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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. this morning, trump transition. the president-elect holed up in trump tower to choose his cabinet. who's on the short list to help run the government and the name that could cause an uproar as trump reveals whether he'll kick his twitter habit. meanwhile, the protests coast to coast, demonstrators sending their message to the president-elect. michael moore right on trump's doorstep. >> they haven't stopped me yet. >> this confrontation turning ugly. protesters hauled away in handcuffs. hung jury. jurors deadlocked trying to decide the fate of a white former police officer accused of murder in the death of an unarmed black driver. >> stop, stop. >> will there be another trial?
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>> delayed justice doesn't mean no justice at all. >> the victim's family speaking out this morning. and believe it or not, oscar season is now here. the academy handing out its honorary awards overnight. the celebrities out in force. >> thank you so much. thank you. thank you. >> we're out on the red carpet with the stars hoping to get their own nominations in their latest big screen roles. >> good morning, america. wake up gently and softly. good morning, everyone. we want to thank you very much for joining us. hopefully you woke up gently and softly just like andrew garfield from "hacksaw ridge" just said but it has been a weekend of intrigue and speculation as president-elect donald trump and his close advisers work to assemble a new administration. >> we are told chief of stus
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staff decision is imminent. sometimes the second most powerful person and it may tell us how he'll govern. >> overnight another round of protests. some turning violent. this was the fourth night in a row including a large demonstration in front of trump tower here in manhattan. >> even as people hit the streets, a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows 74% of americans call the election legitimate, although there is a vast partisan divide with only 58% of clinton supporters saying trump was legitimately elected. >> george stephanopoulos is standing by with analysis but we want to begin with abc's mary bruce who is at the white house covering the transition. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, the president-elect has spent the weekend locked away in trump tower huddled with his transition team now facing the daunting task of filling more than 4,000 federal jobs. but first donald trump is expected to announce his top aide, that critical chief of staff position. that decision could come any day now. >> we feel busier than ever. >> reporter: trump tower is buzzing with activities from
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top aides to unexpected guests. >> they haven't stopped me yet. >> reporter: and foreign leaders like brexit champion nigel faraj. trump's team assembled saturday as the president-elect nears a major decision. who will be his chief of staff? >> it's imminent. >> reporter: the list of contenders includes two very different choices, steve bannon, the former head of breitbart news known for attacking the gop establishment and reince priebus, the chairman of the rnc. on election night trump praised priebus. >> but i'll tell you, reince is really a star, and he is the hardest working guy. >> well i think chairman priebus has expressed interest in the position. there are several people being considered, and it's mr. trump's decision ultimately. >> reporter: but a top trump ally is already warning that a priebus pick could cause a rebellion in trump's base. trump promised during the campaign to shake things up in washington. >> drain the swamp. [ chanting "drain the watch" ] >> reporter: but his cabinet
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short list includes politicians and insiders like newt gingrich, senator jeff sessions and rudy giuliani. trump tweeting "will soon be making some very important decisions on the people who will be running our government." and don't expect that to change. >> it's a great form of communication. >> reporter: trump telling "60 minutes" he's not going to give up his tweeting habit. but -- >> i'll do very restrained, if i use it at all, i'll do very restrained. i find -- it's a modern form of communication. >> reporter: now trump has not been seen publicly since thursday. that's expected to change in the coming day possibly to even go on a victory tour. >> thank you. for the fourth straight night protests are happening across the country in big and small and some protesters turning violent attacking police. it's a sign of just how divided our country remains. as you saw earlier in our poll numbers. abc's jim avila has more on the election fallout. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, paula. more evidence that not everyone
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is ready to accept the results of election 2016. thousands of hispanics, gays and others take to the streets to protest donald trump's election and on the internet it's some trump supporters lashing out. overnight, a fourth night of violent protests in portland, oregon. thousands of demonstrators clashing with police, spraying tear gas to clear the streets. the chaotic scene unfolding as demonstrations were carried out from coast to coast in front of the president-elect's manhattan tower to los angeles where an estimated 10,000 people marched through the streets. >> this is a very multicultural diverse country. we can't have somebody who stands against that as the head of the government. >> reporter: and parts in between like indianapolis, home state of the vice president-elect where a protest of 500 in front of the state capital began peacefully but ended with some hauled away in handcuffs. >> when there is violence we have to take action. that is our responsibility as a
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police department. >> reporter: hundreds arrested nationwide as anti-trump protesters react to trump's election and the racism that has accompanied it. the southern poverty law center saying there have been more than 200 reports of late-based intimidation and harassment since election day on college campuses in michigan, massachusetts, new york and that's not all, at the university of oklahoma and university of pennsylvania an investigation into a violent racist group chat aimed at african-american students. the fbi brought in to investigate. penn student nadiyah browning was one of the targets. >> i wasn't surprised by the hate that was coming my way, but it really hurt because in my lifetime i've never experienced anything like this before. >> reporter: some trump supporters on campus embarrassed by what's going on. >> we all come together regardless of who we voted for we and and we make it clear these things aren't acceptable.
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and make it clear these things aren't acceptable. >> here in los angeles most of the protesters on the street happen peaceful at least yesterday but across the country that has not always been the case. dan and paula. >> no, it has not. jim, thank you. as promised we have abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos right here with us. george will be hosting "this week" later this morning. so many things to talk about here but let's start with this choice of chief of staff. what will this tell us about how he intends to govern? >> he had so many promises, some were in keeping with republican establishment and some taking on the republican establishment. it's being played out in this choice if the choice is between reince priebus, the rnc chair, close ally of the speaker of the house paul ryan or steve bannon, head of breitbart taking on paul ryan as head of breitbart so what he may try to do is find a way to thread the needle and give them both serious positions inside the white house but that chief of staff is the most critical role in the white house, no question about it.
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a lot of eyebrows are being raised as he continues his transition and interesting name being floated out there for key adviser is president obama. he's even said he would consider bill clinton's counsel. are you buying that? >> i think i'll call on former presidents saying no question about that. whether he'll take a lot of policy counsel from president obama is a little tougher to swallow given the fact that so much of what donald trump has said he would do is undo many of president obama's executive orders in the first day but we did see a clue. you know, donald trump talking about health care this week said president obama advised him to keep the idea that if you have a pre-existing condition you can buy health insurance and kids can stay on their parents' insurance plan up until the age of 26. whether that's possible or not is a separate question but certainly sort of deferred in that direction. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. we're hearing from her really for the first time in a substantive way since she conceded and got on a conference call and blamed her loss largely on james comey, the head of the fbi who came out at the 11th hour and said he was going to take
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another look at her e-mails. some people are angered by this saying she needs to take more personal responsibility. do you think it's fair of her to blame comey? >> i think if you look at what was happening in this election she had a lot of momentum coming out of the third debate and that stalled when that letter came out from jim comey and you had the second letter ten days later. listen, when you only have 112,000 votes in pennsylvania, michigan and separating a loss from a win, every little bit does matter but there were also big forces at work here and there was no question about that. >> we've talked about protests, the fourth straight night and some of these protests are turning violent. upon whom is the onus to urge calm? is it on obama? is it on hillary clinton or is it on trump? >> it's on all three, i think. and you've seen all of them say the right words coming out of the election. donald trump coming right out on early wednesday morning saying he was hoping to bind the wounds. president obama saying we have to wish him success as president and hillary clinton doing the same with her gracious concession speech on wednesday. but, you know, this kind of anger and fear is not going to
8:10 am
go. we haven't seen it -- these kind of protests in more than a hundred years in the united states following a presidential election. it's not going to go away easily but all three do bear some responsibility and are taking it. >> we are in interesting and tense times in america. thank you very much. a reminder george has a big show this morning. he's going to speak with rudy giuliani, the vice chair of the trump presidential transition seem. >> ale he also speak with keith ellison, co-chair of the progressive caucus about what's next for the democratic party. a busy morning on abc. we do move on though to the emotional reactions in ohio where a judge has declared a mistrial in the case of a white former police officer accused of murdering an unarmed black driver, all caught on that officer's body cam. the jurors couldn't reach a verdict and abc's eva pilgrim is here with the story. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: no question officer ray tensing admittedly shot sam dubose but what was in question and what the jury couldn't agree
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on is what happened in that traffic stop gave tensing reason to think his life was in danger. [ chanting "sam dubose"] >> reporter: this morning ray tensing is now a free man. >> this individual has committed on murder and only spent less than 24 hours in jail. justice has to be served. >> reporter: a judge declaring a mistrial after the jury failed to reach a verdict on charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of sam dubose during a 2015 traffic stop. >> we are unable to reach a verdict on either count one or count two. >> reporter: the exchange captured on tensing's body cam. >> why did you pull me over for? >> again, the front tag. >> reporter: initially peaceful, it escalates when dubose refuses to open his door. that's when tensing draws his weapon firing once. >> stop, stop. >> reporter: prosecutors calling tensing a racist pointing out that the night of that stop, he
8:12 am
was wearing a confederate flag t-shirt under his uniform. tensing saying the flag has no meaning to him. >> i have a certain number of black shirts in my rotation to wear. >> reporter: the jury watched the body cam video and heard from tensing himself who took the stand. claiming self-defense. >> i remember thinking, oh, my god, he's -- that he's going to run me over and he's going to kill me. >> reporter: dubose's family is hoping for a retrial. >> delayed justice doesn't mean no justice at all. >> reporter: the prosecutor now has to decide what to do next. he has three options, retry the case, send the case back to a grand jury for lesser charges or he can choose to drop the charges altogether. >> and what's the family really pushing for again? >> the family really wants to see this case retried. you saw their mention, you know,
8:13 am
of just because of the case being delayed doesn't mean they're not going to have justice and are hopeful. >> the prosecutor has a lot of weight on his or her shoulders this morning. eva pilgrim, thank you very much. a lot of other news overnight and for that as always it's over to ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> dan, good morning to you and paula, robert. good morning, everyone. we'll begin with breaking news out of new zealand. a powerful earthquake has hit that country and the united states geological survey says it measured 7.4 magnitude and hit after midnight local name in christchurch which suffered, of course, heavy damage from an earthquake there in 2011. we are getting video and pictures out of the region on social media. it could, could cause a tsunami and warning people to move inland. no reports of damage or injuries at this time. the u.s. embassy in afghanistan is being closed after two deadly attacks in that country. a suicide bomber killed four americans and injured 17 people at a u.s. air base on friday. u.s. officials say the attacker posed as a worker to get onto that base. two days earlier a german consulate was attacked killing six people. the u.s. embassy will be closed so far only today.
8:14 am
now to a spike in the number of undocuments immigrants crossing into the u.s. from mexico. to deal with it 150 more border agents are being dispatched to south texas. the department of homeland security says 40,000 enterally illegal across the border just in the month of october. >> the bataclan, one site attacked a year ago exactly re-opened for the first time since that massacre. ♪ nothing comes from violence or nothing ever could ♪ >> and that is sting who took the stage for a one-hour performance there. before he played there was a minute of silence to remember the victims of that attack. and the coast guard releasing video of a tricky rescue in boston harbor. two men were sailing friday when their boat ran aground. they planned to wait for the tide to lift them off the rocks but when the wind picked up a coast guard swimmer had to pull them onto a rose can you boat and bring them safely to shore.
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take a look at this. 22 cars of a freight train derailed in hardin county, kentucky, closing down a section of a highway. no one was hurt. police say the train which was traveling from birmingham, alabama, to toledo, ohio, was not carrying any hazardous materials. the highway will remain closed until at least late tomorrow. finally, some major upsets in college football. for the first time in 30 years, the number two, three and four ranked teams, they all lost on the same day. first, undefeated clemson, the number two team in the country failed to the university of pittsburgh. the panthers on the field goal with just six seconds left. and then paula faris, number three -- >> painful. >> your team also undefeated heretofore lost to iowa on that field goal with the clock expiring and the university of washington lost its first game at the home to southern cal and beat the huskies 26-13 but top ranked alabama did keep its
8:16 am
perfect record unblemished demolishing mississippi state 51-3. a lot of action in college football. >> speaking of action, quite the barn burner between cornell and columbia. i heard you two attended together. >> look at her defleblg the loss. >> look at those two. >> rob's team won, and if betting were legal, he would have won 20 bucks from me but it's not legal. >> well, it's not. >> what was that score? >> the score was 42-40, cornell. and a good game. >> it was a great game and the wager was $40 of which i got the first installment this morning. >> if it were legal. >> if it were legal. >> i love that two men, a lotly crew right there. >> what's it like -- i know you both are avid sports fans. >> i yell a lot. >> as you imagine, it's very intense, even the most mundane play he's up and at them. >> exactly the way he is at the office. >> cranky uncle ron. >> on steroids. >> we had a good time. big weather story is again, the
8:17 am
fires that are burning across north carolina, south carolina be tennessee, kentucky. over 60,000 acres burned, 32 large fires that continue to burn across western north carolina that's the most intense area. birmingham, bam pa, this is -- alabama, this is going to be the dryest fall on record. the humidity leaves are low. this low will develop into a coastal storm, the moisture doesn't get back to where it's needed. it will hug the carolina coastline and get up into the northeast a little bit might see an inch or two of rain. mild air continues across the west, temperatures will be well above normal in the central u.s. here's the local forecast. check it out. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update.
8:18 am
we're clear, take a look at this shot. we have sunshine upstairs. we have lost the breeze, the gusty wind over the last several days. it's chilly, but the temperatures will respond. we'll top out at 59 today. tomorrow 60 wet weather tuesday. n something. >> you're always going double or nothing. go halfway. >> take somebody, anybody. the raiders, i like the raiders. >> we need to balance out the conversation with some relationship news, right, diane? >> oh, yeah, we'll bring it into the heart now because across the pond a relationship is under intense scrutiny this morning. people were eagerly awaiting a sighting of prince harry with his new girlfriend, actress meghan markle last
8:19 am
night, but but they're still keeping everyone guessing and jennifer eccleston is in london with more. jennifer. >> reporter: good morning, diane. that's right. here in london all eyes are on that new trans atlantic alliance of a british prince and his american sweetheart. prince harry was all smiles announcing the new venue for the invictus games. >> sydney, it's on. >> reporter: australia. what wasn't on, date night at a london rugby match. the sporty prince going solo saturday night disappointing legions of fans who hoped the royal would debut his celebrity crush. turns out girlfriend meghan markle had already left london. >> sensational event but prince harry wasn't there socializing, he was there working. >> reporter: the 35-year-old tv star was spotted entering kensington palace this week after shopping at whole foods getting supplies for a homemade meal with the prince, so the tabloids told us. they've been told to mind their manners, a rare statement
8:20 am
from the palace called the media attention of meghan markle since being linked with the dashing prince abuse and harassment. that hasn't stopped the speculation that the american actress enjoyed a regal life in london staying with prince harry at the palace, spending quality time with some royal relatives. >> she did get to meet william. that took place one afternoon. but kate wasn't there as she actually arrived in london the next day with her children. meghan had already left at that point. >> reporter: so meghan markle is already back at work in canada, but her trip here fueling rumors that the couple are very serious. diane. >> all right, jennifer, thanks so much. and they've been together for a few months now, at least that's what's speculated but have never been seen in public together. so in seeking privacy they've done a pretty good job of keeping it under wraps, but when you're a royal it's very hard to do because the paparazzi
8:21 am
is everywhere and they want to see the couple together. >> i want to see it. >> after dealing with the election all week, it's refreshing about harry's love life as much as i normally would resist. >> you were actually the one that pitched that we do this story. >> yes, i was the editorial force behind this story. >> i think there are a lot of hearts being broken because meghan markle is off the market. my husband loves her but he's not on the market. anyway, coming up -- >> this is going in directions i did not foresee. a yoga instructor is facing extradition charges after being arrested in the death of her twin sister. what changed in the case since charges were dismissed five months ago. oscar season upon us. the kickoff in hollywood at an event at the governors awards. we're on the red carpet. the one and only grumpy cat. mr. grumps is here live in studio coming up in "pop news." >> don't let that dude touch the controls. actually it's a female cat. >> oh, so he's a she.
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with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'. morning, i'm nydia han. two women are in criminal condition after getting run down by a pickup truck in center city philadelphia. the action cam was at the scene of 11th and market. 22 and 27-year-old victims were in the intersection when a white dodge pickup hit them. the driver stopped at the scene,
8:28 am
police are questioning him. let's go to chris sowers with the latest from accuweather. >> reporter: good morning, to you, nydia. we have sunshine and temperatures climbing out of the 20 anticipate and 30s. the high today, 589 degrees. not a bad day. tomorrow, sun and clouds wet weather moves in monday night, tuesday is cooler 57. that's it for "action news," we'll be back in a half-hour. i'm nydia han. stay tuned for more "good morning "good morning america."
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welcome back to "gma" on a sunday morning and happening right now, trump transition. the president-elect is building his administration under pressure to choose a chief of staff soon. meantime, protesters packing the streets outside trump tower where his team is working and a new abc news poll showing more than a quarter of americans have doubts about the legitimacy of the election. >> the vast majority do not, though. also happening, amazon refunds forced to refund $86 million to parents whose children who made purchases without permission. a judge ordered amazon to make the payments after regulators said it was too easy for kids to ring up hefty bills while playing games. nice to see my son on the ipad a lot so relieved. the boss breaks down. three bikers in new jersey
8:31 am
bragging a little bit this morning after helping out a fellow rider stranded on the side of the road. that rider was none other than bruce springsteen. the man snapped this picture and then they got to hang out with the boss at a local bar until his ride showed up. it struck me this morning that maybe bruce's bike was not born to run. >> oh. >> yeah. yeah. >> there it is. >> i said it. >> wow. you actually went there. >> i went there. it was actually like a paula faris-style joke. >> cheesy. well, if that was in memory of me, then i'm going to say -- >> i didn't get any sleep last night. >> an homage. >> thank you very much. i appreciate the tribute. >> you're welcome. but first the woman that prosecutors say drove her suv off a cliff in order to kill a passenger in that vehicle. that passenger was her own twin sister. >> alexandria duval just arrested here in new york now facing extradition to hawaii in a brand-new twist in this very strange case, and abc's marci gonzalez has more. marci, good morning. >> reporter: dan and paula, good morning. after the crash a judge ruled
8:32 am
there wasn't enough evidence to prove this was anything but an accident. but a grand jury in maui disagreed. this morning alexandria duval is once again facing charges for the alleged murder of her identical twin. more than five months after investigators say she intentionally drove her suv into a wall plunging off a 200-foot cliff in hawaii killing her sister anastasia in the passenger seat. duval's attorney calling the death of her twin and yoga studio business partner an accident. >> feel the outer rim of your back foot. >> she did not intend to harm the person she was closest to in this world. >> reporter: but investigators say they found evidence from the ford explorer proving there were no attempts of any braking. >> that speed gradually increased over the five-second period to the time of air bag deployment. >> reporter: alexandria escaped the crash with only nine for injuries and a judge dismissed the initial case against her and prosecutors promised the fight
8:33 am
was far from over going on to present it to a grand jury which indicted alexandria in october. >> double jeopardy does not attach until there is a jury that is actually empaneled. >> reporter: duval is now in custody in albany, new york, being held on $3 million bail and awaiting extradition to maui. our calls and e-mails to her attorney were not returned. >> i suspect we'll be hearing from the attorney very soon. >> absolutely. >> marci, thank you. let's check the forecast yet again with rob marciano. hey, man. >> it is the coldest air you've seen since last winter. feels like 29 in char charlot, 34 degrees in nashville. we'll see moderating temperatures going through the day today. another storm in the pacific northwesterly they could have used more rain in seattle, i don't know that it would have helped, washington's defense was incredible. well have wind and range 2 to 4 inches in the coastal range.
8:34 am
we're looking at a major pattern shift much cooler weather and much needed snow getting into the mountains this may shift things up in the central plains coming into the middle of the week. that's a look at the national headlines, here's what's going on where you live. >> reporter: the change on the pacific coast means a child to mild on the eastern seaboard. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see that reflected in the forecast later this week. 59 today, 60 most of the seven day. it's been since 1948 so howl at it if you'd like to. >> howl at the moon? >> yeah, it's going to be big and bright and beautiful. >> and close. >> and close. >> you can see it. >> thank you very much. i'll be howling. coming up here on "gma," hollywood's brightest stars come out for the governors awards considered the start of the oscar season. and look who's here. it's the grumpster. grumpy cat gracing the control
8:35 am
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♪ you're so beautiful we just finished campaign season and now apparently we're already in oscar season which officially kicked off overnight with something called the governors awards. >> so we're in november and we've already kicked off awards season. >> yes, i've already purchased my valentine's day gift for you. >> oh, wow, thank you. you are ahead of the ball. this was a chance for loads of hollywood names to attend and talk up their own films and abc's chris connelly joins us from los angeles this morning. hi, chris. >> good morning, guys. you know, if oscar season was like the baseball season, last night would have been opening day because as four distinguished figures in cinema received honorary oscars, actors and directors with movies on voters' minds were out in full force for the first time. >> i've never been to the governors awards before. >> really? they didn't invite you? >> i was never invited before. >> reporter: saturday night's governors award served dinner.
8:40 am
>> better be nachos. instead of whatever. i'm sure it's lovely. but it's not snatch choys so -- >> reporter: and presented honorary oscars to four veterans with decades of achievement including international star jackie chan. >> i never thought i could get an oscar. i only make comedy action movies. >> i can't believe we're getting a jackie chan montage tonight. >> reporter: the evening is also a debutante ball for recently or yet to be released movies with a chance of earning academy award consideration from director denzel washington's eagerly awaited "fences" to "lion". >> i've had people coming up to me wanting to talk about wanting to adopt. it's nice it affects people. >> reporter: much buzzed about is "manchester by the sea" with casey affleck and michelle williams from writer/director kenneth lonergan. >> i felt he gave me a tremendous amount of latitude. >> he very preis have. knows exactly what he wants >> he is precise. >> reporter: also riding waves of early enthusiasm,
8:41 am
"la la land" a musical with emma stone and ryan gosling from "whiplash" director damien chazelle. >> there was a lot of pressure at the beginning to live up to movies like "singing in the rain." it helped reinvigorate my understanding and love for l.a. >> reporter: and the just released mel gibson movie "hacksaw ridge." about a real-life conscientious objector during world war ii army medic. >> i'm so excited that we got to tell this man's story. he did the wildest things in the middle of battle. >> reporter: you know, along with jackie chan, honorees included the documentarian frederick wiseman, lynn stalmaster, he found john travolta for "welcome back, kotter" and 90-year-old film editor anne v. coates who has everything from "lawrence of arabia and "erin brockovich" to "fifty shades of gray." i'll say that, guys. >> didn't see that twist coming in her career. >> hope you had a good opening day of baseball. all right? >> ready to go go thanks, chris. of course, you can watch the 2017 oscars on
8:42 am
february 26th right here on abc. >> right around the time that you'll be getting the fictitious valentine's day gift. >> he lied. he didn't get me anything. >> fifty shades of something. anyway, coming up on "gma" not too early to -- speaking of getting ahead, not too early to plan your holiday shopping. where you'll find the best door buster deals and a look ahead to cyber monday, after that easter. r monday after that eat ter. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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♪ whether you're ready or not, here it comes. we're talking about the holiday shopping season, it is here but we are all in luck because so is becky worley who has got our first scouting report. becky, good morning. tell us something good. can we expect good deals this year? >> yeah, all the baseball
8:46 am
analogies, it's going to be a good year this year, paula. it's not going to be insane 2008 recession pricing but definitely the most competitive prices of the year, so first tip, use deal aggregator sites like to search for the things you want. you're really in your planning phase right now. go to these sites and enter a 65-inch tv and they'll show you who has the lowest price. >> so run us through the big category, what kind of prices can we expect and when should we buy? >> yeah, it's not just where, it's also when so i use a site ca called dealnews that i use as my bible. let's start with laptops. thanksgiving and black friday doorbusters predict chromebooks, $95, mainstream machines, under $300. going on to tvs, smaller sets in the 32-inch range, door buster prides thursday, friday around 100 bucks. average price, though, throughout the weekend and up until cyber monday, 140.
8:47 am
high-end tvs, 65-inchers, $459 for those off brand models on the door busters. look for those on thanksgiving and online. next best prices for tvs, cyber monday. timing is everything. >> okay, you just mentioned cyber monday. but what about black friday? is it still one of the best days to buy an appliance? >> absolutely. if you are in the market for a fridge or a washing machine, it is definitely go time. dishwashers, 250 bucks, chest freezers, $135. thanksgiving is your main day for these deals online or black friday, and look for free shipping even on this big stuff but timing alert here, these retailers are expected to try and undercut each other, so you can also shop the wednesday before thanksgiving. enjoy your football while you can. >> basically there's not a good time -- there's never a good time not to shop is what you're telling us, becky. right? >> that's what they're trying to get us in the mood for. >> okay. all right, becky, thank you very much. and "pop news" is next with diane.
8:48 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by crayola. this holiday the fun starts in the crayola aisle. ♪ today's "pop news" is known as the best "pop news" that's ever happened at any time ever because i'm holding grumpy cat, which is awesome. the most famous cat on earth. >> and she's really excited to be here. >> yeah, you can tell. >> she's beautiful. >> at least we think. we can't really tell. >> is that a smile? >> i think she's enjoying -- go that was not a smile and as ron said, we are not holding her upside down. >> but she's here for a very big reason, by the way, and, dan, i know you're a big fan so be excited about this. she's not only a world famous model as we know but a writer too debuting her first ever blog post on and what better topic to include than her pet peeves,
8:53 am
when people tell her to smile and not a big fan of social media. she does love attention. she's not a fan of being ignored and she loves friskies. that's makes up for all of it. >> hence, the collar right there. >> yeah, check out the post while you're at it, cat owners sign up for cat clubhouse which gets them deals on their cat paraphernalia. >> i have three at home and they're going to be really annoyed at me when i come home smelling like grumpy cat. >> you look a little alike. you may have found your doppelganger. >> uh-huh. >> oh, she doesn't -- >> yeah, stop touching her. >> leave her alone, paula. >> congratulations are in order not only for grumpy cat for her blog post but to pink. the "just like fire" singer announced she was pregnant and wrote the news on instagram posting this photo next to her daughter willow adorable and right next to the caption she writes, surprise. and it was a surprise. she did a very good job of keeping this secret but we did get a little hint last may on "gma" when she told our own abbie boudreau that she was hoping to expand her family. take a listen. >> are you thinking about having
8:54 am
any more babies? >> i feel like i have two kids right now. i would like a third. no, i want to say carey hart is an awesome husband and a really good dad but he's also like a second child. >> like a second child and now will be more like a third child vying for mom's attention but we're guessing he's okay with that. a big congratulations to the both of them. >> grumpy cat is excited. >> everyone wants to get straight to the food. only thing that rivals animals and mcdonald's has a take on the big mac we've never seen releasing new sizes, mac junior and grand mac and the fast food chain hopes to spark new interest in the 50-year-old sandwich bringing it nationwide for a limited time early next year, if you're extra hungry, it is stacked with two larger all beef patties and total a third of a pound and if you want more of a snack, you go with the
8:55 am
mac jr. but only has one patty and no extra bun in the middle. >> is grumpy cat going to get grumpier? >> we're ignoring the whole thing -- >> want a bite? >> i don't want to upset grumpy cat. >> i want to pay all my attention -- i want to know what ron thinks. is it good? >> yeah. >> big macs -- >> same old big mac, only bigger. >> we have a new announcement to make about mission pawsible. we are hitting it out of the park with the adoption tally and we have found homes for -- mini drum roll. >> too busy eating. >> 2,278 dogs. you can join mission pawsible as well. still, many dogs in search of their forever homes. >> so many dogs and cats in search of homes. >> thank you very much, diane. great job with "pop news" as always. and thank you to grumpy cat. really appreciate your time here. sorry we won't give you a big mac. that's ron's fault. he ate all of them. we'll see you next weekend. bye, everybody. >> bye-bye.
8:56 am
>> good morning, i'm nydia han along with gray hall. coming up on "action news" this sunday morning, gunfire rings out near a south jersey banquet hall. two men are rush to the hospital. it's the battle of the birds at the linc as the eagles face the falcons, chris. >> reporter: gray, it's chilly out there this morning, but we have a nice warmup this afternoon. we're tracking wet weather in the accuweather seven day forecast.
8:57 am
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>> good morning, it is 9:00 a.m., sunday, november 13. in the news, fire forces a dozen people out into the cold night air in wilmington. >> students attacked an investigation underway right now after a villanova student is targeted in a racially motivated attack. a bitter wake-up call, the
9:00 am
bright sun will warm things up this afternoon. meteorologist chris sowers is here with more on that. >> reporter: one of the coldest mornings we've seen so far this season, but as you mentioned, we'll warm up nicely later on. get you back outside and looking at philadelphia international airport on sky 6. look at the sun. the winds have shifted out of the southwest today that's a warmer win flow for us, that will do the trick and pump the temperatures back up to 60 degrees. it's chilly out there, 30s and 40s off to the northwest. martins creek 39. 41 in points, 42 in saned davids. 42 in glassboro, gandys beach 43. the villas closing in on 50. ham to be a pair of 4s. high pressure is in control sprawling outward, most of the mid atlantic o


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