here with us christopher palu, dom streater, the winner of season 12, michael costello, season eight finalist, who, oh, we love what you did with that dress, you know, beyonce at the grammys, very nicely done. you must be so proud of all the ones for the season. >> of course. >> let's see what they did, right, mike julia louis-dreyfus. >> let's see what they did. let's see who we got. let's see what dom did. here's dom's look. come on out. oh. everybody, come on out. >> okay.
8:34 am
>> i got to say that's in a few hours. >> yeah. so, dom, you're up first. >> yes and, dom, tell us about your look. >> well, i decided to do something very japanese inspired. i saw this fabric and thought it would be cool to be inspired by japanese waters and like the mountains and things like that so i did something flowy yet structured, very elegant and it's day to night so something that could work during the daytime look confident but at night she looks very elegant and chic. >> ooh. what do you think, nina? >> okay. >> christopher, tell us about what was your inspiration. >> my inspiration was effort at sexiness that you bring to a jeweltone during the day and you can also wear it at night. you can undo the sleeve. >> oh. >> day to night like that. >> oh. >> and just have --
8:35 am
>> and just -- a dramatic sleeve. >> heidi, what do you think of that? >> what do you think. >> i have my favorite already. i do. i'm quick. >> we'll save it till after michael. you're up. >> i wanted to take you to the hamptons. so i designed a beautiful caftan and it's very easy to wear. very effortless. i paired it with a really beautiful nude shoe and our model looks absolutely gorgeous in it and i just are to give her a round of applause. let me just -- why you're thinking and judging just see how you would see me in this. [ applause ] this. [ cheers and applause ] >> the problem is, robin, you look good in everything. >> oh, stop that in you're making this really hard on us. >> you had me at hello. >> that color particularly, an excellent color for you. that print has great -- beautiful movement, interesting
8:36 am
and then that's like a knockout. >> knockout. >> knockout. elegant, graphic, red. >> you guys have to choose a winner. heidi already knows who she likes. >> i do. >> confer with the other judges. >> of course. >> we're all in agreement. >> you're all in agreement. >> so who is the winner of the runway rumble for creating this look for robin roberts? >> we're going to give it to michael. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh. >> michael costello. season 8 finalist. >> congratulations. >> that's amazing. >> michael -- >> i can't believe he did this in two hours. it took me longer to do my hair and makeup in it took me longer to do my hair and makeup too. >> i'm going to the hamptons. >> michael, and robin, you're the biggest winner because you get to wear this. >> i will. >> it's beautiful. >> this will -- >> it looks like it just came
8:37 am
out of a department store. doesn't look like he made it in two hours. >> unbelievable. great work. in that's what i love about your show. shows the best in creativity. young talent. you have have done a great job? we'll let people at home weigh in so we'll have the fan favorite we'll show you that just ahead. season 15 of "project runway" premieres september on lifetime. season 15. >> everybody is looking great. look at this crowd. very stylish. very stylish. i love the design of your t-shirts. i love the way the color pops really brings out your eyes. >> we play softball all summer long. >> you wear it well. it's a gorgeous morning out. northeast looking lovely. maybe creeping the humidity up tomorrow. as we go later in the week the heat from the midsection, that summer heat begins to spread and build off to the east and we'll be in the 90's before too long. that's a a quick congestion of
8:38 am
the national outlet # here's what's going on where you live. >> today slightly humid, dry. your exclusive accuweather 7-day 88 degrees but more humid today fair amount of sunshine. tomorrow very warm and stickier, 87 and oppressively hot and humid on thursday. floo happening in minnesota and wisconsin and parts of iowa. speaking of floods and this morning's build it forward we want to talk about the folks in west virginia still recovering from their devastating floods but several organizations are working together to help support these communities in their dire need. >> we are on the front lines this morning. >> that is where we begin. >> streets are flooded. streams are swollen. roads washed out. >> the president has now declared a major disaster area in three counties in west virginia. >> reporter: as historic flat floods and record rainfall a few weeks ago devastated parts of west virginia ice territories elaine and susan were left
8:39 am
stranded and afraid. >> i thought that we were dead because we called our families and told them good-bye. >> reporter: for ten hours they were trapped on the second floor of their home praying for help. >> finally around 1:30 i think in the morning the national guard and the state police got in to get us. >> reporter: while the skies cleared and the water receded the damage was catastrophic. more than 1,200 homes demolished. >> we put one message out to the employees around the area and so many of them reached out and said i just want to come help. >> thanks to you guys for coming out. >> reporter: for sponsor lowe's along with the first response team of america joined forces to help families rebuild across the country when disaster strikes. >> the water came up to here. >> reporter: families like susan and elaine as they start their road to recovery. the dozens of lowe's volumes were also a dream come true for this elderly couple. first floor flooded with four feet of water. >> it's a mess, isn't it.
8:40 am
>> two to three inches of mud and water we're currently removing walls. it's a lot of work but just to see the homeowners that live here just feels really good, the right thing. >> we're just emotionally there for these families at a time when the job in front of them seems really daunting. >> reporter: residents in this neighborhood are determined to rebuild and thankful for the generosity and support from all the selfless volunteers. >> it is wonderful. thank you, lord. >> first response team does an incredible job. it is going to take a while for families like these to rebuild but just last week lowe's donated $250,000 to the american red cross disaster relief fund to provide needed food, shelter and comfort for the impacted communities in west virginia. if you'd like to help please contact the american red cross. back to the models. robin, you look spectacular in any outfit and, you know, i wouldn't mind seeing you model one of these. >> i'll wear that camouflage jacket. >> next time.
8:41 am
hey, thank you, guys, everybody from "project runway" for hanging out with us. nina, for the rumble like that. we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes look now at garth brooks' first concert here in new york in nearly 20 years, yankee stadium. rachel smith went backstage before his big moment. here it is. >> reporter: country superstar garth brooks on the road again performing in the big apple for the first time with his record-setting central park concert in 1997. >> sing it with us. ♪ we shall be free >> reporter: how do you top central park? ♪ >> reporter: that's right, iconic yankee stadium. are you guys excited to see garth brooks? [ cheers and applause ] they're just a little excited. ♪ got a fever >> reporter: like word on the street here is that you're a huge baseball fan. >> yeah, i am. second to music but, yes, i love baseball. i love the history of it. >> reporter: how do you get pumped for a show. >> if you have to get pumped for
8:42 am
this show you're dead. ♪ hold on tight >> reporter: brooks was the first ever country concert to take place on this famous field. >> it's going to be fun. because the truth is, if you're going to play something like yankee stadium you better come to represent. >> oh, i can see the "g" right there. >> isn't that great. >> it's like you carry the flag at the olympics and carry country music into yankee stadium. thanks for doing all that cool stuff. >> oh, my gosh. knock it out of the park. for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. ♪ [ applause ] >> always a great time when garth brooks is in town. love his music. you guys are like one big family. you know, you know. i can feel that. coming up speaking of family maks and val taking on times square with a big performance on "gma." come on back. ♪ "gma's" build it forward brought to you by lowe's. ♪
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i got to tell you i love our summer crowd. people coming out here. the energy like this and it was the same way yesterday when our
8:46 am
favorite "dancing with the stars" brothers were here. maks and val. they're touring the country with their show "maks and way: our way" in times square and performed a big number. if you weren't here, it's okay. you'll see it right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the city and too many troubles and losing control you look ♪ ♪ i want the good life >> hey. ♪ you don't even know i can make your hands clap ♪ ♪ said i can make your hands clap i can make your hands clap ♪ ♪ said i can make your hands
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clam ♪ ♪ you're losing control you lack control and look you're in my sugar and i want you ♪ >> whoa! ♪ i can make your hands clap said i can make your hand claps said i can make your hands clap ♪ ♪ every night when the stars come out am i only living soul around need to believe you could hold it down because i'm in need of savannah good right now ♪ ♪ we could be screaming till the sun comes out and when we wake we'd make the only sound ♪ ♪ get on my knees ♪ i can make your hands clap
8:48 am
♪ i can make your hands clap ♪ because i can make your hands clap i can make your hands clap ♪ chmerkovskiy champion [ cheers and applause ] >> maks and val, thank you both very much. how were you able to tell the story of your lives? >> it's easy. it's easy, just speak the truth. say it exactly how it was, add some humor to it, you know and this handsome gentleman next to and it's an amazing thing. >> it's going to be difficult to top ginger your partner this season. i can't be totally objective. ♪ >> it's true. we did end up not winning. peta -- >> peta. >> integral part of that, win or lose i have to say i had the
8:49 am
best season i've ever had. >> billy come here. you mentioned peta. congratulations on the upcoming birth and got you a little onesie. see what it says. future champ. >> oh! >> mirror ball. well, guys, thank you very much and thank you for sharing your story. so beautifully. >> thank you. >> with these wonderful -- >> thanks for this amazing cast. half of all the kids we grew up & trained. this story being told by amazing group of people. >> wonderful. [ cheers and applause ] >> what a show and you can see maks and val on tour, coming up, one-on-one with jesse eisenberg, we'll be right back.
8:50 am
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one hero was on a mission to pasave snack time., watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. we are back with jesse eisenberg. he stars in the new woody allen film "cafe society" and here's abc's alex marquardt. ♪ >> reporter: it's the hayday of 1930s hollywood golden age with
8:52 am
its glitz and glamour. >> are there more beautiful girls in hollywood or new york. >> reporter: a young man from new york jesse eisenberg looking for his place in the world and trying his hand at showbiz. >> it's all about ego. this whole town runs on ego. >> reporter: for eisenberg signing up with woody for a second time was a no-braining having idolized him growing up what is about making a preliminary with woody -- >> i've never seen anyone dwell less on themselves. >> he romances blake lively as well as kristen stewart. their third movie together. >> i can't ask for a lovelier more responsible actress as a co-star. i don't know if you heard about this new website i launched. >> reporter: he shot to fame with his dork portrayal of mark zuckerberg in "the social network" but his talents go beyond the big screen an accomplished author and playwright and as we shows me around the set of "the spoils,"
8:53 am
it's clear that eisenberg has that nervous energy, that need to constantly produce. >> if i don't have about, you know, ten things on the stove, then i'm worried that, you know, nine of them might not happen. ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm alex marquardt in london. [ cheers and applause ] >> "cafe society" opens this friday a wi
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by petsmart.
8:56 am
the fans have spoken. your favorite, michael's design once again, wow. we want to thank all of our . . . >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it's 8:56 here on this tuesday july 12th. let's go over to karen rogers. have things eased up on septa. >> that's right we continue to
8:57 am
watch the problems with septa. at this point we're seeing delays with the trains than overcrowding like we saw earlier so the airport line we're looking at delays media elwyn west trenton line, lansdale doylestown manayunk line and all these areas we are seeing delays. some for the most part with just 10 minutes or so but we expect that to increase greatly as the morning progresses and we've seen that kind of off and on with the delays at this point. in delaware county this is i-95 approaching highland avenue. we had an accident normal seven northbound that's cleared. still heavy from 452 to the blue route. southbound extra heavy as well even though an accident here in 320 has cleared there as well. we've got an accident here on the atlantic city expressway. it's westbound past the ac racetrack here and it's blocking the left lane so we're seeing some slowing there as well tam. >> thank you karen. now let's go tout dave murphy get the latest from accuweather. good morning. >> good morning, tam and we're off to a warm start. it's a little bit more humid than yesterday. take a look. it's 76 degrees is the read on the thermometer at the airport. same thing in cape may. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a warm high of 88
8:58 am
today, a bit more humid than yesterday, a fair amount of sun. tomorrow very warm and maybe bit more sticky. thunderstorm north and west of philadelphia is possible. thursday is when the excessive heat and humidity returns to the region, a high of 92 but it will feel closer to one lunn and there's the chance of some spotty but strong thunderstorms on thursday afternoon. friday 95, probably still feeling like around 100 easing down a little bit over the weekend, tam. >> okay, thank you david. coming up today on "action news at plan to a popular south jersey deli has been damaged by fire for the second time in the last decade. we'll have the latest on the investigation under way right now in cherry hill. live with kelly next up here on 6abc. i'm tamala edwards. have a great tuesday. >> ♪ dear fellow citizen,
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announcer: it's "live! with kelly." today, "modern family" star jesse tyler ferguson. and from "saturday night live" and the new "ghostbusters," leslie jones. and performing his big hit, "brand-new," ben rector. plus carrie ann inaba returns for another day of co-hosting. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: and now, here are kelly ripa and carrie ann inaba! [cheers and applause] ♪


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