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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  November 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> getting around in philadelphia will be a challenge for yet a second day as the septa strike goes on. >> union leader he rejected septa's latest contract offer so riders will continue to scramble and the picketers as we see there live will continue to encourage their job action today. >> good morning. it's wednesday, november 2nd and we'll continue to follow the strike that's left nearly half a million people stranded. >> karen rogers leads our team coverage live. she'll have more on how to get around in the city. annie mccormick has the latest on the contract negotiations and gray hall has more on what will be more commuter chaos. >> but first up let's talk about the weather and meteorologist, david murphy
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says at least you'll have a little sunshine on your shoulders as you hoof it around the city he. >> absolutely. things are improving temperature-wise too tam. there's satellite and you can see how the clouds have begun to erode across most of the region and we're expecting a sunny start and then partly sunny skies later on and these temperatures are definitely better than yesterday. remember how we had 30's in a lot of suburbs. well, today 43 in allentown, 46 in reading. and all the way up to 50 in trenton. philadelphia currently sitting at 52. so, even if you have an early commute down into the city and you have to do some extra walking this morning the temperatures aren't that bad. and this afternoon is going to be really nice. we start at 49 at 7:00, 55 at 10:00. by noon up to he 63 and we're going for a high of 73 today at about 3 o'clock. now, it is november, the sun angle is low and we won't holds that 73 he for long. by 6 o'clock we'll be back down to 66 but even that is a better number than last night. gets even warmer tomorrow karen but in the afternoon and evening there is the chance of a passing shower or a gusty thunderstorm. details on that coming up. >> all right, day two of the strike as we have one tries to
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find a way to work. yesterday didn't he go so well. no he city buses trolleys or subways running with this septa strike day two. so people hitting the regional rails. here's a warning. we saw half an hour delays yesterday across-the-board with regional rails but there were a few lines that saw about an hour delay and that was the chestnut hill west line paoli thorndale and fox chase. those are the lines there we're keeping a close eye on and we'll see how that evolves today but certainly expect delays with regional rails and last night we had extra problems with picketers blocking the entrance to some of the rail yards so we'll have to see if that is an issue for us today as well. so, take the regional rails but expect some pretty big delays. it was just gridlock in center city so looking live here at the vine street at north broad street we can see traffic moving fine. if you can get out really early that's your best bet of course. those delays spilled out from the vine street expressway onto the ben franklin bridge and it was difficult yesterday evening, yesterday morning so we're expecting that once again today. on the big picture we saw delays on i-95 that kicked in really early yesterday and
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were longer than usual so it seemed like a lot of people were hopping on i-95 earlier than usual. right now we're looking mostly good. i'm seeing that one 19 but right now 95 is moving nicely and the schuylkill expressway moving in the 50's. we had schuylkill westbound blocked at university for awhile. that's cleared and the blue route moving fine too with 55 miles an hour matt and tam. >> thank you. annie mccormick is live at the sheraton in center city where contract talks are set to resume at some point later this morning. annie. >> reporter: matt, that's right, septad in a statement around 1:00 this morning that they concluded talks for the evening early morning and they are expected to resume later on in the morning. now, late yesterday the union said that they did receive a new proposal but that proposal was quickly rejected. well, this is video of picketers, something that we're seeing all across the city, more than 4700 transport workers employees walked off the job at midnight yesterday. local 234 would not go into details about that proposed
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contract that they received late tuesday only saying it barely had anything new and was quickly rejected. however all along guaranteed full pension plans have become the deal breaker for the union. members picket heed across the city and septa headquarters where other unions did join in. at one point picketers disrupted regional rail at the height of rush hour. according to septa the median salary for employees is $68,000 and they're working to find a contract that remains fair and affordable for the taxpayers and rider whose partially fund septa. congressman bob brady is now involved in talks and also union members told "action news" that they're going without pay when they're on that picket line. >> i'll try to find money whether it be the city, the state or the feds and if we can do that, we'll do that, you know. i'll do whatever i can do, whatever we could possibly figure out to do to make sure that this thing gets over. >> there's some anxiety, yeah. you know, you wonder, you know, are they talking, are they making any progress, how
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long we going to be out here, you know. but we out here for the duration so however long it takes. >> reporter: and the congressman said late yesterday that he felt that they were pretty close to a deal. now, septa did get an injunction to stop those picketers from blocking regional rail so it should hopefully move smoothly this morning throughout the morning rush hour. of course, if this does continue on and this does get close to election day septa has said that they will go to federal court for an injunction to make sure septa employees are back on the job for election day. reporting live in center city annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thank you for that annie. now let's switch to gray hall in olney where riders will hop on the fox chase regional rail hoping to get into the city and gray maybe hop on may be a little bit too casual of a way to describe it. yes, tam, quiet now but those trains will be packed a bit later today. this strike impacts thousands and thousands of riders as you
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well know. no one wanted to see this happen but here we are day two of this strike and the travel headaches continue. take a look at some video that we shot for you just yesterday as the commuters were dealing with this strike. of course everyone now depending on those regional rails as a backup mode of transportation. one commuter actually sent "action news" these pictures tuesday showing the inside of suburban station. look at this. you can see those long lines stretching throughout the terminal. goes without saying this is not fun for those passengers with so many using the regional rails as a backup this is causing a backlog and those crowded trains. this strike means those buses trolleys subways they have all stopped. this is impacting hundreds of thousands of riders. the regional rail system, however, it continues to operate despite this strike. those workers belong to a different union but trying get around has been a total nightmare. it has been brutal for many passengers. they're hoping for a quick resolution that will end this strike so things will hopefully get back to normal. >> hectic.
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super hectic. i actually got up this morning early to get my dad to dialysis but i was trying to get my coworkers into work because i know a few of them work near me but it was so chaotic you can't he get anywhere in the car period, period whether the train runs or not you can't get nowhere in a car. we were stuck at 16th and spruce. we're at 17th and arch. at 16th and spruce for nearly an hour. you can't get nowhere. >> reporter: all right, so back out live hectic is a word that many people probably will be using throughout the day today. like to remind you use some extra time, allow yourself some extra time for your morning and also evening commute. last time septa strike it was back in 2009 and that lasted six days. coming up for you at 5:30 we'll actually hear from one of the first passengers here at the olney station. she is not happy about this strike. live in olney, gray hall, channel6 "action news. matt, tam. >> all right, i bet she is not. we'll check in with you shortly gray. the school district of philadelphia is still opened today despite the the septa
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strike. thousands of students use the system to get to school and they are affected by this work stop pennsylvania. the action cam caught up with students and parents outside south philadelphia high school yesterday who said the change is a big inconvenience. students who are unable to attend school due to the strike will be marked with an excused absence. that also goes for showing up a little bit late. school officials say they are monitoring the situation and will continue to assess what to do as he they watch the strike's impact. >> we will help you navigate the morning commute with special live reports on and the 6abc news app. they start at 7:00 a.m. tell us how the strike is affecting you by sharing your commuting stories with us. use the #6abcaction on social media or e-mail us at join the action at >> new this morning, former philadelphia fire commissioner harold hairston has died. hairston spent 40 years with the philadelphia fire department. he was the city's first african-american fire commissioner serving from 1992 until his retirement in 2004.
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fire officials announced his death early this morning. the circumstances of it, though, are unknown at this time. >> ♪ >> happening today, bill cosby returns to a montgomery county courtroom for a seconds day of a pretrial hearing. the 79-year-old cosby he is facing charges that he sexually assaulted a temple university employee at his home in 2004. his lawyers are trying to forbid testimony he gave in the woman's sexual batter he reand defamation lawsuit from being admitted during trial. prosecutors reopened the criminal case last year after that deposition was unsealed, plus more women came forward accusing cosby of molesting them. >> taking a turn now to talk about accuweather, more like a late summer wednesday. >> yeah, another nice warm afternoon. we've had a lot of those this autumn. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that we are dry. taking a look outside, we have sky6 and it's a tranquil morning an little bit milder than the last couple mornings and especially yesterday. you'll notice that if you have a extra long wait on the train
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platform or an extra long walk through philadelphia with that ongoing septa strike. not a lot of wind out there, too. 52 degrees currently in philadelphia under mainly clear skies, winds are light at 5 miles per hour. at times it's just calm with not much wind at all. satellite also shows you how clouds overnight have vacated most of the region and we're going to start out sunny and then probably transition to kind of a partly sunny sky cover later on. over the next 12 hours here's what's to expect. 49 degrees by 8 o'clock. 55 by 10 o'clock and by noon, getting better than yesterday's high, 63 degrees. yesterday we only stopped at about 60. and then by 3 o'clock, we get all the way up to 73 degrees so it's going to be nice and warm for a few hours this afternoon. ly it is november, though and that sun sets in a hurry and that means the temperatures have a tendency he to drop. sun angle is kind of low, too, which helps. 66 degrees by 5 o'clock so we will see that number dip and we'll probably be down into maybe the 64, 65-degree range by 6 o'clock later on tonight. high temperatures 73 in philadelphia, 73 he in trenton, 72 in allentown and
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pretty much the same story through reading lancaster, wilmington. 70 in millville and upper 60's down the shore. tomorrow we're going to start out with sun. it will be very warm again ahead of an approaching front but by noon we'll be on the lookout for some clouds increasing from the north and west and then some showers arrive and there might even be a embedded thunderstorm in some of these lines of showers coming through in the afternoon and early evening. this new model run shows this gone by about 6:00 or 6:30 but in the afternoon and perhaps early evening we have to be on the lookout for a shower or gusty thunderstorm. 73 degrees, nice and warm today. tomorrow very warm with a high all the way up to 79 and again in the afternoon and early evening the chance of a shower or passing gusty he thunderstorm tomorrow. then behind that system blustery and chilly for friday, a high of just 59. and that cooler pattern continues through the weekend. breezy and cool on saturday 62. the unity cup soccer championship that in city tournament that we have been looking at for awhile now wraps up with a championship game and looks like a decent game for that or day for that
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at citizens bank park. then we lose an hour on the clock or fall back an hour. it's the good one. >> that's all you got to say. >> sunday looks to be a nice one with a high around 59. election day sunny and 62 right now. >> okay. thanks, david. 5:12 now. we continue to follow the septa strike that already caused traffic and transit nightmares on day one. >> and today pope francis speaks about women becoming priests. we'll tell you exactly what he said. karen. >> we're looking live here on spring garden street right at north broad where we've got very light volume now. expect lots of extra congestion, gridlock in the city once again. we'll talk about the septa strike and show you some of the roads near the area where "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here as we take a look at mobile6 which is making its way through center city. right now at 5:14 if you were out on the street, not so bad. you could easily get to wherever you're trying to go but we know as morning goes on and traffic builds, it may very well be like the story we saw yesterday with a lot of gridlock, a lot more cars out there on the street, people very frustrated as it took a long time just to go a few blocks. so, if you can carpool ride share, figure out something else to do because you don't want to be stuck sitting at that red light for forever. >> hard to predict exactly what's going to happen today karen. >> yeah. >> good that we have you around for all this. >> one of the hardest things for everybody out there is just not knowing how long it's going to be. you think well, is it to two days, maybe i can get a ride to work. well, if it's 40 days what are you going to do? it certainly would be helpful to you whether you're taking the rails or just driving into work to change your hours a little bit if that's at all possible.
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because at the height of the rush hour we had a difficult time, gridlock in the city even some of the highways extra heavy so that's been a big problem. so with no city buses no subway and trolley what do you do to get to work. the regional rails haven't really been running properly since the summer time so that's been causing huge issues right now and as you look at this, you can kind of see that as you get closer to the city, you're going he get more and more congested. so you can take the 101, 102 trolly norristown high speedline right here to 69th street terminal but there's no market frankford running. somebody told me on twitter they were walking 4 miles to work. i know a lot of people were doing that. at least it's sunny he dan a little bit better later on but you can get on the regional rails at 30th get off at jefferson. that saves a little bit of your walk. you can take patco and you can get on over near 15th and get off near eighth. that will save a little bit. patco is running.
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regional rails are running. we saw overcrowding and some of the delays were up to an hour on the regional rails yesterday. looking out live right now this is the blue route in delaware county at baltimore pike. if you're driving to work this morning no problems on the blue route coming from villanova or broomall you're looking good with some easy volume to start you off. how about the temperatures? 52 degrees, milder than it was yesterday. headed up to 73, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. new here on "action news" pope francis has pushed the envelope on various social issues but he's holding the traditional line when it comes to the ban on female priests. francis was asked about the issue by a reporter on his plane as he left sweden the most dominant denomination in that country is the lutheran church which is headed up by woman there. the pontiff said the last word on the question in the catholic church was delivered by saint john paul ii who drew a hard line against the change and pope francis said he thought that this rule would hold forever. john paul's justification for the ban was that jesus selected 12 men to be his apostles and no women setting
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a presidents for how the church should proceed in the future. and a mission to get families into new homes for the holidays it's now in jeopardy after someone stole tools from a habitat for humanity construction site. $20,000 worth of equipment was swiped from a location in north philadelphia early tuesday morning. thieves cut through locks on trailers where the tools were stored. >> what that will do is slow down our building. we have five families who we want to have into their home by christmas and because of this, some of these families might not be home for christmas morning. >> one of the homes was to be dedicated this week. habitat for humanity is asking for folks to donate new or and used tools so that volunteers can help complete the project. >> the still winless sixers play their first road game of the season against the charlotte hornets tonight. the sixers flu an 18-point lead in the third quarter against the orlando magic last night. towering center joel embiid had two costly turnovers in
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the final minute. they lost in heartbreaking fashion 103-101. the chicago cubs tied the world series way win he over the cleveland indians last night. winner take all game seven is tonight in cleveland and both teams are hungry for a victory the cubs haven't won since 1908.
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experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. >> talk, about the extra crowd edness on the regional rails. one of my twitter followers say be nice to your friends and use deodorant. city buses subways trolleys not running. septa strike day two. also a problem here county line road at meetinghouse road we've got an accident here in horsham blocking a lane. an accident cleared in new hanover on romig road and still an accident and delays in the process of clearing out in berks county on 78 eastbound dave.
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>> all right, karen, on the big board this morning we're dressing the kids in a jacket this morning. it's not as chilly as yesterday but still in the 40's and low 50's. this afternoon it is shorts and t's weather and here's why. we are looking at a warmup. 55 degrees by 10 o'clock. by noon, 63. and we will see a high of 73 today at about 3 o'clock with sunny he to partly sunny skies. light winds. by 6 o'clock we're back down to the cool 66-degree range and as we take a look at the airport no major delays. all green aircraft on the big board. and no sign of rain in any of our big travel cities. matt. >> thank you david. a local family is trying to turn their painful loss into a national movement which could save hundreds of lives. here's health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman with a preview of tonight's special report at 11:00. >> reporter: if you were out at a restaurant and someone started choking not able to breathe would you know what to do? one local family is sharing their tragic story. >> my life has changed and the whole family's life has changed. >> and also why they're pushing for more people especially at restaurants to learn how to help. i'll have their emotional
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story plus what you intoed to know to save a life. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> in this morning's "gma" first look the breakup of the nearly 20 year marriage between nba legend scottie pippen and his wife larsa heating un. >> 911 what is your emergency? >> can you send someone over here. my husband is being really aggressive with me. >> in these newly released 911 calls, larsa is heard calling police last month. larsa eventually tells police not to come after all. then three days later, another call. >> my husband has gotten crazy again with me. >> two weeks after the flynn 11 calls were made scottie filed for did you have of course. in the divorce filings obtained by abc news scottie claims the marriage iser retrievable broken asking the court not to award alimony he in any form and coming up at 7:00 a.m. we'll have the latest on the bitter divorce.
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with your "gma" first look i'm mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. ♪
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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message. >> new jersey state police investigating the report of a needle found ins halloween candy. detectives say the candy was collected in commercial township cumberland county. the victim told detectives she discovered a sewing needle in
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a tootsie roll that her child collected early in the night. there are no suspects at this time. >> happening today leaders in atlantic city are scheduled to speak out about the state rejecting their financial recovery plan. council president marty small says the fix was in and called the state's decision misinformed misguided and biased. they're there in the middle is ac mayor don guardian. he says he'll keep fighting until the city he cannot fight any longer. atlantic city he proposed laying off 100 workers cutterring spending selling land at the old baeder field and selling bonds to pay down its debt over five years. a state regulator claim the city's math is not -- does not add up. >> 5:27 and still ahead on "action news," septa strike in day two. >> we're live with more on how commuters are working to tackle the traffic troubles and the transit troubles when we come back. >> ♪
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for the content of this advertising. priorities usa action is responsible >> now on "action news," septa strike day two. if day one is any indicator as we take a live look at picket workers at a transit yard for septa we are in store for more long lines on the regional rails canceled trains and a lot of traffic gridlock. >> the union rejected one new
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proposal yesterday and since negotiations will not resume until sometime this morning commuters should expect more of the same today. >> good morning, it's 5:30 on this wednesday november seconds. we'll bring you team coverage once again. >> karen rogers is watching the rails and the roads. annie mccormick is following those contract talks and gray hall has the firsthand look at the morning commute. >> let's start, though, with dave murphy who has got a little bit of levity, something we can smile about. that's the forecast. >> yeah, there are better numbers out there, better conditions today for septa commuters and everybody else. we've got cloud cover overnight really evaporating so we expect lots of sun early, partly sunny skies later and it's cool this morning but about 10 degrees better than it was this time yesterday. we're at 52 degrees in philadelphia. from he in allentown. 46 in reading. 50 in trenton, 50 in wilmington, 57 in cape may and the breeze coming up from the south is very light this morning. as we take a look at where numbers are going, well it is going to get mild later. 55 degrees by 10 o'clock. by noon, 63.


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