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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 15, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. winter storm alert. roads turning to ice across the midwest. an arctic blast taxes aim from texas, to new england. these ice jams pose new threats. parts of this school underwater. president trump on the defense. >> no, no, i'm not a racist. >> denying overnight that he made those vulgar comments about haiti and african countries, as he gets into a war of words over what he really sid about kim jong-un. this, as nuclear fears hit a high over that false missile alert, sending hawaii into a panic. breaking news. a dramatic collapse overseas. this walkway crumbles. people plunge to the ground. nearly 80 injured. the majority of them college students. up in flames.
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a casino shuttle boat catching fire off florida's coast. 50 passengers abandoning ship. jumping into frigid waters. what the captain did that may have save lives. ♪ we're halfway there ♪ and minnesota miracle. the vikings stun the saints with this incredible touchdown. >> touchdown! unbelievable! >> a hail mary pass as the clock runs out to put minnesota one step away from the super bowl. ♪ living on a prayer and good morning, america. great to have you with us on this day we celebrate martin luther king. that is a live look right now at the martin luther king memorial in washington, d.c. so many will go there today to honor this towering martyr of the civil rights movement. what a finish. >> one of the craziest endings in nfl history. fans erupting after the game-winning touchdown.
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looked like the game had completely slipped away. nour they're dreaming about playing in the super bowl at home. they could be the first team to ever do that. they have to get past the philadelphia eagles this weekend. strangers were hugging strangers. crazy finish. >> more on that ahead. first, the snow, ice, and cold, moving through so much of the country right now. ice jams are causing major problems. flooding some towns. erielle reshef startses out in kent, connecticut. >> reporter: if you walk with me, see that the masive ice jam starts 20 feet from the roadway. residents say this ice was packed aum the way up to the bridge. from our camera on the bridge you see the ice jam stretches as far as the eye can see. wint eer's wrath wreaking havoc. overnight, cars spinning out of control in south dakota. and a treacherous commute in kansas city. as the new snowstorm takes aim.
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dumping more than half a foot on the midwest. in the northeast, towns flooded. as froenz rivers melt. leaving massive clusters of ice. so called ice jams building up. schools submerged. roadways frozen in place. check out this stunning aerial footage in swanton, vermont. wide spread flooding bringing the town the a stand still. >> shock. i have never seen the water that t high. >> and in maine, the river flooding win many outs. elderly residents in athol, massachusetts, evacuated. >> the ice had risen to the level of the rear driveway on three of the buildings. >> reporter: this time-lapsed video. in southbury, connecticut, massive chunks left scattered. >> look how thick they are. that's something else. >> reporter: and we can actually
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hear this ice jam crackling and popping like a firework next to us. probably because the massive chunks of ice are refreezing in these single-digit temperatures. residents here say they have only seen ice jams like this three times in 20 years. the january thaw led to the ice jams. ginger, temperatures are dropping again? another act tick blast moving east? >> yes, we're going to do a lot of ups and downs the next week or so. thank goodness it's a holiday and fewer people are on the road this is morning. you can see the images from chicago throughout the morning hours. it's not good on the roads. not a lot of snow. it's consistent enough to get those accidents started. it's not going to stop there. it will go as deep south as oxford, mississippi, back through waco, texas. through san antonio. all in winter storm warnings. not just for snow. that is for snow plus ice. you could see freezing rain moving through tonight into early tomorrow in the deep south. and then we'll have a big push
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of arctic air. and a coastal low to talk about. much more coming up. george? >> oh, boy. now the latest from president trump. he spoke to reporters last night, trying to calm the firestorm set off by his vulgar comments about afri can and haiti. trump now denying those words, defending himself against charges of racism. cecilia vega is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning to you. after ignoring reporters' questions about whether he is a racist, on this martin luther king holiday, president trump now has an answer. overnight, forced to answer the one yes he cannot seem to escape. >> no, no, i'm not a racist. i am the least racist person you have ever interviewed. >> reporter: at his golf club in florida, the president denying he made the oval office slur. >> did you see what various senators in the room said about my comments? they weren't made. >> reporter: on this martin luther king holiday, the fallout growing. civil rights icon democratic
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congressman john lewis not holding back. >> i think he is a racist. i don't think there's any way that you can square what the president said with the words of morton luther king jr. >> reporter: the president's allies in the room deny he use that vulgar word to describe african countries. >> i'm telling you he did not use that word, george. it's a gross misrepresentation. >> reporter: multiple sources also there tell abc news he did. and the white house doesn't deny the president said he would rather see more immigrants from countries like norway than africa. now hanging in the balance, a deal to save those so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. the deadline is friday. president trump blames them for ploeg up the deal. >> honestly, i don't think the democrats want to make a deal. i think they talk about daca.
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but they don't want to help the daca people. >> reporter: and this morning, a new fight over the president's relationship with north korea's kim jong-un. the wall street journal quoted president trump as saying they have a good rae lagsship. two days after the interview was published, the white house fired back. both sides releasing a recording. >> probably have a very good relationship with kim jong-un. of north korea. >> reporter: the white house claims the president said, i'd have a great relationship. not that he actually does. the president slamming the paper. >> well, "the wall street journal," as you know, quoted totally wrong. >> reporter: also talking to report ners mar-a-lago. he said he didn't know if there would be a government shutdown friday. saying there shouldn't be, because if there is, our military gets hurt very badly. it's true certain military programs would come to a halt if the government runs out of money.
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but guys, the military would not shut down. >> great to have you in new york. great to have you in studio. awesome to see you anchoring "world news tonight wts this weekend. don't go anywhere. >> thank you. let's bring in john alalon. let's take a step back. remarkable moment. an american president, on martin luther king weekend, forced to defend himself against charges of racism. >> it's surreal. but not surprising. when presidents with in the business of denying something, it's not a strong look. saying i'm not a racist, or i'm the least racest person you have ever seen. >> he's had to answer questions like this before. the late eepisode of course coming out of the oval office meeting on thursday. amazing what you're seeing right here. initial reports, the white house did not deny that the president said these words. these two senators, tom cotton, david perdu erks, didn't remember. david on my show yesterday said,
7:09 am
he didn't say it. >> amnesia is curable in senators looking to protect themselves and their president. the white house didn't deny it. other senators heard it before the reports. now for cotton and perdue to say that the president didn't say it definitively, they're looking out for their own political interests. >> it complicates the entire debate over daca and immigration. very, very unlikely to see a deal on that before friday. >> and that's a tragedy. before the president's vulgar comments were reported, it was looking like there was a deal in the senate. this is the way deals are supposed to be done. both sides giving a little bit. looking like you can help people in the process. and the president's comments derailing it. >> another tumultuous week. john avlon, thank you. the alert in hi manipulate telling residents a ballistic missile was imminent.
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it sent people into a panic for 38 minutes. the employee who hit the but season reassigned this morning. >> reporter: he's no longer allowed in the control room with the alert computers, or that big button we have been talking about. he's undergoing retraining. from now on, it will take two buttons and two people to send the island-wide alert. >> this is not a drill. if you are indoors, stay indoors. >> reporter: overnight, the veteran technician responsible for turning paradise into panic removed from his position. it happened at 8:07 saturday morning. this horrifying false alarm of a ballistic missile supposedly heading toward hawaii, causing sheer terror for their than 1 million people. >> we're getting flagged down bay lot of people on that, asking where the nearest shelter is. >> reporter: police caught offguard. >> it was supposed to be a drill. they sent out the wrong message. >> yeah, somebody should get
7:11 am
fired. >> reporter: hawaii's governor saying an emergency operating center employee accidentally triggered the alert system. >> i don't want to go in. >> reporter: parents sheltering their children in manholes. this mother of three trying to protect her kids with blankets. >> it's hard as a mother. their whole lives, kids hurt themselves. you say, it will be fine. i'm looking at my kids going, i don't know if it's going to be fine. >> reporter: this morning, questions over why it took 38 agonizing minutes to retract the threat when they knew after three minutes that it wasn't real. >> a father sent me a message saying that his two children were in two different locations. he had to sit there and think which of his children he was going to choose to spend the last minutes of his life with. this is what the people of hawaii just went through. >> reporter: abc news went inside the building that monitors threats to the island. a top administrator there told us he didn't originally have the correct application to fix the false alarm.
7:12 am
>> it took us that time to get the construct button, the correct application to put out a new message to say this is a false alarm, there is no missile inbound. >> reporter: from now on, that app is always going to be loetded. >> good to know. thank you. we want to bring in retired marine colonel steve ganyard. good morning to you. there's a lot of finger pointing. a lot of blame to go around. the big issue is that hawaii didn't tell its people what to do, where to go. we saw fathers putting their children in manholes. >> that's right, paula. the way this alert went out, they basically said, you're all dead in 15 minutes and left it at that. we sould have seen automated messages, tell people where to go, what to do. what is the state plan. that was the real failure. >> opened up glaring v vulnerabilitie vulnerabilities. let's talk about the broader situation. could what happened in hawaii be a warning sign for other states?
7:13 am
>> i think so. this could have happened in a lot of states or communities. we need to go back to a somewhat of a cold war mentality. not necessarily duck and cover. we have to take the north korean threat seriously. every community ought to look at this and say, are our procedures aro appropria appropriate? can we prevent something like this. >> kim jong-un has take an victory lap this weekend after what happened in hawaii. >> he's the happiest guy around. because he said, finally, my nuclear program has done what i intended it to do. that is to strike fear and panic into the hearts of the american people. >> stu, steve. >> paula, thanks. now to the frightening boat fire caught on camera. 50 pop on board the casino shuttle when flames e erupted. linzie janis with the story. >> reporter: it was supposed to be an evening of fun. these passengers ended up having to fight for their lives, jumping into the sis si waters as their shuttle boat wept up in
7:14 am
flames. take a look that dramatic video off the coast of florida. >> we were terrified for everyone on board. >> reporter: a shuttle boat engulfed in flames. forcing the passengers to jump into the port richey canal and swim ashore to safety. >> holy cow. >> reporter: the shuttle was headed to a casino boat when the captain noticed smoke coming from the engine room. witnesses described panic on board as the boat burned. >> in a matter of four minutes, the whole boat was gone. like, in flames. >> reporter: passengers abandoned ship 100 feet from the shore. jumping into the ten foot deep ocean water in43-degree weather. the waters cold enough to cause hypothermia. >> they directed all of us to jump. from the front of the boat. >> people were crawling trying to get to shore. >> reporter: first responders jumping into the water to help victims to safety.
7:15 am
back on land, neighbors helping, too. >> they're bringing blankets and sheets and jackets an what not. trying to get the people warm. >> reporter: 15 people were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> if they were out any farther, this could have been a tragedy. certainly a different ending than this. >> reporter: investigators say they don't know what caused the fire. they're giving that captain credit for turning the boat around when he saw the smoke. if this had happened further out to saerks it would have been a different outcome. >> thank you, linzie. now to the wild finish at the vikings-saints playoff game. a 61-yard touchdown with time rung out on the clock. in their home stadium. it puts the vikings just one win away from the super bowl. and diane macedo is here with all the highlights. what a game. i was speechless. >> even if you're not a football fan this game was awesome. first the vikings ahead. then saint ps. the vikings ahead by two.
7:16 am
the saints ahead by one. and then this happens. >> steps into it. pass. is caught! diggs! sideline! touchdown! unbelievable! vikings win it! >> reporter: with no time left on the clock and about to lose by one point, the minnesota vikings fire off one last pass. >> pass is caught! >> reporter: stefon diggs makes the amazing catch. capping off a nail-biting fourth quarter for one of the most stunning last-second comebacks in football history. minnesota erupted in celebration with diggs mugging for the camera. and the qb even leading fans in the vikings fight chant. >> yes! >> no! >> reporter: this morning, the vikings faithful across the country are shocked and overjoyed, calling it the minneapolis miracle on twitter.
7:17 am
>> i still don't know what just happened. i just tried to take advantage of my opportunity. >> reporter: he's a little bit xitd over there. now to add to the excitement, minneapolis is hosting this year's super bowl. long thought to curse the home team. so if they can beat philly on sunday night, they'll be the first team to ever play the super bowl in their home stadium. >> never before? >> it's never happened before. >> and they have never won the super bowl. the last play, they had ran it in practice. it was called seven heaven. stephon dugs never made the catch in practice. >> a risk to run it all out. they were saying, get out of bounds. >> to kick the game-winning field goal. >> they're calling it a miracle for so many reasons. the team itself has had a rumor of being cursed because they have never won at football. four terrible defeats in the '70s. this could be the year the team is hoping sflp you have to see our hearts. i know robin roberts is a huge
7:18 am
saints fan. some of the saints personnel went into the locker room because they thought the game was over before the play. >> and the beauty of the shores of lake michigan when it's si the cold air that's coming now behind this next system is something i wanted to look at, nashville, 15. gets colder, guys. select cities brought to you by walgreens. >> reporter: hi everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather, nothing showing on storm tracker 6 live double scan
7:19 am
in the way a of precip this morning. as we look at spring mountain, swell, snow on the ground and cold enough for most of it to stay there and not melt today. right now we're in the teens. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 32. it will remain cold, not as cold and windy yesterday, you will want to bundle up for the hlk experiences. tomorrow light snow arrives in the afternoon and event. snapch track down the suspect. what the victim's family is saying this morning. also, mark wahlberg's blockbust you are move after the firestorm over the pay gap with co-star michelle williams. we'll explain. asked how they like their eggs,
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now in delicious fruit drops. edwards, 7:23 a.m., monday, january 15. let's head over to karen rogers for a look at traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. we have light volume out there, as many people have the day off. looking live on the boulevard, approaching ridge avenue traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. no jams on the boulevard. on the big picture we had an accident on i-95 southbound by bridge street it cleared. we had an does not on the schuylkill expressway eastbound near university that cleared, as well. as well as disabled vehicle on the schuylkill expressway. we had lots of problems, they have cleared. we have an issue on the turnpike, eastbound past fort washington, a tire in the roadway partially blocking the root right lane. a ramp is blocked off-ramp
7:24 am
southbound to market street in trenton. >> we'll come back to accuweather after a short break.
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by clouds in philadelphia right now. hoping for sunshine later this morning. it's cold, 18 degrees in philadelphia. 15 in allentown with single digit windchills. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a chilly day for martin luther king high -- martin luther king day high of 32. later tonight we have light snow arriving late in the day or the evening tomorrow. slippery travel possible late tomorrow and tomorrow night. wednesday, snow ends early.
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>> few you're look for projects to do for a day of service, go to we'll see you in 30.
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group: surprise woman: ah what! grandpa: did we get ya? welcome back to "gma." look at that moment right there. a firefighter catches that toddler dropped from a third floor balcony. it happened near atlanta, georgia. the kid looked like a rag doll right there. but safe. this was newly released helmet camera footage. the entire family okay. >> eight children were able to escape the flames. the other headlines. an arctic blast moving east. bringing snow and wind chills below zero. the cold is not make it easier for those with the flu. sit now officially an epidemic. dr. ashton is here just ahead. and new details about the frightening scene. a plane dangling off an icy runway in turkey. this almost doesn't look real.
7:31 am
one of the pilots says that the right engine suddenly sped up, propelling the plane overboard. thankfully, everyone escaped unharmed. video overnight. the collapse of the platform at the stock exchange. nearly 80 people injured. most of them college students. police say, thankfully, most of the injuries are minor. they have ruled out terrorism as a cause. >> hard to imagine anyone surviving that. we begin this half hour with disturbing new details in the murder of the ivy league student, blaze bernstein. his high school classmate is behind bars as police used snapchat to track him down. chilling online posts have come to light. >> reporter: that's right, paula. those posts mention his views on cannibalism. mention waterboarding. this, as blaze bernstein's family prepares for his funeral.
7:32 am
samuel woodward is behind bars this morning facing charges in the death of blaze bernstein. after police say dna evidence caused the arrest. >> we believe he was acting alone. >> reporter: according to authorities, 20-year-old woodward was the last person to see the student home on winter break. over snap skn chat, the pair planned to hang out and catch up. at a local park, according to police. >> the specific details of what occurred at borrego park are part of the ongoing investigation. we're awaiting final results of autopsy before confirming cause of death. >> reporter: bernstein's parents reported him missing january 3 frd. his body was found six days later bury in a shallow grave. >> blaze was a brilliant, thoughtful, and charismatic man who shind light on the lives of the people and communities he touched. >> reporter: while police have not revealed a motive, reports
7:33 am
of disturbing posts on woodward's social media accounts have surfaced. on one site, he says, if he could learn new skill, it would be wadderboarding. and asked what his attitude toward cannibals was, he says, they've got the right idea. according to a new sales affidavit, when authorities initially questioned woodward, he had scratches on his hands, which he claimed were from a fight club. and dirt under his finger nails. he appeared to be breathing heavy, talkings fast, and visibly shaking during the interview. overnight, bernstein's parents said we're heart broken. we won't succumb to hate, bitterness, or disillusionment. hen we stop crying, whooel do things to effect positive change. we have seen this firsthand in the tremendous amount of support we have seen from people everywhere. the district attorney says woodward has not been charged officially just yet. he had a rental car with hiking
7:34 am
equipment inside. so many questions this morning. >> and the social media posts, so chilling. thank you. >> thank you. we have new developments in the pay gap controversy between mark wahlberg and michelle will yamgs. two got very didn't rates for a reshoot. now wahlberg has decided to donate his $1.5 million salary. adrienne bankert here with the details. >> reporter: good morning. the agency and wahlberg are still facing outrage. the the story is as much about money as principle. mark wahlberg's blockbuster donation comes after a case cade of criticism over a major pay disparity. the "all the money in the world" star and his agency, wme, taking heat for deal earning wahlberg $1.5 million for reshooting scenes that included disgraced actor keb spacey. >> is this come signed of joke? >> reporter: his co-star, michelle william, represent bid the same agency, but reportedly
7:35 am
unaware of wahlberg's agreement. reshooting for just $80 a day. >> i said, not only would i, but i'll give you back my salary if that would help. >> reporter: wahlberg says he'll put that money into the time's up legal defense fund. writing i'm donating the 1.5 million in michelle williams name. but "snl" still roasting wahlberg. >> he did announce he's donating his salary to the time's up legal fund. >> yes, that's great. it's the right thing to do. it would be so cool if it didn't take a we can-long public shaming to do the right thing. >> reporter: and despite having brokered that deal, wme tells' that those of news a position of influence have a responsibility to challenge inequities. the company announces it, too, will donate half a million dollars on behalf of williams. >> i think a lot of women are looking at their agent there is and saying, are you going to bat for me in the way that i expect
7:36 am
you to? >> reporter: williams saying my activist friends taught me to use my voice. the most powerful men in charge listened and acted. if we envision an equal world, it takes equal effect and sacrifice. williams thanked mark wahlberg and her agency, wme, for taking this action. and to be clear, she said she would donate her salary because. >> thank you, adrienne. coming up, hour exclusive look at tesla's brand-new, more affordable, electric car. we're going behind the wheel and on the road. putting it on auto pilot.
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we're back on this monday morning with an exclusive look at the brand-new tesla electric car. the model 3 is rolling into show rooms. customers lining up just to see them. our becky worley was the first tv reporter to get behind the wheel. the price tag has a lot of people excited. >> reporter: oh, you're so right, paula. it's all about the price. $35,000. to get into an electric car that looks as you can see, so different. and it's really exciting for people because it's the first look at the autonomous driving. the semiautonomous driving that tesla calls autopilot. that has demand accelerating.
7:41 am
♪ >> what do you think? you like the car? >> reporter: unveiled like a rock star. the mold 3 is tesla's first foray into electrifying the mass market. other teslas start at $68,000. the model 3 is a lot less. >> in terms of price, it will be $35,000. >> reporter: that's about the same price as gas sedans from hyundai and ford. this weekend's unveiling drawing curious drivers. these cars are different. tesla reps say it's like going from a blackberry to an iphone. first thing you snoets the screen. totally different way to interact with your car. then, the car's electric. you go past gas stations and you laugh. and what blows your mind? it's driving itself right now. what tesla calls autopilot. my hands are off the steering wheel. my feet are off the pedals. >> auto pilot is a
7:42 am
semiautonomous driving system that does not drive the car but helps you drive the car more comfortably. >> reporter: for me, it takes the edge off in traffic. the drive sir still in charge. and responsible. like during this lane change. oops. whoa. i don't like that. it's not autonomous driving. it's driver assistance. tesla says over 500,000 people have paid $1,000 deposit to reserve a model 3. and this cup frl emerald hills is among them. >> we've been on the list since the first day. we're excited to have an affordable electric car. >> reporter: but when they'll receive the car is the question. critics have complained about production and delivery delays. the base model, $a 35,000 version, won't be manufacturered until later this year. while customers wait for production to speed up. speed is not a problem for the car itself. for a sedan this price, the acceleration is -- significant.
7:43 am
♪ she's a silver lining >> reporter: whoo-hoo! it's pep py, as my kids said there the backseat. there have been complaints. like how the windshield wipers work. this is a compute per. they updated the car a few weeks ago and changed how the windshield wipers work. it's evolving all the time. it's a whole new way to think about cars, paula. >> it's a software update. almost. i'm glad to see you're not driving tdriv driving the car right now. let's on back to auto pilot. it's going the change lanes for you? >> yeah, ian is driving the car for us right now. it's in autopilot. you can see his hands are just rest tong wheel. his feet are off the ped dallas. no gas pedal. it's an accelerator. watch what happens when he hits the blinker. he'll make a lane change. but the car steers into the
7:44 am
other lane for us. >> i'm nervous, becky. >> reporter: noi know. but it's amazing. that takes the edge off, this semiautonomous driving. >> real quick, room for calm of car seats? >> absolutely. this is a family car. >> with a little bit of get up. >> and becky is sold. coming up, why are companies being so secretive about the super bowl ads this year? what could it mean for the big show? if you're anything like me, your to-do list just keeps growing. (laughs desperately) it never stops. which is why the online financing application at is so convenient. get some of that finance stuff out of the way from wherever you are, at the doctor's office, karate practice or my favorite... back at the doctor's office. knowing before you go means more quality time sewing a costume for the school play that is not going to look anything like a frog. just a little heads-up, mrs. davis... ha ha ha, yay kids!
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7:48 am
on this morning's big board. super bowl ads. companies have become more secretive about their plans. >> we have gotten used to seeing teasers. sometimes everyone the entire ad. t.j. holmes is here. >> do you like to see them ahead of time? >> yeah. >> you do? they're taking a different approach. last year, 49 super bowl ads. 36 of them released in full before the game. so we have gotten used to that. but this year, where we used to see them a couple of weeks before the game we have seen none. we have only seen two companies put out teasers. pepsi did one with cindy crawford. remember the 1992 ad. is there she hasn't changed, which is also upsetting. >> it's not upsetting, sit? >> not all of us age that well. >> okay, she's aging well. the other is m & ms. teasing that they'll have the ad. this is different from what we have seen.
7:49 am
>> they're worried about ad fatigue? >> and anticipation. you -- you put $5 million into the ad. then when the ad comes on during the game, everybody takes a bathroom break because they've seen it already. so you're missing out on the social engagement of 100 million-plus people. the other problem is backlash. some companieses put them out early. remember, the buzz wider ad from last year. people were wait, what do you mean? this all-american beer was started by a german immigrant? >> i liked that ad. >> plate call stance. >> a wonderful ad. but a backlash. you don't want that either. >> you mentioned $5 million for a 30-second spot? >> yes, but you get all those eyeballs. which is great. but the other problem is sometimes you don't need to spend that money. 2013 oreo ad. do you remember that? of course not. if i say 2013 oreo tweet about the lights going out, you remember that.
7:50 am
they sent out a tweet that won the night and didn't cost them a dime. companies are saying, maybe we don't need to spend the $5 million. >> thank you, t. jchlt. >> see you at the game, guys. >> you going to bring an's advertiser to the game? that's what i'm interested in. >> food. always food with paula. what you should do when the family member has a flu. dr. ashton is here. plus, chris hemsworth is here live. today we're out here to test people's knowledge about type 2 diabetes. so you have type 2 diabetes? yes i do. true or false... type 2 diabetes more than doubles your chance of dying from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or a stroke. that can't be true, can it? actually, it is true. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. in fact, cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death for adults with type 2 diabetes and heart disease. but there is good news. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit. jardiance is proven to both significantly reduce the chance of dying from a cardiovascular event in adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease
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7:54 am
there's a series of storms coming toward california. most of it, tonight through tomorrow, will focus on northern california. the cold front by thursday, friday, slips through. could bring more rain into some of the the mountainous
7:55 am
7:56 am
ever. >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, monday, 756, january 15. let's go over to karen rogers for traffic. >> reporter: pennsylvania turnpike eastbound past fort washington, we have a tire on the road. a number of vehicles ran into it, they are disabled at it is caused an accident. you have disabled vehicles and an accident on the turnpike eastbound past fort washington, speeds at 1 miles per hour. watch for that problem on the turnpike blocking the left lane. other than that, it's a quiet morning commute. i-95 ridley park a lot of people have off for this day of service. on the bicker we had an accident on the -- on the big picture we had an accident on i-95 and on the schuylkill expressway, but they have cleared. traffic is moving nicely. icy conditions is shutting off the ramp to 29 southbound to
7:57 am
market street in trenton. >> let's go outside looking across the delaware river it no longer looks like a block of ice, we are still in the deep freeze. >> reporter: we have a problem because of that, we have a flood warning along the trenton and yardley area of delaware river an ice jam up there that's thicker and causing rising water. minor flooding expected there are problems on roads around yardley and trenton and the state office buildings garage may be taking on the issue of flooding. 32 is the high, it's going to be cold. tomorrow we have light snow arriving in the afternoon and evening, not a lot of, but take care. >> the eagle face the vikings in the nfc championship on sunday. minnesota edged out the saints
7:58 am
literally in the last ten seconds. the last game of the play, tickets go on sale for the game at 10:00 a.m. last week they got lucky, this week they better get ready because they are about to face our eagles. get more at using tools like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients. cancer treatment centers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any more. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. another arctic blast is taking aim at much of the country. from texas to new england. snow, ice, bitter cold. the winter storm alert right now. ginger tracking the latest. health alert. the flu epidemic spreading across the country. thousands of people hospital tallized. so many questions about what to do and how the fight it. especially when a family member is sick. dr. ashton here with the latest and how the protect yourself. a rare conversation with queen elizabeth. as she's reunited with her coronation crown. >> it's very solid, isn't it? >> what she's revealing about the historic day she was crowned at just 27 years old. and the moment she was frozen in place. ♪ i'm on my way and chris hemsworth live in
8:01 am
times square after he was center field at the steelers game. the cast of his movie here live this morning. and they're all here to say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] and good morning, america. thanks for being was as we honor martin luther king today. you're looking live right now at the mlk memorial there in washington, d.c. this morning, we're going to honor dr. king's life and legacy this a special way. we have this houston fifth grader so inspired by his words. she's moving people with her own. there's tchanori kone and her mom. >> only in fifth grade. another bitter blast of cold air moving east. up to half a foot of snow expected in our old stomping groundings, ginger. >> happening now. it's been happening.
8:02 am
rapid city, south dakota, the slip and slide began there. three to four inches from there to minneapolis. this morning, 2 to 4 falling around chicago. the you're on 57 or 55 south. i saw the stronger bands coming through. then it's the deep south. . . back through arkansas. into texas. tonight through tomorrow morning. this is where we're really concerned. because it's not just snow. it's ice. you get the freezing rain, you get an inch of snow. you have a half inch of ice. you're going to have major problems. dallas, san antonio, austin. even houston in a weather advisory this morning. that's all tonight through tomorrow. a coastal low takes some of the cold air, wraps up moisture from the ocean. near new york city, long island. all staying rain. just inside. just interior, enough cold to get it to change over to snow. that's where you could get up to half a foot in parts of interior new england. paula and george? >> a lot coming this week. thank you very much. the latest from president trump. he spoke to reporters last
8:03 am
night, defending himself against charges of racism, saying he didn't make those vulgar and inflammatory comments about haiti and africa. >> reporter: after the oval office meeting, the president cannot escape one question. are you a racist? strong pushback fro least racis have ever interviewed. did you see what various senators in the room said about my comments? they weren't made. >> reporter: the president deanies the slur. some of his allies in the room deny he used the vulgar phrase at center of the controversy. multiple sources say the president very much said it and also said he would rather see more imgramts from norway than from africa. congressman george lewis outright called president trump a racist. all of this happening as the fate of the d.r.e.a.m.ers is in
8:04 am
the balance. you know that clock is ticking to keep the government open. the dead center line friday. a very busy week. >> the president just tweeted again. saying the democrat thes don't want a deal. >> there you go. >> i asked you if you could stay in new york. you're on your way back to washington today. >> we're just a little busy down there. it's like a vacation being here. can i stay? >> we do love having you here. thank you. we want to switch gears to what is being called the greatest game in vikings history. the last-second victory against the saints. it was probably the greatest game ever for 99-year-old vikings superfan millie wall. she was this the stadium seeing her first game in person ever. first playoff game. check. turning 100 years old. that's on the way. july. and watch the vikings win a super bowl. guess what, that box could be checked off as well thanks to the nfl. here's a photo of commissioner
8:05 am
roger goodell giving millie tickets to the big game. if they play in the super bowl, that would be a first time that a team that hosted the super bowl would play. >> a big day for that superfan. a rare interview with can queen. getting candid about her coronation and the crown ewe see right there. plus, as the flu hits epidemic levels, how to protect your family when smen at home is sick. should you quarantine them? >> far from the quarantine. in the midst of greatness. one of the up and coming boy bands, prettymuch. they'll be performs. don't go anywhere. good morning, america. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve told in the time it takes to brew your cup. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing.
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8:10 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." welcome to our audience here on this martin luther king day. and paul larks you spent time saturday with rick springfield. you'll bring that interview tomorrow. >> it's a powerful interview. one thing i learned, he channels his depression into his music. something so many people deal with. it will help a lot of people. how about some "pop news" now, lara? >> yes, sir. good morning, everybody. happy monday. if i act really happy, it will be. george clooney. not shabby. he is making his tv comeback. times two. on hulu. not once, but twice. twice is nice. paula. i would like to say. >> but third time is the charm.
8:11 am
>> the popular streaming service hulu announcing it's won the bidding war for a series called "catch 22" that cleanny will star and direct. it's about a world war ii bombardier pilot trying to get home. this is his first series role since "e.r." he left that 20 years ago. hulu announcing it will begin streaming all 15 seasons of the beloved '90s medical drama, "e.r." which won 23 emmys. launched the careers of so many terrific actresses and actors. including that young george clooney. i'm sure our girls will discover clooney. maybe it's better. >> they'll have the day off. >> yes. also in "pop news" if you have trouble sleeping, and so many of us do, a new study points to a surprising and easy
8:12 am
cure. make a to-do list before you go to bed. it sounds really logical. >> that makes sense. >> researchers at baylor university say bed time writing is clearly linked with better sleep. they just completed the study where one group worked on everything they needed to remember for the next day. the other group wrote down the tasks they had completed in the last few days. and the to-do list group fell asleep nine minutes quirk on average than those looking back at what they had accomplished. nighttime list making takes it off your mind. takes away your worries. clears your head for a better sleep. seems like a really simple thing. >> i will use that. >> worrying about what's coming up tomorrow. >> i have a note pad next to the bed that when i wake up in the middle of the night, i'll write stup. >> to-do. i love that. and then, there's an app that i hope you'll try out. we had a great time with it this morning. how the find your fine art
8:13 am
doppelganger. this is called google arts & culture. it allows you to search for the museum art work you most resemble. you take a selfie. google will search the collections of more than 1,000 museums to find your double. we have a few examples. adele, i mean this is great. she resembles this. put them side by side. adele. next to it. slide in. can we see the side by side? no? >> head of a woman. olivia wilde's double is by an italian artist. woman with a veil. look at those two. paula faris, we did yours. >> i would do this. but i didn't want to see it until we were live. >> okay, get ready for it. >> i'm nervous. >> your double is at the smithsonian. it's called summer by frank wchlt benson. 1890. george, they had a few for you. >> the one i saw was something else. >> we didn't do that one.
8:14 am
your close match in the art gallery of ontario. >> oh, george! >> you took this -- and from the national portrait gallery of australia. that's john monash. a military commander in 1919. >> you didn't show the first one. >> i decided not to. you and i did a lot. >> these are better than the first one? >> yes. those were the good choices. [ laughter ] yours were both -- mine was a man. >> what? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. it's -- there you go. >> that's a man? >> that's a duke. the duke of reichstadt in 1815. thanks, google. you can put that down. all right. >> a little uncanny. >> the best part is, it gives you history. interesting notes about the art. the artist. i think that's always the more we can learn about art.
8:15 am
the more we can get kids involved. go have some fun. make fun of me if you want. i don't care. as long as you learn more about arts and culture. that's all we have on this monday morning. >> that's awesome, lara. we were laughing with you. we want to turn to a "gma" health alert. the flu open democrat sick spreading across the country. the entire continental u.s. experiencing widespread flu. as of last week, nearly 6500 people have been hospitalized and 20 children have died. what should you do? the virus -- if family member comes down with it? d. jen ashton is here. i see -- you don't trust me? we're pumping with hand sanitizer. what happens if a member of your family has the flu? do you quarantine them? last year i had it. we had 15 people staying with us for ten days. >> i had it last year. there's very limited data on house hold items and how long
8:16 am
the influenza virus can survive. we think in general it can live on hard surfaces up to 24 hours. a lot of hat i'll share is recommended by the cdc. but this is also common sense. if you have someone in your house with a cold virus or suspected or con virmd influenza, there with basic things. make a sick room. not different from what's in the hospital. choose one care giver to do in and out of the room. they left my food trays at the door. you want to cover your coughs. left it at the door. it was horrible. and if possible, at least for a few minutes day, crack the window a little bit and circulate the air. >> kit be hard this time of year buzz it's so cold. you have hand sanitizer dripping from your hands. one of our producers says when she's sick, her husband follows her with wipes, spray, hand sanitizer. is that smart? >> for unflew when zarks that person should stay in bed. they shouldn't need to be fold.
8:17 am
when you talk about the the wipes, they're really more effective and useful for other things that might the circulating. particularly the so called g.i. flu. the norovirus. that person should be staying in one area of the house. >> what about house hold items we may share, list soap or magazines? what do we do with that? >> not so much for the flu, don't spend a lot of money. if cow can get window of help, do so. bath sheets, dry under hot temperatures. you don't have to be completely sterile. >> you can wash your bed sheets with ore sheets. just do it on hot? >> yes. >> what are the chances of getting the flu from the shot itself? >> i can't emphasize this enough. zero. the flu vaccine does not contain live virus. if you get something you think is influenza after having been
8:18 am
vaccinated, it could be coincidence or another virus. >> how often do we do? >> a lot. >> thank you, dr. ashton. to ginger. >> thank you, paula. now to queen elizabeth. a rare interview given. taking us betind scenes of her coronation nearly 65 years after that day. adrienne bankert is back. and the queen very candid. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. talk about bling and honesty. the detail of the gold and silver thread in her gown is simply breathtaking. and a real-life look at a glittering history. she's the most famous woman in the world and is rarely given an interview. the 91-year-old monarch was reunited with her coronation crown last night. and spoke very frankly about the moments where the world was watching. >> it still is heavy. yes, it is. it weighs a ton. it's very solid, isn't it? and it is impossible to tell
8:19 am
which is front and back, i suppose. >> reporter: she wore the more than 350-year-old crown just once, when she was crowned in 1953. a second crown, the imperial state crown is the one she wears more regularly. >> you can't look down the read the speech. you have to take the speech up. because if you did, your neck would break. it would fall off. so there are some disadvantages to crowns. >> reporter: the queen was just 27 years old at her coronation. and already the mother of two young children. prince charles and princess anne. as she watched archive footage, she revealed her gown was so heavy, at one point, she almost froze in place. >> i remember a moment i was going against the tile or the carpet and i couldn't move at all. >> reporter: after the coronation, she spoke of the four to five-mile ride halfway around london. a trip she reveals was not kol fortable in the four-on the gold
8:20 am
state coach. they didn't have shock absorbers in the day or air conditioning. you mentioned how candid she was. there were great tweets. listen to this. one of the best queen answers, according to one twitter follower. what were the children doing whilst you were at coronation? queen elizabeth saying i don't know. i wasn't there. no idea. and also somebody tweeting, watch the program about the coronation. nice to see that the queen is is just like everyone else, crafty, sparky, occasionally no nonsense grandmother. you can see the juls at the tower of london. >> she wasn't a helicopter mom? >> no. she wasn't. >> no. let's get to ginger. >> i've been watching the crown. let's talk about your "g.m.a." moment this time to get casen, a two-year-old from illinois, he loves hitting the baseball so much so, it's ready oh, got the
8:21 am
camera. you did it, casen. let's get a check closer to your home. >> reporter: oh, wow, pitchers and catchers report in five weeks or or something. it's cold outside, temperatures in the teens and windchills in the single digit and a fair amount of cloud cover. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we're looking at the clouds to hang around and sunny breaks. cold and breezy, 32 for mlk day. windchills in the mid 20s, tomorrow light snow arriving in the afternoon and evening. celebration of dr. martin luther king jr. fifth dprader tchanori kone is one of the winners of his contest. she's a powerhouse. >> in dr. king's i have a dream speech he said i have a dream that one day right here in
8:22 am
alabama, little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and girls as sisters and brothers. i believe only if the these children who are joining hands are not hungry, have had a good night's sleep in a decent home sh and have received the best education and the best health care they'll be able to say that dr. king's dream has really come true. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, tchanori. and her mom join us live from houston. thank you for joining us. such a powerful speech. how did it feel to win? >> thank you. well, it felt amazing. when i heard gregory all my taemps and my friends, they just stood up. they yelled. i was like, oh, my gosh, wow. >> well, for good reason. talk about what it was about dr. king that inspired you to make
8:23 am
this speech. >> what it was was like, i was looking around at my community, and i saw a loot of homeless people, living in tents under the bridge. and i looked on tv. and i thought, no one's really doing anything about this. wow. >> right, and as we did a little research for the speech about dr. martin luther king, he talk about some of the same issues that were going on in his time. and she was able to identify that they were still going on today. >> i can see the pride in your eyes. >> oh. i'm over the moon. i don't know if proud is the word. i'm just so excited for her. >> you should be. what's next for you, tchanori? >> repeat that? >> what's next, tchanori, for you? >> what's next for you? >> well, i think i will continue public speaking. i think i'll decide to become an
8:24 am
attorney or a comedian. [ laughter ] >> well, you just proved you can be hired either way. thank you both very much. a terrific speech. thank you for joining us. let's go to lara. >> so fantastic. uh, shifting gears a bit. we move on to "the bachelor presiden." arie is back in action. the women are literally wrestling for his attention. >> reporter: things are heating up on the next episode of "the bachelor." >> we're about to find out who the strongest woman is today inside the ring. >> reporter: and we were there with arie. bringing you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the fight for the final rose. >> today, we're doing a wrestling date. this is definitely out of my comfort level. but, hey, this is what this is all about. >> this is amazing. >> it's like the best date i could ever ask for. >> reporter: arie making this
8:25 am
season his own. how are you different from the other "bachelors "? in your opinion. >> i have gray hair. >> i heard he's so sexy and smooth. he's got this cute, nerdy side to him. i feel like he's kind of dorky. not as like, so, like some of the other "bachelor." he's different. >> reporter: already stealing hearts. >> i think sparks have started flying. >> reporter: and a few kisses. >> i've had a kiss. maybe a minimakeout sesh. >> reporter: sparking promising connections. have you maybe established a connection? >> yeah. my biggest fear coming into this was that there wouldn't be someone for me. i had two really amazing one-on-one dates. and a fun group date that was driving-related. i'm feeling good about things. >> reporter: confident he'll find the one. you feel like maybe you can find true love? >> i can. yeah. there is, like, some strong
8:26 am
feelings going on already. it's so early. it's kind of shocking. i'm loving it. >> all: cheers. >> so are viewers. you can see "the bachelor" tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central. don't go anywhere. chris hemsworth is live on "gma."
8:27 am
>> good morning, 8:27 a.m., monday, january 15. i'm tamala edwards. let's head to karen rogers starting in the trenton area, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we have issues with flooding where you have flooding you have ice on the roads, as well. trenton, route 29 southbound is shut down between market and cal houn. we have water on the roads and now ice. elsewhere it's dry. this is 42 northbound traffic nobody up and out just yet. a lot of people have off on this day of service may be they will be driving in later, not now. we have an issue eastbound past fort washington on the turnpike
8:28 am
we have a tire on the road, it was causing an accident, it was a mess, but it's cleared. >> let's go outside to david murphy and tell us how long it stays this cold. no audio. >> david we'll check back in with you shortly. we'll send you back to "g.m.a." if you want to find out about day of service projects take a look at there's a big one going on at girard college, and all across the region. everybody can serve. we'll see you in 30.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] and welcome back to "gma." welcome to our audience. look who's here with us this morning, chris hemsworth. so, a powerful new movie, "12 strong." based on a true story. some of the first special forces to go into afghanistan after 9/11. the soldier you play right here with us this morning. >> yes, he is. mike. right there. >> where is mark? and john mulholland as well. what did they tell you about the story that clicked? >> this was a story that anybody who read the book or heard
8:31 am
whisperings, it became declassified, was fascinated by. what stood out to me was the brotherhood between these guys. this mission, the odds were absolutely against them. they all volunteered. this is the first boots on the ground after 9/11. they had very little intel about what they walked into. they were to link up with the local afghan people. fight alongside them on the horse back. and the the brotherhood they held. to this day the friendships are held. the selflessness. the absolute commitment. the lack of ego and posturing when retelling these events. it's matter of fact. this is my job. there's such an authenticity and humility to that which all of us found incredibly inspiring and i'm thankful for. [ cheers and applause ] >> you want to see a little bit of it? let's take a look. >> coming home? >> i can't, baby, it's bad luck.
8:32 am
>> i need to hear you say -- >> i'm coming home. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was your wife. who plays your wife in the film. i know you have three kids under 6. what was it like working with your wife on this film? >> it was great. it was like a little holiday. we left the kids with their grandparents and went off for a few weeks and shot together. we said we have been rehearsing that relationship, that on-screen chemistry for seven years. so, if we didn't have chemistry, we would have been in trouble. >> so beautiful. and your family. you shared with us. sounds like a handful. and, we have -- it says we have a video. greg, i don't know if it's a picture. put up what we have of horse back riding.
8:33 am
one of chris' family. who is that? >> that's my wife. >> she's an equestrian? >> yes. that's my daughter ge hind her. ? it's a family affair. is there she bought a horse for me. she's on my horse. she bought it fis christmas. oh, i bought you a present. oh, you don't like it? no worries. i'll have it. >> the gift that keeps on giving. what is the family activity you love to do the most though? >> a lot of time at the beach. we live right on the beach. and, it's very tropical climate where we're from. and the kids are absolute water babies. >> are they minisurf sners. >> they love it. superenthusiastic. yeah. it's a special thing to experience with them. i look forward to, as they get older and it's not just me saying, honey, can i go out for a surf. it's the kids. you know? >> and they're 5 --
8:34 am
>> and two boys, 3 1/2. >> you have a full house. a lot coming up. we're going to see you in "thor" and "avengers 4." >> yeah. >> we're looking forward to that. looking forward to talking to the rest of the cast in a little bit. "12 strong" hits theaters this friday. we'll see more of chris and the cast coming up. along with darren
8:35 am
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a big day at "gma." one of my favorites, darren criss is with us. you got on know him on the hit show "glee." now he's playing a very different role in american crime story's the assassination of gianni versace. congratulations. i just watched it. >> it's a wild ride. >> it is. you play andrew cunanan. the man who murdered versace when you were 10 years old. what was your reaction to the story? >> i knew as much as most people tuning in know about it. i think, whether or not you're in fashion or anything. i think as fares a -- cultural knowledge, people know that jianni was murdered at the steps of his home in the late '90s. i vaguely remember knowing it
8:38 am
was a young man, half filipino. it was interesting to me as a half filipino kid. that's the tip of the iceberg. we have fine episodes to cover something. the assassination of ji yanny versace happens in the first few minutes. we have a lot going on. >> it's interesting. i don't want to give too much away. the series creator, ryan murphy, the creator of "glee." he said you were his first and only choice for this role. and he also said that he knew you were capable of great darkness. >> because i'm a dark dude. can't you tell? i'm such an insidious presence. no, i mean, i appreciate that. it's more of him giving me a vote of confidence as an actor than -- than a judgment of me being a -- sullen person, i should hope. but, no, i appreciate his faith in me. i mean, i -- i joke about this. i don't mean it with -- i'm not
8:39 am
trying to be indignant. actors act. we're actors. hopefully, we're capable of great darkness and great light. that's the nature of our jobs. i'm glad that he -- >> that he noticed. >> that he noticed, yes, yes. i hope i was up to part. >> and you're surrounded by other actors who h really know how to do their craft. p penelope cruz. edgar ramirez. >> we have good actors on the show. it was like playing with the big lesion. i feel like i made varsity being around these incredible folks. >> how about ricky martin. >> let's not forget how good he is. >> there was some perks to working with ricky. he would have you over to his house for major sing-alongs. >> and in los angeles. he had us all get together and have time. because, i wouldn't spend time with him on set. yeah, we had some fun. if i go to someone's house and it's ricky martin's house, i'm
8:40 am
going to bring my guitar and find an excuse to play "living la vida loca" with ricky martin. i did, by the way. >> and he liked? >> oh, yeah. he's cool. think he's okay with the fact that guys like me go, you're ricky martin. he goes, yes, i am. >> yes, i am. we liked. we loved this. i want to make sure everybody knows. you said nine episodes. everybody, the assassination of gian gianni versace premiers wednesday night on fx. don't miss it. thank you so much for visiting we have a sneak peek at a documentary, a close look at women's rights lawyer, gloria affirm lred. >> woman are in power and they
8:41 am
never be in silence again. it's being called alred. >> reporter: it's cold, temperatures in the 20s, windchills in the single digits in spots. this afternoon on martin luther king day, a fair amount of cloud, 32 is the high, windchills in the mid 20s. tomorrow, light snow arriving in the afternoon. chris hemsworth back. along with michael pena, and jerry bruckheimer. >> you're going to start with me? that's interesting. i thought you were going start with him. i wasn't paying attention. >> you got laughs in a pretty intense movie. chris talked about this bond. >> oh, so it's about chris.
8:42 am
yeah. >> isn't it always? >> let me ask you about chris. that's the question. >> how great was to it work with chris? >> it was great. it was fantastic. thanks for the setup. no, it was great. you know, like, i'm joking. but when you do a movie like this. and my parents were, you know, they're naturalized citizens. this is a movie about the american dream and people fighting for it. so it's like, it was more about the story than one individual. >> and trevante, i read you were really inspired when you met the soldiers and that moment when they brought you a piece of the twin towers. >> i think all of us were take within that moment. that was the day before we first started shooting. after we first tid the rehearsals. mark brought the piece of the twin towers for us. everybody sat there. looked at each other. and we were like, let's go make this movie. >> did they get it, mark? >> we think they got it. the spirit of the special forces
8:43 am
team in the post 9/11 moment in american history. >> hard to bring yourself back to those days. jerry, you produced big war movies qurks t blackhawk down." the kind of terror so many of us felt in the days after 9/11. >> this was a payback. the first men that put their feet on the ground. cia went in first. they went in there. meeting up with a war lord. they had $50,000 bounties just for they bloody uniforms. they didn't know if they would be turned over to the taliban. or bond. they went in not as heroes. just doing their job. three weeks, they drove the taliban out. sflit must feel so great to hear them say you got the story right. a special responsibility with a story like this, isn't it? >> absolutely. i think the subject matter.
8:44 am
i think having met the real guys and wanting to do -- the story justice but also them be proud of our portrayal and collaboration. so, a huge honor. one that certainly carried a weight that more so than anything else i have been a part of. >> i hope a lot of people get to see it. 1 strong hits theaters friday. thank you. and everyone here is going to get to see it. you're all getting two tickets. [ cheers and applause ] and when we come back, pretty much.
8:45 am
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harvey. other celebrities like our own michael strahan. we have five students with big dreams here this morning. they're iana. markieth. and shawn. you're all here because of a mentoring program. you have applied to the academy. would you like to find out if you have made snit we have a big surprise. you're going disney world. we want to tell all of you. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations, you guys. we have another surprise. mickey himself and disney dreamer academy tracey powell. here to congratulation you guys. they have gear. you have gear to get them all ready, correct? for the academy. tracey, would you like to say anything? >> we're so excited that you're here and you'll be with us at
8:48 am
dreamers' academy 2018 in march. >> you guys, congratulations. a great moment. we got one other message for you. listen up. >> hey, disney dreerms. this is steve harvey. i want to say, congratulations to all 100 students that's been selected for this year's 2018 disney dreamers academy. i'm so proud of all of you. we have been doing it over ten years. you'll be another great class. i can't wait to meet you. >> congratulations. put the mickey hats on. i love seeing the the smiles. to you, lara. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, guys. all right. now you know why the screaming. prettymuch is here. up and coming boy band created by none other than simle cowl. "rolling stone" has named these guys ones to watch in 2018. how does that feel? >> that's crazy.
8:49 am
it's crazy. >> we're blesed. >> introduce yourses. these are faces you'll get to know. >> i'm brandon. >> i'm nick. >> i'm zion. >> i'm austin. >> i am edwin. >> we're prettymuch. >> and those are fans. you're living together as you learn to hone your dancing and singing skills. what is that like being together 24/7? >> it's like a sleepover every night. >> it's the best. >> it appears to be working. are you ready to hear a little prettymuch? >> i'm ready. >> here they are with "no more." >> you know what it is when you hear that ♪ ♪ senioriti i ant trying to play i been thinking you should get a taste notice you gonna want to
8:50 am
put me on the case right away right away notice they all trying to keep you on the block i'm gonna take you to italy no stops ♪ ♪ you gonna want to kick it at the spot notice meet me on the roof ay, ay, ay don't be confused snoeconfuse ed ♪ ♪ girl you ain't gonna be wasting time tell me what you want cause i just can't wait no more tell me where you are cause i just can't wait no more ♪ ♪ tell me what you want cause i just can't wait no more tell me where you are cause i just can't wait mo more ♪ ♪ i wanna be the one but i don't know if i can wait no more ♪ ♪ where you want to go i can show you things you never know ♪
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8:52 am
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and thanks to prettymuch. you guys, we're one week away from the end of our 11th annual warm coats and warm hearts coat drive. partnering with burr lipgton.
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we have harlem globe trotters. ace jackson. we got thunder law. and we got handles franklin. they're donating 37 coats on behalf of the whole team. there is still time for you to donate, too. bring your gently used coats. >> throw them in, everybody. throw them in. >> good morning, 8:56 a.m., monday, january 15. i'm tamala edwards. let's go over to rogers for a last look at traffic.
8:57 am
>> reporter: good morning, tam we're starting in trenton area, we have flooding and icy conditions because of that closing 29 southbound between market and calhoun street. the flooding going on in trenton. no precipitation, though, as we look outside this is the schuylkill expressway at belmont. we see traffic has been a little slow from this point to belmont to the blue route. you want to watch for that. overall we've had light volume, a couple of accidents starting to come in one in downingtown marlton boyle road. they had to shut it down. stick to emeryville road. >> let's go outside to david murphy it's a cold start to the week. >> reporter: it is, we're under cloudy skies, up north 17. windchills in the single digits nativity regions yet. this afternoon 32 it will be
8:58 am
breezy and cold windchills in the mid 20s through the height of the afternoon through martin luther king. tomorrow we cloud up, a high of 40. later in the day and evening we see light snow arriving coating to two inches with higher months up to the north. the snow will wrap up early on wednesday, hopefully before the rush. >> the funeral for a university of pennsylvania student who was killed earlier this month will takes place today. blaze burnstein's body was pound in the park one week after he went missing. we're learning about the high school friend accused in burnstein's death. that's coming up at noon. now it's time to go "live with kelly and ryan" on this martin luther king day. make it a great day of service. ,000 in america last year.
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the film "den of thieves," curtis 50 cent jackson. and veronica from the series "riverdale," camila mendes. we continue our jan-you-ary with powerball pilates. plus, how to have your perfect pet could put the big bucks in your pocket seacrest! >> ryan: good morning, hello! [cheers and applause]


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