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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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flight cancellations right here. this storm is expected to break records across virginia and maryland. less than an inch of snow turned highways into parking lots in washington, d.c. less than. the city admits they messed up. they are ready for the big storm. we have more than 750 closings for tomorrow.>> wake county schools will be closed tomorrow. traditional days will be made up on february 15. other school systems closed our chapel hill, chatham, clinton, cumberland. >> also edgecombe, franklin, halifax.>> johnston, we,
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>> vance, warrant, wake. you will get a complete list at the bottom of the screen during this newscast and on let's get to greg fishel in the weather center. >> everything appears to be on schedule. we are seeing the first echoes on the southwestern portion which will continue to advance to the north and east overnight. let's go to the satellite radar mosaic. you can see precipitation expanding northeast. on the leading edge in western north carolina we're getting blue indicating precipitation area is moving into an environment conducive of frozen precipitation. we will see more as we had through the night.
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triangle area at 5 am then northeastern toward the 7 am timeframe. winter storm warning covers a large area. i don't want the uniformity of color to suggest all conditions will be the same. north and west will have more time to accumulate a pile of snow. triangle area will be a close call tomorrow whether or not we get several hours of snow or quickly turned over to sleet. to the south and east, mainly sleet and rain then plane rain. the accumulation of ice is on everybody's mind. we will be looking at this in more detail
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show you what the reader should look like. the main message governable court conveyed is, stay off the roads unless you must travel.>> we are prepared for the worst of the worst but hoping for the best.>> the governor was everyone to be prepared and safe. the first flakes have yet to fall but equipment is ready to go. ken smith looks at resources to help us get through the first winter storm.>> reporter: as the sun sets, what's beyond the horizon may not have this look of calm especially when it comes to traffic. state duty alerted drivers any cars left on the shoulder will be told towed. -- dot crews treated major roads.>> there will be patches
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to have a car go off the road. >> reporter: danny saffron works with pete telling and knows what can happen when icy roads and vehicles mix. he pulled several cars out of the ditch along aviation parkway. >> the schools are already close which is good. i think we will be out on the ice one morning -- all morning want to stores. >> reporter: people are making the best of it stocking up on winter supplies like ice melts. people in this case hardware store are stocking up. >> we've sold approximately 23 pounds. 150,000 gallons of brian -- brine has been sprayed on the roads.
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the roads are clear.>> wake county have already switched to spreaders once the precipitation falls. crews are working 112 hour shifts through sunday and fayetteville using 19 trucks. as quickly as brine is filled, they make more to fill the tanks. airlines canceled flights leaving travelers standard -- stranded. adam is live at the airport. >> reporter: deborah, we are expecting more than 200 flight cancellations tomorrow about the same number the following day and those numbers are expected to increase. this woman is trying to get to a wedding in india.
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>> because of the weather, the flights are canceled. >> reporter: she managed to get a ticket but there's one problem -- >> the earliest they could get was sunday. i will be a couple of days late. >> reporter: if it makes her feel better, she is not alone. >> this could go on for several days. >> reporter: mindy hamlin says based on the forecast, airlines i. jetblue, southwest, united and american made announcements. some stretching to sunday morning. airport workers will be on the job battling snow and ice we may. >> even when airlines announce wholesale cancellations, our goal is to keep one runway open so if flights are scheduled, they will be able to land and depart safely. >> reporter: corey steel boost triangle. >> you name it.
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>> reporter: this drivers window is empty. his clients are having trouble getting to him.>> airport delays and cancellations. >> reporter: mother nature does that make exceptions for vips. >> they are getting canceled or redirected or may come in tomorrow. >> reporter: we are told this cancellation numbers could change all the time with the store. the best advice before you come to the airport, check with your airline. the big concern is ice in our area. all it takes is one quarter of an inch to bring down power lines. power companies are gearing up. duke energy has 3200 crews to read more than south carolina. another 1200 are on the way from florida to help. duke energy has crews here in raleigh and others in asheville and they will work 16 hour
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quickly as possible. duke officials say when the power crews show up, please give them plenty of room to do their work. dominion power is getting ready to go in northeastern carolina. it serves thousands east of rocky mount and north of greenville. they have crews on standby and will bring out-of-state crews to help. north carolina electric co-ops are also getting prepared. they serve more than 2.5 million people. be sure to charge your phones and tablets so that you have access to the wral news app. you can also get alerts. the app is available in the itunes store or google play. you can count on wral to keep
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we will have lives -- live hourly weather updates. can't smith is on campus gathering information at the scene.>> reporter: this remains an active scene at north carolina university. you can see crime scene tape surrounding the parking lot. we are working to find out the identity of the people shot and the number of people shot. we don't know that information. take a closer look. police have been focused on that black car in front of the student center.
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that car. we are hearing from witnesses that an inspired -- incident happened at roxborough and lawson. the person driving attempted to get away and drove onto the campus and the scene unfolded here in front of the student center. we're not sure if students were involved. classes on campus have been canceled for tomorrow. we should get more information when the sun comes up. the nation's capital is bracing for a winter storm. coming up, the impact that will be felt and the major interstate people are being
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can had -- head. he has met with celebrities. companies pay him to stay products4on his head. doctors can't explain it. one thought is because he has and abnormally high body temperature at 1000 which turned his body into a suction cup. >> he's making money off of it. >> he doesn't have any hair. that helps. we will go to charlotte for the panthers preparation and tony stewart and the hurricanes
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shou out n.yclet s fode after nine games and 17 days, hurricanes got a well- deserved break. they did lose the goalie to a concussion. the maple leafs in toronto. scoreless hockey game in the third. victor drawing iron. hurricanes go to sixth overtime in january. justin falk. know.
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one nothing win. sprint cup racing watched a farewell. >> reporter: it is the beginning of the final season for tony stewart. he starting to become more aware of what that feels like. >> simple things like this event. this is the first example. this is the last time i will do something. >> reporter: he is hoping his last trip to victory lane isn't in his rearview mirror. he hasn't won a race in 2013 and didn he a top-five leschi. >> we want to have fun this year. my performance has not been up are. if we can make improvements, we will consider that a great season. >> reporter: he gaed his form since a broken leg which kept him out of the car and an accident that led to a death of a fellow driver. he said neither led to the decision to retire.>> it's the
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we started thinking about this for five years ago.>> i sure hope he's tony. i love tony. the one that says things that he maybe shouldn't. and he's really honest. very honest is the thing.>> reporter: he didn't hoback last week during an event in tulsa when he went into the stands to confront a fan that had been heckling him. he didn't want to talk about it. >> if you are in tulsa, you would have seen a. >> reporter: the farewell tour's begins with the daytona 500, a race he has never won. mandy mitchell, wral sports. arizona cardinals are sticking with travel plans and going to the queen city on saturday. that's an advantage for the panthers.
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championship game is new but thomas has experienced it. >> it's something i will definitely talk about with these guys. take advantage of this opportunity. you never know when it will come around again. it took 10 years to get back your. >> nc state's home game with duke is still a go. saturday 2 pm on wral. terry henderson was getting some shots up. no timetable for his return for a foot injury. wolfpack is encouraged by what they have seen the last two games against north carolina and a win in pittsburgh. >> we're growing up. guys are getting more experience on how they have to play. he doesn't guarantee anything going forward. our guys are understanding when
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the right weight, the game becomes easier. >> nc state women have won five of six conference games. spencer gets 14 points. leading the pack is dominic wilson. north carolina loses at wake forest for the first time since 2004. duke is a winner at clemson. thank you for watching. we will have hourly winter weather updates starting at 2
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xt " 528 ashin l statatte captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: thank you very much!
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