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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  November 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> breaking right now on "action news," a the septa strike could be near an end. overnight we're hearing from both sides they are close to a deal. happening today, battleground pennsylvania, the pennsylvania candidates spend their campaign hours in the keystone state. hillary will visit independence mall. >> accuweather is tracking a chilly start as you take a live look at the commodor barry bridge. some of the suburbs are under a frost advisory, but a warmup is in store for election day. >> good morning, everyone, 4:30, november 7. we have breaking news, the septa strike is about to end. >> we have been told they are close to a deal, the only thing missing is actually signatures. annie mccormick is live at septa headquarters with the update. good news, annie.
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>> reporter: good news, matt and tam, we have to tell you this is not a done deal yet. both parties have come to an agreement, but nothing has been signed just yet. we can tell you within the hour, rather, the chairman arrived at septa headquarters, he arrives when it's time to sign the final agreement. the talks between the union and septa had to be halted overnight because the power went out in the sheraton headlights where they were holding the negotiations. both sides went to their respective headquarters and mediator went back and forth and they were able to make progress. septa said union members have to pay $120 more a month for healthcare. the chairman would not giving specifics to us this morning, but he would say that they needed to go to the union and both sign before staying that
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this agreement is done. >> i think we have agreement in principle, without dwight evans, i think we would probably be sitting around. dwight was a catylist in getting this done, our jobs on staff did a magnificent job and you have to thank willie, willie did the right thing he wanted a settlement, it's great for our riders. >> there you hear the chairman talking about all the people who were part of the negotiations naming union boss willie brown and taking about state lawmakers and members of septa, as well, trying to get the deal done working throughout the night. you remember on friday there was an injunction to stop the strike. the court said she would reject it and revisit monday 9:30 a.m.,
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if the septa deal is a done deal in the next two hours, leading up to that court time, that would be a moot point. reporting live outside of septa headquarters, annie mccormick, back to you. >> encouraging news, now let's turn to weather and traffic. good morning. >> reporter: and such great reporting by annie. septa has been telling us, the first service would be 4 to 6 hours, still no buses, trolleys or subways, it will take up to 16 hours to get at or near full capacity. for the morning commute expect to have no services. it's unclear which services they will begin once this all started. if taking the regional rails expect delays, we expect overcrowding today, hopefully this will be the last day of
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that. looking down the vine street expressway, where it's been gridlocked everyday with the septa strike, we expect that to continue with the big rally tonight. we'll have the clintons and obamas in town, portions of market and 5th and 6th street all shut down arch and chestnut, and 4th and 7th. that starts at 10:00 a.m. even though the rally is not until 7:00 p.m. >> reporter: you're saying 16 hours, if they get that started for tomorrow morning commute and election day that would be nice. temperatures are chilly, bundle up on the way out the door, 41 in philadelphia. mid 30s in allentown and reading. 43 in cape may. as we roll through the day look for sunshine and cooler conditions. noon, 53. 3:00 p.m., high of 58 degrees, we're all the way back down to
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50 by 6:00 p.m. remember it gets darker earlier after the time change, everybody has their lights on on the way home matt. >> with one day to go pennsylvania has become ground zero for the final push to the white house. donald trump will campaign in scranton, hillary clinton will join president obama at independence mall that means tight security and road closures that will last or for most of the day. katherine scott is live where they are setting up for the rally. on election eve, both candidates will be in pennsylvania. donald trump is holding a rally in scranton at 5:30 ann hillary clinton will be at independence mall, the set up is well underway, they are fencing around independence mall and all other equipment for the crowds that are expected here today. tonight the democrats hold a final rally on independence mall. hillary clinton will be joined by her husband bill and her daughter which he chelsea and pt
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and mrs. obama. bruce springsteen and bon jovi will take a stage. james comey sent a letter to the congress saying they found in evidence from newly discovered e-mails from anthony weiner's computer that criminal charges were warranted against clinton. last night at a rally with labron james clinton made no mention of it. at another stop she under supporters to get out to vote tomorrow. >> don't leave it to chance, don't leave it to others, use your voice and your vote. >> donald trump will comment on the e-mails in michigan one of his five campaign stops including pennsylvania. he said once again the system is rigged. he maintains despite the fbi director wrote, the investigation into clinton is not over. >> the rank and file special
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agents at the fbi won't let her getaway with these terrible crimes, including the deletion of 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. >> reporter: and back here live you can see at this early hour, crews are hard at work on independence mall. road closures start at 10:00 a.m. for the rally, closures market to 4 to 7th and 6th street from arch to chestnut. the gates open at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. we're live on endispense -- independence mall, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> rick williams and monica malpass will be at the trump and clinton campaigns and news crews
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will be expand across the region for local elections. a bullet hit 38-year-old christina caroway in the leg. a raging inferno destroyed their with him home killing two young daughters. >> we thought we were getting back on our feet finally leaving memories, but now, it's like a relapse. >> police say it's unclear if there were multiple shooters or who was the intended target. they are asking anyone with information to call police. new this morning, a philadelphia police officer shot and killed a dog that attacked him, police were responding to a disturbance call along torresdale avenue in the frankford section. the officer was getting out of his vehicle when the dog attacked him.
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the officer fired his weapon twice the dog did not survive. the officer is expected to be okay. we hope a septa deal is near, but it could be a while when until we see changes, people are out and about walking. >> reporter: it's chilly this morning like last week. we're dry as we step outside and take a glance at the ben franklin bridge. it's cool and chilly out there this morning, there's not much wind, but you might want extra gear as you head out the door. allentown, 35 degrees. reading, 34. the numbers may slip a little bit before they turn around. 38 in wilmington. 37 in trenton. 38 degrees in millville. 43 in cape may. satellite shows you plenty of sunshine is on the way, so get ready to have the shades handy as you head on you on the byways and heys. up in the lehigh valley we'll go
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for lots of sun, cool conditions, high of 58 degrees today in allentown and bethlehem and easton and places like that. the shore mostly sunny and chilly, high of 56 degrees. in philadelphia, we'll go for 58. lots of sun, but cool conditions all the way, winds light out of the north at 6 to 12 miles per hour. and then overnight tonight mainly clear and chilly, getting down to 41 in philadelphia. although a lot of suburbs will be in the 30s. right at dawn tomorrow we'll be around the mid to upper 30s in some suburbs, low 40s in philadelphia. if you're heading out as the poll open this morning you'll want to bundle up a little bit. tomorrow afternoon it looks good for election day. this frontal boundary will hold off to the west, high pressure down to the south, we should see sun and a few occasional clouds, but a milder afternoon high of 67 degrees. if the plan is to hit the polls in the evening it's not going on to be bad, we'll be in the low 60s and upper 50s in most
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cases, it will be a good evening to get that done. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we have a high of 58 today. sunny and cool and not all that windy. tomorrow for election day, good overall, a chilly start but quickly warming up. in the afternoon we get up to 67 degrees in most neighborhoods. wednesday, mostly cloudy skies, a spotty shower is possible during the day, high of 60. mostly sunny skies on thursday, 59. the breezes will pick up here because the front will be departing. veterans day, sunny and windy 60 degrees, late in the day or at night there's a chance of a sprinkle or shower. then comes the weekend, 49, a sprinkle, mainly dry. sunday, brisk and chilly, 47 degrees you'll be bundling up for the eagles game and hopefully the eagles get up to game five on sunday. >> robertersh is a waiting a
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determination murder charge. >> reporter: we've a car in the woods and we'll talk about a the backup here and check the other highways when "action news" comes right back. >> triple fours on the clock,
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good morning everyone, it is monday, looking at center city philadelphia, the septa strike could end on this 7th day, they are working on things right now. no deal is signed, but hopeful news coming out of the transit agency this morning. >> karen, people should understand they won't see a
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change immediately, you'll have more on that, but first you're starting with this new accident. >> reporter: look at this accident a car in the woods, it's involving the overturned vehicle, the actual vehicle is right here, a mess of a situation, we have fire crews on the scene that left. it's off to the left, they may need to block a lane as they pull a car out of the woods. the traffic is moving better at boulevard southbound at hung avenue. watch for this new accident with an overturned vehicle police and fire crews on the scene. we're watching when septa has a deal and when it will take effect. in the meantime, no buses, trolleys and no subways, expect delays once again on the regional rails. let's go to the commuter traffic report on the waze app. west chester, no problems be route 30 is looking good, up in
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malvern if you're taking 202, no problems, that's good news in the suburbs. 41 degrees in philadelphia. it's chilly out there, 20s in the poconos, mid 0s in allentown and reading. atlantic city, 36 degrees. compare that to yesterday, temperatures cooler, 13 degrees cooler in the city, 20 degrees cooler in the poconos. grab the jacket this morning. >> new images are coming in from the magnitude 5.5 earthquake in it hosts one of the largest oil storage terminals, companies are not reporting any trouble. real estate heir robert
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durst for the death of a close friend. robert durst was arrested in new orleans, he pleaded guilty to a weapons charge. dylan roof is charged in the murder of 9 people at a historically black church in north carolina in 2015. he pleaded not guilty. five hundred people will report in groups of 20 for individual questioning for the jury pool. two groups protest a pipeline being built in north dakota. >> new video shows police in quite a chase and it ends with a crash.
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>> this breaking news just into us, former u.s. attorney general janet reno had died from complications of parkinsons disease. she was one of the clinton administrations most recognizable and polarizing figures. she faced criticism for the raid
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on branch davidians in waco, texas. janet reno was 78 years old. >> reporter: sad news there. let's take a look at the morning commute and show you what's going on. we're looking at the boulevard southbound at hunting park avenue. an accident of an overturned vehicle in the meadeian. they uprighted the vehicle. northeast extension southbound between quakertown and lansdale, construction blocks the left lane, dave. >> reporter: on the big board we're dressing the kids warmly this morning, maybe with a little extra gear because it's chilly out there. a lot of suburbs in the 30s and philadelphia in the 40s currently. a jacket a good idea because we'll be on the cool side. 35 degrees currently in in allentown. 38 in wilmington, and 48 in
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philadelphia. it's cool lots of sunshine, winds light to moderate. upper 40s by 10:00 a.m., 53 by noon. the high today is 58 degrees, we'll hit that at 3:00 p.m., and dipping back down to 50 after dark at 6:00 p.m. police showed up to another pipeline protest in north dakota over the weekend. this one was at a cemetary. there were two groups at the scene. one crowd concerned that it will run through ancestor burial ground. this pipeline when finished will run from north dakota to illinois. septa officials say they are close to a deal that would end a week long strike. we'll have a live report at 5:00 a.m. new jersey new jersey stae help a retired trooper pull off a special surprise during the eagles giants game that's next. katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess
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at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses -
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and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests - that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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breaking news coming into right now we are hearing, i'll deliver the news here, septa is telling us they are having a news conference at 5:15 a.m., 20 minutes from now, possibly to say the septa strike definitely will be ending this morning. we'll have a live picture and more information coming up for annie mccormick and also what's going on at the transport workers union hall which is where the union is located.
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septa will make an announcement at 5:15 a.m. about the septa strike. a fallen firefighter was honored in northeast philadelphia. "action news" was there as city officials dedicated academy road to byberry road will be called the michael r.goodwin senior memorial highway killed while battling a blaze in 2015. a retired new jersey state trooper surprised his girlfriend by proposing to her at met life stadium. he was paralyzed on duty in 2005, his fellow trooper pulled off the surprise in front of family and friends. his girlfriend said yes. >> today is looking like it's going to be the last day of the septa strike, we're waiting in 20 minutes be we expect to hear a statement in a joint manner from both sides, we'll bring you a live report with all the
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details. explosion at the pumpkin chunkin' event in delaware leaves two people hurt. "action news" continues.
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i miss my daughter every day. she was shot and killed in a movie theater. jessi's murderer used an assault weapon with a high capacity gun clip.
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these clips allow killers to keep shooting and shooting. senator pat toomey opposes banning these clips, and he opposes an assault weapons ban. pat toomey stands with the gun lobby and not you. i hope you remember that when you vote. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., monday, november 7. here's what's happening. >> big news, looks like we're minutes away from the end of a septa strike, septa and union officials will be making a joint statement in 15 minutes, a live report just ahead. philadelphia is the last
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stop on the campaign trail, hillary clinton and donald trump campaign in the state. we'll have the latest. >> the eagles fall to the giants. let's go to the septa strike, this is the 7th day looking like it's the last day. annie mccormick is at the septa union headquarters, looks like it's close, annie. >> reporter: it's not a done deal yet, the signatures have not been put on the deal made between the union and septa. this is video from ten minutes ago, there you see septa leaders walking into local 234 the union that's where they are going to make the signatures. the talks between the union and septa had to be halted because power went out in the sheraton, so both sides went back to


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