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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 13, 2016 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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did you have fun dancing with jules? yeah, i did. did yenjoy having her breasts pressed against you?! mm. told me he loved it. (chuckles) liar! tell her i didn't say that. only if somebody tells me who put the vanity plates on my car that say "tiny eyes," huh? hey, guys. (ellie, andy, and grayson) aah! what are we doing? somebody tell me what we're doing. (pants) guys, stop it. it's enough. ellie's still packin'! aah! aah! (imitates gunshots) aah! (grunts) (thud) aah! (strained voice) why, god? (thud) (travis, strained voice) i love space.
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p?p?o?gv disinfect with lysol bathroom toilet gtrigger... just stay in the toilet. ... and lysol power foamer. they kill 99.9% of germs. to clean and disinfect your bathroom... ...lysol that. in this stunning high speed chase caught in camera in alabama, police pursuing a suspect in a stolen vehicle as the speed reaches more than 100 miles per hour. the driver as you can see there, loses control of the car. it flipped over after all that dust settled, you actually see one of the passengers thrown several feet in the air. both the dreyiver and the
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passenger suffered injuries. they're facing serious charges. >> in phoenix police are searching for serial shooters. >> police released a sketch of a possible suspect. the shootings started in march and have several things in common. they happened on weekend nights and the victims were shot in front of their homes. there was no clear motive for any of the shootings. police are offering a $30,000 reward. in the nation's capital in the meantime, four special veterans given a hero's honor for keeping american servicemen and women safe overseas. >> marry bruce reports the honors were long overdue. >> reporter: four veterans came to capitol hill to receive the nation's highest honor for their service and sacrifice. heroic hounds who served with loyalty and the occasional slobber. dogs like sergeant fieldy who bravely served four combat tours
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in afghanistan and his service number tattooed in his ear. the military says he saved countless lives, sniffing out explosives. he's a lifesaver? >> he is. he brought a lot of people home. brought me home. he keeps me home. >> reporter: including army sergeant wes brown. both helping each other off the field. >> i feel safe with him when we go anywhere. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. >> and all four of those dogs were awarded the k-9 metal of courage. >> they were created under this the ages for american humane association. it's a cool honor. it was tweeted about. mary has met many politicians but this was a high one in her career. >> i like the videos when they're reunite after not seeing
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each other for years and the dogs go ballistic. >> coming up, adding a little sun shine to your dinner table. >> we'll have quick, easy and tasty ways to enjoy the best of this year's summer produce. you're watching "world news now."
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we are now in the peek season for nature's bounty. if you're like me, that means you walk into the produce aisle and get lost and need a gps to figure out where to go. we have help. we are joined to get help navigating what we can do with the green, red, yellow stuff you see in the produce aisles.
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>> all the colors of the rainbow. we have them here today. a lot of people grow their own produce and all that is good for them. i wish i had a garden. i do. i try to grow a few herbs here and there. if you have a garden or not, anything, you walk into the markets these days and they're bursting with all these fruits and veggies. >> it's like a pride flag in the markets. >> pretty much. today i brought you a salad, soup and cocktail we'll talk about, and these are with beautiful summer veggies and fruits. today this one, a peach kale salad with toasted walnuts and feta cheese. use apricots or nectarines. and it's topped with a lemon honey vinaigrette. and it's healthy. and you have protein from nuts and cheese.
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moving on, we have this farmer's market pasta salad. we toss it in italian vinaigrette. it has seasonal veggies from tomatoes to cellery. >> is it easy to make? >> super quick. all the resz cipes are on the website. it's delicious. we have kale in there. you can do arug la or baby spinach. >> sale on kale. perfect. >> it's usually pretty cheap which is good. it's also the most nutritious thing. and moving on, this is a gluten free, you can use a gluten free pasta. don't fear. this is a quinoa citrus. it's actually a seed. believe it or not. quinoa is a seed. >> and low carb. >> yes, and high protein.
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people love it. and on here we have, look at this gorgeous -- whoa, can i skirt orang squirt oranges everywhere? look at this. it's beautiful. >> it looks beautiful. >> grapefruit and blood orange even better. and we have a citrus vinaigrette. >> i have to get us moving because i want to get the most important thing. >> and then we have a roasted tomato ba tomato basil soup. don't pop open cans. use your fresh tomatoes. >> this is not from campbells? >> no. we made it ourselves. boil it up. fresh herbs, bring it to a boil with your basil and puree it and you have your own soup. >> now the most important thing. i see these mugs and know it must mean. >> moscow mules. what could be better? >> we can use our summer produce
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in our cocktails. we're going to go ahead and throw our fresh strawberries in here. you can take your leaves off, go ahead and throw in strawberries. >> full? >> go ahead. then if you have a mutt ler, we'll squeeze in lime. we already have vodka in our cup. you would muddle it. and then throw some ice in. each of us. ice. perfect. and ginger beer. >> ginger beer. >> throw it in yours. we need to drink this thing. you want it to be cold. >> awesome. perfect. cheers. we'll mix it up. there you go. our thanks to mar la. you can find her recipes on our website. you're watching "world news now." approaching medicare eligibility?
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♪ >> i didn't see that coming. i don't think that pokemon go would be the top free. >> what's that? >> never heard of it. >> it's a case that's captivated the world for more than four decades. >> the case has been closed on db cooper. >> reporter: he captivated the world for decades. one part folk hero swiping a bundle of cash before leaping out of a jet liner. one part terrorist. he held a plane hostage until his demands were met. the disappearance of db cooper is one of the state's greatest
2:56 am
mysteries. a mystery the fbi has closed the book on. >> it was just time. that's the easy answer. there's a lot that goes into that decision, but really, it was just time. >> reporter: the fbi says they're halting the investigation. the bureau says it has investigated all credible leads. >> everything that's come in we've taken a look at it, run it to ground, and we've arrived at our conclusion today that it was just time to close the case because there isn't anything new out there. >> reporter: but one local expert believes the fbi's announcement could result in the one big break the case needs if the bureau releases the evidence it has. >> people are fascinated with this case. they're likely to go and write more about it and maybe someone out there somewhere is going to make a connection that they didn't make. >> reporter: on november 24th, 1971, cooper threatened to blow up a flight if he didn't receive
2:57 am
$200,000, four parachutes and a flight to mexico. soon after passengers were released and his ransom was aboard, dan cooper jumps out of the tail commexit with the sout. >> i think everybody loves a mystery. you know? everybody wants to be the one to solve it. >> reporter: the case has been featured in books, movies and dozens of television specials. three years ago the washington state history museum had its own db cooper exhibit. today one of the parachutes is on display. >> she mentioned the books, tv shows and even music, kid rock had a reference to db cooper. it really has been a part of our pop culture. >> apparently the fbi has investigated more than $100 people of interest in connection with to this case?
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this morning on "world news now," both presidential candidates making critical moves. >> donald trump is campaigning with another potential vice presidential pick as he nears the deadline to announce his choice. this as the republican presumptive nominees also trading barbs with the supreme court justice. hillary clinton and bernie sanders come together putting their bitter primary behind them. >> a sad day in dallas. a solemn ceremony to honor the officers killed. the president saying the nation isn't as divided as it seems. >> the midsummer classic kicked off after a controversy erupted during the national anthem. >> and some police deputies trying to answer one important question here. how did that bear get into the car? and also, how does it get out? >> must have had the keys.
3:01 am
>> maybe. it's wednesday, july 13th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> a song out right now that says i got the keys, keys, keys. >> maybe the bear was listening to the song while in the car. >> maybe. and boom. good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. donald trump is holding another public audition for a running mate. this time returning to the state where he effectively sealed the gop nomination. >> talking about indiana and mike pence. he praised donald trump and blasted hillary clinton proving he could play the role of attack dog. he's known for being mild mannered. he delivered the remarks at a rally calling trump the best person to lead this country. >> we're ready to put a fighter, a builder, and a patriot in the oval office of the united states of america. we're ready for donald trump to be our next president.
3:02 am
>> i often joke you'll be calling up mike pence. i don't know whether he's going to be our governor of your vice president. who knows? >> trump is expected to announce his vice presidential pick by friday. newt gingrich and chris christie are believed to be in the running still. donald trump is firing back at supreme court justice after she unleashed scathing remarks. >> the 83-year-old justice slammed trump as a faker. moments ago trump tweeted that ginsburg should resign adding her mind is shot. >> reporter: donald trump in a supreme fight with justice ruth bader ginsburg after she told "the new york times" i can't imagine what this place would be. i can't imagine what the country would be with donald trump as our president. she didn't stop there. telling cnn he is a faker. he has no consistency about him.
3:03 am
he says whatever comes into his head at the moment. he really has an ego. how has he gotten away with not turning over his tax returns. her comments an unprecedented attack by a supreme court candidate on a candidate. trump calling it a disgrace and highly inappropriate. the grapple with ginsburg comes as trump prepares to announce his running mate. trump in indiana with the state's governor, mike pence, who is on the short list. they've disagreed in the past, but when i asked pence about it, he insisted he could still serve trump. when donald trump announced the temporary ban on muslims, you called it unconstitutional. do you still feel that way? >> i've taken issue with our candidates from time to time. but i'm supporting donald trump. >> reporter: how do you share the ticket if you have a disagreement. >> i've been a governor for three and a half years. i haven't agreed with every one
3:04 am
of my republican or democrat colleagues on every issue, but i'm supporting him because we need change in this country. >> reporter: sources say he's likely to appear with his running mate on friday. we could get the name before that. many on the short list have been appearing at rallies with trump. gingrich describing the public audition process this way. it's a little bit about the apprentice. you find out sooner or later who the last one standing is. >> let's talk about the democrats. bernie sanders making it clear he's with her, finally offering up his long awaited endorsement of clinton. >> they hairshared hugs and handshakes. he vowed to do everything in his power to help her defeat donald trump. >> she will be the democratic nominee for president. and i intend to do everything i can to make certain she will be
3:05 am
the next president of the united states. >> since clinton clenched the nomination more than a month ago, sanders has succeeded in getting the party to adopt some of his policies. >> in louisiana three men arrested in what authorities call a substantial credible threat against police officers in baton rouge. the alleged plot was discovered following a burglary at a pawn ship where handguns were stolen. one of them admitted the purpose of the burglary was to harm officers. the baton rouge police department has come under fire following the shooting of alton sterling. >> dallas said final good-byes with the first funerals for the police officers killed in the ambush. yesterday they were remembered with five empty seats and folded american flags. president obama and former george w. bush was among the speakers. >> reporter: two presidents and two first ladies joining a dallas police community mourning the hate-filled murder of five of their own.
3:06 am
>> dallas, i'm here to say we must reject such despair. i'm here to insist we're not as divided as we see. >> reporter: president obama praising the courage of the men in blue. >> when the bullets started flying, the men and women of the dallas police, they did not flinch. we mourn fewer people today because of your brave actions. >> reporter: sentiments echoed by another president, now a resident of dallas. >> we will not forget what they did for us. your loss is unfair. we cannot explain it. we can stand beside you and share your grief. >> reporter: and a heart felt standing ovation for dallas police chief david brown. the man who has held this community together. he offered some much needed laughter to go with the tears joking when he really loved a girl, he'd recite some stevie
3:07 am
wonder. >> so today i'm going to pull out some stevie wonder for these families. so families, close your eyes and just imagine me back in 1974 with an afro and some bell bottoms and a wide dollar. until the day that you are me and i am you, now ain't that loving you? >> chief brown, i'm so glad i met michelle first, because she loves stevie wonder. >> reporter: much of president obama's speech was a tribute to the bravery of police officers, but on the flight to dallas he spoke to the families of philando castile and alton sterling whose deaths at the hands of police officers have also shocked the nation. >> i see people who mourn for the five officers we lost, but also weep for the families of alton sterling and philando
3:08 am
castile. in this audience, i see what's possible -- [ applause ] >> i see what's possible when we recognize we're one american family. >> reporter: the president said he's spoken at too many of these memorials and seen the inadequacy of words to bring about lasting change including the inadequacy of his own words. abc news, dallas. >> and sources say the dallas gunman had three guns that night, a pistol, handgun, and a rifle. all on him at the time he was killed by a robot bomb. now, all the weapons were legally purchased by the attacker. either online or at a gun show. investigators said he planned a larger assault. a major political transition underway in britain. after an appearance the prime minister will tender his
3:09 am
resignation. he resigned after the country voted to leave the european union. by the end of the day, theresa may will be prime minister. it's unclear where cameron and his family will live. in italy, investigators trying to determine what caused a deadly head on collision between trains on the same track. at least 27 people were killed. dozens more injured in the crash. rescue crews are removing people from the wreckage. >> court documents tarnish the legacy of jo paterno. he said he didn't know about the serial sexual abuse of boys until 2001. documents indicate he was told about the problem in 1976. jerry san dusky was accused. the documents came to light in an insurance lawsuit. >> the kansas royals are in the world serious again, and they'll have the home field advantage
3:10 am
thanks to two of their stars. each homered for the american league in the second inning of last night's all star game. >> one was two for three with two rbis and named the most valuable player. for the other team in last year's world series, well, none of the mets players got into the game. the american league beat the national league 4-2. >> a controversial moment, but it was before the all star game even started. one of the members of the group called the tenors, they were singing the canadian national anthem when one member changed a phrase to include all lives matter and held up a sign. >> it's a play on black lives matter and is considered disparaging but some. take a listen. ♪ we're all brothers and sisters ♪ ♪ all lives matter to the
3:11 am
great ♪ . >> you can see one of them look over like what are you doing? the change to the lyrics was made by the only american member of that group. during the 7th inning and a fire storm of social media criticism, it issued an apology. they said the member they called a lone wolf will not be performing with them until further notice. understandably. it's horrible that he would do that. >> some people are saying even if you don't agree, don't politicize a national anthem by changing the lyrics. the songs are supposed to be sacred. >> it is. it's a horrible thing that he would do it during the canadian anthem. >> coming up, one boy's way too close of an encounter with an eagle. you want to see this one ahead in the mix. >> first a suspected serial shooter in the phoenix area blamed for several deaths. police in a race against time to catch the person or people responsible. >> find us on facebook at
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k-y touch.
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six people were rescued including four children after their boat capsized near ellis island. one of the passengers, a girl, was partially trapped under the boat. a good samaritan jumped in to free her. all the passengers were taken to the hospital and released. a man hunt underway in
3:16 am
phoenix were what could be a serial killer. >> police have linked at least seven deaths spanning a nearly 100 square mile to the same suspect or suspects. all the victims who were apparently picked at random. lauren lister has the latest. >> reporter: a string of unsolved killings pleeging phoenix. police searching for a serial shooter or shooters who they believe may be behind the deaths of seven people in the last few months. >> the person doing this is wicked. there's something wrong with them. >> reporter: the shooting victims ranging in age from 12 years old to 55. men and women dying. the shootings started in march. first focussed in west phoenix. now a total of eight. police say spanning nearly 100 square miles, putting thousands of residents in danger. police telling abc news in each case the suspect or suspects opened fire on a weekend night in front of a home where cars were parked. >> in these incidents, the
3:17 am
motive is not apparent. >> reporter: no motive but witnesses have given a vague description of a tall male suspect. police released this sketch hoping someone will come forward. authorities with the fbi and use marshals involved are offering a $30,000 reward for information that helps solve these cases. >> all right. lauren, thank you. coming up in the next half hour, putting a little more go in pokemon go. why trying to catch them all on foot may be inefficient when you could do more on four wheels. one innovative driver is offering to help for a price. >> but first, with all the talk lately about celebrity doppelgangers, did you ever wond for you might have a twin out there somewhere? how you can find out by uploading two photographs. you're watching "world news now."
3:18 am
3:19 am
thanks soft internet and social media, the doppelganger is becoming increasingly common. >> finding your dead ringer has never been easier. >> reporter: folklore has it that we each have seven look ie alikes in the world. >> she got in touch on the site. >> reporter: this woman is working to prove that theory. >> hello. >> reporter: she's already met three of her own doppelgangers. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: her very first meet up went viral and has now been viewed more than 8 billion times. since then she's become a doppelganger detective of sorts. co-founding the website twin to help others in their search. we wanted to see the doppelganger bond. we paired up to go behind the scenes of a meet up bringing
3:20 am
amber from australia and maddie from washington together here in l.a. and when we met in person, even i was confused. >> reporter: hi. hi. you're like double trouble. nice to meet you. >> i'm amber. >> maddie. >> reporter: you guys are adorable. and whose idea was the purple? >> maddie. >> me. >> reporter: i want to know the first reaction when you saw the photo of each other on the site. >> i never really met anyone that looked like me, so seeing her picture is kind of weird. it was the first time i'd seen that looked remotely similar to me. >> reporter: much less dead ringer. >> yeah. i got a photo to see if we were similar, and the top half of the face started loading and i thought it was a picture of me. and the rest loaded and i was like wow, that's insane. >> reporter: what piqued your
3:21 am
curiosity? there are an equal number of people saying i would never want to meet someone who looked like me. >> i thought it would be fun. >> reporter: and not creepy? >> right. yeah. >> i thought television fit was. >> reporter: we wanted to see if there was a genetic reason for their similarities. we asked for a dna test. in just a few weeks the results are in. and guess what. they are 100% not related. but they do have similar european roots. despite the roots, they say their newfound bond will only grow. >> so i guess it's just luck. >> yeah. could you imagine you meet -- what if they ran into each other randomly? they hadn't found each other. >> your celebrity doppelganger? >> i hear cindy crawford more than anyone else. >> just mode the mole. >> mine is in beirut tomorrow night for a concert. >> seal. >> without the things, i've been
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rewrite the rules. always. you know, folks in law enforcement get a number of odd calls. this one is up there with it. so in colorado in jefferson county, they get a call for a bear that is trapped inside of a car. somehow that little guy there locked himself inside of this car. they didn't know how to get him out. so finally after a lot of fear, the deputies decided to open the hatch. the bear went to town in the car trying to get out. >> maybe he was trying to make himself comfortable. >> he found the food. he rummaged through, destroyed that car. >> i would have loved to have seen a video of how he got into
3:26 am
the car. >> and then decided to lock himself in, and, huh. there you are. weird call. >> so there's been sort of raised awareness in the country about kids and animals and making sure they know to respect an animal's habitat. but what do you do when the animal comes to the kid? >> okay. i don't know. >> a family in australia learned the hard way. they were at alice spring's desert park watching a bird show when one of the eagles that was part of the show decided this little boy should be part of the show. the eagle tries to grab the boy by the head. luckily, obviously, the eagle did not get away with the boy, and apparently the eagle is no longer in the show, at least for the time being. they thought he should have a time-out. good thing the boy had his hood up. >> how horrifying is that? maybe something with the color that attracted them. here's a candidate for grandfather of the year. this guy in southern california
3:27 am
decided that he would build for his kid his own disneyland. his name is steve to bes. he used to be an engineer with boing. he calls it dobs land. this is in his backyard. this gives you a sense of the scale. there's a real roller coaster he built. it's a wooden roller coaster. >> he built that whole thing? >> yes. he did get some help from some folks at class at a university down there, but, still, his concept. it looks like a fun ride. >> not too shabby. does he need any other grandchildren? i'm happy to apply. >> there's a weight limit. >> farmers are looking for new ways to avoid using pesticides. one vineyard in south africa found a unique solution to a snail problem. meet their 1,000 security ducks. the ducks like to eat snails.
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3:30 am
this morning, honoring the fallen. the first funerals today for some of the officers killed last week in dallas. the president offering powerful words as we learn more about the man blamed for the attack. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are making big moves. trump is getting closer and closer to naming a running mate while clinton has finally secured the official backing of her former rival. and pokemon mania. some places don't want anything to do with it. lawmakers are demanding answers about it and one guy is making a lot of money because of it. and she is no friend of the tabloids. the blistering us cus cay by jennifer aniston accusing them of dehumanizing women. what triggered the outburst
3:31 am
ahead in "the skinny". >> from abc news, this is "world news now." good wednesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. we begin with a community in mourning has dallas says good-bye to five officers. >> today funerals will be held for sergeant michael smith and senior corporal lorne ahrens. a public memorial today for brent thompson. >> the five men were remembered yesterday into a memorial service where president obama tried to comfort the city reeling from its loss. >> reporter: president obama joining a host of dignitaries and law enforcement at an interfaith service to honor the five fallen officers gunned down in dallas and to commend the city and police for efforts to unify the community. >> the murder rate here has fallen. complaints of excessive force
3:32 am
have been cut by 64%. the dallas police department has been doing it the right way. >> reporter: the president along the george w. bush, and vice president biden paying their respects. >> today the nation grieves but those of us who love dallas and call it home have had five deaths in the family. >> reporter: the city of dallas rocked to the core following the assassination of police officers working to protect and serve during a peaceful black lives matter protest. abc news learning the gunman, micah johnson used this high powered rifle in a one-man mission to target and kill white officers. the president categorizing the sniper's attack as a hate crime. >> an act not just of demented violence but of racial hatred. it's left us wounded and angry and hurt. >> reporter: the site where the dallas shootings took place remains a crime scene.
3:33 am
it coulds poring over -- detectives pores over the hours of body cam footage. authorities believe johnson legally purchased the three weapons he had. dallas's police chief using lyrics from a stevie wonder song to express his love for the officers and their grieving families. >> i'll be loving you until the ocean covers every mountain high. >> reporter: back at the white house, the president is set to meet with law enforcement officials and community leaders in hopes of finding a solution to end the violence. >> all right. our thanks. now to neighboring louisiana and specifically baton rouge. police say they've uncovered a substantial threat against officers on the force already under fire for last week's deadly police shooting. the alleged plot was uncovered after a failed burglar attack. authorities say the suspects stole eight handguns and were seeking to get ammunition to take down police officers. two men and a 14-year-old boy have been arrested. they're looking for a fourth suspect. >> funeral services tomorrow for
3:34 am
the minnesota man killed by police last week. philando castile was shot and his girlfriend streamed the aftermath of the shooting live on facebook. thousands are expected to mourn him during the services at the cathedral of st. paul. an attorney for the family yesterday called for a special prosecutor to look into that shooting. turning to the race for the white house and donald trump putting another potential running mate on display. mike pence introduced donald trump last night. he slammed hillary clinton and heaped praise on trump saying he understands the country in a way no other leader has since ronald reagan. trump is expected to announce his v.p. pick by friday. >> it was a long awaited show of unity by the democrats. bernie sanders finally has thrown his support behind hillary clinton. >> sanders and clinton finally stood side by side as he endorsed her more than a month after she clenched the nomination. their biggest common goal? defeating donald trump.
3:35 am
>> reporter: he's with her. >> i have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why i am endorsing hillary clinton and why she must become our next president. >> reporter: a ringing endorsement even a hug. her thank you picked up by the microphone. and with that, the curtain closed on a primary race that defied expectations. virtually unknown senator from vermont igniting a political movement. bernie sanders friendly at first -- >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> reporter: hillary clinton mocked for seeming to change positions to win over his supporters. >> and i'm angry too because the top 10% of the top 1 % control 90% of the wealth in this country.
3:36 am
and i've always said that. >> reporter: even now she's still trying. >> and our country desperately needs your voices and involvement, and so does this campaign, and so does the democratic party. >> reporter: but donald trump releasing this video highlighting the past bad blood between the two democrats. >> i don't think you are qualified if you have supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement. >> reporter: some sanders backers walking out on clinton in protest, still feeling berned. will you vote for hillary clinton now? >> i will. >> reporter: you're pausing. is there anything hillary clinton can say to win you over? >> she can't win me over. i don't think i can ever trust her. >> reporter: how much can we expect to see bernie sanders out on the campaign trail? there's no date set yet, but he said he plans to be in every corner of this country to help hillary clinton get elected. abc news, new hampshire.
3:37 am
>> an attempt by republicans to block hillary clinton from receiving classified information has been rejected. james clapper said he doesn't intend to withhold intelligence briefings from any official presidential nominee. the house speaker tried to have her access denied after the fbi director called her use of an e-mail server careless. the u.s. capitol complex was in lockdown yesterday. there was no direct threat to congress or its employees. local police were chasing a car while a passenger fired at officers. when the vehicle was stopped by the capitol. one of the passengers took off on foot so the capitol was placed on lockdown until they were caught. >> the fbi is closing the books on a man hunt. the hunt for db cooper, the suspect in the hijacking of a passenger plane in 1971. it's now officially closed. cooper disappeared after collecting $200,000 in ransom
3:38 am
and parachuting out of the plane. the only clue to surface in this case was the cash from the ransom. the cash turned up in 1980 and was identified by serial numbers on the bills. the fbi said it was time to close the case. >> a new crime museum will house an important part of the o.j. simpson case. his white ford bronco made famous during the famous slow speed chase 22 years ago. it's going to alcatraz east museum. >> the chase held the nation spell bound for two hours before simpson surrendered. he was then arrested for the murders of his interest friend and ex-wife. the museum opens this fall about 30 miles from knoxville. >> should be an interesting museum to check out. >> interesting is the keyword. >> they apparently also have al capone's rosary.
3:39 am
john dillinger's death mask. >> a feel good museum. >> objects belonging to bonnie and clyde -- feel good. good family road trip. coming up, "the skinny," kim kardashian stumped by a young boy. hear the question he asked her that left her nearly speechless. >> and the pokemon go craze is getting criticism in some circles and banned in others. in pittsburgh why one guy is saying hop on this. first a look at today's forecast. the worst thing about toilet germs?
3:40 am
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they don't stay in the toilet. disinfect your bathroom with lysol bathroom trigger... ...lysol power foamer...
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3:43 am
nostalgia, pokemon go is the hit of the summer. millions of people are hunting for pokemon everywhere around them. it seems there are some places that players can't go. >> you have officials at arlington national cemetery that don't want anyone trying to catch virtual monsters among the graves of fallen heros. the cemetery is one of two somber sights that are designated as stops within the game. the others, the holocaust museum which is right now trying to get the landmark removed from the game. >> why are those locations on there? >> i have no idea. >> and why would you go? i don't get it. and minnesota senator, al franken has some questions about the game's privacy policies. he sent a letter about questions of user's information. he's concerned user's personal information might be taken without consent.
3:44 am
>> it appears the pokemon go craze is not cooling down any time soon. >> if you can't beat them, join them. that's why one enterprising guy from pittsburgh is apparently now kicking the craze to another level. we have the story. >> reporter: pokemon go, if you haven't heard of it, you soon will. >> what's fun about it? >> i'm 23. i grew up with it in the 90s. >> reporter: the app is a game using geo location and augmented reality. the creatures have virtual fights and teams form and players compete for points showing their prestige. the game works by chasing the pokemon. they're not always near you. when we were walking through the studio, one just appeared on my hand. >> 100% from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. >> reporter: this man is the uber of pokemon go. last night he started chauffeuring players around
3:45 am
pittsburgh for $10 an hour. >> within an hour my inbox was completely filled up with people that wanted me to take them to find certain types of pokemon. >> reporter: we rode along with his guide, jc, and new client, abbie. >> pokemon came out in 1995. >> reporter: we found dozens of other players all flocking to what's called a lure. >> a lure, one person sets it up, and then that works for anyone in the vicinity. >> reporter: are you playing pokemon go? >> yep. >> you team red or blue? >> blue. >> reporter: larkin hopes to capitalize on the craze hoping to help pokemon go players while picking up some extra cash. sara says she'll stick to her own methods. >> if people are willing to pay for it, that's the open market. they can do that, but just have your friend drive you around or walk. >> reporter: beau berman, pittsburgh action news 4. >> just looking at some of the funniest locations where you can
3:46 am
find your monsters. one of them was in a toilet. >> wasn't counting on some company while there. >> the business has taken off so much not only are they fully booked but the rates are up to $25. >> it's brilliant. >> 7.5 million down loads. >> it caused an accident in texas at texas a&m because a woman saw a monster and got out of her car and another driver slammed into her. >> getting out of your cars? >> it's important. the monsters. >> maybe we need to play. >> when we come back, why jennifer aniston says she's fed up not with pokemon go but the tabloids. >> and kim kardashian is at a loss for words when a five-year-old boy asks her a very particular question. "the skinny" is next. r question. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ >> time now for the skinny. we start with jennifer aniston not pulling any punches. >> no. she blasted the tabloids dispelling the latest round of pregnancy rumors while berating them for talking about a warped standard of beauty. >> she said the objectify kags
3:49 am
she's experienced firsthand for decades perpetuates a dehumanizing view of females in which a women's value is determined by her physical appearance and marital and maternal status. >> one was involved in publishing this with a source saying we didn't change a word. >> she didn't single out any publications but ended her essay with a plea to consumers, stop buying the bull. >> all right. thanks. next, to kim kardashian. an unusual loss for words. >> in m ask why is she famous? one little boy set out to get the answer. >> how are you famous? >> how am i famous? >> yeah. >> that's up for question too. >> so we've been trying to figure that out also, that mini interview was shared by kim herself on snap chat. >> she says that's a good question.
3:50 am
>> next to the world of sports and the excitement is building for tonight's espy awards. >> how? we're not going -- delve into that more. >> i think we're running short on time. >> this year's excellence in sports performance awards will honor our sister network, espn's commitment to the v foundation for research. it will be presented to craig sager and vice president biden will present it to him. >> it's hosted by world heavy weight champion john cena in los angeles. the awards take place tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. >> expected to be at this year's espy awards with an extra big smile on his face. kobe bryant. >> the nba champion and his wife have announced they're expecting their third child. the wife took to social media
3:51 am
saying they're excited to share that we are expecting our third baby girl. kobe bryant is set to attend tonight's espy awards where he'll get the icon award. >> finally, spreading the love across the entire sexual spectrum. the first exclusively gay dating show coming to today. >> logo is moving forward with finding prince charming. think the bachelorette, only all men. >> okay. the show will be hosted by lance bass. the gay one from in sync and will include 13 suitors competing for the heart of a heartthrob. >> contestants will be eliminated one by one. >> where have we seen this before? in the final episode, they will choose the ideal mate to commit to an exclusive relationship. >> in case that's possible. >> sounds a little familiar. >> where is our analyst?
3:52 am
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try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic. woody allen's anticipated cafe society opens in theaters this friday set amid the glitz and the glamour. >> at the center is jesse icenberg. starring in a role that promises to take his career to a whole new level. >> reporter: it's the heyday of 1930s hollywood.
3:56 am
the golden age with glitz and glamour. >> are there more beautiful girls in hollywood or new york? >> reporter: a young man in new york looking for his place in the world and trying his hand at show business. >> it's all about ego. the whole town runs on ego. >> reporter: signing up for a second time with woody allen was a no brainer. what is it about making a film with woody allen that's different than any other? his character romances both blake lively's as well as kristen stewart's, their third movie together. >> i couldn't ask for a lovelier more responsible actress as a co-star. >> reporter: eisenberg shot to fame with his portrayal as zuckerberg, but his talents go beyond the big screen. he's an accomplished author and play wright. as he shows me around the set of his third play, it's clear that
3:57 am
eisenberg has that nervous energy, the need to constantly produce. >> if i don't have ten things on the stove, i'm worried that nine of them might not happen. >> hard to believe me got his start in a comedy show get real? >> what network was that on? >> i don't remember. it didn't last long. >> he's known for the social network. he's written some three plays including the one that is performing right now in london. >> he's also written pieces for the new yorker and other publications. he's big on writing and has a book out as well. >> wow. >> it's called bream gives me hiccups and other stories. >> he's written a lot. we didn't
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, countdown to cleveland. just five days until the republican national committee and donald trump holds another rally with another potential vp pick and blasting ruth bader ginsburg telling her to resign. president obama and former president bush honoring the slain dallas police officers. >> we are not as divided as we seem. >> the emotional service plus two officers in the middle of the gunfight talking for the first time. >> see what happens when a wild high-speed chase ends in a crash sending a suspect 20 feet into the air. and a big bear getting into trouble trapping itself in a car. the risky rescue to get him out.


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