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tv   WRAL News 6PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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point in time. let's put it in motion for you, southwest to northeast. again there is some cloud to ground lightning in cumberland county in to portions of north western bladen county, we will keep an eye on the areas, once the leading edge moves through, it's a big blob of rain after that point in time. the other issue of course is flooding potential, localized flooding, not the river type of stuff but in the areas flood prone, obviously with the heavy rains, that can be an issue and advisories are in effect at this hour. we will take a closer look at this, coming up in 15 minutes, talk about noticeable changes, coming over the coming days all that in a few minutes. back to you. now is a good time to download the latest wral weather app, it uses your phone's gps to track your location and alert you. the weather app is available for free in the i tunes store and google play store.
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decision, the southern part of 540 could have taken combination of the routes including this red one through the heart of garner. today the dot ruled out the red, and instead decided this is how they want to finish 540. new at 6:00, bryan mims joins us with the next step in the process. the dot says this is only a recommendations this announcement today, regulators are reviewing environmental impact studies, and they need to sign off on the route. at 28 miles and $2 billion, transportation officials say this route makes the most sense. that's the 540 project manager, standing beside what the project looks like on paper, a thick orange line, winding over roads and creeks and wet places where the dwarf wedge muscle could dwell. there in lies the bump in the road. >> there are processes and regulations we have to go
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>> reporter: mos sl a federally protected species, the dot drew different routes. one bulldozed through garner. another route would ahave plowed through the home of crystal ball las in holly springs. so much for fixing up the house he just closed on. >> reporter: dot zeroing in on the orange route since the 90s and restricting land owners from developing the property. the southern environmental law center says the route will devastate wetlands and do nothing to improve traffic. in a written statement, the group says we remain convinced there is no legal path forward for the orange route, n cd ot has been on notice of the legal obstacles that selection will set in place. orange poses the least threat to homes and businesses and historic sites. >> we are concerned about all impacts on the project, not
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>> reporter: orange spells relief for christian. >> maybe we can get a roof now if it doesn't snow again. >> reporter: eric says as it stands, the orange route has 281 relocations, a vast majority of those are homes but expects the number to go down as the route is fine tuned. they plan to make the formal recommendation this spring, construction on the first phase of the toll road, from highway 55, here to 401, would begin in 2018. david. bryan mims, thank you. we have breaking news at this hour, as well wells fargo issued layoff notices to 87 employees in raleigh, 60 charlotte. workers received a 60 day notice affective beginning today. the company did not say what division was impacted by the layoffs. a moor riseville teenager faces numerous charges in connection with a hacking investigation at panther creek high school. saivamsi hanumanthu stood
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he hacked in to the school's data base and changed 90 grades. authorities were alerted in october when school officials noticed unauthorized access in to the system. investigators say the data base had been hacked several times. what led up to the murder of melissa huggins jones. late that afternoon, a man who got up in the case after the fact, tells the jury what he knows. amanda lamb shows us what he had to say. >> reporter: melissa huggins jones was killed in her north hills apartment the same night there were a series of other break-ins in and around her apartment complex. police believed there was a connection. when they saw a laptop stolen from the apartments leasing office listed for sale on craigslist, they contacted the seller, michael. >> it seems fishy. >> why? >> because no one ever offers you exactly what you want for a laptop on craigslist. >> scared me to death. i took the posting down.
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ronald anthony, who pled guilty in the case, finally told him the truth about the laptop. >> he told me they were hot. >> reporter: he testified that travion smith who is on trial for murder, called him and offered him another laptop. >> $1000 laptop, you will take $0 for it right now? -- $50 for it right now, bringing up too many bells and whistles for me. not right. >> reporter: police arrested mc cullm for having stolen property and told him about the murder. didn't know anything of a murder. >> reporter: he ran in to smith when he was being questioned a at the police station. >> he was smiling pretty much talking about his baby mother crying about him being involved in a murder. >> reporter: he received a plea deal and spent five months in prison, tomorrow on the stand, one of the codefendants in the case, a woman by the name of sarah redden, who admitted to
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away driver on that night. off duty raleigh police officer is charged with dwi, the highway patrol says hurst was involved in a rear end collision on nc highway 96, 6:30 yesterday. his blood alcohol level was .17, that's more than twice the legal limit of .08. hurst is a senior officer who has been with raleigh pd since 2006. google fiber promised free service to housing sites in the cities it serves, it's a partnership with the u.s. department of housing and urban development. the goal is to deliver to those who need it the most. durham was selected as an early test site but not known when the service might be available. google is not paid but offering it voluntarily. super bowl brings people from across the country to one city. they spend, is it an economic boost for everyone?
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in super bowl city when we come back. his wife fell ill on the job at a factory in fayetteville and died. tonight, a grieving husband talks exclusively to wral about her death, under sweltering
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efforts to co something as major as the super bowl and not many things as major, obviously has an economic impact on the city. does that trickle down to all the local businesses? >> gerald owens is in san francisco, leading up to the big game after talking to some local merchants in california, he has an answer.
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city is a massive compound, stretching several city blocks inside we have a unique fan experience, paying off for the fans and the businesses that are inside the barricade. this is a wind fall for retailers stuck inside this barricade for a week. what they have is thousands of people, a captive audience outside their doors with disposable income and nowhere else to go. >> been fantastic, meeting new people, miami, santa barbara and all over the country and even canada. >> business is going 32-3 times as goodm especially on the weekends, get ice cream and hot chocolate. we will take care of everything for you guys. >> reporter: it smelled good in there. people don't seem to mind the super bowl prices, you guys know what i'm talking about, a premium attached to certain things, goods and services throughout the week. if you have a business here, you are doing quite well this week.
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gerald owens live in san francisco. thank you. stormy weather continues to move through the area this evening, let's look at conditions right now in downtown wilson. wet there but awfully calm. greg fishel will walk you through what to expect for the rest of the evening when we come back. a woman died here, from a heat related injury, her husband believes. a daycare director caught hitting and dropping a child. police say they have the proof on tape. coming up in our late news, why this isn't the only investigation the director face, plus what she has to say aabout the video that went
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that's tonight on fox 50
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gdiies. yeah, the internet's,but k ha makp too fa ye notorng.refetwo-arhorn just-slept-in-rnda , i he rply unok. . ul gtti."at's tenceis r ike ywooder igh-inte cennk. her husband spoke exclusively with wral's gilbert about what he thinks happened. gilbert joins us life from the bureau at the fayetteville observer. bhp >> reporter: david, i tell you
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lot of tears during the interview not only from her husband but me as well. as we sat in his red skins man cave at his house and wiped away the tears, i heard the story of a man who really and trulylod his wife and the tragic way he lost her. winfrey says his wife sherry ann was the kind of person who would give the stranger the clothes off of her back or feet. >> one of members in the church liked her shoes and after the service she gave her shoes. >> reporter: i sat down and talked about the love of his life. >> she treated me like i was a king. >> reporter: the 62-year-old woman worked here for 38 years, 9 days shot of retirement when she died. >> we were talking about what we were going to do once she retired, travel. >> reporter: the medical examiner says an aneurysm was
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her husband believes temperatures of more than 100 degrees in her part of the building may have played a part. >> the medical people were there, i guess assigned to the plant, they said she was dehydrated. i didn't think anything of it, i have been dehydrated before. >> reporter: osha wants heat stress training to start earlier in the year. the human resources director says, they are doing that and more like pumping cooler air in to hot areas, and giving employees longer break times during hot weather. winfrey says for him, that's too little, too late. >> the saddest part is i didn't get a chance to say good-bye. >> reporter: winfrey says that he and his wife never went to bed mad at nite and kissed each other good night every night. he wanted me to remind
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the people that are special in your life that you love them and tell them that everyday. >> that's a lesson for us to remember. turning our attention to weather and what appears to be a calming out are the at least, greg. when it came through, the big line of storms, it was raining hard and the wind. >> absolutely. each before the line got goth her, the wind had been whipping all day long. that's abated and a small part of the area that's at the risk of seeing anything severe. we will hone in on that nowment taking a look at the dual doppler 5000. for most of us , a big blob of rain. focus on the area in bladen and sampson county. we will zoom in to the area there. see the lightning strikes showing up where you see the positive symbols, indicate positive lightning strikes, emanate from way high up in the
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that can rat -- rattle the windows, it is traveling over a longer path. if you happen to be north and west of clinton, getting really loud thunder and rumbling a bit, that would explain that. again, the leading edge of this, we will time lapse it for you so you coo see how it's move -- you is see how it's moving, individual cells southwest to northeast, painfully slow progress towards the east. we will keep the eye on elizabeth town and clinton, warsaw, the areas, mount olive to make sure nothing severe comes out of this, once the leading edge goes through, again from that point forward it is rain event. let's go ahead and look at the sky cam, looking towards downtown, at this point in time. the numbers at the airport 62, probably be hanging steady for a while here, the rain showers and thunderstorms cooled us down, if you look to the west, temperatures really aren't cooler, greensboro than here. so it looks like temperatures will be steady for a while.
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us a relative humidity of 96%. here is the satellite and radar mosaic. along the leading edge is where the thunder and lightning was and the solid area of rain behind it. what we are going to see tomorrow is the frontal system making it through and stall. listen to the chamber of commerce and say i like north carolina, i'm going to sit here for a while and a wave will form on the front and throw the rain to the west again. if we get a break tomorrow, it isn't going to last long and the kitten caboodle should shift offshore towards friday. one of the latest model simulation , the green areas indicate where moisture is abundant. notice it tries to come eastward and this area of lo pressure develops offshore, throws the moisture back in towards the west, the rain redevelops tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, and if we get precipitation lingering in to friday morning, couple of folks could see a snow flurry before
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scenario for friday and saturday. the system sunday, for the most part is going to stay to our east. not looking for a lot of precipitation, on sunday, and then as the cold air begins to plow in here next week, we may get upper level disturbances which give us a chance of light snow or flurrys, but now it's hard to imagine the way we could get a big snow because the winds will be northwest that whole time. 8:00 this evening, 62, with periods of rain continuing. tapering off a little bit late tonight and tomorrow morning and redeveloping as we head in to the afternoon, and that high of 58, couring first thing in the -- occurring first thing in the morning with temperatures falling all day long. friday, clearing and 49, saturday dry and sunday a chance of a little bit of precipitation, but now, looks like most of lot be east of us and maybe light snow or flurrys next week.
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francisco now with jeff gravley. >> reporter: we are here at super bowl city and a few more folks made their way to town in san francisco. when we come back, coaches worry about super bowl distractions. we will talk with the panthers color analyst, eugene robinson
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dop it update on the coach mike sh krzyzewski. he felt fine. now the reason why we are here, super bowl 5, broncos practice player, murphy was sent home after questioned in a prostitution sting. jared has the story of the message the panthers received. >> reporter: eugene robinson super bowl past isn't classified informs. the night before super bowl xxxiii, police charged the then atlanta falcon with soliciting sex from an under covered officer. owning a checkered past and owning up to it are two different beasts , the current radio broadcaster shared his story in private. want to tell you, before somebody else has a chance to
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>> it was shocking to most. a lot of guys didn't expect that. >> it was great for him to get the courage to tell our team. >> reporter: message delivered, received and understood. >> we can't let anything off the field influence our game on sunday. >> it's easy to lose your way. it's easy to be distracted and lose focus and easy for you to realize all the hard work you put in, that is easy to jeopardize that work. that's the easiest thing to do because of selfishness. >> reporter: he said if a team defeats you, that's one thing, if your own actions cause you to be defeated, that's criminal. thank you very much.
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dreams are full filled, and college football rosters are replenished. >> regardless of stars and we got a class that's ranked and all of that, regardless of stars, think they are all pure gold. >> how important it is to us, and our foot print starts in north carolina, and having 13 guys joins us from the state out of 27. we fill needs, that would be the thing i'm excited about. i don't feel like we walked away from this year and said we needed line backers and only signed one. >> reporter: we have extended coverage on wral sports including the conferences and high school ot, find stories and pictures from the local signees. north carolina is promoting offensive coach chris to the role of offensive coordinator. ca pill vick was cooffensive
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the run game coordinator for the tarheels in the previous two seasons. don't forget, tomorrow night at 7:00 and friday nite at 7:00, here in super bowl city, our special, keep pounding, we have a lot to talk about, i have spoken with tarheel or panthers play by play broadcaster, who used to call for the tarheels, he has interesting perspective on newton and richardson. stay tuned as we continue our coverage from super bowl 50 and the pace is can definitely picking up. it will be here before we know it. >> i'm ready for the game. and the commercials. >> thank you for joining us. the cbs evening news is up next.
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10:00 on st o gyite.
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