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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  September 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> good morning it is 4:30 a.m., monday, september 26. new this morning, gunfire in burlington county has a family rushing a man to the hospital. >> eagles quarterback carson wentz aces his first tough test dominating the steelers. the big story is the show done between hillary clinton and donald trump that will face off in the first presidential debate ahead of the election. >> the debate is expected to attract one of the largest television audiences in american history. polls indicate that the race has tightened with the general
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election 42 days away. stephanie ramos is at hofstra new york where the debate takes place tonight. >> reporter: tens of millions of americans are expected to watch tonight's first presidential debate with hillary clinton and donald trump laying out their differences for voters in their final stretch to election day. it's showtime, hillary clinton and donald trump facing off for the first one on one debate in new york. home turf for both of them. >> they say she has been practicing for the debate. some people think she is sleeping. >> reporter: you got to be prepared for like whacky stuff that comes at you, i'm drawing on my experience in elementary school. [laughter]. >> we got a look at workers put the final touches on the stage at hoff -- hofstra university on long island. the audience is instructed not
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to boo or cheer. both candidates trying to approve why they should lead the nation. >> i'm excited to see what the candidates bring. i think the first debate will solidify how i'm feeling. >> reporter: how have the candidates been preception for debates clinton diving through preparation daily. >> it's important foreto present her vision for what she wants to do. >> reporter: trump has not focused on policy or held mock debates. >> he will answer the questions as we hope the questions go to policy. answer the questions that the american people have. they deserve and expect the candidates to talk about the issues. >> reporter: and the race couldn't be any tighter. abc news washington post poll show hillary clinton is holding
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at 46%, donald trump two points behind. stephanie ramos, abc new york. >> "action news" will have live coverage from new york before and after the debate. >> let's turn to weather and traffic with david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we're off to a crisp start this morning, you might want a jacket in some neighborhoods. we'll see sunshine early and high cloud cover streak in later in the day. 55 in philadelphia. 53 in wilmington, 49 in trenton. the mid 40s in allentown. up in the poconos just a little bit above the 30s this morning. in the upper 40s in reading. 48 in atlantic city. on the backup jackets might not be a bad idea. it's crisp the winds will start to build in faster once the sun
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gets up over the horizon, looks like we're in the low 50s in philadelphia and the suburbs in the 40s. as we roll through the day it's warmer this afternoon. 64 degrees by 10:00. noon, 71. 76 degrees by 3:00 p.m. that's going to be the high today before we slip back to 70 by p.m. breezy, a few more clouds gathering as the day goes on, warmer, certainly as we get into the afternoon, a seasonable day. we have rain coming later tonight that could extend it into tomorrow morning's rush hour, i'll have more on that coming up. >> reporter: we usually have problems in dry weather, so the rain tomorrow morning will be a pleasure. we have an accident with an overturned truck look for it on 295 northbound in new jersey, approaching 42 an accident in a tricky spot the area near 42 will be busy anyway. on the vine street expressway live we're looking clear, all the ramps reopened with no problems on the vine in either direction looking all right.
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we have an accident in the city, city avenue at conshohocken avenue, so watch for this one causing a problem right now. also on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound just some construction is blocking the right lane, speeds are down a little bit 47 miles per hour. >> the eagles dominated the steelers as carson wentz once again a rising star in the nfl. the birds are 3-0 going into into the bye week. annie mccormick is live at lincoln field where it's all a board the wentz train. >> reporter: even though we had two wins under you are belt, eagles fans were cautiously optimistic. >> e-a-g-l-e-s! carson wentz is the man, baby. >> reporter: the third game and the third win of the season, the birds passed the test for eagles fans. wentz is now the first rookie in
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nfl history without an interpretation in his first 100 pass attempts to start the career. he connected with teammates ending with a final score 33-3. long time eagle, coach peterson, fans and everybody else weighed in. >> i don't know that anyone expected him to play this well. >> he protected the football and protected himself tonight. >> everything right now is going in the right direction. >> obviously the game is faster than the college game for one i felt i played it at a fast level, the coaches in the line are making my job easy. >> reporter: one of the things everyone is saying how well wentz connected with his teammates, one of the best plays of the game when darren sproarls caught the -- sproles caught the pass from wednesday weaving
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through the steelers. you couldn't take your is off the game last night. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> gunfire in burlington county sent a man to the hospital. the shooting happen onto 300 block of trenton road. no word on his condition or what sparked the violence. still on the loose right now the driver who hit and killed a man in rawnhurst section. police say the victim was crossing the intersection when he was hit. the impact threw the 51-year-old man 50 feet. the police found the car two blocks away the car was gone. >> the cop cars came and they surrounded the car and they kept looking at the front, like something he must have hit something, i never seen that car there before, i knew that car didn't belong on the block. >> reporter: the victim's identity has not been released.
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>> federal aviation officials are investigating a small plane crash in hunting county that killed about to people. it happened in sigh manner airport in alis an -- alas an andrism a township. bridgegate trial continues today. david wildstein is testifying against brigette kelly and baroni. accused of closing down the george washington bridge. he pleaded guilty to or which he orchestrating the plot. he was considered the bad cop to push chris christie's again before the port short authority of new york and new jersey. >> police say a man opened fire
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after a credit card was declined. >> smoke and strange smell scums from a tablet forces a commercial pilot to make an emergency landing. >> reporter: this morning we have jackets on the kids because it's a cool start. in some neighborhoods it's going to be in the 40s. this afternoon shorts and ts, rain arrives later tonight and how it will affect tomorrow morning's commute details in the seven day.
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>> rising floodwaters have forced several thousands of people to flee their homes in iowa. the cedar river will crest at 23 feet in cedar rapids tomorrow morning. the school district canceled classes through wednesday. david murphy joined us, we're getting rain at some point. looks like late tonight and into
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tomorrow's rush hour we're going to get a little wet. sky6 live hd looking live along the jersey shorefront. we are dry now, but once we have the winds coming down from aloft it will get breezier. 55 degrees in philadelphia. 47 is the dewpoint. pressure over 30. the winds are calm, but again they will pick up a little bit later on in the morning hours. satellite basically showing you clear skies overnight. satellite may spell in later in the day and the rain will be become an issue for us. 73 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m., in the mid 60s and breezy through there. noon, 71. by 3:00 p.m., 76.
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that's the high today. 5:00 p.m., 72 degrees, with perhaps a few clouds building as the day goes on. 72 allentown. 73 in reading, 72 in lancaster. 74 in trenton. there's the 76 patriotic degrees in philadelphia. 75 in millville. down the shore, low 70s. a pleasant looking day with mostly sunny skies eventually giving way to a few more clouds. at 9:00 a.m., we expect a fair amount of sunshine across the area. these clouds you'll see marching in during the day are high, so initially you'll see sunshine breaking through the clouds, by 6:00 it's cloudier than it was, and then we have the possibility of sprinkles well out to the north and west. looks like the main rain holds off in the 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m., tonight. at times it could include steadier showers, that continues on and off overnight into 5:00 p.m. tomorrow morning, when we're on the air tomorrow, we'll
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see rain on radar. by the endful morning rush hour at 9:00, looks like most of the rain is pushed over by the coast, by 11:00, maybe noon the last of it is gone. a little hit of rain in the overnight hours. tomorrow, the rain gives way to sunshine, we bounce back with 75 degrees for the high, not a bad day tomorrow once we dump the morning rain. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny and breezy, high of 76. clouds building in. tomorrow, we have a damp start, high of 75 partly sunny on wednesday, 77 degrees, later at night, more showers build in and thursday looks like unsettled day with cloudy skies and periods of on and off rain that's kind of a wet one on thursday. after that we maintain mostly clothed skies, friday, saturday, and most part sunday. there's a chance of showers each and everyday, it doesn't look like the week is a washout.
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remember when we're not on the air you can get the latest weather information at storm tracker 6 live might be handy on your smart phone this week because there's a chance we might have rain. >> the mayor of north carolina lifted the curfew on protesters since the black sphr shot and killed -- officer shot and killed keith scott on tuesday. police say he had a gun. the video here released by the department is not clearly show if scott was holding a gun at the time. >> new on "action news," a man whose card was declined at a starbucks in las vegas opened fire killing another customer. the suspect became upset after his car was declined when he tried to pay for his card through the drive through window.
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when he went into the store, he confronted another man. >> he pulled a gun. >> reporter: police received several phone calls about the incident including the suspect who was trying to direct police to look for you someone else. police placed him into custody. they say he has a criminal history and may be affiliated with a gang. a samsung tablet may have led to a plane landing over the weekend. delta official said a tablet came jammed inside a seat causing a cushion to smoke. the samsung phone is under recall because the batteries catch fire. the tablet is not included in
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that recall. a tech giant is testing a smart device that will allow to control appliances. we'll tell you why president obama invited lee decaprio to the white house, next. approve this message.
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>> reporter: welcome back everybody, looking live in camden at the battleship new jersey. we have a fair amount of clouds up above. we'll have a good looking day today, tomorrow we start off a bit wet. 295 northbound we have an accident early this morning with an overturned truck blocking the right lane, approaching 42 that's a busy area people hop on 42 to come into the city. we have one lane blocked with this overturned truck. as we look live on 42, this is northbound at 41. no delays, an easy 8, 9 minute ride between the atlantic city expressway and 295. we have an accident city avenue conshohocken avenue. looking live broad street. southbound traffic heading toward center city no delays, looking dry, looking good, heading out early you're already, so far. matt. >> thank you. president obama is bringing
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in star power to raise awareness of climate change. leonardo decaprio will join the president in a sit down with a canadian climate scientist next monday that coincide with the release of the documentary before the flood it will debut on the south southwest lawn at the white house to celebrate innovation. now it's your turn. >> the average price of gasoline has risen 4 cents over the past two weeks, the national average 2.25. retailers have upped their prices in response to the cost of crude oil. it's a dime less than a year ago. apple may get into the smart home market working to compete with the amazon echo testing a prototype that would
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control appliances and lights and other devices. stocks posted solid gains last week, futures this morning are pointing to losses at the opening bell. the magazine in the event seven remake came out on top of the box office this past week. the movie brought in $35 million. the movie stork came in at $21 million. sully came in third with 14 million during its third weekend. >> we're following new information of a crash on the boulevard involving a motor cyclist. >> up next, the coast guard get help from other boaters to rescue people on a burning boat off the coast of north jersey. welcome back taking a live
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look here, the commodor barry bridge, beautiful on this cool monday morning, 4:55, 55 degrees, the coast guard along with good samaritans helped rescue 8 people from a burning boat in north jersey 6 miles off sandy hook. people on a boat nearby saw the flames and went to help. everybody made it to shore. 100 runners took part in a race in new york city more than a week after an explosion canceled race in seaside come.
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all runners signed up the tunnel to tower run on sunday. the race from last week was canceled after a pipe bomb was found on the course. city of haver hill wants rick earl to take down his political signs. his signs add up to 300 square feet. the city has not find the homeowner yet. even if it does, he plans to fight it. >> still ahead on "action news," the royals are taking canada by storm and 3-year-old george is making headlines for doing what 3-year-olds do. >> the golf world mourns the death of the king. ♪
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survey says... (ding) winning. on the spot. play family feud from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot! keep on scratchin' 5:00 a.m., monday, september 26 here's what's happening. >> the super bowl of politics is tonight. hillary clinton and donald trump are preparing for the biggest showdown of the presidential campaign season. rookie quarterback carson wentz leads the birds to a blowout win over the steelers. loved it. we're live with the details. >> arnie's army has lost its leader. the golfing world is mourning
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the death of arnold palmer. we're off to a crisp starts in most neighborhoods, we have sunshine coming up over the horizon, a few clouds digging in. it's chilly this morning, 43 in allentown 48 in trenton. 50 in wilmington. 48 in reading. we have bounced up to 45 in the poconos. 47 in millville. upper 40s down by the shore. if you're on the bus stop this morning, you have a jacket that's good balls the -- because the air is crypt. 52 degrees in philadelphia. 53 by 8:00 a.m. in the suburbs, 40 on the the bus stop. 53 degrees and cool by 7:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 64 degrees. we warm up this afternoon, 71 by noon. the high 76 degrees by


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