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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 3, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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ahead, the super bowl of security. we are in the air over the stadium with the technology that can spots threats more than 30
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i'm renee chou. we have some traffic congestion in garner. let's check in with brian shrader to see what's going on. >> we typically to -- see delays on 42 was found between the balance but that their heavier this morning. this is the camera business 70. it's a slower before you even get there, around the clayton bypass. right now, 26 minute drive from 40 to up to 440. allow extra time and consider using 70 business itself as an alternate route to get to hammond road and wilmington street and south center street into south raleigh. once you're on the south side of raleigh through the fortified works on, not so bad. that is for 40 westbound as seen from lake wheeler road. traffic is building and as we get then moved to through south raleigh we will see more significant delays on the south side of town. right now not so bad at 10 minutes. plan on slow traffic this morning. also seeing some low cloud cover, maybe fog in some areas, that's in fayetteville, morganton and cleanse for it up
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back to you. a big fire at an apartment home in dunn this morning. flames were shooting out the window when firefighters got there shortly after 2:00 this morning. we're told the home has six apartment units. all residents got out safely. now let's get a check on the weather with elizabeth gardner. >> brian was showing us low class on cameras for traffic. let's take a look at the wral -- roxboro sky cam. these clouds are producing drizzle and missed. we also have some approaching rain back to the west. that arrives before lunchtime, starting to get closer to roxboro this morning. but we will have our eye on that especially here on fox50 for the next hour and a half. 50 degrees in roxboro. 49 in south hill and rocky mount. 56 fayetteville, 59 southern pines. our high this afternoon, 70. we are tracking a strong front that comes through to bring us heavy rain and potential for thunderstorms. lingering rain thursday, temperatures cool down before the end of the week. back to sunshine friday with a
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high of 49. after surprising caucus results several presidential candidate ted new strategies. ahead on fox50, hear what they
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stay with us. half a dozen free things, the winner had to be determined >> hillary clinton. >> bernie was right. elections. >> i find it ironic our founding
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fathers, george washington, whose head is spinning on that coin is also spinning in his grave knowing this is our electoral system. >> hillary won all six of those kind of coin tosses. forget that! the broncos should draft hillary for the super bowl on sunday! >> a lot of people talking about the coin toss. >> i know. i get there is controversy this morning about who actually won >> yes. welcome back to "cbs this morning." in this half hour, security teams prepare for super bowl 50 from the water to the sky. this is one of the biggest security operations of the year. ahead, michelle miller takes a look at how new technology will keep a close eye on every fan at the game. plus, hepts catitis c, a new study about heads of congress can't get it. today, congress jumps in the fray. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reports on a warning for child bearing age to avoid alcohol unless they are using
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birth control. alcohol can harm a baby before a woman knows she is pregnant. 3 million risk are at risk to exposing a fetus to alcohol. "the new york times" says nfl great ken stabler had the degenerate brain disease known as cte and he died of colon cancer last july at the age of 69. researchers in boston studying his brain said he had high stage 3 cte. he is one of the most high profiled football players to have this disease and it's supposed to be caused by repeated blows to the head. a possible sale at yahoo! after a huge quarterly loss. shares are down more than a third in the last 12 months. the company is cutting about 15% of its work force. yahoo! says it will listen to offers for its web properties. "the washington post" reports on prosecutors saying virginia teenager nicole lovell was stabbed to death. the 13-year-old's body was found
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hidden off a north carolina road days after she was killed. two virginia tech students are charged in connection with her murder. don dahler is outside the montgomery district court in christiansburg, virginia with the new developments. >> reporter: good morning. investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened to nicole lovell after she disappeared from her bedroom, as her family plans to say their final good-byes with a viewing later today and a funeral tomorrow. >> she had a passion for pandas, music, dancing. >> reporter: a devastated tammy weeks trembled as she remembered the daughter she called choly. >> nicole touched many people throughout her short life. yeah, i can't do that part. >> reporter: at a press conference, authorities revealed 13-year-old nicole lovell was murder the hours after she snuck out of her bedroom window last wednesday.
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determination of the cause of death is stabbing. >> reporter: it's still unclear why virginia tech engineer students david eisenhauer and natalie keepers allegedly carried out the crime. keepers is accused of being an accessory to the murder before the fact. a new arrest warrant suggests her involvement may have started weeks ago. >> my daughter, we have been talking to a virginia tech student. >> reporter: the family says she had never heard of her accused killer but believe the two met online where lovell led an active, but at times, a secret life. >> we knew that there were some issues at one time with her on these sites and we addressed them and i guess we didn't do enough. >> reporter: do you think this has something to do with social media? >> yeah. i'm convinced of that, yes. that's is one of the reasons we are here now to tell parents, look, if you don't think you did enough, do some more. >> reporter: kick, a messaging
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people, released a statement saying that they had cooperated are the fbi's investigation. natalie weeks -- excuse me. natalie keepers, the second suspect in this murder, is due to arraignment here at the courthouse later today on that increased charge of accessory before the fact. that carries a potential sentence of 20 years to life. >> don, the more you hear, the worse it sounds. thank you very much. super bowl 50 isn't just the biggest event of the year. it is one of the largest security events too. sunday's game in silicon valley will feature technologies never used before to keep the public safe. michelle miller is near levi stadium in santa clara with a security that will keep all eyes on the fans. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of several roadblocks along the perimeter of levi stadium to keep the prying eyes of the public out. there are humvees and patrol cars on-site.
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one thing is for certain, if you come anywhere near the game on sunday, you will be watched. and closely. everywhere you turn in the san francisco bay area this week, you will find a massive security presence. from the water, to land, even in the air. quite a takeoff. >> reporter: the air and marine branch of customs and border protections is one of 50 law enforcement and government agencies working together to keep super bowl 50 secure. what specifically are you looking for when you're up here? >> we are here enforcing the temporary flight restriction is our primary duty. >> reporter: this is a surveillance operation? >> we can keep eyes within 30 nautical mile raiddius in a short period of time. >> reporter: they can see anyone
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this is really a massive eyeball in the air. >> it is, without a doubt and everybody knows it's there. >> reporter: the bay area is already home to a state-of-the-art surveillance of infrastructure with license plate readers and cell phone trackers that can let police monitor your phone. since the super bowl is happening in the heart of silicon valley, some agencies are trying out new technologies, including a data collection program that gives law enforcement a more complete picture of what is happening by integrating video feeds with agency cell phone and radio communication. outside levi stadium, custom and border protection agents screen all cargo going into the venue, with giant x-ray machines that can detect radioactive material. this is like superman here. >> yes. this is a nonintrusive inspection of a piece of equipment that is a gamering imaging system.
7:36 am
us to capture the images of this prioritiary images but i was allowed to take a look. you can see everything, every shadow inside that vehicle. >> that is correct'. >> reporter: this event will test those both on and off the field. >> we are working with a lot of interagency partnerships at the state, local, and federal levels and they are out there assessing and making sure that the super bowl 50 event goes without any hitch. >> reporter: the department of homeland security is coordinating this effort under the direction of secretary jeh johnson. he is flying out from washington today to need with the nfl and local law enforcement officials. we will speak with him on the field at levi stadium in just a few hours. he'll share with us his biggest concerns. >> michelle, thank you so much. a cbs news investigation has congress acting why six veterans can't get a life saving drug that the v.a. may have helped develop. that is next. if you're heading out the door, watch us live through the cbs
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all-access app on your digital device and don't miss what eli manning has to say about his brother peyton manning ahead of
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aviation experts this morning are praising this textbook water landing by a pilot in hawaii. he noticed a problem with his landing gear yesterday. well, the plane landed in a lagoon. the pilot was not hurt. water landings are rare. very difficult to perform. planes have a tendency to flip when they hit the surface. you remember that captain sully sullenberger successfully landed a commercial jet on on the hudson river about seven years ago. >> can't forget that. >> can you imagine how hard that is? >> just looking at it, you wonder how they can keep their cool.
7:49 am
others what to do in that type of situation. >> age and experience add up, don't they? >> 68, he's a baby! great. congratulations to him > ere ath comon isngpner b sund goihave p he cialsg t grab yourion.ahea comt ss making a comeback on gameday. you're watching "cbs this morning." we will be right back.rkiny fe day g n he lowet no itep s ine d t myr matc dr.l'som fitrthotirts. now immerelieffromot p er bin. nd a mne aholls.comsee me. n't at m .
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iplyfeelt' f als. a worth celon. ultiy at. re yone'ro in the chahip pionsh 's that feeling. multiplied. intr ipliatch-offs. a cto win. and a chance to multiply your winnings. yea, that feeling it is wednesday, february 3rd, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including our interview with bernie sanders.
7:57 am
in iowa and his plan to beat hillary clinton in new hampshire and other states. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the damage is substantial. second story of those chairs are now exposed to the elements erki wldavotherwise been sitting. it walks like a bomb and if it talks like a bomb, it's probably a bomb, the opinion of aviation experts. >> stakes are high here in new hampshire and ted cruz and donald trump and marco rubio are the candidates to beat. >> these debates are normally planned way in advance, but we don't even know if this debate tomorrow night is going to happen. the city's health consider told me the zika infection is rampant here. super bowl week is full of distractions and some not-to-avoided and others probably should. there are humvees and patrol cars on-site. one thing is for certain, if you come anywhere near the game on sunday, you will be watched. the bernie sanders campaign
7:58 am
is demanding proof that hillary clinton beat him. >> yeah. today, hillary said, sure, let me check my server. >> boo. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. a massive storm stretching from the south to the mid-atlantic region threatens more than 27 million americans. the system spawned at least eight tornadoes tuesday that ripped through the south. one crossed state lines from mississippi to alabama and damage stretched across both states. the same storm is creating blizzard conditions across the central plains. a whiteout in southwestern minnesota prompted a travel ban there. more than a foot of snow fell in parts of nebraska. the new hampshire primary is six days away and seven republican candidates will be in the state today, including iowa
7:59 am
caucus winner ted cruz who told south carolina voters yesterday he has the resources and the grassroots support to win the nomination. >> in new hampshire, donald trump called his second place finish in iowa a surprising victory. trump said marco rubio's stronger than expected showing is no surprise for a politician who has run for office before. our major garrett asked rubio if% he thinks trump was damaged by the outcome in iowa. >> reporter: donald trump still a factor in the new york tabloid and described him as a dead clown walking. >> the truth is he has tapped into a real anxiety in america and he deserves credit for that but, ultimately, i believe and i know i give us the best chance to win to elect a conservative that can win. i'm not running to beat up on any other or insult personally any other republicans. i want to beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> democrat ib hopefuls hillary clinton and better thanrnie sanders will appear tonight at a televised town hall in new hampshire. he has not sdeedconceded the outcome
8:00 am
in iowa. he and clinton may debate one-on-one tomorrow night. bernie sanders is with us from his hometown of burlington, vermont. senator, good morning. >> great to be with you. >> how will you contest the results in iowa? >> well, look. we lost apparently, by 0.02 of 1%. it looks like hillary clinton will have 22 national delegates and we will have 20. there were six precincts there was literally a coin toss deciding who won. bottom line is we are moving on to new hampshire right now. but we just want to make sure that all of the information is accurate. >> so you are contesting or not? >> it's -- let's let overstated. we have at least 20 delegates and she has 22 delegates. we started off in iowa 50 points behind. it appears we lost by 0.02 of 1%
8:01 am
and we will be talking to the iowa state democratic officials. but we are now focusing on new hampshire where we are working really, really hard to try to win that primary. >> senator sanders, a lot of people are very surprised in 2016 that a coin toss even decides races this way. what are your thoughts about that? do you have a better solution? >> well, i love iowa and i love the caucus process. it really gets people deeply, deeply involved. but, frankly, if i understand it, there were six precincts where a coin toss decided who would get delegates. i think we could probably do better. but i think the folks at iowa have done a fantastic job in engaging people in that state in the real issues facing the american people. >> here is what hillary clinton said -- hillary clinton's campaign manager said in a memo. the reality is that sanders needed a decisive victory in iowa in order to have a viable path to the nomination. they are saying that because you
8:02 am
did not win in iowa, where you had a constituency that should have been for you that you do not have a viable candidacy. >> is that what they say? they started off 50 points ahead. they started off as the anointed candidacy and they ended up wing boy 0.02 of 1% and they are worried about my campaign? look. charlie, the issues we are talking about, which is a rigged economy where people are working longer hours for low wages and almost all income and wealth is going to the top 1%, we are talking about a corrupt campaign finance system where billionaires and super pacs are buying elections. those are the issues that resonated in iowa, they are resonating in new hampshire and they are resonating all over this country. the american people, frankly, are tired of establishment politics, establishment economics. that is why we have the momentum. >> senator, there is a lot of talk about this race between you and hillary clinton is battle for the heart of the democratic
8:03 am
party and might be won between idealism and realism and bill clinton made that point on the campaign stop yesterday and said the reason you have a following among youth voters is because you offer emotionally satisfying promises, such as breaking up the big banks, taxing millionaires and giving free college, and free health care. is that what it is, emotionally satisfying promises? >> no. not at all. look. we are the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all of our people. we end up spending far more than per capita. many other countries around this world make sure that public colleges and universities are tuition-free so that young people do not leave school 50, or a hundred thousand dollars in debt! real unemployment is close to 10%. we need to create millions of decent paying jobs and build our infrastructure.
8:04 am
and wealth inequality and all of the all of the income is going to the top 1%. i believe the wealthiest people in this country and the larger corporations should start paying their fair share of taxes. >> "the washington post" said you're running a fiction-filled campaign. this morning, a study that your promise to give medicare for all, health care for all that you can't pay for it, even your plan is not right that, in fact, it falls $3 trillion short of your campaign -- >> look. there are a lot of people looking at a lot of plans and many of these so-called nonpartisan groups, you know, they have their ax to grind. here is the truth. you tell me. why is that in america, we are spending almost three times more than the british who guarantee health care to all of their people? spending 50% more per capita than the french and 50 miles away from canada, they are
8:05 am
spending staex staex substantially less for prescription drugs. every program i see will guarantee health care to all of our people and save middle class people thousands of dollars a year on their health care bills. >> thank you, senator. great to have you on the program. >> thank you for your time today. >> thank you very much. >> it all started with a mop and then it led to a movie. how does that happen? starring jennifer lawrence.
8:06 am
mangano on her we will preview super bowl 50 -stu bl look. >> yive warning? >> that's next. what is different about this year's commercials.
8:07 am
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e series compact tractors come withus time now is 8:55, i'm renee chou. >> and i'm bill leslie. to best -- testimony resumes in
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the murder trial of travion smith accused of killing melissa huggins-jones in her apartment. they wanted testimony came from the victim's mother and construction workers who went to the apartment after the victims 8-year-old daughter came out crying. coach k is expected to get back to work after missing his first duke basketball game in more than two decades. the university says coach k did not feel well after monday email. he was tapped out at duke hospital and was advised not to make the trip to atlanta for the game against georgia tech. the team one anyway, 80-71. we have some drizzle that will later turn into showers. macbook air terrible looks and wilson. i mean, yuck. i found some sunshine. along and east of i-95, we'll see some sunshine in the next hour or two but we definitely have nasty weather for the triangle area westward, that is marching eastward. enjoy your little bit of sunshine there in wilson. it will not last long.
8:42 am
visibility in raleigh is down to less than a quarter-mile. it is a mile and a quarter. it has come down in fayetteville but pretty messy and roxboro. you will still run into drizzle, we may get a bit of a break and here comes some rain. seeing some of that now in chatham county into orange county. that will continue to move eastward and the chance of rain increases as we get through the day. it's warming clinton, fayetteville and southern pines. 61. 51 in south hill and 52 in roxboro. expect a high of 70 this afternoon but a good chance of thunderstorms this afternoon with heavy rain and chance of wind damage with the possibility of severe weather. the rain continues east of raleigh on thursday. everybody guys out friday, temperatures will be closer to normal again starting tomorrow. brian? 8:57. we are seeing heavy delays and 40 westbound heading away from wade avenue outdoor harrison. looks like we have a minor accident right there in the median creating or contribute into these delays.
8:43 am
the way out toward the harrison avenue area. nine minutes to make that overall trip from wade to 540 this morning. the good news is traffic is looking good on 40 westbound throughout the rest of raleigh. a number of accident popping up on the map, none of which are causing the delays. however, university drive in durham remains closed after an earlier accident. it is close between for briarcliff and starlight. likely to be close the rest of the morning. heart disease is the number one killer among women. today at noon, we share valuable information that can help save the life of someone you love. plus, go inside security preparations for the super bowl. what you will not want to miss today at 4:00 on fox50. stay with wral for super bowl coverage. jeff gravley, gerald owens, mandy mitchell, kathryn brown and jared fialko were bring live at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our cec
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hillshire farm. because it'st.'sas l sultarsometo savor.
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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> the woman accused of pushing her husband to death. >> announcer: convicted of second degree murder. >> dr. phil: joshua fell from the 25th floor. >> announcer: was itself defense? >> dr. phil: your daughter said there was a struggle. >> announcer: they claim she didn't get a fair trial.
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