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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  February 3, 2016 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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. tweet us @rightthisminute and follow the show all day long. now, there's a pretty good chance that you will remember this video. spider-dad. >> oh, my god! >> hey! >> that being mike wilson. this was all for his son, jaden, who was battling a brain tumor. a battle that we know unfortunately jaden eventually lost. but it was such a great video. then it went super viral as well. in fact, over 13 million views. well, mike has sent us another video. he and his team are heading to africa. they're going to spend six days climbing to the top of mt. kilimanjaro to represent the battle that children go through when they're facing these illnesses at such a young age. it's all about the people that they're with. it's all about the goal that they're going after. and there's just so much love in
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excuse they climb up onto the hill and they can see kilimanjaro. >> they have to climb up a hill just to look at it? >> that's still a long way to go. >> but when they get to camp that night, just look at the energy. [ cheers ] >> oh, my gosh. this just seems so physically taxing. you need extra motivation to be able to pull through. >> day five. now, they start approaching base camp. they got themselves some early sleep because they'll be getting up at midnight. and then in the dark they start heading for the summit. >> that is an incredible sunrise. >> it's majestic. right now it's giving me goose bumps. you see their emotion for all of them when they finally get there. the hugs, the relief. >> that's the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. >> but mike at the end on the summit boils it down with a
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>> my mission was to climb kilimanjaro as a way of remembering you and to honor what you gave me. you gave me strength. you gave my family strength. this has your hospital band on it. i miss you so much, mate. i did it. >> it's like he climbed up to the sky to touch his son. >> yeah. it's a really beautiful documentary. and this is the interesting part about it. every click, every watch for his video, this documentary included, all that money raised goes to naomi house which is a children's hospice. so we're going to stick this video up on our website, the more people that watch it, that share it, the more money
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as much as i hate to admit, i haven't been going to the gym much lately. maybe this is the kind of gym i could get into. visible gym. >> today i'm in venice beach showing people how to do an invisible workout. >> david is showing us the workouts here on venice beach with the invisible gym. >> what? oh, my gosh, what's happening? >> he's on his invisible work bench. just working out right here muscle beach. >> wow, it's totally working. >> people seem blown away by this newfangled workout. >> even his workout gear is invisible. >> i love the reactions from people. they're, like, wow! look at that new muscle-building chqu >> it's all about the core. thanks for m spotting, guys. >> this video should be called how to create nearly a lot of bicycle accidents. >> especially there because in that stretch of venice and the boardwalk, people do a lot of distracted bike riding. >> can you spot me?
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with a skateboard willing to lend a hand to spot david with the big, heavyweights. >> he just dropped it right on his face. >> just think how fit that skateboarder is. he just lifted it without breaking a sweat. >> this is just a fun, simple illusion that david is pulling off here. >> i want one of those things. >> you do? >> i do. i want to be able to do that. >> i would like an inindividualible gym. >> for your invisible abs. >> my invisible muscles. taking snowball fights to the next level with -- >> the snowball machine. >> what happens when the snow starts flying? >> amazing! >> next "right this minute." and still to come, casey's drone is stuck on a rooftop, but now he's setting out on a mission. >> this is a high-risk/recovery attempt. >> he so the nail-biting operation to try and get it back. plus, we've got the bonus day buzzword for your shot to
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