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tv   Action News 11pm  WPVI  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the center city package bombing and some of the hand driers are blowing more than just air. a special investigation, next. the investigation continues into this mornings explosion on pine street in philadelphia. it turns out to be a bomb
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stuffed into a padded envelope and the person who opened it was the target. now, authorities believe the victim who opened it was part of a domestic dispute. it is tuesday night. the latest on the envelope bombing on the 1800 block of pine street. that's where "action news" reporter, dann cuellar is live tonight. dann, what's the latest on this? >> reporter: jim, what we know right now is this was not a random act, according to investigators. the victim was the intended target. sources say among the people they are looking at is someone intimately known to the victim and his 32-year-old partner. this is 60-year-old jim alden, the intended target of the explosion, an explosion so loud it could be heard around the block. >> i came a half meter up out of the bed. >> reporter: the device was in an envelope addressed to alden, specifically intended to be triggered to him. >> it was an envelope. upon it being opened by the
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victim, it detonated, it exploded. >> reporter: he is listed in stable condition at jefferson university hospital suffering injuries to his face, torso and left hand that was holding the envelope. >> there was substantial damage to the area which it was opened up and some of the appliances nearby. it was a substantial detonation. >> reporter: he is a caterer. he had been out of town and returned to the city. he thought the envelope contained his asthma medication. police are questioning a number of people as part of the investigation. >> obviously, there are multiple facets, including, but not limited to the other person that was in the apartment, as well as anybody else that may have been connected. >> reporter: this is not commonly seen in this part of the world. they do not believe it has to do
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with terrorism. it is more domestic in nature. >> we are running a number of leads down. it is important for the investigation to try to maintain that. >> reporter: bottom line, they know more than they are able to say publicly right now. suffice to say you have the police, the atf and fbi working together to bring the person or persons responsible to justice. live in center city, i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 action anies. >> thank you, dann. this was the scene when a pizza shop customer shot two bandits, killing one of them. we learned two other individuals were involved in the attempted hold up and are in custody on $2 million bail each. live at the district justice office is jeanette reyes. there is a lot of new information. >> reporter: there certainly is, jim. we know the mother and girlfriend, the suspect's mother and girlfriend were brought into
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the courthouse. they walked in the door handcuffed. they are facing serious charges for a robbery that left one man dead. anything you would like to say? any comment? 25-year-old chassidy ramos and 52-year-old robin didn't say anything as they got the charges. the two face robly and conspiracy to commit robbery charges for their involvement that night. they scoped out the pizza shop and served as a lookout. her son, justin burst into the shop. two employees and a customer were inside. the customer fired his weapon after he was pistol whipped by one of the brothers. he struck one in the throat and the other in the torso, killing him. the customer was not charged. we just learned that the
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surviving brother was in critical condition at the hospital. he is now better and talking. he is the father of the unborn child. she has two other children at home. those two women are being held on $2 million bail. reporting live in bensalem, jeanette reyes. a pennsylvania game commissioner officer said, quote, who knows what could have happened if he hadn't shot and killed a run away bull in center city today. the 1 ton animal was seen running down i-95 at 2:00 this afternoon when the bull got off the highway and hid in the bushes. that's when the game officer took it down at the direction of philadelphia police. it had escaped the slaughter house along delaware avenue. a philadelphia police officer is facing attempted murder charges for shooting his son. it happened in his home on labor
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day. they allege the 46-year-old father got into a physical altercation with his 19-year-old son, then shot him in the back and the shoe. this was donald trump leaving "the new york times" building in new york today. after an hour long interview, a crowd gathered to see him. to the assembled reporters and editors, he backed away from the campaign vow to prosecute hillary clinton. he said, quote, i don't want to hurt the clintons, she went through a lot and suffered greatly. he took the toughest stance. in the wake of the weekend conference in washington, where attendees used nazi salutes and yelled hail trump. he said it's not a group i want to energize. if they are energized, i want to look into it and see why. great news for new jersey
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residents. your taxes will not be going up. governor chris christie reinstated the tax agreement that he pulled out of in september. it would have affected 250,000 people and rev nated more tax money. he says he no longer needs the money because of budget short falls and passed legislation to reign in state health care costs. we are closing in on thanksgiving and they are putting the final touches on the parade. young performers were practicing the song, i can sing a rainbow in tribute to philadelphia legend, captain noah who died this past august. christie ileto is live. you have the story of an extraordinary artist who is creating a float that we have never seen before. >> reporter: that's right, jim. it's a float made entirely of
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ice. we got to see pieces of it. it's too large to assemble at the moment. we are told it won't be put together until right before the parade. call it a labor of love, this is one of many ice blocks he spent 85 hours sculpting. when assembled, the ice castle will be 20 feet wide and weigh four tons. the smallest of ice blocks are heavy. >> i have been watching the parade since i was like 8 years ago in new jersey. i'm so excited to actually be able to do this. >> reporter: this is the first year a float in the parade is entirely made of ice. this is not the final thought? >> not at all. >> reporter: they will crave more on it during the parade. >> we have to give it a performance, so sees it created
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as we go around. >> one thing that is a bit of a challenge is driving through the city, particularly where there's construction. >> i have driven up and down the road trying to understand every pothole and all the movements that might happen. we keep our fingers crossed. >>reporter: meantime, they are chilled in freezers. even i got a chance to do some carving and it's harder than it looks. now, if you are wondering how it will keep from melting, i'm told lots and lots of dry ice will be on board the float. hopefully mother nature will o cop rate. >> christie ileto channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you. if you are not going down to see all the floats, all the balloons and performers in person, we have the best seam in the house.
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our live coverage beginses 8:30. still to come, a star studded cast at the white house today, honored with america's highest civilian medals. plus, mirror ball moment. a victory on dancing with the stars. >> get ready for the coldest night with areas dropping into the 20s. warmer air comes at a cost. i'll explain in the forecast. an "action news" investigation is uncovering a dirty secret in public bathrooms across the area. >> we went under cover to test dirt and crime. if you ever used one of those and wonder what's inside? the exclusive investigation reveals what some are hovering that could make you sick. >> the possible new face on eagles defense when "action news" continues, tonight.
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a school bus driver has been charged with vehicular homicide in the crash that killed five young children in tennessee. according to police, johnthony walker was driving at a high rate of speed when it overturned, ran into a telephone pole and hit a tree outside chattanooga. he got his commercial license in april and was involved in another crash two months ago. six children are still in critical condition. hand driers are harboring a dirty little secret. the state of the art gadgets are supposed to be ecofriendly. they might expose you to potentially dangerous bacteria. wendy saltzman is here to tell us what she found. what did you find? >> we found germs. what an expert says unsanitary conditions with dyson air blade
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driers. they found some held bacteria that could lead to serious infections. >> it's dirty when you stick your hands in there. >> reporter: have you wondered what the driers could be blowing at you? >> i never use them. >> reporter: working at jefferson university hospital, they collected dirt and grime around the vents. no driers were off limits. our team swabbed restaurants. we visited a popular tourist attraction, two casinos and warehouse clubs, searching for germs that could be lurking inside. we analyzed the samples for bacteria that could cause fever, nausea and vomiting. >> they are organisms that are
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found in stool specimens and can make you sick. >> costco in bucks county was one of the dirtiest. it can cause stomach dug symptoms. >> i would not place my hands or a child's hands in the driers. >> kos coast is making sure their driers are going through cleaning procedures. this drier turned up an explosion of germs. >> heavy germs. >> reporter: levels they say are troubling. >> i was surprised when i saw the results. >> reporter: the ceo of the independent visitors job is to clean them daily according to the manufacturer's specifications. it's difficult job maintaining
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public restroom. >> we are going to clean them on a more frequent basis. >> dr. roberts found a light growth of a pathogen that could lead to a serious staph infection. >> it can cause severe skin infections. >> calls and an e-mail to find out how they clean their driers went unanswered. the better line, you are still better off washing your hands than not. >> there are a lot of people going in and out of the restrooms. if you have no truth -- >> the other driers we tested, it was not harmful or not enough to make people sick. dyson found their driers are as hygienic when using paper towels when maintained to their specifications. it removes the particles.
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>> one of the problems in public restrooms is the paper towel dispensers are empty. >> absolutely. >> it's either the drier or your shirt. >> just use your shirt. >> all right, thank you very much. on hel check, it wasn't men to be fun. a study published shows fewer americans are dying from infectious diseases. the report says infections cause 5.4% of deaths in this country, most of them because of the flu and pneumonia. however, the study warns the united states remains at risk for new diseases spread by insects like the zika and west nile virus. plenty of reasons to give
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thank for wall street. it is the sixth record high in this post election rally. it's small businesses doing the best. the small cap index is on a 13-day winning streak setting an all-time high today. >> the white house never hosted so many stars from various fields as it did today. president obama awarded 21 medals of freedom, the highest civilian honor. in the film world, tom hanks, robert de niro, sicily tyson. diana ross and bruce stringstein were honored for their music. it was a special moment for president barack obama. perhaps more than michael jordan. jim, an bicycle med al -- wn
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this season's mirror ball on dancing with the stars. >> lori and val. >> that was her reaction as tom anoupsed the winner. she got a perfect score on the last dance to beat the race car driver and retired nfl star. this is what hernandez had to say about her big win. >> i'm so grateful to be here. it's an honor to get the mirror ball. i hope through this crazy journey, whether it's gymnasters or anything in the future, i can inspire others. >> she is headed to new york for appearances on good morning america and the view. that wraps up another season of "dancing with the stars." >> she is from new jersey. the first episode, i said why don't we give her the award now, she's going to win.
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>> you are a veteran watcher. the weather is cold out there tonight. storm tracker 6 live, look at this jim. >> i'm looking. >> nothing going on. how can it be snowing in the poconos. >> what is the term for that? >> snow making! the snow guns are on this week. big, bolder, yes, they are making lots of snow on the resorts. this is why, look at that. temperature 27 degrees. cold enough to make the snow. allen town, not much warmer. wilmington 34 degrees. satellite six along with action radar high pressure moving over. this is keeping the skies clear. finally, after three days of gusty winds, the winds are diminishing and temperatures dropping quickly. the coldest night ott season. the high pressure is keeping the
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storm at bay for now. that will be complicating our thanksgiving. one of the biggest travel days of the year. it's looking nice here. cold to start, 32 degrees at 7:00 reaching a high of 49 degrees by 4:00. five degrees below normal. without the winds like today, it will feel a lot better. future tracker showing tomorrow, if you are traveling, the trouble spot is the midwest. 800 in the morning. it will be snowing in green bay. it that move toward cleveland by tomorrow afternoon. it will spread clouds our way with the possibility of light showerers. future tracker showing a few of them breaking out by 11:00. it won't be a bright, sunny, dry thanksgiving. not a washout. temperature mild. mostly cloudy, showers possible, not widespread heavy rain. less than a tenth inch of rain. 8:00 if you are heading to the
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parade. 43 degrees. by noon, 39 and t-- the seven dy forecast, 49 degrees tomorrow. 52 degrees thursday and black friday afternoon showers, 56. look how we clear on saturday. partly sunny, breezy, 54 degrees. sunday will be beautiful, breezy and bright. on monday, increasing clouds with a high of 54 degrees. the rain should be holding off. tuesday, a form system pulling up for -- cold tonight. good amount of sunshine tomorrow. >> all right, cecily. dozens of families got into the holiday spirit tonight and celebrated thanksgiving. respond inc hosted a thanksgiving feast in camden. families gathered around tables
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and enjoyed turkey and plenty of sides cooked by the catering staff. youngsters at the greater newark boys and girls club cheered on basketball players from the delaware 87ers as they unloaded turkeys. part of the annual turkey drive.
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a local baseball team is getting ready to embark on an historic humanitarian mission. next month, the teenagers are dwoi going to cuba. "action news" is in valley as the young players practice. they will play five games while in cuba. most importantly, they are bringing donated sports equipment and medical supplies. philadelphia flyers looking for a win on the road tonight. >> they get offense, they get good goaltending and they get a "w." they would like to be more consistent lately. flyers through the first period, no point. second period, not good. down with a lower body injury. he will not return and will be re-evaluated in the morning. dale wiese, scoring.
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cousins on the power play. they skate in tampa tomorrow. the eagles could use help and you might see a new face monday night against the packers. yesterday, paul turner was de t activated from the practice squad. coach said turner turned the squad. >> last week in practice, we were able to interject him in some of our offensive practice work and see where he's at. obviously, he's a sharp kid and, you know, looking forward to giving more time this week. >> the eagles-packers game will air here monday at 8:30. stick with us after the game for a live post fwam game show. temple hosts. they make it to the conference championship game. no so fast.
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the coach wants them to focus on the team at hand. >> we have nothing to lose. we have everything to gain. i look at it as nothing to loose. i'm not going to play tight. we are going out to win on senior day. >> hear more on temple playbook saturday morning here on 6abc. college basketball after the break. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around...
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♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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destroys central connecticut 87-65. the university tied in overtime.
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three quarter shot at the buzzer. you betcha. they win 71-68. finally tonight, the nhl's newest franchise in las vegas finally has a name. it's the las vegas golden knights. the first professional sports team will begin play next season. they could have gone many ways, golden nuggets. >> that's already used. >> las vegas outlaws, las vegas gamblers. it's an awful name. >> not exciting. >> not at all. jimmy kimmel live show next. for "action news," i'm jim
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gardner. announcer: "action news" is sponsored by bob's discount furniture. sleep comes easy. buy in store or my red special. tonight, bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, kristen bell, dj khaled, neil patrick harris, halsey, herbie hancock, and the killers. and now, ready or not -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you are here on a special night, you are here and you are watching our second annual red benefit show. tonight, we'


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