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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  July 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> action news, delaware valley's leading news program, with metrologist, melissa ma 2003, jeff skversky and walters perez. >> [♪] >> heavy rains cause major flooding all across the region
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polacking roads and tunnels and causing some people to abandon their cars. the train station flooded forcing people to sweep away the water, and one play in if any injuries had to declare a temporary state of new injuries. i am walter perez, and looking at sky 6. you can sigh clear skies after the storm now. meteorologist, adam joseph is with us for melissa. >> when they hit they hit extremely hard, we are talking several inches of rain. and even and -- storm tracker double scan, right rain around philadelphia, and in fact double scan you can see he moderate to heaven rains, right through wilmington and salem, and slowly working from the west to the east. this is not flooding rain, and
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didn't see much rain throughout the day, and easily can handle this as it passes through, and chester he county, and delaware are county, and southern among county, and and parts of the pennsylvania i can't turnpike. the mercer county, and this is storm tracker double scan with its radar, estimated totals that happened just this afternoon. 6-inches in lawrence, and princeton, and pockets where there are had more than 6 and a half inches of rain, along route one was hit hard in mercer county, and all flood warnings have now expired. dew points this is why we have gotten into trouble with heavy rounds of rain. that is a lot of water vapour sitting in the atmosphere that will stick around tomorrow.
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not as active, but still the down pours and thunderstorms will develop at any given time, not only tomorrow, but into monday. on and off with the tropical humidity, we could see a real quick 3-inches of rain, and that could be lead to more road and creek flooding ash around the region. when we come back, i will let you know when the pattern looks to break. >> that's a lot of water. the state of emergency was issued in new jersey, and lifted about an hour ago. near princeton, the rain came down so fast, the train station had to be closed. stay on top of the rainy conditions, but logging on to our website, and you can get live looks anytime of the day, as well as a 7-day forecast.
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our team of metre arologists -- meteorologists. >> investigations after two new jersey state troopers, shot a man inside his own home. they are responding to auto 911 cal but independented up at the wrong address. jeff? >> >> good evening, gerald szakacs he is a loving grandfather and great grandfather, who thought he was protecting his wife from intruders. >> why was the first response to pump four rounds through the door. >> these are the three shots. >> as he shows us, the holes from 3 bullets that nearly killed his father-in-law. >> twice in the chest, once in
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a groin, collapses lung and -- they both stepped in the great room, and saw two figures you go standing right up against the door, nothing said, no identification. >> she said her stepdad was standing in the living room holding a shotgun when the police fired four shots. >> after he railway collapsed and shot one shot at the door [indiscernible]. >> treated sakes like a criminal, and refusing to get him medical treatment for 45 minutes, where they flipped him over and handcuffed him. >> the sergeant said he was a miracle he was alive. >> the troopers responding to a 911 call, and police said they identified themself, but they don't buy it. sakes has a deep respect for the
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police, and didn't know he was shot by the officers. >> he said, what, those are state troopers, they shot me without even a warning. of the. >> those officers were treated at the hospital, and released. we are told one of them had a graze wound, and sikes is in the hospital, in stable but critical condition. we are live, jeff chirico. >> it has been a violent day across the see of philadelphia, officers on patrol heard gunshots in the area of 124th. a 23 year-old man was lying in the passenger seat of a car, with a gun shot, he was taken to a -- with a gun in the area of e and west more land streets. they arrived a 20 year-old
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suffering from gunshots wounds and he was taken to temple. then 11 clock this morning a 26 year-old man was shot early, shot twice in the head and once in the stomach. he was pronounced at temple university hospital a short time later. >> meanwhile many families affected by gun violence gathered to remember their loved ones and reflect on recent crime in the city. trish hartman was there, and called for an end to the violence. >> people filed into this north philadelphia funeral home, signing the guest book reflecting in front of the a coffin. this is the for one person or one family. >> this is the for families that suffered the same tragedies. >> this is mobiled by operation save our city, comes after three people were shot and killed in philadelphia in a span about
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three 12 hours. >> the healing blanket project is the whole idea of the journey knee of sorrow to possibility, and comfort and healing, and hope. when the artist started this healing blanket each square represented a live lost, and that's where the idea came from, people hanging tags on it in memory of loved ones. >> p he holds his his granddaughter as he shows us the tags of his daughter. >> it has been a long year, a very tough year, i am just trying to make it through. >> one year ago, stephanie was ginned down in her port richard home, and inspired her father and many others to be here. >> i think they do something like this, and realize other
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families are affected, and they have a voice. they keep going with it. and next thing you know you have a true of new advocates. >> if reporting in philadelphia, trish hartman action news. >> and police officers spreading the message most are decent people dedicated to serving their communities. join forces with the upper mary i don't know township program for the protestor. before walking in alongside the officers to spread their message. a business that has been in operation in ocean down they new jersey for nearly 40 years has been destroyed by fire. officials in west creek still trying to determine how the fire started. the fire broke out before 5 clock this evening. it took firefighters, and it --
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less than an hour to go for the release of the new harry potter book. fans are waiting to get their hands on the brand new book, it's called, hare repotter and the occursed child. remember there has been harry potter inspired games and give aways all night it long. will here's something that will put an extra -- today's power ball jackpot is the 8th largest in history. when the jackpot rolled over again. a cash option for tonight's prize, is more than $330 million. the power ball was 5. did you win adam. >> is i did, i got to go home. >> much more to come on action news tonight, donald trump faces
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new criticises, this time commenting on the parents of a soldier who gave his life in the iraq war. pope francis speaks to thousands and thousands of young people, get off your were phones and commuters. details coming up. and a check of sports when action news comes back. whenoff the wheel to getands out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put.
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>> there were no survivors after a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed in central texas this morning. 16 people were on the balloon before it went down 8:00 o'clock this morning in a pasture in lock hart. there were an are row of power lines near the crash, but investigators not yet said what is behind the tragedy. they continue the investigation. now from the latest, and donald trump is in the middle of another at the fire storm. he criticised the a mother and
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father whose son died in the iraq war and tonight they are fighting back. >> donald trump is speaking out oarage angus for this grieving father. >> we are honoured today to stand here as parents of my son. calf veer khan offering this searing rebuke of trump. >> you have sacrificed nothing. and no one. >> mr. khan an army captain, the son the muslim immigrants, and died in iraq. his father it challenging trump. >> let me, have you ever read the united states constitution? [applause] >> the i will gladly lend you
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my copy. >> tonight trump responding in an exclusive interview with george testify none house, like the khans, i, too, has sacrificed. >> i think i have made a lot of sacrifices, i have created tens of thousands of job jobs. many built great structures, i have had tremendous success. i think -- >> it those are sacrifices. >> o sure, i think those are sacrifices. >> suggesting she did not speak because she was forbidden by her faith. >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there and having nothing to say -- >> [indiscernible]. >> that was mary bruce reporting this evening. the khan family responded
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further to trump's comments. he told running for president is not an entitlement to -- he said, trump is void of decency and has a dark heart. >> hillary clinton was came paining in if pennsylvania, and didn't directly address respond to trump's remark. she said edie's this is a time for all americans to stand with khan and all soldiers who have given their lives in the line of duty. >> instead, he asked them in engage in social activism to create a better youth. the pontiff, in poland, he told them jesus is the lord of risk not comfort. he said more than one million people showed up to listen to
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the pope's speak. looking at sky 6, a cloudy humid night out there. adam joseph has a check of the forecast when action news comes back.
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♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> talking gardening, with the rain it's good, about you this will be too much. >> you don't want to rot the -- >> the fruit burst if there is too much water. >> and we saw a -- double scan
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around the region, some areas that saw that heavy rain getting a break at the present time, and areas south of philadelphia that didn't see the rain through much of the day are now getting in the action, especially near smyrna, dover, and few drops beginning to fall, and it will turn steady and heavier. not flooding rains, but moving over that sandy soil that can easily absorb this as it passes through. as we look to the north, and medical vern, west chester still dealing with light showers, and sweet borrow, and glass borrow, and heading towards berlin, and all this slowly working from the west to the east. and heading to the short communities. dry at the shore and the rain coming in during the overnight hours.
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76 in indicate march, and a little cooler to the north and west. everybody feeling supery out there, and that's the way it will stay. energy that sparked the storms this afternoon, even to the west they are still dealing with the pop ups around. we are not out of the woods yet. downpour could release very heavy rain in o a short amount of time. we are not necessarily waiting for the sun to develop these, and as we get into the afternoon tomorrow, notice it is far less active than what we saw today, especially in our pennsylvania counties, as we will calm the atmosphere a little bit tomorrow. going into monday morning, still dealing with the down pouries and thunderstorms around and still here on monday afternoon at 4:30:00 p.m. it will not be raining the entire time, but
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could rain heavily for brief periods of time. indicating we could see an additional inch, as much as three or four-inches, but it depends where they pop and slowly pass through. the ocean temperature 71. 86 at the jersey shore. hazy and humid through much of the at the same time watch for the storms, and no sea breeze. another wet day up in the poconos with nascar, and your temperature is in the middle 70s. as we he look at the exclusive weather 7-day forecast, hot, oppressive, again with the scattered isolated downpours, and thunderstorms, that will be pretty heavy. on tuesday, that's when everything finally moves on. we drop the humidity, tuesday and wednesday, 84-degrees with sun and clouds.
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seasonable on thursday 86, and we are back near 90 on friday, as it turns hotter and humid, before our next cold arrives at some point over the upcoming weekend. >> cold front with the air quotes. >> we go back to the '80s. >> all right, thank you. sports is next on action news. the philly's -- phillies is take on at atlanta. highlights when we come back.
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foul ball, and check out the beer guy, that's why you have to keep your eye on the ball. after stellar performance on the mound. how about at this plate. two down, headed for the ball boy and a -- [indiscernible]. you don't see that every day. 3-2 phillies. moving on to the 8, michael franco, this part of a and they beat about the braves 9-5, and you can you thank hall son. >> he made his pitches when he needed to, and he came up in the third or fourth p.m. innings. >> let's talk football now, and team's legendary safety was was at practice today, as the newest and the team announced that doc kins is an employee again, and
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named the scouting fellowship, it's a new program, the nfl started to introduce players to scouting. he said he has high aspirations with his new gig. >> it is notice just scouting, i am trying to grasp the whole gamut how a team is run. i am learning the scouting, and terminology, and all this thing. sometimes -- i i have been blessed to see talent. if i can help in that respect, i love to do that, but also i want to learn everything about playing football. >> meanwhile the birds are were in the full pads. sam brad forward went for three hours in the heat, it seemed the pads made it harder to catch the ball, yeah, that's not good. you have to catch that.
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>> jimmy smarts says they are coming along, but slowly. >> i think if we are doing our job in training camp, and the players are responding well, in the scheme, if we have a scheme matching the players, you will see the sum should be greater than the individual parts. we are not there yet. believe me we are not there yet. >> moving on arena football, the sole playing their last regular game, and the fan in the front row, tackle, to tackle chris devault, he gets ejected. they beat the predators 67-59 and finished with the 13-3 record. much more to come on action news tonight, it was a good day for a dog eye bath, especially because these baths were taken for a great cause when action news comes back.


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