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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 15, 2016 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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good monday morning. >> here are some of the top headlines we're following for your this morning on "world news now." historic flooding in southern louisiana has killed five people. 10,000 are spending the night in shelters and 20,000 had to be rescued from their homes. swre the details in a home. >> the entire town of lower lake california has been evacuated because of a fast moving wildfire about 100 miles north of san francisco. at least ten homes, several businesses and the post office all destroyed. a report of gunfire shut down the jfk airport. two terminals were evacuated. all flights were suspended. there was no evidence of gunshots or injuries. and usain bolt striking again. the ja macon sprinter is the world's fasters man yet again. coming from behind to beat
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justin gatlin in the 100 meters. those are some of the top stories on this monday, august 15th. from abc news, this is "world news now." the amazing photo that's going viral this morning of bolt in front of everybody else smiling at the camera. >> we begin this morning, though, with the massive flooding in southern louisiana, especially around baton rouge. there's a federal disaster de declaration with five people dead. >> the numbers are simply staggering. more than 20,000 people have been rescued from their homes, and 10,000 spending this morning in shelters. also rescued the approximately 1,000 drivers and passengers stranded for 24 hours or more on interstate 12. >> the national guard used their helicopters throughout the day to deliver food, water, and medicine to those stranded as
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well as to remove people from their positions and bring them back to a place of safety. >> the governor says he won't say the flooding is worse than a hurricane but says it's very bad. thousands of people are without power, and thousands of at&t cell phones aren't working because the substation is flooded. there's more rain in the forecast today and some rivers are cresting overnight. >> and people were affected by hurricane katrina displaced and now the same thing again now. >> and weather is affects people in other parts of the country. philadelphia caused deaths because of heat and humidity. the heat index yesterday reached 106. the city's special hot line for questions about heat related problems was extended through tomorrow. >> that's because the excessive heat warning remains in effect for philadelphia. >> let's check in with paul
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williams. >> good morning. we have a serious soaker making its way throughout the ohio valley region. and a slide toward the northeast. for now the high pressure system will keep it away from the northeast except down toward the d.c. area. toward the ohio valley and st. louis, we're expecting the downpours to kick in monday. then looking for the second half of the storm to reach all the way down toward the deep south. >> our thanks to paul. we're following a developing story in milwaukee. another night of unrest. at least one person was shot during a second night of protests. so far no burning of businesses like on saturday night. the unrest follows the fatal police shooting of a black man during a traffic shot. his family wants the officer to be charged to fired the fatal shot. his sister spoke during a vigil. >> my brother was 23.
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he got a two-year-old baby who has to grow up without him. we don't got to explanation for that. milwaukee police say smith had a gun in his hand when he turned toward the officer. donald trump is unveiling his plan to confront terrorism and destroy isis. he's also outlining a new immigration proposal that withholds visas where the u.s. can't perform adequate screening. trump is aimed at what he's calling the corrupt media. let's get more from mary bruce. >> reporter: donald trump at war with the media. >> i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. i'm running against the crooked media. that's what i'm running against. >> reporter: trump blaming the press for his tumbling poll numbers tweeting into the disgusting and corrupt media covering me honestly and didn't put false meaning into my words, i would be beating hill we by 20
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ri by 20 %. and he's ripping into "the new york times" after report about turmoil in his campaign. >> the newspaper is going to hell. maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them. >> reporter: the trump camp is doing damage control. mike pence reaching out to top republicans like mccain and bush hoping to calm party nerves. many republicans worry he's already headed for defeat. even trump is raising the possibility. >> can you imagine how badly i'll feel if i spent all of that money, all of this energy, all of this time, and lost? >> reporter: in a move trump promising cancer patient that he will also tell him the truth while admitting to other voters -- >> i might lie to you like hillary does all the time, but i'll never lie to them. all right? you hold me to it. >> reporter: trump will try to
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get back to the issues today delivering a detailed policy outlining his plan to tackle terrorism. as one campaign source tells us, trump needs to focus on beating hillary clinton. mary bruce. joe biden is joining clinton clont on the campaign trail for the first time. there's a rally in scranton, pennsylvania. he plans to declare that donald trump is the most uninformed presidential nominee ever. biden is also expected to argue that trump's rhetoric makes americans less safe. a man hunt underway in georgia following the deadly shooting of a police officer in the town of eastman. the gunman should be considered armed and dangerous. he's accused of killing an officer as the officer got out of a patrol car. the son of a chicago police officer is the latest victim of deadly violence in the city. he was home from college in new york trying to surprise his sick mother. he was celebrating someone's
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birthday when a gunman opened fire. investigators say they think it was a case of mistaken identity. >> terrifying use about guns at the olympics. ryan lochte said he had a gun held to his head. >> reporter: organizers are scrambling after lochte was held up at gunpoint, the 12 time career olympics medalist was in a taxi after an evening out. he told nbc news -- >> there was a guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forward, said get down, i put my hands up, i was like whenever. >> reporter: they'd been partying and at this club. but earlier confusion surrounding the incident with the ioc stating in a press conference that lochte had not been held up at gunpoint. >> they said they spoke to
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lochte. >>er. >> reporter: that's right they announced it happened. that's the latest black eye for the olympic organizers who guaranteed the safety of athletes. >> the mission we have which is to make rio the safest city in the world during the games. rnchts incidents occurring almost daily. coaches robbed and the equestrian has been hit with stray bullets twice. last week we embedded with the s.w.a.t. team to see the city away from the tourist attractions. they are constantly being fired upon and always prepared to fire back. >> this feels like when you go out of this perimeter like you're going to war. everybody is ready to fight. >> yeah. >> reporter: and this is how it is every time you leave this gate? >> yeah. yeah. >> reporter: we've learned the u.s. state department is assisting in the investigation with the security situation here unlikely to improve, the usoc is
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reiterating the security protocols to american athletes reminding them probably not a good idea to take a local taxi here at 4:00 in the morning. i've actually done that in rio. 5:00 a.m. 4 a.m., bad idea. 5:00 a.m. all right. >> simone biles is two steps away from matching a mark set more than a century ago. >> she won the vault competition. if she medals in her remaining events, she'll be the first american gymnast to win five medals in 112 years. bolt proved he's too fast for the competition. he is the world's fastest man for the third games after winning the 100 meters. there is someone who thinks the super star is a little too fast. that would be his mom. >> i would hope he'll settle down, get married and satisfy my
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life. >> right now bolt is focussed on winning gold in the 200 and the 4x100. he says then he can sign off on being immortal. >> he's young. he has time. >> mom wants grand kids. step on it. >> i'm sure however it happens, it will be quick. looking ahead to today's events, an american track legend looks to put her stamp on the fames. felix goes for her fifth career gold medal. she was the fastest in the field during the semi finals. >> biles has the balance beam tonight. we couldn't get away without talking about michael phelps. he is the most decorated athlete in olympics history. he's looking forward to being just a dad after rio, but -- >> bolt's mom is hoping that he's listening to this.
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>> exactly. but phelps' intensity will live on on the leg of one person in canada. >> remember that death stare he put on south african before the 200 meter butterfly medley? apparent he there's a fan that tattooed this on his leg. that's the leg on the right. fung said that he wasn't even a fan before the games but phelps' performance inspired him. >> he said he doesn't even like swimming and didn't really like michael phelps before, but he thought that shows the determination that he wants to live by. so he's going to have that forever. >> and then he thought i want to look at that for the rest of my life on my own leg. >> yeah. the person that posted it said look what i just did for my boss at the office here. okay. coming up, a bizarre home invasion story and not one we typically here about. >> a homeowner finds a mess in the house.
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squatters were to blame, and we'll tell you why they say they are the victims. olympics dreams one step closer to becoming a reality for a group of young gymnasts. how they're getting a second shot at going for the gold. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by my pillow. introducing new k-y touch gel crème.
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spectators to the rescue of a pilot whose plane crashed into the sea in england. the open cockpit plane had an energy landing in shallow water off the beach. the pilot was under water. the onlookers flipped the plane over and got him out. he was a little bloody but relatively unharmed. now a bizarre story from the state of oklahoma. it comes down to a case of she said and they said. >> she is a homeowner who says
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she came to her house to find the whole thing a mess thanks to squatters. but they say they're the victims in this case, and they have documents to prove they belong in that house. >> reporter: this house trashed by strangers. floors scratched. the kitchen filthy. garbage everywhere and no one is in jail. >> it was awful. it looked like i was in a homeless shelter with mattresses everywhere. >> reporter: alleged squatters moving into this oklahoma house, all while she and her fiance are on vacation. crystal rushing home when neighbors alerted her. >> they broke into my home. they vandalized the home, and nothing is being done. it should be breaking and entering. >> reporter: police responded, but the squatters showing they were victims of a craigslist scam. >> when we go another house,
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we'll rern the house. >> reporter: authorities investigating but making no arrests. >> once the police are called and brought to the property, they don't have the ability to make a decision on the spot as to who is right or wrong. >> reporter: experts say the best strategy is prevention. make the house look occupied. have neighbors check on your home if you can't, and set up a google alert with your property address so you know if anyone is listing it online. and have a copy of documents available that prove you are the homeowner. experts say this encourages police to treat squatters has trespassers. it's kind of seems that -- as if it's difficult in order to prove you're in the right even as the homeowner. police say there was no charges because they couldn't prove the squatters broke into the home. >> it's a frustrating scenario to imagine. you go on vacation. you're supposed to be relaxed. you rush home to find your house destroyed and you can't find a
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reds lugs. >> there was a similar guy in new york that had something like this. police couldn't charge them with anything, but they found he'd been smoking weed inside the house. that's the only thing they could have charged the squatter with. >> a complicated case. coming up, after the gym was destroyed, some kids learned the meaning of generosity. >> and now they can follow their olympic dreams at a new facility. "world news now" continues
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you're looking at some of america's gold medal gymnasts getting so much attention because of the olympics and plenty of young girls want to be like them. >> and some of those girls suffered a setback last year when their gym was destroyed. now they have a new one. >> reporter: two young gymnasts you haven't heard of yet. one medaled already at the state level and another who has rubbed shoulders with simone biles. both very good young gymnasts and both part of a terrifying disaster last year when the tornado hit the studio they belonged to. 50 gymnasts were trapped in the basement praying. one by one firefighters brought them out wrapped for the rescue. our senior meteorologist spoke
2:51 am
to one that day. >> it was tough. but we were tougher. >> this whole area where the bricks are laying, those are uneven bar areas. >> reporter: that's meant the aim high academy girls have been struggling in borrowed space until this week when they were brought by bus and told thanks to a do nation from a local businessman, this is now aim high academy's new home, and when one heard this -- >> i was speechless, and i just started crying, because i don't know. i've always wanted a gym like this, and it's just a relief. >> reporter: and the other. >> i feel at home. i see the olympics sign and the american flag. >> reporter: you could just tell where being tougher might take these kids yet. i like that she said that was tough but we're tougher. >> maybe we'll see those ladies in tokyo where for the next olympics games. >> coming up, your reaction to
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k-y touch. it's like my rerun dance. welcome back. time to open up the wnn inbox, an opportunity to share some of what you have been saying to us on social media. and should we start with some singing? >> why not? ♪ i get so weak in the snokneesn i hardly speak ♪ ♪ >> we posted this video caught by the commercial cam. >> while we're getting ready for a hit. >> started it off. >> a little swb. >> or whatever. >> and posted on instagram and
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heard from two people who said one of you sings nicely t. the other so so. i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so i won't identify who has the better set of types. >> it's okay. >> the young lady has some pipes. the young handsome gentleman -- i like the way you think. >> what's after that? >> not so much. keep doing that news my friends. >> and lastly, i think that's something like don't quit your day job. and another viewer, ignored this completely and said red, my favorite color. >> thanks. >> just random. >> okay. now, with the rio mr. speakolym full swing, we got in the samba mood. >> we'll get a gold in samba. ♪
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>> we posted on twitter asking samba or seizure, and viewers -- >> one said kendis, you look like you dropped a grape down your shirt or something. to diane someone asked channelling your inner elaine bennis. were you watching your feet or reading your vicinity? >> the answer is attempting to read my script while not watching my feet. and one says i go with fire ants up the pants. been there done that. >> so you -- >> why, michael? why? >> he was at a golf tournament. >> he was at a golf tournament. >> he was in the grass. >> sounds fishy to me. >> you can understand my pain. can we samba out? ♪ p?p?o?gv
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this morning on "world news now," calls for peace from a city on edge. >> overnight protests in milwaukee turned violent over night. one person rushed to the hot after being shot. police have been hit by objects. plus the latest on the police shooting case that sparked the outrage. >> and reports of shots fired in jfk airport causing the evacuations of terminals. and donald trump is laying into the media for the portrayal of his campaign being in disarray. hear how he's responding to the latest reports including one saying he could be heading toward the wrong end of a landslide. >> in rio, cruise control. lightning striking again as bolt
3:01 am
grabs his third gold in the 100 meter. that image is going viral on monday, august 15th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> that photographer nailed it. he's in focus and everyone else is blurry. >> and there was 9.8 seconds to get that shot. i want to show you. this is what jamaica looked like overnight. they had big screen tvs out in kingston town, and, man, they were pretty -- the announcers compared him to bob marley. you look there and realize, wow, all of jamaica is one with him. >> and belize must have been so excited. >> belize are one remaining athlete goes into play on tuesday. we're all going to be cheering for him.
3:02 am
there won't be celebrations like that in the capitol. >> let's move onto the story that's topping news here in the u.s. we begin this morning with new protests in milwaukee as the black man who was killed by police, that case is touching off some righting there, and that man is being remembered at a vigil. >> his family members broke down as they spoke to those gathered. they want prosecutors to charge the officer who fired the fatal shot. police say smith was armed. police say they used an armored vehicle to get a person to a hospital. >> the national guard an alert after a night of chaos. cars and businesses set on fire. the angry crowd protesting the deadly police shooting of an allegedly armed black man after a traffic stop. as people ran for cover through
3:03 am
smoke filled mayhem, sounds of gunfire, the crowds targeting police. >> shots fired. >> reporter: this police car destroyed. another up in flames. a gas station an auto parts store and a bank, six businesses in all torched. it was 3:30 p.m., police making a traffic stop, and the man was armed. according to authorities he fled on foot. an officer who was also black ordered him to drop his weapon. when he didn't come ply, he shot several rounds. >> he had a gun in his hand. >> the gun at the scene we're recovering was stolen in a burglary along with 500 rounds of ammunition. >> this man said he was smith's brother. >> i can't tell you it's going to end tomorrow. i don't know when it's going to end. but it's for you to start. we not the ones killing us. >> reporter: the shell of
3:04 am
destruction visible. a 16-year-old girl hit by a bullet in the chaos. authorities have not released the footage from the officer's body camera. >> there was a security scare last night at new york's busiest airport. two terminals at jfk were evacuated after a report of gunfire and part of a nearby major highway was closed. there were no injuries and no arrests, and, in fact, no confirmation of gunfire. all takeoffs and landings at the nation's fifth busiest airport were suspended for three hours. >> no. >> the militant group boko haram released video showing some nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped. very few of the victims have been recovered. the video appears to be authentic. several parents have identified their daughters in it. isis may be on the verge of losing control of their last major city in iraq.
3:05 am
kurdish forces say they've captured several cities. the city has been under isis control for more than two years. iraq's prime minister says losing that stronghold would all but spell the end of isis in iraq. widespread flooding in southern louisiana and more likely. 10,000 people are spending these early morning hours in shelters. hardest hit? the city of baton rouge. many roads are flooded and closed including major interstate highways and as many as five people have died. more heavy rain is likely from l.a. to the mississippi valley river with the danger of flash flooding. showers and thunderstorms across the gulf coast. hot and humid in the atlantic coast. showers and thunderstorms from missouri to ohio. >> donald trump looking to get back on message as he lays out the message for defeating isis. this after trump and his surrogates spent most of the weekend tangling with the media.
3:06 am
he's facing an op ed that suggests a landslide defeat is possible. it says he's not listening to advice to focus on the issues and hillary clinton, and he's not brushing up on key subjects he'll need to understand as president. it comes after he blasted the new york sometimes for an article talking about turmoil in his campaign. >> they're going to he le. maybe we'll think about taking their press credentials from him. investigators in the ukraine said they found secret ledgers showing $12.7 million in payment for paul man afort. >> his lawyer is denying his client received any such cash payments. hillary clinton's campaign is calling for trump to disclose any ties his staff may have with
3:07 am
russian entitieentities. the vice president is expected to argue trump is the most least prepared presidential nominee in history. to the olympics. frightening moments for ryan lochte and three teammates victims of a robbery at teammate. the u.s. olympics committee said they were in a taxi early sunday when armed men posing as police pulled them over. lochte said they were told to get on the ground. he refused. and this is what happened next. >> a guy pulled out his gun, cocked it, put to it my forehead. he said get down. i put my hands up, like whatever. he took our money. >> lochte tweeted his thanks to families and friends and fans for their concern. the message went out to say the most important thing is they're safe and unharmed. >> and the international olympics committee denied it
3:08 am
took place. >> confusing coming out of there. eventually lochte came out and said it's true. it happened. but i'm okay. back to the games. the united states expanded the lead in the medal count sunday. >> americans picked up nine more on day nine. bringing the total hall to 69. china and great britain are tied for second with 15. >> sunday's major battles were on the track and in gymnastics. >> reporter: at olympics stadium in rio, the 400 meter semi, francis finished first. felix followed suit. america's hastings also qualified for the tuesday final. in the men's 100 meter race to crown the faster man alive, usain bolt left the challengers in his dust. he scorched his way down the track, snagging gold for the
3:09 am
third time. in the 4000 -- 400 meters, a world record. golden girl simone biles is now three for three. the u.s. gymnast vaulted her way into history. the 19-year-old becoming the first american woman to score a gold medal on the vault. she's also the first u.s. woman to earn three gold medals in gymnastics in a single games. biles still has two more medal opportunities this week. meanwhile her teammates competing on the uneven bars. 2012 all around champ, gabby douglas came in seventh. in gymnastics, naddor scored a bronze.
3:10 am
andy murray beat del potro for his second consecutive singles gold medal. the u.s. women trouncing the chinese basketball team by nearly 40 points. the men beat france by just three points. and an olympics diver taking home an extra medal with a little extra sparkle. >> take a look at these pictures. that is the chinese diver on the right, and he's proposing to his girlfriend and fellow diver as she's on the medal stand after winning the silver. and yes, she said yes. he also gave his new fiance a rose in a glass case. >> it's very beauty in the beast, isn't it? >> yes. >> not them as a couple, the
3:11 am
rose. >> it's the second engage the at rio. there was another couple that got engaged on the rugby field. >> coming up, we'll explore the issue of age at the games. >> the newest generation of champions emerge in rio and some familiar faces are also winning big in an era that's about the latest and the greatest are also proving to be the more experienced competitors. >> first the latest wildfire in northern california exploding overnight as hundreds are forced to evacuate. some homes are already burned. we'll have the latest on the fast moving blaze. >> find us on facebook,, and on twitter at abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." introducing new k-y touch gel crème.
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>> the clant fire is threatening towns and forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. officially ten homes destroyed. commercial buildings and a post office have burned and another 1,000 structures are in danger. and the fire is only 5% contained. >> the victims after plane crash vp identified as three married couples from mississippi. the group was returning from a dental convention in florida. the pilot issued a distressed call before crashing.
3:16 am
there was a man hunt in central georgia in the deadly shooting of a police officer. he should be considered armed and danger. he's wanted for the killing of an officer. smith would have turned 31 today. law enforcement in massachusetts said the -- >> a runner was killed a week ago last sunday and since then police have been flooded with hundreds of tips. we'll get more now from aid anne ban kert. >> reporter: submitting dna samples of one person of interest into the case of a 27-year-old. >> this could be a significant juncture in this case where they're focusing on one particular individual. >> reporter: the google account executive found murdered and badly burned last sunday just hours after taking an afternoon jog in princeton, massachusetts.
3:17 am
authorities saying she put up a fight. >> we believe there was a struggle that may have resulted in her killer receiving injuries. >> reporter: it's the second high profile case this month involving a young woman jogging while in broad daylight. another was killed in queens, new york. in princeton, loved ones and supporters gathering for a run in her honor. investigators in the first case following up on the nearly 600 tips they've received so far. adrienne bankert, abc news, new york. coming up in the next half hour, justin bieber sending a warning to his own fans. >> first, who says the olympics is all about youth? one thing rio is showing us is that experience, or age, does matter. stay with us. you're watching "world news now."
3:18 am
3:19 am
♪ >> as we look at the live picture there in rio and the olympics complex. >> listening to a little alea. age ain't nothing but a in your opinion, and with the message, taking a look at the olympics proving that age ain't nothing but a number. the world's fastest man turns 30 next sunday. the second fastest is 34. >> compared to others coming home in rio with medals, they're spring chickens. matt gutman, 37, reports from rio. >> reporter: at these games, youth is overrated. athletes swimming over 30 is
3:20 am
considered ancient, but michael phelps racking up gold in his fifth olympics. here breaking another record with his 22nd gold, he's 31. >> he's done it again. >> reporter: and his teammate, ryan lochte, a year older. not to be outdone, usa's 35-year-old anthony ervin proving he's the fastest swimmer with a gold medal in the 50 meter free style final. there's no age limit, but a retired olympian says age can have an eye opening effect on competition. >> you know your body better and you know what's worked for you in the past and how to handle pressure, an you put life in perspective. >> reporter: a 4 1-year-old, the oldest american to run in an olympics games. krirsen arm strong won her third gold after biking over 19 miles
3:21 am
one day before turning 43. are there advantages to being older? >> one of the advantages of many is the experience level that i have. when i woke up before the time trial, my alarm went off. i looked out the window, and it was pouring rain. i know that no matter the condition, you have to bring your game. >> reporter: not all the athletes are back after years of victory. phillip dutton add 50 to the oldest member of team usa. a medalist for the first time after six olympics. matt gutman, abc news, rio. >> i wonder what sport is the easiest as you get older. >> the oldest female athlete is 52. she's competing in equestrian jumping. >> the oldest to ever win a medal at the olympics was a swedish shooter back in 1920 at the famous antwerp games. he won -- >> stockholm. 1912. >> oh.
3:22 am
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should explain quickly, both jack and i were correct. the oldest to win gold in 1912 and then the 1920 he was the oldest to win a medal period. >> he was 64 when he won gold. >> 72 when he medaled at the famous antwerp game. >> he holds both records. >> yes. >> speaking of someone who holds a new medals. usain bolt. did you see this famous photo of him in. >> it's such a good photo. >> it's amazing. he's grinning. twitter immediately saw this and had fun with it. they created this meme of him getting away from the kids, and then there's him, lebron james,
3:26 am
and that would be the golden state warriors. that's sort of what game seven looks like. and then here he is -- >> can't have a meme without jordan. >> you just can't get away without the crying jordan. nice. speaking of memes, check out this lovely lady on the beach. she's having a good time. well, someone look a liking to her. they just put the caption he thinks he's cool. let the memes begin. lady is now famous everywhere. she's gone traveling. she plays folker npoker now as . she's making the rounds, and last but not least, hanging out in a comic strip in a fire, but it's still completely chill. >> saying this is fine. i saw a heart warming moment here. this young lady, a 24-year-old woman learned she was pregnant and she wanted to find a way to
3:27 am
break it to her husband in a cute way. they set up with a photographer. the photographer had them stand back to back and told them to write three words down that describe each other, so she wrote -- those aren't three words but we're not going to knock it, you're going to be a daddy, and then the reveal. he broke down in tears. the baby is due in february. let's hope those are tears of joy on his face. >> he's quickly hiding the sign that said i want a divorce. >> who knows what his sign said. >> that's awesome. and the whole thing she said they had won this photo shoot. he had no idea. >> now he bring you when you need taco bell, you really need it. you ever go through the drive through and you need a car. this is in texas. these guys compete in a rodeo. after the rodeo, he decided he wanted a taco be
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," a flooding disaster in louisiana. thousands forced from their homes as flash floods turn roads into rivers. rescuers rushing to the aid of residents and drivers stuck in the rapidly rising waters. and police and protesters clash in milwaukee as questions linger about the death of a man at the hands of police. new this half hour the hottest trend for dieting among the world's greatest athletes. >> we'll check out the big food fad in rio and why so many at the game are loving it. and sorry not sorry. justin bieber with a very real threat this morning. be nice or no more instagram. >> oh, yeah. >> we'll tell you the reason the super star is using his social media as a bargaining chip in the skinny on this monday, august 15th.
3:31 am
>> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. we're going to start with the crisis in louisiana. historic flooding. >> at least five people reported dead. 20,000 rescued from their homes. 10,000 people are now spending the night in shelters and many drivers are stranded on roads and highways. >> 1,000 were evacuated from an interstate 12. many having spent more than 24 hours without food or water. >> drone video shows the extent of that flooding. some rivers are crossing overnight. that will mean more flooding. the federal government declared a major disaster for the area. officials are praising the acts and courage by ordinary citizens. >> give me a knife. >> reporter: thousands caught in the flood zone still trying to escape. >> we're breaking the window. >> reporter: the convertible sinking by the second. a woman and her dog trapped inside.
3:32 am
nothing is working. finally david fung jumps in pulling her out by her arm. >> my dog. get my dog. >> reporter: seconds later, fishing her dog out too. homes, cars, and routs to safety all under water. all day we have been seeing boat after boat filled with evacuees and the rescues by neighbors helping neighbors. many stranded in their cars on interstate 12. some for over 24 hours without food or water. >> day two. they're trying to evacuate the sick, the elderly. >> reporter: as you can see behind me, a lot of the interstate is flooded. we've been here for about 30 hours now. and forced to abandon their homes, taking no chances with the possibility of rising waters. >> where are you going to go from here? >> just like i did from katrina, start over again. as long as i'm living.
3:33 am
>> reporter: four losing their lives. 5,000 living in shelters, and this our first look inside the flood zone. this business ruined, but amid the disaster stories of hope and reunion. the streets are flooded here in every direction, and the water is rising fast. adding to the problem, at&t cell phone service has been out all day. they say they're aware of the problem and working on it, but like everyone else, they're flooded out. abc news, baton rouge, louisiana. >> we are all in shock looking at that video. >> of the car rescue. >> we kept saying i'm drowning. >> good for her those people were there to help her out. >> the northeast is in for another day of high heat and humidity. the extreme weather is responsible for at least three
3:34 am
deaths in the philadelphia area alone. >> all the victims were older with other medical problems. there have been seven heat related deaths in philadelphia this summer. and forecasters say the heat in philadelphia won't break until later today or tomorrow. >> and that's not the only part of the country facing high temperatures. paul williams is tracking them all. >> good morning. hot and humid for the deep south, and moving into the ohio valley region. all of this, because we have deep moisture scooping right out of the gulf of mexico, covering portions of texas, louisiana, up toward arkansas. this is what we're going to have the heavy downpours. we have a system that's going to also spread those scattered showers throughout the tennessee valley region toward the mid atlantic and reaching up toward the ohio valley region. it will seem as if anywhere you are east of the mississippi it's raining or steaming. in addition to that we have a serious setup that's going to happen. high pressure system on one side with the wide berth and
3:35 am
influence. it will continue bringing in moist air out of the south. combining with the lowing and keeping it wet. >> all right. our thanks to paul. one of the country's busiest airports will have shut down late last night during one of the busiest times of any day because of a security scare. there was report of gunfire at terminals at jfk in new york city. the gunfire never confirmed. all flights were suspended for three hours and traffic on a nearby highway was stopped. a fifth body recovered from an explosion that left a maryland apartment building in ruins. although the bodies have not been identified, officials believe the five dead are among the eight they identified as missing. the cause of last week's explosion is still under investigation, but residents reported a strong smell of gas earlier. right now tense moments in milwaukee after the police killing of a black man. this is the second night of unrest. at least one person shot during protests.
3:36 am
the police rushed the victim to the hospital. after saturday night's riot, the governor called in the national guard. >> my sense is that in states where the governor has waited too long, that it escalates. our hope is that we deescalate here. >> police say the man who was killed had a gun in his hand when he turned toward an officer. the officer's body camera captured it, but the video hasn't been released to the public. >> new york police are looking for a killer who killed down men as they left a mosque in queens. they release third down sketch saying the motive is unclear. video shows him approach the victims from behind, open fire and walk away. some neighbors believe it was an anti-muslim hate crime. police say there's no indication the men were targeted because of their faith. donald trump is delivering a speech in ohio today aimed at laying out his plan to defeat isis. but trump has been warring with the media. he accused the media of putting false meaning into his words and
3:37 am
attributed his sliding poll numbers to unfair coverage. he also singled out "the new york times" for an article about turmoil within his campaign. >> hillary clinton and biden are holding a rally where they'll highlight clinton's plan for the economy in scranton, pennsylvania. biden is expected to declare that trump is the most uninformed presidential nominee ever. a sunday boating trip a disaster for a group all the gulf coast of florida. three adults and a child rescued by the coast guard after their 27 foot boat overturned. they're wearing life jackets and clinging to the boat when help arrived. >> it's mom to the rescue in alaska. and she is known as grazer. and as popular with internet followers, she and her cubs were fishing at a salmon run when the cubs were swept away.
3:38 am
>> she takes a different route to the pool and fishes the cubs out of the water. check her out. it's amazing how she can spot them. she gets right in there. cubs are safe. no harm done. and the people who monitor the bear cam says they're doing fine. >> i've seen this bear cam. it's fun to watch. look at that model bear springing into action. >> you've shown me this bear cam before. >> i get bored. coming up, we're going to have all of team usa's highlights from rio. >> including the curious eating habits of the olympians after they compete. >> and that golden voice, adele, not exactly prolific to turn out rock jock anthems. what's the talk about her and the super bowl? we'll explain later in the skinny. you're watching "world news now." when you've got...
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every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. here comes here comes bolt. gatlin has a big lead. can bolt catch him? here he is, still invincible. usain bolt. >> yes, he is. still invincible is right. jamaica's usain bolt keeps the title of world's fastest man. he came from behind to peat out justin gatlin in the 100 meters. it's bolt's third gold in the event. he's the only runner to win the 100 in the olympics three times.
3:43 am
>> and south africans pulled away from the pack by a long shot to win the gold in world record fashion wiping out the record by michael johnson. it was south africa's first gold in rio. >> his coach is in her mid 70s. she's there just tearing up in the stands. >> she gets to see it. new partner, same results for american beach volleyball star kerry walsh jennings. >> she and april ross moved to the semi finals with a two set victory over australia. walsh jennings won the last three olympics golds. >> another gold medal to simone biles' trophy case. >> she goes for her fourth medal day. she's looking to become the first american gymnast to win five medals in 112 years. >> the u.s. men are resting up for the quarter finals after
3:44 am
klay thompson had 30 points in a win over france. >> the women meet japan in tomorrow's quarter finals. >> the united states has the first medal in weight lifting since the 2000 games. sarah robles got the bronze. >> she looks to excited. >> the california native is known as the strongest woman in america. she lifted a total of 630 pounds. >> wow. oh, my word. i don't want to get in a fight with her. >> this is among the 65 medals picked up by the united states in rio. the most of any country. >> the u.s. also leads in the gold medal count with 26. china and great britain tied for second with 15. if you are what you eat, we know why one australian failed to medal.
3:45 am
this is a badminton player. he is surrounded by a post match meal of mcdonald's french fries, nuggets, and other food. to be fair he said he's been eating clean for months. >> i don't think eating that is going to give him that six pack. >> and that shot, the caption the side of the village no one sees. athletes lined up waiting to eat mcdonald's. >> i guess that's the popular spot after. they just go there and go to mcdonald's. >> i suppose after eating so well for so long, they're looking for anything that looks bad. >> what music did we go with? is that what it is? oh, yeah. ♪ >> when we come back, justin bieber in a social media fire storm all because of who he's hanging with.
3:46 am
>> "the skinny" is next. because of who he's hanging with. >> "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
3:48 am
>> it is skinny time. we start with the latest social media fire storm burning around justin bieber. >> bieber is rumored to be dating sophia ritchie. that's not apparently going over too well with bieber's fans who have been trolling ritchie's social media accounts with all sorts of bad stuff. it's gotten so bad that bieber is threatening to take his instagram account private if the hate doesn't stop. >> say it ain't so. >> yeah. >> however, his ex, salena gomez is weighing in seeing in response, if you can't handle the hate, stop posting pictures of your girlfriend. it should be special between you two only. >> that's some serious shade.
3:49 am
>> bieber fired right back, because, you know, high school was ten years ago, replying, quote, it's funny to see people that used me for attention and still try to point the finger this way. sad. all love. >> this sounding kanye west, taylor swift. >> it's sounding high schoolish to me. this is a big deal. bieber has some 77 million instagram followers. of the hundreds of thousands of comments to his photos, people are nasty. they're not happy. >> people are commenting on his page, and they're going to her instagram account and leaving her hateful messages, snake icons. >> i'm just going to -- for the person that's doing this, stop it, salena, stop leaving these messages. >> the nfl regular season is about a month away. plenty of people are talking about the super bowl. more specifically, the halftime
3:50 am
show, all because of what adele had to say. >> she told a concert audience in l.a. that she won't be taking the stage in houston next february because, quote, that show is not about music. i can't dance or anything like that. seems simple enough. no adele at the super bowl. got it. >> just when the story looked to be over, though, the nfl and pepsi which sponsors the halftime show released a statement saying adele hasn't been extended an invitation to perform at the super bowl and they say other acts have been offered the gig. >> that's like us saying we're not going to compete in the 100 meter at the olympics this year. >> i too am not going to sing at the super bowl, i don't think. >> you weren't invited. >> maybe i will, actually. >> no? >> now that adele -- >> i'm going to watch it, though. >> now that adele is out of the running, maybe i should apply for the job. >> perform some bumblebee.
3:51 am
next, some congratulations this morning to kevin hart. he's now a married man. >> hart and his long time girlfriend tied the not at a lavish ceremony. she looked lovely. >> she does. it was vera wang. she changed into at one for the reception. his eight-year-old son served as his best man. >> you can't just wear one vera wang gown. >> and what if you put on a performance at a public place that everyone could hear but no one cared. here's what it might look like. ♪ some commuters give a look.
3:52 am
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>> t >> take it easy. breathe. you're not tweaking. you're just peeking. be cool. >> you're all alive and looking at me with your gloves and your little shoes and your arms and your legs. >> legs. look at me. look at me. i ain't got no legs. >> how could you not love that? if you saw our insomniac theater last friday, you know we talked about "sausage party". plenty of people checked it out. "suicide squad" remained at the top. take in nearly $44 million. "sausage party" was a second. >> plenty of people's lives have changed in an instant. that can be the case because of something positive or negative.
3:56 am
>> and for this story, definitely something positive. we are told about a family transformed before our very eyes. >> reporter: when joe began unwrapping a present at a family get together, no one watched his face more intently an the woman on either side. sally on the right, lauren on the left. >> how is he going to react? am i going to make him cry? >> reporter: joe is sally's boyfriend, a relationship that began when lauren who is sally's daughter was a year old already. joe's been in lauren's life since she can remember. >> i was only with my biological father every other weekend, but i was with joe almost every day. >> reporter: during that time something like a real father daughter bond formed. >> he did things for me and took me places. >> as the years went by, i not only fell in love with sol sally, but i fell in love the lauren. >> reporter: the surprise inside the box was a framed poem of appreciation from lauren. that got joe crying already.
3:57 am
but then he discovered the envelope with a set of legal documents inside. we'll let the video explain the rest. >> i'm asking joe to adopt me. >> yes. >> reporter: people say joe is a man of few words. maybe. >> in the end she chose me, so -- and there's no better gift than that. >> few words but perfect for this picture. abc news. joe said he came from a separated family and never wants to see another family go through that. all the more reason he felt he needed to be present in her life. >> and a happy graduation gift to her. >> more news after this. >> this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. insomniacs for two decades.
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning, several breaking stories overnight including the historic flooding in louisiana. tens of thousands of people rescued after more than 20 inches of rain and it's not over yet. >> a wildfire forces thousands of people to evacuate in northern california destroying homes along the way. one mansur visits by getting in his pool as the flames engulf his yard. >> more unrest in milwaukee. cars burned. at least one person shot and a police officer hospitalized. a second night of protests following a deadly police involved shooting. and people running for safety at one of the country's busiest airports, officers came in with guns drawn as all flights were grounded. we have the latest on what caused this security scare.


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