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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  September 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon in the news police have identified the murder victim who was run over by a car and beaten in philadelphia. >> and a new poll shows donald trump with a slight lead over hillary clinton. >> but the big story on action news at noon is the rip current risk at the jersey shore. look live outside at cape may. it is a nice sunny afternoon but hermine is still circulating off the coast creating dangerous swimming conditions along the shore. let's go to david murphy who joins us at the action news big board. >> based on that picture, it does look like one of the areas where they're telling people to stay out of the water. herminor the remnants of it still off our coast migrating a little bit towards shore as we expected it would today. it's going to be sitting out here before it finally does either fall apart or push off to the north and east.
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there's a difference with the storm coming in closer today than what would have happened a couple of days ago. now the center of the storm is up at such a high latitude that the on-shore winds that tend to give significant coastal flooding are all in new england. around here we're getting winds dropping down out of the north and that's if anything counteracting the piling up of water. nonethele nonetheless we do have a situation out there with the storm still close to us where it is churning things up along the ocean front and we do have a high risk of rip currents p this is good for our jerseys, delaware beaches and up the coast. you want to listen to the lifeguard. yesterday you were able to get in up to your knee. only do what the lifeguards say. we have the surf churning up a bit. the heaviest is farther north from our beaches with 9-foot waves and only a 6 to 4-foot
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wave. there is a chance of areas around atlantic city of the surf getting up to maybe 6 to 10 feet but not as high as it was over the weekend an in through labor day. nonetheless we do have a coastal flood advisory as of about an hour ago for the lower delaware bay, the ocean front and the back bays until 4:00 today. there is some lingering concern of minor coastal flooding. high tide is already in on the ocean front so if you're near the ocean and you're not seeing flooding, you're not going to at this point. the back bays tend to be an hour or two later, we'll see somewhere between 2:00 and 3:00 is the best chance of back bay flooding. again this is minor, so it's places that usually flood first, so if you have your car parked here, you want to get it out of here. i'll be back with the afternoon forecast and the beginning of what will likely be heat wave number 7 coming up in our exclusive accu-weather 7-day. >> of course with another
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possible heat wave in the worth, check our website for the latest. storm tracker has any real-time views of any pop-up storms and follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter for updates. >> bill cosby is heading back to court. he is expected to attend today's hearing which begins in an hour. walter perez is live with more on what is expected to happen. walter? >> reporter: hey, sarah. a few things to look for during today's hearing. bill cosby's attorney are going to try to have key pieces of evidence suppressed and also a date might be set for the felony case against one of the best-known entertainers in the world. bill cosby's defense team is expected to try to keep damaging evidence out of the case. their hope is the judge will throw out 1,000 pages of testimony given by cosby 10 years ago. that testimony includes the
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famous comedian he gave the woman pills before sexual contact. they also want to suppress a taped phone conversation. cosby describes the encounter during that call. he is charged with drugging and molesting a woman whom he mentored. he was promised he would never be charged so he was free to testify. but earlier this year a judge determined he was never granted immunity. meanwhile, she is one of dozens of women who accused bill cosby of similar offenses. it was just two months ago attorneys lost their bid to have the charges dismissed. today's hearing begins at 1:00. >> walter, thank you. one person died this morning
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when a pickup truck slammed into a tree here in burlington county. it happened just before 5:00 a.m. the driver died at the scene. in philadelphia police have identified the victim and the suspect in a particularly gruesome murder in logan. a 52-year-old was run over with a vehicle multiple times and beaten with a shovel on sunday. investigators have charged a 50-year-old man with murder and other offenses. still no word on a possible motive. >> sources tell action news that an off duty philadelphia police officer shot his son at their northeast philadelphia home. it happened around 7:00 last night. investigators say four people were in the house when their argument started between the officer and his 19-year-old son. at this hour, the shooting victim is in critical condition with a gunshot wound to thet to so. jury selection is getting
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under way in a trial to determine who if anyone should be held responsible for the center city building collapse. six people died and 13 injured back in 2013. the civil lawsuits were filed against multiple defendants including the demolition contractor and the salvation army. the jurors will decide if anyone was negligent. >> a school is shutting down all of its campuses nationwide. itt technical institute says it must close after the department of education banned it from enrolling new students who use federal financial aid. the close will impact hundreds of thousands of students and more than 8,000 employees. there are four local campuses in montgomery, bucks, burlington counties and philadelphia. the company says it has exhausted all of their options and had no choice.
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>> a new national poll shows donald trump is leading hillary clinton by 2 points. in a new poll the republican candidate sits at 45 mrs compared to clinton's 43%. according to the poll most voters they still expect to see clinton prevail in november. meantime moet candidates are campaigning in battle ground states today. coming up at 12:30. >> the day after labor day means the beginning of a new school year for thousands of local students. today is the first day back in many districts across our area. >> action news reporter katherine scott spent the morning talking with parents and students. >> reporter: the buses have rolled in, the kids are inside, labor day has come and gone and school is back in session. >> really excited. >> reporter: first day of school at plymouth elementary and
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students were brimming with excitement as they headed to their new classrooms. >> i'm happy. >> we're going to be learning a lot of stuff in there. i know it. >> reporter: after all, there's just something special about the first day of school. >> i like the nice breeze you get when you're coming in. all the good stuff about nature in school, like the playground. >> reporter: the first and third graders started today. kindergartners begin next week. teachers and staff were at the school all last week preparing for the students' arrival. for the parents a lot of preparation goes into the first day as well. back-to-school shopping and weaning off the summer schedule. >> we have to get back on the bedtime schedule which we didn't do too well last night. but we'll get that together this week. >> i'm excited for him and i'm sure he's going to have a great
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time in first grade. there's a few organizational things to get out of the way anded kids will dive right into the new school year. katherine scott, channel 6 action news. >> still to come, hundreds of airline passengers deal with cancelations and delays after protesters block an airport runway. >> also hurricane newton is slamming a resort in mexico. >> and david murphy will be back with your 7-day forecast when action news continues.
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the city of chicago has reached a somber milestone. according to "the chicago tribune" the city's 500th homicide of the year happened over labor day weekend. this makes it the deadliest year in the two decades. a south jersey native is expected to plead guilty at the los angeles airport. he is due in court this afternoon. he agreed last week to plead guilty to murder to avoid a possible death sentence. prosecutors say he killed a federal screening officer three years ago at lax. he is originally from pennsville in salem county.
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>> several protesters in great britain are facing charges after they managed to sneak on to a runway. they managed to block the only runway at london city airport this morning. black lives matter claimed responsibility for the protest which cancelled or delayed almost 30 flights. police arrested the protesters on trespassing charges. the former stanford university swimmer convicted has registered. brock turner showed up in his native ohio to put himself on the online registry. turner was released from a california jail last week after spending just three months of his six-month sentence. he was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. >> hermine is expected to begin weakening, but it's still impacting areas along southern new england. in massachusetts pounding waves,
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high surf and coastal flooding continue to be an issue. red flag warnings remain in place, however some are taking advantage of the choppy conditions and the high winds for water sports. hurricane newton slammed into cabo san lucas this morning. the storm made land dls fall as a category 1 storm. it's forecasted to dump 8-12 inches of rain and could reach the u.s. border with arizona as a tropical storm. >> president barack obama said the united states is vowing to reinvigorate relations with laos. he's offering no apologies for the u.s. bombing of laos during the vietnam war. he added that the united states has a moral obligation to help them heel. >> the united states does not seek to impose our will on laos.
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rather we seek mutual relationship based on respect. >> the president said the u.s. will double spending to help clean up unexploited ordinance from the vietnam era. he committed $90 million over three years. >> still ahead on action news, flu season just around the corner and doctors are out with a new vaccination guideline today. we'll explain what's different this year. >> chris brown is talking about the police standoff that ended up with his arrest. how the singer is explaining the 9-hour show-down.
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two cases tide to defective ignition switches. the lawsuits are expected to set patterns for the outcome of future cases against gm. the company has acknowledged that ignition switches in older cars could fall out of position and shut off the engine and air bags. the problem is blamed for at least 124 deaths and led to the recall of 2.6 million cars. apple is getting ready to unveil the new iphone and other new products. the big reveal is scheduled for tomorrow in california. the iphone 7 is expected to come without a headphone jack, meaning the company will need to give us a different kind of headphone. apple is planning to live stream the announcement from san francisco tomorrow afternoon. >> health check this noon, parents with kids headed back to school have a new worry this year. researchers believe so-called super lice are now present in
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every single state. last year only about 25 states had the bug which build up resistance to the drug. experts still recommend starting with over-the-counter treatments and wet combing to zbet rid of the pests. flu season is around the corner and a top doctor's group is changing the guidelines. the american academy of immedia pediatrics is no longer recommending the nasal spray. the shot is the only option. >> beginning at 4:00, a stolen identity can do more than ruin your finances. thieves can also mess with your medical records which impacts your treatments. find out how to protect yourself and what's the deal. >> plus a mom's role reversal is going viral online. we look at why she took it upon
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herself to dress up as dad. meteorologist david murphy will have your 7-day forecast when action news comes right back.
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meteorologist david murphy is back now and we're still talking about hermine. it's been a pleasant labor day weekend. >> it was. not totally out of the effects of the storm. we couldn't do a lot of swimming, still is the main effect. we are dry and there's a shower related to hermine well off to the east and it's not making it here as of now. as we take a look outside, the action cam out earlier in hamilton township, new jersey and it looks like we could use a little extra water in that creek and unfortunately we're not looking at a lot of additional rain around the region, probably
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not until early next week. 83 degrees it has warmed up as expected and the dew point at 60 just on the threshold of what we would consider humid. and winds are running north northwest at 17 miles per hour so there's a bit of a breeze out there. you feel that as you step outside. 86 in allentown, 81 in reading, 83 in trenton, 84 in millville and 78 in cape may. hermine is still rotating off our coast as we expected it would and over the next couple of days it doesn't look like it's going to do a whole lot. it will move a little bit closer to our coast line and probably by tomorrow night will make its way closer to the tip of long island and cape cod. it's not producing as much rain as it was before and the winds wrapping around the storm are putting most of the on shore flow up until new england. we do have some effects, still some rough surf at the beaches and there's minor coastal
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flooding. we are expecting a fair amount of sunshine with just a few fair weather clouds across the rest of the region and there might be a scattered shower. lehigh valley, mostly sunny and a bit breezy today. high of 89 degrees and at the shore we've got that issue with rip currents and rough surf. 78 is the high. we are after labor day and it could be that on some beaches you don't have lifeguards and i'll remind you this is a high risk of rip currents, it's not safe to be in the water. yet the most we saw lifeguards allowing in some spots people going up to their ankles or needs. i would discourage you to get into the water and do deep swimming. the way to escape rip currents swim north or south. rough surf even without the rip currents could give you physical injury to back and neck. 88 degrees mostly sunny and
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breezy in philadelphia. when i say mostly sunny, there are some clouds around but expect it to be pretty bright. 71 degrees mainly clear overnight, less wind and pretty comfortable. and then tomorrow we start to see the influence of a cold front that will be slowly drifting toward the area. that front and the flow along it will pick up hermine and push it out in that direction. tomorrow we do get into the 90s, slightly humid as we go through the day and it looks like that could be the beginning of heat wave number 7. 88 degrees is today's high. hotter and a bit more humid tomorrow with a high of 91 and it's the mid 90s on thursday, friday and saturday we'll be up close to record highs in through here and as we get into saturday of course if you're headed to temple football or union soccer or on sunday to the eagles, you'll want to bring along those cool drinks or plan to buy them. sunday we're back into the 80s, there could be some thunderstorms with a front coming through, and on monday sunny and warm we will
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transition into nicer weather. rip currents along the shore today, wouldn't be surprised to see the rough surf continue tomorrow. eventually hermine will get out of here. >> thank you, david. across the delaware valley the school bell is ringing for the first time today. students were eager to get inside and start a new year. a few hugs helped to get the morning started off the right way. >> still ahead on action news at 12:30, a former fox news anchor settles a lawsuit. find out how much millions of dollars she's expected to get. >> a former nfl quarterback goes back to college after his off-field troubles wrecked his promising football career.
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>> hello again. here are some of the stories we're following for you now on action news at 12:30. an off-duty philadelphia police officer shot his teenaged son inside of a home and it's still undecided if that officer will be charged. annie mccormick explains why coming up. also an accident in delaware county takes the life of an elderly man and leads to the arrest of a person warranted by police. and hermine is off the coast and causing some concern along
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the jersey shore. >> now the details, philadelphia police expect to release the name of an officer involved in a shooting. action news has learned that the 19-year-old shooting victim is the shooter's son. annie mccormick has the full details. >> reporter: neighbors on this quiet block say they are surprised. this morning the police commissioner said this is very early in the investigation. 911 calls reporting a shooting started coming in around 6:30 monday evening. police descended upon this home. inside an off-duty philadelphia police officer got into an argument with a 19-year-old man. later identified as the officer's son. >> apparently they got into some type of argument or something. the off-duty accidentally or inadvertently discharged his weapon. we're still trying to figure that out whether it was intentional or not. >> shocked. the guy was usually a laid-back


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