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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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heavy rain and high winds moving through the area after pounding the triangle an hour ago. i'm debra morgan. >> i'm david crabtree. ontionre south leigh. our drive 5 wet ro afte obvus thig to impact the commute if sebe careful. greg fishel talked about the winds we were going to feel in your forecast yesterday. boy, were you spot on. >> it was a blustery day, no question about. that of course that transported all sorts of warmth and moisture our way and fueled the thunderstorms ahead of the cold front we are going to watch tonight. once you get past this line, it is just rain. the only years that have risk of severe weather over the next hour are well to the east of raleigh, the threat here is over. let's show you what the radar looks like now, we will zoom in to this general area here, east
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look at the area from east roanoke rapids through rocky mount, to wilson and smith field, and we will pan down here a little bit farther to the south, you can see the leading edge of it there, going right through fayetteville. once that edge goes by, the threat of severe weather is over and basically rain event from that point forward. none of the areas are under warnings, there is a flood advisory until 6:00 for heavy rains, again, it's a steady rain once the line moves through. we will get a little bit of a lull in the rain, late tonight and tomorrow morning, we may see a return engagement heading in to later parts of the day. we will talk about the mechanism behind that and chilly air that maybe heading our way next week. the rain is causing flash flooding in the mountain, water rising near the boon mall, emergency workers say a person had to be rescued after her car became stuck in a creek.
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enough for her to walk to dry land and contemplated getting out of the car on her own, however was encouraged by a passer by to stay put until the emergency crews arrived. this is a good time to make sure your smart phone is up to date with the latest wral earth app. it uses the phone's gps to track your location and alert you when you are in the path of any severe weather. the weather app is available in the i tunes and google play stores. a 17-year-old panther creek high school student now accused of hacking in to the school's computer system and changing dozens of grades. he was arrested and charged today. candice has been on the story all day. you spoke with the father briefly. >> reporter: i had a brief conversation with his father and his attorney, they did not want to go on camera with the statement. you could see the concern on
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senior and worried about his son's future. he stood before a magistrate. he is responsible for hacking in to the computer system at panther creek high school and changing grades. he was arrested in morrisville and faces felony charges. officials naved police about an un authorized access in to the data base. the system was hacked in to several times, an affidavit leading up to the arrest reveals he was seen sneaking in after hours and caught by a teacher in a locked room with a laptop computer. as investigators worked to trace him, wake county schools sent a letter to parents letting them know about the compromised data base and ensuring them academic integrity is a priority.
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west regional library where he volunteered. a spokesperson with kerry police told me a few hours ago he believes he acted alone and as far as he understands and he knows, his arrest does end this case as far as police are concerned. this next story is a case that is very hard to forget. a woman killed in her north raleigh apartment by intruders while her daughter slept steps away. this happened in may of 2013 b one of the suspects charged if the murder is now on trial. amanda lamb is following the testimony in the travion smith trial and joins us with today's gets. >> developments. >> reporter: most of the witnesss are police officer whose described how it was to connect smith and codefendants to the murder. the same night jones was killed, cars were broken in to burglarized. investigators believed there
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the break ins and the murder. they got a break when they discovered a laptop stolen from the complex sold on craigslist, the man selling it took the stand and talked about his thoughts when the codefendant asked him to do this. >> hoe told me they were newer and they were good. >> what do you mean? >> that they weren't stolen or anything was wrong with them at all. he said he was trying to get rid of them. it didn't sit right with me. >> reporter: he received a call from smith asking him to pick him up with a computer at a wal- mart and smith agreed to give it to him for $50, he said that was a red flag. he was arrested if having stolen property and told police what he knew and ran in to smith at the police department and said he was smiling and
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the wake of the murder. a moor county man who got away from authorities after a short case is in custody. southern pines police say when mc loy spotted a trooper in jackson spryness yesterday, he ran off the road and hit a tree before running away. authorities found crack cocaine in his car and ten outstanding warrants for previous drugs and weapons charges. durham county deputies foiled a home break in while responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle, the deputies interrupted a breaking and entering on lake side drive. norwood, tailor and a juvenile tried to run but deputies caught them and recovered a stolen vehicle and were able to return stolen property to the homeowner. residents escapeed a fire thanks to the quick actions of two police officers. the call came in around 2:00 on west broad street in dunn.
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pounding on the doors by the officers. officers were pa proposalling the area when they doctor were -- patrolling the area. two gop presidential candidates are out of the race, rand paul and sources confirmed rick sanatorium is dropping his presidential bid. sanatorium expected to make the announcement tonight and plans to endorse another candidate. dot selected the preferred rope for the outer loop through southern wake county, the orange route. transportation workers have been eyeing it for two decades. the corridor had problems because of environmentalists who say it is the most destructive to sensitive wetlands and runs through a habitat for endangered stream muscle. dot had to come up with several routes whiched homes and businesses.
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alternative that would have the least impact on all of the issues that we investigate for projects. it doesn't exist. >> dot says the route has the least impact on homes, businesses and historic sites, the route must be approved by the federal regulators. construction can be begin in 2018. stocks ended the day mixed. declines from tech giants google yahoo and amazon pulled it down. sp closed up 9.5. toyota is discontinuing its struggling scion brand. it was spun off as a separate line up of vehiclesm sales plunged after flops and slumping car sales. vehicles will be rebadged as part of the line up beginning with the 2017 model year.
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million dodge chargers, the cars can slip off of a jack when their tires are changed. the recall covers charges from the 2011-16 model years and includes almost 442,000 cars in the u.s. the company says it knows of 3 minor injuries from the problem. environmental group is pushing for durham county schools to be powered by solar electricity. the repower our schools coalition released a report saying it could operate on 100% renewable energy tings system has to do a series of things, including advocating for changes in policies. environmental conscious changes are important. >> the time is now that north carolina , the u.s. and the world needs to transition to a clean energy future using sources that don't pollute the air and water. >> shifting to all solar could
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anitamd mi. sure lif is the super bowl a great excuse to get a new tv? >> monica laliberte tells us why this is a great time to buy. >> do we need an excuse? deep discounts, retailers have big sales this time of year to clear she feel shelves for the new models. there are things to consider to find the right tv for you. big screens to watch the big game have never been cheaper. you can get a 65-inch, 1080p high-definition model for under $1000. they are still a great choice,
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there is not a rot of 4k content yet including the game. testers say to watch the super bowl, you will want a screen that is at least 50 inches. also important, a wide viewing angle. >> this is where an o la tv comes in handy. hd and u hd models have unlimited viewing angles and everyone in the room will get a great view no matter where they are sitting. >> reporter: a tv that can handle fast motion, without blurring. if you want the latest and greatest, check out an ultra hd o l.e.d. this 55-inch set from lg costs $3000, and one of consumer reports highest rated tvs. >> this offers everything you need to make your super bowl party a hit and u hd will help future proof you for when more 4k content becomes available. >> reporter: brand new models hit shelves in late february and early march, just in time
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another good excuse for buying a new tv. >> there are several recommendations for deals on big screen tvs available, those models with our story on, and david, one other bit of advice, you can't just have a great tv to have a great super bowl party, you better have good food, too. >> yes, you do and cable. remember that. >> don't you know that. >> yes, in deed. now is your chance to bid on the ultimate nfl souvenir. 50 footballs designed by 50 designers on display in downtown san francisco so fans can bid on them. you can bid on line as well. >> we have everyone from kenneth coal to tiffany, in the upper auction for charitys for the nfl. >> fancy, too. also everything from football jerseys and t-shirts to a $2500
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stay with wral for super bowl 50 coverage, jeff gravley, gerald owens, kathryn brown and amanda lamb will bring you live reports. gerald is live to show us the security in place for sunday's big game. by the way, we need your help, we are going to have a bet with our contemporaries in denver, colorado, kcnc, about what we expect to gain when the panthers win the super bowl. we need your input of what you think we should ask from the rocky mountain station. >> not that we are going need it. however we need your help. >> we do not want rocky mountain oysters, by the way. they are a delicacy there. >> what is great about north carolina, food or something you think we should be able to send to the people in denver, should we lose. >> email deb or me or tweet us. let us know, we will include it.
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>> the interest is peaking. >> yes, in deed. it's amazing some of the things they have come up with already. >> coors beer. hot sauce. >> so looking forward to winning all of that. >> speaking of the coors beer, we are going to be feeling a draft here over the next few days. temperatures cooling down from the levels of today. anyway, let's check out the radar, we do see this line of heavy showers, maybe a little bit of thunder and lightning, not a lot of strikes detected until you get near the south carolina border. once the leading edge goes by, you have nothing to worry about other than heavy rain, and there are flood advisories in effect for franklin, warren and halifax county, until 7:15s johnston, harnett and willston until 7:00. wake 6:30.
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scottlands neck at tarboro, through wilson, you are done with the severe weather threat there, as we look further towards the south, you can see the leading edge not quite as well defined but heading through princeston as you get in to the border around johnston and wayne county, by 4 oaks, smith field you are done with the weather threat. rain from this point forward and finally, the leading edge of it at fayetteville now, again, those areas off of the north and west, had nothing to worry about, clinton an eye on you, you are still ahead of the mess. basically, once the line gets through you, it is just a steady rain for the remainder of the evening. let's go ahead and look at the chance for rain in coming hours, the steady rain is behind the line of showers and thunderstorms. the highest probabilities are behind the line, as we put this in to motion up until 11:00, you can see the probabilities are very high, that the rain is going to continue and we start to see a little bit of a trend
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chance of rain, especially to the north and west of raleigh, as we head towards tomorrow morning, and then quite a a gradient across the area during the day with lesser chance around rocksboro and south hill, marginal raleigh and a solid chance to the south and east, and notice how the high numbers back up, we are going to have a wave developing on this frontal system coming through tonight, and stalling to our east, as the weave develops, it will throw -- wave develops. it will throw the moisture to the north and west. the rain will come back later in the day, we should skadoodle out by friday morning and the rest of friday should be bright. let's look at the durham sky cam, the rain falling during the rush hour, here are the rain fall amounts we observed so far, almost an inch at rdu,
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fayetteville you haven't gotten much yet. now that showers and storms moved through in many areas, the only strong winds are observed down towards the sounds and the coast, again, here is the satellite and radar imagery, you can see that area of rain continuing to slowly progress eastward. 8:00 this evening, it's going to be mild, 68, with showers likely, and we may get a little bit of a lull tonight with the overnight low of 58, tomorrow, whatever break we get during the morning, the rain is probably goingo fill back in during the afternoon, and that high is probably going to be whatever it is when you get up tomorrow morning with temperatures falling through the 50s as we head through the course of the day. then on friday , the sun finally returns, chilly and 49, saturday looks okay, a chance of rain on sunday, we talked last night at 11:00, about how if it came down hard enough it could be in the form of wet snow, but now it looks like it's going to be light. that means rain and turning
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there is a chance we will see a few flakes but that's something that's down the road yet. apology from a prison escapee at the center of a man hunt last year. >> coming what you happen david sweat said during sentencing hearing today. and at 6:00, google is
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people who need it most. governor of florida declared a health emergency because of the zika virus. 9 cases have been detected in florida, all contracted from traveling to affected countries. health workers say a person in texas was infected with zika through sexual contact. that's the first case of the illness transmitted within the u.s. one of the two convicted murders who broke out of a new york prison last year is apologizing.
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in platsburg, new york today, and received 3.5 to 7 years in prison for charges relating to the escape. the maximum sentence alived. he apologized for the pandemonium erupted. >> i would like to apologize to the community and people who felt the fear and felt necessary to leave their homes or community because of the escape. that was never my intent. >> the judge ordered him to pay $79,000 in restitution for damage done to if prison during the outbreak. inside edition, exclusive video of a denver broncos player cuffed, questioning in a prostitution sting. inside edition was with the santa clara sheriff's office when deputies detained murphy. he was questioned and released. his brother and a suspected
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we will find out what led investigators to this parking lot tonight at 7:00 on wral. next at 5:30, filling up the gas tank led to a higher cost for some cal dres we get to the bottom of a confusing scenario from drivers dealing with tainted gasoline. >> reporter: i'm gerald owens, inside super bowl city,
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details in a live repo un them vecr
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