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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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it is tuesday, february 2nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." ted corus upsets donald trump in iowa. marco rubio finishes a strong third among republicans. >> democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a have itual tie. all are focused on new hampshire. >> how it developed into the most watched spectacle. >> but we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> god bless the a great state of iowa. >> i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> iowa kicks off the 2016 race. >> are you unstopped? >> there are only two ways to run. scared or unopposed. i'm not unopposed. >> i want to tell you something. i'ming are honored.
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>> ted cruz followed by marco bi >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders split the votes. mike huckabee and martin o'malley dropped out of the race. >> the voters are sick of me, and i need to acknowledge that. global emergency. that's what the world health organization is calling the cases of the zika virus. >> this morning snow is pounds from oregon to the great lakes. >> there's nothing to block theit. hundreds were forced to evacuate. >> a man goes bananas. all that -- >> i don't know the answer to that. >> those are must-win pants.
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>> every single morning is a must-win attire. >> -- and all that matters. >> all those frogs. kermit, what's your biggest regret? >> signing up furor high school biology class. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> punxsutawney is bronc 61% of the time. the only other one to get it wrong that often are the republican nominee. >> announcer: this morning's toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." the first round of presidential voting produced a surprising win and a virtual tie. ted cruz won last night's iowa republican caucus with 28% of the vote.
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that's just ahead of marco rubio at 23%. >> clinton finish with bernie sanders in a split of 50/50. >> the first in the nation's primary is one week from today. major garrett and nancy cordes flew to new hampshire overnight. major garrett spoke of the victory. good morning. >> good morning. the republicans turned out as never before. a record shattering showed up and created genuine history.
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>> god bless the a great state of iowa. >> a triumphant cruz thanked supporters for giving him the most votes in iowa caucus history. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this a great nation. >> reporter: support came from all across the state. >> are you unstoppable now that you've one won here? >> listen. there's only two ways to run. scare and unopposed. i'm certainly not unopposed so we're running scared. >> withstanding weeks of attacks from donald trump on his canadian birth and undisclosed loans from wall street. we asked if this victory put those issues to rest. >> think the voters put to rest they want a consistent conservative. one of the things they don't understand is the volcanic frustration the american people have with candidates, what i call campaign conservatives.
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in fact, i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it, okay? >> reporter: trump running first nationally lost by more than 6,000 votes but remained upbeat amidst defeat. >> we finished second and i want to tell you something. i'm just honored, really honored. we'll get on to get the republican nomination and go on to beat bernie or hillary or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> reporter: later marco rubio shattered expectations and finished right behind donald trump. >> they said this would never happen. tonight we have taken the first step but an important step toward winning this election. >> reporter: next stop, the first in the nation's primaries. >> getting on a plane in about an hour and flying all night to new hampshire. >> on to new hampshire. so long, everybody. >> new hampshire, we will see
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thank you and god bless you. >> reporter: trump must now prove that iowa was a fluke, that means protecting a lead. cruz has a solid organization here but far fewer national allies. rubio arrives with genuine momentum but also a target on his back. they all know this might be their last chance to claim the mantle of pragmatic republican alternative to cruz or trump. gayle? >> thank you, major. bernie sanders say the democratic caucuses give his campaign a kick start. he started early this morning with a predawn rally in new hampshire. >> we just came from iowa where we astounded the world. [ cheers and applause ] >> and now in new hampshire we
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>> hillary clinton's campaign says she's got more votes but they can't declare a winner yet. nancy cordes is in new hampshire where she's covering the democratic race. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we just got off the plane with sanders and he said he's going to have to look at the numbers before he decides anything, concede, contest, or some other response. right now the two candidates are separated by just four of the 1,400 delegates awarded last night. the clinton camp calls it a victory. the sanders camp calls it a draw. >> it looks like we're in a virtual tie. >> reporter: here's how close this race was. in half a dozen precincts the winner had to be determined by a coins to. clinton made the best of an uncertain situation. >> so as i stand here tonight
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thank you, iowa. >> reporter: anybody caucusing for hillary? >> yes. >> reporter: awesome. >> reporter: record crowds made it even more chaotic. >> bernie sanders, 246, hillary clinton, 462. >> reporter: at this des moines elementary school the caucus spilled out into the parking lot. sanders succeeded in turning out young voters. clinton backed him by 11 points while men voted for sanders. a majority who called themselves liberal went for him too. >> what iowa has begun tonight is a political revolution. >> reporter: outside iowa the political world marvelled, a self-described democratic socialist with the democratic front-runner. >> i am excited about really getting into the debate with
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way forward to fight for us and america. >> reporter: the clinton camp argues that iowa with its large white liberal democratic population is taylor-madeilor made for a winning campaign. in new hampshire he is currently leading by 15 to 20 points in the polls. get a look at the front page of the new hampshire union leader this morning, voters ready to have their say. boy, are they ever. >> thank you, nancy. cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is in iowa. good morning, john. >> good morning, charlie. >> let's see where we go from here. what did trump lose, what did cruz gain, and what does mario have to do. >> remember how many rules donald trump broke in this election season? one that did not break is if you
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crazy and also pitch to the voters who vote in republican politics, those very conservative voters, evangelical voters, if you do that homework, you will prevail and that's what will happen with crump -- excuse me, cruz. it wasn't a total disaster for him. although the guy who was running as a winner didn't win. marco rubio is in the top tier and he's going to receive a lot of love in the others. >> just to clarify on that, john, too. marco rubio nearly beat donald trump. he came in third and they run out with the same amount of delegates, right? >> yes, although the big thing for rubio is the fact he did so well and he can basically say, look, all of those mainstream candidates have been trying to say i should be the one everybody should coalesce around
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some fact that argues for that. now marco rubio has the best fact. the vote errs have validated his argument. he's looking like the alternative and the others will have to explain why they were wrong. >> let's talk about donald trump. he told you on sunday that he does have a lot of humility and people seem to think we saw some of that last night. what does a second place win for him mean now? >> nothing will deliver humility faster than a loss. i think that what it means for him is he has to come back and come back strong in new hampshire and this will be a teflt to see if those voters -- remember how durable they were. he would do all kinds of things people thought without hurt him and it hasn't hurt himo far. how durable is that to an actual loss. that's what we'll see in the next week and then we'll have to see who goes back to whom here and what's going to be a massive
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>> what does it say about the voters and the mood and 2016, john? the conservatives are saying this is an anti-government vote on the part of conservatives and on the part of democrats it's an anti-1% wall street vote. >> i think that's true certainly on the democratic side. both bernie sanders and hillary clinton made that pitch. in iowa sanders won more of the voters concerned about ek numberic inequality, but that's the same pitch hillary clinton is manging. on the republican side it's a little more money. for an outsider, those insiders are doing pretty well. now, of course, ted cruz would never be called an insider. if his theory is right, when you get into these later contests, it won't be as filled with ideological voters as it was in iowa. who are they going to go after? when you look at those in iowa, those who want to win in
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>> and for hillary clinton on the democratic side. >> that's right. twhoes wanted to be inspired went to bernie sanders. those who wanted to win went to hillary clinton. >> thanks, john. >> thanks, charlie. bob schieffer looks at the iowa results and the next stage of the campaign. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." close to 40 million americans this morning are facing a severe heavy winter threat. several states are under blizzard warnings today. the violent storm is pushing across the central planes. meteorologist chris spears is at denver international airport where the winds are disrupting travel plans. chris, good morning. >> good morning from snowy denver international airport. we have 4.69 inches. we're going to give you a view of the errant.
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we had 500 cancellations on monday. 100 and counting. the snow falling 1 inch per hour. overnight a powerful winter storm slammed the country's midsection from colorado to kansas car wrecks littered streets as the mounting snow caused several dangerous accidents. the strong winds and whiteout conditions forced the partial closure of several highways including interstate 70. around the denver area, people struggled to move their cars through the heavy snow, already more than 7 inches in and around the mile high city where drivers were left spinning their wheels on messy roads. other parts of the state saw more than 17 inches. even though the snow proved treacherous for some, others welcomed the blast of winter weather.
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closures in denver and surrounding areas. we're looking at it a tough morning drive in denver but a little bit of good news, the wind and snow will start to leave us as we approach the afternoon. gayle? >> thank you, chris. brazil is advising pregnant women to avoid this summer's olympic games over birth defects from the zika virus. the world health organization took the rare step yesterday of declaring an international public health emergency. dr. jon lapook is in brazil with efforts to battle the fast spreading virus. john, good morning. >> reporter: i just left 30 soldiers who along with health workers are going house-to-house here. looking to destroy mosquitos and also talk to the local population about prevention. health workers are spreading
7:16 am
to eliminate the aegypti months ii mosquitos. the birth defect would which would result in an abnormally small head, it's linked to the zika virus. 4,000 babies have been affected. it's a huge generation of babies with problems, she told me, which is a huge social, economic, and public health problem. she said she had never seen anything like it. of the 28 countries and territories where the virus has been transmitted, brazil has seen the largest outbreak with an estimated 1.5 million cases.
7:17 am
conditions for a public health emergency. >> reporter: the organization says zika may affect 4 million. so far there have been 31 reports in the united states from travelers returning to the u.s. all of those cases were feltz to be from imported infections from other countries. i'm frad because we don't know what it can cause. we only know when it happens. public officials are looking to seek out and destroy mosquito breeding grounds and now workers are threatening to go on strike. they want better protection. charlie? peyton manning's team will face the carolina panthers on
7:18 am
manning denied ever taking human growth hormone. >> i know the nfl is doing an ongoing investigation. have you talked with them and are you fully cooperating with them? >> absolutely. as far as i know that's going to start after the season as far as my role and i welcome that investigation and i understand when an allegation is made that the nfl has no choice to investigate it. i get that. but i can tell you what they're going to find. a big fat nothing. it's been completely fabricated as far as the allegations of what they suggest that i did. it's been nothing but pure junk and i welcome that investigation. and so i think that will start right after the season. >> you can see the coach's full interview with peyton manning on sunday on "super bowl today." it starts at 1:00 p.m. eastern,
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ahead, whether marco rubio's >> announcer: this national weather report sored b
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let's go places. a california mom lost her little boy but she can hear the heart of him that's still alive. ahead, a meeting with a transplant patient who received her baby's heart. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" spons by p rsilan laueterge rience thank you! don't k me. ank thtergen
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>> did you hear that that means punxsutawney phil predicts an early spring. handlers brought him out of his burrow in philadelphia which by the way his record is not so good. he's wrong 61% of the time. i want to believe we're going to have an early spring it's warm in new york. >> that's right. 50 degrees tomorrow. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, will marco rubio's third place give him momentum in new hampshire? plus new developments surrounding the two virginia tech students who killed the 13-year-old girl. what they first told investigators and the family shares memories. that's ahead. "the new york times" reporting on new plans by the united states to deter russia in central and eastern europe. the white house is requesting more than $3 billion from
7:30 am
year. that's more than quadruple the current budget. the money will fund the deployment of heavy equipment in the region. the "orange county register" reports that three escaped california inmates took a taxi driver hostage during their time on the run. the inmates fought over whether to kill him. in the end, they spared his life. yesterday police announced a new suspect in connection with the escape. they released a teacher who was held over the breakout. bloomberg reports on big losses other bp as oil prices plummet. they report fourth quarter earnings of $196 million. that's a drop of 91%. in 2015 they had a $6.5 billion loss. shares of alphabet are
7:31 am
stock is down over concerns over slowing iphone sales. alphabet is now valued at $548 billion. that's compared to apple's $533 billion. marco rubio had a very big night in iowa. his 23% of the vote was close to donald trump. some political walkers now call the campaign a three-man race. julianna goldman is there tracking the surge. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he just told a table that he feels a great about iowa. the florida senator spent 26 days in new hampshire since announcing his candidacy, but these next seven could be the most important. >> new hampshire, we will see you in the morning. thank you and god bless you. >> reporter: marco rubio is storming into the granite state.
7:32 am
like a victory speech. >> we will unite our party, we will grow our party and defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders or whoever they nominate nominate. >> reporter: the republicans are still hoping someone emerges from the pack. >> marco rubio finished iowa within 1 percentage point of donald trump and that's amazing. >> he's amazingly a modern jfk to hillary clinton. >> this could give him that extra bit of momentum. >> that could be a mixed blessing. >> he'll have momentum coming out of iowa but he's been horse trading back and forth as we receive in the polling with jeb bush, with kasich, with christie. >> reporter: the others spent caucus night campaigning in new hampshire. the three are pinning their hope on this stage and they won't let rubio off easy.
7:33 am
immigration bill he took a lot of heat and the minute that heat got really hot, he ran the other >> reporter: rubio comes into new hampshire with a boost of le legitimacy from iowa voters. >> they did very well with a candidate they thought might win in november. >> that may be his card to play going into new hampshire. >> reporter: new hampshire voters pride themselves on being a different kind of electorate. they picked the last two republican nominees, mitt romney and john mccain. two students are behind bars that is husbandling investigators. two are charged in the murder of the 13-year-old nicole lovely.
7:34 am
don dahler is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. her family wants go know as well but they also want to honor the mem oi of the little girl as best they can. >> i can't believe that that boy would kill that little innocent sweet girl. >> the family of nicole lovely is struggling to comprehend the 134 13-year-old's sudden death. >> don't want them to remember her from the headlines and the bad negative things. i would like for them to see her as we did as such a beautiful sweet loving child. >> reporter: monday virginia tech universe students david eisenhauer and natalie keepers were arraigned in connection
7:35 am
>> he said, i believe the trukts can set me free. by the time he was accused of murder he had no comment. lovell's mother said they had recently lrm met online. she had a liver transplant and was bullied at school. >> she was overweight from the medicine. >> reporter: those who know eisenhauer are stunned. at the maryland high school where he was a star athlete the former principal said the teen fit in like everyone else. >> very pleasant young man focused on academics and focused on running. >> reporter: the next court appearance for eisenhauer and keepers is scheduled for next month.
7:36 am
declined comments. gayle. >> thank you very much, don. a mother discovers hope really is where the heart is. the journey that led to an incredible bond after life-saving surgery. that's next. as you're heading out the doorks please take us with us. you can watch us live on your digital device because you don't want to miss our inside look at super bowl's opening night. we'll be right back. >> the super bowl is on sunday. if you're a chicken, you have a few days to say good-bye to those delicious wings. the broncos versus the panthers. the panthers are the 5.5 average to win. the average price for a super bowl ticket is $5,349. the only people who can afford n ex
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man, it's such a beautiful night. i just love listening to all
7:41 am
>> ahhh. [ cheers and applause ] >> kermit, do you think we have free will or is there someone controlling our everybody movement? >> gee, i guess i never thought about it. hey, stephen. >> yeah, kermit. >> do you ever feel like we're being watched? >> i certainly hope so. >> that's a good line. >> a nice play. all right. imagine hearing your baby's heartbeat 2 1/2 years after he suddenly died. that happened to a california mother and ben tracy shows how she turned her personal tragedy into new hope for a little girl she never met until now.
7:42 am
had never met until this weekend, but their lives had formed an unbreakable bond 2 1/2 years earlier. heather clark lost her 7-month-old son lucas in june of 2013. >> lucas was very energetic, very smiley. losing a child yourself, you lose yourself. i don't want any mother to go three what i'm about to go through and that's when i decided to sign the paperwork and save somebody else's child. >> she decided to save his organs including his heart. it went to erica jordan now 4 years old. jordan's mother knows that first gift was the gift of her daughter's life. by the time she was 18 months old, she had undergone six surgeries because of a congenital heart defect.
7:43 am
>> she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family while she's going through herr grief. >> reporter: living in different states the two mothers had been in touch only through the mail. social media and found calls since the transplant. it wasn't till they finally able to meet in person that heather clark was able to do this, listen to her baby's heart beating inside jordan's chest. >> it's beating. it's so strong. >> it is. >> it was magical, it was crazy, it was sad. there's absolutely, no word, no explanation beside magic and wonderful. >> she says the joy of seeing jordan healthy is helping her deal with the pain of losing her son. >> knowing that she's so smart and so respectful and, you know, it just makes it so much easier
7:44 am
could picture lucas being right now. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning" right now, ben car /-tracy, los angeles. >> to hear her sum that up, beautiful story. >> it is. prime-time event before the big game. inside, the spectacle of the super bowl media night. plus, car pool, karaoke. >> with cold play's chris martin.
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downy ic in wow. what are you doing? >> trying to get to the super
7:48 am
cold play's chris martin hitching a ride. their destination, you heard it. the super bowl. they play for halftime. they song "adventure of a lifetime" and "la vida la vida" on the highway. what's more fun to watch? the artist doing it or james corden? thoekt things ss ss ss never get tired for me.
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i liked to get a pair of those pants. >> i'll make a call. >> we'd pay money to see charlie rose in those. >> $00? >> i would pay $800. >> if i wore them tomorrow?
7:53 am
>> stand up. >> that was yesterday. this is today. >> oh, my. >> versace. >> i tried to get them. >> what do you think? >> that's awesome. >> i can tell you it's approved. >> that's awesome. >> what do you say. >> cam, i'm with you, man. >> oh, wow. you look good. >> i'm going to write you a check. >> no, give it to your favorite charity. >> i'll write you a check in april. >> after you pay your taxes. >> i didn't bet money. i bet something else.
7:54 am
>> where it is 7:56. i'm renee chou. the morning commute is especially sluggish this morning. let's go to brian shrader to see what's going on. >> seemed usual heavy delays on 40 westbound heading through garner. this is white oak broke looking at the clayton bypass. minor accident in the median contributing to typical congestion delays we see this time of day. right now sensors say that trip from 42 through the beltline is played taking 42 minutes, then on the south side road with delays related to the fortify work project, no accidents, to suggest congestion between 440 and south saunders street. and then, a smooth ride from wade avenue all the way out toward rtp. also looks good leaving chapel hill and south durham on 40 eastbound heading into the park. however east of durham on 98 you will run into backups because of an accident right around south the road.
7:55 am
heading into 90 -- over on the side of raleigh, in earlier crash in clearing stages on new bern avenue around trawick road, also minor accident getting cleared up from western boulevard right in front of central prison. overall, major was in good shape, back to you. top stories now. troopers investigating a deadly crash in harnett county. it happened shortly before 4:30 on highway 210 at bill shaw road. one person died in head-on collision, that individual's name has not been released. let's go over to mike moss to see how our day is shaping up. >> thanks a lot. this groundhog day looking for cloudy skies in most areas this morning, a few places within the sponsor breaks in the clouds. temperatures running from mid- 40s in the north to low to mid 50s in the south. 46 in roxboro, 49 road. goldsboro at 52, fayetteville currently at 55 degrees.
7:56 am
radar sprinkles in the north last night. this morning a lot of clouds across the area, they are shallow and fairly thin. there is at least a possibility the break in some places from time to time. mostly cloudy overall in the triangle. 52 around lunchtime, slight chance of drizzle in the morning. 56 this afternoon for the high the region low 50s north to low 60s south, we fall off a little by 8:00 p.m.
7:57 am
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for hey teet new ate total daily repair super bowl 50 is just five days away. in california media day morphed into super bowl media night. the broncos and panthers faced thousands of reporters and frenzied fans. questions ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. michelle is downtown. i'm jealous. good morning. >> reporter: you should be. this is super bowl city where most of the nine-day game dame is reactive. last night kicked off in san jose at the s.a.p. center and for the first time media night went prime-time. >> for the first ever media night. >> reporter: it's the nfl's golden anniversary of the super
8:11 am
this year a little bigger. the teams made grand entrance as they were introduced on a replica of the golden gate bridge and players seemed to be taking it all in. this guarantees the way for more than 2,000 journalists can engage in the super bowl bubble to meet and greet the teams who made it to the big game. 7,000 grabbed tickets and fans could watch from their couches too. it was broadcast streamed live on the nfl network. borrowing the entertainment glitz of sunday night's big game this year included an opening live show night from san francisco featuring aloe blacc. also on display the contrasting styles of the opposing star
8:12 am
26-year-old cam newton. i get so close to you right now >> reporter: and perhaps the league's most respected elder, 39-year-old peyton manning. >> i promise you if i touch down on sunday, i will celebrate, i can assure you of that. >> reporter: cam's questions bordered into lighter territory and he had his characteristic smile. >> those are must-win pants. you can't get off the plane in those pants and lose. >> every single morning is a must-win. >> everybody is asking if you're going to retire after this. do you have any idea? >> i tell you, you're sharp. you're sharp. >> reporter: this official swag bag and inside you've got your snacks, your deodorant because, of course, in a roomful of athletes you need that, and this radio, which allowed the fans to listen in on the interviews
8:13 am
the coaches with us. norah? >> how cool is that. michelle. thank you. looking forward to that. we'll bring you all the excitement of super bowl 50. jim nantz and phil simms will be in the booth as the panthers take on the broncos. remember, gayle interviews president obama and michelle obama from the white house just before the game on sunday only on cbs. >> i know. i hear the music and i'm like, okay, five more days and counting. going to the white house. getting ready. how would you like to go to the super bowl for $12? all you need to do is travel
8:14 am
it is 8:25. i'm bill leslie. here are your top stories. we begin with traffic troubles in garner. brian shrader with the latest. >> have lingering delays on 40 westbound, congestion and a minor accident in the median, backing up traffic on the westbound side around the clayton bypass, then you will see traffic been out as you head toward 70 business but it slows down again in the approach to 440. let's take a look at the latest drivetime, 24 minutes to make beltline split. the good news is earlier delays through the fortify works on appear to have cleared up for the moment so that right from 442 us-1 taking 10 minutes. getting through, is a big problem, consider using 70 business as a good alternate route if you can. take that up toward him and road, and maybe wilmington to south raleigh. also tracking delays on the northbound side of the durham
8:15 am
especially between i-40 and elsewhere, 13 minutes to make that trip from mencken street. the best alternate route will be 55 westbound, i-40 to the durham freeway, 10 minutes. not saving you time and time but you'll probably feel better moving along more smoothly. back to you. >> brian, thank you very much. troopers are investigating a deadly crash in harnett county that happened shortly before 4:30 this morning on bill shaw road and have a 210. two cars collided head-on. one person died. that person's name has not been released. charges are pending in another deadly crash on white oak road and i-40 in wake county. a truck driven by 79-year-old henry munday of garner crossed the centerline, struck the vehicle and hit another vehicle had on. the driver of that vehicle, 31- year-old christopher right, died. testimony begins in the trial of travion smith who murdered a north hills woman during a burglary, melissa
8:16 am
her apartment in 2013 by her 8- year-old daughter. the trial begins this morning at 9:30. fall the case on now the weather with mike moss. >> we had a call from across the area last night. in its way, dry air aloft but low-level moisture giving us a lot of us a little overcast there are a couple of pockets where we have breaks in class. 46 degrees in tran -- roxboro, 50 over to greenville and also raleigh, 54 in southern pines and fayetteville with goldsboro at 52. there's a look at radar, a few sprinkles in glaciers proceeded that front last night with an upper-level disturbance. that you see that dole gray cover over most of north carolina indicating low clouds they should stick around for the most part today, 52 at
8:17 am
two of drizzle in the omckin
8:18 am
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