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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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restaurant manager attacked in front of her home. next on wral what she says the attacker stole that still has her reeling. our first winning number is 28 followed by 51. up next we have 20. your next number is 52 and the friday evening is 49. now for the megaball tonight, 6. again tonight's winning number is 28, 51, 20, 52, and the golden number is 6. play on
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we begin tonight with breaking news out of raleigh, a 3-year-old child taken to the hospital after being hit by a car. hello everyone, i'm debra morgan. >> i'm ken smith in for gerald owens. the accident happened at 8:00 on top of the pines court. the child got out of the car and the driver unknowingly backed up and hit the child. according to the county, the child was alert and conscious and was transported as a precaution. two florida children are safe tonight after their father ditched them and their mother on the side of the road on i-95 in north carolina. >> the man drove the family 600 miles from florida to wade, which is in cumberland county where they were told to get out of the car and then the father took off. wral adam owens is live now to pick up the story. adam? >> reporter: debra, ken for about a week that mother and children were considered missing. of course that all changed very early this morning at the spot here behind me. here they are.
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year-old and 10-month old as all three were dropped off from the side of interstate 95. the mother we are told walked about a mile with the kids to get to this convenience store and the gas station is on golds -- goldsboro road. from this store they would call family members back home in florida as well as investigators looking for them. but tonight police, they really want to find the man who left them on the side of the hallway in the first place and kept driving as they would say that's the father of those children. on thursday at vero beach he shot and killed a man that he believes was having a relationship with his girlfriend as they say that the other man was also badly injured in that gunfire and police say that the next day he was on the run and that he is still on the run tonight. now, anyone with any information on where he may be, they are asked to call authorities. >> live in cumberland county, thank you. the two inmates still missing in california are believed to be headed to san jose, headed to fresno where
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that's the word tonight from the orange county sheriff's office. the third inmate turned himself in earlier today at about two miles from where he escaped, flagging down someone from the streets. they say that on january 22 that the man cut a hole in a metal grate and then crawled through the plumbing on the roof. then they repelled down the side using bed sheets. several people taken in to custody accused of helping them escape. >> a well-known manager turned unbeaten and robbed near their downtown raleigh apartment. and the police report obtained by wral indicates that three men are suspected of both assaulting any nice week this week and news of the attack would have them rallying around us. >> i think that they hit me on the back of the head with something. because there is a huge lump right here. >> reporter: they are still battered, bruised, a bit shaken from the assault that happened near their downtown home on tuesday night. they just gotten home when they
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this parking lot near her apartment. saying that they took everything, including family pictures and momentos of the young sons, both of whom are deceased. >> he's the guy standing in front of me. we didn't know what was going on, you know, that it was just a shock. shocking, pure shock. >> reporter: well known in the triangle from the years of charity work with the irish community and as manager of them were closed last year that for years she would walk a few blocks home without fear. saying the attacks stole her sense of security. >> and that is the thing. that they took away from me at the end of the night, the sense of security and that bit of mine. >> reporter: that though she cannot say enough about how family, friends, even strangers have come to her aid. >> this study is amazing that this city has rallied and come around me like a big rock and
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so grateful, very grateful. >> her recovery will take some time expected to remain in the neck brace for about six to eight weeks. need surgery. now to learn more about her recovery, click on this story and on the home pain just go to the woman endured hours of abuse in her own home. 33-year-old jonathan seiman strangulation and kidnapping. he walked in to the victim's home, punched her, and hit her with items from the home. when the suspect grew tired, he left and that is when that woman was able to contact a neighbor for help being held without bond. the immigration and custom enforcements will continue to target children who cross the border illegally in 2014, ending up in north carolina. the father across wral says that his son was taken in to custody, leaving home to go to school yesterday morning, he was one of thousands of children that crossed their
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and his parents tell us that he was escaping the deadly gang violence. he appeared before the u.s. immigration judge when he arrives, but never returned in fear of deportation. since he didn't show up, the removal of notice was issued. since people cross the border illegally after may of 2014 and now a priority for isis, of course, he was taken in to custody. his parents say if he returns home he could be killed. a new plea tonight for help in a missing person's case in 2005. the police department looking for michael borgois last seen near the quail subdivision. at the time he was 17 years old. his disappearance is still not clear, but foul play is possible. this is an age progression picture to show what he may look like today. if you know anything about borgois or where he could be contact fayetteville police. a long plan for raleigh may finally be in the works again. the downtown raleigh alliance
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concept they call one glenwood. the project would be located at the corner of glenwood avenue and hillsborough street. plans were first mentioned back in 2007. the building will be ten stories of office and retail space. despite downtown restaurants closing in recent months, this week they are taking advantage of the triangle restaurant week. and it is one of almost 100 restaurants, taking part in the week long culinary event underway. they are featuring three course lunches for $15. and three course dinners for $20 to $30. it is very popular among those foodies. >> the restaurant week is just an amazing opportunity to try all those different restaurants in the city. i absolutely love it. and i love the food and having friends around. and to try different things that it is just so much fun and i love having the restaurant week and we will have it all the time.
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the triangle restaurant week started in 2008 with just 25 restaurants. it will run until sunday. for more information about participating restaurants go to and search triangle restaurant week. the closer we get to super bowl 50 the more opportunities there are for scams on tickets. the attorney general warnings fans of the ticket prices too good to be true that it probably is. but the average resale is near $5,500. also suggests researching the ticket sellers, check tickets for details like section, row, and seat number. again check the seating chart and be suspicious if asked to pay with cash, money order, or wire transfer. elevating their hometown team today with a super bowl send off party. more than 25,000 fans were filled and the panthers pep rally. the players, cheerleaders, the drumline would take to the states to pump up the crowd. fans were decked out and the panthers had outfits to show
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grownups celebrating today, but the little panther fans that made an appearance. >> we just needed to show our fans. now we have three little panther fans and that they learned to say touchdown and to stab. that we would practice. [ laughter ] >> also they attended. they started arriving at about 6:30 in the morning to get the best seats. that did not circle one thing by the way. the crowd packed apartments, rooftops, just to cheer them on. >> it looks like so much fun. don't forget that you can watch super bowl 50 right here on wral. count on us for special coverage including live reports from levi stadium leading up to and on game day. now later in sports there's are a few people around that may have some allegiances with the broncos. we'll talk to the duke's football coach about his relationship with peyton manning. plus, we explore why nc state employees are upset after following the university's suggestion to not come in to
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it was nice to see the sunshine. look at what they did for our temperatures. 60 at fayetteville. coming up, we will keep the sunshine this weekend, but what day will feature the warmest weather? we'll check that out coming up. as we head for a break, tonight's winning meganumbs. 28, 51, 20, 52, 49.
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