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tv   WRAL News 11PM  NBC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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followed by 60. the rest of the numbers we have 67, 31 running it out with number 28. powerball number tonight is 23 and powerball multiplier is three. let's take a look at those numbers one more time. they for joining us, we'll see you back here saturday night. the severe weather threat may be gone but don't put those umbrellas away just yet. jailed for once is on assignment . the rain continues in the hours ahead so it's get to greg fisher meteorologist checking it all in the weather center. >> indeed and it looks like the rain will continue for a while then we get into a long period
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morning, at least for, morning or to see it come back tomorrow afternoon. let's go to radar and show you we are close to the back end of this. are the things that will happen here in the rest of the triangle area overnight and into the mom morning than the rain comes back. you see a slow but steady eastward shift in precipitation shield, nothing severe, just a big blob of rain. looking at estimates in terms of how much has fallen, very, very, uniform. if i do a pixel crary around raleigh, you see a 107's, durham seven tenths, roanoke a tt over it is, rocky mountain a little over in his. not much variance here. there is a little axis north of the room where the amounts are lighter but everybody did fairly well in the rainfall department.
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may be closer than we thought it was earlier. how does late thursday night and friday morning sun foreseeing some flakes? we'll have details of that coming up in just a bit. >> thanks, greg. and bond hearing is scheduled tomorrow for natalie keepers, one of the two virginia tech students charged in the death of a girl. family and friends came together to celebrate the call level. investigators say she had been stabbed to death. david eisenhower is also charged in the murder. tomorrow marks one year since eight teenager disappeared. sarah graham was last seen leaving her fairmont home on february 4, 2015. the fbi will hold a news conference tomorrow morning to announce a new reward in the case. >> a day carried director arrested on child abuse charges after disturbing cell phone video surfaced.
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authorities. kbak's ken smith viewed that and joins us in the newsroom with what the director had to say say. >> when we first saw this cell phone video it was startling and unsettling. the daycare worker who turned it over to florida's child protective services said she was uncomfortable with the director's behavior. we must warn you some of this might be difficult to watch. this is the video line forfeits officers used to eventually charge 41-year-old board of supervisors,. the daycare employee is captured on phone hitting a boy several times, lifting him up then dropping him. in the video from the children's palace learning center the little boy appears to be resting when reid is the thing and dropping him. >> it's difficult to view the video as a parent. we want to get it out there so if there is any other victims out here. >>
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after another daycare worker notified florida's department of children and families. they then called police. training defended her accidents -- actions say she was only playing but investigators are eyeing her account. >> once you be the video is disturbing it is not appear to be the case at all. >> reporter: this isn't cruz's first brush with the law, already on ovation in another county for welfare fraud and grand theft. investigators are looking into whether she should have been working at the daycare center in the first place and if there could be other possible victims. >> who knows, this could have been going on for quite some time. she is the director of the daycare so we just happened to have an employee who happened to have enough courage to come out and ben simmoneau. >> the abuse happened over a three-week out. . despite that, the child was not hurt. the daycare is temporarily closed as the
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>> the video is tough to watch, ken smith. >> a video link to a terror plot with a -- the unidentified suspect fled guilty to a gun charge last year. the of p.m. began investigating the team reached out to a man about rubbing a gun store and attacking u.s. troops in the name of isis. the teen was denied parole as we. >> the teenager charged in the hacking investigation is out tonight in the custody of his parents. messi stood before magistrate today. police say he hacked into the school database and changed about 90 grades. authorities were alerted in october when administrators noticed unauthorized access and this at the. >> funding schools for the future, that's what wake county teachers and school board members discussed tonight. adam owens is there in joins us live in raleigh with the proposal. >> the way the schools are funded, no schos are funded
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of years we passed big bonds bonds, and they are attached to long-range planning. the proposed idea tonight was to break goes up into more frequent but smaller chunks. > > every few years wake county voters know they will get hit with a bill. there was a school bond referendum in 2013 for more than $800 million and another before that in 2006. >> it's huge numbers and we had huge numbers of people. >> schools being needed is not new in wake county, but how we pay for it, there is a proposal to change that. >> so we are going to be building schools and let's admit the row graham is going to go on and we need to figure out a way to fund it. >> deputy county manager john rodgers -- john rogers says instead of spacing them far apart, how about smaller bonds play them voted on a couple
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she said it will guard against surprises like major changes in the economy and increases or decreases in student population growth. >> it was a great first step and something to build off of. we are not always waiting on a big event bond division, humongous bond issue every three to five years but a continuing program that will continue to meet the needs of wake county. >> reporter: however frequent wake county bonds may be, they still have to hammer out how much money will be in the. >> the devil is in the details. >> talking about those details, deborah, to give you an idea how much money we are talking about, wake county school says there needs run nearly $360 million a year, all because of student population growth. >> and a lot of my for a lot of students. a woman who admitted she
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the stand tomorrow. prosecutors connected smith to huggins jones north hills apartment and a storm laptop. investigators say smith and wild anthony tried to sell laptops stolen from the apartment complex's leasing office that same night. anthony already pled guilty and is serving a life sentence. >> imagine mold and mildew invading your ho, you're stuck in a release any landlord won't fix it. tomorrow we walk you through your rights, plus learn the one thing not to do when you find mold. whether you write or own watch five on your side tomorrow at six on kbak. >> today wells fargo issued layoff notices to 87 employees in raleigh and 68 in charlotte. workers received a 60 day notice effective today. the bay says this is the result of market changes. this is their third round of layoffs since september. >> the state dot selected as preferred route for the 540 out
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orange root is the one competition officials have an eye for 20 years but environmentalists didn't like it because they said it was too destructive to wetlands. dot said the orchard had the least impact on homes businesses and historic sites. it must still get approval of regulators and if it does construction would start in 2018. >> kbak is your super bowl 50 had courtesan we are live tonight in super bowl city. >> fashion shows the passion fans have for the super bowl team. >> and why the nhl' florida panthers were at the center of today's conversation about the big game. >> and as we head to the break, another look at your winning powerball numbers.
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. >> protests mounted outside the demonstrators say $5 million spent for super bowl
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the crowd said a small but weekly group and also seems to morph into a protest against several problems. >> super bowl city is getting more crowded and more colorful. >> gerald is here to explain the war on words through fashion. >> deborah and: the game on sunday -- game between pet the panthers are broncos -- look over his card and you can see in a minute what the fans are wearing. two things fire up of versus passion quite like sports. every team in the nfl is represented in super bowl city one way or another. >> you're probably wearing her super bowl gear. >> have to, who else has a
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has this -- six super bowl besides us? >> then loyalty is or it can be inherited. >> how do you like the panthers, did your dad make you become a panther fan? >> kind of but i -- i like the panthers because that smart my dad grew up -- that's where my dad grew up. >> reporter: we came up for super bowl activities. monica hancock was more subtle with her panther pride but she is no less enthusiastic, and she noticed what i did. >> i don't see a lot of panthers gear around here today . maybe it's still early in the week. >> i think so. we've been through several store today and there are a lot of panther get out there but you have to search for it or go i have my blue on, i'm ready.
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family from raleigh tonight as panther fans continue to trickle in. we should have a sea of blue and hereby friday through sunday. as for the patriots, gronkowski was up here in one of the booths doing interview. that's where the patriots, it came from, guys. >> we knew something stuck in your head with everything going on you were talking about all the different teams. >> year. you got it. >> you are looking very fashionable gerald. we appreciate that live report from california, thanks so much. we are hoping to get you ready for super bowl 50 with two specials. join us. we will have little loan local connections to the big game, player interviews, and much more. >> a north carolina man had the holy grail of sports tv but
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over the only no broadcast recording of super bowl one. the times reports that choice how's late father takes the game back in 1967. amazingly the nfl, cbs and nbc didn't keep the broadcast. he said the grainy videotapes -- tape state in the attic of his home for decades. he had been try to sell up at the nfl won't pay the million dollars he asked for, plus the league threatened to sue if you try to sell the content to anyone else. he's voted as saying it's like having the golden ticket but you'd still can't get into the chocolate factory. >> it is still in his attic? >> know he has it now but he had been trying to restore. they have been negotiating for a few years and the nfl won't give him what he's asking for. >> maybe someday someone will pay a lot of money for their. >> some of us are old enough to tell you about that from memory.
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earlier, the real super bowl when the afl was not that good, was the nfl title game, packers and cowboys first three years. they were just classics. i remember back to that time and can't to you details but can't talk about it now. but let's show rado one more time to we still have brain out there but notice the darker greens have shifted east of raleigh now and this is the long awaited slow. that we were talking about that could take place before the rain shield backs up tomorrow afternoon. at that time temperatures will fall and we will talk about that and a second. here's sky came as we look toward downtown raleigh. sixty-three, going up 1 degree
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the dew point is 61, so it's almost muggy. humidity 93 percent and pressure 29.94. here's, chennault said light rays are mosaic it easy moisture coming from the gulf of mexico -- gulf of mexico across the eastern seaboard. this is all the way through main . however as we look here, see this patch of snow across the texas panhandle? that is a disturbance in the upper atmosphere that shows up here in the water vapor imagery. this will strengthen as it moves eastward over the 24 to 36 hour period. in the wintertime when you have a tightly wound system in the upper atmosphere, and that center of circulation goes just to your south, that is a situation where you can pick up some snow. the problem is our surface temperatures are so warm, they're going to be above freezing all day tomorrow and tomorrow night, even if we change to snow, it's hard to
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problem. what if you are up at just the right time late tomorrow night or early friday, you may see flakes falling from this disturbance. let's take a look at the simulation as to how this will all play out. green the case where we had deep moisture in the atmosphere. the rate of blue lines here are the freezing lines, one for the lowest mile and the other one for the layer above that. you have to have both of them to your south to have any chance of getting snow. of course surface temperature here here. so we are starting off very mild and it will stay mild all night long. temperatures will still be toasty when you leave for work or school tomorrow tomorrow. you might want to take some supplementary clothing because it would feel like that when you come home in the evening as the green fields in tempers -- temperatures could fall to the 40s by time we get to the late afternoon as rain continues.
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caught the moisture yet so no problem through 7:00 o'clock tomorrow. the moisture shifts east but it is a race, their freezing lines are trying to catch up. see if we can get there before the moisture departs, okay. by 4:00 a.m. those are the moisture is wrapping back around like this and their freezing lines are east of us? again the chance of this turn to a little wet snow late tomorrow night or early friday morning. notice the temperature could stay above freezing that entire time. but once you get to around 34, there is a chance you would at least get a coating on some grassy surfaces. keep an eye on it and check with elizabeth in the morning on that. temperatures overnight may have a problem dropping below 60. for those lucky enough to get out of the rain overnight, it comes back tomorrow for most of the area. these highs will be achieved in the morning with temperatures falling perhaps to the 40s in the triangle area by late afternoon.
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a little wet snow late tomorrow night or early friday morning. the system on sunday is looking less and less impressive so that could end up being a fairly peaceful day on sunday. then we see if we pick up more lights new line flurries by tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> it robbed we wouldn't stick on any road surface? . >> no. do your homework. >> and makes up on a morning newscast mistakenly sent the hockey team to the super bowl. >> how the social media had a field day with it. . >> good evening i'm gail herne. let's start out with the carolina picked three. here comes the first would a number. it's eight. second number seven, and third number is a number four. joining me is the auditor from thomas and gibbs. next game as
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here comes the first number, a zero. second number eight, third number tonight is two and final number in text for is three. good luck, everyone here comes first winning cash five number 132. second number, 12. third number tonight is 17. our fourth number is 21. the final number in cash five to 97. over the past nine years the lumber -- lottery contribute over $3.9 million to
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get . social media had a field day over a mistake on a
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if you check out the graphic in the background you can see why. the logo where the carolina panthers s suld be is actually the florida panthers of the nhl. the hockey team said that shipped the santa clara was news to them. even the hurricanes got in on the fun showing support for the super bowl that will neverthe. the florida panthers alternately had to decline the uninfected trip unless a sheet of ice suddenly covers the field. >> we are live in super bowl city where the festivities are underway for this weekend's big game. jeff brady joins us now with what's ahead in sports. jeff. >> reporter: the panthers will probably put that in their final disrespect and it's growing larger and larger. there are many ways to get to the super bowl. mandy mitchell has a unique story of how one panthers assistant got here. and ron rivera does not want
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. >> winning is a glorious team what is your team. as successful as the panthers have been this it, it's been annoying to those on the outside . we all know how the panthers like to celebrate, hold a
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field with their antics. you know what, some of those people outside the circle feel that the panthers are too self- centered. they don't like when they do that. they certainly don't like when the panthers have a team photo dabbing before the game is over . ron rivera said, folks, i take offense at those who call as cocky. >> we have kind of crashed the party. we are new to the scene. a lot of people really know who we are to go so to draw a quick conclusion on that based on a couple of things i think it disappointing. i'm not going to have our guys change now. cam their comment about it a couple weeks ago and we don't want to get to that point. >> reporter: we know ron rivera played for the chicago bears and also coached there but there are other connection between the panthers in bears. mandy mitchell draw the line. >> panthers assistant coach cam turner members his first
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very well. the bears were play the colts and young cam was in the stands. >> last time i was at the super bowl was with my dad, as a fan, a family member. >> reporter: had that, ron turner, was the bears offensive coordinator at the time. like all proud sons he wanted to be there but he almost didn't get that chance. >> there is a body all week. were i didn't know and i was frustrated. >> the problem: cam was a student at the citadel. >> freshman, you don't get weekends off, let alone nights. >> reporter: that includes super bowl sunday, even if you're that his coaching in the game. >> i had to ask special permission to leave school and i had no leave days. i had to go through all the channels. >> reporter: permission granted. he made it to the stadium just in time and had to be back the next day. little did he know he would be coaching in the same game just a few years later.
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i wouldn't have ever dreamed it. but it worked out and it's here. it's a real. >> reporter: peyton manning was a quarterback that beat cam's team and that super bowl so you can bet he's looking for some family revenge on sunday. in the shadow of alcatraz, mandy mitchell, kbak sports san francisco, california. >> i hope mettee made it back from alcatraz. recruiting had its they in the sun as we honor high school signing day went ten meets paper . let's hear from our triangle football coaches as the ecu coach scott montgomery. >> i believe the cloud that's been hanging over our head for the previous four years had dissipated. our coaches battled hard and i think we've done things the right way and didn't go out there and cut corners, were positive throughout the process and focused on who we were.
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and we've got a class that is ranked all of that -- but regardless of stars, i think they are all? gold. >> we are competing now all over the country for our players . we are not just competing with schools from our state. >> reporter: in hockey tonight the hurricanes are in calgary. it was tied in the first all. but the canes have gotten two more goals. >> sounds like a busy place there, jeff. >> i could get used to this. >> space, jeff. >> they for joining us.
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