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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  NBC  February 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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e l sine n. >> pelley: a new health emergency has been declared in another big florida county. this as concern grows that the zika virus can now be spread through blood transfusions. also tonight, trump looking for a new hampshire comeback. >> crunch time, right? >> pelley: the smirk that irked members of congress. >> i know you're smiling, but i'm very serious, sir. >> pelley: and a sunday kind of love between women and the nfl. >> there's just something about football. it always keeps you on your toes. >> this captioning sponsored by cbs
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with scott pelley. >> pelley: today a health emergency was declared in a fifth florida county because of zika virus, which is suspected of causing birth defects. broward county includes fort lauderdale. florida is reporting at least 12 cases, in all more than 51 people have been infected in 12 states and the district of columbia. conditions in the sunshine state are especially conducive to zika. mark strassmann is there. >> reporter: zika anxiety pushed teams of mosquito-control sprayers into florida today. florida's hot, humid client puts its 20 million residents at risk for the virus along with millions more tourists. governor rick scott. mosquitoes similar to mosquitoes that could carry this, so it's better to get ahead of it. the centers for disease control or c.d.c. to rush 1,000 zika
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the state will buy 4,000 more. testing would focus on pregnant women who are especially vulnerable. the virus has been linked to a birth defect called microcephaly. babies are born with abnormally small heads and brains. there is no zika vaccine and no antidote. dr. walter tabachnick, an expert on infectious diseases. >> i think we have to take this so seriously that we must do everything possible to reduce the chances of getting zika. >> reporter: floridians often live with standing water where mosquitoes breed, but residents are being urged to get rid of it, inside in flower vases and water tanks, and outdoors in empty pails, clogged gutters or wherever water pools. the c.d.c. has advised pregnant women to postpone traveling to 30 countries and territories, including mexico. >> i'm 16 weeks pregnant. >> reporter: erica benstock declared her own state of emergency.
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month to cancun, where she was supposed to be matron of honor in her sister's wedding. >> now that it's in the state of florida, how far is it going to spread and what does that mean traveling? >> reporter: because you could stay home. >> and still get it. >> reporter: 80% of zika patients show no symptoms. scott, it's likely there are many more cases than the official numbers indicate. >> pelley: mark strassmann in mark, thank you. the c.d.c. says zika is spreading in these 26 countries and territories in the americas. in addition to mosquitoes, it's transmitted through sex, and we learned today blood transfusions. dr. jon lapook has been reporting all week from ground zero of the outbreak in brazil. >> reporter: here in brazil, donated blood is not yet tested for zika virus. instead donors are asked if they've recently been ill, but
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virus have no symptom, infections. in brazil the virus is predominantly spread through mosquitoes, but in the united states, nearly all the reported cases are imported from travelers. that's why the major blood banks say people should not donate blood if they have traveled in the last 28 days to mexico, the caribbean, south or central america. the director of transfusion medicine at u.p.m.c. >> if the deferral will take care of the great majority of the risk, so i think by far the benefits of transfusion would outweigh the very small risks of an infected unit. >> reporter: there is a test called p.c.r. that can detect zika virus in the blood, but it's not government approved in brazil or in the united states where about 21 million units are transfused each year. >> we keep the virus here frozen. >> reporter: researchers rafael franka has been studying
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in brazil. >> we have the machines and the technology to do. this we need to make sure we have solid results. >> reporter: there's nothing really stopping you from testing every blood transfusion for the presence of zika virus? >> yeah, true. we just don't have enough time actually. >> reporter: if mosquitoes in the u.s. get infected, travel bans alone would not be an effective screening method. that happen, testing donor blood for the preds accident of zika virus would be considered. >> pelley: jon lapook in brazil for us tonight. john, thank you. now, five days before the new hampshire primary, a poll out this evening shows donald trump leading marco rubio by 11 points. that's a seven-point improvement for rubio, putting him ahead of ted cruz. trump is looking for a comeback and major garrett is there. >> reporter: donald trump is learning retail politics means more than selling hats and t-shirt.
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>> donald, we love you. >> reporter: it means mingling with voters, something trump rarely did in iowa. >> got to do it. it's crunch time, right? >> reporter: crunch time is right, and trump's ad hoc ground game is hurriedly playing catch-up. trump has led every poll here since july, but today would not predict victory. >> i don't think in terms of losing. that's why i'm here right now. i think we're going to do well. >> donald trump is very rattled right now. he told the entire world he was going to win iowa, and then he didn't win. report iowa caucus winner ted cruz is trying the maximize his momentum to catch trump and beat back another challenge from marco rubio. >> i really appreciate your support. >> reporter: marco rubio picked up rick santorum's endorsement yesterday, but this morning santorum did little to help the florida senator. >> list one accomplishment that marco rubio has achieved in four years of the united states senate. it doesn't even have to be a passed bill. >> the bottom line is there
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i don't think it's fair question. >> reporter: rubio quickly downplayed santorum's comments. >> i wouldn't expect him to be entirely familiar with my record in my time. >> we're electing a president of the united states, in the a back bencher to the united states senate. >> reporter: jeb bush has made an issue of rubio's lack of experience all week. today the super pack supporting bush featured its first tv ad featuring george w. bush. >> i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. >> reporter: scott, top republicans say trump can win without the months of organization and money that ted cruz, john kasich and jeb bush have devoted to new hampshire. >> pelley: major garrett in new hampshire, major, thank you. speaking of jeb bush, he finished sixth in iowa and he's at 10% in new hampshire. well, today norah o'donnell spoke to him and his mother, former first lady barbara bush. >> just a few years ago you said house.
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i knew you were going to bring that up. and i said it because it is such a sacrifice for his family, but now i know he is so needed that he has to run. >> pelley: you can see more of norah's interview with jeb and barbara bush tomorrow on "cbs this morning." hillary clinton's campaign has been facing questions about her decision as secretary of state to use an unsecured computer server in her home for official e-mails. some of those e-mails turned out to contain top-secret information. well, today we learned that clinton is not alone, and we asked nancy cordes to look into this. >> i will be a better president. >> reporter: clinton suddenly finds herself in good company. according to an internal state department review, two of former secretary colin powell's personal e-mails also contained classified information, as did ten e-mails from the personal
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successor, condoleezza rice. pretty benign. >> reporter: like clinton, lauren powell exclusively used a personal account as secretary of state, though he e-mailed far less often. in a statement today he said the two e-mails in question were from my executive assistant and forwarded messages sent by two of our ambassadors to state department staff members. i have reviewed the messages, he said, and i do not see what makes them classified. the clinton campaign happily sided with him. press secretary brian fallon. >> this is an example of overclassification run amok. >> reporter: the state department announced last week that 22 of clinton's e-mails which sat on her private server for years are being reclassified as top secret, one of the highest levels of classification, higher than the secret and confidential designations given to the powell and rice e-mails. more than 1,500 clinton e-mails have already been put in those categories. isn't there a big difference between an e-mail or two being
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22 e-mails being classified as top secret. >> these e-mails that have been judged top secret are completely wrong. we want them released. let the public see them. >> reporter: f.b.i. is still looking into clinton's use of a private server, but, scott, the clinton campaign views this as a rare positive development in a year-long controversy. >> pelley: nancy cordes with the clinton campaign. nancy, thank you. today in the water emergency in flint, michigan, the e.p.a. said that lead levels are dropping and home filters appear to be working. but that isn't true everywhere as our adriana diaz discovered. >> we have this information sheet from e.p.a. >> reporter: e.p.a. agents have fanned out in flint, targeting homes where lead levels remain sphub -- stubbornly high. joe ragnone's tap water has the city's second highest amount of lead on record. it's classified as toxic waste. >> does it look like that water
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>> that looks like regular water? >> right. only to find out you got over 5,000... >> reporter: parts per billion. >> parts per billion. this is the reason why we never really even considered our water being bad. >> reporter: old and corroded led pipes in some homes are still releasing lead into the drinking water. since january 1st, 364 homes of the more than 5,000 tested exceeded the federal lead limit of 15 parts per billion. 48 topped 150 ppbs. overall is water safer here for flint? >> safer since last fall? >> reporter: uh-huh? >> we don't have the day to to be able to say that yet. we're hoping, but again, that's why we're here. we're collecting samples. we're trying to evaluate the health of the system. >> reporter: concern for lead levels in children's blood is still high. today state health officials
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they show 2.5% of children have elevated blood lead levels. last year at this time it was 2.1%. parents continue to bring their children in for blood testing, fearing developmental delays and behavioral issues. >> it's just a bad situation. we just worry. >> reporter: 34 members of the e.p.a. are on the ground conducting tests at homes with the highest lead levels. scott, today officials announced they want every child in flint under six years old tested for lead by april 1st. >> pelley: adriana diaz. adriana, thanks. well, there was quite a scene on capitol hill today. martin shkreli was there, the former drug company executive who became a poster boy for price gouging. he was later arrested on unrelateed fraud charges. members wanted to ask him about drug prices. >> on the advice of counsel, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege. i invoke my fifth amendment privilege.
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privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. >> pelley: his space spoke volumes. >> i wish you could sigh the faces of people who could not get the drugs they need, and i truly believe... are you listening? >> yes. >> thank you. i truly believe you could become a force of tremendous good. there are so many people that could use your help. may god bless you. >> pelley: after the hearing, shkreli invoked one more right to spree speech, tweeting, "hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government." martin shkreli was the company executive embroiled in that price gouging situation. prosecutors reveal details of the carefully planned murder of
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