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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 27, 2018 2:10am-2:40am EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a camera captures a traffic incident. >> that i just can't explain. >> how a superhuman pedestrian takes it all in stride. >> adrenalin? >> no, russia. the odd creature you're looking at. >> is a takes something
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sharper to set it free. >> we've got a special guest, dylan sprout. >> trading in the sweet life of zach and cody for a meatier role. see who is pulling hollywood stunts on the super slow show. and travel confessions from a mom. >> i'm thirsty. i'm hot. i don't feel good. that's a trip, not a vacation. >> she brings back memories of a lot of trips with the kids. >> we just argued and bickered and fought the whole time. i'm sorry, mama. i have absolutely no explanation for this one. keep an eye on this woman here crossing the street. there is a marked zebra stripe crosswalk for them that you can see there. it is a bit icy and cold outside. this suv just comes and hits the woman, knocks her off her feet and sends her crashing on the ground. this is the part that i just can't explain. she gets right back up, collects
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her things, and continues walking as if she wasn't just hit by a car. >> adrenalin? >> no, russia, just we see how many close calls there are all the time, and for them, that's just, oh, a livable one. >> she didn't even look back, though. that's the crazy thing. she doesn't miss a step. it looks like she's even wearing heels. and there isn't even much of a -- well, that hurt. it was just get up and go. meanwhile, i think more stunned is the driver of the suv that just stops there for a sec, like -- you do have to be so careful when you're on the road especially if you are behind the wheel. it's proven in this video from australia, where we have a very busy freeway. the m1, and it was close. authorities posted this video to let people know why. because -- >> oh, no! >> the driver of that third
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truck appears to have gone too fast and maybe wasn't really paying attention, and suddenly it slams on the brakes and goes crashing down. >> let's take a look at the guy driving that flatbed truck. he noticed the disabled vehicle and suddenly was like i better stop and help this guy and slams on the brakes. the heavy trucks behind, they didn't have a chance. >> yes. we see so many videos of all the trark and the junk people leave in the ocean that really, really impacts sea life. well this video gives me just a little itty bit of hope. this is in charlotte harbor. jason pahari posted this video. what you see there is a shellfish. some state official has that sawfish with a catch pole. somebody gets in the water and starts snipping what that sawfish was caught up in. >> man, that was dug into him good. >> ironic, isn't it, for a saw fish to get caught up. just move it a little bit higher
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i'll get it myself. >> i'm sure it tried. it was a bungee cord around its neck. >> the sawfish was in shallow water, why they were able to spot it. this is off dana point, with dana point whale watching. captain frank brennan spotted a dolphin in trouble. he sent out deck hand brandon erdo. he's not giving up easily. he's go the that pole down there and he pulls it up. >> there you go, you got him. >> kite string. >> it's kite string. they're not done because it's still connected to that dolphin, connected to its tail fin. he pulls that dolphin in, somebody hands him something to cut with. >> isn't that heartbreaking to see this? some kite went into the ocean and now it's potentially killing sea life. >> what i'm glad about is that people were there to help out because people are responsible for the situation these animals got in. >> there he goes. [ cheers and applause ] >> woo!
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everybody's got those 2:00 a.m. thoughts that keep them awake. for me it's exponential population growth. when born there was 4.5 billion people. now there's 7.6 billion. there will be 11.2 billion people fighting for the same space and resources. if you want to know what that future looks like, go to india. this is how you get on a train during rush hour in mumbai, india. people start jumping on. >> no way. >> oh, wow. >> now a woman is down being trampled by other people. it's basically a scrum to try to get yourself onto the train. this is not a one-off. there's a bunch. inside of the train, train still moving. eventually somebody brave. >> oh my gosh. >> next one is in. it's a full-on fight who can get in, get some space, who can find a seat. >> getting on a train in india is a matter of life and death. >> actually quite literally.
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numbers, about 12 million people or more in mumbai, not sure of the exact number. 7 million people are using the trains to get around. last year 3,200 people were killed, and 3,300 people have amputations or serious injuries from falling down in front of the train. you talk about personal space on the train? there is not a single part of your body that is not going to be touching another person's body. >> i can't imagine, there's no way i could handle that kind of humanity all up in my business. >> another example, a sea of humanity. these average trains have a safe capacity of 3,500 people. lot have 5,500 people on board, overloaded by 2,000 people. watch what happens when the train starts pulling away. people aren't even completely inside the train. four or five are hanging outside every door and now it's time to go to work. >> that's awful and seems to be an accepted way of life now. >> there's no choice. so if you're looking for
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something to keep you awake at 2:00 in the morning, exponential population growth. you guys heard of the band gutter pup? >> i have now. >> well, you probably will not forget the band after seeing this. ♪ this is a high school talent show in port orchard, washington. normally a yawn experience. not today. ♪ >> rock on with your bad self. >> you're listening to jack, luke and jason swinging on the drums. these guys put on a heck of a performance. i wish you could see the crowd because these kids are absolutely feeling it. i think they realize that they pretty much brought the house down.
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the crowd loved them. that applause sounds like it's in a 50,000 seat arena. >> amazed right there, they rocked on. >> they didn't pay for that equipment. mom is like that's it. >> that was the school's equipment. >> we're not sure exactly whose equipment it is. i believe it's their own equipment. >> let's hope. >> i like to believe they planned it, just to really cement their place in thet talet show. here's kevin smith with a rousing juggling performance. most times when we see -- >> rescues involving dogs, the dogs are being rescued. >> but in this case the dog is coming to that man's rescue. >> if i was in the water, my dog would swim up to lick my face until i went under. and he's trying to fly a drone while flying. you know what i mean you can fly. see if his multitasking skills are on point. >> three, two, one. see you.
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closed captioning provided by -- for powerful relief. [ male announcer ] the icy hot patch. goes on icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. so you're back to full speed. [ male announcer ] icy hot. power past pain. it's the super slow show with gab and dan. they want to learn how to be stuntman. they want to learn stunts. >> cue falling man. there he is. >> okay. >> that falling man is kyle. he's a stunt coordinator and he's going to show them how to fall and kyle has one important piece of information. >> big important thing is to try and land as flat on your back as possible so that way spread your weight out over a big surface area and doesn't concentrate it
2:22 am
in one spot. >> before they get the stunt started they do a little bit of an interview with dylan. >> "big daddy" and my brother and i did "friends." >> who did you play? >> ben, which was the kid. >> that kid was so annoying. oh, mime' bei'm ben. excuse me. >> his facial expression is awesome. i wonder how much of that is acting and how much of that is real. good job, dan. >> usually it's dan doing all the stunts but not today. >> now we need to find a new host. >> we have to find -- >> you got to turn around so he can fall on his back. >> yes he does. you remembered, and so does he. so now dan at 28 feet. >> here we go. there he goes, all of them a success. most times when we see rescues involving dogs, the dogs
2:23 am
are being rescued. in this case -- [ speaking in foreign language ] >> he just said "this is how a dog rescues a human that is drowning." >> canine to the rescue. that's guillermo gutierrez. >> my dog would swim up, lick my face until i went under. >> you're not a certified canine trainer like he is. looks like he knows what he's doing because his student is performing well. he swims right up to him and brings him back in. >> it's clever they put a vest on it. because then the person can grab onto it and allow the dog to swim you back to shore. >> good job, baby. >> if you want to follow guiller guillermo's work follow his facebook page. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> yeah, what she said. let's move over to the philippines where they're at the airport and this young lady says she found something very interesting going on. >> that is amazing! >> looks like the granny on the back of the bike.
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>> this pertains to humans but this human is making sure his doggy is safe, too. this video was posted, and hundreds of thousands of people are loving it like we do. >> oh, cute! three weeks ago i got this maverick and today i'm going to try it. >> gabe from barefoot afro teen has a drone and he's going to try to fly it. looks like he's busy doing other things. >> he's going to be flying while trying to fly it? >> it's like flying, while you're flying. >> ooh. >> that's cool. all right, this could really work out. there's the drone, now getting a beautiful shot of their exit point near lake garda, italy. >> look at that. >> gabe's got it set up in the perfect spot to capture their leap. wave to the camera. >> three, two, one. see ya!
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>> okay, drone, now come with us. it doesn't follow them. >> i was going to say, do you have that followability, did it up for that. i don't know if it will follow them straight down anywhere. the parachute is replaced and time to fly twice, again, over flying, you know what i mean? like you're flying, and you're flying. >> i'm just going to pretend i know what you're talking about so i can watch you do this random move. >> flying, flying, flying, and flying. all right so there we go. >> like trying to drive a car and play a racing game at the same time. >> yes. right? all right, so it looks like he's got the drone flying, and he's got it directly overhead, painting at him and his two other buddies who have made jumps and also looks like he
2:26 am
captured the image of them landing. bingo. that is a safe landing. >> all right. >> success. dean is on the hunt for something priceless. >> do any of you have a netflix password would you share with me in. >> see if his strategy works. >> what if i guessed it? would you give it to me? football can be played just about anywhere. >> illegal hit! first down. >> that's just the beginning. >> flag on the play. >> oh, flag. 'sup, world? it's the box with 30% savings for safe drivers.
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airborne. promotional considerations provided by -- fast to heal irritation, and relieve itch for 10 full hours. cortizone 10® years in the sun causing dark spots? gold bond dark spot minimizing cream. 81% saw improvement in the appearance of sun-damaged skin. gold bond. who here is using somebody else's login for a streaming service? hands up. hands up. one, two, three, four. there we go. see? >> you want me to tell on myself, no. >> it's not a federal crime. i actually googled it. >> phew! in that case -- >> bearing in mind, demetrick has an issue. >> my ex-roommate's girlfriend
2:30 am
just changed her password. i need to find a new one. >> he's going to ask people right on the subway in new york, the friendliest most social people in the world? see with f that works. >> i need a netflix password. do any of you have a netflix password. can i borrow a netflix password? >> does anyone speak out loud? >> i think the hardest problem is you hack my service and steal my information and worse he's going to mess up your recommended list now. with all the goofy stuff they're watching you're going to get all these weird recommendations. no thanks. >> i don't avehave one. >> rubbish. >> glasseshotwoman359. >> that's right. >> this is where he gets clever. >> name your first pet. >> what is your high school mascot? what street did you grow up on,
2:31 am
trojan. the street you grew up on? >> trojan. >> trojan monroe. >> perfect but he needs a login email, so close. >> adradress your mama's house. >> we'll get to you rockefeller center you'll see the tree and i'll see "the crown" tonight. is it your password? >> oh, it's not your password. >> your dad, let's tall your dad. hello, real quick question for you. can i have your netflix password? he hung up on me. >> yeah, looks like dean is going to be spending a little bit longer waiting to see the new season of "crown" and all the other great shows on netflix. >> this might take a while. i'll type in random numbers and see what works. gigi meyer admits this is probably one of the silliest things she's ever done but it was fun, so why not? this is urban football. ♪ >> woo!
2:32 am
>> illegal hit, first down. >> gigi is no stranger to football because her pops is urban meyers, the head football coach at the ohio state football. >> flag, flag. >> oh, flag. >> 15-yard penalty, first down. >> come on, ref, that's a cheap shot. come on, this is ridiculous. >> we can do this all day. >> come on! woo! >> first down. >> get down with that, pretty sure you'll be down with this, too. >> oh. ♪ >> oh, like odell beckham jr. >> the ultimate frisbee version of that. that's joey snyder. he plays at penn state. their team is called spank. >> that will strike fear into your opponent, we're going to play the spanks tonight.
2:33 am
>> and everybody in the league knows it. traveling with kids isn't a vacation. >> i took a few trips last year but i also took a vacation with just my wife. >> if you don't know the di kelly! we're out of body wash! what are you doing?? i thought you had a cold?? i don't need all this. mucinex fast-max is powerful enough to handle pretty much every symptom. name one. how 'bout 9? sore throat, cough, even... yea--i can read, you know.
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we're done here. ahhh! boogers to betsy! mucinex fast-max. 9 symptoms. 1 dose. max strength. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. and for kid's multi-symptom relief, try #1 recommended children's mucinex. guys, but keep on going, because that's what they're there to do, skate. for parents all over the world, a vacation isn't a vacation. it is a trip. this obviously the perspective
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from "that's inappropriate" on facebook. this is the expectation. >> we believe they're going to be magical and wonderful. we spend lots of time planning. >> and 4-year-olds totally understand and appreciate that. >> yeah. which leads us to the reality. >> we stopped for urination, i'm thirsty, i'm hot, i don't feel good. >> i look over at the actual dad in this room. >> yes, that's because i took a few trips last year but i also took a vacation with just my wife. >> while vacationing children wouldn't be with me. it would be pleasant and napping and napping until we this this umbrella drink. >> sound familiar? >> the umbrella drinks start as soon as i wake up when i'm on vacation. >> when you leave to go on a family vacation you assume the children will be well behaved. that's not the case. they'll hate each other still in a different state. >> i suddenly feel the need to apologize to my godparents who always planned a beautiful trip where we argued and bickered and fought the whole time.
2:36 am
i'm sorry godmama. >> she is so happy to hear that right now. >> you're getting ready to venture out on your first family vacation. don't use that word. vacation is a bad word, a dirty word, a liar of a word. >> not a vacation for parents. sounds look a freaking nightmare. >> onslaught would be a good word. >> vacations don't happen with children. trips happen with children. thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time on an thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time on an all new "rtm.") where is it? (female dispatcher) suspect is armed and dangerous. his name--kevin michael ford. all your cars have them. 42 years old. where is it? currently resides at 30 furlough street. (lock clicks, trunk door squeaks) (trunk door clunks) wanted for the shooting of officer chloe price. (alt-j's "tessellate" playing) ♪ bite chunks out of me ♪ you're a shark, and i'm swimming ♪ (radio static crackles) (clatters) ♪ my heart still thumps as i bleed ♪
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(back seat thuds) ♪ all your friends ♪ come sniffing (clanks and thuds) okay. ♪ triangles are my favorite shape ♪ (clunks and rattles) okay. here we go. (faint thud in distance) this is gonna be good. ♪ toe-to-toe, back-to-back (grunts and sighs) ♪ let's go ♪ no. (grunting) seriously. this is going to be good. (punches) uhh! ♪ 'til morning comes ♪ (trunk door squeaks, thuds) ♪ let's tessellate ♪ all right. when was the last time you saw kevin ford? two weeks ago. the night before his neighbor beat him up. and you have not seen him since? not today? not yesterday? you haven't driven by his house or checked up on him at the hospital? sam, i said i haven't seen him. (cell phone beeps) hey, what's up? you're not gonna like it. (scoffs) i can't stand it when you open with that. don't open with that. mcnally? (radio chatter) hit me. i'm in marlo's basement. it's all kevin ford. maps, photographs, notes, charts. it's...
2:38 am
(sighs) it's crazy. andy she must have been following this guy for weeks. look, no one's seen it yet. i'm still waiting on oliver. okay. just keep me posted. what? marlo, i think we need to talk about what's in your basement. (radio static) this is 1527. i'm still waiting on backup. 1504, what's your 20? (horn blares in distance) (radio static) 1504, almost there. you okay? (radio static) yeah. yeah i'm--i'm fine. good. see you soon. (radio static) (walkie-talkie clicks) (woman speaking indistinctly over p.a.) (telephone rings in distance) thank you. right on. (siren wails in distance, monitor beeping rhythmically) (coffee lid clicks) listen, wes, there's something i need to tell you. chloe and i are, um... seeing each other.
2:39 am
(scoffs) why didn't you say so? well, 'cause, you know, this whole thing caught me off guard. i didn't know about you. and i didn't know she'd been married. not sure if that says more about my relationship with her or yours. yeah. me neither. is it serious-- you and her? yeah. you had to think about it. you sure? yeah, because this is weird. okay? i don't even know you. and--and--and--and-- you're--you're asking me if i'm serious-- if--about-- my wife. exactly. so, yes, wes, i'm very into your wife. your wife and i are going steady. (scoffs) you make her happy? i think so. you had to think about it again. well, you're impatient. i'm just trying to gauge what i'm up against. (door buzzes, indistinct conversations) (telephone ringing in distance, radio chatter) what's happening? ford's lawyer just got here. what's that mean? (beeps) it's the usual, you know, you guys got it all wrong.
2:40 am
my client's a great guy, he loves puppies. he's innocent. my client is out of his mind. uh, former client, i should say. kevin called me into the hospital, said he wanted to file a lawsuit against the police. he claimed that you guys were persecuting him, following him, framing him for crimes he didn't commit. but when i told him that it would take a few weeks to look at the facts, he attacked me. it took two nurses to get him off me. why didn't you report it? i was afraid he was going to come after me. look, i have worked with kevin for a while, and he's always been a bit of a loner. but this was insane. what did the hospital say? they said he had suffered a traumatic brain injury. erratic behavior, paranoia, trouble with impulse control. so he thinks he's being persecuted by the police. now anyone in particular? yeah. 15 division. he said he wasn't gonna stop until it was over. okay, listen up. as most of you know, we believe our shooter to be one kevin ford, 42 years old, caucasian male,


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