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tv   CBS This Morning  NBC  February 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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fongup captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, february 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton and bernie sanders clash over wall street in a contentious debate. >> a multistate case end in a shoot-out with the couple dubbed the modern day bonnie and clyde. >> it started with a marching band and now features the biggest musical acts in the world. we will take you inside the evolution of the super bowl halftime show. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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that you and your campaign have been carrying out and let's talk about the issues! >> sanders and clinton face off in new hampshire. >> i am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super pac. >> trump holding five events in one day. >> businesses that are now in mexico come back to new hampshire and you can tell them to go themselves. >> a good night between police and the called bonnie and clyde couple overnight. blake fitzgerald is dead and brittany harper is wounded. the pair was wanted for a string of robberies and car jackings along the gulf coast. >> the zika virus is spreading. >> we will make sure everybody is safe. we will do everything we can. >> do you think you did anything wrong? >> martin shkreli had little to say. >> your decline to answer up a answers to the questions? >> yes.
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founds of earth, wind and fire, died at the age of 47. do you remember >> a cyclist survives after being dragged underneath a truck. >> all that. >> the world champion warriors guests of president obama and there with steph curry. >> you want to show us a little of your lap dance? >> come on, rob! >> and all that matters. >> we are three days away from the super bowl! football! >> will you weigh in who you're rooting for? >> i'm for the old guy, the guy you can rely on, the guy with a proven record on. i'm for peyton. >> sound like you! >> better thanny sanders interrupted his own speech to rush to the aid of a man who fainted in the audience. luckily, bernie was able to shout him back to consciousness! are you okay? wake up! the middle class is disappearing! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." happy friday, everybody! charlie rose is off so anthony mason is bus. >> happy friday. >> nice to have you here. the gloves are off in the democratic presidential fight. last night's debate in new hampshire was loud and, sometimes, rough. hillary clinton bluntly accused bernie sanders of using smear tactics. and sanders repeated his attack on clopt's tiesinton's ties to wall street. >> a new poll shows bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton by 2-1 margin. nancy cordes is in new hampshire where both candidates will campaign today. >> reporter: when we talked to voters, you can tell this line of attack by sander about her wall street donations is having an impact. they bring it up a lot. so she had to find a way to turn the argument back on him and given her poll numbers here, she
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>> i really don't think these kind of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. >> reporter: sanders was caught off-guard by clinton's ver osity. >> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i ever received. so i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. and let's talk -- let's talk about the issues! >> the senator stood his ground. arguing big donors don't give money to be nice. >> there is a reason why these people are putting huge amounts of money into our political >> reporter: clinton said sanders was too focused on what she called one street. >> madam secretary, it is not one street. the business model of wall street is fraud. it's fraud. >> reporter: still unknown is what clinton said in speeches she made to financial firms for $200,000 a pop.
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the transcripts of all of your paid speeches? >> i'm look into. it. i don't know the status but i'll look into it. >> reporter: last night, clinton turned the tables on sanders. >> if we get into labels, i don't think it was particularly aggressive to vote against the brady bill five times. i don't think it was progressive so vote to give gunmakers and sellers immunity. >> reporter: when sanders called her the establishment pick she had this response. >> senator sanders is the only person who i think would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as exemplifying the establishment. >> reporter: but the moderators noted even democrats who support clinton worry that her e-mail controversy could hurt her down the road. >> you are a 100% confident that nothing is going to come of this fbi investigation. >> i am 100% confident. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is feeling a little better after the e-mails after
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of two of former secretary of state colin powell e-mails. the republicans argue there is a difference between two e-mails and her 1,500. john dickerson of "face the nation" is with us this morning. hillary clinton was fierce. she was forceful and she went after bernie sanders, talking about an artful smear, attacks by insinuation. will it work or was it risky? >> that was very interesting. she is right, essentially. bernie sanders' argument is she is compromised by all of the money and donations she gets. now the question is does it make political sense for her to do that? it showed her being forceful and fierce, but what do regular people hear when they hear people get a lot of money from a certain industry? they think maybe there is a connection there, so is it really a smear for sanders to bring that up or is he saying, simply, that because of the
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that is something we will have tained out find out coming days. she is hanging a lamp on this issue. >> bernie sanders didn't take it lying down. what are voters in new hampshire saying about how he did last night? >> well, with i haven't talked to a lot of them overnight, but the -- his -- basically, he is so on message and the argument is basically that he will go farther than she will because he is not compromised by those donations. so i think that, basically, they both were forceful advocates for their positions. but right now the positions in new hampshire are helping bernie sanders. >> john, a huge debate last night over the definition of the word progressive. this from a party that once struggled to avoid the word liberal. what is going on here exactly? >> well, it's who has got the real, true religion. hillary clinton was quite artful in her response to that. it seems to me if you were trying to outdo the other on who
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you would just stand up and say, hey, i'm a liberal. as you say, that is really the word that many who believe in those sets of ideas still hold on to and think there is nothing wrong about that and want to be proud about it. but they were basically trying to put each other in the corner and that was a really interesting exchange. sengs about what is at the heart of this race, who is truer to the cause. >>er >>er john dickerson, i don't know if you've heard but i have a big spufinterview with the obama's on sunday. do you have any word of advice? >> just be yourself, gayle. >> okay, john! >> you didn't buy that? >> no, i need a little bit more than that, john dickerson. i will call you later. thank you very much. john, by the way, will interview senator sanders for this weekend's "face the nation." that is sunday right here on cbs. most of the republican candidates will debate tomorrow
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a new poll out this morning shows donald trump still leads the field there with 30% but marco rubio has jumped has second place with 17%. ted cruz is third. followed by john kasich and jeb bush. major garrett is at rubio's campaign office in manchester, new hampshire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two polls in 24 hours show genuine movement for only one republican, marco rubio, up seven in one survey and six in another. judging by all of the attacks rubio faced since arriving in iowa you know other republicans believe rubio is rising. everyone else is either standing still or losing ground. and with only four days to go before the new hampshire primary, pressure is mounting. and cracks and temperament are forming. >> we are going to knock the [ bleep ] out of isis. i don't give a damn. they are ripping the [ bleep ] out of the sea. you can tell them to go -- themselves! >> reporter: a propane, but
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energized a standing room only crowd on thursday night, after cramming four mix and mingle events into a single day. it was the most biggest pace of his entire campaign. by the time trump hit the stage. >> i've done five of these today. in different forms. do you think this is fun? >> reporter: he appeared winded. >> do you think this is fun? >> reporter: ted cruz also grew exasperated by a question of his duel canadian citizenship. >> sir, sir? okay, next question. >> reporter: chris christie teed off on a voter in keen. >> i don't understand a damn thing you just said. >> reporter: marco rubio is the notion but the first-time senator faced questions about his experience, or lack of it. >> no one running for president has presidential experience. being president is nothing like being governor. it's nog like being a senator. >> reporter: one possible source of anxiety? voter volatility.
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remain undecided. trump's trouble? 37% say they would not vote for him under any circumstance. even so, trump pledged if he made it all the way he would even golf. >> i just want to stay in the white house and work my ass off and make great deals, right some who is going to lead? who is going to lead? rubio leading here, something else may be happening. an end to asoo organizing and face-to-face courtship. new hampshire voters. compared to john kasich, chris christie, ted cruz, and jeb bush, rubio and trump have devoted far less time and money to old-fashioned new hampshire style politics. that could be a source of frustration for candidates not named trump or rubio. >> thank you, major. jeb bush is looking for a comeback after finishing sixth in iowa.
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mother, former first lady barbara bush, spoke with us in new hampshire. her first tv interview since the campaign started and they were quick to show their criticism of donald trump. >> i don't think any president would haveshouted profanities in his speech. >> who did that? >> your buddy. that never would have been acceptable in the age of reagan or my dad. >> yes. unbelievable. i don't know how women can vote for someone who said what he said about megyn kelly. it's terrible! and we knew what he meant too. don't you get in his firing line. and money doesn't buy everything. it's accomplishments and what you're doing and giving and it's incom prehenible to me. >> the two will have much to say
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presidential race. mrs. bush now explains why she is campaigning along her son and that is ahead on "cbs this morning." you know they call her the silver fox. she has a silver tongue and wait until you hear. she goes unplugged. >> still going strong at 90 years old. >> she is feisty. we have new details in the killing of a 13-year-old virginia teenager. the family gathered yesterday at a funeral for nicole lovell. they say virginia tech students keepers and eisenhauer carefully planned the girl's murder. eisenhauer allegedly met lovell online. she was killed the same day she climbed out her window to meet eisenhauer. both students are held without bond. florida officials are reporting three new cases of zeke rah virus and bringing the statewide total to 12. florida's governor has declared a health emergency in five counties and 51 people in 12
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infected. mosquito control sprayers out in miami yesterday. florida's climate allows the mosquitoes for breed year-round. a sloppy morning commute on the east coast. a winter storm is dumping a few inches of snow across northeastern states. some areas along the coast could see about a foot. rain turned into wet snow overnight that coated roads and more than 5 million people are under a winter storm warning. the system will move off the coast by later today. well, it's certainly a better forecast for super bowl 50. sunny skies with sicka kickoff temperature around 70 degrees. the fbi and police say there is no credible safety threat to the the broncos and the panthers today have their final full practice. ahead, jeff glor shows us how celebrities like snoop dogg are crashing the fan frenzy. you can't listen to the music of the '70s without
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white, the founder of earth, wind and fire. he lost his battle with parkinson's disease wednesday in langs at the age of 74. he was nominated for 27 grammys and winning seven over a career spanning more than four decades. do you remember when the first time in september >> reporter: singer/songwriter maurice white knew how to chase the clouds away. >> dancing in september jo. >> reporter: he formed earth wind and fire in the '70s and they moved a generation and got that generation moving. boogie boogie dance >> reporter: inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame in 2000 their moves sxanedexpanded the mind and selling more than 9
7:16 am
>> we look for an illusionary performance and high energy, of course, and just a good show. show what you can do with my love >> reporter: when he sat down with cbs news in 1988, white shared how the group's name was in the stars. >> someone had -- did a chart on me and the elements in my chart is earth, air, and fire. but i said, i'll call it earth, wind. i changed air to wind. and there is the name. >> reporter: and the elements of his music encouraged listeners to love what they were hearing and each other. >> i think he was just really in touch with making misk for the people. >> reporter: billy johnson jr., senior editor for yahoo! music said -- >> he is a song that feels so good. you're a shining star no matter who you are
7:17 am
you to make a wish on a star. to just have that kind of message for your spirit, i think, is incredible. shining star come into view >> such a unique sound. >> such a rough year. movie. david bowie and glenn frey and natalie cole and now this. >> surveillance video captures fitzgerald and harper allegedly committing car-jackings and robberies. fitzgerald was killed this morning in a shoot-out and harper wounded and the pair allegedly committed crimes in three states. david begnaud is in pensacola, florida, where the chase ended. >> reporter: six crimes in six days and it had federal investigators from the fbi to the u.s. marshal's office searching from new orleans to florida and ended overnight behind me beyond the flashing
7:18 am
here on the florida panhandle. there were two police chases and then gunfire. the manhunt for blake fitzgerald and his girlfriend brittany harper came to a violent end in the florida panhandle this morning. nearly five days after the pair allegedly kidnapped, stole, and robbed their way across the gulf coast. the couple's first alleged victim was kyle dease, the 26-year-old said fitzgerald forced him into a car and kidnapped him on sunday. . describe that ride to me. >> the gun in his lap the entire time but i was just trying to stay calm. i was just being sarcastic and trying to crack jokes. >> reporter: about an hour later, the suspects dumped him in the hills. shortly after that, police say fitzgerald kidnapped a woman inside of her own home. the couple allegedly forced the woman into her car but let her go just a few miles down the road, taking her suv. on monday, surveillance video
7:19 am
miles away in perry, georgia. the video appeared to show fitzgerald robbing and abducting a female clerk at a convenience store. like the other victims, the clerk was released unharmed. >> no way to harm and even if you don't harm the people, you're mentally messing them up. >> reporter: the duo was spot in florida on wednesday. they say fitzgerald robbed a surf shop and a grocery store. both 30-year-old suspects have a criminal history. fitzgerald spent time in jail for first-degree burglary in 2014 and harper pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated in 2010. the male suspect told one of his victims -- he would do anything not to go back to jail. >> david, thanks. an outspoken former drug company ceo creates a backlash by not speaking. ahead how martin shkreli
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ahead, superstars join the super bowl mania. we will take you to san francisco where the excitement is building ahead of sunday's game. on monday our cameras get a look bill leslie here with the top stories. we begin with a track accident. alcohol may have been a factor in a crash that sent two people to the hospital overnight. it happened about midnight. a van ran a red light and hit a car. police told us that two people were seriously hurt. prosecutors now that i that two virginia tech students carefully plotted the kidnapping and killing of a 13- year-old girl whose body was found in north carolina.
7:24 am
kiefer are charged in the death of nicole lovell. the girl texted before she disappeared. the forecast in north carolina had mention of snow flurries but nothing materialized. >> when i came in the morning, there was a decent band of clouds on the radar, but then they disappeared. brief snow showers and i thought that would spring through here but working its way into drier air and it's falling apart. a sprinkle, a flurry, that's about it. the next story is the sunshine. we're going to see increasing sunshine this morning. r du sky cam starting to show a tiny break here or there. but our skies shut here is. 34 in goldsboro and south hill. nothing slick on the road in terps frozen precipitation for you this morning. 47 the high. we'll see sunshine but breezy.
7:25 am
and bowl sunday, a chance for a shower and high of 44. >> elizabeth, you showed us on the radar some those light rain showers moving through the eastern part of wake county to johnston county. not seeing standing water or anything like that. you already see the skies starting to clear a little bit. you do keep in mind that we do have wet roads here. this is fayette ville street on the south side of durham and the roads dried up nicely on the western side of the triangle. a look at the live commute map. an accident on the morrisville area in the neighborhood, not causing any problems. an event on the eastern side of wake county on for rest smith root. thank you, brian.
7:26 am
recover from here in california, somebody waut a lottery ticket that turned out to be worth $63 million. the deadline to cash it in was today and no one showed up to claim it. so now the money goes to california public schools. what a waste, you know? you just hate to see that! >> they will put the money to good use. if you find the ticket, you don't want to think about it. i'd rather never want to know. >> absolutely. welcome back to "cbs this morning." outspoken former pharmaceutical executive pleads the fifth. martin shkreli shocked members of congress with his refusal to answer questions.
7:27 am
those lawmakers after the hearing reason a bmx legend has died. friends and family are remembering david mira. what he posted on social media one day before his death. the detroit free press reports an aide in the governor's office knew about a spike in legionnaire's disease a month before he said he knew. the aide was told it may be tied to the city changing its water supply. march 25th e-mail said, the quote. the governor spokesman said is premature and irresponsible to make the connection. the "los angeles times" reports on a possible end in sight to a gas leak in porter ranch, california. enhanced video shows the gas leak, which began back in october, state officials sail
7:28 am
the gas could be capped off as early as the end of next year. about 5,000 homes have been evacuated. "the new york times" on how the u.s. will track a rocket that north korea says it will launch sometime in an 18-day prered period starting monday. many analysts see it as a long-range missile test. the japan newspaper says the fueling of the rocket appears to have begun. "wall street journal" reports investigators think a suicide bomber caused an explosion oa aomi airliner on tuesday. we have been reporting on the blast that tore a hole through the side of the jet as it took off. the aledleged bomber was blown out in the explosion and his body found 25 miles away. investigators believe he snuck the bomb on on board using a wheelchair. a drone crashing into the 40th floor of the empire state building last night. the suspected operator is identified as shawn riddle. he tweeted, quote, filming with drone and now it's stuck on the empire state building with
7:29 am
police arrested the man for reckless endangerment and navigation. embattled former pharmaceutical ceo martin shkreli is at the center of a new controversy. he invocketedked the fifth amendment yesterday. he is sparked outrage last september when his company raised the prize of a life saving drug from $13.50 a bill to $750. jan crawford is in washington with the backlash over his testimony. >> reporter: good morning. so it took martin shkreli less than ten minutes to accomplish what few people in this town are able to do and that is get bipartisan agreement. people on both sides of the aisle were disgusted by his testimony, or lack of it. for most people, testifying before congress can be a daunting experience. >> do you solemnly swear or affirm that the testimony you're about to give will be the truth. >> reporter: but for martin shkreli, it seemed like a waste of his time.
7:30 am
will not give an opening statement. >> reporter: the normally outspoken former ceo tried something new. re restraint. >> i invoke my fifth amendment privilege while i invoke my fifth amendment privilege and decline to answer your question. >> reporter: even that was tough. shkreli went between looking bored to confused and sometimes smug, angrying congressional leaders and leading to this rebuke from elijah cummings. >> the way i can see it, you can go down in history as the poster boy for greedy drug company executives, or you can change the system. yeah, you. >> reporter: his attorney explained it's an apparent lack of interest this way. >> some of what you saw was nervous energy by an individual who very much would like to explain what happened, but has agreed to listen to his lawyer. >> reporter: shkreli adopted a
7:31 am
outside a brooklyn federal court where he is currently facing charges of securities fraud but what a different a day makes. shortly after being excused from the committee, he tweeted hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. this might seem like odd behavior but it's business as usual for shkreli. the same guy who live streaming his life after his arrest in december and started a public feud with rapper ghost killa. >> be real, as your video once said, and don't ever [ bleep ] mention my name again. >> i'm from the streets. you take shots at me, i'll come back to you, especially publicly. >> reporter: shkreli had 45 million dollars in an e-trade account when with he posted bail after his arrest. by wednesday that number dropped to 5 million because of a bad investment, proving that one minute you're up, the next
7:32 am
>> jan, thanks. he seems to offend everyone doesn't. >> it's the smug expression. the tweet didn't help either. >> shock and grief this morning in the extreme sports world after the suddenly death after the legendary star dave mirra suicide. he was 41. vladimir duthiers shows us the stunned reaction of friends and colleagues. >> reporter: dave mirra left behind a wife and two young daughters as well a series of cryptic messages on social media but no clear public sign that this man who seemed to have everything was apparently planning to take his own life. >> dave mirra wins the x-games gold medal. >> reporter: by any measure, dave mirra was an icon in bmx
7:33 am
x. games and winning 24 medals. >> look at the high shrash/oh! >> reporter: you can buy his video game x-games. he hosted mtv's reality game show. >> the wingest rider of the sport still on the forefront of progression. >> reporter: he wasn't just an athlete. mirra was also a family man, posting lovely messages about his wife and two young daughters. he offered this photo with his wife on instagram thursday, with the apgscaption, my rock! thank god. but an hour on later he was found dead inside his truck. the sheriff's deputy released this statement. officials calling it an apparent suicide. >> just a sad day here. a life cut too short. you just wish you could have got to him and understood, but, you
7:34 am
a sad day. >> reporter: mirra's fans and friends are struggling to understand. feller ex-bmx tweeted i'm in shock. tony hawk, we are heartbroken. this one day before his death, mirra, himself, posted this message to instagram. we all have battles to fight. never back down. love you all. >> it was a total shock to me. and i suspect to many others. you can't really make sense of it, because it's not a thing that makes sense to you. apparently you can have all of these different things and all of these people that adore you and it's just a reminder that you don't know. you just don't know. >> reporter: mirra family is asking for privacy. the police chief will have a press coerence today on the
7:35 am
>> posting those messages, it seemed he had it all. >> thank you, vlad. the broncos and panthers are preparing to take field for super bowl 50 on sunday. the advice on teams how to avoid distractions. >> there is gronk! >> there he is, norah. >> norah like her some gronk. football frenzy from a guy you know knows a little something about hearing in the big game. we will hear from the gronk. if you're heading out the door, watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device. don't miss our inside look out james corden is preparing for his special edition of the super bowl edition of the "late, late show." and norah has more with an interview with j bus baara bush. webe"? who i ressive insura , i eoplveraof o$500 wey s did you payo bags? righ the name your price tool.
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in two days and counting, fans will pack levi stadium in santa clara for super bowl 50. around 70,000 people will crowd into those stands. the panthers and the broncos met some of those fans yesterday. this was their last media
7:40 am
jeff glor is at super bowl city in san francisco with the football frenzy. jeff, hello. >> reporter: the players got here actually on sunday. the biggest group of fans arrive today. but plenty have already gotten a head start. the days before the super bowl, they are jammed with just about everything, except football. >> reporter: last night, the dave matthews band helped feverish fans kick off the weekend. >> go broncos! >> reporter: earlier, visitors converged on the park known as super bowl city, as well as the media convention center a mile away where they watched for celebrities and athletes. rob gronkowski, who has a super bowl ring of his own, seems to have embraced the distractions more than anyone, but he says the hype for many players is hard to handle. the week sort of builds up, so what is it like two or three
7:41 am
>> as a player to be playing in the super bowl game, you have to have patience. you have to stick to your routine. >> reporter: prediction? >> i'm hoping for a great game because i'm a fan of the nfl and watching football, so a great game and i think the panthers will pull it out at the end. >> reporter: even though teams practice 45 miles away from super bowl city, it doesn't make focussing much easier. >> first of all, can i get a 50% discount on papa john's pizza when i'm in the state of california? >> absolutely, absolutely. >> reporter: the game two days away, security around the city is visibly increased. >> 2-3. >> reporter: it hasn't deemed to dampen fan support. >> super bowl champions of all time! >> reporter: sticks out at nearly every corner. after all, it is super bowl 50, the biggest birthday yet for the biggest game in america. later today, eli manning is one of three finalists up for the nfl's man of the year award. on sunday, his older brother is
7:42 am
gayle? >> all right! interesting to see who is rooting for who. >> yeah. there. >> that's right. i know. talking about pizza? >> he is pulling for the broncos, he says. >> very exciting. >> thank you, jeff. super bowl sunday is right here on cbs. after, we will bring you the big game's best and worst ad meter. so you can vote for your favorite ad by signing up at admeter. >> ahead, find out what the 90-year-old former first lady barbara bush is telling her son to change about his campaign. plus, bei bei finds a new place to frolic.
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the national zoo is celebrating another big milestone for the panda cub bei bei. yesterday he had his first taste of the outdoors. bei bei initially stuck by his mother's side but soon overcame his reluctance and rolled around. he also climbed a tree. as you see, the cub only made it part of the way up the trunk before one leg got stuck on a branch. after about an hour of play time, bei bei and mom headed back inside and probably a nap. >> ain't got enough panda videos. >> i know. i'm excited to see him in person. >> it's all part of growing up. super bowl 50 is bringing out plenty of big names beyond the stadium. >> i'm ben tracy in los angeles on the set of the late, late show with james corden. we will take you behind the scenes of their big super bowl special.
7:48 am
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and th aonge pro adv.. supeo co to .in 5 arde che che so rocrest pro- therno oned ra.t th wit oneathe dind a witno'd rlean being amahing le th ... .is erhing ucinevero-ston.diamfor yot fr.. one ur tve. r thwoma ur lo's er u is vne'y at red,nd z lip!m here to get the lady of the back on her fe and er tengt and enlthy o's e?! thlete balanced ion
7:51 am
ensureke l! the president and the first lady look back on life as the first family and forward to their future. >> it is 7:56. here are your top stories. work resumed to find out what caused a parking lot to split open. take a look at that on oberlin road. the pros cushion will resume presenting its case today in the traveon smith murder trial.
7:52 am
sarah jones huggins said she saw smith wipe blood off. are waiting for clearing and then we would love to see that sunshine. >> that's where we are headed at this point. earlier this morning we -- or i should say i should speak for myself. this precipitation as it's moving into our viewing area really is falling apart. take a look at raleigh. it's gray out there, still a little wet for some rain overnight last night but nothing is falling. here is a look at the radar picture, back to the west, some snow in the greensboro area but you can see all of that is fizzling out as it moves into our area. might see a little brief shower, drizzle but should be quick. next thing that happens is that it starts to clear. chilly, above freezing. 41 in goldsboro and 37 in southern pines. no issues with anythingrozen on the road.
7:53 am
sun and breezy and chilly. slight chance of showers, clouds and 444 on sunday. 7:58, elizabeth. we have been on the road this morning anticipating some of those flakes. didn't see anything. and not even seeing wet roads now. this is in raleigh on weighed -- and wade avenue. roads are mostly dry. traffic moving along pretty well. reminder that the angling of that lens is moving along faster than it is. we are obeying the speed limit out there. we do have a few accidents, minor accidents on the west side of carrie. neighborhood hearing a little bit of a minor crash at holly spring road. look out for an accident north of the belt line on wake forest road and in knightdale, an accident in the clearing stages. a crucial vote on the plan
7:54 am
costs for all it is friday, february 5th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including more of norah's interview with barbara and jeb bush. the former first lady blasts donald trump. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> she had to find a way to turn the argument back on him. and given her poll numbers here, she had little to lose. she is sort of hanging a lamp on this issue and it will keep getting talked about and the question is whether it being in the conversation is very good for her. >> everyone else is either
7:55 am
with only four days to go before the new hampshire primary, pressure is mounting. i don't know how women can vote for someone who said what he said about megyn kelly. days. behind me beyond those flashing lights in a heavily wooded area. >> they say martin shkreli it took him less than ten minutes to do what they did. a a bipartisan agreement. >> just be yourself, gayle. >> you look like a peter pan of death trying to take tom brady at the neck and take him off to never, never land.
7:56 am
your daddy used to be good! i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and anthony mason. charlie is off today. bernie sanders and hillary clinton go back to campaigning in new hampshire this morning, after their most heated debate so far. >> the democratic candidates hit each other hard over wall street influence and campaign tactics. >> when you were asked about speaking fees, you said that is what they offered. have you been too dismissive of voters concerns about this issue? >> i may not have done the job i should in explaining my record. >> beingng part of the establishment is -- is in the last quarter, having a super pac that raised $15 million from wall street. >> i really don't think these kind of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you and enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly, but you will not find that i ever changed a
7:57 am
donations that i ever received. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks. the numbers just don't add up from what senator sanders has been proposing. >> the middle class bailed out wall street in their time of need. now it is wall street's time to help the middle class. >> a new national poll this morning shows donald trump is still the republican front-runner, despite his second place finish in iowa. trump is at 31% and ted cruz and marco rubio follow. no other candidate is in double digits. another poll this time in new hampshire also shows trump in the lead. jeb bush is 21 points behind in fifth place. after finishing sixth in this week's iowa caucus, bush needs a boost in new hampshire. we went there yesterday and spoke with the former governor and his mother, formerir lady barbara bush. it was her first tv interview of
7:58 am
hampshire, it's not uncommon to see presidential candidates pop into roadside diners. >> hey! gentlemen, how are you doing? >> reporter: but jeb bush is hoping his presence here in new hampshire is anything but common. >> good to meet you, sir. >> you look better than your brother. >> reporter: what is the jeb bush comeback plan? >> do well here. the message is one that i'm a proven leader. we are electing a president, not a back bencher in the united states senate. so you better be ready to lead. you better be able to have the experience of making a tough decision. >> reporter: what do you mean a back bencher? >> i mean, there are people running who are gifted oratores but never done anything in their life that leads you to believe they can make a tough decision. marco, today, had a hard time being able to describe his record of accomplishment. it's hard in this environment where nothing gets done, but don't brag about things you haven't done. >> if you can't beat marco rubio here in new hampshire, does that mean the end of your campaign? >> no, of course, not. as i've said, this is the first delegate will be selected on tuesday.
7:59 am
a long way to go and i think the voters of this country ought to decide that, not the pundits. >> reporter: to help convince the voters, he brought a secret weapon here. i think you might want to say hello to somebody. >> hello! >> reporter: how are you? >> you look beautiful. >> reporter: at age 90, mrs. bush said she flew up from houston to be alongside her son as he campaigns for president for a few reasons. >> thank you, mamma. >> i love my son. and i know that america needs him. he is honest, dependable, loyal, relatively funny. good looking, but funny on. he has the same values that america seems to have lost. he is almost too polite. i don't advise him, but if i gave him advice, i would say, why don't you interrupt like the other people do? >> reporter: really? >> yes, i would say that. >> i'm interrupting, mom. >> reporter: you mean interrupting during the debate? >> yes.
8:00 am
we brought him up that way. he does not brag like some people we know. >> reporter: who are you talking about? >> i can't remember. >> reporter: on do you think someone else that is running president is bragging too much? >> i'm not getting in a spitting match with him. he can spit further than i can. when push comes to shove, people are going to realize, jeb has real solutions. rather than talking about how popular they are, how great they are. >> reporter: you taped an ad that is running here in new hampshire and you talk about your son and you said he had a big heart. >> he does. >> reporter: i don't know if you know what donald trump tweeted about that ad. he mocked your son turning to you and he tweeted, saying, just watch jeb's ad where he desperately needed mommy to help him. jeb, mom can't help you with isis, the chinese, or with putin. >> i don't need help. >> putin endorsed him, for heaven's sake. putin, the killer, putin -- what is the word? >> for the record, endorsed!
8:01 am
that is an endorsement you don't want. >> i'm proud of being a bush. >> reporter: your brother george w. bush is in south carolina. the family is now coming out. is it a sign of strength or a sign of -- >> strength. >> reporter: or desperation? >> strength. >> reporter: your son has said, i'm my own man. >> that's right. >> reporter: he is sort of walking this line trying to run as himself, at the same time, distinguish i'm sure from your brother and the former president. is it a tough line to walk? >> no. because 2016 is different than 2000 and it's different than 1988. the country has changed and the issues are different. and i'm different. people understand that. we are different. my life experience is different than that of george and certainly different than my dad, the greatest man alive. it's not better or worse, it's different and it shapes how i think and what my beliefs are. >> reporter: you said it's another douche in the white
8:02 am
>> i think a bush is going to beat another bush. >> reporter: do you think america is ready for its first male president? >> yes, but i don't think either one running is the one we need. >> good luck. >> hi. i'm jeb, how are you? >> reporter: if people in new hampshire aren't talking about politics, they are are probably talking about sunday's big game. can you weigh in who you're rooting for? >> i'm for peyton manning. i'm for the old guy, the all-star and the guy you can rely on, the guy with a proven record and the guy who can change the course of the country's history. so i'm for peyton. >> sounds like you. >> i don't know. just saying. >> he says he is on, no matter how he does in new hampshire. he says he will continue on through south carolina and nevada and all of the other states. interesting to see the family coming out if full force. >> can i say how great it was to see barbara bush again? >> she looks fantastic and, obviously, still has a lot of
8:03 am
>> she said the former president would be there, meaning number 41, george h.w. bush, except he has parkinson's and is not able to travel that far distance. >> it will be interesting to see if people think this helps or hurt him to have his mom come out. >> indeed. >> to rally for him. >> she also, i'll tell you about this. she does confirm that 41, her husband, does throw the shoe at the television sometimes when they are watching the debates! >> cbs news will bring you a republican debate from south carolina moderated by john dickerson and a week from saturday, 9:00 p.m. eastern time on cbs. james corden is on a roll with some of music's biggest names.
8:04 am
go down on me
8:05 am
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8:07 am
th xarelto ts nogulad moringnseave f u as we can ksee you got certain also. were you a viking in a previous -- >> i think i was. >> i'm from britain and never experienced anything like this before. what is it? what is it with you? >> i don't know. i'd like to know. so fill me in. age. >> i agree. >> could we have a kiss cam with my wife? she is just on the side here. >> you want me to kiss your wife? >> on the cheek. she is just down here. >> if i kiss her, i have to kiss a lot of more people. >> he doesn't want to kiss a lot of more people! james corden is learning a lot about american football. they are his correspondents for super bowl 50. corden, himself, has a big role
8:08 am
he has the "late, late show." he has a line of celebrities on his show. ben tracy went to los angeles where corden gave him a preview. >> reporter: they are getting ready for their big super bowl special. when we sat down with host james corden, we started with the x's and o's. >> reporter: are a comedian. you are from britain. you have a theater background. how much do you know about football? >> i know so much about american football that i call it american football. i'm a huge soccer fan to the point where i call it football which is what the rest of the world calls it predominantly because it's played with your feet. and unlike you, we don't have commercials. >> who are you? >> boobie.
8:09 am
>> bo on oboobie dixon. >> he started to have help from his parents. >> you men! >> reporter: as a warm-up, he had them cover an nfl game played in london. >> you're not going to take any 63-year-old lady into a room where there lots ofaked men, are you? there will be! >> we thought who is the best people to send? so let's drop two 60-year-olds from here in the middle of san francisco and see what happens. >> my dad is going, big day, isn't it? he said, james, it's not on until sunday! and the city is packed! i was, like, dad, it's the super bowl. >> reporter: and being part of the starting lineup of post-super bowl specials is a big win for the "the late late show" which normally, airs after midnight. >> the world exclusive of
8:10 am
>> reporter: corden took over "the late late show" just nine months ago and very few americans had heard of him. >> i was up all night. >> reporter: but then he got behind the wheel with a slew of singers. what are you saying >> reporter: carpool karaoke put corden on the fast track. >> reporter: his ride with adele blew up the internet. >> reporter: they sang "hello" from the front seat more than a million times on youtube. don't let the sun go down on me >> reporter: riding shotgun on his super bowl special is another friend, sir elton john who happens to be a longtime admirer. >> we had the best time in the
8:11 am
it is going to be foinunny. >> reporter: elton says he fell in love with you years ago and he is well aware of your crush. >> yes, and it's distinctly flattering. he did it for me and i'm the luckiest man in the world but, unfortunately, i've just been built a different way, but i'm hugely flattered, you know? i really am and it's nice to say that because i've never been able to say that to a woman, do you know what i mean? i mean, he is just such wonderful fun. >> reporter: anna kendrick will, once again, team up with corden on sunday. the game plan includes writing and performing an original song based on what happens during the super bowl. a lot of work with on what is normally the show's day off. >> do you know what i mean? digging it up. it's not actual work. >> reporter: we don't know whether your team is going to win or lose or how good the halftime show is going to be, but if james corden has his way, you will end your night with a laugh.
8:12 am
tracy, in los angeles. >> how smart is it to have your mom and dad? >> i'm so looking forward to seeing their reaction to all of this, yeah. >> boobie? what is your name? >> cbs sports coverage of the big game starts at 2:00 p.m. eastern with the super bowl today. then immediately after the game there is a special live edition of "the late show" with stephen colbert." and following your local news, james corden brings you his special edition of "the late late show" only on sunday on cbs. >> the following morning, watch "cbs this morning" for the full wrap-up. we showed you the protests on social media after a longtime cop faced losing his canine partner for good. we have an update for you. how they caught a break. s ne"cbs
8:13 am
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8:15 am
. new developments in a story we brought you monday. a newly hired ohio police officer will get to keep his partner ajax after an explosion of outrage on social media. the city of marietta originally said matt hickey would need to bid on the dog at an auction. but marietta's lawyer found a way for hickey to purchase ajarksajax for just $1. >> i now know there are a lot of great people out there and a lot of great people who care. it feels great. it feels super. >> hickey paid up and took ajax home for good. >> we love this story.
8:16 am
well. >> it's interesting how they found it after the outrage. nobody found it before that! how much exercise does it take to keep your heart in it's 8:25. i'm bill leslie with the top story now. raleigh plays say that alcohol may have been a factor in a crash that sent two people to the hospital. the crash happened about midnight. a van ran a red light on capitol boulevard. >> prosecutors now say that two have ya tech students carefully plotted the kidnap and killing
8:17 am
hundreds of thousands of state workers covered under the state health care plan will likely learn today whether they'll pay more for insurance next year. health plan trustees are set to vote this afternoon on a proposal to raise premiums and deductibles. we are not raising the temperatures today. that's for sure, elizabeth. >> yeah, going to be chilly and windy but some sunshine. that will be nice. time to dry out after we had inches of rain over the last 48 hours. thought we might wrap things up with a little burst of snow. greg and i were talking about that last night but when it came into our area, it vanished. a few sprinkles is all that's left. here comes the sunshine. it may take an hour or two depending upon where you are but it's coming. 34 in roxboro, 41 in goldsboro. 37 in southern pines.
8:18 am
anything wet on the road is just that. high this afternoon a little breezy but sunny. 50 degrees. we started 28 degrees. sunday, cloudy with a chance of shower and high of 44. >> 8:27 now, elizabeth. as we take a look at i-48, u.s. one, an accident there in the median on 40 westbound at u.s. 1. this is that connector ramp that runs parallel to u.s. 1. not a serious accident not causing big problems at this points. coming in from the gormand street area, give yourself some extra time. this is up on 540, i believe, lewisburg and catholic boulevard. traffic -- this is lewisburg road. traffic flowing freely there. looking for snow flakes as elizabeth showed up all fizzled out and even the west roads starting to dry out around the trike scl. good news is the track volume fairly light as you go all over
8:19 am
all clear through wake county. johnson county clearing on out to rtp. traffic good on durham leaving chapel hill. slow down on t w alexander and alex road but not slowing you down too much. minor accidents but nothing
8:20 am
unc chapel hill is working i need to get pumped up for my post-super bowl show. so i sent my interview strike team to media day to ask these players one simple question! what do you do to get pumped up for the big show? >> i put on a tiny crown and i say who is the prince of football? me! that's it. >> when i want to intimidate the other team, i make direct eye contact on the line of scrimmage. and i mouth these words. >> i like to listen to the lion king sound track before the big game. i mean -- can you feel the love
8:21 am
>> welcome back to "cbs this morning." i love them but when he mouthed the word i love you, because everybody can read that. >> yes. coming up in this half hour, coldplay calls this year's super bowl halftime show a mix of the past, the present and the future. but one band helped the big game finds its voice long before superstars took center stage. plus a road map to keeping your heart healthy. dr. tara narula is in our green room and she looks at how nearly everyone can set realistic goals to lower their risks. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" reports that england's ken henry viii may have suffered the same brain injury that some nfl players experienced. henry had two head injuries from jousting. a study from yale says that is consistent with the brain disease cte. new york "daily news" says mcdonald's new salad has more calories than a big mac! the premium southwest salad with
8:22 am
baby kale and baby spinach but when you add the cheeses and ranch dressing, it is a whopping 710 calories! 43 grams of fat! and more than 1,900300 grams of sodium sodium. you might as well order the rest on the bun! >> impressive. >> do you like that. >> i did that as a child. >> i wonder how many weight watcher's point that salad is? >> a gazillion so i won't be having that any time soon. >> "the new york times" reports on how an american tourist became famous in iceland because of mix up. he arrived at the airport and said hess rental car was 45 minutes away but he typed one
8:23 am
him on a six-hour excursion to a distant fishing village! when iceland's news media heard about the mistake he became a celebrity! he put in one too many r for this city. >> something ain't adding up here. by hour four? >> i would just look out the window and say which way do i go? heart health is a big issue for many people, especially this morning during heart awareness month. heart disease is the leading cause of death in this country. seconds. and exercise is crucial for prevention. a new cleveland clinic survey shows 40% of americans are getting less than the recommended amount. our dr. tara narula is a cardiologist in lennox hill hospital in new york. i see you have on your red as well. >> heart day. >> i think this is important. what is the right amount of exercise that we should be doing? >> exactly.
8:24 am
americans know the right amount for heart health and the rest don't. it's important to understand that the goals are 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. if you want additional benz, show in strength and additional training per week. you can break that up into 30 minutes five days a week and ten-minute intervals. but it's important to make it a priority and fit it in because exercise lowers blood pressure and decreases inflammation and it's just generally a wonderful for the body. >> just to sort of do the math. the way to think about it do at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week. >> 150 minutes. >> that seems easier when with you break it down that way, norah. aren't you upping the ante? aren't doctors upping the ante how much exercise we have to do? i've always heard do eight strong minutes a day and you'll be okay. >> these are the recommendations by the american heart association for a while."
8:25 am
>> you're the 80% that don't know the right amount, gayle! >> everybody has excuses why they don't exercise. >> they do. >> 41 percent said work obligations and 37% blamed too tired and 28% said they had family and friend obligations and 14% said ty were too out of shape. >> who has better excuses, men or women? >> i think both. they both have pretty good excuses, unfortunately. a lot of people wonder how much do i have to push myself? push yourself until you're out of breath and fatigued. if you want a goal heart rate take 220 and subtract your age and take 65% to 85% of that and shoot for that range. >> it's more than just losing weight. it's about your health. both of my parents died of heart attacks so i know this is important information. >> losing weight is much more diet than it is exercise. >> that is important even if you have heart disease, it's still important to exercise. >> absolutely. even if you have heart disease
8:26 am
same amount. >> doctor, thank you. this sunday's super bowl halftime concert could be full of surprises but half a century ago, the music changed the big game. >> i'm michelle miller. the story of a band that stole the show at the first-ever super bowl.
8:27 am
beyonce will be joining coldplay for sunday's super bowl halftime show with about a hundred million people expected to tune in. coldplay and all of the special guests will take their place in history alongside some of america's most famous performers. michelle miller is at super bowl city in san francisco with the program's humble beginnings. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. when you think about halftime shows, you think of helicopters and fireworks almost over the top antics. but it wasn't always like that. coldplay's chris martin described this year's show as a combination between the past, the present and the future. our store begins in the past, 50 years ago, with a little marching band from louisiana. >> hey! >> what? >> 1-2-3! 4, 5, 6! >> reporter: these college band mates haven't marched together in 50 years!
8:28 am
recently, they hardly missed a beat. >> you had to bring your dedication each time, practice like you perform and you performed like you practice. >> yes. >> reporter: it was their performance together in 1967 that would change history. that year, the commissioner of the national football league invited gramblink marching band to play in the first super bowl. 100 men marched alongside the university of arizona's band for millions of viewers. >> there was a lot of weight on our shoulders and, a lot of, we didn't pay particular attention to the weight. if we went out on the field and did a show and it pleased the public, then we felt that we had done our job. >> reporter: for the next 23 years, marching bands were a
8:29 am
then in 1991, dismeney produced the halftime party and chose the successfully boy band, new kids on the block. two years later, the king of pop, michael jackson, moonwalked for 100 million viewers. more people watched his 12-minute performance than the game itself! and the era of the a-list was born. >> pop culture's national holiday. it's become the place in which you see not only the kind of highest form of competition. >> strike the pose. >> but also the place in which pop icons are affirmed. oh, no let's go >> a sense that anything might happen. >> reporter: and anything did
8:30 am
in 1996 dieana ross with chorus and fireworks and high flying exit. stages set for superstars soon featured rising stars too. halftime producer mtv took a chance during super bowl xxxv. >> rock this way >> carrying aging rockers aerosmith with a baby-faced britney spears. >> it's a possibility for performers who are very much on on the verge, as well as those who are cemented in our cultural imaginary. >> reporter: there is another moment cemented in america's imagination. janet jackson and justin timberlake's wardrobe malfunction in 2004 set a moment in history. >> it certainly changed the lineup of halftime performers
8:31 am
hey jude >> reporter: super bowl xxxix hosted a beatle. unto your heart >> reporter: in 2009, it was "the boss." >> 1-2-3-4! >> reporter: four years later, beyonce was on full display. >> reporter: then rising star bruno mars brought in the show's highest ratings yet. but none of these halftime steps or dramatic antics could be possible without a group of teenagers from louisiana. do you think that the super bowl performances helped to raise the level of awareness that people had about this university and its band? >> i don't think i know so. >> reporter: super bowl i
8:32 am
legacy and they later starred in commercials and played the super bowl four more times. and even inspired the 2002 film "drum line." >> my motto is you don't know what you're in, until you're out of it. >> reporter: the grambling marching band of today made possible by a trail blazing band from theast. so what did you want to show america when you set foot out on that field? >> we leave a lasting impression on that individual to say, i've never seen it before and i never will again. >> reporter: believe it or not, paid. but they do get reimbursed for the cost of the production and, depending on how big that production is, that, gayle, could be in t millions. >> i'll say. it was great to see the gambling state band because those guys are fantastic. >> so good. >> it was a little walk down memory lane.
8:33 am
you can catch coldplay, along with the carolina panthers taking on the denver broncos when cbs brings you super bowl number 50. before the game, we will bring you our interview with president obama and first lady michelle obama live from the white house. that is all sunday only on cbs. i was feeling really good until anthony said, the interview is live? thank you, anthony! thanks a lot! no pressure here! >> almost as big as the halftime show. >> it's live? ew! before that live interview with gayle, we are going to have? we are going to partner, actually, with the white house to post some of the behind the scenes images on the "cbs this morning" instagram account. following "cbs this morning" on instagram, facebook, twitter and snapchat for exclusive images
8:34 am
looking forward to that. great week. big weekend! good luck, gayle. we are rooting for you! >> good luck. >> thank you. >> as we leave you, let's take a look back at the week that was. have a great weekend. >> god bless the great state of iowa! >> i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa! >> donald trump tried to diminish ted cruz' iowa caucus victory. >> you talk about liars. ted cruz. actually, i think i came in first. >> had to find a way to turn the argument back on him. >> i think it's time to end the very artful smear. >> i don't think a president would have ever shouted profanity with kids in the crowd. >> who did that? >> your buddy. >> there were two police chases and then gunfire. >> he had the gun in his lap the entire time. >> maurice white lost his battle with parkinson's.
8:35 am
lives in south florida year-round. >> >> nicole touched many people throughout her short life. >> prosecutors say enough evidence to convict cosby of sexual assault. >> still looking for the winner of this 63 million dollar jackpot. >> i wish it was me but it wasn't. >> early spring is my forecast! >> kermit, what is your biggest regret? >> signing up for high school biology class! >> chris, what are you doing? >> i'm trying to get to the super bowl. >> get your hands up! paradise paradise >> the columbia broadcasting system. watch the super bowl game do you know where to go >> all the way for a touchdown! >> get it together. >> okay.
8:36 am
>> i promise you, if i have a touchdown on sunday, i will celebrate. i can assure you of that. >> those are must wear pants. >> if i can get them, i'll wear them tomorrow. >> we would pay money. >> 800? >> i would pay 800. >> >>i would do more than pay money. >> 800. >> that was yesterday. this is today! what do you think? >> that is so great! >> cam, i'm with you, man. >> i remember when i used to raise eyebrows around here wearing purple socks! >> you have raised the bar. >> all that. >> you are sitting in charlie's seat. history. >> finding anything interesting? >> charlie, for the right price, i haven't. >> and all that matters. >> how did you get the exclusive that your boss, my boss, our
8:37 am
new job? >> on "cbs this morning." i think the real headline here is how young and happy he is. >> here is to les. >> great sunday. >> great personality. >> you will not see this on at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our ceape
8:38 am
hillshire farm. because itinghm, osh on results someto savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. back, an
8:39 am
p. time now is 8:55. i'm bell leslie. >> and i'm renee chou. prosecution will resume its trial. watch the trial live on starting at 9:30. today is the deadline for
8:40 am
serving alcohol to an underaged customer. a 21-day license suspension begins in one week. sunshine spreading across the area now. early this among, when i came in, we were watching this band of precipitation, miofrain and snow. we might see some showers. nothing left of that rain. so, now, we turn our attention to the chilly day. it's going to be breezy, sunny, beautiful there in downtown o breaux right now. gorgeous shot in front of the courthouse, temperatures are chilly. 34 in roxboro. high temperature only climbing into the mid downer 40s this afternoon. it will be nice to have some sun and dry out from the rain that we have even over the last couple of days. saturday, 50, pardonly cloudy skies. we start at 38. sunday, the low moves up the coast, could affect some folks
8:41 am
viewing area with some showers. otherwise, cloudy and 44 for super bowl sunday. 8:57 now, elizabeth. we have been on the road all morning long. we have not seen anything other than wet roads during the early morning commute. just off the belt line, traffic is flowing freely on pretty dry roads this morning. weather should not be a problem as you head out. lots of these accidents cleared up. all of them are minor accidents. one is fairly fresh at lynn around led mound road. otherwise, all the roads look good. all the major routes in durham are looking fine. 40 westbound, look at that, 42 to 540 look absolutely delay free. that entire trip will only tyke you about 30 minute. coming up at noon, a live report from kathryn brown in super bowl city and what is
8:42 am
and then a multi-state manhunt for a real life bonnie and clyde over. where it all came to an end. in honor of black story month, we begin living our legacy series. and at 5:55, mikay will introduce you to a man who has helped hundreds of men and women
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